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Old May 29, 2016, 03:05 AM // 03:05   #1
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Default DOA Gothic Defender

I am looking to purchase a Gothic Defender with DOA mods on it...

Meaning I want:

q9-13 Tactics
Armor +10 vs Demons
Received Physical Damage -2/enchanted

I am looking for a price check on Gothic Defenders with these mods so I know what to pay if I find one.

Hopefully it is OK to post a price check like this, didn't find anything against it in the rules.

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Old May 29, 2016, 03:16 AM // 03:16   #2
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you are fine when you post asking for scenarios likes this.

Q9 tactics you are looking at 700e+
q10 400e or so
Q11 200-250e
q12 150-200e
q13 50-125e

that is what i would say but again i could be completely wrong,

I sold a q11 for like 175e around half a year ago if that helps.
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Old May 29, 2016, 05:56 AM // 05:56   #3
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I'd add a thousand ectos at least to the r9. I sold a r9 doa tall shield with the same mods recently for 60a.
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Old May 29, 2016, 03:42 PM // 15:42   #4
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Gotta agree with max. q9 tac demon ench shields are stupidly overpriced. Like even more than q8 +5e stuff.

Q10+ you're probably right though I could see the q10 gettin 500e
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