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1TopicTriple-Modded Weapons - Please Read!
2Topic<<< F.A.Q. - Questions & Answers NEW September 2012 >>>
3Topic<<< Ventari's Corner Guidelines - NEW September 2012 >>>
4TopicBuying Strength Bladed Shields 30/-2 or 30+10ar
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5TopicDual reduction shields (-2-2 etc) and r7 12^50 Long & r9 12^50 Crystalline Swords
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
6TopicXouip want some OS Shield, Staves and Falchion
7TopicWTB ded MKG
8TopicWTB q8 15^50's, White Blue Purple Gold Req 7's & More!
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9TopicWTB Cupcakes and Mercantile Stone
10TopicWTB ded IG
11Topicq7/8 Tetsubo, Longswords, Shield & OS Ironwing Flatbow
12TopicWTB vera hammer
13TopicWTB OS Shields STR +30hp+10vs any 11Creature Types. WTB Triple mod Shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
14Topicq8 15^ench daggers | -20%cond +hp shields | 20/19 fire staffs | 170 gold crystallines
Pages: 1, 2, 3
15Topicq8 max gold Fellblades with any mods & 10/10 sundering sword hilts
16TopicWTB Q9 OS Shields, Bows, Mesmer Staves, Wands, Foci and clean rarities!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
17TopicLarge List Of Green Items Wanted
18TopicWTB q9 mursaat hornbow +5e/15^50! q8 bows, q8 +5e swords/axes, q9 30/-2ench shields
19TopicWtb Os q8-11 Shields* & Os q9 +5e Zodiac Sword
20TopicWTB Briahn's Guidance (green shield)
21TopicSweet/Alco/Party Points
22Topicwtb MINI Ophil Nahualli + Celestials + other rares
23TopicWtB Gothic Defenders
24TopicNeed: Crude Shields | 13^50 Axes | R8 Items | 3pt Alcohol
25TopicZkeys - diamonds
26TopicBuzan's WTB List For Eternity -- *mic drop*
Pages: 1, 2, 3
27TopicEmma's Eternal WTB Thread
28TopicWTB a stack of hardened humps
29TopicWoo's eternal shopping list
30Topicwtb q7/8 weapons + shields, os spears
31TopicOld School Dwarven Axes +5e and -1hp **45/10 vs Shields
32Topicwtb q0 8-17 scythe, q8 15/ench flatbow, 10vsdemons/+45^ench shield
33Topicreq 8 gold max Fellblades any mods
34TopicTower Shields and Defenders, lowreqs, fun items
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
35TopicGreen: the earthturner; ded or unded minis, jade gorget...
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
36TopicWTB Armbraces 44e, ALL Bday Minis! :)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
37TopicWtb: -5/19 +29 OS Shields | OS Crude Shields | Prenerf 13^50 Axes
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
38TopicWTB ded MKG
39TopicWTB DOA Gems and other items
40TopicWTB q8 OS Tetsubo and q8+ Longswords
41TopicBuying Ded Polar Bear/Ded Dhuum
42TopicWtb Unded kuunavang!
43TopicWTB Shield +1Blood/20% -20% crippled
44TopicWTB Colossal Picks and Prenerf stuff: Paying very well!
45TopicOmega List Ω q9 20/10 Staves Ω +5e q9 os Axes Ω q9 Perfect Shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
46TopicWtb Gold Trim Guild & Ded Kanaxai
47TopicCoffee's Buy List - Req8 Bows/Axes/Hammers & Non-insc Shields/Platinum Staves
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
48Topicq9 inscribable fiery dragon sword
49TopicWtb fanatic devotion
50TopicFlamberges, Low Req Tactics Shields, 10/10 or 10/x Sundering Sword
51TopicWTB 2500 rp trim
52TopicWTB Your Minis
53TopicXouip's Buy Thread (Gothic, Echovald, Amber, Aegis-SoTW & Outcast Staff)
54TopicWTB Henchman / Q8 Gothics / Spathas / Demons Shields / Crystalline / SotW (Rewards)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
55TopicEmma WTB (updated): +1/20 +30hp Shields, +1/15 +25hp Purples, r8 Axes 15/ench & more!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
56TopicHellios's WTB List - Random Thingies...
Pages: 1, 2, 3
57TopicWTB Insectoid Scythe q9-10
58Topicq8 +5e weapons, q8/9 10vs +45wE, cripple staves
60TopicQ9 Tactics +10vDemons/-2wE Shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
61TopicNickbobs wandering mesmer shop
62TopicWarrior The Farmer's WTB List
63TopicWTB req 6/14 Stone Summit Shield
64Topic-2w/e -2w/s
65TopicMr S L A V E wants your Greens ! Updated! added nightfall
66Topicwtb any req twin serp, earth(obsidian) or raven staff with 20% reduced cripple mod
67TopicWTB Wooden Chakram any req FC & Platinum Wand any req FC
68TopicWoo needs your q8 bows (Half Moon, Short, Ivory & Shadow + non max Serpent Axes)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
69TopicS L B's WTB list
70TopicWTB list (DUAL VAMP, straw effigy q9 inspiration & more)
71TopicWTB OS q7/8+5e Swords/Axes | q9 20/20 Staffs | +1(20%) Wrappings
Pages: 1, 2, 3
72TopicWTB Canthan Crude Axe
73TopicWTB Ele staves, Shields Q9 -2 /+45e , Eternal shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
74TopicChanneling staff 20/20 q11
75TopicWTB HoD sword / Ectos / Z keys
Pages: 1, 2, 3
76TopicWTB ded ghostly & ded polar
77TopicWTB Droknar's Keys
78TopicWTB any req gold insc fellblade
79TopicWTB Cele Staff - Ele style
80Topicshield with -2 -2
81TopicWTB OS +60wh/-3wh OR vs. +10 vs. DMG type shields, OS plagueborn weapons
82TopicWANTED ~ OS Gold Max Q7 13^50
83TopicWTB req 6/14 Stone Summit Shield
84TopicWTB req 6/14 Stone Summit Shield
85TopicOS Mursaat Hammers || (Req.13) Weapons, Shields, 20/20 Staves || (Req.8) Bows
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
86TopicLast Buy Item on Guru
87TopicWTB Celestial Staff/Celestial Scepter (Ele)/Pre-Cons Titles (All 3)
88TopicCalli's Buy List- Q8 15^50 Bows: Mursaat, Eternal, Zodiac
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
89TopicWTB Oldschool Writhing Focus & Resto weapons, Storm Artifacts & Dual Hexed Foci
90TopicChronics Supplies
91TopicWTB Tribal Shield
92TopicAmber Aegis +45ench, +10 vs Piercing
93Topicsummit warlords/r3r4r5r6 golds/non-max fellblade/mes wands/foci/Vs tengu items & more
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
94Topicwtb mallyx creation
95TopicWTB ETERNAL BLADE q11,12,13
96TopicWTB Q13 Eternal Blade insc 200e
97TopicDed Polar
98TopicWTB: Old School Dual Mod Shields
99TopicWTB rainbow rocks
100TopicNew Dash. Echovald Shields
101TopicWTBuy Plagueborn Weapons / Shields !
102TopicMy Pitiful Buy List
103TopicWTB Unded MKG
104TopicWTB Scythes 10-xx
105TopicWTB q9 15^50 Hammers and Axes
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
106TopicWTB q8 Bows
107TopicLf Bo/ Ghostly Staff Illu 20/20
108Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
109TopicWTB Unded Green/Gold Minis, EL Cottontail, Mini Guild Lord & Varesh.
110TopicWTB Channeling Froggy
111TopicWTB some necro and monk weapons
112TopicWTB Iceblood's Warstaff
113TopicWTB BO STAFF for Monk !
114TopicPre stuff for post gold
115TopicWTB Hero Armors
116TopicWtb Zodiac Shield q8 tac +45we -2we
117TopicWTB Rajazan's Fervor/20%ench +5energy axe/sword/spear
118TopicWTB OS 20/20 Mesmer Staves And Staff Upgrades
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
119TopicBlue Sharktooth reQ5/13 (Tactics) - my gold one for your blue one :)
120TopicWTB Echovald/Bladed/Guardian of the hunt +10 demons +44/45 we Q9/10
121TopicWTB Unded Celestial Dog
122TopicWTB Q6/14 Q7/15 Tact: Crude & Oaken Skin
123TopicWTB q8 Dead Bow 15^50
124TopicBuying q9 Uninsc BDS
125TopicWTB Mini Rift Warden prefer ded
126Topic-20% blind dual mod str Gothic/Bladed/Echo
127TopicWTB all You Elite Tomes
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129TopicW T B Outcast and Bladed Demon Shield
130Topicwtb q8 feathered longbow and more
131TopicWTB Cons and PCons
132TopicWTB Death Magic Wailing Wand
133Topicsearch salient dagger reg8 and other
134Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
135TopicWTB q5/6/7 flatbow 15/ench or inscr
136Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
137TopicWTB Oni Blade Q8 +5 energy
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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
139Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
140TopicWtb Green Offhands - Kindlerock - Stonehart - Shen's Censure and More
141TopicWTB Everlasting Ghostly Hero Tonic
142TopicOS Q9 Chromium Shards
143TopicFire bds q9
Pages: 1, 2, 3
144Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
145TopicUPDATED 4/19/16-q9 OS 30/-2e/-2t shields/+q8 +5e
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
146TopicWTB q9 Dryad, Zehtuka's Shortbow
147TopicWTB OS Platinum Wand Prot&Heal&DF
149TopicWTB Monumental Tapestry x15
150TopicClosed, Gold Trim bought
151Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
152TopicFroggy & CC (dom)
153Topicwtb The Hammer Of Justice
154TopicWTB : Party, Alcohol and Sweet points
155TopicWTB channeling CC
156Topicshield +10 vs deamons -2 w/e closed
157TopicWTB Party Beacons
158TopicTrading common birthday minis (year 4)
159TopicWTB mini Unded Kuuna
160TopicWTB Resto Cele Compass Q9
161TopicWTB Cele Staff for Ele
162TopicWTB: Demon Emblazoned Defender // Dual Mod Emblazoned
Pages: 1, 2, 3
163TopicPie's WTB thread
164TopicWTB Everlasting Fireworks Crate
165TopicEchovald Shield ( New Thread )
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168TopicWTB 2500 rps cape trim
169TopicWTB Nick Sets (10 Cobalt Talons) x5 up to 4e/ea
171TopicUnded polar
172TopicWTB Inscriptions, Weapon Mods, and Others
173TopicWTB Multiple 40/40 weapon sets
174Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
175Topicdragon staffs
176TopicWtb ded polar
177TopicWTB: EL Ghostly Champion Tonic
178TopicWTB str drac aegis of fort + vamp chaos axe
179TopicWTB q9 Shadow shields and a q8 +5e Vertebreaker
180TopicOlle's WTB Long Swords|q7>q13|10/10 Sundering Sword Hilts! Updated Sword List!
182Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
183Topic250arms|unded poalr+some high end minis
184TopicLooking to trade
185TopicWTB r9 gold death magic staff
186TopicXander's WTB List
187TopicWTB kappa shield insc
188TopicReopening dual-zealous collection|WTB all dual zealous weapons
190TopicWtb Os Items
191TopicBuying Req 7 15^50 sword
192Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
194TopicSearching for Caster attribute and Condition vs. Demon shields
195TopicWTB Murakai's Blade
196TopicWTB Q9 Tribal Axes & Q10/11/12 Curses BDS
197TopicWTB Ancient Moss Staff and more!
198TopicCrescent Staff
199TopicWTB Gold Trim Guild :)
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201TopicWTB a whole bunch of BDS!
202TopicWTB q8 Recurve Bow + other stuff
203TopicBuying green rocks 3:1
204TopicFroggy & CC
205TopicBOUNTY :: 1000e for perfect q9 or Below +1 Dom Amber Aegis +30 & More Mes OS
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
206TopicWTB Bronze Cape Trim
207TopicWTB Minis IN PRE
209TopicWTB greens
210TopicDual Vamp (Bows & Hammers)
211TopicWTB everlast destroyer tonic
212TopicWTB Kanaxai & Specific Gold Trimmed Guild.
213Topic20/20 Bo and Dragon Staffs
214TopicWTB OS 15^50 and/or +5e q8 swords/axes and OS/inscr q8 shields.
215TopicWTB: (OS) Uninsc. Shields (Magmas, Zodiac, Outcast etc.), warrior weps
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
216TopicSaria Arcana's Most Wanted
217TopicWTB Gold Trim
218Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
219TopicWTB +10 -2 shields
220TopicOmega List Ω q9 20/10 Staves Ω+5e/15^50 q9 os Swords/Axes
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
221TopicWTB OS Plagueborn Recurve Bow, q9 15^50
222Topicclosed, early bump
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
223TopicWTB few thing
224Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
225TopicOS eternal shields / purple crysta's
226TopicUnidentified Golds
227TopicWTB Morning-Star axe +5e
228Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
229Topic+10 vs undeads -2/ench
230Topic300e BOUNTY ** Wanted Q8 14^50 Wingblade Sword
231TopicWTB Bo Staff DF 20/20 prot any req | Armbraces
232TopicWtb shield vs undead
233TopicCc q earth
234TopicWTB Scythe- Dhuum's Soul Reaper
235TopicWTB echovalds +10vs slash/fire +30/45hp/-2^e
236TopicEL Champion tonic
237TopicWTB a Gold Trim Guild
238TopicWTB ded Polar
239TopicWTB +10vs(things), -2wE
240TopicWTB Minis (unded & white)
241TopicWTB Pre-Searing Presents, Max Weapons & Goodies
242TopicWTB Platinum/Wayward Wand and Serpentine Scepter Necro
243TopicWTB [50] Armbraces 1=38
244Topicwtb Ebon vanguard allies Items
245TopicWtb List ^_^
246TopicShield +1/20% Blood Shield -20% Cripple
247TopicWTB Q11/12/13 Voltaic Spear
248TopicWTB Armbrace(30e), 12p(1e), DoA gemstones
249TopicWTB Unid Golds
250TopicWTB ded polar
251TopicWhat TTT is after
252TopicWTB Pre-Searing Presents, Max Weapons & Goodies
253TopicWTB Aureate Daggers
254Topicpls close
255TopicXander wants your Colossal Picks and Other OS Goodies
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
256TopicViolation of Ventari's Corner Guidelines
257TopicWTB q9 Shadow Scythe
258TopicWTB ETERNAL BLADE q12-13
259TopicLooking for "Dual vampiric weapon"
260TopicWTB Imperial Axe
261Topicclose please
262TopicWTB cape trim
264TopicWTB chaos axe q9-q12
265TopicPosition has been filled.
266TopicWTB OS q8 15^50 fellblade gold
267TopicWtb el ghostly hero
268Topic[WTB] Mysterious Summoning Stones
269TopicWTB 1000 Flame of Balthazar!
270TopicWTB icy/fire dragonsword
271Topicclosed ty
272Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
273Topicgent's buy list
274TopicBottle's WTB list
275TopicWTB envoy axe
276TopicWTB Green staves
277TopicZYGO's WTB SHOP|Silverwing/Illusion Weaps Etc
278TopicDhuum's Soul Reaper
279TopicWTB Gold Trim Guild
280TopicWTB/WTT Minis
281TopicPAYING 1e/ea for Heavy Spearheads, 1.5e/ea for +30hp for Spear, bonuses on multiples!
282TopicWTB Q9 tac Shield +30hp/-5(20%)
284TopicWanted a few items
285TopicWTB dual reduction q7 sotw/aegis
286TopicWTB Mesmer weapons and q7/15 tact shields
288TopicWTB q13 Heal Froggy
289TopicUnded Smite Crawler & Aegis of Terror
290TopicWTB wintergreen weapons/sets
291TopicOS Q9 Caster Axe/Sword Buy List
292TopicQ's Buy Thread
Pages: 1, 2, 3
293TopicOreo's Wish List
294TopicWTB Unded Peacekeeper/Confessor Dorian-Isiah/El Hench
295TopicWTB The Stonehart
296Topicwtb unded ghostly priest
297TopicQ9 dom topaz / onyx / platinum wand and avicara scalps
298TopicWTB charr battle plans
299TopicWtb unded polar bear
300TopicWTB 70 Armbraces
301TopicWTB OS 10/10 & 20/20 Ritualist Foci
302TopicWTB end game rewards
303TopicWTB Gold Trim Guild
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305Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
306TopicWTB Inscribible 15/7 Shields
308TopicWTB presearing BDs / Cash / GotH
309TopicWTB Gold Trim
310TopicWTB +10 vs demons dualmod shields wsp me
312TopicWTB q9 Windblade Spear
313TopicWTB Cheap BDS any attribute (Q11-13 preferred)
314TopicWTB El Reindeer Tonic
316Topic[Buy] Weapon Mods (Update Nrº3).
317TopicWTB Wintersday Grab Bags
318TopicWTB Celestial staff q9 20/20 channeling
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320TopicWTB ded Zhed
321TopicXunlai's WTb List unded Peacekeeper, other Stuff
322TopicWTB q8/16 tact blue sharktooth << send offer!
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324TopicQ8/Q7 non-max Tactics shields
325Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
327TopicBuying Jormungand's Thunder (Green Hammer)
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330Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
331TopicWTB 14AL Q6 Tactics Shields
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333Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
334Topicclose me
335TopicWTB Sorrow's Furnace Greens
336Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
337TopicWTB Colossal Pick q9-12
338TopicWTB lockpicks
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340Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
341TopicWTB Diessa set
343TopicPlagueborn related items
344TopicClosed thread
345TopicWTB q7/15 Darkwing and Enameled (any color)
346Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
347TopicWTB ded celestial dragon/shiro'ken assassin
348TopicWTB Korvalds Cane & Chakram + Ancient Bows + Paragon items
349TopicWtb Thorgall's Shield x1 & other things.
350TopicWTB Celestial staff 20/20 mixed mods also
351Topicded/unded vizu
352Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
353TopicWTB Greens
354TopicWtB Gothic Defenders
355TopicWTB Unids Gold! :)
356TopicWTB armbraces
357TopicWtb q6/q7/q8
358TopicWTB OS Plagueborn Sword +5e and Plagueborn Shields
359TopicWTB: Regular tomes
360Topicshadow staff(q9 soul reaping) ... ghostly staff(q9 channeling)
361TopicUbers Need's List
Pages: 1, 2, 3
362TopicWTB Tournament Tokens
363Topicwtb os eternal shield q8 +27-30 hp -2 s or e / dragon staff prot or divine 20/10
364TopicWTB Q9 command shields, Zkeys, Silver Coins, EL Ghostly Hero, PRE-Ascalon max titles
365TopicWTB Bowls of Skalefin soup and Pahnai Salads
366TopicWTB ded Celestial Dragon Minipet
367TopicBuying Amber Aegises
368TopicWTB Envoy Axe
369Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
370Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
371TopicBuying Obsidian Trim Guild
372TopicEverlasting Z-Chest Monthly Tonics
373Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
374TopicWtb voltaic spear r13
375TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
376Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
377TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
378TopicBuying undedicated minis
379TopicWTB lots of TOT stacks
380TopicBlessed WTB List
381Topicq9 Air Froggy, CC's / Mini Zippy
382TopicWtb Desolation maul insc q10-11
384TopicWTB Victos Bulwark/Strongroots shelter/Destructive Shield + sword mod
385TopicWTB Req 13 FDS (Blue Quality!) + Clean Items!
386TopicWTB q9 OS +5e oni blade/gothic axe
387Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
388TopicR9 eternal blade
389Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
390TopicWTB some stuff
391TopicWtb sweets, alcohol and party points + nice Death Necro staff
Pages: 1, 2, 3
393TopicWTB Gothic Defender
394TopicWtb Tactics +10vs Demon shield
395TopicWTB 2500 Cape Trim
396TopicQ9 Steelhead Scythe
397TopicKasperkarre's wtb - smite / ogre-shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
398TopicWTB -2 while enchanted +10 vs demons shield
399TopicWTB 7500 unid golds 7/6k,either Id'ing em for 7/3k
400TopicI want your runic axes + q8 salient dags
401TopicIvy's WTB - Mixed Dye, OS q9 +5e Weps, Ded Yeti
402TopicMax Party / Sweets / Alc Title
403TopicAmber Aegis
404Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
405TopicWtb clean + non inscr items!
406Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
407Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
408TopicWTB List
409TopicWTB ded rift warden/q9 obby edge/tormented staff fire
410TopicWTB Healing Prayers Wand q9-12 And Mods&Inscs
411TopicWTB Drunkard & Sweet Tooth titles
412TopicWTB Mallyx & HOM Bows
413TopicVentari Guidelines Violation
414Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
415TopicCarnage Runner. R13 Warrior Weapons. And everything else.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
416TopicWTB smite bds any req: closed
417TopicWTB Q13 Voltaic Caster Modded
418TopicWtb DED Island Guardian IG
419TopicWtb Japanese Guild Tag Maker
420TopicWTB Fire Celestial Compass
421TopicWTB : Mods and Inscription
422TopicBuying Jadeite
423TopicWTB: Death Magic BDS
424Topicq9 Dual Vamp Sword
425Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
426TopicWTB: cruel spearhead (33%)!
427TopicWTB these gold/green Bows
428TopicWTB Peppermint Candy Canes
429TopicOutcast Shield
430TopicWTB Asterius' Scythe
431TopicShadow Staffs, q9 or 10, w. inscr., gold, on df, sr, sp, insp
432TopicSky's WTB List
433TopicBuying Party Points
434Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
435TopicWTB Every single green from Proph/WiK
436TopicEternal shields and plagueborn shields
437Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
439TopicWtb kanaxai & el henchman tonics!
440TopicWtb zaishen key
441TopicWTB Monk Skills Tomes (1/2 elites and normal ones)
442TopicWTB Henchman, Kanaxai, Reindeer
443TopicWTB any req dom and heal frog scepter
444TopicWTB Unded Miniatures
445TopicCelestial pets
446TopicWTB HoM stuff
447TopicBuying Unded Mini's - War Supply Stacks - Hero Armors - Materials
Pages: 1, 2, 3
448Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
449TopicWTB OS R9 15^50 Chaos Axe
450TopicWTB sweet and party points
451Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
452TopicSin's Req 9-13 Os Weapon List *Updated 8/22/15*
Pages: 1, 2, 3
453TopicWtb Silver Trimmed Premade guild
454TopicWTB Unded Minis
455TopicWTB bds , domination Froggy
456TopicWTB Divine Favor Paper Fan
457Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
458TopicWTB Demons Shields
459Topic+1 Necro/+30 hp shields / +1/20 +10 shields also!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
460Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
461TopicWTB Sweet and Drunk points
462TopicWTB Old school Shields +10 demon & +41-44hp^ench
463Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
464TopicWTB Elemental FrogScepters|Ele CC's|Spearmods
465TopicWTB tormented shield (str) or ambrace
467TopicWTB 4040 dom set
468TopicWTB OS +10vs piercing/undead|-2wE shield
469TopicWTB OS Shield q9 Tactic +10 Demon -2 w ench
471Topic+29/30hp +10vs demon shields
472TopicOni Blade +5e
473TopicWTB Hero armors (Deldrimor + Brotherhood)
474TopicWTB Winter Gift [Green] + Vial of Dye [mixed]
476TopicQ10-13 Communing BDS
477TopicWTB Miniature Pig (Unded & NOT celestial)
478Topicdroknar's keys
479TopicWTB 20/20 Communing Staff and more.
480TopicZaishen Keys
481TopicPre Sweets and Party
483TopicCouver Clan's WTB: drop items, trophies, M4M ... and a panda
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
484TopicReq 8 Summit Axe, +5 energy. Offering 2000e.
485TopicWTB Tormented Command Shield
486TopicWTB: Tournament Tokens, Earth BDS and other ele weapons
487TopicClosed --
488TopicBuying req8 15^50 weapons, mursaat hornbow, stormbow, eternal bow, sephis axe & req7s
489TopicDraconic Aegis
490TopicBuying minis, cloth, and weapons for HoM
491TopicWTB 20/20 plagueborn focus
492Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
493Topicwtb Colossal Pick
494Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
495TopicUnded or Ded IG
496Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
497TopicRandom Insc Weapons
498TopicWTB 70 Zkeys
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500TopicDiessa Chalice
501TopicWTB sweets
502TopicWTB unid golds, 7=6k
503TopicWTB Korean/Japanese/Chinese Guild Maker
504TopicWTB 5 Book of Secrets
505TopicWTB Gold Trim Guild
506TopicWTB Presearing Black Dyes
507TopicWant to Buy 100 Lockpicks
508TopicWTB q12-13 Channeling or Communing BDS
509TopicWTB Arachni's Scythe / Pets
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511TopicWTB 50 Diessa Chalices 250e
512TopicWTB Necro BDS Q10 or Higher
513TopicWTB 50 Diessa Chalices 250e
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515TopicWtb demonslaying bow mod
516TopicWtb staff upgrades
517TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
518TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
519TopicFire BDS unid gold
521Topicq7/15 Spiked Targe
522TopicWTB OS +10 -2 w/e shields | Envoys | Titles | Pcons
523TopicWTB Minis, Opressor, etc
524TopicHeylene's Insight
525TopicBuy a lots of weapons
526TopicBought in-game
527TopicWTB Zodiac Scepters and Celestial Compasses (All kinds, pref. High Req)
528TopicSeveral Frog-Scepters (Froggy) and Celestial Compasses (CC)
529TopicWTB Polymocks
530TopicPreSearing buy list
531TopicWTB CLEAN OS Blue FDS (Q11 & 13) |
532TopicWTB sexy q8 tactics shields
533Topic[WTB] Full Fowsc Vos Set
534TopicWTB: Aptitude not Attitude incription
535TopicWTB Eaglecrest Axe
536TopicWTB Req 6 tac shields - armor 14
538TopicBuying Fire Items!
539TopicWTB Silverwing q9 paying 750 zkeys
540TopicWTB q12/q13 dom froggy
541TopicWTB req7 swords 1xxxe-3xxxe per a sword or arms
542TopicBo Staff
543TopicWTB Q8 +5e Zodiac Hammer & Daggers & Q8 14^50 Wingblade Sword
544TopicWTB inscr q9 gold foci and mods
545TopicWTB rq12-13 Divine Favor BDS
546TopicWTB ded Miniatures
547TopicWTB q9 insc Watercrest Wand + Serrated Spear
548TopicWTB Lunar Fortunes
549TopicWtb spear and shield mods
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551TopicWTB dwarven axe, mursaat hornbow, crude shield
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553TopicWTB Zodiac scepter
554TopicWTB q8/16 or 7/15 summit warlord shield
555TopicWTB +10 vs Demons OUTCAST or BLADED shield
556TopicWTB Spear Related Things
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559TopicWTB q9 Inspiration Pronged Fan (insc.)
560TopicBuying party and drunkard points
561TopicBuying Party Points
562TopicWTB Jeweled Staff q9 (metal)
563TopicLooking for a Froggy/CC q9 Illusion
564TopicGuardian of the hunt!
565TopicWTB high req Obby Edge, Diamond, and Amethyst Aegis
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
567TopicWTB Saurian Bones & Bo Staff
568TopicOutcast & Ornate Shields
569TopicQ7/15 and Q8/16 TAC INSC SHIELDS
570TopicWTB Req 8 Hammer
571TopicWTB Jeweled Staff (twin serpent)
572TopicWTB OS +45/-2 Enchant Emblazoned Defender
573TopicWTB 250 charr carvings
574TopicWtb Unid Golds
575Topicq7/15 Tactic Shield (Blue/Gold Summit-Warlord)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
576TopicWTB q9 Kournan Defender
577Topicded Vizu & eblade
578Topicwtb R8 Daggers and r8(or 7) Plagueborn
580TopicWTB ANy Q any mods Os gold crysta
581TopicBuying Obby Shards
582Topicbsoltan's WTB Thread - Low req shields | Mods of Slaying | Trophy Drops
583TopicWTB 150 Zkeys
584TopicWTB Flame of Balthazar
586TopicWTB Envoy Scythe
587TopicWTB Alc points
588TopicBds q air
589TopicBuying Obby shards and vials of ink
590Topicbuying Xun Rao's Command
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592Topicwtb list
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594TopicWtb 9x Droknars Key or Golden Bows
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597TopicWTB Birthday Cupcakes
598Topicdtsazza's shopping list - WTB minis, hero armor and staff mods
599TopicWTB - All Lockpicks for chest hunter title
600TopicWTB Kepkhet's Refuge
602TopicWTB - Armbraces, Mysterious Armor Pieces
603Topicq7 Tac Summit Warlord & Illu Froggy
604TopicWTB The Skullflayer PM ME
605TopicWTB Insc. Zodiac Daggers AND Demon Fangs
606TopicCelestial Compass Earth Magic
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608TopicWTB Some rare Miniatures!
609TopicWTB dualhexed storm artifacts, 2020 obby earth staff
610TopicWTB: 20% vs Dragons axe mod
611TopicWTB Embercrest Staff
612TopicWTB unded celestial rooster
613TopicDestroyer Cores I NEED
614TopicWTB q9 Voltaic Spear
615TopicWTB All heros armors!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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617TopicWTB Droknar's 40/40 Sets
618TopicWtb Ded Dhuum~~
619TopicWtb domination wand+scepter, any skin
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621Topicq8 fellblades / q8 necro staves / +any OS ghostly,raven,shadow,bone,accursed
622TopicWTB Q9 Amber & Jade Bow Insc
623TopicWTB Green weapons, wands, focus and shields
624TopicWTB all War Supplies 3e each stack
625TopicWTB Cons, Gifts, etc.
627TopicBuying Gold Coins/Rin Relics
628TopicWTB Alcohol Points
629TopicWTB One-Of-A-Kind or really exclusive 15^50 Swords/Axes (oldschool)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
631TopicTB demon shield -2w/w +10 vs. demons
632TopicWTB mini xun rao/reiko!(ded or unded)
633TopicBuying Golden Rin Relics
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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
637TopicWtb Gold Egs & Unid Golds
638TopicWtb golden eggs / chocolate bunnies
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640TopicWTB Sweet Points 50g/ea
642TopicWTB OS Eternal Shield&Diamond Aegis Paying800e
643TopicWTB q9/10/11 Aureate Aegis (Command)
644TopicDemon shield +45/ench
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646Topic[WTB] ALL Diessa Chalices
647TopicWTB Party Points!
649TopicDemon shields q9
650Topicrestoration staff
651TopicWTB Oroku's Slicers
652TopicQ10/11 Silverwing Bow
653TopicWTB Icy Dragon Sword
654TopicWTB Diessa 3e/ea
656TopicWTB droknar's key or Droknars smitting staff.
657TopicWTB All Drunk points and sweets
658TopicWTB Shield +1/20% Blood Shield -20% Cripple
659TopicWTB OS 14^50 Weapons/SCROLLS/etc
660TopicTrading Miniatures
661TopicWTB req 9 inscribable healing / protection / restoration staffs...
662TopicWTB Silver Trim
663TopicWTB Sweet tooth points 100g/p
664TopicWtb 100 glacial stones
665TopicWTB: Perfect Q9 Demon Shields
667TopicWtb Mixed Dyes. 5000lockpicks!
668TopicWTB q9 Swords (specific skins)
669TopicWTB q11/12 prot BDS
670TopicWTB OldSchool Aegis/SotW
671TopicGreen weapons with fan skin, Icy Sword
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Pages: 1, 2, 3
673TopicBuying Granite & Diamonds (& More)
675TopicWTB Party & Sweet tooth points
676TopicWTB LOTS of Goodies! 20/20 OS Wands/Foci, q8 Zodiac Weapons, Lots of others check it!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
677TopicOs DualModded Shield With +1 Skill 20% + X // +5e Os Battlepick
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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679TopicWTB 8 Cloth of the Brotherhood
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682TopicWtb cheap skin inscribable resto wands, death staff, spear, shield and some mods
683TopicWTB +5e Oni Blade (Any Req) & Q9 Voltaic
684Topicwtb zkeys/goldcoins/strongboxes/armbraces/diessas
685TopicWTB OS Weapon&Shield
686TopicWTB OS Dual Mods
687TopicWtb: Some Mods/Items
688TopicWTB Hero Armors
689TopicWTB ded/unded Vizu
690TopicWTB Clean Miniatures (20 Whites needed)
691TopicWTB Off-Hands +10vs Demons Celestial Scepters,,,
692TopicWTB Elite R Tome
693TopicWTB Opressor Wand + Water Staff/Focus
694TopicWTB Envoy Scythe!
695TopicWTB Celestial Staves and Celestial Scepters, Caster Shields - OFFERING REWARD !
Pages: 1, 2, 3
696TopicWTB Heavy Equipment Pack or zCoins
697TopicWTB Some Goodies
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699TopicWTB: Rare Weapons
700TopicFound. Ty
701TopicWtb ded / unded panda
702TopicWTB Q9 Crystalline (uninscr)
703TopicWTB Silver Trimmer & Pre-Searing Black Dyes
704TopicWtb Silver trim
705TopicWTB q9 Water and Fire Compass
706Topicwtb gwen doll.hero box
707TopicWTB os curses wands + foci
708TopicWTB Drago's Flatbow Pm Me Offer!
709Topic[WTB] Kerrsh's staff (x2)
710TopicMy WTB Shopping List
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712TopicWTB Froggy Scepter/BDS (FIRE) + Mods
713TopicWTB q8 16 Armor Shields - Tactics and Command
714TopicWTB Bredyss' Staff or Zoldark's staff
715Topic[WTB] War Supplies / Oppressor Weapons
716TopicCloths of brotherhood 5k/ea
717TopicWTB My way into the Hall of monuments
718TopicWTB Forget Me Not Inscription & Green Ele Staves
719TopicWTB Mini Unded Kuunavang (cheaply if possible)
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721TopicWtb z keys for armbraces/ectos!
722TopicWTB req 9 eternal blade
723TopicWTB Cupcakes in Pre
724TopicBuying End Game Trophies | Diessa Chalices
725TopicWTB Ancient Shield
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727TopicWTB stolen sunspear armor
728TopicWTB 3 Monumental Tapestries
729TopicWTB Stack BU
730TopicWTB 2.5k RP Trim
731Topichey guys buying specific items only please look:-)
732TopicWTB Mysterious armor pieces
733TopicWTB Hierophant Bow
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737TopicWTB Pre-Searing Mods
738Topicq9 OS Shinobi
739TopicWTB clean shield
740TopicWTB dream rides,seals of the dragon empire, and consets
741Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
742TopicWTB - War Hammer (Ram) OR Giant Slayer Hammer
743TopicWTB: Mini Shiro (unded)
744TopicWTB Brithday mini's + unique boss weapons
745TopicProt Bds
746TopicWTB El Champion of Balthazar
747TopicWTB Unded Kuunavang
748TopicDem Unwanted Non Insc. Q13 Str. Shields
749TopicWTB Mixed Dye
750TopicWTB insc Q5 AR 13 and Q6 AR 14 tactics shields.
751Topicwtb q8 15^50bows, q8 +5eng casters
752TopicWTB : 20/20 celestial / forbidden / jellyfish / outcast and more
Pages: 1, 2, 3
753TopicWTB Q9 Offhands Inscribable, Inscrips, Focus Cores
754TopicRahl's Buy List: Req 8 HAND AXE, Tall Shields, Shadow Shields, White Reavers
Pages: 1, 2, 3
755TopicWayward Wand | Celestial Staff | Celestial Scepter | +1 Divine (20%) Shield
756Topicpre searing
757TopicDeldrimor Talisman
758TopicWTB primeval armour remnants
759TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
760TopicWTB Scalps
761Topicwtb 20/10 ghostly staff divine
762TopicWTB Armbrace 44e/Ea
763TopicWTB - Res Scrolls
764TopicWTB Jade Sword OS +5e
765TopicWTB Celestial Compass (DOM)
766Topiclf q7/15 tactics shields with inscription
767TopicOS Caster Weapons
768TopicWTB req 9/10/11 gothic defender Tact -2wE +40-45 wE
769Topicq8/16a Gold Com+Mot Shields!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
771TopicWTB: Greased Lightning (Zippy) dedicated
772TopicWtb ded ig
773TopicWTB Dream Riders
774Topic7,5k Trim
775TopicWtb dhumm's soul reaper
776TopicWTB Unded Mini Shiro'ken
777TopicThanks :) Please close
778TopicWTB -- Sword pommel
779TopicBuying List
780TopicWTB Silver Trim *7500*
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782TopicWTB q8 Adamantine Shield
783TopicWTB Wintersday Grab Bags
784TopicWTB Oroku's Slicers
785TopicQ8 +5eng weapons and Q8 15^50 bows
786TopicWTB Complete Skill Hunter Title
787Topicclosed thank you
788TopicUnids 420 to max
789Topicq9 Dryad Bow
790TopicWTB q12-13 Bone Dragon Staff
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792TopicWTB Paper Fans/Naga Bows/Pronged Fans
793TopicWTB Hammer of Kathandrax
794TopicWTB / WTT Obby trim
795TopicWTB Q9 Magma Shields (INSC)
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797TopicWTB Curses BDS
798TopicBo Staff
799Topic2 handed dual vamps/ 14% single handed
800TopicStuff i want to buy!
801TopicShadow Shields
802TopicWTB Some weapons and Rock Candies !
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804Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
805TopicWTB Cobalt/Arcane Staff
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807TopicWTB OS +1/20 Dual Mod Shields & Offhands | Clean Rare Weapons
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809TopicWTB Diessa Chalices
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811Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
812TopicChanneling/Communing Ghostly Staff and an Everlasting Balthazar's Champion Tonic
813TopicWTB Q13 Eternal Blade Inscr
814Topicos q9 +5 fellblade
815TopicWTB DED Panda
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817Topicwtb~Shiroken, Oni, Zhed
818TopicWTB rare unDED mini (and unique if possible)
820Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
821TopicWTB Superb Charr Carvings
822TopicWTB Q8 swords/axes & OS Shields
823TopicWTB 250 Armbraces 41e or 85z each
824TopicWTB Some stuff
825TopicWTB Greens: The Brainfreezer
826TopicWTB ded polars
827TopicWtb q13 e-blade.
828TopicWTB q9 healing rod
829TopicWTB Canthan Feast Items
830TopicDed Vizu
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832Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
833TopicOs casters
834TopicPlease close - Thank you!
835TopicWTB : zodiac sword energy+5
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837TopicDemon Shield
838TopicWTB q9 dryad bow!
839TopicWTB OS Exalted Shield -2 w/E 10vs Slash/Blunt
840TopicWtb q9 tact shield enameled and eternal
841TopicHarenarius Wants to Buy Your...
842TopicWTB Party and Drunk Points
843TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
844TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
846Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
847TopicWTB Summit Items
848TopicHoM Weaps & Shadow Shield.
849TopicWTB Q9 Darkwing Defenders
850TopicWtb ded minis
851TopicWtb Fire foci wand scepters
Pages: 1, 2, 3
852Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
853TopicLuvz WTB Zodiac Staff and other
854TopicWTB OS Daggers and Elite Tomes
855TopicWtb z keys for ectos!
856TopicWTB undedicated miniature
857TopicWtb high req jittes
858TopicWTB +20 Energy Staff of Fortitude
859Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
860TopicWTB healing froggy, q7/15 tact shields
861TopicWTB Silver trim
862Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
863Topicq9 Demoncrest Spear
864TopicWTB Prot CC (Req 9/10)
865TopicWTB Zaishen Keys
866TopicWTB Diessa Calices
867TopicOS Wands : 20/20 Water, Plat Fire, Volt Earth
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
868TopicStuff for heroes and for myself
869TopicWTB q9 15^50 Jitte
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
870TopicWTB Q 9 OS Caster Broad Sword/ Platinum edge
871TopicPlease close, thank you
872TopicShopping List (wands/offhands)
873TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
874TopicWTB Undedicated Miniatures
875TopicWTB Everlasting Henchman Tonic!
876TopicWTB q7 or q8 tact Crude shield inscriptable
877TopicWTB - Platinum wand // CC --> Both domination
878TopicWTB Ded Panda
879TopicDouble armored weapon, Q7/16
880Topicwtb things!
881TopicPlease close, thank you!
883TopicWTB Cheap max dmg Recurve. Bow fortitude, and Str and Honor
884TopicPlease close, thank you
885Topicwtb 250 dcores
886TopicWTB Celestial Staff, Blood/SR
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888TopicWTB Celestial Minis
889Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
890TopicWTB: Prot BDS and more
891Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
892TopicWTB: HoM Points!
893TopicPlease close, cheers!
894TopicWtb z keys for armbraces!
895TopicZodiac Longbow & Obsidian Edge + few Upgrades
896Topicwtb consumables packs
898Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
899TopicPreSearing - WTB EL Destroyer Tonic!
900TopicWTB gold ins Req 4 strength shield
901TopicPlease close, thank you!
903TopicOS Shields/Weapons
904TopicWTB q7 7-16 daggers
905Topicclosed, early bump***
906TopicWTB Silverwing Q9, Ironwing Q8
907TopicMiniature Ceratadon Pre-Searing
908TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
909TopicWTB BDS prot q9 & Frog + cc heal q9 & Darkwing shield q8
910TopicWTB Polar Bear
911TopicWTB corn and apple stacks
912TopicWTB Naga Longbow
914TopicWTB 7.5k Reward points for silver trim!
915Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
916Topicwtb 40/40 fire/resto
917Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
918TopicNEED Max Ztitles & Zkeys in Bulk
919TopicWTB Domination Froggy Q12/13
920TopicWTB Silver Trimmer & q2/10 & q3/11 Tactics shields
921TopicWTB all your UNiD golds
922Topic[WTB] Forget me not (20%) insc
923TopicWTB Balth Faction Items
925TopicPlease close, thank you!
926TopicWtb q7/15 armor ins tactic shield!
927TopicWTB list...
928TopicWTB: Tactic Shields (Insc./Q7/Any Skin/AL15-16) & Water BDS
929TopicWtB Demon Shield
930TopicWTB Charrslaying mod for axe and shield
931TopicWTB Map Pieces & Greenz!
932TopicWTB: 7.500 Rewards Points (For a trim)
933TopicPlease close thank you!
934Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
935TopicWTB q8/16 Aegis (Shield of the Wing skin) Str/Tac Shield
936TopicWTB 150 hammer of kathandrax
938TopicWTB celestial minis
939TopicBuying Q6 / 14 Tactics Shields | Wingcrest Maul
940TopicWTB: Silver cape guild
942TopicWTB BDS: Soul Reaping & Spawning Power
943TopicWTB q8/9 Irongwing Flatbow 15^50
944TopicWTB q13 Crystalline Sword incr
945TopicWTB: Bows -- All kinds + New Rit Staff
946TopicWTB goldunids 1k/ea
947TopicWTB Scythe!
948TopicWTB : New weap for monk
949TopicWTB Sweet Points
950Topic[B] Q9 Froggy Dom
951TopicEarth Froggy
952TopicWTB ded Island Guardian
953TopicWTB Fire froggy, Paper lantern, jug, q9 str. hex echo + prenerf staves
954TopicWTB BDS q9 Healing
955TopicWTB Forbidden staff? Embercrest staff, desolation maul, ded Shiro'ken
956Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
957TopicWTB DED Minis
958TopicWTT for [Your] Unded MKG
959Topicq9 Silverwing Recurve Bow
961TopicBuy 7500rp Cape trim
962TopicWTB several uniques
963TopicHammer of Kathandrax 3ectos/ea
964TopicWTB q9 Eternal Blade
965TopicWTB Q9 Dryad Bow
966TopicWTB Bladed/Outcast +10 demons dualmod
967Topicclosed due to early bump
Pages: 1, 2, 3
968TopicWTB Shields[Draconic & Eternal]
969TopicSmall WTB List (Updated)
970TopicWTB LIST 9/13 q8 Runic Axe, q8 +5e Swords, PCONS, BDS', Minis, & More
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
971TopicWTB Stack of War Supplies or Oppressor Weapon
972TopicWTB Unids
973TopicWTB 27 armbraces PM ME price
974TopicWTB GOTHs in presearing 25e per stack
975TopicBuying Party Points!
976TopicBuying any Oppressor weapons for HoM.
977TopicWTB Title Points
978TopicWTB Droknar's Key
979TopicWTB primeval armour remnants
980TopicWTB Q13 Eter Blade
981TopicWTB Mods + Tormented Scythe
982TopicWtb OS caster swords
983TopicTall Shield Q9 Tactics Inscriptable
984TopicWTB Celestial Longbow
985TopicISO Shadowblade any q insc or os with +5e
986TopicBow Grip of Marksmanship
987Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
988TopicParty Title Points/Wayfarer
989TopicWTB Hero Box Stack
990TopicWTB Celestial Compass q9 Domination
991Topicwtb xun rao's justice
992TopicWTB ~Pre-Searing Stuff~
993TopicWTB 2,500 RP trim!
994Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
995TopicWTB A bunch of stuff (cons, summ stones, etc)
996TopicTormented FC Wand+Focus
997TopicWTB- Droknars Scythe
998TopicWTB RedRockCandy/Zkeys/TenguFlares
999TopicIso Eblade q13, Ghostly Staff Mes, Eternal Shield q9 Tac
1001TopicWTB Celestial Sigil
1002TopicWTB +5e OS Broadsword(s)!
1003TopicClose please
1005TopicWTB 1 unded rare and unique mini
1006TopicWTB Q12/13 Crysta
1008TopicWTB 20% Dmg Vs. Demons (Sword)
1009TopicWTB Alcohol, Sweet & Party points.
1010TopicWtb hero strongbox!
1011TopicWTB 15.000RP Cape Trim
1012TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
1013TopicWTB 6 Elite Necromancer tomes!
1014TopicRin relics set
1015TopicWTB Shards
1016TopicWTB +30 HP shield handles/+10 armor inscriptions/ cripple inscriptions & Weps
1017TopicFull Drunkard,Party Animal, Sweet Tooth Titles
1018TopicOS Tyrian Cleaver 15>50
1019TopicWTB Tormented Shield (STR)
1021TopicWTB Armbraces Of The Truth
1022TopicCandy Cane Axe
1023Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1024TopicWTB Armbrace of truth
1025TopicReq 7/15 Command Shields
1026TopicWTB Bladed Shield w/ Demon mod
1027TopicWTB Diessa Chalices Set
1028TopicWTB q9 15^50 OS Faction Daggers
1029TopicWTB bugged weapons
1030Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1031TopicBuying Ghost in the boxes
1032TopicGhastly stones 5:2e
1033TopicWTB: Emerald Blades, Bone Charms, Amethyst shields
1034TopicWTB Party/Sweets/Drinks Items
1035TopicWTB Diessa Chalices set
1036Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1037Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1038TopicWTB Trim Service
1039TopicHacked -- need to buy new essentials
1040TopicMinis and Weapons
1041TopicWTB q9 Divine Chrysocola Staff
1042TopicWTB: Silencing-Spearhead (Dazed +33%)
1043Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1044TopicWTB Ghost-in-the-Box
1045TopicWTB Hammers of Kathandrax
1046TopicPre-Searing Loot :)
1047TopicEL Transmo Tonic
1048TopicWTB q8 inscrb tactics sheilds
1049TopicWTB Rare mini (Yeti,Peacekeeper,Dorian,Isiaiah)
1050TopicWTB greens
1051Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1052Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1053TopicWTB Obsidian Trim!~
1054Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1055TopicClosed by buyer
1056TopicWTB Silver Trim!
1057Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1058Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1059TopicWTB GOLD TRIMS 150a/ea
1060Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1061TopicWTB Ambers/GloomsOS/Echos/Diamonds/Iridecents, Glowing Runic Maul OS
1062TopicRav´s WTB: Mursaat Hornbow and other stuff
1063TopicWTB q7/15 tac Shields | q9 Magmas Shield | str Torm Shield | Rin Relic set
1064Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1065TopicWTB The hammer of justice
1066TopicWTB Channeling BDS
1067TopicWTB Mysterious Armor Piece
1068TopicWTB Stacks of Lockpicks
1069TopicWTB Guilds with 1100 or more raiting
1070TopicKTB's WTB Thread (UPDATED 7/11)
1071TopicWTB Silver zcoins
1072Topicbought it
1073TopicWTB OS Exalted Aegis and Tribal Axe
1074TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
1075TopicWTB all q9 shortbows
1076TopicWtb all deldrimor talsimans
1077TopicMinisterial Commendation
1078TopicWTB list
1079TopicWTB trim(2,5k rewards)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1080TopicWTB Unidentified Golds for Wisdom Title (7=6k) :: Elite Tomes
1081TopicBuying War Hammer - OS q9/8 15^50 only.
1082TopicWTB Bones/Feathers/+, Diamonds, Fowscrolls, Gemstones, Rockcandy, Tomes, Zkeys, +more
1083TopicWTB Any Req Oni Blade
1084TopicWTB Demon Mod Shields|q8/9 +5e Swords
1085TopicWTB Saphires and Rubys
1086TopicWTB any Deldrimor
1087TopicWTB: Gold Trim Guild !
1088Topicministerial commendations
1089TopicWTB Voltaic Spear/Bone dragon staff domination
1090TopicWTB List
1091TopicWTB Blade of the Hierophant
1092TopicWTBuy shadow blade and focus inscription
1093TopicWTB Swords / Pommels [ you have something for me :) ]
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1094TopicWTB Rubies and Sapphires
1095TopicWTB +1 Shields
1096TopicWTB High-End List *Re-UPDATED*
1097TopicAmbrace x2
1098TopicWTB Q8 Tactics AR16 Celestial/Zodiac Shield
1099Topic[WTB] Silver trim (7k5 rps)
1101TopicViolet Edge (any req)
1102TopicWTB List
1104TopicWTB Ded Mini Yakkington
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1107TopicWTB Q7TACTIC 15ARMOR shield
1108TopicWTB Rock Candies
1109TopicWTB Mysterious/Primeval Armor Pieces
1110TopicHalberd's Buy List
1111TopicWTB items for HoM (1 Mini, 1 Tormented Weapon)!
1112TopicWTB BDS Curses and other stuff
1113TopicWTB q9 dryad bow/q9 eaglecrest
1114TopicWTB ALL q7/15 tactics shields
1115TopicWTB Gold Trim
1116TopicWTB: Mini's
1117TopicDom Froggy & Heal BDS
1118Topicq9 Kamas
1119TopicWTB OS Amber Aegis and Ornate Shield (+30hp +10vs dmg)
1120TopicThank you
1121TopicWTB q9 or q10 bow
1122TopicWTB Zkeys , Strongboxes
1123TopicWtb clean stuff m8
1124TopicWTB 2 Mysterious Armor Pieces
1125TopicBds divine favor
1126TopicWTB Eternal Bow Q9 insc
1128TopicWTB air 40/40 set, skin unimportant
1129TopicWTB List of weapons Ghostly/Celestial/Eternal/Equine,Troll mod,DOM FROGGY
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1131TopicBDS Q9 Prot| Froggy Q9 Heal | Vizu | Grawl | Reiko | Yeti | Kuuna| and
1132TopicWTB Lockpicks
1134TopicWTB unded mini reiko
1135TopicOS crystas
1136TopicWTB Zkeys, Rock Candies, Summons
1137TopicWtb OS summit walord / ded vizu
Pages: 1, 2, 3
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1140Topic30 stacks, help me spend em
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1142TopicWTB Cons & Ghastly Stones.
1143TopicWTB Axes
1144TopicWTB Zodiac Weapons
1145TopicWTB: paper fan
1146TopicWTB Froggies&CC's
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1148Topicheal cc/froggy and spear mods
1149TopicBuying Destroyer Cores/DBS/Embercrest
1150TopicWTB Zodiac/Celestial Scepter & Celestial Compass! (preferably q9 Fire)
1151TopicWTB Titan Gemstone
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1153Topicwtb q.9 fellblade/gothic dual axe/zodiac blade/e blade
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1155TopicSilencing mod for spear
1156TopicBDS on E-Storage
1157TopicBuying Undedicated Dhuum Miniature
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1159TopicWTB Domination BDS, 20/20 Dom CC / Dom Wayward wand
1160Topicwtb ded polar/g-hero/rift warden
1161TopicWTB Rock candies + Ghosts in box
1162TopicWtb bds
1163Topicthank you, no need anymore!
1164TopicWTB Q9 ES Staves : Chrysocola, Onyx and OS Staves Q9 Fire
1165TopicPlease close, thank you
1166TopicWTB Q9 Crystaline Sword (incript)
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1168TopicWtb fow scrolls
1169TopicWTB OS TALL SHIELD ECHO GOTHIC DEF qtac +10 demons and caster near/perfect
1171TopicCelestial Minis
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1174TopicWTB Zkeys
1175TopicWTB UNDED RIFT WARDEN,Peacekeeper, Grawl+Froggy Q9 Illusion/CC/BDS+VS
1176TopicWTB Unid Golds + Balthazar Flames
1177TopicWTB BDS e-storage and fast cast
1178TopicWTB Divine Favor or Protection Prayers Tormented Staff
1179TopicUnded Polar Bear & Unded Ghostly Hero
1180TopicWTB Plagueborn Shield
1181Topicclose thanks
1182Topic50 Diessa Challices (Blindfold) + OS Necro Celestial Weapons
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1184Topicbuying gaki stones
1185TopicWTB Elite Elementalist Tome
1186TopicWTB Earth Bone Dragon Staff
1187TopicWTB Q12/13 any BDS
1188TopicLooking for a Q12-Q13 Eaglecrest Axe
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1190Topicfast trade :D found all. thanks !
1191Topicfew stuff
1192TopicWTB Oppressor / Tormented weapons and Obsidian Shards
1193TopicWTB Purple Cape Trim
1194TopicWTB Droknar's Keys
1195TopicWTB 1 HoM Weapon, 11 Primeval and/or Ancient Remnants & 1 BH or Deldi Remnant.
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1197Topic7th Year Presents
1198TopicKurzick Shields/ Outcast
1199TopicWTB Ded Polar :D
1200TopicWTB Q13 Curses BDS
1201TopicWTB Topaz scepter (domination)
1202TopicWTB Wintergreen Spear
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1205TopicWTB Willcrusher+Morgriff's Staff
1206TopicWTB OS Twin Serpent Staff (Jeweled staff)
1207TopicPlease close - Thank you!
1208TopicZynkh WTB list
1210TopicWTB Ritualist Staff
1211TopicCelestial Compass / Froggy EARTH/FIRE
1212TopicWTB rainbow rocks
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1215TopicWtb obby trim!
1216TopicWTB 1 destroyer sword
1217TopicWTB 1000 Zkeys 960e
1218TopicWTB: Energy Storage BDS
1220TopicWTB Shadow Weapons
1221TopicWTB Stygians/Tengu Flares/Rock Candies/Consets
1222TopicWTB Eden stuff
1223TopicWTB iron, granite, & oppressor weapon
1224TopicWTB Heleyne's Insight!
1225TopicWTB Ghosts in the box
1226TopicWTB Rock Candies and q8 Zodiac Longbow
1227TopicMy Wish List
1229TopicWTB unded Grawl mini
1230TopicWTB Spear
1231TopicWTB q9 Crysta gold/insc
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1233TopicWTB Prot Froggy
1234Topicwtb zkeys, con sets, gold z coins
1235Topiceggs/ ghosts in the box/ rainbow rocks
1236TopicWTB Death BDS High Q // Curse Froggy High Q
1237TopicWTB Ancient Armor Remnants
1238TopicWTB EL ooze 35e and high req SR BDS 40e
1239TopicWTB Zealous Spearheads (need 3)
1240TopicRise's Buy List - Unded Dorian/Isaiah - Uninsc Shields/Staff - Froggy...
1241TopicWTB: Outcast-/Echovald- Shield and Rock Candy
1242TopicWTB ~ OS Zodiac Staffs ~ OS Magmas Shields ~ Q7 Sephis Axes ~
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
1243TopicWTB El Ooze/Searing/Squeletonic
1244TopicFurious for Spear
1245TopicWTB Darkroot's Daggers
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1248TopicWTB q5/13al tactic shields
1249TopicWTB Q9 Dryad Bow
1250Topicwtb q8 swords & q8 shields os & inscr
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1251TopicWTB Elementalist Shields!
1252TopicWTB Prot BDS
1253TopicBuying Armbraces
1254TopicGearing my heroes!
1255TopicQ7 Swords
1256TopicMahu's Mesmer WTB list
1257TopicDom Froggy and CC
1258TopicWTB r9 Zodiac Bow Inscri.
1259TopicTentacle Scythe & Eternal Shield
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1261TopicWTB Plagueborn Shield
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1262TopicWTB Hajkor's Flame (green)
1264TopicWTB Kerrsh's Staff
1265TopicGot the item mod please close
1266TopicWTB Arms, Ded Hero, Und Grawl, Vizu, Shiro'ken
1267TopicWTB Q9 Dom Froggy & CC
1268Topicwtb air or fire froggy
1269TopicWTB 1 Oppressor 1 Tormented Weapon
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1271TopicOnarakiru's ~ WTB ~ Thread! :)
1272TopicWtb tormented sword
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1274TopicWTB Q13 Favor Divine BDS
1275TopicWTB Styg/Margonite/Tormented Gems
1276TopicWTB OS focus with Prot stats
1277TopicVentaura's Harbinger AKA Green Envoy Scythe (got the scythe,close thread)
1278TopicWTB Titan Gem
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1280TopicWtb closed
1281TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
1282TopicWtb bds
1283TopicWTB q7 7-16 Daggers + q8 Daggerz
1285TopicWTB a few undedicated white minis :)
1286TopicWTB Froggy (Domination)
1287TopicWTB req 9 divine favor celestial compass...
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1289TopicDenis Buy List
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1291TopicWTB Obsidian Edge, VS, other stuff
1293TopicWTB: Energy Storage BDS
1294TopicPre Ascalon stuff
1295TopicLove's WTB List
1296TopicWTB q7/q8 Command Shields + Presearing Longswords + other mods
1297TopicWTB Domination Froggy (any RQ)
1298TopicWTB Ghostly Staff/ Plagueborn Focus/ Inscribable Truncheon
1299TopicWtb BDS's | q6-7 Tactics Command Shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1300TopicWTB q9 Earth 20/10 Bo Staff
1301TopicDom platinum wand
1302Topicobby trim
1303TopicWTB BDS's ASAP
1304TopicWTB q7/15 inscr tactics shields
1305TopicWTB Zehtuka's Pack
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1309TopicWTB - Destroyer Oppressor's Tormented
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1311TopicWTB Unded Rift Warden
1312TopicGot everything
1313TopicWTB Law & Order 85e
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1317TopicWTBuy Ectos
1318TopicWTB Honeycombs!
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1320TopicWTB Chaelse's Staff OR Droknar's Key OR Perfect Prot Staff
1321TopicLf OS shield +10vsPierce -2/ench any req/shield
1322TopicWTB titan gemstones
1323TopicWtb rocks/rainbows
1324Topic+10 vs Demon Shields
1325TopicWTB Celestial Sigil
1326TopicWTB Obby Trim
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1328Topicbuying unded mini's
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1330TopicWTB Dual Mod OS Shields
1331TopicWTB Bow Grips of SLAYING
1332TopicWTB Cheap OS +15/-5 Sword
1333TopicHero's Zaishen Strongbox
1334TopicAncient Armor Remnants
1335TopicWTBuy spear upgrades and hammer with upgrades
Pages: 1, 2, 3
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1337TopicWTB Q13 Bone Dragon Staff
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1339Topicwtb Pronged Fan Smiting / divine favor
1340Topicwtb unded polar bear offer me
1341TopicThings I NEED! :D
1342TopicBuying Common Minis
1343Topicplagueborn shields also looking for q8 +5e plagueborn sword/axe/daggers
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1344Topicq7/15 tac Tall Shield
1345TopicWTB some bows / bow mods
1346TopicWTB q7/15 tactics shields!
1347TopicWtb Premade Trim Guild
1348TopicWTB Envoy Scythe
1349TopicWTB Everlasting Reindeer Tonic/DED Panda
1350TopicWTB: Celestial earth staff any req.
1351Topicreq 9 resto, water, air CCs
1352TopicWTB Tormented Sword/Shield for HoM // Armbrace of Truth
1353Topicwtb bunch of weapons list
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1355TopicBought all close pls
1356TopicBying Stone Grawl Necklaces and/or Honeycombs
1357TopicSilver Trim Seller
1358TopicColossal Pick
1359TopicWtb high q Emmy blade
1360TopicWTB GOLD Defender Shield Any Req, str, perfect.
1361TopicAlcohol Points
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1364TopicQ8 Recurve bow 15^50 (cheap skin)
1365Topicbuy list
1366TopicWTB Q5/13 Tactic Shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
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1368TopicWTB Oroku's Slicers // Steel daggers
1369TopicAir Froggy + CC + Chann BDS
1370TopicQ9-13 outcast +10vs pierce +45/44 ^ench
1371TopicOS Demon Shields!
1372TopicWTB Steelhead Scythe [Q9]
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1374TopicPlease Close
1375Topic[wtb] deldrimor talisman x6
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1378TopicWTB Prot BDS Q9, Q19
1379TopicCape Trim
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1381TopicAtro's WTB List |20/20 Amber Staves|Guardian of the Hunts|Aureate/Salient Daggers
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1384TopicWTB List ASAP
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1386TopicWTB Fellblades
1387TopicWTB PLATINUM WAND heal or prot inherent
1388TopicWtb Q6/14 Tact Shields
1389TopicWTB Unded M.O.X. and Xun Rao
1390Topicthanks , found what i needed !
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1392Topicwtb earth bds r10/13
1393TopicWTB Collossal Picks, Jittes, Battlepicks/Battle Axes/Piercing Axes, Kerrsh's Staffs
1394TopicMursaat skin Hornbow q9
1395TopicPlagueborn shield
1396TopicWTB Envoy Staff, BDS channeling/prot & more
1397TopicEternal Blade!
1398TopicWTB Q7/8 Tactics Adamantine Shield & More
1399Topicclose please
1400TopicWTB Tormented Weapon
1401TopicQ7 Tact Shields
1402TopicWTB undedicated miniature DHUUM
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1404TopicWTB Tormented caster weapons
1405TopicWtb zkeys
1406TopicWTB Stack of Gifts
1407TopicWTB ECHOVALD +45hp -2 w/e off 1-2-3-4hp
1408TopicWTB Winterday Gifts 2e/stack + elite tomes
1409TopicBuying -2wE +10vs Blunt Gloom
1410TopicWTB Law and Order and inscribable runic axe
1411Topicq9 insc tac & str darkwing defender
1412TopicWTB req 9 inscribable eternal bow...
1413TopicWTB q8 flatbow 15^50
1414TopicWTB Scepter of the Keeper
1415TopicWTB Warrior & Ranger Stuff!
1416TopicWTB BDS Soul Reap/Death Any Req
1417TopicLooking for these uniques
1418TopicBuying Gold Envoy Scythe
1419TopicUbers Buy List
1420TopicWTB List
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1421TopicDeadly's WTB List-Unded Yeti/El Tonics/Minis
1422TopicWTB Cape Trimmer (2500)
1423TopicPlease Close
1424Topicscepter of the forgotten, effigy
1425TopicWtb cape trimmer
1426TopicWTB Drago's Flatbow(non vamp)
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1428TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
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1430TopicBuying Rock Candies
1431TopicWTB Eternal q7/q8 tact Shields (inscri)
1432TopicQ7/15 Tactic shields
1433TopicWTB q7/15 tactics ADAMANTINE shield. Desperately!
1434TopicWTB any sundering scythe
1435TopicWTB Silver/Gold Zaishen Coins
1436TopicWTT My ectos for zkeys
1437TopicWTB cheap Undedicated Minis
1438TopicWTB Avarr's Scepter [GREEN]
1439TopicWTB BDS q9 earthmagic
1440TopicWTB: Unded Mini Pets
1441Topicwtb: Q6-7 Tactics/Command Shields
1442TopicWTB unded Vizu, Zhed and 7th birthday presents
1443TopicPre-Searing Items For Post Gold/Ectos
1444Topicdroknar keys
1445Topicdont need it anymore
1446TopicWTB Bone Dragon Staff
1447TopicDomination Bo Staff - El G-hero
1448TopicReq 13 Non-insc Tyrian Gladius/Short Sword
1449Topicq8 Shields!
1450TopicRegis' List of Desired Stuff
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1452TopicWTB EL Monthly Zaishen Tonics
1453TopicWTB Q9/Q10 Command "Tribal Shield (crude)" Skin
1454TopicWTB Kournan Defender
1455TopicMY Wtb Weapon List
1456TopicPanda, IG, MKG
1457TopicWtb Q7/8 Shield of the Wing/aegis!
1458TopicMy WTB List
1459TopicWTB OS Shields (OUTCAST, BLADED, etc.)
1460TopicWTB Droknar's Key's
1461Topicmace1's List
1462Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1463TopicWTB Zaishen Keys
1464TopicPlease close
1465TopicWTB Echovald Shield Q12-13/16 str -2^stance +30hp
1466TopicWTB Envoy Axe
1467TopicWTB 15k Rewards (Obsidian Trim)
1468TopicWtb q9 Demon Fangs! Paying Well.
1469TopicWTB Chaos Axe Req9-10 15^50
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1471TopicWTB OS Falchion (ish) / Flamberge / Brutesword
1472TopicWTB Stack of consets
1473Topicwtb os canthan shield skinz
1474Topic10vs demons shield
1475TopicWTB: Prot BDS Q9-10
1476TopicWTB Shield set
1477Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1478TopicWTB Energy Storage CC
1479TopicWTB Mesmer tomes/Elite Mesmer Tomes
1480TopicMerry christmas
1481TopicLill Munkis buying list!
1482TopicWTB Clockwork Sythe q9
1483TopicWTB Kath Hammers
1484TopicZaishen Coins
1485TopicWTB Pywatt's Talons (Bought)
1486TopicWTB +10 Plant Shield
1487Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1488Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1489Topicwtb 4x 40/20/20
1490Topicwtb Channeling BDS + Xun Rao's Justices
1491TopicWTB Polymock pieces (gold)
1492Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1493TopicShadow Shields + Summit Stuff
1494TopicWTB Dom BDS
1495Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1496Topicwtb Xun Rao's Quill, Justice, Prot BDS
1497Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1498TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero/Bladed Shields
1499TopicBuying Colossal Pick
1500TopicDawns: Buying Thread
1501TopicWTB Divine Envoy staff
1502TopicMorguls Buy Thread (Armbs 21e/ea,etc)
1503TopicGreen Weapons
1504Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1505TopicWTB Z-Keys for Platinum
1506TopicWTB q7/8 tactics Spiked targe
1507Topicshining blade war horns
1508TopicWtb HealFroggy
1509TopicWTB Q9 - 10 Domination CC
1510TopicWTB Q12/13 Crystalline Sword
1511TopicWTB VS q13,12,11
1512TopicWTB Celestial Sigil
1513TopicWTB Q9 15^50 OS Mursaat Hammer
1514TopicWTB any Requirement Channeling CC
1515Topicwtb q7 tactic shield!
1516TopicWTB EL tonics and eggs
1517TopicWTB req9 +5e non insc swords/axes , bladed shield, crude shield, emblazoned defender
1518Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1519TopicI need 80 obby shards!
1520TopicWTB Unded Minis/Req7/8 15/50 OS or Insc Wep any prof + BDS Req9/Froggy Mursaat Hammer
1521TopicUber's Christmas Shopping List
1522TopicWTB Gold Z Coins / Silver Z Coins
1523TopicWTB: Boulderbeard's Shortbow and Tanzit's Defender
1524TopicWTB Desolation Maul, Foehammer & Crenellated Spear
1525TopicWTB orange trim guild!
1526TopicWTB BDSs
1527TopicWTB Unded Minis
1528TopicWTB Zodiac Staff (OS) q9 Divine with a 20/20 Hct Prot Inherent + Other Staves
1529Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1530TopicWtb Ded Minis
1531TopicWTB Zkeys & 100 Cupcakes
1532TopicWTB High Req. Inscription Chaos axes
1533TopicMiniature Polar Bear
1534TopicWTB Trim Guild Asian tag no Pink
1535TopicWTB UNDE Polar bear 100a+ offer me
1536TopicWTB Law & Order & Fire/Air BDS
1537TopicWTB Ornate Shields
1538TopicWTB Confessor Dorian + Isaiah (unded)
1540TopicWTB Q9 OS Fiery Dragon Swords and a VDS
1541TopicPlatinum Staff Healing Prayers
1542TopicWTB Diessa Chalices
1543TopicWTB req. 9 Fellblade 15^50
1544TopicWTB shield Q8 tactic inscrip gold
1545TopicWTB Zkeys
1546TopicWTB Presearing items with post ectos
1547TopicWTB q9 15^50 sword/axe
1548TopicWTB Sorrows Furnace Ele Greens
1549TopicWtb ded island guardian / panda
1550TopicWTB Zkeys
1551TopicWTB few things
1553TopicWTB Req8 Ele Staffs and Oldschool Crystas/Eternal
1554TopicWTB q9 Crysta + q9 Prot BDS
1555TopicWTB hero armor rem/piece, weapons
1556TopicOS Dualmod shields
1557TopicReq7/8 weapon INSC and NON-insc
1558TopicVs q13...\12
1559TopicWtb 13^50 bows
1560TopicSTAR WTB List Minis,BDS,Froggy,CC Req9,Crysta R9,+MORE
1561Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1562Topicneed 14 zkeys
1563TopicEternal Bows
1564TopicFellblade q8
1565TopicWtb gold z coins 20k
1566Topicwtb 600 armbraces
1567TopicGearing the heroes! :D
1568TopicObsidian Wishlist
1569TopicWTB EL Unseen & Gelatonious
1570TopicWTB Remnants for Heros
1571Topicmods close please
1572TopicWTB 1,3,6 year bday presents
1573TopicWtb zkeys
1574TopicWtb Ded Island Guardian
1575Topicwtb ded panda
1577TopicIds & vds
1578Topicq8 15^50 Sephis Axe.
1579TopicEd's Christmas list
1580TopicWTB Greens
1581TopicEblade or emerald blade
1582TopicWTB Q9 Insc Chaos Axe
1583TopicWTBUY: Firebrand (WIK Green)
1584Topic(pre searing) WTB charr bow mod!
1585TopicWtb el phantasmal
1586Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1587TopicWTB MINI Minister Reiko , MINI Ecclesiate Xun Rao +NAGA ShortBow Req 8 15^50 +MORE
1588TopicWTB unded brown rabbit
1589Topicwtb zkeys
1590Topicwtb shield
1591Topicwtb BDS Bone Dragon STaff
1592Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1593TopicWTB Stygian Reaver
1594Topic[WTB] Dual Vamp x4
1595TopicWTB unded Rift or unded/ded Ghostly hero
1596TopicHero gear
1598TopicIron Stacks
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1600Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1602TopicWTB : (1) Oppresor, (1) Tormented Weapons
1603Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1604TopicWTB Primval Armor Reminents
1605TopicWTB q6 insc Daggers (6-14)
1606TopicwtB Tall shield no inscri
1607TopicWTB q9 Protection Prayers BDS OR Bo Staff!
1608TopicWTB 48 Diessa Chalice 1 = 1 ecto
1610Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1611TopicWTB El Kuunavang Tonic
1612TopicUku & Nove's Whishlist - UPDATE: 23/11/13
1613Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1614TopicWTB Hammer of Kathandrax
1615TopicWTB Domination Froggy or other nice skin
1616Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1617Topicq9 Protection Prayers Staff
1618TopicWTB OS Shield +1 Divine (20%)
1619TopicWTB Voltaic spear Q9-11
1620TopicWTB Q9 20/10, 20/19 or 20/20 Necro Staves
1621TopicWTB List - Bows and Zodiac + Mes Items
1622TopicWTB r9 VS
1623TopicWTB Envoy Axe
1624TopicWTB Aureate Aegis and Ornate Spear
1625TopicWTB BDS >Earth<
1626TopicWTB Demonslaying BOW Mod
1627TopicWTB Dragos Flatbow (Green)
1628TopicWTB q7/15 armor tac Spiked Targe
1629Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1630TopicAmethyst Aegis
1631TopicCape Trim
1633Topicforget me not
1634Topicgot everything, thanks :)
1635TopicWTB: Minis
1636TopicWTB Destroyer weapon or diamonds
1637TopicWTB Emerald Blade
1638TopicWTB R7/15 inscr TACTICS shield
1639TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero
1640Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1641TopicWTB Spear of the Hierophant!
1642TopicClosed due to a ventari forum violation
1643TopicOS Caster Weapons Q.9
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1644TopicWTB Monk Tomes & Elite Monk Tomes
1646TopicWTB 500 Silver Coins or 50 Gold Coins
1647TopicBuying Monk Gear AND Sweet Titles points!
1648TopicEarly Bump *closed*
1649TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero Tonic
1650Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1651Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1652TopicHero armors: Mysterious and Ancient
1653TopicWtb os crystalline sword
1654Topicwtb eternal blade and wintergreen spear
1656Topic7x +30hp Spear Mod -- 3x "Master of my Domain" (19/20%) -- 2x Focus Core of Aptitude
1657TopicWtb bds q9 prot
1658TopicWtb iron dust bone feathers
1659TopicObsidian trim
1661TopicSeveral Upgrades
1662TopicNajt's WTB list
1663Topicbought one, thanks
1664TopicWTB Unded Kunnavang
1665TopicEL Destroyer Tonic
1666TopicWTB +5e OS Swords
1667Topicwtb q 8 darkwing defender tac max
1668TopicDemon Shields
1669TopicWTB Chaos axe (high req)
1670Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1671TopicWtb list (updated sep 12)
1672TopicWTB 4x Cloth of Brotherhood
1673Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1674TopicWTB Shards
1675TopicWTB Green outcast shield
1676TopicReq 8 15^50 chaos axes
1677TopicWTB Eternal Bow q8 insc or 15^50 max dmg
1678TopicWTB The Mindstealer
1679TopicWTB Zodiac Axe + Shield // Briar Blade
1680TopicWTB -2 ench +10 fire shield
1681TopicWTB ~ded. Kanaxai~
1682TopicWTB spawning envoy staff...
1683TopicWtb all elite tomes
1684TopicWTB Heavy and Large Equipment Packs
1685TopicWTB List-9 Sep 2013
1686TopicWTB Q9 Dryad Bow
1687Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1688TopicWTB Bladed Shield
1689TopicBone Dragon Staff
1690TopicFearJon's WTB List!
1691TopicWTB everlasting ghostly priest tonic
1692TopicWTT an OS req 8 15 ^ 50 chaos axe for a req 9 eternal blade...
1693TopicWTB Wayward Wand - Platinum Wand
1694Topicq8 fellblades, os gold 10/10 staves, q7 os shields
1695TopicWTB Mask of the Mo Zing
1696TopicWTB Totem Axe
1697TopicWTB Mini Vizu in Pre-Searing
1698TopicWTB Q8/16 Command shield
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1700TopicWTB Deldrimor Armor Remnents
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1702TopicReq 8 Hammer
1703TopicWtb 20/20 Dragon Staves - Starting new collection too! Any Q OS +5e, +45ench/-2ench
1704TopicWtb mes froggy / celestial compass sets
1705TopicWTB Perfect OS Tall Shields + Other Skins
1706TopicWTB -2-2 Str Shields
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1708TopicWTB Outcast Shield
1709TopicWTB legionnaire stuff
1710Topicherba WTB
1711TopicWTB Eternal Blade
1712TopicWTB Mysterious Armor Piece
1713TopicWTB:5 q8 tac shields any skin/color
1714TopicWTB Mursaat Polymock Piece
1715TopicWtb Celestial daggers!
1716TopicWTB: Mini's
1717TopicWTB Froggy q9 Air + CC q9 Air
1718TopicWTB: Spear Mods
1719TopicWTB WoC Item (Staff of Purity) Maker + Seller!
1720TopicDagger upgrades and Inscription
1721TopicWTB Party Points (8000)
1722TopicWTB Everlasting Champion
1723TopicWTB Deldrimor Armor Remnants & Party Points
1724TopicWTB Kathandrax hammers |spammable points
1725TopicWTB Amber Chunks
1726Topic2.5k orange trim
1727TopicWTB plagueborn sword OS +5e Q9
1728TopicWTB q7 a15 shields
1729TopicWTB q7/15 q8/16 sheilds
1730TopicWTB: Uninsc. Shields (Gloom, Amber etc.), Swords etc.
1731TopicWTB Stolen Sunspear Armor/Primeval Armor Remnants
1732TopicWTB Daggers/Assassin Gear
1733TopicWTB Q7 Tactics Enameled Shield/Darkwing Defender
1734TopicWTB Common Unded Minipets!
1735Topicwtb plague shields
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1737Topichey i buying Echovald's 10armor -2while stance/ench | ded panda
1738TopicWtb el flame sentinel
1739TopicWTB Ghial's Staff or The Flesheater
1740TopicWTB Droknar's Keys
1741TopicWTB: Zaishen Silver Coins
1742TopicWTB Small list of stuff
1743TopicWTB Vial of Dye [Mixed]
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1746TopicWTB Destroyer Weapons
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1748TopicWTB Dragos Flatbow
1749TopicWTB Reinforced Bucklers!
1750TopicWTB Oni Blade & Bladed Shield
1751TopicWtb El Transmog|q9 Dryad Bow|Divine Envoy Staff
1752TopicWTB Z-Coins / Eaglecrest Axe / And more!
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1754TopicWTB Droknar Keys
1755TopicWTB Presearing Vampiric Sword
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1758TopicWTB Dedicated Mini Dhumm
1760TopicWTB Charrslaying 25%
1761TopicAlways buying Measure for Measure inscriptions.
1762TopicWTB Miniature Yakkington
1763Topicthread closed
1764Topicwtb silver cape for my guild
1765TopicWTB Law And Order
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1767TopicWTB mini Polarbear
1768TopicWTB cloth of brotherhood, ancient armor remnant
1769TopicWTB Insectoid Scythe
1770TopicWTB req 9 inscribable eternal bow / req 9 inscribable ritualist ghostly staffs...
1771Topic20/20 + 20/19 Oldschool Mes Staves -- Q8 15^50 Gear -- Ministerial Commendations
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
1772TopicWtb Wintergreen spear
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
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1775TopicWTB req9 Dryad Bow
1776TopicWTB Unded oni
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1778TopicWTB Celestial Sigil, O: 25k
1779TopicPlatinum Staff 20/20 Death and Req 13 Str Shields
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1781TopicRestoration Froggy and CC
1782TopicWTB : (Copper / Silver / Gold) Zaishen Coins OR Light Equipment Pack
1783Topicq9 Perma Plaguborns
1784TopicWTB/ WTS: lot of different items
1785TopicWTB req 9 Bone Dragon Staff
1786TopicDeldrimor Armor Remnants
1787TopicBuying early/limited GW weps/items
1788TopicWTB: Necro Prenerf Staffs And oldsql Items
1789TopicYammiron's Focus
1790TopicWTB req 8 shield
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1792TopicWtb oldschool Ram-skinned Hammers!
1793TopicWTB Clockwork
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1795TopicWTB Silver Trim
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1797TopicWTB Ancient Armor Remnant, Mysterious Armor Piece
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1800TopicWTB Unded Ophil and Siege Devourer
1801TopicWTB Everlasting Beetle Juice Tonic
1802TopicCanthan Skin Staves Q9 20/10,20/20
1803TopicWTB EL Margo Tonic
1804Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1805TopicSword Pommel of Enchanting and White Minis
1806TopicWTB Dual Modded +10vs. Undead Shields
1807TopicWtb old school item
1808TopicBuying Q10-12 earth BO STAFF
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1810Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1811TopicWTB Bow grip of Deathbane(undead mod), +30 HP Spear Mod
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1813TopicWTB Tormented Fire Set
1814TopicWTB El Transmogrifier! NOW W/ FINDER'S BONUS!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1815TopicWtb gift of the traveler 100 for 60e
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1817TopicWTB Vampiric Bow String
1819TopicWTB spear grip of defense 5k
1820TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
1821Topicprot BDS
1822TopicWTB q12-13 channeling/communing BDS
1823Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1824TopicStrategic Strongboxes
1825TopicWTB Healing Froggy & Healing CC
1826TopicWeapon Im looking for
1827TopicWTB presearing Stuff
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1829TopicWTB 8/16 Tall Shield
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1832TopicWtb bds illusion gwen doll froggy divine
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1834TopicWTB Dual Vamp weapons, insc q7/15 Tactics Shields
1835TopicWTB Req 8 AR:16 BLUE tactics Sheild!
1836TopicWTB "Forget Me Not" 20%
1838TopicWTB Summit Warlord Shield Q9-13 Strength
1839TopicWTB 10k Party / Sweet / Drunkard
1840Topicq8 tactic Shields
1841Topicwtb bds q9 spawn
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1843TopicClosed by op
1844TopicWTB Eternal Sword/Shield
1845TopicWTB Q9-Q10 Divine Favor BDS
1846TopicWTB golden eggs/pumpkin pies stacks
1847TopicWTB 2500 rps trim
1848TopicWTB Unded Ghostly Hero (Offer increased June 19th!)
1849TopicSweet points
1850TopicWTB q12 Domi Froggy + CC -- Perfect Bo Staff Illu/Inspi/Domi
1851Topicany req illusion froggy
1852TopicWTB Sweet Points :)
1853TopicWTB Drago's Flatbow !
1854Topicr8/9 darkwing tactics
1855TopicWTB PRE-SEARING Necro Weapons
1857TopicBow of the Hierophant
1858TopicWTB q9 VS and some mods
1859TopicWTB Greens
1860TopicWTB Destroyer Cores
1861TopicWTB: 1 Tormented Weapon and 9 Oppressor/Destroyer
1862Topicos q9 -2/en hp+30/45en Shield
1863TopicWTB Channeling/cold/resto BDS & others
1864Topicwtb +30 axe/shock mod and some hero greens
1865TopicWTB Crystalline Sword
1866TopicWTB diessa chalices
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1868TopicWTB ded Yeti
1869TopicWTB: Unded Minis(Lots of them!)
1870TopicWTB EL Transmogrifier tonic
1871TopicMallyx's Savagery
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1873Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1874Topic[WTB] Summit Weapons
1875TopicWTB:diessa chalices, fire froggy, earth 40/40 set
1876TopicDed polar bear
1877TopicWTB Mini Unded Kuunavang
1878TopicWTB Green Rock Candies
1879TopicWTB Gladius
1880TopicWTB Spammable Title Point Stacks
1881TopicWTB Gwen Doll (Closed)
1883TopicWTB Obby Shards
1884TopicLF trim maker
1885TopicWtb embossed scythe
1886TopicWTB Mysterious Armor Pieces
1887TopicWTB q9 air BDS + q7/15 TAC or STR shields
1888TopicBuying Destroyer,Tormented or Oppressor weapon
1889TopicBuying req7/8 stuff pm me. Buying Raven staffs.
1891TopicWTB q7/15 q8/16 command sheilds
1892TopicWtb: Fds & ids
1893TopicChronics WTB Thread
1894TopicWTB Ornate Shield
1895TopicWTB R6/15 Insc Shields
1896TopicWTB Q9 or Q10 Swords
1897TopicWTB pronged fan (air)
1898TopicWTB Holy Staff/Healing Staff
1899TopicWTB Diessa Chalice ---
1900TopicWTB Q9 Twin Hammer or Desolation Maul Paying Well~
1901TopicWTB q9 domination froggy
1902TopicFlame of balth and Deldrimor Armor remnants
1903TopicLF Celestial Sigil
1904TopicQ9 channeling BDS
1905TopicWTB Cupcakes/Corn/Egg/Pie, Silver Z-Coins, PowerStones, Zkey, Summon Stones
1906TopicDrake Kabob stack
1907TopicWTB r8 fellblade/brute sword
1908Topicwtb 1 stack of hunters ale
1909TopicWTB EL Transmogrifier
1910TopicSwamp Club any req
1911TopicWTB the following Unique/Green Strength Shields(Xun Raos Quill & Droknars Str Shield)
1912TopicAir staff skin tyria
1913Topicfroggy heal, CC heal, BDS prot
1914Topicfrog scepter restoration
1915TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
1916TopicWtb Serpentine Scepter
1917Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1918TopicWTB q7/15 and q8/16 Tactics Shields
1919TopicWTB summoning stones all kinds
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1921Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1922TopicWTB FireBrand
1923TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
1925TopicWTB or trade for unded minis
1926TopicWTB 2500RP trim (or 7500)
1927TopicWTB Unded mini dhuum
1928Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1930TopicBuying Domination Frog Scepter
1932TopicWTB HoM items
1935TopicMinis etc
1936TopicWTB amethyst aegis
1938Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1939TopicWTB Zaishen Coins
1940TopicWTB Draconic Scythe & Dryad Bow
1941TopicWTB Envoy Scythe,Staff,Sword
1942TopicWTB Ded Kanaxai
1943TopicWTB EL Gelatinous Tonic
1944TopicWtb q9 es cc
1945TopicWTB Kanaxai's Axe(s) & Zaishen Coins
1946Topic100 Gold Zaishen Coins
1947TopicFearJon's Buy List
1948Topicdelete this thread
1949TopicWTB Heal BDS Q10-13
1950TopicWtb bds prot
1951TopicWTB silver Z-coins.
1952TopicRandom Weapon/Mod List
1953TopicBuying Diessa Chalices
1954TopicWTB Eaglecrest Axe & OS Shields
1955TopicWTB Curses Froggy/CC
1956TopicBuying all candies!
1957TopicWTB cupcake stacks
1958TopicWTB Rajazan's Fervor and Deeproot's Sorrow(illusion r9)
1959TopicWTB Unid Goldies 7=5k or 7=2k500 and i give them back after id!Also WTB Cupcakes
1960TopicWTB: Oppressor weapon
1961TopicWTB Cupcakes
1962TopicWTB Froggy / CC req Dom
1963TopicStorm daggers
1964TopicWTB Droknar Keys
1965TopicOldschool Necro Items
1966TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
1967Topicos Tower Shield/Defender, low DMG Caster stuff, low DMG/req Goldies
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
1968TopicWTB Earth/Piercing shield mods
1969TopicWTB Heavy Equipment Pack
1970TopicWTB Plagueborn Shield
1971Topicdarkwing defenders q9tactics
1972TopicWtb Unids
1973TopicWTB Z-keys
1974TopicWTB Q9 Frog Scepters q9 cc
1975TopicWTB - wing's axe and imperial weapons
1976TopicGreenie Buy List
1977Topicwtb a nightmare scythe
1978Topicbuying inscr crystalline q12
1979TopicZkeys 13 = 16e
1980TopicWTBuy: q9 Froggy illusion & q9 CC illusion
1981TopicQ8/16 gold tac Sun and Moon Shield, Oldschool Shields, some Q8's
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1982TopicGolden Rin Relic
1983TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero
1984TopicWTB Froggies and CC's R9
1986TopicWTB OS Swords and Axes
1987Topicbladed shields, tengu flares, shining blade warhorns
1988Topicwtb os r8
1989TopicHoM - Destroyer Weapons
1990TopicWTB Req9 Gold Healing Wand/Focus
1991TopicWtb bds
1992TopicWTB various Hero armor upgrade items (remnants etc)
1993TopicWTB unded Ghostly Priest 32e
1994TopicClosed, bought all
1996Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1997Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1998TopicWTB Dryad Bow
1999TopicWTB Celetrial Compass Domination
2000TopicWTB req8 Bows | +20vsXX Bow Mods/green bows
Pages: 1, 2, 3
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2002Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2003TopicChronics WTB Thread
2004TopicSuperb Charr Carvings
2005TopicWTB Bds Earth.
2006Topic20/20 Channeling Jellyfish Wand
2007TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2008TopicWTB Vetauras Harbinger
2009TopicWTB Crysta sword OS + bds air
2010TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2011TopicWTB Fire Frog Scepter
2012TopicTormented Oppressor Destroyer
2013TopicMax title zkeys + Highend miniatures
2014TopicWTB Orange Cape Trim
2015TopicWTB > SILVER TRIM (7500rp)
2016Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2017Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2018Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2019Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2020Topic20/20 Channeling Dragon Staff (Not BDS)
2021TopicWTB Q9 Dryard / Q9 Silverwing
2022TopicThe Horus Eye Buy List Look inside
2023TopicWTB Gift of the Huntsman (GotH) in Pre for ecto
2025TopicNeed LOTS of items!
2026TopicWTB Mursaat Hammer Q8 15^50
2027Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2028TopicEverlasting Guild Lord Tonic
2029TopicDedicated M.O.X or Kunna
2030TopicWTB Zodiac Shield Strength Req9 Incrip
2031TopicWtb gold z coins
2032TopicWTB 10k of alco, sweet, party - 410e for all
2033TopicWTB Crystalline|Darkwing Def.|Reindeer
2034Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2035TopicWTB Necro off hands!
2036TopicWTB Staves listed inside
2037TopicWTB Celestrial Compass FC Req9
2038TopicWTB Smiting q9 Frog Scepter & CC
2039TopicWTB Pink Cape Trimmer!
2040TopicWTB: Miniature Peacekeeper Enforcer Ded/Unded
2041TopicWTB Q8-9 Echovald/Crude/Emblazoned
2042TopicIcy Daggers of Defense
2043TopicWTBuy: unded Zippy
2044TopicBuying q7,8 Weapons,shields
2045TopicGold envoy scythe
2046TopicWtb Ghostly hero & Polar Bear
2047TopicWTB Elite Rit Tomes
2048Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2049TopicCobalt Staff
2050TopicWtb - Inscriptions
2051TopicWTB OS shields dual modded
2052TopicWTB stacks of iron ingots
2053TopicWTB Channeling Celestial Compass
2054TopicWTB Sword and Shield Upgrades
2056TopicWTB HoM items
2057TopicWTB 250 SuperbCharrCarvings(mask mo zing) Diessa Chalices x50 and Rin Relics x25!
2059TopicWTB monk set!
2060TopicWTB celestial minis
2061TopicWTB Wintersday Gifts
2062TopicWTB Prot BDS
2064TopicWTB :: Green TRIM for guild
2065TopicCC illusion
2066Topicwtb swamp club
2067TopicRIT + mesmer weapons
2068TopicWTB Monumental Tapestries
2069TopicWtB Elite Tomes + A Few Other Things
2071TopicWTB: Cheap unded rare mini
2072Topic[WTB] Dedicated Polar Bear
2073TopicWTB: 3-Hero Set
2074TopicWTB HOM Items
2075TopicWTB Zealous Scythe Snathe
2076TopicRq11 VS and motivation Amethyst aegis
2077TopicQ9/10 Dryad Bow
2079Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2080TopicBleached Shell
2081Topiclf silver/pink trim guild invitation
2082TopicWTB |Jug|Paper lantern|Gothic|Amber|Archaic maul|Beacon of the Uns.|Froggy+cc|&Divers
2083TopicBuying Gold Z-Coins
2084TopicWTB Primitive Staf
2085TopicWTB Healing Frog Scepter & Healing Celestial Compass
2086TopicWTB eternal blade
2087TopicWTB q8/16 gold sea purse shield
2088TopicWTB DED Vizu
2090TopicWTB destroyer, tormented and oppressor
2091TopicWTB Insc/OS Weapons
2092TopicWTB Platinum Broadsword (nvm)
2093TopicWTB Monumental Tapestry
2094Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2095TopicWTB Purp Crystalines
2096TopicWTB Earth Staff - (Canthan Skin) -
2097TopicWtb bds q9 dom / q9 curses
2098TopicWTB Prot BDS
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2099TopicWTB mini Ghostly Priest
2100TopicWTB Shields vs demons
2101TopicWTB 1 Stack Superb Charr Carvings!
2102TopicWTB List
2103Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2104Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2105TopicWTB EL Kuunavang + other 6th year el tonics
2106TopicWTB: q9-11 Silverwing Recurve Bow
2107TopicWTB unded Naga + Shiroken! WTB OS q7/8 +5e Swords/Axes
2108TopicWTB List
2109TopicFurious spear mod
2110Topicbuying green wand for monk,req. smiting
2112TopicWTB lockpicks in bulk
2113TopicWTB Ded Vizu
2114TopicWTB World Famous Racing Beetle - 10e
2115TopicWTB Korean Guild Maker.
2116TopicWTB unded cele snake
2118TopicWTB Unded Naga or Oni
2119TopicWtb sweet points
2120TopicWTB dedicated pig and other minis
2121TopicLooking to buy Canthan Dragon Staves and Unded Shiroken/EL Trans Tonic
2122TopicWTB Cloth of the Brotherhood
2123TopicWtb celestials
2124TopicWTB BDS ~ Channeling Q10+
2125TopicWTB q12-13 any req BDS
2126Topicmeasure for measure insc
2127TopicForget Me Not focus inscription 20% half recharge
2129TopicWTB List
2130TopicWTB ded Polar Bear | Armbraces | q8 Kamas
2131Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2132TopicCel Pets
2133Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2134Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2135TopicSweet Points
2136Topicwtb q8 sea purse shield,q8 Command Aureate Aegis/goldleaf defender
2137TopicWTB: Celestial Minis + Lunar Tokens
2138TopicWTB Some materials and gemstones
2139TopicWTB early unded white minis
2140TopicWTB minipets for HoM
2141Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2142Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2143Topicdual vamp weapons
2144Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2145TopicWTB Ded Oni
2146TopicBuying UNDED Celestial Pets
2147TopicBuying unded World-Famous Racing Beetle
2148TopicWTB ded or unded celestial minis
2149TopicWTB El beetle juice tonic
2150Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2151Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2152TopicWtb Dcores Sup Charr Carvings Froggies Consets
2153TopicWtb chalices diessa x50
2154TopicDestroyer Cores
2155Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2156TopicWTB Modti's Depravation please
2157TopicWTB Ded Oni
2158TopicWTB Elite Warrior Skill Tome
2159TopicWTB q8 15^50 gold ironwing flatbow, Amber Longbow
2160TopicWTB All Minipet Zhangs
2162TopicWTB Amber Aegis strengh ANY REQ +hp ar v any paying over for these shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2163Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2164Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2165TopicWTB Cheap unded mini 2.5k - 3k
2166TopicWTB 125 destroyer cores
2167Topic[WTB] 535 zkeys for 650e
2168Topic33% longer crippling spear mod
2169TopicWTB Frog Scepter (Death)
2170TopicWTB Prot BDS
2171TopicWtB Unid Golds and Elite Tomes
2172Topicbuying Mallyx's Savagery
2173TopicWTB HOM mini pets
2174TopicAncient GW Relics
2175Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2176TopicWTB mini Varesh (please close, bought in-game!)
2177TopicWTB Q9-11 Eaglecrest Axe!
2178TopicBuying HoM Items
2179TopicWtb silverwing q9, torm dagger q9, torm rec bow q9
2180TopicWTB Unid Golds
2181TopicWTB 97 different unded minis! (Offload your minis here!)
2182TopicWTB Frog Scepter & CC Healing and more!
2183Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2184TopicWTB Unded Mini Raptor
2185Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2186TopicWtb zkeys
2187Topicwtb heal froggy (any req)
2189TopicWtb all zkeys!
2190TopicWTB Greens, Polymock, Runes, and Tomes
2191TopicAb Destiny's WTB
2192TopicWTB NO REQ Spears and Scythes
2193TopicWTB Unids
2194TopicWTB Elswyth's Longbow
2195TopicWTB Wintergreen Bow
2196Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2197TopicWTB 400a + ded panda
2198Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2199Topicwtb mini pet
2200TopicWTB Z-Keys
2201Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2202TopicWinter gifts
2203Topicwtb winterday grab bag
2204TopicWTB Emerald Blade Q9
2205Topicbuying hom weapons / sweets
2206TopicWTB Ghost-in-the-Boxes
2207Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2208Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2210TopicOldschool (non-inscribable) Plagueborn swords
2211Topicwtb emerald blade
2212Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2213TopicWTB Crysta sword OS
2214Topicwtb q10 air bds
2215TopicWTB Dragon Staff
2216TopicWTB Wintergreen Weapons
2217TopicWtb Unids
2218Topicbuying wintergreen staff
2219Topicwtb ded mini naga raincaller + oni.
2220TopicWTB Diessa Chalice! 1:1e
2221TopicWTB Zkeys (~7000)
2222TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2223Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2224TopicWtb: Pre nerf necro staffs!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2225TopicWTB ded ghostly hero,polar bear,vizu!
2226Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2227Topicwtb wintergreen spear
2228Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2229Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2230TopicWTB Ghost-in-the-Boxes [160g ea]
2232TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2233TopicWTB Req9 Old School 15^50 Sephis Axe / Chaos Axe
2234TopicPew Pew Items
2235TopicWTB HoM items (Weapons deldrimor)
2236TopicWTB r9 Dryad Bow
2237TopicNever mind ;)
2238TopicWTB 2.5-3.5k lockpicks
2239Topicwtb 37 jade shards, oppressor axe
2240Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2241Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2242TopicWTB Cupcakes and Golden Eggs (Got them)
2243TopicWTB Ghost-in-the-Box 140gp/ea
2244TopicWTB Unded Mini Gwen Doll
2246TopicWTB Tormented weapons
2247TopicWydz wtb list
2248TopicWTB Vampiric Dragon Sword
2249TopicWTB rare miniature pet and 3 cloth of the brotherhood
2250TopicWTB Dryad Bow Q9/10
2251TopicWTB Zkeys !
2252TopicWTB Bortak's Bone Cesta or Avarr's Scepter
2253TopicWTB Everlasting Ghostly Hero
2254Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2255TopicWTB Q9Str Darkwing Defenders and Torm Shield **UPDATED**
2256TopicWTB all UW passage scrolls
2257Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2258TopicBladed Shield
2259TopicWTB Green Staves
2260TopicWtb zkeys
2261TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2262TopicWTB White Unded Minis
2263TopicWTB Astral Staff - Soul Reaping - q9
2264TopicWTB Zkeys!
2265TopicWTB q9 Heal Froggy / Celestial Compass
2266Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2267Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2268TopicWTB Four Leaf Clover
2269TopicWTB Destoyer, Tormented and Opressor Weapons
2270TopicMeesa Jar Jar Binks
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2271Topicwtb 4,2k alco, 8,5k sweet, 9,7k party pts
2272TopicWTB (Pre) +1 swordsmanship and Knight's Insignia's
2273Topicwintergreen shields
2274TopicGothic Axe R8 Energy+5 Canthan
2275TopicWTB Desolation Maul q9 insc gold I pay 100k! yes, 100k!
2276TopicWTB Eternal Bow Q9 15^50
2277TopicWTB Unded Dhuum
2278TopicWTB Heavy Eq Packs, Consumables, Elite Ele Tomes, lockpicks, gold z coins, unid golds
2279TopicWTB Gold Trim Guild
2280TopicWTB Pronged Fan Q9/10 Inspriation
2281TopicWTB The Stoneheart
2282TopicWTB Silver Zaishen Coins
2283TopicWTB Celestial Sigil
2284TopicWTB Ded Minis: Dhuum, Celestial Pig, Yeti
2285Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2286Topicwtb inscr zodiac scepter (spawning power)
2287TopicBuying some q9 15^50 oldschools + other stuff
2288TopicWTB Unded Shiroken+Zhed
2289Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2290TopicWTB Resto BDS
2291TopicClosed by op
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2292TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2293TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2294TopicWTB Diessa Chalices
2295TopicWTB Colossal Pick q9 and Battle Pick q9
2296Topiccrystalline sword + bds prot
2297Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2298TopicWTB: Unded Minis and Title Points
2299TopicWTB Heal BDS Q12-13 Tormented 40/40 Heal
2300TopicWTB 250 Destroyer Cores
2301TopicToT Bags
2302Topicwtb unded mini and tapestry
2303Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2304TopicWTB wintergreen spear | Dom froggy
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2306TopicBuying 1 unded rare mini
2307TopicWTB Mods and Traveler's Bo Staff
2308TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2309TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2311TopicUnded. Mad King
2312TopicWTB Unded Miniatures
2313TopicWTB ENvoy Staff
2314TopicWTB Mysterious, Ancient, or Primeval Hero Armors
2315TopicWTB Celestial Compasses & Zcoins
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2316TopicWTB Eaglecrest axe
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2318Topicwtb envoy axe/sword
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2321TopicWTB Perfect Staff Wrapping of Fortitude 5k
2322TopicWTB Unded Minis!
2323TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2324TopicWTB Q9 Crenellated Spear and Book of Secrets or Prayer of the Forgotten
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2326TopicWTB: Hero Armor
2327TopicBDS Heal
2329TopicWTB 40/40 Healing Sets
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2332TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2333TopicWtb a el hayda tonic
2334TopicWTB Any Outcast Shield (dualmod)
2335TopicWTB Unded Minis (White and Green)
2336TopicBUYING ALL Gold + Silver ZCOINS
2337TopicWTB some inscr. weapons
2338TopicWTB and Trade minipets
2339TopicWTB Ded Panda
2340TopicWTB unique unded mini pet
2341TopicWTB 40/40 sets
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2345TopicWTB GOLD and SILVER Z-Coins
2346TopicWTB unded Miniatures
2347TopicBuying Unded Mini-Pets + Candy Rainbow Canes!
2348TopicWTB Non-Inscribable Daggers/Bows/Hammers/Swords/Axes
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2350TopicWTB Destroyer Weapons & Opressor Weapons
2351Topicbuying a bone dragon staff
2352TopicWTB Bramble Recurve Bow
2353TopicWTB HoM Stuff: Unded minis, Weapons, ZKeys, etc
2354TopicClean Polar Bear
2355TopicBuying 2 arms or 40/40 channeling set
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2357TopicWTB 50 Obsidian shards
2358TopicWtB Gold Miniature
2359TopicFull devotion monument [50 minipets]
2360TopicEverlasting Aybssal tonic
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2362TopicWTB OS Necro Weapons
2363TopicWTB Dualvamp weapons
2364TopicWTT Unded pets
2365TopicWep Upgrades
2366TopicWTB a Few Unded Minis
2367TopicWTB - Old School skins - Dwarven Axe, many more
2368TopicWTB insc. Q8/16 GOLD Tactics Shields + Q8 15^50 oldsc. Swords
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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2370TopicWTB Forget Me Not Inscriptions (2)
2371TopicAny Unded Green Mini
2372TopicCommand Amethyst Aegis
2373TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2374TopicWTB picnic sets (Keiran Thackeray)
2375TopicLike a Rolling Stone
2376TopicWTB Unded White Miniatures!
2377TopicBuying 4 x Cloth of the Brotherhood, Unded Common Mini Pet (5k)
2378Topicwtb sweets 150/p
2379TopicBuying Sweet Points in Bulk!
2380TopicWTB green items
2381TopicWanted: Mysterious Summoning Stones
2382TopicWTB 3 white mini pets
2383TopicWTB Staff Wrap of Communing +1
2384TopicWTB Q9 Crystalline Sword Inscribable (GOLD)
2385TopicWTB Unidentifed Golds 700g/ea or 7=5k
2386TopicWTB Gift of the Travelers
2387TopicWTB ~ded. SHIRO'KEN + ZHED~
2388TopicWTB Undedicated Miniature Simian, Terrorweb Dryder, Abomination
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2391TopicReally Desperate - Destroyer Item
2392TopicWTB Wintergreen Weapons
2393TopicWTB Cheap Minatures
2394TopicWTB Brown Rabbit
2395TopicWtb everlasting unseen tonic
2396TopicWTB Zkeys
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2398TopicWTB Zkeys
2399TopicWTB Destroyer, Oppressor, Tormented UNDED weapons
2400TopicWTB Any Cheap Unded Rare Mini
2401TopicWTB 74 Obsidian Shards
2402TopicWTB Gifts of The Traveler
2403TopicWTB Inscription perfect "Forget Me Not"
2404TopicWTB Drunkard points / Wayferer Marks
2405TopicOppressor Weapons & Mini Ghostly Priest Guild Lord Zhang Dhuum Reiko
2406TopicWtb unids
2407TopicWTB party points
2408TopicWTB these unded minipets for my HoM
2409TopicWTB a few minis[ONE ONLY]
2410TopicWTB Proof of Waves
2411TopicWTB Gifts Of the Traveler
2412Topic+1/20 mesmer shields - +10 vs creature shields - prenerf staffs
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2413TopicWTB death staff
2414TopicWTB Sweets
2415TopicBuying HOM point weapons, have pets to trade
2416TopicWTB Oppressor/Tormented weapon
2417TopicWTB items for HoM (minis/weapons)
2418TopicWTB q8 Bows, q7-9 Warrior Weps, q9 15^50/+5e Daggers, q9-11 20/20 Staves etc.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2419TopicWTB Perfect Furious Dagger Tang
2420TopicWTB: unded Ghostly Hero or MKG mini
2421TopicWTB HoneyCombs and Raimbow Candy Canes
2422TopicTrophies and Destroyer focus + scepter
2423TopicOppressor & Tormented & minis
2424TopicWTB Lord Glacius' Staff
2425TopicWtb sweets
2426Topicwtb r3 survivor (hammer of kathandrax)
2427TopicAny tormented Weapon for HoM
2428TopicWTB Diessa Chalice / 1e
2429TopicWTB Q9 Inscribable Stormbow & Bow Deathbane mod
2430TopicArmbraces and zkeys
2431TopicWtb El Henchman Tonic
2432TopicWTB Any 1 cheap Rare Unded Mini
2433TopicClosed Buying Tanned Hide Squares
2434TopicWTB List: Dual Mod Shields
2435TopicWTB Echovalds & Bladed Shields! Q6/7/8 Tac Darkwing/Enameled Shields! UPDATED!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2436TopicWTT: tonics and ded minis for materials
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Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2439TopicWTB Q7 15^50 Swords
2440TopicNeed HoM weapons + few minis
2441TopicWtb spammable sweet and party
2443TopicWTB Stacks of War supplies
2444Topic+10vs Earth Echovalds (Hp mod/+1 att (19-20%) Low Req BOW (req 5 or 7) Candy rocks !
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
2445TopicWTB Unded Gwen Doll for 100E
2446TopicWTB O/S Weapons | inscr. | Miniatures
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2447TopicWTB hero armors (specified inside), 3 silver zcoins
2448TopicJadeite Shards
2449TopicEchovald shields
2450TopicWTB Req 8 Fellblades
2451TopicWTB Obby Shards
2452TopicWTB Minis - paying well
2453TopicWTB Hero Armor Remnants from Nightfall)
2454TopicWTT your sweets for my alcohol and party items
2455TopicWTB 1 Stolen Sunspear armor
2456TopicStolen Sunspear Armor, Amber chunks, etc
2457TopicWTB Any Undedicated Destroyer Weapon for 26e! Closed
2458Topicwtb gemstones
2459TopicWTB Nightfall Hero Armors ALL 3
2460TopicWTB Zaishen Keys
2461TopicWTB stolen sunspear armor
2463TopicBuying ZKeys for a reasonable price
2464TopicLooking for last mini
2465TopicWtb unded mkg
2466TopicWTB 2300 UNID Golds
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2468TopicWTB +10vs Dwarves or Charr Shields
2469TopicWTB Obsidian Shards
2470TopicWTB unded oppressor/destroyer weapon
2471TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2472TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2473TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2474TopicWTT Mini unded shiro, 2 ecto and 614 party points for unded destroyer weapon
2475TopicWTB Drunk/Sweet Points
2477TopicWtb zkeys
2478TopicWTB Green pet
2479TopicWTB Rubys & Sapphires
2480TopicWTB Sweet Points (5K)
2481TopicWTB Sweet Points
2482TopicWTB Armbraces
2483TopicWTB A bunch of minis!
2484Topicwtb unid gold
2485TopicWTB Destroyer Weapon
2486TopicBuying Oppressor's Axe, Oppressor's Spear, Oppressor's Domination Staff
2487TopicWTB 4 elite armors for HoM
2488TopicWTB unded common minis pref year 1-3
2489TopicWTB Ancient Armor Remnants/ Mysterious Armor Pieces
2490TopicAsap: Fiery scythe-----or scythe snathe
2491TopicWTB Zealous Bow String
2492TopicWTB Any Destoyer Weapon (bought ingame)
2493Topicwtb wayfarer's mark / bottle rockets
2494Topicwtb oppressor and detroyer weapons
2495Topicwtb 1 ancient armor
2496TopicWTB q12 BDS Death Magic and Xun Rao weaponry
2497Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2498TopicWTB hero armor, zkeys, obsi shards
2499TopicWTB 250 Diamonds & Zkeys.
2500TopicWTB Primeval or Mysterious Armor Pieces
2501TopicWTB Gwen Doll!
2502TopicWTB - Eternal Sword Req 11-12-13
2503TopicWTB Black Moa Chick, Destroyer, Tomented weapons for HoM
2504TopicWTB Eye of Janir or Moa Chick
2505TopicWTB: Obsidian Shards.
2506TopicBow Grip Mods: +20% versus X
2507TopicWTB Stacks of Spammable Sweets and Party Points
2508TopicWTB Titan Gemstones(Pay with Cash/Ectos/Zkeys etc)
2509TopicDestroyer Weapon
2510TopicBuying 10 unded minis!
2511TopicBuying unded minis
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2513Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2514TopicWTB Drunk points
2515TopicWTB Sweet Points!
2516TopicWTB 5 Primeval or Ancient Armour Remnants
2517Topicbuying 2nd year minis
2518TopicWTB Sweets
2519TopicWtb Envoy Axe
2520TopicWTB Envoy Axe
2521TopicWTB Unded Mini's
2522TopicWTB zkeys
2523TopicBuying Diessa Chalices 6k ea
2524TopicWTB 25 Golden Rin Relics 25e
2525Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2526TopicUndedicated Grawl
2528TopicWTB Dust 4k500, Steel 100 ea, destroyer cores, dark+demonic remains
2529TopicWTB title points
2530TopicWTB Aureate Aegis Q9
2531TopicWTB Frozen Ecto Stacks
2532TopicWTB 1st and 2nd year UnDed Minis! (list inside)
2535Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2536TopicWTB 3-attribute wands/offhands/staves (NOT triple mods) and 20/20 PREBUFF Earth Staff
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2538TopicWTB 5,000 sweet points!
2539TopicLooking to buy unded Rare/Unique Pets
2541Topicwtb: drunkard/sweet tooth title points
2542Topicbuying UNDED ONLY MINIS
2543Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2544Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2545TopicBuying 16x Rubys and Sapphires
2546TopicBuying cheap unded minipets (increased buy offer)
2547TopicWTB bulk Zkeys
2548TopicWTB Diessa Chalice
2549Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2550Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2551TopicWTB 3 Primeval Armor Remnants
2552TopicSpammable Party Points
2553TopicWTB Many Nightfall Armors
2554TopicWTB Celestial Staff Air 20/10
2555TopicWTB non-spammable tonics
2556TopicSpammable Sweets/Party/Alcohol/Obsidian Shard/Hero Armor.
2557Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2558TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger
2559TopicWTB Armbrace of Truth/Tormented weapon
2560TopicWTB undead miniatures
2561TopicWtb hero armor nightfall x 13
2562Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2563TopicWTB brawns over brains inscription or..
2564TopicWtb q7/15 inscr tactics shields
2565TopicWTB - Armbrace of truth
2566TopicWtb +1 protection 20% enchanting offhand 10k
2567TopicWTB 34 Stacks of Candy Canes!
2568TopicWtb all green items
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2569TopicWTB Various Armor Remnants
2570TopicWTB - OS Max DMG Q8 Longbow 15% w/e or w/s
2571TopicWTB 50 Diessa Chalices 1:1e
2572TopicWTB Title Points.
2573TopicWTB Wintergreen Weapons
2574Topicunded Vizu
2575TopicWTB Party Beacon + Battle Island Ice Tea + Imperial Guard LockBox
2576TopicWTB ded Dhuum
2577TopicWTB Minipet
2578TopicWTB Sweet points(1900 total)100g ea.
2579TopicWTB 11 NightFall Hero Armors
2580TopicWTB: Amber Chunks & Oppressor Wep
2581TopicWTB zkeys
2582TopicBuying 38 more unded white minis :3
2583TopicWTB rare minis-Ministerial Comm.
2584Topicwtb hom hero armor
2585TopicWTB: Ssyn's Staff|Staff of the Wanderer|The Skullflayer
2586TopicNeed minis
2587TopicWTB Destroyer/Oppressor/Tormented weapons
2588TopicWTB Eternal Weapons/Shields
2589TopicWTB some unded minipets
2590TopicUnded minis
2591TopicGol Zaishen Coins
2592TopicWTB Party Points (Spammable)
2593TopicWTB EL Henchman Tonics
2594TopicWTB War Supplies and Oppressor Weapons
2595TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2596TopicWTB Imperial Panda License and sweets
2597TopicWTB unids golds
2598TopicProject Runway: Hero Armor Edition. Help me fill my HoM with fabulous!
2599Topicwtb unids
2600Topicsmite froggy/Mursaat hornbow req8
2601TopicWTB Dagger Handle of Shelter
2602TopicDrunkard Points (9,000 Needed)
2603TopicWTB Summit Warlord Shield q7/8
2604TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2605TopicWTB: zkeys
2606TopicWTB Minipets, Weapons, Rubies/Sapphires
2607TopicWTB HoM Stuff: Weapons, Mats, Hero Armor
2608TopicWTB: Blindfold (50x Diessa chalice)
2609TopicWTB: Unded Yeti / Paying 1000e or more!
2610TopicWTB Low(ish) End Minipets
2611Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2612TopicWTB 7 common unded miniatures
2613TopicWTB Grim cesta -50hp + Dual Vamp 1 Hand
2614TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2615TopicHeroes elite armors
2616TopicWTB mini Desert Griffon in PRE
2617TopicWTB Zealous Scythes/green/gold/any max damage
2618TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2619Topic[WTB]Unded rares minis : Dhuum, Zippy, Dorian...
2620Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2621Topicwtb torm/oppress/destroy
2622TopicWTB 5500 Sweet, 8000 Party Points
2623TopicWTB 2600 Party Points (spammable)
2624TopicLooking for any Common HoM Minipets
2625TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2626TopicWTB Hero Armor Pieces
2627TopicQ8 +5e Swords (Broad,Jitte,Dusk etc)|ALL Sunqua Blades|Q7/8 Axes & Hammers!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
2628TopicWTB Unique Weapons
2629TopicTwo Crude Shields [insc]
2630TopicWTB Sweets
2631TopicWTB Sweet Tooth Points, Party Animal Points, Ale-Hound Points!
2632TopicBuying tormented and opressor weapons + green mini
2633TopicWTB Hero Gear
2634TopicWTB (Greens) The Flesheater or Woe Spreader
2635TopicWTB OS Cantha Staves 20/10
2636TopicObsi Shards
2637TopicWTB: Zkeys for Ectos 250 Zkey:250 Ectos
2638TopicWTB Kathandrax Hammers
2639TopicWTB Gloom Shield R9 Strength
2640TopicBuying some minipets (List)
2641TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2642TopicWTB q9 healing zodiac scepter// Q9 Desolation Maul
2643TopicWTB ob shards
2644TopicAny Destroyer / Oppressor Weapons
2645TopicWTB bulk Party points|drunkard points|sweet points
2646TopicWTB Q9 Smite Frog Scepter / Froggy
2647TopicWTB ancient hero armor
2649TopicWTB EL Yuletide (Elf) Tonic + Unded Mini Elf - BOUGHT
2650TopicWTB Titans
2651TopicWTB r9 Canthan Inscribable Skins & Greens
2652TopicLooking for Unded Yakkington
2653TopicWTB Gold Trimmed Guild
2654Topic*closed* WTB hero Armor
2655TopicLockpicks; Tactics and Motivation Shields
2656TopicWTB 26 Golden flames of Balthazar!
2657Topic[WTB] Unded ghostly Hero
2658TopicWTB Zkeys 6k each
2659TopicWTB Stack of Lunar Fortunes
2660TopicWTB 1000 Blue Dyes
2661TopicBuying Common unded minis
2662TopicWTB Sweet points
2663TopicWTB Q9 Water wand/staff + air wand/focus
2664TopicWTB help getting to lvl30 in hom
2665TopicWTB Miniature DED Dhuum! - BOUGHT
2666TopicWTB unded Gwen Doll
2667TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2668TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2669Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2670TopicWTB Unded Green/Unique Mini
2671TopicWTB Drunkard Points
2672TopicShenro's Buy Thread!
2673TopicWTB +10 vs Blunt -2 Enchant Shields Q9 str+ any skin
2674TopicWTB Sweet points
2676TopicWTB Wintergreen Staff - BOUGHT
2677TopicWTB Iriscendent Aegis!
2678Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2679TopicWTB Obsidian Shards
2680TopicBuying Zkeys
2681TopicWTB Sapphires/Rubies, Tormented/Destroyer/Opressor Weap,
2682Topicwtb Rien's Sacrifice/Chiossen's Wind/Kaykitt's Focus
2683TopicWTB amber aegis echo
2684Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2685TopicWTB Eye of Argon
2686TopicWTB Unid Gold
2687TopicWTB Zkeys
2688TopicWTB Unded/Ded Ghostly
2689Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2690Topicbuying wintergreen shield
2691TopicWTB Black Moa Mini
2692Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2693TopicWTB Sweets!
2694TopicWTB strongboxes , any type , trying to buy in bulk [stacks or less]
2695TopicWTB Cloth of Brotherhood or Deldrimor Armor Remnants
2696TopicWTB gold Vabbian Defender req8 com/moti or a low armor one
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2697TopicWTB Consets 750 !
2698TopicWtb el shiro tonic
2699TopicWTB El Flame Sentinel and Transmogrifier
2700TopicWTB unid golds
2701TopicBuying Some Shields and Super Vigors
2702TopicWTB War Supplies
2703TopicWTB Many Unded Minis
2704TopicWTB Luck of the Draw
2705TopicWTB Any Oppressor Weapon
2707TopicWTB Sweet and Alcohol Points
2708TopicAssorted Vs. Giants Shields
2709Topiclooking for q9 heal frog/plagueborn swords/lowreq darkwings
2710Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2711Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2712TopicWTB Consets
2713TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2714TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2715TopicBlack Moa Items
2716TopicWTB Everlasting Beetle juice tonic
2717TopicWTB sweet/party points
2718TopicWTB Celestial Sigil
2719TopicWTB 25 Golden Rin Relics
2720TopicWTB Opressor weapons
2721TopicWTB Zaishen keys
2722TopicWTB Powerstones,Consets,Rock Candies,Rez Scrolls, TENGU FLARES
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
2723TopicWTB Lord Glacius' Staff
2724TopicAnything what I could use in the hall of monuments for everything what I have
2725TopicWTB obsidian shards
2726TopicWTB Destroyer, Tormented,Oppressor's weapon.
2727TopicWTB drunk/party - 3000 pts ea
2728TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2729TopicWTB Ghastly Stones
2730TopicWTB IDS/FDS and other stuff
2731Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2732TopicWtb q9-10 silverwing recurve bow
2733TopicWTB x50 DIAMONDS
2734TopicWTB OS Jade Sword 15^50
2735TopicDestroyer and/or Tormented weapon
2736TopicWTB Sweets and Elites!
2737TopicWTB unded Prince Rurik mini
2738TopicWTB 25 Diessa Chalices // 1e each.
2739Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2740TopicWTB 2 dual vamp weapons
2741TopicWTB Z keys
2742TopicWTB Amber Aegis
2743TopicEl ghostly hero tonic
2744TopicWTB Mini's
2745TopicWTB Staff Of The Forgotten (Channeling)
2746Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2747Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2748TopicWTB: 3000 sweets points.
2749TopicWTB Rago's Flame Staff or stat replica
2750TopicDust / Iron
2751TopicWtb ded shiroken 650e
2752TopicWTB Eternal bow and earth froggy
2753TopicWTB Staff (green)
2754Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2755TopicRandom things
2756TopicWTB Kathandrax Hammer
2757Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2758TopicWTB all tengu support flares/ministerial commendations
2759TopicWTB sweets
2760TopicBuying Lots of Minis
2761TopicWTB q13 Strength Eternal Shield (insc)
2762TopicWTB Envoy Sword!
2763TopicWtb everlasting champion of balthzar tonic
2764TopicWTB zkeys
2765TopicWTB party/sweets/alcohol
2766TopicWTB Nightfall Hero Armor
2767TopicWTB Your cheapest minis
2768TopicWTB Bladed Shield
2769TopicWTB Bulk Party/Sweet
2770TopicWTB bulk zkeys
2771Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2772TopicWTB Spammable party points
2773TopicWTB Clockwork Scythe
2774TopicNecro Bo Staff
2775TopicWTB Sweet Points
2776TopicWtb: Q9 BDS Communing
2777TopicWTB Star of Transference
2778TopicWTB Silverwing q9 or q10
2779TopicWar supplie stack/comsumables
2780TopicWTB Unique Minis/ScytheMods/Tonics
2781TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2782TopicWTB tengu support flare
2783TopicWTB Nightfall hero armor remnants (x15)
2784TopicWTB Candy Corn/Apple/Cupcakes
2785Topic250 Consets, 250 Red,Blue,Green Rock
2786TopicWTB 177 Z-keys
2787TopicWTB Sweets
2788Topicwtb unded Gwen Doll
2789TopicQ12/13 Dom Froggy
2790TopicUnded Rift Warden
2791TopicWTB 9.7k Party Points + 9.5k Drunkard Points
2792TopicWTB: Any tormented weapon
2793TopicAny rare minipet
2794TopicWTB: Sweet/Party Points
2795TopicWTB Sweets 110g PP
2796Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2797TopicWTB 6000 Sweet Tooth Points
2798TopicWTB Minipet Rift Warden
2799TopicWTB 47 Diessa Chalices and hero weaps!
2800TopicWTB q7/15 tac shields [crap skin] and mods
2801TopicBUY Righ End
2802TopicWTB EL Yuletide Tonic
2803TopicWtb +30 shield mod|luck of the draw|spearg grip of enchanting
2804TopicWTB Celestial Sigil
2805TopicWTB 3 Primeval Armor Remnants or Mysterious Armor Pieces!
2806TopicLooking for OS Q9 Jade Swords + Shinobi Blade
2807TopicWTB everlasting destroyer tonic
2808TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2809TopicWtb Candy Cane Shard Stacks
2810TopicWTB List
2811Topic[WTB] Alcohol and Party Points
2812TopicWTB 7/15 command shield
2813TopicWTB Q9 Eternal Bow 15^50 Old school
2814TopicWTB Ancient Armor Remnant, Mysterious Armor Piece, Primeval Armor Remnant
2816TopicWTB unded brown rabbit
2817Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2818TopicWTB Volcanic Rock
2819TopicWTB q9 Cerulean Edge
2820TopicNAKED Weapons
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
2821TopicWTB Dryad Bow
2822Topic[WTB] Primeval Armor Remnants
2823TopicWTB 150 Zkeys
2824Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2825TopicJosh needs a ghostly hero...
2826Topicwhat im looking for
2827Topicwtb several minipets
2828Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2829TopicWTB :: Zodiac Domination Staff Q9/10/11/12 40/40
2830TopicOutcast Shield
2831TopicWTB Ded Panda
2832TopicDiego´s buy
2833TopicWTT unded celestial rat
2834TopicWTB mini's/party points
2835Topicdear mods, please close,thanks
2836TopicWTB all regular Monk tomes
2837TopicWTB tons of lockpicks (pay in ectos)
2838Topic[WTB] Spammable points for Titles
2839TopicWTB Specific Undedicated Minis.
2840TopicWTB blind/Demon shield (offering 50e+), r8 necro items
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2841TopicWTB 40 Diessa Chalices
2842Topicfor now
2843TopicWTB Dragon Staff
2844TopicWTB Thackeray Scavenger items
2845TopicWTB Q7/15 Sharktooth Shield
2846TopicWTB EL Destroyer Tonic
2847Topicwtb unded Yakkington 40e
2848TopicWTB Ministerial Commendations
2849TopicWTB Wind Rider
2850TopicWTB Armors
2852TopicWTB: Q5 or Q6 Daggers (Insc, not max)
2853TopicBuying unded Minis
2854Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2855Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2856TopicWTB Kathandrax Hammer - Survivor
2857TopicWTB Sweets! (Spammable)
2858TopicBuying Unded Mini's
2859Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2860TopicWtb naga pelts
2861TopicWTB:stack of zkeys !
2862TopicWTB Tengu Support Flares
2863TopicWTB LOTS of mini's. good prices paid
2864TopicWTB Nightfall hero armour upgrades.
2865Topic[WTB] Fast Casting paper fan
2866TopicWTB Dedicated Smite Crawler
2867TopicWTB spam sweet points 110g/p
2868TopicWTB 81 Z-Keys
2869TopicGranite Diamonds Iron
2870TopicWTB Select Green Weapons
2871TopicWTB inscr max q9 gold bows, ranger elite tomes
2872TopicKaolin Domination Staff
2873TopicSweet Points
2874TopicRare Consumables
2875TopicWTB unded mini Gwen (not the Doll)
2876TopicWTB Chaos Axe dual vamp
2877TopicWTB Stolen Sunspear Armor
2878Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2880TopicWTB: Zealous Fellblade
2881TopicWTB V Dragon Shields/Offhands / q8 FDS / Dragon Kamas / + Other Dragon Weapons
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2882TopicWTB z-keys
2883TopicDrunk and sweet points
2884TopicWTB Hero Armor
2885TopicWTB: 5 Skree Wings
2886TopicWTB: Crescent Staff (EotN Death Magic Skin)
2887TopicLooking to buy lots of zkeys
2888Topicno interest
2889TopicWTB Gavel of Nephilim
2890TopicHammers of Kath,prismatics!
2891TopicWTB Lots of Unded Minis!
2892Topicwtb alari's double blades
2893TopicDesolation Maul R9, The Icebreaker, Silverwing R11-13
2894TopicWTB: Enameled Shield
2895TopicVentari's Forum Violation
2896TopicWTB : 2505 Drunkard Points and 7499 Sweet points
2897TopicSoul Reaping Inscribable Straw Effigy
2898TopicWTB Echovald Sheilds and Req5/6/7/8 Shields!
2899TopicWTB 50 Diessa Chalices
2900TopicWTB Echovald Shield +45hp w/E -2 w/E
2901TopicWTB Shield & Axe
2902TopicWTB points
2903TopicWTB Rubies, sapphires,Zkey, party points and sweet points
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2905TopicWTB: Unded Burning Titan and Kirin Minis
2906TopicWTB 1 Gold/Rare Mini-pet for Hall of Monument
2908TopicWTB Bo Staves Q9 20/20 | Powerstones | Staff Wrappings
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2909Topicq9 Istani shield
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2910TopicWTB r6 14-24 insc Longbow
2911Topicwtb domination froggy q11-12
2912TopicWTB Obby Shards QUICK Trying to surprise a friend with obby armor
2913TopicWTB 195 zkeys
2914TopicWTB unded minis
2915TopicTormented Shield
2916TopicWTB 50 Diessa Chalices
2917Topicwtb whalekin wand
2918TopicHealing Rod (or Holy Rod)
2919TopicWTB White Minipets
2920TopicWTB Jadeite shards
2922TopicWTB gold Chaos Axe
2923TopicQ5/6 inscrivable shields
2924Topicsome tomes..
2925TopicWTB Req8 Swords
2926TopicWTB Zaishen Keys =)
2927Topicwintergreen shields
2928TopicBuying r9 Fellblade
2929TopicWTB Nightfall hero armor
2930TopicWTB Materials
2931TopicWTB Destroyer Bow or Spear
2932TopicWTB:100x Traveler Gifts
2933TopicWtb Minis 21 to be exact
2934TopicEL Ghostly Hero
2935TopicWTB unded Gwen Doll
2936TopicA List of WTB's (UPDATED)
2937Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2938TopicWTB unded mini's
2939TopicBuying Joffs' Focus
2940TopicWTB Minipets: Celestial Dragon & Brown Rabbit
2941TopicWTB Greens! Mes/Nec/Para/Rit
2942TopicWTB: Frog Scepter Q9 Healing
2943TopicWTB materials
2944TopicWTB Envoy Sword
2945TopicI Really Really Like Bows
2946TopicWTB Stone Summit Warlord Shield 7/15 tactics or 8/16
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2948TopicEverlasting Tonics
2950TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2951Topicwtb Green Wand Focus
2952TopicWTB Lockpicks 1.1k each
2953TopicWTB Ministerial Commendations
2954TopicWtb kathandrax hammer | silverwing recurve q9 | dryad bow q 9 | eternal blade q9
2955Topicgold zcoins
2956TopicWTB Blue , Green and Red Rock Candies !
2957TopicWTB Stacks of Alcohol
2958TopicWTB OS Shields +45|/-2 Ench <Skins Inside>
2959TopicOutcast-Shield || Bladed Shield
2960Topicdue to no interest
2961TopicWTB 6k drunk points, 7k party and sweet points
2962Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2963Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2964TopicWTB 250 Destroyer Cores
2965TopicWTB Tormented sword axe or shield 200k
2966TopicWTB 178 ZKeys
2967TopicWtB ded Ghostly Hero
2968TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2969TopicFound reqs in game. Close pls.
2970TopicWTB Torm Dom Scep & Focus
2971Topicwtb ded rare pets
2972TopicWTB Devotion Mods and nice shields.
2973TopicWTB z-keys for ectos
2974TopicWTB Oppressor Sword and Shield
2975TopicWTB: Unded RARE minis
2977TopicWTB q7/8 Summit Warlord Shield (tact)
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2980TopicWTB spammable sweet points
2981TopicWTB Tormented Weapon!
2982TopicZaishen title track progression
2983TopicWTB Mesmer weapons
2985TopicWTB any Tormented Weapon
2986TopicWtb party and sweet points
2987Topicwintergreen wepons
2989Topicwtb sweet,elite tome
2990TopicSweet points
2991TopicPrimals wtb list:
2992Topicwtb ded ghostly hero
2993TopicWTB Icy Scythe Snathe
2994TopicWTB cc and wand
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2996TopicKeiran Thackeray's Scavenger Hunt Items
2997TopicBladed Shields
2998TopicSpam'able Party Points
2999TopicMoldavite Staff q9 divine
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Pages: 1, 2, 3
3001TopicWTB Ministerial Commendations, Communing/Spawning Bo Staff
3002TopicWTB Mysterious Armor Piece
3003TopicWTB Silverwing Recurve Bow or Dryad Bow
3004TopicWTB Diessa Chalices
3005Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3006TopicWTB Silver Zcoins
3007TopicWtb torm weps
3008TopicHeal Froggy
3009TopicWTB lockpicks
3010TopicWTB Ded GHOSTLY Hero
3011TopicMinisterial Commendations, Imperial Guard Reinforcement Order, Tengu Support Flares
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3014TopicWTB unded kuunavang and varesh mini
3015Topicwtb some "highend" stuff
3016TopicWTB List
3017Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3018TopicWTB Q7 Tactics A15/16 Shields
3019Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3020Topicwtb Battle Isle Iced Tea,Delicious Cake,Party Beacon
3021TopicWTB Stacks of Dust and Iron
3022TopicWTB Daggers of Xuekao
3023TopicWTB Various Greens
3024TopicWTB Q9-11 Crystalline/Q9-10 Eternal Blade
3025TopicWTB q8 14^50 swords/axes/hammers
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3026TopicWTB Amber Chunks & Earth staff
3027TopicDomination Cane and Inscribed Chakram
3028TopicWTB Sweets and Party Points
3029TopicWTB Turquoise Staff
3030TopicWTB BDS Prot/Water/Air | Tormented Weapons |Crystall
3031Topic[WTB] Unded Pets
3032TopicWTB 7000 zaishen keys
3033TopicWTB Sadi's Benediction x2
3034TopicWTB Bladed Shield,Crystalline Sword,Staff
3035TopicWTB ZK ~ gold / ecto
3036TopicWTB Unded Green Minis
3037TopicWTB Eaglecrest Axe
3038TopicWTB Spam Sweet Points
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3040TopicWTT Ectos(me) for Gemsets(you)
3041TopicWTB req 3 tac insc shield AL11
3042TopicWTT 250 Ectos (me) for 160 Conset (you)
3043Topicunded minipets
3044TopicBUYING Primeval Armor Remnants
3045TopicWtb unded minis~
3046TopicWTB q9 or 10 Blood Staff
3047TopicWTB 82 Zaishen Keys
3048TopicGrails of might (a lot :P)
3049TopicWTB Candy Apples
3050TopicEnvoy Scythe Gold
3051TopicWTB - Bladed shield
3052TopicWTB Zaishen Keys
3053TopicWTB Rolls of Vellum
3054TopicDomination Plagueborn Scepter, +1 Caster Shields & More
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
3055TopicWTB Unded Panda
3056TopicWTB Sun and Moon Shield 8/16 Tactics
3057Topicq8 caster jadeaxe, q8/q7 naked weps, nerf -50HP major runes, nerfed 10%/xx% sundering
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
3058TopicWTB Tanzit Defender & Razorstone
3059TopicWTB eaglecrest axe
3060TopicWTB Zkeys
3061TopicWtb desolation maul!
3062TopicWTB 105 Obsidian Shards
3063TopicWTB Mystical Summoning stones
3064TopicWTB ID's
3065TopicWTB 25 rin relics.
3066TopicWTB Curses Cobalt Staff And Turq
3067Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3068TopicWTB green staves
3069TopicWTB Air Staff (METAL SKIN ONLY)
3070Topicwtb 2 q9str shield of wing+rare steel dags
3071TopicArmors of Salvation!
3072TopicGoldtouched Staff
3073TopicWTB Tribal Shield (tactics)
3074Topicwtb titan gemstones, el ghostly hero
3075TopicWTB Ancient Armor Remnants!
3076TopicBuying all zkeys
3077TopicClosed thanks
3078Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3079Topicwtb froggy/cc heal
3080Topicwtb darkwing defender Q7 tactics
3081TopicWTB Curses Platinum Wand
3082TopicOS wtb list
3083TopicGot everything I needed
3084TopicWTB Istani Shield R9
3085TopicWTB SWORDS q9 +5e (oldschool)
3086Topicwtb these minis
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3088TopicWtb ambrace or (Tormented Command Shield) [CLOSE]
3089Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3090TopicWTB Q6/Q7/Q8 Tactics Shield
3091TopicEverlasting Miku
3092TopicWTB Demon Slaying Axe Grips and Gold Zcoins
3093TopicWTB: Vetaura's Harbringer
3094TopicObsidian Shards
3095TopicWTB insc Req7/8 +16 armor shields
3096TopicWTB Marukais Reaver and 4x Mod Sundering for Sword!
3097TopicWTB Dust and Feather Stacks
3098TopicWTB 50 Diessa Chalices
3099TopicWTB Tanzit's Defender
3100TopicWTB Froggy Scepter Illusion magic
3102TopicR9-12 Clockwork Scythe
3103TopicWTB Old school shields (Reinforced Buckler, Crude, Wooden, Round, Summit Warlord ...)
3104TopicWTB Storm or Zodiac daggers.
3105TopicWTB Q9 Emerald Blade and Q9 Enameled Shield
3106TopicWTB - 2 titles in exchange for everything I have of value. Probably overpaying :D
3107TopicWtb el mursaat / el phantasmal tonics
3108TopicWTB Eternal Shield Inscrib
3109Topicwtb no req insc scythe
3110TopicWTB Powerstones / Skalefin soup / Mystical summo stones
3111TopicWTB ~Polar Bear~ ded.
3112TopicWTB Eternal Sword Caster
3113Topicgold zcoins
3114TopicWTB Energy Storage & Survivor Insignia (Presearing)
3115TopicWTB NF Hero armor Upgrades
3116TopicWTB Air BDS + Froggy + CC + Armbrace
3117TopicWTB Battlepick/Colossal Pick/ Dragon Kamas
3118TopicWTB minis and such
3119TopicToW's WTB List:
3120TopicWTB High Req Frog Scepter (Earth)
3121Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3122TopicWTB unded Peacekeeper Enforcer
3123TopicWTB white unded mini-pets
3124Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3125TopicWTB EL Flame Sentinal
3126TopicSmall WTB list
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
3127TopicWTB Party Points
3128TopicVoltaic Spear, AoT
3129TopicLooking for Axe Grip of Enchanting/I Have the Power inscrip
3130TopicWTB Q9 Soul Reaping Froggy + Q9 Soul Reaping CC
3131TopicWTB Zkeys
3132Topicwtb greens listed or 40/40 sets
3133TopicWTB Spammable Sweet Points
3134TopicWTB miniatures undedicated
3135TopicWTB 68 Obsidian Shards
3136TopicSimple 40/40 Earth Set Q9
3137Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3138TopicWTB Unded Seer
3139TopicWTB+10Dragon-2wE Echovald|Perf-Tact-Echos|+30/10DwarvesTactShield|Blunt/PierceWeaps
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
3140TopicWTB Embercrest Staff q9
3141TopicWtB 12/13% dmg gold weps, Req 7s, OS Gothic Def. & Magmas
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
3142TopicWTB Bo Staff
3143TopicDestroyer Core Stack
3144TopicVentari's Forum Violation
3145TopicWTB Unded Minipets
3146TopicWTB Mursaat Hammer
3147TopicWTB 1 unded minipets from list
3148TopicWTB Superb Charr Carvings
3149TopicFrog Scepter Smite
3150TopicWTB Spam Party Points
3151TopicWTB unded Minis
3152TopicFDS+5 & Storm/Sephis/Mursaat15^50 OS
3153TopicWTB HOM Weapons
3154TopicWTB ded Ghostly Priest
3155TopicSingle Mod Echovalds!
3156TopicWTB platinum wand domination (inscribable)
3157TopicWTB Tengu flares-I will match any price
3158TopicWTB Non-Inscription Dwarven Axes 20/20 Staves(read about staves before posting)
3159Topicdiessa chalice's and divine bds
3160TopicWTB DED Mini Gwen Doll
3161TopicStaff Mods
3162Topicwtb shortsword/gladius
3163TopicWTB Various Golds & Misc
3164Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3165Topicwtb Glacial Stones
3166TopicWTB: Obsidian Shards
3167TopicWTB Material Stacks (Dust, Bones, Feathers, Iron)
3168TopicUndedicated minipets
3169TopicWTB Q9 Command Draconic Aegis
3170TopicWTB Party Tonics :) Frosty or Phantasmal
3172TopicWTB Hero Armor
3173TopicWtb HoM Items/ Minis
3174TopicMy WTB list! currently: runes & insignias
3175Topicwtb 3 white pets
3176TopicBo/Dragon/Plat Staff
3177Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3178TopicWTB Unded Greased Lightning / Zippy
3179TopicWTB q7 dual reduction shields (-2/-2) | q8 10/10 staves | Denravi Sword
3180TopicWTB some gold staffs
3181Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3182TopicWtb unded minis
3183TopicWTB Xun Rao's Quill
3184TopicWTB Pronged Fan Soul Reaping
3185Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3186TopicWTB EL Margonite Tonic
3187TopicBDS / Diessa Chalices
3188TopicWTB a golden Crystal Flame Staff
3189TopicCloth of Brotherhood
3190TopicWTB Hero strongboxes,unded greased lightning, Frozen Ectos, [mixed] dyes
3191Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3192TopicWTB Morolah's Staff & The Skullflayer PM ME
3193TopicWTB: Services of a head-hunter, basically...
3194TopicWTB q(any) Dom Celestial Compass
3195TopicWTB Desolation Maul q9
3196TopicWTB Q7 Weaps max/non max inherents
3197TopicEwon's WTB List
3198Topic-50hp offhands
3199TopicWTB Ghostly Hero Tonic
3200TopicWtb q13 eternal blade
3201TopicWTB Stygian Defender (Unique Shield)
3202TopicLF EL Trapdoor Tonic + Gordac's Needle
3203TopicWTB daggers req 5/6 6-13/7-14
3205Topic[WTB] Crystalline Sword Q13 gold Inscri
3206TopicWTB Echovald -2wE +30hp/+45wE
3207TopicWtb Hero arm upgrades
3208TopicWTB Unded Dhuum
3209Topicq13 domination froggy
3211Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3212TopicWTB sadi's benedictions 10k each
3213TopicWTB one Tormented Weapon
3214TopicWTT / WTB Minis
3215TopicWTB Shadow Blade any req inscribable
3216TopicEternal Blades, Frog Scepters, Armbraces, CC's, and more!
3217TopicWTB EL Miku Tonic
3218TopicWTB Q9/10 Protective Icon
3219TopicDed Zhed or Shiroken
3220Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3221TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3222TopicWTB Armbrace of Truth
3223TopicZkeys (need 6800)
3224TopicDaggers and HEP
3225TopicWTB Q9 Crystalline Sword
3226TopicBuying ~ Unded Minis
3227Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3228TopicGearing my Ritu
3229Topicwtb High End Minis
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
3230Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3231TopicWTB q8 Eternal Bows, Other q8 Bows, q9 15^50 OS bows, q8-13 Spathas, OS Shields etc.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
3232Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3233TopicWTB q9-12 Froggy and CC
3234TopicWtb unid golds
3235TopicWTB below r7 OS golds & vs dwarf summit warlord
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
3236TopicWTB Cheap unded Minis
3237TopicWTB Bog Skale Fins and Skree Wings
3239TopicWTB Shards! 2 Shards (you) vs 1e (me)
3240TopicWTB 1 Armbrace of Truth.
3241TopicWTB Tormented or Destroyer FIRE staff
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3243TopicWTB Ded rift warden
3244TopicWTB: Spammable Sweets
3245TopicWTB>Eternal Sworld Q12/13 - Heal BDS q12/13
3246TopicWTB Bulk Zkeys
3247TopicWTB Froggy Domination Magic - prefer q10
3248TopicBuying Mesmer + random stuff
3249TopicWTB Oppressor and destroyer Weapons
3250TopicWTB All Gemsets/Coffers
3251TopicWTB Stone Summit Shield Q8 Tactics
3252TopicWTB Weapon / off hand Mods
3253TopicWtB Unded Reiko, Unded Xun Roa
3254TopicFez's HoM WTB thread
3255TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3256TopicWTB Scythe Mods, Guided By Fate Inscrips
3257TopicWTB tons of minis
3258TopicWtb envoy axe
3259TopicWTB> 3 Tormented Weapons
3260TopicWTB Weapons/Zcoins
3261TopicWTB Wenslauss Faith (CLOSED)
3262TopicWTB Armbrace of Truth
3263Topicto close
3264TopicWTB Q9 Energy Storage Chrysocola, Celestial or Zodiac Staff
3265Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3266TopicQ12/13 Air Bone Dragon Staff (BDS)
3267Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3268Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3269TopicWTB HoD Sword
3270TopicWTB Scythe Mods
3271TopicWTB Spear and Command Shield
3272TopicWTB Oppressor Weapons
3273TopicWTB Frog Scepters/Celestial Compasses/Shields/Misc
3274TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3275TopicWTB any undedicated green miniature
3276TopicWTB Ded Ghostly Hero | Shiroken
3277TopicDestroyer Weapon
3278TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3279TopicWTB various weapons and more
3280TopicWTB Dragon breathe wand.
3281TopicWtb envoy axe + ded zippy
3283TopicWTB 1 of Each HoM Weapons
3284TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3285TopicWTB Minis
3286TopicWTB Zodiac scepter Healing, CC healing, BDS
3287TopicGold zcoins
3288TopicWTB fan of purity (purple, dom) or ministerial commendations
3289TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3290TopicWTB Drago's Vampiric Flatbow
3291TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3292TopicWTB Envoy Scythe
3293TopicWTB Req 9 Gold Items
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3294TopicWTB Miku Tonic
3295Topicclose pls
3296TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3297TopicNewbreedofGaming |BUY|
3298Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3299TopicWTB stuff :P
3300Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3301TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3302TopicWtb hero armors
3303TopicWTB Large List of Unded Mini's
3304TopicGhastly summoning stones
3305TopicWTB Envoy Axe
3306TopicClose this thread
3307TopicWTB Unded High Priest Zhang
3308TopicUnded Ghostly Hero
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3309TopicWTB Q6 AL 14 TACT sheilds
3310Topicwtb q9 suntouched spear
3311TopicWTB Hammer of Kathandrax x 200
3312TopicWTB Collosal Picks + q9 Dryad!
3313Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3314TopicWTB UNDED Eye of Janthir
3315TopicWTB Mysterious Armor Pieces
3316TopicWTB Stack of Bunnies
3317Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3318TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3319TopicWTB Undedicated King Adelbern mini
3320TopicWTB ~unded. Vizu + ded. Panda~
3322TopicWar Supplies
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3323TopicWTB Unded Minis
3324TopicWTB these miniatures
3325Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3326TopicWTB Gold Mini
3327TopicWTB Dark Envoy Staff
3328Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3329Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3330TopicClose pleaseeee
3331TopicWTB Unded Xun Rao
3332TopicBuy these q9 Hammers (Closed)
3333Topicbuying cheapest green mini
3334TopicWTB high rq Inscr Crystalline
3335TopicDeath and Channeling BDS
3336TopicWTB Common Unded Minis!
3337TopicDual Red Shields :D
3338TopicSpammable Party Points
3339TopicWtb voltaic spear q13
3341TopicWTB Frog Scepter Q13 Death PM ME
3342TopicWTB Q13 E Storage BDS
3343TopicWTB all tengu support flares and shining blade war horns
3344TopicWTB Any Oppressor Weapon
3345TopicEmerald Blade
3346TopicWTB 2 destroyer/oppressor weapons
3347TopicWTB Stone Summit Shield or Summit Warlord Shield 7/15 tactics.
3348TopicWTB Cupcake stacks
3349TopicWTB Blood Destroyer staff
3350TopicWTB Mini Dhuum DEDICATED
3351TopicWTB minipets
3352TopicWTB q8/9 Command Aureate Aegis'
3353TopicWTB Frosty Tonics
3354TopicWTB Mods
3355Topic40/40-20/20-hight Mana-Caster SETS
3356TopicWTB demon shield 41-45hp^enchant
3357Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3358TopicWTB compass q9 earth
3359TopicWTB: Mini Eye of Janthir
3360TopicLooking for: Celestial Compass q12+ Channeling.
3361TopicWTB Q8 Strength Shield Inscribable
3362TopicWTB Armor Remnants!
3363TopicLooking for a q9 obsidian edge
3364TopicWTB: Oldschool Round Shields & Wooden Bucklers
3365TopicWTB 4 Stolen Sunspear Armor
3366TopicWTB Service/ please read!
3367Topicded Oni
3368TopicWTB hero armor..
3369TopicCanthan q9 DF 20/10 Monk Staves and Non-Elite Tomes!
3370TopicWTB unded asura
3371TopicWTB Wingstorm
3372TopicWTB Sun and Moon Shield 7/15 8/16
3373TopicWTB Vampiric Scythe Mod
3374TopicWTB Kath Hammers
3375TopicWTB Unded Minis 1st and 2nd
3376Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3377TopicLuny's Rolling Shopping List (mouseover for summary!) Last addition Mar. 12, 2012
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
3378TopicBuying cheap undedicated minis
3379TopicWTB 4 Armbrace
3380TopicWTB Party Spam Stacks 3e/each
3381TopicWTB 133 Kath Hammers
3382Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3383TopicWTB Silver Zcoins, Colossal Pick, Jitte
3384TopicWTB unded Abyssal & Burning Titan
3385TopicHero Armor
3386Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3387TopicQ7/A16 shields
3388TopicWTB unded Rurik, Shiro, Koss
3389TopicWTB 3x droknars keys
3390TopicWTB (any) oppressor weapons (2) s/b 100K!
3391TopicWTB Unids
3392TopicBuying Feathers and Glittering Dust
3393TopicElementalist Wands and Focus Items
3394Topiclooking for VS
3395TopicBuying Caster Items
3396TopicNecro Items
3397TopicEvent drops*ROCK CANDY*+5 Energy Bows *Dual Vamp bows*R8 14^50*ETC*
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
3398TopicWTB any destroyer weapon
3399TopicWTB opressor weapons
3400TopicWTB 1000 Zaishen Keys
3401TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3402TopicWTB: War Supplies
3403TopicWTB 50 Diessa Calcies! (Blindfool)
3404TopicWTB unded Ghostly Hero
3405TopicOppressor + Tormented Weapons
3406TopicWTB q9 Tactics Insc Zodiac Shields
3407Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3409TopicWTB Cheap Destroyer, oppressor and tormented weapons
3410TopicWTB Unded White Mini's
3411TopicCLOSE Please
3412TopicMassive buy list! Minis, hero armor, etc! Take a look
3413TopicWTB some EL Tonics
3414TopicWTB DoA green Shadow Staffs
3416Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3417TopicWTB Survivor Title
3418TopicWTB Unded mini's
3419TopicRice's High End WTB List
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3420Topicwtb zkeys
3421TopicWTB EL Slightly Mad King Tonic, ToT, PartyBeacon...
3422TopicWTB some daggers
3423TopicWTB Undedicated Dhuum Minipet!
3424TopicWTB: Alari's Double Blades
3425TopicWTB Nightfall Hero Armor-15k ea
3426TopicReq8-Naked-Dual Vamp Gothic Swords
3427TopicWTB Nightfall Hero Armor
3428TopicWTB Oppressor Weapons
3429TopicWTB Cheapest Unded Green Mini (for HOM) & Frosty Tonic
3430TopicReq 8 Bows
3431TopicWTB Brown Rabbit for 70k (already bought ingame)
3432TopicWTB :: Q12 Smite Frog Scepter
3433Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3434TopicSeeking DOA Regular
3435TopicWTB Undedicated Miniature (New Player)
3436TopicClose it up
3437TopicWTB Alchohol (Have some trades)
3438Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3439TopicVentari's Forum Violation
3441TopicEarly bump please close
3442TopicBuying Hero Armor Pieces
3443TopicWtb spamable sweets/drunk
3444TopicWtb Tormented Item
3445Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3446TopicWTB Unded Dhuum mini
3447TopicWTB z keys!
3448Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3449TopicWTB Unded 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Year Mini
3450TopicWeapons and mods
3451TopicWTB party, sweet and drunkard
3452TopicArmbrace of truth
3453TopicTengu support flares, Nightfall pcons.
3454TopicWTB War Supplies Stacks, Oppressor Weapons
3455TopicVentari's Forum Violation
3456TopicWTB Obsidian Shards!
3457TopicWTB Q9/10 Divine Cobalt Staff
3458TopicWTB War Supplies
3459TopicWTB Silverwing bow q9/10 and other stuff
3460TopicDemon Shields
3461TopicWTB War Supplies, Rock Candy, Diessa Chalices, Res Scrolls, Consets
3462TopicClosed by poster
3463TopicWTB lockpicks
3464Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3465TopicBuying undedicated Green Mini
3466TopicWTB spammable alcohol and sweets
3467TopicWTB EL Pyre
3468TopicWTB Unded White Minis, Cloth of Brotherhood & Cheap Tormented Weapon
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3470TopicHom Items --Minis--Weapons--
3471TopicWTB Special sweet, Z-keys
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3473TopicWTB minipets
3474TopicWTB Zaishen Keys
3475TopicWTB vs. Ogres stuff
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3476TopicWayward Wand, Celestial Compass
3477TopicWTB r8 Str Shield inscribable
3478TopicWTB Dual Modded +10v Critter Shields
3479TopicWTB alcohol
3480TopicWTB Zaishen Keys
3481TopicWTB Sweet Points
3482TopicWTB War supplies
3483TopicWTB Unded Black Moa Chick
3484TopicWTB Spear Grip of Enchanting / Fortitude + "Forget Me Not"
3485TopicWTB Mini's from all years
3486TopicWTB Ranger Wantlist:Pretty much all martial weapons needed!
3487TopicWTB Unded. Isaiah And High Priest Zhang
3488TopicWTB Droknar's Commining or Spawning Staff or Key
3489TopicWTB Ded Polar Bear
3490TopicWTB Unded Minis
3491TopicWTB Undedicated Minipets
3492TopicWTB: Unded Miniatures (white/common)
3493TopicWTB Mesmer Staves and specific uninscript shields
3494TopicWTB Panda License
3495TopicWTB Wep Inscription/Components
3496Topicuninsc wands and offhands
3497TopicWintergreen weapon
3498TopicBuying War Supplies or Oppressor's weapons
3499TopicWTB: Silver Z-Coins, Gladiator Strongboxes
3500Topicclosed bought
3501Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3502TopicWTB white unded 2,3,4 year mini pets
3503TopicWTB OS celestial sword
3504TopicWTB many HoM items
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3506TopicWTB Celestial Staves & Scepters (again^^)
3507TopicWTB unded Smite Crawler
3508TopicWTB 2 primeval armor remnants
3509TopicWTB oppressor weps
3510TopicKara's Meaty Shopping List
3511TopicWTB List
3512TopicWTB Perfect Staff Wrapping of Death Magic
3513TopicWTB 80 Jadeite Shards
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3515Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3516TopicWTB Demons Shields +4_(ench)
3517TopicWTB Some Gear
3518TopicWTB Sweets
3519TopicWTB Unded Minis & Hero Armors
3520TopicWtb miella's focus
3521Topicclose please!
3522TopicWTB unded unique miniature
3523TopicWTB Rajazan's Fervor green sword.
3524TopicWTB Destroyer/Oppressor Weapons and Component Materials
3525TopicWTB Unded Miniatures (list inside)
3526Topicwtb Zkeys
3527TopicBooze, Sweet, Zkeys
3528TopicWTB Undedicated Minipets
3529TopicWTB Thackerray's Scavenger Hunt
3530Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3531TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero/Champion of Balthazar
3532TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero Tonic
3533TopicWTB Furious Scythe and Zealous Sword of Enchanting
3534TopicFire Bone Dragon Staff (bds)
3536TopicBlack Moa- Varesh- Rurik- Shiro
3537TopicWTB: R9 Prot BDS
3538TopicWtb zkeys
3539TopicWTB Stolen/Ancient/Mysterious/Primeval Armor Pieces
3540TopicWTB Unded Black Moa/Bone Dragon
3541TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3542TopicWTB 187 Zaishen Keys / Zkeys
3543Topicbds q earth// zippy ded or unded
3544Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3545TopicOS-XX^50-Q9: Feathered Flatbow & Sephis Axe
3546TopicOS Fellblades Req 8
3547Topic-2-2 Shields and other
3548Topicwtb zodiac hammer q 8
3549TopicWTB 1000 Z Keys 750 ecto
3550TopicBuying lockpicks fast
3551Topiceternal shield command q9
3552TopicWTB - 7000 Drunk Points
3553TopicDomination CC
3554TopicWTB obsidian shards
3555TopicWTB 15^50 Colossal Pick
3556TopicWTB Dedicated Kuunavangs
3557TopicWTB Zaishen Keys, Rubys and Saphires
3558TopicWTB Stolen Sunspear Armor 7k ea
3559TopicWTB Armbrace of Truth
3560TopicDED Gwen Doll
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3562TopicWTB Assorted Minis
3563TopicWTB - Any Hall of Monuments weapon.
3564TopicWTB Icy Blade Axe + Runic Axe
3565TopicEcho Shield
3566TopicWTB OS Shields +9 vs <Creature/DMG Type> -2(wE)|Gaki Summoning Stones
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
3567TopicBow strings
3568TopicWTB Armbrace/Torm Shield 23e
3569Topicunded Black Moa Chick
3570TopicOutcast Shield Vs Demons
3571TopicNeed Illusion Wands Celestial,froggy, or jellyfish wand
3573TopicWTB Materials, Destroyer/Oppressor Weapons
3574TopicWTB ANY Q7 Daggers (15^50) - [max damage 7-17]
3575TopicWTB Q7 Flamberge + Unded Minis
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3577TopicWTB unded bone dragon
3578Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3579TopicTakamori's WTB LIST:q8/9 purple insc/os Shields
3580TopicSundering Zodiac Longbow of Warding
3581TopicWTB Unded High Priest Zhang
3582TopicWTB Spirit of the Forgotten
3583TopicBuying Oppressor and Destroyer Weps.
3584Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3585TopicWTB Q9-Q13 Froggy (prot)
3586TopicWTB +HP/+10vs shields and Bo/Dragon Staves
3587TopicWTB - Undedicated Miniatures (Abomination, Desert Griffon, Krait Neoss, Mursaat)
3588TopicWTB Destroyer Axe & Hammer / Oppressor Sword, Axe & Hammer
3589TopicWTB Zkeys, PM!
3590TopicEbon Vanguard Allies
3591TopicWTB Q11/12/13 Eternal blade
3592TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3593TopicWTB 20/20 Q9 Domination Celestial Compass
3594TopicWTB Opressor/Destroyer Weapons!
3595TopicWTB War Supplies for Oppressor point
3596TopicWTB Eternal Blade q9 [FOUND IG]
3597Topicbuying winter gifts
3598TopicLooking for drunk points
3599TopicWTB unded white minis, destroyer weps, armor remnants
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Pages: 1, 2, 3
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3603TopicWTB Drunk Points
3604TopicWTB Unded Mini Bone Dragon or Gwen
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3606TopicWTB Honeycombs/Votive Candles
3607Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3608TopicWTB- q9/q8 Blessed Chalice / Eternal Flame wand
3609TopicBuying Green UnDed Mini
3610TopicWTB Flame Sentinel Tonic
3611TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3612TopicWTB warhorn
3613TopicWTB Dagger Mod: +20% Damage Under 50% Health
3614TopicInscription/Mods for Staff/Wands/Focus
3615Topicmini/weapons for hom
3616TopicWTB: Destroyer/Tormented/Oppressor Weapons
3617TopicSome BDS
3618TopicBuying ale!
3619TopicWTT Zhed + 15a for Shiroken
3620TopicWTB vizu / oni blade / ghostly
3621TopicWTB Merkis Gaze / -2^Ench OS
3622TopicWTB Mini Peacekeeper Enforcer
3623TopicWTB Destroyer Flatbow
3624TopicWTB Green Envoy Axe
3625TopicWTB Desolation Maul & the Icebreaker
3626TopicWTB Oppressor Weapons/War Supplies please!
3628TopicWTB Nothing for now.
3629TopicWTB Wintergreen Spear
3630TopicWTB Fast Casting Paper fan
3631Topicwtb q9 earth froggy and q9 earth cc
3632Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3633TopicBladed Shield / Echovlad Shield
3634Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3635Topiccloth of the brotherhood
3636TopicWTB any Destroyer Weapon
3637TopicWTB amber chuncks and vial of dye
3638Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3639TopicBuying Consets, Res Scrolls, Summoning Stones, P-Cons + Others
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3640TopicWTB Sweets and Party Points !
3641TopicWTB several miniatures
3642TopicWTB Diamonds and Onyx Gemstones
3643TopicWTB 3910 drunkard points for about 628k!
3644TopicWTB Undedicated green birthday minis
3645TopicWTB Destroyer Cores
3646Topic4,4K alco pts, 8,7K sweet pts, 9,7K party pts
3647TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3648TopicTormented Domination Focus ||| 20% "Forget Me Not" Inscription - closed
3649TopicTormented weapon for HoM
3650Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3651TopicSweet tooth points
3652TopicWTB unded year 1 gold mini
3653TopicWTB 1500 alco points 100g each
3654TopicWTB Eaglecrest Axe
3655Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3656Topicbuying zkeys
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
3657TopicWTB ~ Z-keys ~
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3659TopicWTB Insc Stone Summit Shield
3660TopicWTB! War Supplies/ Goldeneggs / Bunnys
3661TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3662TopicWTB vs Undead shields
3663TopicWTB Alcohol 120g per point
3664TopicBuying hero armour set reward items.
3665TopicTonic Stacks x 20
3666TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3667Topicw t b non-inscriptable +10ud / -2e & +10pierce/-2e
3668TopicWtb stack of zkeys
3669TopicXun rao's command
3670TopicWTB EL Margonite
3671TopicWTB Golden Eggs and Choco Bunnies
3672TopicWTB tormented and oppressor weapons; hero armors
3673Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3674TopicWTB Unid golds
3675TopicWTB Necro Stuff
3677TopicWTB Gold inscr Nightmare and/or Grim Scythes
3678TopicWTB 3 of the following minis!
3679Topicbuy spam sweet points,
3680TopicGreen Envoy Axe
3681TopicWTB Dwayna's Grace
3682Topicwtb unded common miniatures
3683Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3684TopicWTB HoM Weapon Mats
3685Topicwtb smite cc any req
3686TopicWTB gold q9 crystalline
3687TopicWTB Party Animal Title (whole)
3688TopicWTB Zealous Sword
3689TopicWTB gold cape invite
3690TopicWTB Materials | Iron - Dust - Feathers - Bones
3691TopicGreater Summit Axe (Any req)
3692Topicq8 strength insc shield
3693TopicBuying sweets
3694TopicWTB Battlepicks/Piercing Axes
3695TopicWTB req 10-11 Curses BDS
3696TopicWTB Alcohol-sweet-party point (spam)
3697TopicWTB (REG) Charr carvings, Orr Emblems, Juvie Termite Legs, Singed Skulls
3698TopicWTB tactics demon shield
3699TopicWTB Q8/16 Gold Tactics Oaken + Militia
3701Topicwtb zkeys
3702TopicWTB Ancient Armor Remnant (15x)
3703TopicWtb Stack of Red Rock Candy / Curses CC/Froggy
3704TopicOni Daggers
3705TopicWTB vetaura harbinger
3706TopicWTB Z Keys
3707TopicWTB Green Envoy Scythe (Vetauras Harbinger)
3708TopicWTB Sweet Tooth Points
3709TopicWTB dual modded demon shields (+10 -2 ench, +10 +45)
3710TopicWTB Rubies and Sapphires
3711TopicWTB envoy sword
3713TopicBuying Mats, Title Points, & More
3714TopicVentari's Forum Violation
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
3715TopicWTB Skree Wings, Bog Skale Fins, Herring
3716Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3717TopicWTB: Volcanic Rock
3718TopicWTB 1 Green mini as cheap as possible! (Last mini needed for HoM!
3719TopicWTB Celestial Summoning Stones
3720TopicWtb pre items/gold
3721TopicStormborn Artifact
3722TopicWTB q13 15^50 Swords+shields
3723TopicWTB Inscribable Fast Casting Wayward Wand
3724TopicWTB: Dagger Handle of Shelter
3725TopicGold Deldrimor Longbow (Non-Unique)
3726TopicWTB 20 Minipets
3727TopicBuying Tormented weapon
3728TopicWTB "Measure for Measure" inscriptions 300g/ea
3729TopicSpear mods
3730TopicGolden Rin Relics
3731TopicWTB Cyndr's Aegis , 30hp spear Mod
3732Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3733TopicWTB Spammable Sweets - Need 6k
3734Topicbought closed
3735TopicWTB command REQ9Vabbian defender
3736TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
3737Topicclosed due to ventari forum violation
3738TopicWTB echoval shield +10 vs demons
3739Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3740TopicZodiac Shields!
3741TopicWTB Wintersday Gifts
3742Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3743Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3744TopicWTB Unded Bone Dragon/Gwen
3745TopicWTB Bladed Shield Str(any q) dual stance
3746TopicWTB Icy scythe or icy scythe mod
3747TopicWTB Oppressor Weapon
3748TopicNeed some minis
3749Topicwtb eaglecrest axe q9
3750TopicWTB Q9 Max Soul Reaping Cobalt Staff
3751TopicBohdalz Fury or Alems Remedy
3752TopicWTB q7 shield 15/16 armor
3753TopicWTB Staff Wrapping of Mastery (of Deathmagic) 10% only! (paying 10 ectos !)
3754TopicDiessa Chalices 1e each
3755TopicWtb all rare materials
3756Topicministerial commendations
3757TopicWTB one unded RARE pet for 30k
3758TopicWTB Various Low End Weapons
3759TopicWTB Cheap year1&2 unded minipets
3760TopicWTB a few things
3761TopicMods and Weapons
3762TopicZaishen Keys.
3763TopicWtb draconic aegis str
3764TopicWTB Shadow Staves
3765TopicWTB Greens
3766Topicq9 divine favor cele compass
3767Topicq9 Rit staff: +15e/hsr20/5^50/+30
3768Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3769TopicWTB! Unded Rurik or Shiro!
3770TopicWTB Spammable Sweets & Mini DEDICATED Grawl
3771TopicBuying Mini's
3772TopicWTB Some Shields
3773TopicDual vamp one handed wep
3775TopicWTB: stack of spam party points
3776TopicWTB Mats Destroyer/Oppressor Weapons
3777TopicWTB oppressor daggers
3778TopicWTB HoM Stuff
3779Topicclosed:WTB a few unded minis
3780Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3781TopicGolden Rin Relics
3783TopicI buy all the steel
3784TopicWTB Weapon Upgrades
3785TopicWTB various HOM items (pets, weapons, armor, zkeys)
3787TopicWTB Wintergreen Spear
3788TopicWTB Unded Minipets
3789TopicWTB Sup Vigor and Zealous Scythe Mod
3790Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3791TopicWTB +10 vs , +30/+29/+28/+27/+26 Echovald Shields
3792TopicEl Destroyer Tonic 140e or b/o
3793TopicWTB EL destroyer tonic
3794TopicBuying war supplies
3795TopicWTB Stolen Sunspear Armor
3796TopicWTB - Uded Minis
3797TopicWTB: Divine or Healing Tormented Staff!
3798TopicWTB 8 Unded Minis
3799TopicWTB Wintergreen Candy Canes
3800TopicWTB inherent 20/20 Healing Ankh, also 10/10
3801TopicPlease Close, Found one.
3802TopicWTB OS Fellblades, Summit Warlord
3803TopicWTB undeds minipets
3804TopicWTB Spam Sweets!
3805TopicWTB some weapon mods
3806Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3807TopicWTB Earth Deldrimor Focus
3808TopicWTB EL Margonite
3809Topicwtb amber staff// devotion for shield // zealous for spear
3810TopicWTB Amber & Golden Rin Relics
3811Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3812TopicWTB Unded Dhuuum, Gwen Doll, Zippy
3813Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3814TopicWTB Dryad Bow
3815TopicClose this thread
3816TopicWTB Inscribable "Gothic Sword"
3817TopicWTB q9 Gold Inscr. Crystalline
3818TopicWTB Oppressor Weapons
3819TopicWTB All Unidentified Gold's
3820Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3821TopicWTB 1000 Silver Zaishen Coins
3822TopicWTB Unded minis
3824TopicOppressor and Destroyer weapons
3825Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3826TopicStacks of Dust
3827TopicWTB High Req Bone Dragon Staff (Earth or E-Storage)
3828TopicWTB Minipets
3829TopicWTB 1 Birthday Cake and 1 hard Apple Cider
3830TopicWTB War Supplies
3831TopicWTB Non-spammable tonics
3832TopicVentari's Forum Violation
3833TopicSweet POints
3834TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero Tonic
3835TopicBuying Moss spider Egg
3836TopicWTB Dust
3837TopicDestroyer cores
3838Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3839TopicWTB Fan type offhands(paper and pronged, for necro)
3840Topic(CLOSED) Undediqued Mini pets
3841TopicWTB (or trade) undedicated minipets!
3842TopicWTB Moldavite Staff Q9 Divine Favor And
3843TopicWTB unded mini Evennia
3844TopicWTB Stack of Mysterious Summoning Stones\Clovers
3845TopicWTB Q9 Gold Communing/Spawning Focus
3846TopicWTB ZKeys
3847TopicWTB 40/40 earth set gold or green
3848Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3849TopicWTB Undedicated Miniatures; Year 2 & 3
3850TopicWTB : Destroyer Axe
3851Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3852TopicWTB HoM Stuff. Tom/Opp Weps/Runs
3853TopicWTB Stack Frozen Ectos (yes, the worthless kind)
3854TopicToT bags and Wintersday Gifts stacks
3855TopicNighfall Hero Armor
3856TopicWTB Stack of Summon Stones
3857TopicSaurian Scythe
3858TopicWTB Shocking Dagger Tang
3859TopicWTB Diamonds and Oppressor Weapons
3860TopicWTB domination frog scepter
3861TopicWTB Q9 Summit Warlord Shield
3862TopicWTB Healing Rod
3863TopicWTB Bones / Summoning Stones
3864TopicBuying all your feathers!
3865TopicWTB: Piranha Hammer (Q9 inscribable)
3866Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3868TopicWTB unded white minis
3869TopicWTB Unded Bone Dragon, Gwen, Black Moa
3870Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3871TopicWTB 200 Destroyer Cores :3
3872Topicwtb unid goldis
3873TopicWTB | Tormented Longbow
3874TopicDedicated Mini Pets
3876TopicDed Yeti
3877Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3878TopicWTB Mini Destroyer of Flesh
3879Topicq6 Daggers
3880TopicBuying unded white minis
3881TopicWTB Q6 insc. Dagger
3882TopicWTB WinterGreen Shield
3883TopicClose please
3884TopicWTB Dedicated Oni
3885TopicClose please
3887Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3888TopicWTB Alcohol
3889TopicBought in game please close
3890TopicWTB a bunch of greens
3891TopicZaishen Keys
3892TopicMats,lockpicks and other stuff
3893TopicWTB "Like a Rolling Stone" inscription
3894TopicWTB Unded Green Minis
3895TopicWTB: Various Mods
3896Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3897TopicWTB 3578 Sweet Points
3898TopicWTB Lord Onrah's Sword
3899TopicWTB Alco Points
3900TopicWTB Mallyx's Savagery, -50hp Grim Cesta 5k each
3901TopicWTB Various Green Weapons
3902Topicwtb gold zcoins
3903TopicWTB mini Eye of Janthir
3905TopicWTB: 4th & 5th year unded mini's
3906TopicBuying HOM items
3907TopicWTB unded or ded MKG
3908TopicWTB Tormented Spear
3909TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger
3910Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3911TopicWTB Unded Bone Dragon
3912TopicDestroyer and Oppressor weapons
3913TopicWTB Sweets 100g/point !
3914TopicWTB q9-12 Tactics Inscr Zodiac Shield
3916Topicwtb strenght shield +10 vs undead and +30/ -5/20%
3917Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3918TopicVentari's Forum Violation
3920TopicWTB Q13 Flame Artifact with vs Trolls mod
3921TopicInscribable Summit Warlord Shield
3922TopicWTB Unded White Minis
3923Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3924TopicWTB 3x Stolen Sunspear Armor
3925TopicWTB Q9 Clockwork Scythe
3926Topic2 x Heavy Equipment Packs 25e each
3927TopicWTB Envoy Scythe!
3928TopicWTB Spam Sweet Points
3929TopicWTB 100 Stacks of Drunk,Party,Sweet points !
3932TopicVentari's Forum Violation
3933TopicMy WTB List
3934TopicWTB 1 Ancient armor remnant (No longer needed)
3935TopicWTB Dedicated Mini Dhuum
3936TopicWTB Alcohol Drunkard points
3937TopicReq 5/6/7/or 8 Enameled/Darkwing Defender! & Earth BO Staff [Take A Look! :)] ★
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
3938TopicExpand My Eternal Collection!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3939TopicScepters, Staves, Focuses
3940TopicWTB Hero Armor
3941TopicWTB Kepkhet's Refuge totem axe, green spear/shield/ele gear and +5energy inscr
3942TopicWtb minis
3943TopicWTB War Supplies + Suntouched Spear
3944TopicWTB Primeval Armor Remnants x7 @8k each (or how many u have)
3945TopicWTB Oppressor Weapons
3946TopicWTB 3000 Drunk Points
3947TopicLooking for a DED/Unded Panda
3948TopicWTB Eternal bow q9/10 15^50/insc
3949TopicWTB Echovald Shield +10 piercing/+30 or 45 w/e
3950TopicWTB Various Y1&2 Minis
3951TopicWTB 80 armbraces
3952TopicBuying Oppressor's Spear
3953TopicWTB Oppressor / destroyer items
3954Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3955TopicWTB Demon Shields!
3956TopicWTB Zaishen Keys
3957TopicWTB Drunk points
3958TopicWTB Oppressor Weapons/War Supplies
3959TopicDestroyer staff
3960TopicWTB unique deldrimor axe
3961TopicNeed some more mini's
3962Topicwtb bow 20% vs orges
3963TopicWTB Low Req Weapons
3964TopicWTB Nightfall Hero Armor pieces (6)
3965Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3966TopicWTB Equine Aegis r9 tact insc
3967TopicWTB 40/40 Curses set
3968TopicWTB Wands 7-11 Dmg No Req.
3969TopicDhuum's Soul Reaper
3970TopicWTB Alcohol
3971TopicWTB Fans
3972TopicWTB Dust and Feathers
3973TopicWTB 7 Defensive Caster sets (spear)
3974TopicWTB Tournament Tokens
3975TopicWTB Tengu Flares
3976Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3977TopicWTB 3 DAGGER items: (1)Sundering Tang (2)Shelter Handle (3)brawn^brains
3978TopicWTB some mods
3979Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3980TopicFrost's WTB List - Rare Weapons
3981Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3982TopicWTB: 250 Mysterious Summoning Stones 175g Each!
3983Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3984TopicWTB Envoy Sword
3985TopicBuying Consumable Sets.
3986TopicWTB Pre Searing Everlasting Tonics
3987TopicWTB Gold Unids
3988TopicWTB Unded Cele Dragon
3989TopicWTB Kath Hammers
3990Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3991TopicReq8 Gothic Swords
3992TopicWTB Miniatures: Adelbern (Eden) + Rift Warden (Post)
3993TopicWTB Drunkard Points (90g/point)
3995TopicWTB Sweets
3996TopicLF Unded Destroyer/Tormented/Oppressor Weapons
3997TopicWTB Zkeys.
3998Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
3999TopicWTB: Tarnok's Recurve & Saushali's Recurve
4000TopicWTB superb charr carvings
4001Topicwtb Briar Blade
4002TopicWTB Os +30 -20%blind req str sheild
4003TopicScythe mod
4004TopicBo staffs
4005Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4006TopicWTB Z-keys
4007TopicCLOSED* WTB "Scourgewind's Branch" (green)
4008TopicWTB Armbrace or Tormented Staff (Death) 21e
4009Topicwtb Everlasting Razah Tonic
4010TopicClosed due to a ventari forum violation
4011Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4012TopicWar Supplies / Oppressor Weapons
4013TopicBuying/trading Unded Common Minis
4014TopicWtb all oppressor weapons
4015TopicWTB Q13 Spawning BDS
4016TopicWTB Unidientified golds
4017TopicWTB Panda License
4018TopicWTB Green Staves (Non endgame)
4019TopicWTB 2 OS Q9 Chaos Axes
4020TopicWTB +10 AL Vs Plants/Dragons shields|A few weapons!
4021TopicWTB Z-Keys Bulk 5.5k/ea
4023TopicWTB Unded Minis
4024Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4025TopicWTB Golden Rin Relicts
4026TopicWTB 8 'The Yakslappers'.
4027TopicWTB 9 Sapphires - 8.5k/ea
4028TopicWTB Unded Bone Dragon mini + assorted unded white/purple minis
4030TopicWTB strongboxes
4031TopicWTB DP Removers/Moral Boosters
4032TopicAdding To Eternal/Ghostly Collection
4033TopicWTB Envoy Staff of Spawning Power and Consets.
4034TopicWTB Xun Rao's Justice
4035TopicWTB any Nightfall hero armor
4036TopicCoby's List of Items to Buy
4037TopicWTB r12-13 inscrib crysta
4038TopicWTB Any oppressor Weapon
4039TopicWTB Unded Minipets
4040TopicRuby Weapon's HoM Mini-pet, Destroyer, Oppresor list
4041TopicWTB SSyn's Staff
4042Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4043TopicWTB unded Mallyx
4044TopicWTB stolen sunspear armor
4045TopicWTB Hero armors and Hammers of Kathandrax
4046TopicWTB Skree Wings and Bog Skale Fins for moa quest
4047TopicUNDED MINIS: Peacekeeper, Yeti, Oni and more
4048TopicWTB Lots of spammable sweets
4049Topiclf outcast shield!
4050Topicq9 insc. handaxe(cleaver)
4051TopicStuff for HoM
4052TopicWTB 1 Stack of Granite, 10 Diamonds..
4053TopicWTS Q10 Obsidian Edge
4054TopicWTB 3x Amulets of the mists!
4056TopicWTB Restoration Froggy
4057TopicWTB Armor Remnants
4058TopicWTB Wroth's Icon
4059TopicWTB unded celestial pig
4060Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4061Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4062Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4063Topic[WTB] Daggers
4064TopicWTB quest items (Giant Tusk + sweets for Keiran)
4065TopicWTB trade contracts
4066TopicWTB q9 Embossed Aegis
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4068Topicwtb os monk items
4069TopicUnded Mad King/Yakkington/Peacekeeper/Salma/Zhang/Smite Crawler/Dhumm/Pig
4070TopicWTB Froggy Domination
4071TopicKathandrax Hammers & Party Points
4072TopicWtb dust
4073TopicWTB Any gold minipet Undedicated
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4075Topicwtb unded mini's
4076TopicWTB unded unique pet/destroyer weapon
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4078TopicWtb a oppressor weapon
4079TopicWTB Ghostly héro [dédicated]
4080TopicWTB Party+Sweet Points!
4081Topic200 Zaishen Keys, 4 HoM Weapons & 16 Rubies / Sapphires
4082TopicWTB Oppressor Scepter/Focus (Earth)
4083TopicWtb 200 zkeys
4084Topicwtb earth wand
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4087TopicWTB R9 Steelhead Scythe
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4090TopicNeed some mods and inscrips!
4091TopicWTB unded minis
4092TopicWTB Oppressor/destroyer weapons
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4095Topicq9 Silverwing
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4097TopicWtb Sweet Points
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4099TopicWTB stacks: bones, iron, dust, feathers
4100TopicWTB 2 Unded minis
4101TopicWTB 130 Zaishen Keys
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4103TopicWTB Everlasting Reindeer Tonic
4104TopicWTB Q8 Plagueborn Bow
4105TopicWTB stack of consets
4106TopicWTB Rin Relic's
4107TopicWTB Bone Dragon/Gwen +20 random pets 1st/2nd/3rd/4th __ UNDED!
4108TopicWTB Unded Minis + Misc
4109TopicWTB: Q7/15 & Q8/16 Shields
4110TopicWTB Vera
4111TopicKsen's WTB List
4112TopicWTB 4k spammable sweet points.
4113TopicWTB Battlepick and Colossal Pick
4114TopicWTB Paper Fan Fast Casting
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4116TopicWTB Unded Oni's Looking for 3
4117TopicWTB rainbow/honeycomb stack
4118TopicWTB Magmas Shield inscr
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4120TopicWTB Undedicated Rurik or Shiro Minipets
4121TopicWTB perfect Luck of the Draw inscription
4122TopicWTB Darkwing Defender
4123TopicWTB lots! of Trade Contracts
4124TopicWTB q9 CC Domination
4125TopicPrimeval Remnants
4126TopicWTB regular dervish, paragon & ritualist tomes
4127TopicWtb The Soulstone [Green]
4128TopicWTB summoning stones/yuletide tonics
4129TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4130TopicWTB Dedicated Dhuum
4131TopicElite Tomes (R, Rt, Me, N)
4132TopicWTB Unded Green Miniature
4133TopicWTB Kaolin Accursed Staff
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4135TopicWTB Celestial Compass q9 fast casting
4136TopicWTB 40/40 Sets PST ASAP
4137TopicWTB Oppressor Weapons
4138TopicWtb q12-13 vs
4139TopicRandom Summoning Stones
4140TopicWTB oppressor healing wand / focus
4141TopicWTB Purple R9 or less Sickle 15^50 or Insc
4142TopicWTB 50x Diessa chalices [Set only]
4143TopicWTB: Sweet Tooth points.
4144TopicWTB War Supplies
4145TopicBuying unded Minis
4146TopicEmbercrest Staff Spawning
4147TopicWTB Tormented Hammer
4148TopicWTB req9 Diamond Aegis Strength
4149Topicwtb: spam sweet points
4150TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4151TopicWTB gifts of the traveler
4152TopicWTB BONES 2K|DUST 5k|IRON 7k|
4153TopicWTB unded Princess Salma
4154TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4155TopicWTB Q13/12 Eternal Blade
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4159TopicWTB q9-10 inscribable heket axe
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4161Topicclose - early bump ><
4162TopicWTB HoM Weapons
4163TopicWTB Drago's Flatbow PST
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4165Topic+20% vs undead for scythe
4166TopicWant to buy Vekk Everlasting Tonic
4167TopicWTB Unded Minis
4168TopicBought please close
4169TopicWTB Q6 Inscribable Daggers
4170TopicWtb 179 hammer of kathandrax
4171Topicwtb dual vamp weps
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4173Topicwtb ANY green unded miniature
4174TopicWTB spammable sweets
4175TopicWTB specific Undeds for #50 HoM: Titan-Ooze-Nian-Cobalt-Seer-Herder- few more
4176TopicWTB HoM Stuff :D
4177TopicWTB 125 Hammers of Kathandrax
4178TopicWTB Drunkard Points 100g/ea
4179TopicUnded Miniatures For My HoM
4180TopicWTBuy DED VIZU
4181TopicSteel Daggers, r8 foci, HoM weapons
4182TopicWTB Xun Rao's Command
4183TopicWTB Unique unded mini
4184TopicWTB 7/15tac Oaken Aegis shields
4185TopicWTB Party Consumables
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4187TopicWTB Obsidian Shards
4188TopicWTB Hero Strongboxes
4189Topicwtb consumables
4190TopicWTB Tormented and Oppressor Weapons
4191TopicWTB: Everlasting Transmogrifier Tonic
4192TopicWTB Black Moa/Bone Dragon
4193TopicWTB Hero Armor Upgrades!
4194TopicWTB > Destroyer and Oppressor Weapons
4195TopicSmall WTB List (Added Items 3/20/12)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
4196TopicWTB: Full Survivor Title
4197TopicWTB +10vs Demon Bladed Shield
4198TopicISO Hall of Monuments Items/Mats
4199TopicWTB Eshekibeh/Terror Scythe
4200TopicWTB HoM 30 pets + 15 armors
4201TopicWTB El Jora
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4203TopicWTB Alcohol
4204TopicWTB simple mini pets
4205TopicIvy's WTB List <3
4206TopicWTB Unded/Ded Miniature Ghostly Priest
4207TopicWTB Bows
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4209TopicWTB Unded Bone Dragon mini
4210TopicWTB Any unique mini pet (Unded)
4211TopicWTB peppermint candy canes (and other sweets)
4212TopicWTB q7 AL15 Tactics Shields insc (x3) any skin
4213TopicWTB armbraces
4214TopicWTB Rago's Flamestaff
4215TopicWTB: Paper Fan (Mesmer)
4216TopicWTB Consets
4217TopicWTB Obby Shards
4218TopicWTB 20/20 Domination focus and Green staff
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4220TopicWTB Golden Rin Relics 1 ecto each
4221TopicWTB Tengu Support Flares
4222TopicWTB 750 War Supplies
4223TopicWTB: Gothic Defenders!
4224TopicWTB - Bog Skale fins
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4226Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4227TopicWTB Tattered Girl's Cape or Tapestry Shred
4228TopicWTB froggy + cc q9/q10 curse
4229TopicWTB Double Vamp 1hands
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4232TopicWTB Froggy Illu/Dom q12+ (20/20)
4233TopicWtb ded panda
4234TopicWTB Mehdi's Vow - 5k
4235TopicTengu Flares
4236TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4237TopicWTB req9 Dragon Kamas INSC
4238TopicWTB R7/15AR Tactics Inscribable Crude Shield
4239TopicWTB Wind of Change greens
4240TopicWTB insp, death BDS
4241TopicWTB 2x Giant Tusks
4242TopicWTB Prince rurik or Pig Undedi 20k
4243TopicWTB some shield inscriptions
4245TopicWTB EL Unseen Tonic / EL Boreal Tonic
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4247TopicWTB OS q8 +5e dusk blade & q8 +5e cantha axes & q9 +5e swords/axes & q8 inscr swords!
4248TopicWTB Chromium Shards
4249TopicWTB Elite Tomes
4250Topic250z=185e [x10+]
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4254Topicwtb 1300 unids
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4255TopicWtb el transmogrifier
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4257TopicWTB HoM items
4258TopicWTB Sephis and Cleaver Axes
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4259TopicWTB Wintersday Gifts
4260TopicWtb q9 scythe. Draconic oppressor dhuums
4261TopicWTB consets
4262TopicWTB Outcast Shield
4263TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4264TopicWTB Tengu Flares
4265TopicPaper Fan - Any attribute and req
4266TopicTengu Support Flares
4267TopicWTB Unded GRAWL / Unded CELESTIAL PIG
4268TopicWTB unded white minis & purple!
4269TopicWTB q7/15 Tactics Blue Inscr Shields.
4270TopicWTB Shield and Panda
4271TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
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4273Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4274TopicWtb diamonds
4275TopicWTB unded: elf, burning titan, koss
4276TopicTengu Flares/Cake,Tea,Beacons
4277TopicWTB All Your DOA Gemstones!
4278TopicWTB Q9 Zealous Scythe of Enchanting
4280TopicWTB Pepermint and Wintergreen CC Stacks
4281TopicWTB Spam Sweets
4282TopicWTB Armbrace of Truth
4283TopicWtb gold crystalling q10-13
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4285TopicWTB q9 Dyrad Bow.
4286TopicWTB hero armour
4287Topic+10 vs Giants/Dwarves Shields
4288TopicTormented Focus
4289TopicWTB gold prot staff
4290TopicWTB Q9 DF Embercrest
4291TopicWTB 4000 alcohol minutes
4293TopicWTB Tengu Support Flares
4294TopicWTB 7000 points of alcohol
4295Topicwtb unded green and gold minipet and 200 zaishen keys
4296TopicWTB Cons+DPR+Summoning Stones
4297TopicWTB ANY unded gold...CHEAP
4298TopicDroknar Keys (x 5)
4299TopicWTB Fast Casting Paper Fan
4300TopicWTB Req 9 resto Whirling Focus / Restoration Focus
4301TopicWTB Peppermint Candy Canes
4302TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger
4303TopicClose please
4304TopicWTB Dagger Handle of Shelter, Brawn over Brains Inscription
4305TopicWtb zodiac wand and scepter
4306TopicWTB cheap unded minis
4307TopicWTB: Hammer of Kathandrax
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4309TopicWTB Froggy, resto
4310Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4311TopicWTB Unded Minis
4312TopicWTB HOM stuff
4313TopicWTB: El Kuunavang Tonic
4314TopicWTB cheap Ele 20/20 Offhands
4315TopicWTB q.9 VS !
4316TopicWTB unded miniatures
4317TopicWTB: Imperial Tactics Shield
4318TopicWTB oppressor/destroyer weapons
4319TopicWTB Shekoss' Staff - Or other staff with similar mods 5k
4320TopicWtb q9 voltaic spear
4321TopicWTB dedicated mini Ghostly Hero
4322TopicWTB: Amrbraces 23e/each
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4324TopicEverlasting Vincent Henchman tonic
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4326TopicWTB Diessa Chalices
4327Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4328TopicWTB "Air Staff" Gold/Purple
4329TopicWTB Ele 40/40 sets, staves any skin||Eternal Blade
4330TopicWTB Wrapping of Mastery/Death Magic
4331TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4332TopicWtb Shinig Blade War Horn
4333TopicWTB any and all TOMES, Dragos Flatbow, 2 Heavy Equipment Packs
4334Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4335TopicWTB Ded Polar Bear 1500e
4336TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4337TopicWTB-> Peppermint Candycane
4338TopicWTB Q9 Strength Reinforced Buckler
4339TopicWTB 61 Onyx Gems 350g each
4340TopicWTB Undedicated Dhuum & Ghostly Priest
4341TopicOppressor weapons
4342TopicWTB Obsidian Shards
4343TopicWTB Xun Rao's Quill
4344TopicAir Staff (Ligtning Spire)
4345TopicWtb 9k alcohol spam points
4346TopicWTB Chaos Axe and pepermint cc
4347TopicWTB 24 Gold Coins
4348TopicWTB Destroyer weapons mats, and more
4349TopicTrading Minipets for Minipets (4rd & 5th Year)
4350TopicWTB 61 Kathandrax Hammers
4351TopicWTB Sorrows Furnace Greens
4352TopicFeilena's Minipet WTB List.
4353TopicWTB Diamonds, Granite, Iron, and Onyx Gems
4354TopicWTB Either 1x Destroyer 1x Opressor 1x Tormented Weapon
4355TopicVentari's Forum Violation
4356TopicVentari's Forum Violation
4357TopicWTB Divine BDS or Divine Envoy Staff
4358TopicWTB Kappa Shield +10vs Demon
4359TopicWTB Undedicated Miniature Pets
4360TopicWTB Eaglecrest Axe q9
4361TopicWTB Deeprunner's Map Pieces
4362TopicEir Of Asgards WTB-List
4363TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinge
4364TopicWTB r9 Death/Soul Onyx scepter
4365TopicOld School Black Dye
4366TopicWTB dedicated Professor Yakkington
4367TopicWTB Prot BDS Q12-13
4368TopicWtB: DED Brown Rabbit
4370TopicWTB: Spiritgarden's Repose Staff.
4371TopicTormented Tactics Shield
4372Topicwtb hero armor
4373TopicWTB Wingcrest Maul and Colossal Pick
4374TopicSundering Hilt 20/20 for Sword
4375Topictormented shortbow
4376TopicWTB Greens, long list here. Almost all classes
4377TopicWTB EL Champion Of Balthazar
4378TopicWTB Greens.
4379TopicWTB - Keht's Aegis, Geoffer's Bulwark, Interdictor
4380TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero
4381TopicWTB: Weapons and mods
4382TopicWTB Destroyer Weapon 8e
4384TopicLooking for some mods
4385TopicWTB Unded Celestial Pig
4386TopicWTB Firebrand Staff Green WiK
4387TopicWTB Dorian, isaiah, Peacekeeper, rift Warden & Zippy
4388TopicWtb runic blade
4389TopicWTB Unded Shiro, Destroyer Weapons
4390TopicWTB R9 Insc Dirks and War Hammers (Lion)
4391TopicWTB Unded White Minis
4392TopicShield +10 vs Undeads <
4393TopicWTB Drago's flat bow
4394TopicWTB Guild hall
4395TopicWTB 5 Unded Celestial Dragons
4396TopicWTB unded mini's to complete my HoM
4397TopicWTB mes/para greens
4398TopicAny unique unded mini.
4399TopicWTB Summit Warlord Shield
4400TopicWTB Shields with +10 AL v.s. plants
4401TopicWtb every unded white minipet
4402TopicWTB: Golden Rin Relics
4403TopicWTB Assassin Greens/TotemAxe/Tomes
4404TopicWTB Disco Balls and Party Beacons
4405TopicWTB HoD Sword
4406TopicWTB | Torment Protection Staff
4407Topicwtb envoy sword
4408TopicWeapons of purity
4409Topiccanthan new year
4410TopicPrimeval Armor Remnants
4411Topicbuying candy canes
4412TopicWTB draconic spear
4413Topic1 stack of lunar tokens!
4414TopicWTB:Vetaura's Harbringer
4415TopicDraconic Spear, Celestials
4416Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4417TopicTrade Completed
4418TopicWTB Ghostly HERO DED
4419TopicWTB) Victo's Bulwark
4420TopicWTB Wintergreen Daggers
4421Topicwtb everlasting beetle juice tonic
4422Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4423Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4424TopicWTB some zaishen keys with my ectos
4425TopicWTB mods + weapons/shields
4426TopicWTB certain greens
4427Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4428TopicWTB: Prismatic Staff (Ele green staff).
4429TopicWTB Demon Echovald shield
4430TopicBuying Birthday Gifts!
4431TopicWTB Unded Minis
4432TopicWtb all white unded minis
4433TopicWTB: Chaos Axe (Inscrib)
4434TopicWTB Hero Armours, Honeycombs
4435TopicWTB Oppressor/Destroyer Weapons
4436Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4437TopicSundering Bowgrip.
4438Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4439Topicreduces blind duration Demon shield (offering 50e+), EL Tonics and r8 Necro
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
4440Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4441TopicWTB Cons
4442TopicWTB all Lunar Fortunes / Stacks
4443TopicWTT: 1 Ecto for 2 Obsidian Shards
4444TopicWTB: 1 Flame of Balthazar
4445TopicWTB opressor weapon/3 destroyer weapons
4446TopicWTB Sacks of Junk!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4448TopicWTB Spawning Embercrest Staff 3x
4449Topicwtb gold and silver zaishen coins
4450TopicWTB R6 Inscr Daggers
4451TopicWTB unded Eye of Janthir
4452TopicWTB Sword Of Charrslaying
4453TopicWTB 7 Stacks of Feathers
4454TopicWTB Draconic spear and insc air staff
4457TopicWtb green weps
4458TopicVentari's Forum Violation
4459TopicVentari's Forum Violation
4460TopicWTB Some Undead Mini
4461TopicWTB droknar keys earth staff 7/15 tactic shields
4462Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4463TopicWtb -2/-2 dual-reduction Shields
4464TopicVentari's Forum Violation
4465TopicWTB Ectos
4466TopicWTB War Hammer (Spiked skin)
4467TopicReindeer tonic
4468TopicEmerald Blade
4469TopicWTB inscriptions
4470Topicmins for hom
4472Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4473Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4474TopicWTB Rubies, Sapphires
4476TopicWTB eternal blade r11-13
4477TopicWTB Undead Minis
4478Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4479TopicWTB Tactics (pref q9) +10 demon -2ench echo/outcast/other good skin
4480TopicWTB unded minis
4481Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4482Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4483Topictrading for War supplies good deal for you
4484TopicWTB Oppressor Weapon!
4485TopicWTB Various Weapons / Mods
4486TopicWTB HoM Stuff
4487TopicWTB El Guild Lord Tonic.
4488Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4489TopicWTB briar blade req 9 or 10
4490TopicObsidian Shards
4491TopicWTB: Req 12 Silverwing Recurve Bow
4492TopicWTB Some Specific Greens
4494Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4495Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4496TopicWTB 40x diamonds 7 onyx
4497TopicR9 Crystalline Sword
4498Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4499TopicVarious dual mod shields
4500Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4501TopicWTB Wintergreen Bow
4502TopicWTB q9 Dom/Illu CC + Dom Platinum Wand
4503TopicWTB Unded Mini's and Zkeys
4504TopicWTB: Vetaura's Harbinger
4505TopicWTB BDS Q9 Soulreaping
4506TopicWTB OS Shield(Gold or Purple) -2w/e +10 vs Demons
4507TopicWTB Frog Scepter Curses r12-13
4508Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4509TopicWTB Heal BDS
4510TopicWTB OLDSCHOOL shields +10 vs, +1 caster att/20%, 40/40 blood set!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
4512TopicWTB Fiery Sword Hilt
4513TopicClose please
4514TopicObby Edge, Draconic Aegis, Shadow Shield
4515Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4516Topicr9 insc demon fangs
4517TopicOppressor/Destroyer weapons | Gift of the Traveler | Minis
4518TopicOaken Aegis Tactics
4519TopicWTB BDS Channelling
4520TopicWTB Rocks and PowerStones
4521TopicWTB Red Rock Candies
4523TopicWTB Q13 CC and Obsi edge
4524TopicReq9/10/11 Communing Wand
4525TopicWtB: HERO-Strongboxes 1e/ea 700+
4526TopicWTB 70 Jadeite shards!
4527TopicWTB Destroyer/Tormented/Opressor Weapon
4528TopicWTB 20/20 Earth Staff
4529TopicWTB minipets and destroyer weapons
4530TopicWTB R9 Silverwing
4531TopicVabbian Hornbow
4532Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4533TopicWtb Everlasting Reindeer Tonic & Ded Panda
4534TopicWTB +10vs Demons -2w/e Shield
4535TopicWTB Forget Me Not Inscription 20%
4536TopicWTB Unded Whiptail Devourer and Tormented Weapon
4537TopicGift of the Traveler | Weapons | Minis
4538TopicWTB Hero Gear
4539TopicWTB spammable sweets
4540TopicWTB Unded Celestial Tiger
4541TopicWtb Monk Stuff
4542TopicPew's WTB
4543TopicWTB Ded/ Unded Yakkington
4544TopicWTB Iceblood's Warstaff
4545TopicWTB +10vs. Demons Shields
4546TopicWtb z-keys
4547Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4548Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4549TopicWTB staff of the forgotten
4550Topicwtb q7 15al inscriptible tactics shields
4551TopicEriko's shopping list: unded dhuum,gwen doll,ghostly priest
4552TopicWTB: R9 Gold Crystalline Sword
4553Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4554TopicWTB shield
4555TopicWTB Ritualist Staff
4556Topic2 Droknar's Keys
4557TopicWTB 5.7k Sweet Points (Spam)
4558TopicRin Relics
4559TopicWTB Slaying mods, Tower Shields/Tall Shields +10 vs (creatures)
4560TopicWTB Double Vamp weapon
4561TopicWTB Ded Cele Minis
4562Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4563TopicWTB Opressor Spear / Sataff / Tactic shield
4564TopicWTB(or gifted) Weapons and stuff for my HEROES
4565TopicWTB 200 Traveler gifts 4k each
4566TopicWTB Earth Celestial Compass (any-req)
4567TopicWtb Silverwing Bow
4568TopicWTB Wintergreen Spear
4570TopicWTB WD-gift stacks/armbraces
4571TopicWTB sweet/party points in BULK
4572TopicWTB - unded Miniatures + Other Stuff
4573TopicWTB 10k party and Sweet title
4574Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4575TopicHoly Branch, req 9 DF
4576TopicAphotic's rAnd0m WTB List (Mouse Over)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4577TopicWTB various stuff
4578TopicBuying many HOM Valor Weapons/shields
4579Topicwtb amber aegis +10vs demons-2w/e
4580TopicWTB Echovald Shield (Strength)
4581TopicWTB 100zkeys
4582TopicWTB: +14% vs "Creatures" Mod for Axe | Oldschool Stuff | other upgrades |
4583TopicWTB Ornate Shield gold
4584TopicWTB Destroyer Cores 400ea
4585TopicWTB q13 Purple Crystalline Sword 14^50
4586TopicWTB Ghastly Stones
4587TopicWTB req8 +5e tyrian swords : oldschool Req7/8 Aegis/shield of the wing
4588TopicWTB Dragos FLATBOW
4589TopicMichaldinho wanna full HoM ! wtb mini, weapon and armor ;)
4591TopicSilver/Gold Caped Guild
4592TopicWTB Ink Vials / Amber Chunks
4593TopicWTB 7 minis
4594TopicWTB Birthday Cupcake x1
4595TopicWTB Unded Polar Bear
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4597Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4598Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4599TopicCelestial Compass & Platinum Wand [Domination]
4600Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4601Topicshopping list
4602TopicWTB q8 +5e Daggers
4603TopicWTB Tormented Weapon
4604TopicWTB unded Zhed
4605TopicWTB Weapon Mods
4606TopicWtb tormented curses staff
4607Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4608TopicWTB Q9 Spawning Power Embercrest Staff
4609TopicWTB q9 Paper Fan -fast casting
4610TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4611TopicWTB Armbrace paying with silver Z coins
4612TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4613TopicWTB Clockwork Scythe and a few other things
4614TopicWTB all Bolts of Linen and Iron
4615TopicWTB Unded Charr Shaman
4616TopicWTB 6. birthday present
4617Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4618TopicWTB: Dwarven Ale (or WTT my Hunter's Ale for your Dwarven Ale)
4619TopicWTB War Supplies
4620Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4621TopicWTB Unded Mini's for HoM
4622TopicQ7/15 Sharktooth Shield Tactic
4623TopicWTB Vamperic Dragon Sword
4624TopicCanthan Monk 20/10 Staves and Other Nice Monk Items
4625Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4626TopicWtb Enameled Shield
4627Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4628Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4629TopicWTB req9 air magic celesital compass
4630TopicWTB The Nightbringer And Modti's Depravation
4631TopicWTB Bow Grips, Bowstrings
4632TopicWTB Aureate Daggers, Dragon Fangs !
4633TopicEotn Hero Armor
4634Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4635TopicThe Wishlist
4636TopicWTB SoS wep and Droknar's Focus
4637Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4638TopicWtb 3 bds
4639Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4640TopicWTB Unded Unique (green) mini
4641TopicWTB Tormented Shield
4642Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4644Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4645Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4646TopicTanzit's Defender
4647TopicWTB unded mini Dhuum
4648TopicSoul Reaping BDS
4649Topicwtb Paper Fan (fast cast.)
4650TopicWTB Unded Kuunavang - bought for 45e
4651TopicWTB Hero Armour [Mysterious]
4652Topic27 Diessa Chalices
4653TopicWTB Undedicated Minis + Armbrace/ Tormented Weapons
4654TopicWTB OS shields +10vs -2^enchant
4655TopicWTB: Primeval Armor Remnants
4656TopicWTB Dual Vamp
4657Topicunded dhuum
4658TopicWTB Hero Armor!
4659TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero
4660Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4661TopicWTB Deldrimor Scepter/Plaguebinder
4662TopicWTB Book of Secrets
4663Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4664TopicWTB Earth Prism
4665TopicWTB Bladed Shield ( 10/9 vs Piercing / Slash / Blunt )
4666TopicWTB Froggy Healing
4667TopicFire BDS
4668TopicWTB R6 Command Shield
4669Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4670TopicUnid Golds 7=5k
4671TopicWTB Silver Zaishen coins
4672TopicWTB Envoy Axe (Gold)
4674TopicWTB SR Envoy/Bone Dragon Staff
4675TopicWtb Zaishen coins
4676Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4677TopicWTB Any 2 types of Oppressor Weapons besides staff
4678TopicWTB 2 Celestial Compass Q12/13 Death and Illusion
4679Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4680TopicKaspers WTB List- Smite-Stuff, +10vs ogres +1/20% shields
4681Topic+10 v Blunt Ornate/Echovald Shield
4682TopicWtb ded naga/oni/polar bear/zhed
4683Topicwtb earth bds
4684TopicWTB Like A Rolling Stone Inscription
4685TopicWTB Brainfreezer/Drok's Key and Minis
4686TopicWTB Miniature Rift Warden -DED-
4687Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4688TopicMini for HoM + Polar Bear / Zippy & more
4689TopicWTB/WTT Hammers of Kanthandrax, 4k ea OR trade for shards 1:1
4690TopicWTB Icy Dragon Sword
4691TopicWtb opressors death magic staff
4692Topicwtb 250 candy cane shards pst price
4693Topicq12/13 heal froggy|the ugly stick
4694TopicWTB Wintergreen Shield & Deld Steel Ingots
4695TopicWinterGreen Bow, Storm-Daggers & More
4696TopicWtb Low Req insc shields
4697TopicBuying Channeling Frog Scepter
4698TopicDemon Shield
4699TopicAllison WTB List
4700TopicWTB: q7/q8 Oaken Aegis (Tactics)
4701TopicWTB EL Kuunavang!
4703Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4704TopicWTB Bo staff 20/10 or 20/20
4705TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4706TopicWTB vamp haft & 5 armor axe grip
4707TopicWTB Obsidian Shards/sweets
4708TopicBo Staff with +5 energy when ench
4709TopicWTB Gold-trim permanent invite
4710Topicq8/9 Eternal Shield
4711Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4712TopicWTB Summit Warlord Shield (inscr with str req)!
4713TopicWTB 78 Stygians gems
4714TopicWTB Avarr's Scepter
4715TopicWTB Dryad Bow
4716TopicWTB R9str Darkwing Def & Draconic Aegis
4717TopicWTB Q12/13 Eaglecrest Axe
4718Topic20/20 mods for offhand.
4719TopicWTB 16 Rubies & 16 Sapphires
4720Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4721TopicWTB 55 lockpicks
4722TopicDaves WTB Thread (Inheret Vamp 1hand, War Supplies)
4723Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4724TopicWTB Tourmented hammer
4725TopicWTB r8 command Shield
4726TopicWTB Dust and Feather Stacks
4727Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4728TopicHigh End Ded Purple Minis
4729TopicWtb restoration froggy/ celestial compass
4730TopicWTB Scoll of Resurrection / Glitterung Dust
4731Topic11 rubies 9 saphires
4732Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4733TopicWTB: Envoy Axe
4734TopicWTB Vampiric Scythe Snathe, scythe Grip of Fortitude, Armbrace and more
4735TopicWTB 120 Armbraces
4736TopicWTB Hero Armor Items
4737Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4738TopicWTB R10 Insc. Crystalline / R7 15^50 Celestial Sword
4739Topic[WTB] BDS, Oppressor, Unded Minis
4740Topicwtb alaris double blades
4741TopicWTB Zkeys
4742TopicOS 20/20 Water / E-Storage Wands
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4743TopicAny Req Kournan Defender
4744TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
4745Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4746TopicWTB Unded Minis
4747TopicWTB Destroyer cores 300 each
4748TopicWTB Ded Polar Bear
4749Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4750TopicWTB domination froggy + mesmer stuff
4751Topicwtb snowman stacks & unded minis (mainly 5th year whites)
4752Topic[WTB] Shield q8/16 Gold perfect or inscriptible
4753Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4754TopicWTB r9 Shadow Blade
4755TopicWTB Unded Oppressor Weapon (any)
4756Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4757TopicWTB Gifts of the Traveler
4758TopicWTB Unded Zippy
4759Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4760Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4761TopicWTB superb charr carvings
4762TopicWTB Heleyne's Insight - Green Envoy Healing Staff !
4763Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4764TopicOS Eternal Shield vs. Slashing, -2 w/ench or w/stance or dual reduct
4765TopicBuying destroyers wep / green mini
4766TopicWTT - Tormented Axe for Tormented Staff
4767TopicWTB Unded Minis
4768TopicLe Closed
4769TopicWtb ded ghostly hero
4770TopicWTB 250 Destroyer cores!
4771TopicVentari's Forum Violation
4772TopicWTB HoM Daggers
4773TopicBuying Stack of cons & rez scrolls
4774Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4775TopicWTB Froggy and CC Domination
4776Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4777TopicWtb Tanzit's Defender
4778TopicWTB EL Henchman Tonics AND Unded Shiroken
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
4779TopicWTB green mini
4780TopicWTB HOM Weapons
4782TopicGreens, mods, etc
4783TopicWtb heleyne insight
4784Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4785TopicBuying Of Skeletonslaying mod for Sword
4786TopicBuying Z-Keys Bulk
4787TopicBuying 19 Unded Minis
4788Topicwtb armbrace
4789Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4790TopicWTB dragon/cobalt staves (3)
4791TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger
4792TopicWTB non-ded Minis
4793TopicWTB insc SR serpentine scepter
4794TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4795TopicSmall Iso List
4796TopicWtb frog scepter q9 fire
4798Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4799Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4800Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4801TopicWTB necro items
4802TopicWTB Zoldark's Staff
4803TopicWTB Eternal Blade/ Tormented Strength Shield
4805TopicWTB Heleyne's Insight
4806TopicWTB Weapons for HOM
4807TopicWTB Z Keys
4808TopicWTB Q6 Daggers (Inscriptable)
4809TopicWTB 160 Zkeys 5.5k each
4810TopicWTB Torivo's Rage//Demrikov's Judgement
4811TopicWTB all Gemstones Titan|Margo|Torment|Stygian
4812TopicWTB: EL Ghostly Hero Tonic
4813TopicWTB Q10 Max Dryad Bow
4814Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4815TopicWTB Dual Vamp weapons
4816TopicWTB Mini's
4817Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4818TopicWintergreen shield
4819Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4820TopicWTB Dedicated Mini DHUUM
4821TopicWTB Unded Mini Bone Dragon
4822TopicHigh Q Divine Favor BDS
4824TopicPaper fan Spawning Power
4825TopicWTB Tormented Spear & Oppressor weapon
4826TopicWTB Minis
4827TopicWTB Rago's Flame Staff
4828Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4829TopicWTB A Few Items/Weapons (Channeling, Blood, & Death)
4830TopicWTB destroyer cores (190)
4831TopicWTB any/all Deeprunner's Map Pieces (quest item)
4832Topicwtb Alari's Double Blades/wintergreen shield
4833TopicWTB Unded Destroyer Of Flesh
4834Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4835TopicWTB Diamond Aegis command
4836Topicsearching for destroyer and opressor weapons
4837Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4838TopicWtb heal froggy q10-12
4839TopicWTB EL beetle tonic
4840TopicEl Ghostly hero / Eternal Blade
4841TopicWtb rare minipets (Asian + non bday) !
4842TopicObsidian Shards
4843TopicWTB 210 Obsidian
4844TopicWTB q8 shield, Z-keys
4845TopicWTB: Q9 Eternal Blade/Ghostly Staff(DF)
4846TopicDiessa Chalices
4847Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4848TopicProt Ghostly Staff
4849TopicWTB Ectos
4850Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4851TopicWTB Unded Minipets
4852TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4853TopicWTB - Shagu's Anthem (Command Green Shield)
4854TopicWTB unded Mini Gwen Doll
4855TopicWTB Mini Gwen Doll Unded
4856TopicWtb Torivos Rage
4857TopicWTB Obsi Shards
4858Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4859TopicWTB unded Geen Minis
4860TopicWtb Undedicated Mini's
4861TopicWTT Frosty+50g per Yuletide
4862TopicWTB EL Reindeer Tonic
4863TopicWTB Mad king Guard ded
4864Topicwtb oldschool SINGLE mod wepeons
4865Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4866TopicWTB under green minis
4867Topicwtb shield mods 5^20% and +30
4868TopicWTB DeD Oni
4869TopicWTB q7/15 tact shields // Hammers // Missing minies for HoM
4870Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4871Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4873Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4874TopicWTB r12 Eternal Blade OFFER IN ECTOS
4875TopicWTB V Dragon Shields
4876TopicPrimeval/Deldrimor Armor Remnants
4877Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4878TopicWTB Droknar's Reaper
4879TopicWTB WTB Destory weapon(hammer,spear)Oppressor weapon
4880Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4881TopicEl shiro
4882TopicClosed by buyer
4883TopicWTB Destroyer Weapons
4884TopicWTB R9-13 Death BDS
4885Topicwtb stack of Candy Apple and Candy Corn
4886TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4887TopicWant to buy 224 Trade Contracts
4888TopicOldschool Req8 +5e Swords - Sunqua,Broadsword,Celestial and more!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4889TopicWTB EL Ghostly Priest Tonic, Eternal Blade, Eternal Shield
4890Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4891Topicwtb Obby shards.
4892Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4893Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
4895TopicWTB Steelhead/Clockwork Scythe req 9
4896Topic[closed] WTB Unded Celestial Pig
4897TopicWTB Ded Minis
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4898TopicEmblazoned def
4899Topic1st birthday presents.
4900TopicWTB Destroyer Set
4901TopicWtb diessa chalices !
4902TopicWTB Celestial Compass q9 Earth
4903Topicsome mesmer stuff
4904TopicWTB Crystaline Sword R9 inscribable
4905TopicWTB Undedicated Minis and Alcohol
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4906Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4907TopicWTB req 8-9 Fellblades
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4909Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4910TopicWTB Heleyne's Insight !
4911Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4912TopicWTB Voltaic Spear (q12 or 13)
4913TopicWTB BDS q9 PROT / WTB Froggy q9 HEAL
4914Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4915TopicWTB ENVOY STAFF (ES) | WTB Zcoins
4916TopicAll Double-Bladed Axes | Req 9 Butterfly Swords | Celestial Essences | Kraken Eyes
4917TopicWTB Oppressor/Destroyer Hammer + Channeling Staff
4918TopicWTB OS Shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4919TopicBuying Materials
4920TopicWTB Mini Black Moa Chick (unded)
4921TopicWTB Wintergreen Spear
4922Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4923Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4924Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4926TopicWTB gold Deldrimor Scythe or someone to make it for me
4927Topic+ 10vs demons tall shield
4928TopicWTT unded Shard Wolf for Ophil Nuahualli
4929TopicWTB 9000 Sweets, Alcohol, and Party Points
4930TopicWTB OS DM zodiac staff perma modded
4931TopicParas WTB List
4932Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4934Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4935Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4936TopicThings i'm interested in buying
4937TopicWTB demon shield
4938TopicNon Max Vamp Weapons - Shields - ZKeys - Hover for Preview!
4939TopicWTB Post-Nerf q8 20/20 or 20/10 Staff Uninsc
4940TopicWTB Undeds Mini
4941TopicWTB > Heleyne's Insight !
4942TopicWTB Armbrace
4943Topicwtb unid golds
4944TopicWTB Golden Phoenix Blade;Colossal Scimitar
4945TopicWTB BO Staff req 9 /10 for ritu
4946TopicWTB 2 Droknar's Key
4947TopicTormented Shiled (Strength)
4948TopicWTB Froggy Smiting
4949TopicWTB q9 Inscriptable Inspiration Pronged Fan
4950TopicWTB CelesticalCompas req.9 Heal <
4951TopicWTB Q9 Divine Favor Embercrest Staff
4952TopicWtb rock candies
4953TopicWTB r9 earth cc
4954TopicInterested in buying a Bladed Shield
4955TopicWTB Unded Naga
4957TopicWTB -50hp grim cesta's (x2)
4958TopicWTB q12/13 Curses BDS
4959TopicWTB q13 zodiac staff inspiration
4960TopicWTB EL Ghostly Priest Tonic!
4961TopicSpear Grip of Fortitude
4962TopicUnded Mad King
4963TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
4964Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4965TopicWTB Ded Panda
4966TopicWTB Dyes.
4967Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4968TopicCoffee Man's WTB Thread - Warden Horns, Torm's, CC's etc.
4969TopicWTB Q9 Energy Storage BDS
4970TopicWTB ded Celestial Rabbit
4971TopicWTB Celestial Staves 20/20
4972TopicWTB Unded Dorian, Isaiah, Zippy
4973Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4974TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
4975TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
4976TopicWTB: Bog Skale Fins
4977TopicWTB Wintergreen Shield
4978TopicWTB mini ded zhed
4979TopicWTB 7x Collector Aureate Aegis
4980TopicLooking for a bow
4981Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4982TopicWTB is
4983Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4984TopicWTB sweets and alcohol
4985TopicBuying Obi Shards
4986Topicwtb cheap health spear
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4989TopicWTB q7-9 Daggers
4990Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4991TopicWTB q13 Voltaic Spear
4992TopicWTB Fire Celestial Compass
4993TopicWTB My Survivor Title (Hammer of Kathandrax)
4994Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
4995TopicWTB 8 rubies and 8 sapphires
4996TopicWtb sup rune of vigor and more
4997TopicWTB Healing Prayers Wand (Dyeable)
4998TopicWTB unded Gwen Doll
4999TopicWTB Golden Phoenix Blade Q9 Insc.
5000Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5001Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5002TopicWTB Serrated Spear & Tormented Scythe
5003TopicSweets. Alcohol, Party
5005TopicWTB Strongboxes
5006TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
5007TopicNeed Miniatures For Hom
5008TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5009TopicWTB Oni Blade
5010TopicWTB Perf Q9 Gold Non-Insc/Old School *Aureate Daggers*
5011Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5012TopicWTB Low End Undedicated Minis
5013TopicWTB Weapons
5014Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5015TopicMiniatures for HoM
5017TopicWTB EL Phantasmal
5018TopicWtb sapphire and ruby
5019TopicWTB lunar fortunes
5020TopicWTB EL Ghostly Priest Tonic
5021TopicWTB > Imperial commendations !
5022TopicHighend Miniatures
5023TopicWTB: Any Destroyer Items (Staff, scepter, focus)
5024TopicWTB Undedicated Miniatures
5025TopicPrimeval/Mysterious Armor
5026TopicWTB 2 stacks pumkin cookies
5027TopicKath Hammers
5028TopicWTB cobalt staff
5029TopicWTB: sweet/party points, Ministerial Commendations
5030TopicWTB +9 vs Demons -2wE, Rock Candy, Diessa Chalices/Rin Relics
5031Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5032Topica few daggers/swords to complete collection
5033TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5034TopicDedicated Vizu
5035TopicWTB 40/40 Curses set
5036TopicWTB Sunreach's Shield
5037Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5038TopicWTB 20/20 Weps (Dom Platinum Wand, Illus Frog, Illus CC)
5039TopicWTB Ded IG
5040TopicVetaura's Harbinger
5041TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger 25e
5042Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5043TopicWTB Greens and Golds
5044TopicWTB minipets
5045TopicWTB Unidentified Golds 900g each
5046TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger
5047TopicWTB q9 eternal blade
5048TopicWTB: Unded Mini Rurik
5049TopicWTB Unded Minis and HoM Weaps
5050Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5051TopicBuying diamonds, onyx gems
5052TopicWTB Materials + Weapon Mods
5053TopicWTB 25 Golden Rin Relic paying 50zkeys
5054TopicWtb vs plants shield
5055TopicWTB Q12-13 Fire Froggy
5056TopicWTB q9 Aureate Aegis (Gold) X3
5057TopicWTB Ghosly Priest
5058TopicWTB Wayward Wand and +1 (20%)/+10 vs critter shields
5059TopicWTB Golden Rin Relics
5060TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5061TopicWTB Alari's double blades
5062TopicWTB Mods - Spear / Scythe / Shield
5063TopicWTB DeD Ghostly Hero + DeD MKG
5064Topicclose pls
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5066TopicWTB Froggy q11-13 channeling
5067TopicRock Candy
5068Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5069TopicWTB +10 plants shield monobonus
5070TopicWTB Req 9 Bronze Edges
5071TopicWTB +9/10 vs demon -2we outcast or gothic
5072Topicr10 Runic Blade
5073TopicWTB Kathandrax Hammers
5074TopicWTB Flames of Balthazar
5075TopicWTB red and blue rock candy
5076TopicNeed 20+ rin relics
5077TopicWTB Various Items
5078TopicWtb ded ghostly hero
5079Topicreq9 15>50 Storm Bow & Mursaat
5080TopicWTB Dervish Tomes
5081TopicWTB Stack of D-Cores
5082TopicWTB elementalist wands-focuses and martial Oppressor's weapons
5083TopicWTB Saurian Scythe
5084TopicVicto's Bulwark, Strongroot's Shelter, Destructive Shield or any other with same stat
5085TopicWtb unded candysmith marley
5086TopicWTB Non-Insc r9 +5e Broadsword
5087TopicWTB Oppressor Axe 8e
5088Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5089TopicWTB unded Mad King Guard
5090Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5091TopicWTB Summit warlord shield q8-7
5092TopicWtb stack of golden eggs
5093Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5094Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5096TopicWTB Q13 domination froggy
5097TopicWTB BDS Curses, Illu, Domination
5098Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5099Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5100TopicWTB Q8/16 Tactics Inscribable PvP Shields
5101TopicQ9 Spawning paper fan.
5102Topicwtb oldsql shields and misc items
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5103Topicwtb q13 voltaic spear
5104Topicq8 zodiac daggers
5105Topicwtb scythes!
5106TopicWTB Wintergreen spear,hammer,and shield
5107TopicBuying Gemsets
5108TopicFire Foci/Wands/Staves
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5109TopicCaster and Oldschool Shields.
5110Topicq8/16 tac shields
5111TopicWTB [Scythe Mods] Zealous & Enchanting
5112Topicbuying 3x opressor weapons 55k each
5113TopicFrog Scepters, Compasses and a few others!
5114TopicWTB El Mizu
5115TopicWTB silver Zaishen coins 1.7K
5116TopicWtb Some Froggies/Cc`s/Draconic Aegis/Platinum wands
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5117Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5118TopicWTB Curses Celestial Compass (insc, any req.)
5119TopicWTB unded minis: Water djinn,b-beast,kveldulf,b-rabbit
5120TopicZKeys - Shields - HoM Stuff - Ebon - Hover for Preview
5121Topicwtb Plagueborn Axe
5122TopicCHIJO's WTB Thread ;)
5123TopicWTB Crystalline Sword
5124TopicWtb OS Bows (specified skins inside)
5125TopicBuying El henchamn, Ded IG, Ded Panda.
5126TopicWTB Aureate Aegis Of Devotion Armor : 16 req 8 Command
5127TopicWTB Cele Pig Unded
5128TopicWTB droknar's key 10k each
5129TopicWTB Kath Hammers!
5130TopicBuying Ghostly Staff Channeling
5131TopicWTB Ded Ghostly Hero
5132TopicWintergreen Spear paying very good
5133TopicRes Scrolls
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5134TopicWTB Obsidian shards
5135TopicWTB Ded Zhed
5136TopicWTB all zkeys
5137TopicWTB: Ghostly Staff (SP) Inscribable
5138TopicWTB Bone Dragon Staff [Divine Favor]
5139TopicEl MOX tonic
5140TopicWtB Grawl-Cele Pig-Myst.Tonics-Party Beacons-Disco Balls-Wooden Buckler-Heavy Pack
5141Topicq9/10/11 Dom Frog (20/20 Mod)
5142TopicWTB BDS Q9 Earth / Silverwing Q9
5143TopicChrysocolla or Ghostly staff (monk attribute)
5144TopicWTB Stygian Reaver, Gothic Dual Axe, Ornate Spear, Draconic Spear.
5145TopicWTB any req fastcasting paper fan
5146TopicWTB cele bunni
5147Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5148TopicWTB Unded Unique Mini
5149Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5150TopicShield WTB List: Diamond/Iridescent Aegis'
5151TopicNon Modded DSR
5152TopicWTB Strat/Hero bxs 2:1e
5153TopicWTB q13 Bds heal :)
5154TopicCC Curse, Dragonic Aegis
5155TopicWTB Unidentified Gold Items
5156Topicwtb gold q8 Shield of the lion
5157TopicWTB Unded Ghostly Priest 60e
5158TopicWTB Fire Destroyer Staff
5159TopicWTB Traveler's Bo Staff
5160TopicWTB ANY AMMOUNTS OF Zkeys !
5161TopicWTB Promise of the Unseen
5162TopicWTB Plat wand & Dom CC.
5163TopicWTB spammable sweet/party 100g/point
5164Topicgreen Scythes and Daggers
5165TopicWTB Monk Weapons
5166TopicWTB Droknar's Key
5167Topicwtb all your unid
5168TopicWtb alcohol
5169TopicMixed dye,DYE WITH VALUE 25G, and i am interested in other oddities!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5170Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5171TopicWTB Q9 Dryad Bow
5172TopicBuying Diessa Chalices!
5173TopicWTB spawning rit staff
5174TopicWTB Destroyer Weapons
5175TopicWTB 8000ish party, sweet, alcohol
5176TopicWTB Primeval Armor Remnants
5177TopicWTB -2 While Ench Demon Shields | Q8 Wingblade/Butterfly Sword | Earth Outcast Staff
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
5178TopicWTB unded Shiro or Rurik
5179Topicwtb red rocks,blue rocks and green rocks
5180TopicWtb droknars key
5181TopicWTB Green Weapon
5182TopicEnvoy axe!
5183TopicWTB Celestial Compass (Illusion or fast Casting)
5184Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5185TopicWTB Lockpick
5186TopicBuying ded shiroken
5187TopicWTB (mixed)
5188TopicIn a perfect world...
5189TopicZoldark's Rod x2 Focus x1
5190TopicWTB -2/30 Shields STRENGTH. Crudes Shields. q7 Swords/Axes/Hammers.Oldschools Crysta.
5191TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
5192TopicWTB> Spammable Sweet points
5193Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5194Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5195TopicWTB Unded Minis
5196Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5197Topic[Ins] Aureate Aegis req 9 Command
5198Topicwtb Unique Weapons ("Greens")
5199TopicSilverwing Recurve q9
5200TopicWTB 6y Birthday Tonics (Pyre+Miku+Shiro)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5201TopicBuying Q13 Voltaic Spear
5202TopicDhuums Scythe ~
5203TopicWTB dyeable Inscribed Chakram
5204TopicWTB Z-Keys
5205TopicWTB jug w/chann mods|maybe other skins| mystical summon stones 600ea
5206TopicWTB Darkwing Defender req7/8 tact
5207Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5208Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5209TopicWTB BDS, Froggy and Summit warlord Shield
5210TopicWTB illusion Froggy
5211TopicWTB q9 DF Chrysocola Staff
5212TopicWTB EL Ghostly Hero tonic
5213TopicWTB 7900 Spam Sweets 100g/pt
5214TopicWTB kath hammers
5215TopicWTB Prot BDS
5217TopicWTB BDS q13 Channeling
5218TopicWTB non-EL tonics!
5219TopicBuy Skale Fins
5220TopicBow Of Kinslayer
5221TopicWTB Eternal Blade (Any Req) + Heavy EQ Pack
5222TopicWTB Destroyer Spear
5223Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5224TopicWTB war horns or war supplies
5225TopicWTB q5/6/7/8 Enameled or Darkwing Inscr/ Q9 SMITING BONE DRAGON STAFF! :D
5226TopicWintergreen Bow+other stuff
5227Topicwtb dwayna's grace/20%ench scythe
5228Topicwtt destroyer for oppressor spear/scythe
5229TopicWTB Unded ZHED / SHIROKEN
5230TopicStrongboxes of Hero
5231TopicWTB inspiration Cobalt Staff
5232TopicWTB 9K Sweetpoints or 9K ALCOHOL or 9K Party
5233Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5234TopicWTB War Supplies (still)
5235TopicWTB bonecage scythe
5236TopicWTB 10k Drunkard, party and sweet
5237TopicUnded High Priest Zhang
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
5238TopicBuying all your un-ided shields, spears, focii 700g
5239TopicWTB q12/13 Obsidian Edge, Chaos Axe & BDS
5240TopicOaken Recurve & Cobalt Staff
5241TopicWTB Bone Dragon Staff (domination or fast casting, any req)
5242TopicWTB three q13 VS :)
5243TopicWTB: "Measure for Measure" Inscriptions
5244Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5245TopicWTB Gold Inscribable Long Sword
5246TopicWtb shens censures, nightbringers
5247TopicWTB Golden Rin Relics
5248TopicWTB Dedicated Mini Ghostly Priest
5249Topicwtb 2nd year unded minis
5250TopicD-cores , rubies , sapphires .
5251TopicWTB Zaishen Hero Strongboxes
5252TopicShoemakers new WTB!
5253Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5254TopicWTB Trick-or-treat bag stacks (ToT stacks)
5255TopicWTB Unid golds. 700g each
5256Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5257TopicWTB Draconic Aegis (strength)
5258TopicWTB 4,500 Spammable Sweets
5259Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5260TopicWTB Armbrace of Truth or DoA Gemset
5261TopicWTB: apple/corn
5262TopicWTB War Supplies
5263Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5264TopicWTB Briahn's Guidance
5265TopicWTB Zaishen Keys
5266TopicVetaura's Harbinger
5267TopicEmbercrest Staves
5268TopicWTB Tormented Shield (Tactics)
5269TopicWTB: Curse CC, Curse Froggy
5270TopicWTB Q8/16 Tact Shields Gold Insc
5271TopicWTB Ghial's Staff
5272TopicWTB 7k Alcohol points
5273TopicWtb 4 minipets
5274Topicwtb elite tomes
5275TopicWTB 175 Kath Hammers!
5276TopicWTB Req8 Bow
5277TopicWTB Ded Oni
5278TopicWTB Celestial Staff of Domination and/or Illusion Magic
5279TopicWTB Iron/Dust/Bones
5280TopicWtb everlastin kuunavang tonic
5281TopicWtb Z Keys
5282TopicWTB Ded Naga about 150e +
5283TopicWTB EL Flame Sentinel Tonic 150E
5284TopicWTB Zaishen Strongboxes (Hero's+Strategist's only!)
5285TopicWTB q9 Fire Staff Canthan skin
5286TopicThe Nightbringer, Morolah's Staff & Droknars Key
5287TopicWtb lockpick (1250)
5288TopicWtb eternal blade
5289TopicWTB Str Echovald Perf/Near Perf.
5290Topicwtb superb charr carvings
5291TopicWTB Mad King's Guard
5292TopicWTB Heal CC
5293TopicWTB El Ghostly Hero
5294TopicWTB: Creme Brulees 350g each | Spammable Sweet Points 110g each
5295Topicwtb el beetle/q9 gold inscr crystalline
5296TopicWTB Golden Rin Relics
5297TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5298TopicWTB Cobalt Staff R9
5299TopicWTB Req 8 Fellblades
5300Topicwtb ins ironwing flatbows (2) and divine favor straw effigy
5301Topic105 Obsidian Shards
5302TopicWTB Cheap Minipets
5303TopicWTB r13 Air Bone Dragon Staff
5304TopicWTB Cobalt Talon (x15)
5305TopicWTB wintergreen spear
5306TopicWTB Deldrimor Weapons (unique)
5307TopicWTB Obby Shards
5309TopicWTB List
5310TopicWTB q12-13 channeling bds
5311TopicWTB 50 Charcoals! 200g each!
5312TopicLooking for in rit req: Chrysocola staff, celestial scepter/staff, req 12/13 CCompass
5313TopicWTB Envoy Scythe
5314TopicWTB q13 eblade!
5315TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
5316TopicWTB El Flame Sentinel
5317TopicWTB weapons, mods, common materials, the works
5318TopicWTB Crystaline Sword q9 (Gold / Insc.)
5319TopicWTB Max. Arcane Staves (Fast Cast) Q9 From Vaettirs
5320TopicWTB Diessa Chalice
5321TopicWTB Undedicated Mini Pets
5322Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5323TopicwTB Unded pets!
5324TopicBuying Minis
5325TopicBuying destroyer+oppressor weapons
5326TopicWtb ded. Ghostly hero
5327TopicWTB Diessa Chalices
5328TopicWTB r8-9 -OS- 20/20 Channeling Staff AND +1/20% Channeling Staff Wrap
5329TopicWTB - Primeval armor remnants
5330TopicWTB Ded/Unded Mad King's Guard Mini
5331TopicBuying Deldrimore Armor Remnants 20k each
5332TopicWTB any req Fire Froggy
5334TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
5335TopicWTB Ghastly Stones
5336TopicWTB EL Cottontail
5337TopicWtb ecto
5338TopicWTB ToT Bags
5339Topic+10vTengu Shields (Need By Christmas)
5340TopicWTB q12+ Illusion Froggy, Superb Charr Carvings, VSs.
5341TopicWTB Echovald +10 Demons
5342TopicWTB 16 Ectos for 100k (x2)
5343TopicWTB 22 Kegs of Aged Hunter's Ale
5344TopicWtb mini ded rift warden |el frosty tonic
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5346Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5347TopicAces Buying list.
5348Topicq6 15dmg daggers
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5350TopicWTB: 44 Amber
5351Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5352TopicWTB dedicated Panda
5353TopicWTB unded mini pets
5354TopicWTB > _SPAMABLE_ Party/Sweets 130g/Point
5355TopicWTB Spear MODS (Shelter and Warding)
5356TopicWTB Unded Vizu OR Shiroken
5357Topic[WTB] Scythe of Corruption or Zealous/Enchant Scythe
5358TopicHoM buy
5359TopicWTB Spammable Party and Alcohol in BULK
5360TopicHammers Wanted!
5361TopicWTB Alcohol, Sweets, and Party points
5362TopicWTB DOM Froggy & CC
5363TopicEL Margonite tonic
5364Topicwtb onyx gemstones, diamonds
5365TopicWTB ToT-stacks 4e/stack
5366TopicWTB gold Spiral Rod insc
5367TopicWTB : Shining Blade War Horns
5368TopicWTB ALL Unids.
5369TopicWTB Unids
5370TopicWTB party points
5371TopicWTB: Sweets
5372TopicWTB R12/11 Fire or Energy BDS
5373TopicWtb El Slightley Mad King
5374TopicWTB Charr Carvings(Regular)
5375Topicclose pls.
5376TopicWTB unded cele rat
5377TopicWTB 975 Destroyer Cores
5378TopicWTB Elite Tomes
5379TopicWTB Eaglecrest Axe
5380Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5381TopicLooking for a q9 ZodiacBow
5382TopicWTB a few undedicated minis
5383Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5384TopicRed/Blue Rock Candy
5385Topicq13 channeling Froggy
5387Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5388TopicWTB gold oldsql crystalines
5389TopicWTB Req 6 daggers
5390TopicWTB BDS heal any Q offer 100e
5391TopicWTB: Undedicated White Miniatures
5392Topicclose pls
5393TopicWTB q8 daggers, dmg doesn't matter
5394TopicWTB q8-9 Insc Shields + Unded Minis
5395TopicWTB Brass Spears (Updated 22-June-2012)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5397TopicWtb stack of war supplies
5398TopicWTB Unded Mini Bone Dragon/Gwen - 75k!
5399Topicwtb icy dragon sword from nick
5400Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5401TopicWTB 30 Sentient Spores
5402Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5403Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5404Topicwtb spear and scythe mods
5405Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5406TopicWTB Ded Gwen Chibi Doll
5407Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5408TopicWTB spammable party points
5409Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5410TopicWTB El Guild Lord Tonic
5411TopicWTB Channeling/Communing Froggy
5412TopicWTB Gwen Doll/Chan/Chibi Miniature
5413TopicWTB Non Inscr Shields +30 -2 / -3 / -5 (20%)
5414TopicWTB Opressor and Destroyer
5415TopicWtb eternal blade
5416TopicWTB Bows
5417TopicWTB All Ecto 6.25k/ea.
5418TopicWTB Hero Strongboxes
5419TopicAlcohol 120g/point
5420TopicWTB Tormented sheild(str,tactics)undedi
5421TopicWtb q13 Bds! 30-35e
5422TopicBuying ToT Stacks
5423TopicRes Scrolls
5424TopicWTB Material Stacks
5425TopicWTB Dhuum's Soul Reaper
5426TopicWTB Large Equipment Pack
5427Topicwtb unded shiro
5428TopicWTB EL Vekk Tonic
5429TopicWTB: Emerald Blade + Draconic Aegis
5430TopicWTB Resto CC &Vengeance Seeker
5431Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5432TopicWTB LOTS of Rock Candy -- ALL colors!
5433TopicWTB PARTY POINTS 150g each
5434Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5435TopicWTB Mallyx's Savagery
5436TopicWTB Firebrand (War in Kryta green)
5437TopicWTB Storm Daggers
5438TopicWTB el Cottontail
5440TopicWTT/B: Diamonds
5441Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5442Topicclose this
5443TopicWTB ~ EL Phantasmal
5444TopicGimme' yer alcoholsh
5445TopicWTB G Stones
5446Topiccommon undedicated miniature swap
5447TopicWTB Pre-searing Weapon & Focus for Fire Elementaliste
5448TopicWTB Gold R9 Tattooed Blade
5449TopicWTB Gwen Doll Non-dedicated!
5450TopicWTB Water DBS Q11-13
5451TopicWTB +10ar vs Undead, -2/ench shield!
5452TopicWTB Rare Materials
5453TopicBuying oldschool items; caster, swords, shields, etc!
5454TopicPresearing +1
5455TopicWTB spamable Sweet Point
5456TopicWTB 4th and 5th year miniatures (unded)
5457Topicq9 inscribable Exalted Aegisses (Str/Tac)
5458TopicWTB Trade Contracts
5459TopicWTB Polar Bear!
5460TopicMini gwen doll
5461TopicWTB Q11 Prot BDS
5462TopicLooking for q12/13 gold insc crystalline
5463TopicWTB Q9 Dryad bow
5464TopicWTB Party and sweet points!
5465TopicWTB max enchanting scythe mod
5466TopicWTB unded Brown Rabbit
5467TopicWTB: Unded White Mini Pets
5468TopicBuying EL Yuletide
5469Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5470TopicWTB Req 8 shields
5471TopicWTB Bone Dragon Staff and Cobalt Staff for mesmer (Q9 only)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5472TopicWTB Req. 9 Silverwing Recurve
5473TopicWtb wintergreen bow
5474TopicWtb tormented/oppressor
5475TopicWTB r7/16/15 or r8/16 Shields
5476TopicWTB Opressor Heal Focus
5477Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5478TopicWTB mini Longhair Yeti
5480Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5481TopicWTB colossal pick q8 q9
5482TopicWTB A Few Greens
5483TopicWTB rin relicz
5484TopicWTB Naga Longbows, req 9
5485TopicEarth BDS
5486TopicBuying Sweet Points!
5487TopicWTB Wintergreen Shield
5488TopicWtb all zkeys / strongboxes
5489TopicQ12/13 BDS *Soul Reaping*
5490TopicWTB Black Moa Chick
5491TopicWTB Q11-13 Fast Casting Froggy
5492Topicbuying inscriptable zodiac swords any req
5493TopicWTB Emerald Sword
5494TopicWTB Cheap Mini's Undedicated Only
5495TopicWTB measure for measure inscriptions
5496TopicWTB Unded Mini Oni
5497TopicWTB 100 obsidian, 35 deldrimor steel
5498TopicWTB Golden Rin Relics and Diessa Chalices
5500TopicKathandrax Hammers
5501TopicWTB Q9 Storm Daggers
5502TopicWTB new Minipets¡
5503TopicWTB req12\13 Fire Frog and CC
5504TopicWTB List
5505TopicWTB Ded Polar Bear
5506Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5507TopicWTB Wintergreen Spear/Shield
5508TopicWtb 16 arm q8 inscribable tactics shields pm
5509TopicWTB Spammable Party Points
5510TopicWTB Everlasting Ghostly Priest Tonic!
5511TopicWTB Some Zodiac Stuff
5512TopicWTB +Enchant for Scythe
5513Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5514TopicWTB Req 5-6 Daggers
5515TopicWTB Tormented Scythe
5516TopicMarcella's WTB List
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
5517TopicWTB any 40/40 Domination Set as quickly as possible
5518TopicWTB: EL Vekk
5519TopicWTB Envoy Scythe
5520Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5521TopicWTB Destroyer - FLAT BOW
5523TopicWTB Demrikov's Judgement
5524TopicWTB Soul reaping Effigy, Froggy
5525TopicWTB 7/15 tactics shield
5527TopicWTB Shield +10vs demons, -2/ench
5528Topicwtb all z keys
5529TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5530TopicWTB Unded minis
5531TopicWTB Silverwing Q9 / Dryade Bow Q9
5532TopicBuying up unded minis for HoM
5533TopicWTB Korean Guild Tag
5534TopicWTB 20/20 Mesmer Gear + Some Rit Gear
5535TopicWTB Oola's Staff
5536Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5537Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5538Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5539TopicWTB Tormented Scythe
5540TopicWTB Non-Inscr/Oldschool Tall Shields
5541TopicBuying Staff of Ruin (x10) 25k each
5542TopicWTB Z-Keys Stack : 190e
5543TopicWTB R9 Cerulean Edge
5544TopicGolden Rin Relics
5545TopicWTB Grim Cesta - 50 HP (6K)
5546TopicParty Points
5547TopicWTB HoM green and gold minipet + HoM weapons
5548TopicWTB Everlasting hecnhmen tonic
5549TopicWTB Unded Mini Destroyer
5550TopicWTB Wintergreen Shield
5551TopicWTB mods and inscr.
5552TopicWTB Zaishen Strongboxes
5553Topic[WTB] Bo Staff Q9 Earth (gold)
5554TopicWTB r9 Inscrib Crystalline Sword
5555TopicWTB Everlasting Gelatinous Tonic
5556TopicWTB 20 party beacons 1e each
5557TopicWTB WoC Green Daggers "Resolve"
5558TopicWTT / WTB Grog
5559Topicmesmer weps
5560TopicWTB EL Livia Tonic
5561TopicWTB Eaglecrest Axe r13
5562TopicWTB BDS Channeling
5563TopicDed Mini Dhuum
5564TopicWTB EL Miku
5565TopicWTB Aegis Of The Condemned (Or Bastion) And Serrated Spear of Enchanting
5566TopicWtb r8 shields!
5567TopicWTB Healing BDS
5568Topicwtb gold crys
5569TopicDa Tru Legend's WTB List
5570TopicWTB Monk/Caster Stuff
5571TopicWTB High req. DOM. FROG Scepter 12/13
5572TopicWTB Ghastly Summoning Stones, 3.1k each
5573TopicGringo's WTB List
5574TopicWTB Staff of the Forgotten Channeling
5575Topicwtb superb char carv|
5576TopicWTB broadsword+Embossed aegis
5577TopicWant to trade EL Unseen tonic for EL Jora tonic.
5578TopicWtb OS Shield -> +10v blunt +43/44/45 hp w/e
5579TopicWTB - Inscription
5580TopicWtb goldcape guild
5581TopicWTB q9 insc Air Staff (lightning spire skin)
5582Topicwtb spammable party and sweets points
5583TopicWTB Ancient Shield
5584TopicWTB Scythes For my Collection
5585Topicwtb incrip q9 strength eternal shield
5586TopicWTB Tormented Sword Or Axe
5587Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5588TopicWTB BDS [Divine Favor & Energy Storage]
5589Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5590TopicI am looking for a Totem Axe
5591TopicWTB El Margonite Tonic
5592TopicWtb unded celestial pig
5593TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5594TopicWTB Obsidian shards
5595TopicWTB Shield +10vEarth +30hp/+45/ench
5596TopicWTB ~100 Z-Keys
5597TopicWTB: EL Vekk
5598TopicWTB +10vGiants -2ench shield and Topaz Scepters.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
5599TopicWTB Stack of D. Cores!
5600TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5601TopicWTB tactics shields q8/16
5602TopicBuying /Trading for Sweet Tooth
5603TopicWTB 25 golden rin relics
5604TopicWTB Bone Dragon Staff (req 12, Divine Favor)
5605TopicWTB Sweet items!
5606TopicBuying Shining Blad War Hom/Bowl Of Skalefin Soup
5607TopicBuying Crystalline sword
5608TopicWTB Materials
5609TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5610TopicWTB Armbraces, Z-Coins , Lunar Fortunes , Sweets , Diessa Chalice
5611TopicWTB Celestial Pig
5612TopicWTB Woe Spreader
5613TopicWTB Q7 Swords and other stuff
5614TopicWTB Destroyer Weapons
5615TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5616TopicWTB Brown Rabit
5617TopicWTb Q10 or 11 Healing Celestial Compass
5618TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5619Topicplease closed
5620Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5621TopicWTB Fast Casting Paper Fan
5622TopicWTB High Req +5e Oni Blade
5623TopicEL Miku Tonic
5624TopicWTB 110 Charr Carvings
5625TopicWTB: R9 Restoration Frog Scepter and Celestial Compass
5626TopicWTB Aureate Staff
5627TopicWTB Unded Mini Ghostly Priest
5628Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5629Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5630TopicWTB ded Naga
5631TopicWTB q7 Command Shields
5632TopicWTB 7 Golden Ren Relics
5633TopicWTB Dom Cane
5634TopicWTB Sweet Points
5635TopicWTB unded minis!
5636TopicWTB unded Celestial Pig
5637TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5638TopicWTB Ded Oni
5639TopicWtb Desolation Maul
5641TopicBUYING Lovisa's Love, Firebrand staff
5642Topic-50hp cesta and double vamp mod wep
5643TopicWTB OS q9/q8 +5e swords/axes or q8 inscr
5644TopicWTB Cobalt Staff ES
5645TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5646TopicWTB Sweet Points 140g/ea
5647TopicWTB Vokur's Cane
5648TopicShadow Shields
5650TopicWTB Bone Dragon Staff Channeling
5651TopicWTB +15% -1 Health Regen (Dual Vamp) 1 handed weps
5652TopicWTB EL Slightly Mad King Tonic
5653TopicOldschool Str Shields with blind/crip reduce and +30, Ornate Shields, Animal Shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5654TopicW T B - Chrysocola staffs
5655TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5656TopicWTB Shield +10 vs Dragons
5657TopicWTB Shield inscription
5658TopicLow-end white birthday minis (unded)
5659TopicWTB Guild Invitation ~ Gold Trim
5660TopicWTB Dhuum Soulreaper
5661TopicWTB Guild Invite to Clan Union [Uni]
5662TopicWTB Storm Daggers (Q9)
5663TopicWTB Spammable Sweet+Party
5664TopicWTB EL JORA 15E or 100k
5665TopicEnd Game Reward Trophies (Talismans, Ammys, Books, Keys)
5666TopicWTB Golden Rin Relics
5667TopicWTB BDS Channeling
5668TopicWTB bronce/silver/gold cape guild
5669TopicWtb spammable party & sweet points
5670Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5671Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5672TopicWTB Dedicated Miniature Vizu
5673TopicWTB Everlasting Gwen tonic
5674TopicWTB unded rare minis
5675TopicWTB Unded Dhuum and EL Destroyer Tonic
5676TopicWTB Salient Daggers Inc. R-9 - Value: 420
5677TopicUnded Mini Rift Warden
5678TopicWTB Amiresh's Piety and Deceitful Scepter
5679Topicq13 dryad bow
5680TopicWTB 8000 Sweet Points
5681TopicWtb obby shards fast or trade my ecto
5682TopicWTB Sweet Points
5683TopicWTB: Torm Chann Focus
5684TopicWTB > 3000 Alc points
5685TopicWTB: R9-13 Communing/Channeling
5686TopicWTB Storm & Salient Daggers
5687TopicAncient Armor Rems
5688TopicWTB Mods.
5689TopicWTB Domination BDS R12-13 (40-45e)
5690TopicWTB 4000 Zkeys
5691TopicWTB Wintergreen weapons
5692TopicWTB Unded Miniature Bone Dragon
5693TopicWTB Minipet pack
5694TopicWTB Chrysocola & Turquoise Staves! Energy Storage
5695TopicClosed:The Mad Collector
5696TopicWTB A Bunch of Stuff
5697TopicWTB Blindfold ~ 50 Diessa Chalices
5698Topic[WTB] ded Polar Bear | ded Ghostly Hero | ded Zhed!
5699Topicwtb Party Points
5700TopicWTB Q9 Domination Celestial Compass
5701TopicWTB EL Champ Of Balth Tonic
5702Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5703TopicWTB Party Points
5704Topic[WTB] Q9 Insc. Smiting Celestial Staff
5705TopicWTB inscr. q8/16 *gold* str or tac shield, any skin
5706TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5707Topicwtb dual vamp weps/ os crystallines/os shields
5708TopicWTB Destroyer Scepter & Focus (Death Magic)
5709TopicWTB 1 oppressor weapon
5710TopicI will buy your req 7 - 8 hammers
5711TopicWTB q9 Ironwing Flatbow
5712TopicWTB Max Sweet Tooth title
5713TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5714Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5715TopicWtb q13 channeling celestial compassa and froggy
5716TopicWTB: Sun and moon Shield, Stygian Reaver and more
5717TopicWTB Alcohol and Sweets
5718TopicWTB obby shards
5719TopicWTB unded mini
5720TopicWTB oppressor/tormented weapons & war supplies, crafting materials
5721TopicWTB Spam Sweets - 3,587 Points!
5722TopicWTB Silverwing Recurve Bow q11
5723TopicEL Tonic WTB List
5724TopicWTB EL Zhed Tonic 15e
5725TopicWtb oppressor weapons
5726Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5727TopicWTB 5 Stacks of Grog
5728Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5729TopicWTB: Q8 Tactics Enameled Shield
5730TopicBuying alcohol!
5732TopicWTB Alcohol
5733TopicBuying Droknar Keys in bulk, Forgotten Shield
5734Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5735TopicWTB Minipets (List inside)
5736TopicVentari's Forum Violation
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5737TopicWTB unded varesh
5738TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5739TopicWtb galigord staff
5740TopicObsi Angel Buy Thread!
5741TopicWTB q9 20/10 Jeweled Staff (double dragon skin)
5742TopicWTB ruby and Sapphire
5743TopicHippie's WTB Thread
5744TopicSilver coins
5745TopicWTB oppressor and Destroyer
5746TopicWTB Req7/15 Inscribable Shields
5747TopicBlondes WTB LIST
5748TopicVentari's Forum Volation
5749TopicWTB PowerStones and more
5750TopicWTB charr carvings, d cores,decayed orr emblems...
5751Topicwtb q9 CC Spawning Power
5752Topic20/20 Core Skin Air Staff + Water Staff
5753TopicWTB unded. Gwen Doll
5754TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5755TopicWTB Sweet Points
5756TopicWTB Unded Greased Lightning (Zippy)
5757TopicNeed low-end miniatures.
5758TopicWTB Heleyne's Insight
5759TopicWTB 200 ZKeys
5760TopicWTB Tormented Axe or Armbrace =)
5761TopicWTB Diessa Chalices
5762TopicMy minipet wishlist
5763TopicWTB Obsidian Shards
5764TopicWTB Energy Storage BDS!
5765TopicWTB: Small List of Unded Minis
5766TopicWtb primeval armor remnants
5767TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5768TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
5769Topicbuying q9 INSC shadow staves
5770TopicWTB Diessa Chalice
5771TopicWTB Necro Items
5772TopicWtb 40/40 resto set x2 40/40 - ghostly priest - eternal blade - and MORE
5773Topic20/20 curses wand
5774Topicwtb demoncrest spear req 9
5775TopicWTB old school items
5776TopicWTB Hammers or Kathandrax
5777TopicWTB Ambrace or Tormented channeling
5778TopicETERNAL shield str. insc.(gold)
5779TopicBuying all red rock candy
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5781TopicWTB 5 Titan Gemstones
5782TopicWTB BDS on Curse
5783TopicWTB : Unids
5784Topiciso death 40/40 set ,curse 40/40 set, death bds (bone dragon staff)
5785TopicWTB Prot Opressor
5786TopicBuying pre-Nerf Black dyes (old)
5789TopicAmberchunks, if you will.
5790TopicWTB Unded Bone Dragon
5791TopicB: HOM WEAPONS + Unded Polar Bear
5792TopicWTB r9 insc magmas arm
5793TopicWTB Q9 inscribable Ceremonial Spear
5795Topicdedicated Minis
5796TopicWTB Superb Charr Carvings
5797TopicWTB unded minis!
5798TopicUnded Minipets
5799TopicEl Henchman Tonic [Female only]
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5800TopicFlints WTB Ghostly Chan Staff & Rare bows
5801TopicWTB Air Froggy.
5802TopicWTB Oppressor staff
5803TopicWTB a couple of Tormented weapons & measure for measure inscriptions
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5804TopicClosed for early bump
5805Topicclosed, early bump.
5806TopicWTB 40/40 Heal Set
5807TopicWTB Droks Key / Droknar's Restoration Scepter
5808TopicWTB Guild Gold cape
5809TopicWTB 150 Armbraces of Truth
5810TopicWTB 40/40 restoration set
5811TopicWTB: Crude Shields | Any Skin Req7 Dualmod Shields | Req7/8 Swords/Axes/Hammers
5812TopicWTB Diamonds and Onyx Gemstones
5813TopicWTB Q9 Oni Blade; insc or +5e
5814TopicWTB Celestial Staff
5815TopicWTB 40/40 sets, and other things
5816TopicBuying: Ancient Scythe/Draconic Scythe
5817TopicWTB Q9 Channeling BDS
5818TopicClosed due to early bump
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5819TopicWTB 95 obsidian shards 3k each
5820Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5821TopicWTB Healing frog scepter
5822TopicQ9 Energy Storage Frog Scepter
5823TopicWTT Alcohol : Spammable Sweets (1:1)
5824Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5825Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5826TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger
5827TopicWTB Unded Minis
5828TopicWTT Zkeys for Armbrace
5829TopicWTB White Dyes.
5830Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5831TopicWTB Greenies
5832TopicWTB birthday minis for HoM
5833TopicHoM Stuff + Mo Zing
5834Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5835TopicWtb weapon mods
5836TopicZodiac Weps
5837TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger
5838TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5840TopicWTB Trophies @ Twice Merchant Price
5841Topicsilencing mod for bow
5842TopicWTB Rago's Flamestaff
5844TopicBuying Two Opressor's Long Bows
5845TopicEnvoy Scythe
5846TopicWTB -2/stance -2/ench shield.
5847TopicWTB 18% VS charr Bow mod in Pre searing
5848TopicWTB 100+ Z-keys 4.5k each
5849TopicWTB Frog Scepters and CC's on many attributes!
5850TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5851TopicWTB Plant Fiber
5853TopicGrog/Kegs/Firewater Stacks
5854TopicWTB 17 Golden Rin Relic
5855TopicSuperb Charr Carvings 200g each
5856TopicWTB Oppressors Earth Staff
5857Topicq9/10 estorage bds
5858TopicWTB Oppressor Staff
5859TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5860TopicWTB 5/ea Ancient and Stolen Sunspear Hero Armor
5861TopicWTB Oppressor's Sprear or Channeling Staff
5862TopicWTB Kraken Eyes and Truffels
5863TopicWTB Shield Mods
5864Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5865Topicwtb Rago's Greens
5866TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5867TopicWTB: Spawning Crystal Flame or Astral Staffs
5868TopicWtb a heal bds
5869TopicWTB undedicated mini bone dragon
5870TopicWTB Party/Drunkard/Sweet
5871TopicWTB Heleyne's Insight staff
5872TopicWTB unded Elf and Freezie
5873TopicWTB:Crème Brûlées
5874TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5875TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5876TopicWTB q12 VS and q11 Silverwing.
5877TopicWTB Q8 Jade Sword
5878TopicWTB unded common miniatures (white miniatures - cheap)
5879TopicWTB Holy Branch 20/20 Smiting
5880TopicWTB R9 Aegis/Shield of the Wing or Crude Shield Non-Inscrip
5881TopicMod Please Close
5882Topicwtb outcast shield -2e +XX^wE
5883TopicWTB Unded Mini Oni & Yeti
5884TopicWTB EL Beetle Juice Tonic
5885TopicWTB Trade Contracts
5886TopicAureate Blade
5887TopicWtb Axe/Sword/Hammer Req9 15^50 |Dual Vamp Oldschool GOLD
5888TopicWTB Hanaku's Focus
5889TopicWTB 16 al q8 Tactics Spiked Targe
5890TopicCanthan Cleaver +5e
5891TopicWTB Kormab's Prism & Lushivahr's Prism
5892TopicWTB Wintergreen Weapons
5893TopicWTB Kath Hammers (179)
5894TopicWTB Oppressor Scythe
5895TopicMad King Guard Ded/Unded
5896TopicClosed: WTB Tanzit's Defender
5897TopicWTB Q9 Emerald Blade
5898TopicWTB Armbrace of Truth 22e
5899TopicWtb q13 vs
5900TopicEternal Blade q13
5901TopicWTB +10 armor vs Demons shield
5902TopicWTB: Eye of Argon
5903TopicParty Beacons
5904TopicWTB Air Froggy + Air CC
5905TopicWTB Chaos Axe Q12-13 inscr
5906TopicWTB OS Sword Sundering 10/10
5907TopicWTB +10vs demons -2/enchant shield
5908TopicWTB Unids 7/5k
5909TopicWTB Obscure Greens
5910TopicWTB Bladed Shield demons
5911TopicThe Windcatcher (Green)
5912TopicWTB Obsidian Shards - 3K each
5913Topicclosed, bought ingame
5914TopicEl Ooze Tonic
5915TopicWTB Vampiric Scythe mod
5916TopicWTB Sweets (3077 points remaining)
5917TopicWTB spam Alcohol, Sweets and Party Points
5918TopicWTB an R9 Strength Shadow Shield, & Oppressor's weapons.
5919TopicBought, please close.
5920TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5921Topicr12/13 Celestial Compass - Elementalist/Mesmer/Monk
5923TopicWTB Equine Aegis (7/15 Tac & 8/16 Com), More Command Shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5924TopicWTB: Miniature Rift Warden
5925Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5926TopicDrago's Flatbow
5927TopicWTB Alchohol
5929TopicWTB any req heal BDS
5930Topicwtb celestial compass curses
5931TopicWTB alcohols
5932TopicGhostly Staff
5933Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5934TopicWTB hero armor reminents
5935TopicCika's Weird WTB list
5936TopicWTB Zkeys, unded Black Moa
5937Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5939Topicq13 Heal Froggy
5940TopicWTB Booze, Party, Sweet Points
5941TopicWTB Q8 Bows and a little bit of other stuff
5942Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5943TopicWTB ONI BLADE +5e
5944TopicWTB: bramble flatbow
5945TopicWTB Firebrand Staff
5946TopicWTB Q9 Tac Draconic Aegis
5947TopicBuying ALL GRANITE HAMMERS - Pcons - Conset Materials
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5948TopicWtB Gold Zaishen Coins
5949TopicWTB Q9 Canthan 15^50 Swords
5950TopicWTB Q7 tac shields
5951TopicWTB 20/20 channeling Plagueborn Staff
5952TopicWTB Silverwing Bow q9 max dmg
5953TopicDrunkard Points
5954TopicWTB > Spear - Spirit of the Forgotten
5955TopicWtb stack superb charr carving
5956TopicWTB Skree Wings
5957TopicWTB Party points!
5958Topicwtb: wayward wands
5959TopicWtb tormented shiels or armbrace and demonic aegis q9
5960TopicAmber Chunks
5961TopicEternal Blade
5962Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5963TopicZodiac prot staff and tac shields
5964TopicDed Ghostly Hero
5965TopicWTB 11 Sapphires
5966TopicWTB All your Unded Mini's
5967Topicwtb death bds and curse plat wand
5968TopicWTB rubies and sapphires!
5969TopicWTB undedicated Vizu
5970TopicWTB Alcohol
5971TopicWTB silvercoins
5972TopicWTB Sweet title points
5973TopicWTB 5 Sapphires, 3 Rubies and a Tormented Str Shield
5974TopicReq8 Oldschool Daggers
5975TopicWTB Red/Blue Rock Candy
5976TopicWtb vs high req
5977Topicwtb el transmorgrifier
5978TopicWTB Spear of the Hierophant
5979TopicWtb domination frog + celestial compass high req
5980TopicWTB Q12/13 Prot BDS
5981TopicWTB Tribal Shield (effigy)
5982TopicWTB Unded Gwen Doll
5983TopicWTB 6000 Party points
5984TopicBrimstone, Kindlerock
5986TopicWTB Spammable Sweet Points
5987TopicWTB War in Kryta Green Weapons
5988TopicWTB Unique Green-Moteh's Lightning Spire
5989TopicWTB Iboga Petals
5990TopicWTB Q9 Dryad Bow.
5991Topicwtb stacks of alcohol!
5992TopicVentari's Forum Violation
5993TopicWTB: Rajazan's Fervor
5994TopicWTB Destroyer / Opp weapons.
5995TopicWTB Q9 Demon Fangs
5996TopicWTB 44 Rin Relics 2z keys Each
5997Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
5998TopicWTB Channeling Tormented Sceptre/Focus
5999TopicWTB Diessa Chalices
6000TopicWTB: List of minipets cheap
6001TopicWTB Everlasting Henchman Tonic
6002TopicWar Mods
6003TopicWTB 6 Golden RIn Relics
6004Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6005TopicVentari's Forum Violation
6006TopicWTB Req8 Sword Aerowind, Desolation, Longsword, Celestial
6007TopicWTB r9 Zodiac Energy Storage Staff
6008Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6009TopicBuying Req 8 or 9 fellblade
6010TopicMy shopping list! Rare golds! NEW: looking for consumables :)
6012Topicwtt celestial compass
6013TopicWTB Q9 Crystalline Sword
6014TopicWTT ectos for rubies/sapphires
6015TopicWTB 5.5k Alcohol 100g per point
6016Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6017TopicWtt my ectos for z keys
6018TopicWTB Deldrimor Talismans
6019TopicWTB list - Mods, Inscriptions
6020TopicWTB Tormented Curses Focus
6021TopicWTB 1 Q8/15 Tactics Shield
6022TopicWTB Righteous Fury, Furious Spear Head
6023Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6024TopicWTB Cobalt Staff
6025Topicclose please
6026TopicVentari's Forum Violation
6027TopicWTB Greens List
6028Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6029TopicWtb armbraces
6030TopicWTB Enameled Shield <
6031TopicLots of minis!
6032Topicbuying req7 tactics 15 armor insc shields
6033TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger
6034TopicWTB Rubies, Sapphires, Trade Contracts
6035Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6036TopicDestroyer sword, daggers, staff, maul, bow 7e
6037TopicWTB silver zcoins
6038TopicWTB imperial commendations
6039TopicWTB Hammers of Kathandrax (X73)
6042Topicwtb el gwen
6043TopicWTB DUAL VAMP 1h weps|-50hp CESTA
6044TopicWTB list
6045TopicVentari's Guideline Violation
6046Topicwtb unded vizu or zhed or shiroken
6047TopicWTB 100 Armbraces > Fereos WTB List
Pages: 1, 2, 3
6048TopicWTB Obsidian shards
6049TopicPls Close
6050TopicWTB Air Prism and Voltaic Wand
6052Topicunded bone dragon
6053Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6054TopicWTB Ded Naga
6055TopicWTB champ' title
6056TopicWTB Death Frog Scepter
6057TopicNeed some items(paying well):
6058TopicWTB -> Frog Scepter / Celestial Compass (Curse)
6059TopicWTB Oppressor weapon
6060Topicwtb Vetaura's Harbinger
6061TopicWTB +10 vs Plants shields
6062TopicAir Frog Scepter (High req) | Water Celestial Compass
6063Topicwtb Oppressor Weaps
6064TopicZodiac, BDS, Platinum staff
6065TopicWTB Oppressor Weapons 50k Per
6066TopicWTB Heavy Equipement Pack
6067TopicWTB Full Drunkard Title
6068TopicFilling out my HoM and other misc items
6069TopicWTB Hammer of Kathandrax
6070TopicQ8/ar15 insc tact shield
6071TopicWTB: Q9 In Eternal Bow 70k Q9 Clockwork Scythe 80k
6072TopicWTB Ded Ghostly Mini + EL Ghostly Tonic
6073TopicWTB 5 Bog Skale Fins
6074TopicVentari's Forum Violation
6075TopicWTB Wintergreen shield
6076TopicHydro's WTB threat; pcons etc
6077TopicWTB Hammers of Kathandrax
6078TopicVentari's Forum Violation
6079TopicPlatinum staff 20/20 Death
6080Topicwtb lvl 1 alcohol
6081TopicWTB Dorian Unded
6082Topicwtb energy storage torm scepter
6083TopicWTB oldschool dual mod shield -2we +10 armor
6084TopicWTB : Great Conch, we all loves raptors <3
6086Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6087TopicWTB Healing Jug/Fan and other monk items
6088TopicWintergreen Spear
6089TopicWTB mini peackeeper,rift warden,EL hero and champ tonic !
6090TopicWTB Mini Polar Bear
6091Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6092TopicWTB Q8 Chaos Axe
6093TopicWTB trade contracts
6094TopicWTB 10.000 mins (alc,party)
6095TopicWTB: Gold Zaishen Coins (5)
6096TopicWTB r9 Demoncrest Spear and r9 Draconic Aegis
6097TopicWTB 250 superb charr carvings
6098TopicWTB Stack of D-Cores!
6099Topicded panda
6101TopicWTB Zaishen Keys Bulk
6102TopicWTB Menzes' Influence
6103TopicWtb sweeeeeeeeeets
6105TopicBuying Elite Assassin tomes and others
6106TopicWTB EL Tonic
6107TopicWtb unded vizu+polarbear
6108TopicWTB "Forget Me Not" inscription
6109TopicWTB q11/12/13 frog heal
6110Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6111Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6112TopicPew's WTB (q9 +5e Eternal Bow, Water CC etc)
6113TopicWTB Eaglecrest Axe/Clockwork Scythe/Dryad Bow
6114TopicWTB outcast staffs
6115TopicWTB 3 Book of Secrets or 3 Eyes of the Forgotten and 4 Kerrsh's Staff
6116TopicWTB Vetaura's Harbinger
6117Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6118TopicWTB hrt Paper Fan
6119Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6120TopicBuying unded unique mini
6121Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6122TopicWTB Q8/9 Amber Aegis
6123TopicWtb >plant fibers<
6124TopicWTB Mats/Pcons/mods/various
6125TopicWtb unded minis
6126TopicWTTEctos for Sapphires and Rubbies!
6127TopicWTB Embercrest staff.
6128TopicWTB: Q9- Voltaic spear and Amethyst Aegis
6129Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6130Topicweapon mods
6131TopicHigh Req Dom BDS
6132Topicwtb q9 Frog Scepter (heal)
6133TopicWTB Bone Dragon Staff (Necro)
6134TopicWTB Q7-8 Longsword, Q8 Handaxe, Q7-8 15-16def tact shield
6135TopicVentari's Forum Violation
6136TopicDeath magic bone dragon staff
6137TopicWTB Party, Sweet & Alcohol Points - 125g per point
6138Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
6139TopicWTB Obsidian Shards
6140TopicWtb q9 15^50 Colossal Pick
6141Topicdroknar keys
6142TopicWTB Smiting Staff of Purity or Platinum Staff