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1TopicRare Inscription Skins Price Guide. Summer 2014
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2TopicMinipet & Everlasting Tonic Price Guide Updated june 2012
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3TopicConsumables Price Guide
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4TopicNotice Regarding Trades in Price Check
5Topic<<< F.A.Q. - Questions & Answers NEW September 2012 >>>
6Topic<<< Ventari's Corner Guidelines - NEW September 2012 >>>
7Topic** LINK HERE! For All Other Price Check Guides **
8Topicq8 daggers 15^50 cere and jade
9TopicOS Celestial Daggers & Healing Ankh
10TopicDryad Bow req9
11TopicOld q10 15^50 crystalline
12TopicQ9 Emblazoned & Q9 Magmas
13Topic[PC] Purple Crystalline [Non Max]
14TopicQ8 crude
15TopicOS Bows, Wand, Focus, Hammer
16TopicInventory PC
17TopicVS and some CC
18Topiccrystalline 20% ench
19TopicPC Jug
20Topic5/13 equine
21Topicperfect r9 sss
22TopicFire Staff q9 20/20 Cantha
23Topicpc water platinum wand
24TopicOS: Dual Mod Shields, Swords, Axes, Hammers
25TopicEagle Defender q8/16 (Moti) insc gold
26Topicalmost epic koi scepter
27TopicPre-Nerf Hornbow(Longbow Skin)/HoD Sword
28TopicSome drops
29TopicBDS Domination
30Topicgrandmaster treasure stuff
31Topic20/19 Plat staff
32TopicSome celestial and other stuff
33Topicq8 defender
34TopicCele Scepter
35TopicOS Magmas Shields and a Skull Shield ~ Please help
36TopicOS Gladius q9 15/-1
37TopicPC couple OS (pre-nerf ??) items
38TopicQ8 Gold Insc Starfish Focus
39TopicLot of OS Weapons
40TopicPC magmas shield req9
41TopicMy old Storm bow
42Topicclean purple crysta
43Topicq9 DUAL VAMP Colossal pick
44TopicPC OS Fiery Dragon Sword
45Topicpc q9 +15% Dual Vamp Amber Longbw
46TopicBladed Shield and Idol
47Topicq4/12 tactics shield
48Topicpc os inscribed chakram, bone staff
49TopicPC on Baneful Scepter pls
50TopicPC Wand and +5 energy sword
51TopicRandom OS Weapons and Shields
52TopicPc on some oldschool stuff
53Topic+10vs Demons Shields
54TopicPC OS Q10 Echovald Shield
55TopicPC Amber Aegis
56Topicmoar PCs (q8 Chaos Axe, 20/20 Plat, High Ene Plat-Scepter, Bladed,...)
57TopicGold q7/15 Tactics Skull Shield
58Topic20/20 Wand
59TopicQ9 Koi Scepter Dualmod
60TopicDeep drops
61TopicR8 items
62Topic12/4 bladed + q13 illu froggy
63TopicShadow Staff Q9 Illu 20/10
64TopicPurple Crysta
65TopicPronged Fan
66TopicQ8 Broadsword 15^50
67Topicq8/16 skull shield
68TopicQ8 Skeleton Shield
69TopicAstral Staff
70TopicOS Gothic axes
71TopicKrytan Axes
72TopicFew PC's
73TopicPC on some gold items
74TopicQ10 tac Crude dualmod
75TopicFire & Insectoid staff
76TopicSpiral Rod 10/9
77Topic+9 Demons Shields
78TopicBladed Shield r11 str +30hp / -2Enchanted
79TopicLF PC SHIELD (undead and q8)
80TopicPlagueborn Shield +10 vs demons
81TopicPc Oucast Shield + More Os Shields
82TopicPC Summit Axe
83TopicPc some Os dualmod shields
84TopicSome chestrun drops
85TopicWorth Anything or Trash?
86TopicAmber Staff Q12 DF 20/20 Heal
87TopicDOA Gothic Defender
88Topicos stuff
89TopicPriceCheck for a few Dual Mod,low Req and other Items i found on my Alt`s
90TopicEchovald and low req OS Shields
91Topica few mesmer wands/foci
92TopicMagmas q9
93TopicPC Plagueborn // Echovald
94TopicPC Storm Bow & CC
95TopicSkull Shield q12 Tac -2ench/+10demons
96TopicNew PC pls
97TopicPC Dark Tendril Staff q9 20/20 + Bladed + q8 Cesta
98TopicSmiting Staff Q9 20/20
99TopicCockatrice Staff
100TopicQ12 Tac Ornate Buckler
101TopicPlagueborn Sword
102Topicpc Q9 comm fobidden 20/10
103Topicq9 Magmas
104TopicPC Amber staff 20/20 death magic
105TopicPC on echovald eternal ...
106TopicOS Dual Wands\Focuses
107Topicpc on Staff and scepter pls
108TopicCele staff Q9
109Topicos magmas
110TopicPC on my unded minis
111TopicPC on a Bo & Dragon Staff
112TopicSWS -2st Heal +1(20%) Added 2 more
113Topicq9tac Outcast
114Topic20/20 Staff
115TopicBo Staff Q9 Domination 20/20
Pages: 1, 2, 3
116TopicDivine 20/20 Heal Outcast + Dualmod Koi Scepter
117TopicClosed. Thx for the help.
118TopicWingblade - q8
119TopicCanthan Hand Axe +5e, plus a couple other OS Items
120TopicPC on some OS items and Froggies.
121TopicDual Mod Aegis
122TopicPC on Bladed Shield
123TopicPC Zodiac staff q10 DF 20/20 heal
125TopicPC on my random findings
126Topicnew price check
127TopicPeacekeeper Enforcer
129TopicPC Weapons
130TopicPC BDS and Froggy
131TopicPC on OS Mursaat Hornbow pls
132TopicLooking for a PC
134Topicsome demon shield and other for pc
135TopicPc q9 oni blade / zodiac shield
136Topicq9 +10 vs Demons Shield
137TopicPc on some OS Shield
138TopicPC on plagueborn staff
139TopicPC on q9 DF Dragon Staff 20/10
140TopicPC q9 domination Cane 20/19
141TopicPC 20/20 staves, SwS, dwarven and more...
142TopicOS 20/20 Wand & Shield
143Topic19/19 gazing and 20/19 water spirit rod
144TopicPC 20\20 staves
145TopicPC Wands / Shield
146TopicPc weapons insc and uninsc
147TopicPC on 30 items pls (mostly OS)
148TopicPC Crytalline swords
149TopicDivine Staff 20/20prot
151TopicPC Q8 Mursaat Hornbow
152TopicReturning Player - need help Zodiac Weapons
153TopicQ8 max gold Air Prism inscrip
154Topicpc on some os items
155Topicpc old things
156Topicq9 celestial staves
157TopicPC multiple unisc celestial items
158TopicPC Ominous Eidolon
159TopicPC Dragon Staff 20/20
160TopicPC on a bunch of old stuff
161Topicshield with +curses, a deadly cesta and a plagueborn staff
162TopicQ12 Earth 20/20 Zodiac Staff
163TopicNew item to pc
164TopicPC q8 Dead Bow 15^50
166TopicOS Ornate Buckler -2^sta dom+1(19%)
167TopicNoob Question: golden named weapons.
169TopicPC on some weapons and minis
170TopicPC Ornate Buckler
171TopicPC for some leftovers pls
172TopicQ9 str bladed shield +1/20 smite +43/ench
173TopicPC: Q8 Aegis / +10 vs Demons Emblazoned ...
174TopicPC crysta dryad froggy oni daggers ...
175TopicOS Shields
176TopicPC Shadow blade
177TopicPC q9 shadow staff illusion
178TopicPC plague staff 20/20 & Ornate shield
179Topicq10Tac Echovald +1/20Prot +30
180TopicModerate List of DEDICATED Miniatures - Sell, Give Away or Trash?
181TopicOld Player - Are miniatures still worth selling?
182TopicPC Demons Bladed, q8 15^50 wps, OS staves..
183Topicpc holy staff 20/20
184Topicgold mini pig undedicated
185TopicPC q13 20/20 prot holy rod
186Topicq10 tac Wooden Buckler
187TopicChromium Shards
188TopicPC on OS Q8 Shield
189TopicPC Q9 Oni Blade 15^50
190TopicDual zealous and perf embossed aegis
191TopicPC on some things
192TopicPC on some caster swords and more
193TopicPlagueborn 20/20
194TopicPC on some weapons and minis
195TopicPC Staffs Fire 20/20 Ded Minis / Q8 Shield
196TopicPC q9 Amber aegis demons
197TopicPre-nerf vampiric sword hilt
198Topic15/7 Tribal Shield (Command)
199Topicgold Weapons/shields that doesn't have max dmg/ar
200TopicPC q9 DF Ghostly 20/20 Healing
201TopicOS Shields
202Topicq11 divine staff
203TopicPC on ded collector's minis
204TopicPC on Some Stuff
205TopicPc Os Staves
206TopicPlatinum Staves 20/20
207TopicSharktooth Shield 7/15 Tactics
208TopicHexed Echovald
209TopicKamas Q8 7-17 Value ?
210TopicGothic q9 tac
211TopicSword and staffs
212TopicOS sunder mods - weird random OS items
213TopicA few q8 Blue Insc Offhands
214TopicPerfect Req9 Round Shield
215TopicPre-searing weapons PC
216TopicPC EL Tonic Ghostly Hero
217Topicr9 divine staff
218Topicq9 OS 15^50 Gothic Sword and Q9 Dragon Staff Curses
219TopicPC Demons Gothic
220TopicPrenerf Ghostlystaff
221TopicPC on OS celestial sword
222TopicPC plz shadow staff 20\20
223TopicUnded Shiroken & ded Oni
224Topicpc on blue r8 shield
225TopicCanthan Hand axe q9 15^50
226TopicPc os shield
227TopicPC fds & naga bow
228Topicq8 hornbow mursaat skin
229TopicOS Shields
230TopicPC on some OS
231TopicPrice Checking Birthday Loot (Pre Searing)
232TopicPC: Gloom
233Topic19/20 bo staff
234TopicPC on few weird items
235TopicHigh-Req OS Weapons
236TopicEchovald Shield
237TopicPc on Oni Blade
238Topicneed a PC on some minis and EL tonics
239Topicpc gothic shield
240TopicDifferent OS-Items
241Topicos shields
242TopicPC tall shield vs plants
243TopicPC Req 8 Jade Sword 15% Stance
244TopicPC Bladed Shiels
245TopicPC q12 Eternal Blade
246TopicPC on PreSearing 18% vs Char Bow mod
247Topicdouble zealous
248TopicPC some OS items
249TopicSome Stuff
251Topicq9 Healing Ankh 10/10
252Topicr8 20 while hexed swords
253Topicinteresting holy rod
254TopicPC OS zodiac scepter please
255TopicChaos Axe q8, Echovald q9 Tac, OS Spears & Scythe
256TopicPrice check Golden Phoenix blades +others
257TopicDragon Staff
258Topic3 OS weapons prices
259TopicOni Daggers +5e
260TopicOS Accursed Staff Q10 20/20
261TopicPC on some vs Demons Shields
262Topic+30hp -2wSt
263Topicq5 tac +10 vs demons
265TopicMursaat Hammer
266TopicPC Gothic Sword
267TopicPC on two OS items
268TopicOS Defender Q12 Dual Mods
269Topicpc OS q7 tac reinforced buckler
270TopicPC some demon items
271TopicPC Eternal Shield
272TopicPc on these please.
273Topicneed price on some nice OS stuff
274TopicPC on Mursaat Hammer
275TopicP/C Ded Ghostly and EL Ghostly
277TopicR8 14% over 50 and other stuffz
278TopicPC Birthday Gifts and Vouchers
279Topicq10 tac ornate +10 demons -5/20
280Topicpc: 20/20 OS Bo Staff q10 firemagic
281TopicPC Zaishen Drops
282Topicq9 Tact Gothic Defender +10blunt -5dmg (20%)
283Topic20/20 plat staves+dragon/q9tac perf bladed
284TopicPC on some dusty stuff
285TopicPC on 20/10 Raven Staff
286TopicPC on more chest run stuff
287TopicPC: q8 Gold Anhk
288Topicp/c tall shield :)
289TopicR8 15^50 Flamberge
290Topicpc on q10 smiting staff 20/20 OS
291TopicNeed some more pc's on my "luck"
292TopicPC check on OS shields
293TopicThree Dual Mod Shields
294Topiccore wands
295TopicCurses 20/20 Outcast staff q10
296Topicq9 Celestial Staff
297TopicUndedicated Shiro
298TopicPC on 3 shields: 2x shadow and gothic defender
299TopicPc on Os Shields - Staves - Mursaat Hammer
300Topic20/20 Dragon Staff
301TopicPC on OS Q9 Celestial Axe +5e
302TopicPrice Check on some OS Q8-Q10's & Unded Vizu
303TopicNeed some PC
304TopicTwo more demon shields...
305TopicNon-Max Storm Daggers
306TopicPC or 19/19 wand & vs undead shield
307TopicEchovald Shield
308TopicQ10 20/19 fire Dragon Staff
309TopicPC q8 +12focus
310TopicPC Caster shields, 10/+30 Shields, q7 sword..
311TopicPC Inscribed Chakram q8 insc.
312TopicMini Rush in and price check
313TopicRandom Chest Drops
314TopicLesser Dark Scimitar Q8 blue inscr
315TopicRandom items from VQs
316Topicq9 os cane domination
317TopicBladed q9 Demons
318Topicr9 divine icicle staff
319TopicPC q8 fiery gladius max dmg blue
320TopicOS celestial shields and OS 20/20 staffs
321TopicQ9 +10 Demon Shields
322TopicOS crysta demon shield & +5e weps
323TopicPC many OS - Katana, Colossal Pick, Jade Staff
324TopicOS Zodiac Stuff
325TopicQ8 Divine 10/10 holy staff
326TopicPC - OS Eternal Shield, Accursed Icon
327TopicPC on mostly Gyala chestrun stuff
328TopicPc celestial shield dual mode
329TopicPC on BDS Q10 RESTORATION (perfect modded)
330Topicq9 Crystaline
331TopicPC: q13 Aegis
332Topic-2 +10 shields And Demon Protective Icon
333TopicPC Q8 & Q9 items
334Topicq8 str darkwing and q8 15^50 fds
335Topicq7/15 summit warlord shield
336TopicPC OS & Q8 gold inscr
337TopicPC chest run stuff
338Topicsome +10 vs creature/damage type shields
339TopicSome OS shields
340TopicPre-Nerf 10/10 Outcast
341TopicPC Q9 Zodiac Bow
342Topicp/c gothic defender
343TopicPc os shield !
344TopicPC for some crap pls
345TopicPC OS Rares
346TopicQ9 OS Dead Bow
347TopicPC OS q9 Stuff
348TopicPC Q9 Zodiac Daggers
349Topicq8 Gladius
350TopicPC on some OS stuff pretty please <3
351TopicP/C kishin mini, bone dragon mini, and more!
352TopicOS items
353TopicOS q9 Zodiac Shield Dual Mod
354TopicPC on non inscription celestial hammer
355Topicq9-13 echovald shield
356TopicQ8 eternal bows
357TopicPC ghostly staff and os shield
358TopicPC OS q6 hammer 15^50 16-27
360TopicPC Q8 Bone Staff Q9Celestial Scepter
361TopicPC q8 ceremonial daggers OS [CLOSE PLEASE]
362TopicRush in and Price check
363Topic20/20 Oldschool staffs and Daodao Sword +5 energy
364TopicInherent HCT/HSR Zodiac staff and some other q9/+ stuff
365TopicPlagueborn Staff Q11 Fire 20/20
366TopicPc on some Stuff i have in my Storage ;)
368TopicTriple Mod Wand
369TopicPC on dualmod echovalds/gothics
370TopicPC Outcast Shield Q9
371TopicOS q8 Zodiacs
372TopicPC on some prenerf 2005 weapons
373Topicpc minis and EL tonic
374TopicPC on some minis
375Topic10/10 oldschool and a few others
376TopicPC holy staff 20/10
377TopicPC wooden buckler q8 emblazoned vs demons
378TopicPC os shadow shield 10vs unded+27hp
379Topicr9 20/20 holy staff
380TopicOS defender
381TopicSome OS stuff New stuff
382TopicPC +10/+30 Shield, q8 & q9 15/-1 Battlepick
383TopicPC Grawl, Ceratdon, BDS
384TopicPC on a few OS items
385TopicRush in and Price check (Purple Crystaline and low req shield)
386TopicQ10 tac diamond +10 vs light -2wE
387TopicBo Staff q9 Earth
388TopicZodiac Sword
389TopicPC insc Q8 and Q7 items Blue
390TopicPaper Fan q9 Spawning
391TopicPC Jeweled Chakram q8 10/10
392Topicc l o s e d
393TopicPC Kamas q5
394Topicpc colossal pick plagueborn axe
395TopicSome OS Stuff
396Topicos r9 defender/a few warlords/r8 jug/r8 longbow
397TopicPC Amber Aegis, BDS and other stuff (Pic added)
398TopicOS items
399TopicPC Os weapons
400TopicPC Oni Blades, echo, dual vamp zodiac
401TopicPC OS Stormbow and othet stuff
402TopicFew OS Items :)
403TopicPC Echo +10 blunt -2 ench Q12 Tact
404TopicPC Staves
405TopicPC OS Zodiac Shield pls
406TopicCelestial shield OS
407TopicNice OS Echo Shield PC Please
408TopicFellblade OS
409TopicPC Echovald and Fellblade pls
410TopicPC Gloom Shield Collection!
411Topicq9 Deadly Cesta +5e enchant 20% HCT
412TopicGothic q10 15^50
413Topiclow req non max inscr shields
414TopicQ13 energy crysta
415TopicDragon Staff Q9 Earth 20/20
416TopicA Few Pcs Please
417TopicPC q10 Strength Eternal Shield Double mod
418Topicq11 Earth Magic BDS
419TopicOS Stormbows and q8 Wooden Buckler + some other stuff
420TopicPC demon shield
421TopicOrnate Shield q9 str.
422TopicPC : Oni Blade q10 15^50
423TopicNeed some P-Cs pls
424TopicPc q9 dom 20/10 Zodiac Staff
425TopicQ8 Long Sword
426TopicP/C Clean q11 Crysta
427TopicPC : Echovald q11tact -2/ench +27hp
428TopicPC q7:15 str ebonhand aegis blue
429TopicPC: Fiery Gladius Q8 insc 15-21dmg blue
430TopicEmblazoned Defender q11 Tactic Dualmod
431TopicNeed some Price-Checks on different Things
432TopicQ8/9 Wands, Offhands, Staves etc.
433TopicBladed Shield Q7 Armor 12 Dualmod
434TopicQ8 +5e Platinum Blade
435TopicVS, BDS and more.
436TopicOS Q9 Shadow Shield STRENGTH
437TopicPc Echovald Shield q10 tactics +30hp -5/20%
438TopicGhostly Staff
439TopicWhite Reaver, Crude Axe, Serpent Axe
440TopicPC Eternal Shield and more weapons
441TopicPC things
442TopicQ8 shields
443TopicR8 Caster Eternal Blade
444TopicPC OS Gladius q8 and some over stuff
445TopicHealing Ankh
446TopicScythe q8 d'image 9-40
447TopicOS q10 Tac Amber Aegis
448TopicOS q9 Plagueborn Staff Spawning
449TopicMiniature Oni
450Topickatana q9 15^50 os and bo staff
451Topicnew items to pc
452Topicupdate* Chaos Axe, Wands, Shields
453TopicPC OS and no OS many weapons
454TopicOS Blue bow 15^50 + 3 mods (non max)
455TopicLovely Summits (Stone & Warlord)
456TopicPC Os Straw Effigy ES, Zodiac Staff
458Topicr13 communing 20/20 raven staff
459TopicOS 20/20 Q9 earth ghostly staff
460TopicPrice Check Q9 str OS shadow shield
461TopicPC: Dual Vamp Jade Sword
464TopicPC on a bunch Q9 OS things.
465Topicq8 tac enchant shield
466TopicPC 4 weapons
467TopicPC on 20/20 domi staff and +5e sword
468TopicPC on q10 str Guardian of the Hunt
469Topicprice check
470TopicPC celestial staff
471TopicPC old school jade sword q9 15^50
472TopicSome unded minis and EL
473TopicClear out
474TopicAptitude Not Attitude
475TopicThis crude.
476TopicPC on q8 Healing Ankh
477Topicos q8 Longbow
478Topicq11 +29 -2ench Bronze Shield + grape q10 14^50 Dwarven Axe
479Topicr8 purple insc wooden chakram/blue low req insc daggers
480Topicq9 15^50 White Reaver OS
481TopicPC on OS Magmas R8's maybe will add more Thanks
482TopicQ8 Gold staff
483TopicOS Healing Ankh, Shadow Blade, Dragon Staff
484TopicGold Q9 Crenellated Sword: Damage +15% Energy Regen-1
485TopicOS q12 str Eternal Shield +45/ench, +10 vs pierce.
486TopicZealous War Hammer of Tenguslaying (weird mods)
487TopicPC q8/15 -2st +30HP Skele Shield
488TopicPC Q5 Inscr Kamas 6-13
489TopicQ6 OS Tactic +10vs dem -5/20% Armor:12 Tall Shield
490Topicpc stacks & minis
491TopicPC on EL mischievous tonic
492TopicPrice Check
493TopicQ9 cc
494TopicSome uncommon items
495TopicRush in and Price check v 2.0 (prenerf castershield and 19/20 Donimation wand)
496TopicPC Gold Q6 Insc Icon
497TopicRecurve Bow
498TopicPerfect uninscr. q9 Raven Staff
499TopicPC Some Old Stuff (White Scythe, Amber, Shadow)
500TopicEchovald Shield
501Topicos fire staff
502TopicOs Shields/ Froggys
503TopicOS Tower Shield
504TopicQ8 Oni daggers
505TopicOS Items (Crys, Jitte, Fellblade)
506Topiceternal long wingblade
507TopicSundering Crystalline Sword of Fortitude
508Topicsome items
509TopicShadow Blade perfect dual vamp
510TopicFiery Blade Gold q6 dmg:6-23 insc
511Topicsome os stuff and some inscr stuff
512TopicFiery Blade Gold q6 dmg:6-23 insc
513TopicOS Earth Scroll Q9 20/10
514TopicFew OS items
515TopicPC - 14/6tac Gold Sharktooth
516Topicbostaff q12 smite 20/20
517TopicMausoleum Scythes
518TopicPlagueborn Items
519TopicShields +9 vs demons
521Topicq6 crude shield
523TopicPlagueborn Shield
524TopicPC Eternal Shield
525TopicPC on bunch of old school q8/9/10 shields
526TopicPC Scrolls of Resurrection
527Topicos cane, q9 dom, 20/10
528TopicOS Colossal Pick, Ceremonial Caldron
529Topicmagmas + gda
530TopicAlsin's Walking Stick
531TopicOs Bo staff
532TopicPC Plagueborn Axe OLDSCHOOL
533TopicRush in and price check
534Topicinsc q9 shields
535TopicI need a PC on this item
536Topici want prices on some WG weapons
538TopicPC q8 Serpentine reaver
540Topic10 undead/30 SotW
541TopicPC on mixed weapons, incl. Chaos Axe
542TopicTYVM for your help
543TopicTYVM for your help.
544TopicPC on 54 items
545TopicPC on some minipets + everlasting tonics
546TopicQ9 Divine Favor OS Celestial Staff 20/10
547Topicos hypnotic wand
549TopicPC on 20/20 Plat Staff, +5e Shinobi and more
550TopicSome OS Focus
551TopicPC on a Few Items
552TopicPC Eternal shields
553TopicPrice Check fpr Minis and Boss Items
554TopicPC OS Celestial Axe q8, OS Celestial Shield q11
555Topicq9 dual vamp
556Topicimpossible pc?
557Topicnew item: PC gothic sword q11, oldsql
558TopicPC q7 Heal ankh (odd mods Q.Q)
559TopicQ9 perfect purple crystalline sword caster mod
560TopicPc 2 Os Shields
561TopicOS DualMod Reinforced Buckler +10 Vs Dwarves -2 Stance
562TopicNeed PC on a couple of OS items
563TopicPongmei drops
564TopicNeed some PC help
565TopicOS shields and caster items
566TopicPC OS q9 Commy Staff
567TopicQ13 os Inscribed Chakram 19/20
568TopicPC on Plagueborn items.
569TopicPc 2 weps plz
570TopicQ10 Dom Bo Staff
571TopicSome OS items
572TopicQ6 os celestial bow
573TopicSet of q8 Chaos axes please
574Topicq12 19/19 illusion cane
575TopicLooking for a Pricecheck on the following Items pls:
576TopicOS Item PCs
577Topicos staff
578Topicpc 20/20 staff
579TopicZodiac Sword Q13 +5e
580TopicOS Skeleton Shield Q9
581TopicXander's needs your PC!
582Topicq8 golden phoenix blade +5e
583TopicCelestial Compasses
584TopicOld School Bds
585TopicPC Plagueborn Sword q8 15^50,Wingblade q8 15^50, DeadBow q9 E+5 ALL NO INSC
586TopicSome os shields
587TopicPC on some items and weapons
588TopicPc Os Plagueborn Shields
589TopicP/C 2 Mesmer Staffs
590TopicPC on vs Hexed Shields
591TopicPC on q13 os 40/20/20 Earth Staff (Cantha Skin)
592TopicPC OS q8 Crystalline Sword
593Topicnew items- amber shield, holy wand 20 and 20, dagger r8
594TopicPC Echovald Shield q10 tactics, dualmod
595TopicPC Mini Pet PeaceKeeper Unded
596TopicReinforced Buckler
597TopicFlame Artifact
598TopicPrice check: Elite Tomes
599TopicQ5 plaguborn shield
600TopicPC some EL tonics
601TopicCockatrice Staff req9 Divine 20/20
602Topicsome item os for pc
603TopicOS Canthan Shields
605TopicPC Some Oldschool Items thanks in advance Windy :)
606TopicQ8 Battlepick 15^50
608TopicPrice check me that shield :D
609TopicPC on a couple OS things
610TopicAxe q4 OS +5e (6-19)
611TopicReturning Player, need a PC on all these Pets (list)
612Topicq8 15^50 chromium shards os
613TopicPC Q9 Illusion Plagueborn Staff
614TopicSome OS stuff
615TopicPC please on Outcast Shield and Dragon Spire Staff
616Topiccanthan air staff q9 20/20
617TopicNaga Longbow Q9
618Topic[PC] OS Truncheon, q9 blood, 10/10, Winged Staff, q9 smite, 20/20 DF
619TopicSpiked Targe q7/15
620TopicPrice on Dragon q9df 20/20 heal
621TopicPc me this :o
622TopicPC 2x CC's left pls
623Topicnew price check
624TopicPC q9 Crude shield
625Topicneed a few pc
626Topicpc on glacial stones
627TopicPC on q9 os Battlepick
628TopicPC OS Jade Sword q8
629TopicPC on Kerrsh's Staff
630TopicPC Dadao Sword q8 15^50 no insc
631TopicOS Q8 Jeweled Chalice dualmodded
632TopicPC Tutorial
633TopicDemons Tall shield & couple others
634TopicPC exalted aegis +10vs demons
635TopicFrog Scepter, Exalted Aegis +30/-2we, Divine Symbol 20/10, Crude Shield
636Topicc l o s e dddd
637TopicMy price check!
638TopicPC on OS Mesmer Items
639Topicnew price check
640TopicOni daggers and vs demons shield
641TopicPC on Fiery Dragon Sword
642TopicPC on 20/20 staves bo,dragon,plat
643TopicPC Demon Shields
644TopicPc on some Junk
645TopicPC on PVP Shields
646TopicMiniature ONI PreSearing Ascalon
647TopicPC on q5 Daggers
648TopicPC Gold Insc. Q9 Dryad Bow
649TopicQ9 Ornate Shield
650TopicPC Shield
651TopicPC mini pets
652TopicVarious Undedicated Miniatures
653TopicPrice on Straw effigy
654TopicDeadly Cesta
655TopicPC q7/15 (Command) Insc Skull Shield
656TopicXander's WoC Favor Loot
657TopicPrice check on this nice Echovald
658TopicPC on OS Curse Offhand
660TopicPC on q8 11-20 20/20 wand
661TopicEchovald Shild q11 Tactics +10 Amor vs Demons and -2 Dmg to Ench
662TopicPC on Platinum Staff req12 DF / 20% Prot Prayers
663TopicMoar Stuff
664TopicDual-Mod Emblazoned Defender with 2 inscription mods
665Topicpc minis
666TopicNeed Some P/c
667Topicos embossed aegis
668TopicPc Os edge
669TopicDomination plat staff
670TopicPc os shield
671Topicc l o s e dd
672TopicR8 Mursaat Hammah
673TopicClean BDS
674TopicPlagueborn Dagger Q8 non-insc
675Topicneed pc on a few items
676Topiccouple items..
677Topicc l o s ed d dd
678TopicPC OS 2020(mixd illu) q9 dom wand
679TopicBladed Shield, q13 tac, +10 demon, +1/20 Death
680TopicEchovald Shield
681TopicPC on q9 Chaos Axe
684TopicPrice check on 20/20 dom wand OS
685TopicPC Bladed Shield Q9 Str +29 -15/19
686TopicDragon Kamas, q9, inscr. from zaishen chest
687Topicpc on some items
688TopicPC unded common minis
689Topicpc minis
690Topicstorm bow
691TopicTrash or na?
692TopicPrice on these req 5 shields
693Topicq9 Smiting Celestial Staff
694TopicThis worth anything?
695TopicPC on 20/20 Staffs and a 19/19 healing prayers wand
696TopicPC eternal shield q8
697TopicPrice check Mini's
698TopicDragon Staff Q9 FD 20/20 Prot
699TopicPrice check - Minis and tonics
700TopicPC HoD Sword
701Topic7th Year Minis and various Tonics
703TopicPC on Aegis req9 tactics +30 Health / -5 (19%)
704TopicOS Longsword
705TopicPC on OS shields
706TopicPrice check on bladed shield
707TopicPC on Sword and Shield
708TopicPC Shield
709TopicPC shield and pets
710TopicNeed a price check on some awesome weapons
711TopicPC on 20/20 Channeling Staff req9 | Dadao Sword req9 and more (OS)
712TopicQ9 -2wE -2wS Tall shield
713TopicQ8 Str Gotic Defender +29/-2^enchanted
714Topicprice check
715TopicCurrent PC on Unded and Ded Minis and EL Tonics
716TopicQ9 strength -2wE/+29 Shadow Shield
717TopicReq8 Perf Stormbow
718TopicPC os q9 Dragon Kamas
719TopicPC on a bunch of unded minis
720TopicWeapons, Pets
721TopicSome uninsc stuff
722TopicOS Summit Warlord Shield
723TopicPC on req9 Strength Plagueborn Shield Dual Modded +44 while enchanted / -5 (19%)
724TopicEL Mischievous, Weapons, Minis
725Topicprice check
727TopicPC Q9 tac Echovald +30 -5/19
728TopicPC Summit Warlord Shield q8 tactics insc
729TopicPC on Party sweets and alcohol
730TopicPC on a few OS shields etc..
731TopicPC q9 ES Jug's
732Topicq9 domination froggy
733TopicPC q10 Gothic Dual Axe
734TopicPC EL Transmogrifier tonic
735TopicPC Guardian of the hunt
736TopicPC on Guardian of the Hunt & new q8 melon hammer
737Topicprice check
738Topic[PC] on req9 Boadsword | req9 Fiery Dragon Sword | Celestial Daggers req9 and 2 wands
739TopicPlagueborn Q11 Dom 20/10
740TopicPC on Some Non-Inscribables/OS Weapons
741Topicq8 +15%/-5e, q9 +5e and q11 Dual Vamp Oni Blades and Wayward Wand
742TopicPC mini rift warden unded &
743Topicq12/13 domination froggy
744TopicPC unded King Adelbern
745TopicPrice check on this OS zodiac
746Topicq8 Katana 20% hexed, q8 plagueborn shield, other q8s, q11 eternal blade, etc
747TopicQ12 tac Plagueborn +10vs Demon Shield!
748TopicSome Help Pricing Please
749Topicnew price check
750TopicPrice check a number of weapons and 3 minis
751TopicPrice check of some stuff
752Topic[PC] 2x Holy Branch 20/20 req9 [Added +5e Axe/Flame Artifact/Air Wand]
753TopicPC on a few items please
754TopicPC echovald shield
755TopicQ9 Blood Magic Celestial Scepter
756TopicPC q8 inc summit warlord shield, q9 20/10 zodiac
757TopicPC on these weapons
758TopicPrice check on OS Zodiac shield
759TopicPC q8 crude shield and q9 chaos axe
760TopicQ9 OS WhiteReaver - 2 OS Celestial Shields
761TopicPC q9 Duel Gothic +5, plauge sceptor, Ghostly Staff
762TopicPC Crude Shield R9 (tactic) and BDS R12 (rest)
763TopicOS Oni Blade Q8
764TopicPC Q9 tact celestial shield +45wE -2wS
765TopicSome mini pets
766TopicPC 4 items (Q8 Broadsword and Gothic Axe)
767Topicq9 OS Oni Daggers +5energy
768TopicPC on 10/10 Jellyfish Wand
769Topicmerch food?
770TopicOS Plat sword Q9 15^50
771TopicPC: Minis and Tonics
772TopicPre-nerf or not?
773TopicOS Oni Blade q8 Caster
774Topic[PC] on Pongmei Valley Items
775TopicPC on a few items
776TopicPc on a few items :P
777TopicPC two different Celestial Staffs
778TopicPC on Zodiac Staff
779TopicPC on Wintergreen shield
780TopicPC os offhand
781TopicPC - BDS Q12 Fire Staff (Please PC Rush)
782TopicBig Price Check for very old Runes and Dye
783Topicair wand 20/19
784TopicBDS Q13 Communing/Channeling
785TopicStraw effigy Q9 19/19
786TopicOs Shadow Shield and moooore!
787TopicPC: Echovald-Shield
788TopicPC: EL Kuunavang / Keiran Tonic
789TopicOS Celestial Scepter
790TopicPC ded IG + MKG
791TopicUnded isle guardian price check
792TopicPrice Check on Droknar's Key or Droknar's Items
793TopicPrice Check on These Items
794TopicPC: Presearing Eye of Janthir
795TopicStraw Effigy Q 12
796TopicReq8 Gothic Sword
797TopicOS Zodiac, OS LS, and more
798TopicOS 20/20 Inscribed Staff
799TopicOs Help PLease *Changed 7/21/15*
800TopicOs stuff
801TopicHoly Branch
802Topicdragon staff
803TopicOS Shadow Shield
804TopicPC on q0 spear?
805TopicPC q8 40/40 Earth Magic Set
806TopicReq 8 Insp Starfish Focus
807TopicPC El Tonics r7 Golden Shield, unded Cele Dragon Thanks!
808TopicLotus Shield Q8 Strength (blue inscribable)
809TopicOS Grinning Dragon Axe, Inscri Heket Axe, etc
810TopicQ8 Gold Inscribable Earth Scroll +12 Energy
811TopicPC os hammer
812Topic10/9 Pre-Nerf Sundering Hammer Mod
813TopicPC Some Golds
814Topicreq 8 weps / os shields
815TopicEternal Bow Collection + Oni Blade
816Topicprice check: q9 Divine Favor Holy Staff 20/19 prot
817Topicq9 Divine Symbol 20/19 Heal
818TopicQ8 Divine Favor Holy Staff
819TopicA few shields
821TopicPC: r9 Tact. Tall Shield 30 -2 (stance)
822TopicReq. 13 Curses Evil Eye Staff OS 20/20
824TopicQ9 Illu JellyFish Wand - Dualmod
825TopicOldschool Celestials
826Topicfew items
827TopicPC Outcast Stuff
828Topicsome golds
829TopicPC lot of q9 wepon
830Topic[PC] Ancient Moss Staff, q9 inspiration, inscr., Draconic Scythe, q10
831Topicr8 Bows. I'm after some advice
832Topicjellyfish wand q12 death magic 10/10
833TopicOS Q9 20/20 Earth Staff Core Skin
834TopicReq 7 golden chalice
835TopicPC q9 tactics tall shield +45 and -2 while enchant
836TopicPC on Q9 OS weapons
837Topicmini pets (big list)
838TopicPC Storm Daggers q12
839TopicPC r9 Platinum Staff (Energy Storage)
840TopicOs platinums
841TopicPc on some stuff
842TopicOS Shadow Shield
843TopicPaper fan >.< and others
844TopicPrenerf Q9 10/10 Communing Raven Staff
845TopicNeed PC on some items
846TopicPC on 6/14 Tower Shield
847TopicPC on r9 Diamond Aegis
848TopicCockatrice staff
849TopicQ9 DF Celestial Staff - 20% HCT Prot
850Topicq10 tact 2/45wS cele shield
851TopicPC on demon Diamond Aegis need
852TopicDragon staff
853Topic20/20 healing plagueborn staff
854TopicPC Q8 Eternal Bow Q8 Oni +5 nrg Q8 Echo Shield
855Topiczehtuka's shortbow
856TopicZodiac q9 Fire Magic 20/20
857TopicPC on some weapons
858TopicQ8 naked blue FDS
859TopicOutcast shield
860TopicPC q9 OS Plagueborn Daggers
861Topic[PC] White q8 /16 tac Bladed naked
862TopicPC on some Echovald stuff
863TopicPC few items
865Topicprice check dual mod shield
866TopicPc on a few weapons and minis
867Topicpc req 8 weps
868Topicq9 +5e uninsc Shinobi
869TopicPC q9 OS Holy Rod 40/20/20 Divine Favour
870TopicOS Q13 Channeling Jade Wand - HCT 20% +15/-1
871TopicUpdated Price check! presearing, random weps
872TopicPC Zodiac staff 20/10
873TopicPc on Earth scroll and Embossed Aegis
874TopicOS Q9 Divine Favor 20/10 Celestial Staff
875TopicSome random junk
876TopicPC on a few items please
877TopicPre-Searing PC No Req Tall Shield vs +6Charr
878TopicOS spiked club
879TopicPC few weapons
880TopicPC de quelques objets après reprise de gw
881TopicDragon Staff
882TopicOldschool Echovald-Shields
883TopicPC on a few items
884TopicPC Q8 Bow
885TopicDefender q9 str OS
886TopicPC noninscribable weapons, dual reduction shield
887TopicPC Q9 weapon
888TopicPC on some weapons
889Topicgothic sword
890TopicPC Inscrip q9 Magmas
891TopicPC Bladed Shield
892TopicBo Staff
893TopicGiant Slayers Hammer, r9, 15^50 inherent
894TopicQ9 Air magic 20/10 OS Amber Staff
895Topic20/10 Bo and Dragon
896TopicPC Q10 Celestial Scepter
897TopicPC Staffs OS/Inscript.
898TopicPC Some weapons
899TopicSea purse shield gold
900TopicOS Dragon Kamas/OS Forbidden Staff
901TopicPC Req8 Daggers
902TopicPC on oldshool forbidden staff
904TopicPC OS Bladed Shield
905TopicPC OS tall shield
906TopicReq. 5 Tactics Ar. 13 Gold Great Conch
907TopicPC os items
908TopicQ9 tac OS Celestial Shield -5(20%)/+59 hexed
909TopicPC: Some Shadow stuff
910TopicPC q8 +5e Forked Sword
911TopicOS 44 -2 ^ench
912TopicOS Q9 Blood Celestial Staff 20/20% Curses
913TopicPC on various Oldschool Weapons
914Topicreq 8 Wingblade
915TopicObsidian/gold trim guild
916TopicQ9 Strength OS Celestial Shield -2 stance/+44 stance
917TopicPricecheck: Prot BDS
918Topicpc q8 str eternal shield
919TopicOldschool Major rune?
920TopicOS q9 Chaos Axe 15^50
921TopicPrice Check on Numerous Items Please
922TopicPC on random crap
923TopicReq. 9 Air Celestial Compass
924TopicPC on q10 Soul Reap Embercrest Staff?
925TopicMiniatures in Ascalon Tutorial
926TopicStorm Bow (Req 9)
927TopicAmber chunks for Nicholas
928Topicq8 Falchion
929TopicPC Perfect Bo Staff & Q8 Halo
930TopicLF PC on non-insc. / Q7/15 stuff
931TopicPC OS Rod I found
932TopicRandom storage stuff
933TopicOS Weapons
934TopicPc on OS HCT/HSR Wands
935TopicZodiac Scepter Q9. Fire Pefect OS
936TopicArmor Pen Mod question
937TopicGothic shield
938Topicghostly staff PC
939TopicPlagueborn Shield
940Topicq9 +5 Energy OS Gothic Axe
941TopicLuny's PC Request (mouseover for summary)
942TopicPC Unded Minis
943TopicCrystalline sword
944TopicOS Wingblade Sword
945TopicOS Skeleton shield q9 pvp mods
946TopicPlagueborn Sword
947TopicBunch of random stuff :P
948TopicPC great conch?
949TopicPC On some old items
951TopicPc two OS items
952TopicPC on Storm Dagger
953TopicPC Unded M.O.X Pre-searing
954TopicPC on 10/10 sundering for sword
955Topic4 Weapons
957TopicDragon staff
958TopicPC on Bday presents and minis
959TopicDed Grawl
960Topicpc on everlasting norgu goren and sousuke tonics please
961Topic20/20 Divine Plaugeborn Staff
963TopicReq 0 Scythe
964TopicOS staves, shields and misc
965TopicOld School Staves, etc..
966Topic20/10/10 Old School Fire Staff?
967Topicpc on mini please
968TopicPC q8 prenerf tall shield
969Topicq9 Cele Daggers
970Topicq8/16 Reinforced Buckler
971TopicBlue Inscribable Shields
972Topicq9 Motivation +43hp(stance), +10 armor vs blunt
973TopicPC please
974TopicLots of OS weapons
975TopicPC my crysta.
976TopicOS q10 Shadow Shield
977TopicPC: OS Dual Mod req 8 shield
978TopicPC Q9 Spawning Zodiac Scepter
979Topicq9 15^stance Runic Hammer
980TopicReq 9 non inscribe hand axe
981TopicPC OS Items
982Topicq8 os shields etc.
983TopicPC some OS items
984TopicPrice Check on 3 Undedicated Minis
985Topicq9 purple Crystalline Sword
986TopicEternal Shields / Amethyst Aegis' / Chaos Axe / Vetauras Harbinger
987TopicPrice check on 3 weapons
988TopicNeed PC On these OS Shields
989TopicPrice Check on Plagueborn Staff
990TopicPC R9 Crystalline Sword (non-insc)
991Topicq9 divine favor frog scepter
992TopicPrice Check on these q7 shields pls
993TopicPC on a LOT of mini's
994TopicGothic Defender Q9
995TopicPC req 8 staff
996Topic15^50 Mursaat Hammer OS
997TopicJellyfish Wand Q12 Channeling
998Topicq9 Str Eternal Shield
999TopicNeed a price verification..
1000TopicSome rare OS and req 8's, need prices
1001TopicQ9 15^50 Krytan War Hammer
1002TopicPC straw effigy q9 divine
1003TopicOS weps
1004TopicPlagueborn Scepter q9 fire
1005TopicPC on a few items.
1006TopicPC on various gold weapons
1007TopicOS Q8 & q9 Stormbow
1008TopicReq. 8 Inscrb. Tactics Shield
1009TopicPC on various items
1010TopicOS Plagueborn Bow
1011TopicPC on various items
1012TopicPC On OS Shadow Blade
1013TopicPC on Q8 Gothic Sword
1014TopicPC on OS Daggers
1015Topic+5e os crysta
1016TopicPC on miniatures
1017TopicPC El Keiran Thackeray pre-searing
1018TopicPC on Mini's/Tonics in Pre-searing
1019Topicspiked targe
1020TopicPC on a Summit Warlord shield
1021TopicPC pets,EL tonics,greens
1022TopicPC on OS plagueborns
1023Topiccurses Wayward Wand
1024TopicLF PC OS Gloom Shield
1025TopicPC Embossed Aegis [OS]
1026TopicPC on Magmas shields
1027TopicBds divine
1028TopicPC OS, birthday gifts, inscriptable,green and such
1029TopicPC on some Stuff
1030TopicQ13 War Hammer (Ascalon Maul) 14^50
1031TopicOS req9 Fellblade +5e
1032TopicDual Vamp Hammer
1033Topic(Pre Searing) PC on a weapon
1034TopicPC on some Items
1035TopicPC Q8 Cele Shield
1036TopicPC on various items
1037TopicCelestial Compass/Daggers | Shadowshield
1038TopicPC OS Bonestaff
1039TopicPrice Check OS Stormbow
1040TopicPC on a few other gold weps
1041TopicPC on various items
1042TopicPC Divine staff
1043TopicPC on Q8 prenerf staff
1044TopicDead Staff Q9 Communing
1045Topic3x Vial of Dye [Mixed)
1046Topicq10 Dual Vamp Broadsword
1047TopicOS Staves
1048TopicEL Margonite Tonic
1049TopicFrog Scepter q9 Earth
1051TopicPC Q9 tac Outcast shield
1052TopicPC q9 tactics skeleton shield +30 -2 while in stance.
1053TopicPC q9 Insc Storm Bow
1054TopicPirce check on a few weapons and other stuff
1055TopicPC: (OS) Q10 Katana and Q9STR Spiked Targe
1056Topic[PC] OS Emblazoned Defender
1057TopicPC Demon Fangs q9
1058TopicEternal Shields / Spatha Req7 15^ench
1059TopicOS chaos axe
1060TopicPC on Unopened 7th B-Day.
1061TopicPC Zodiac uninsc staff
1062TopicClosed: PC OS Shields
1063TopicQ9 Uninscribable Broadsword
1064TopicPC Mursaat Hammer and other
1065TopicPrice check on shield set
1066TopicCelestial shield
1067TopicPlagueborn staff Q10 Curses
1068Topicr13 Celestial Compass of Aptitude
1069TopicPC Echovald Shield Q12 Tactics
1070TopicPC Tower Shield q6 str, other
1071TopicPC on Demon Shield's
1072Topic+15/-1 fds
1073TopicPC: Aureate Chalice, et. al.
1074TopicPC on Q9 Magmas Shield
1075TopicPC on a couple OS weapons
1076TopicScimitar r7 14^50 and some more stuff
1077TopicPC R8 15^50 Dwarven Hammer
1078TopicPC OS Divine Symbol
1079TopicOS Paperfan
1080TopicPC some random items
1081TopicSome os weps etc.
1082TopicPC Purple Crysta (Max dmg)
1083Topic2 Rare pets
1084Topicpc on some old items plz
1085TopicDivine Scroll and Xun Rao's Absolution
1086TopicPC 3 q8 Items
1087TopicPC q9 Sephis Axe
1088TopicPC Dedicated miniature Rift Warden
1089TopicPC Q7 Crenellated
1090TopicPC Tormented Q9 Dom Staff
1091TopicPC Bds q9 earth and other
1092TopicPC Paper Fan Heal/DF
1093TopicPricecheck: Bunch of random stuff
1094TopicPC Weapons/Shields (Last Update: 3/24/2015)
1095TopicPC on some random items.
1096Topicq9 20/10 Divine Staff
1097TopicCele Compasses
1098Topic50 crude shields ( oldschool )
1099TopicWood Stack
1100Topicmoar itamz... perfect shields and such
1101TopicScroll of Hero's Insight
1102Topic30/-2 Exalted Aegis / Fire Wand r8 10/10 etc blabla
1103TopicPc OS death Offhand
1104Topicpc on fiery dragon sword
1105TopicPC on OS shields
1106TopicClearing out my account storage
1107TopicOldsql Diamond Aegis
1108TopicOS Healing Ankh, Paper Fan and Mursat Hornbow
1109TopicPC's on a few things
1110TopicPC on some os weaps please
1111TopicPC on OS Demonsmod shield
1112TopicPC on some things
1113TopicPC Mini Zhu Hanuku and Shiro Tonic
1114TopicPC on 2 shields
1115TopicCouple clouded mauls and some low req stuff
1116TopicPC Paper Fan & Oni Blade
1117TopicPC on some Items !
1118TopicOS Bow, Obsi Edge, New items added (OS Staff, Bow, Hammer)
1119TopicPC on weapons and valuable confirmation please
1120TopicPC mini Kuunavang in pre searing
1121TopicPc my stuff nau!
1122TopicPC on imperial commendations
1123TopicPC Q12 Illu BDS
1124TopicPC on q9 Crystalline Sword Purp 14%^ench
1125TopicPC on a small lot of items.
1126TopicPc On Some Os Shields And q8 Staff
1127TopicPC Dual mod Echovald
1128TopicPC one the req9 insc Crysta Gold
1129Topic+25% Damage - Bow Grip of Charr Slaying
1130TopicI know this is worthless
1131TopicPC on some items (NEW ITEMS)
1132TopicCelestial Scepter
1133TopicSome pets I got
1134TopicProtective Icon
1135TopicForbidden Staff
1136TopicPC on unded Mini Ghostly Hero
1137TopicPre Searing Items - Pyre tonic and 2x Naga Raincaller
1138TopicQ8/Q9 Shields/Swords/Bows (Q7 Buckler)
1139Topicsome 20/20 staves
1140TopicPC Unded Naga ShiroK'en
1141TopicPC on some minis
1142TopicOroku's Slicers
1143TopicQ11 Crystalline
1144TopicPC OS Earth Staff
1145TopicPC Polar Bear Ded
1146TopicPC r8 Purple Fiery Dragon sword
1147TopicPC on some os celestial stuff
1148TopicQ7 16 +1/19 Diamond Aegis
1149TopicPC on Q8 Celestial Axe 15^50
1150TopicReq 8 OS
1151Topicpc on some uninscribed items
1152TopicWeapons uninscr & incr
1153Topicholy rod estimate
1154Topic2 Minipets, Rurik and Sheep
1155TopicShadow Shield Q9 Str 2/44 Stance & Serpent Axe q10 15^ench
1156TopicSome OS stuff
1157TopicPC: Some old Stuff
1158Topicperfect platinum wand
1159Topic[PC] Pre-nerf Staff
1160Topic[PC]On this prenerf staff
1161Topic[PC] Eternal Bow (uninscr)
1162TopicPC Echovald Shield
1163Topicq8 Accursed Staff 20/20
1164Topic[PC] Shields (uninscr)
1165TopicOutcast shield Q9 Tactics
1166Topic[PC] Some OS Stuff
1167Topic+15% -1 hp reg. req9 axe - dual vamp
1168Topic[PC] OS q9 Eternal Bow and Storm Bow
1169TopicReq 8 Celestial Shild
1170TopicCelestial Compass and miniatures
1171TopicPC On Some Unded Minis
1172Topic15^50 Items
1173TopicPC Outcast Shield
1174TopicPC for 7 weapons
1175TopicPC: OS Dual Mod Shield
1176TopicGolden Hammer
1177TopicPC on BDS, Froggy, CC
1178Topicsome os
1179Topicq9 ES BDS
1180TopicEcho shields
1181TopicPC Q9 20/20 Blood Jade Staff
1182TopicPC on a Celestial Longbow
1183TopicGloom shield q12
1184TopicWhite Rabbit Unded
1185TopicPC req 9 Eternal Blade/ os Gothic defender
1186TopicPaper Fan (os) + q9 Channeling CC
1187TopicFew OS Items
1188TopicQ8 Fire Staff (Dead Staff skin)
1189TopicEternal bow Q9
1190TopicPre-Searing Runes and other stuff
1191TopicBo-Staff Earth 20/20
1192TopicZaishen keys?
1193TopicGrinning, Eternal and Dwarven
1194TopicMiniature ONI in Pre Searing
1195Topicoldschool staffs and jade weapons
1196TopicPC on a few swords / tonics
1197TopicMammoth Axe Q6 15^50
1198TopicPC Tonics/Mini
1199TopicPrice check on few OS shield and weapons
1200TopicPC Stygian Reaver
1201TopicEchovald dual mod
1202TopicPC r9 OS dual mod skull shield
1203TopicPC Outcast Shield
1204TopicPC Bo Staff Q9 Smite 20/20
1205TopicPC: Minis and Tonics
1206TopicPC Mini Oni, Naga, Yeti unded all in Pre searing
1207TopicOSs: GotH | DualVamp Runic Axe | Flamberge | Plagueborn Axe
1208TopicPC Crysta - Ded Minis.
1209TopicPC a Couple of nice shields
1210TopicNeed a PC on several items; some OS some insc
1211TopicWeapons and Runes
1212Topicreq8 gold old items
1213TopicSeveral Celestial Scepters
1214TopicOldschool shadow bow and oldschool chaos axe
1215TopicPC on 2 celestial compass
1216TopicPC unded BDay minis, year 1-5 (1 gold, 9 white)
1217TopicPC on some stuff + added shadow staff 20/20
1218TopicPC Double Zealous Runix Axe q9
1220TopicOldschool dualmod Ornate Shield
1221Topicq8 shield
1222TopicRift Warden
1223TopicQ8/15 Gold Summit Warlord Shield
1224TopicUpdated: few old Items
1225TopicPC on this
1226TopicPrice Check Prot BDS
1227TopicPC on Warrior Rune of Absorption
1228Topicq6 axe & q8 sword
1229Topicoldsql q11 chaos axe +5 energy no inscription
1230TopicOs weapons
1231Topic[PC] q6 tac / armor 14, inscr. blue Tall Shield
1232TopicPC on Minis and more
1233Topicreq7 fellblade
1234TopicPc os shield
1235Topiconi blade
1236Topicq8 chaos axe
1237TopicOS Shields
1238TopicOS Assassin Rune
1239TopicEchoval Q9 Tactics -2 st -20% Disease
1240TopicFew os weapons
1241TopicHierophant weapons
1242TopicPre Searing Mini | OS Shield & Weapons
1243TopicOS Ornate Buckler
1244TopicPC Echovald| Bo Staff
1245TopicOs crysta
1246TopicPC on few things that I have gathered
1247TopicPC Ded Zippy
1248TopicCouple of staffs and a shield
1249TopicPC Storm bow q13
1250Topicseveral weapons, Chaos axe, Storm bow, CCs.. PC please:)
1251TopicPC Oroku's Slicers
1252TopicCelestial Staff Q9 Fire 20/10 and 2 Shields
1253Topicreq8 Swords with +15/-10 and a few hammers
1254TopicPC on q9 Bo Staff
1255TopicBack from 6 year break and completely lost (weapons, materials, tonics, minis)
1256Topicreq 10 str echovald
1257Topicq8 Shields.. and some Magmas shields
1258TopicBladed shield
1259TopicPC Staff Wrapping and Spearhead
1260TopicSome staf
1261TopicBladed Shields
1262TopicCobalt Staff, Broken toy etc.
1263TopicPC on wintergreens and more
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1264TopicQ8 Chaos Axe +15/5e
1265TopicPC OS Q8/15 Celestial shield
1266TopicA few very old shields (prenerf)
1267TopicGloom shield, several weps, PC please:)
1268Topicq13 zodiac bow double vamp
1270TopicPurple q10 crista 14^50
1271TopicSummit warlord
1272TopicPC Dragon Staff
1273TopicPC - Various Old Items
1274Topichallowed idol q8 20/20
1275TopicFrog Scepter R13 Divine Favor Price Check
1276Topicoldschool plagueborn focus
1277TopicQ11 Death Magic 20/20 Staff
1278Topicpc various things
1279Topic20/10 cele staff q9 fire
1280TopicPC OS weapons
1281Topicq8 10/10 staffs
1282TopicOS shield :)
1283TopicPC Q7/15 Magmas Shield (insc.)
1284Topicsome items
1285Topicpc Golden rin relic
1286TopicMore Garbage
1287TopicPC on a birthdayset in Pre
1288TopicQ9 Echo +1 domi -2we
1289TopicPC on 3 shields
1290TopicPC on q7 spatha
1291TopicBo, Platinum and Dragon Staff
1292TopicReq 9 Gold Crystalline Sword OS
1293Topicdragon staff
1294TopicPC on a few os shields and a staff
1295Topicpc q9 OS Amber Aegis
1296Topicclosed thank you
1297TopicPC DoA amber
1298Topicpc on Ghostly Staff q9
1299TopicPrice Check On 2 Items
1300TopicPc Paper fan
1301TopicPC various Items
1302TopicP/C on OS cane please
1303TopicPC on Paper Lantern
1304Topic5/13 Skeleton Shield (Purple)
1305Topic[NEW item:] Forbidden Staff q10 Domination 20/19
1306TopicPC plagueborn staff 20/20 earth
1307TopicPC Staff
1308TopicVoltaic spear and celestial compass fire magic
1309TopicPC | OS Crude Shield req.5 tac 12ar +10vs cold dmg +29hp
1310TopicQ12 Illusion Froggy
1311TopicJitte Q12 15 stance, Plagueborn Shield Q13 +10 vs plants +41 we
1312TopicPC Dragon Staff
1313TopicPrice Check on a couple OS items
1314TopicPC on Bo Staff q10 death 20%
1315TopicClosed cause new thread
1317TopicPC canthian few drops
1318TopicPC on outcast shields and magmas
1319TopicPC Grey Giant
1320TopicPC Some Staff
1321TopicPC On a few OS items please
1322TopicPC on OS Re9 Dragoncrest Axe
1323TopicBack to gw! PC on many things (chanta stuff, q8 stuff, bds,froggy,ecc)
1324TopicGothic Defender Q9 Strength -2 we +45 wias
1325TopicPC rune OS
1326TopicPC on two items
1327TopicPC on 1 Colossal Pick
1328TopicPC Canthan Weapons + CC
1329TopicPlagueborn shield
1330TopicPC on El Tonics!
1332Topicpc some kanaxai chest drops
1333TopicPC on OS Staff !
1335TopicPC on some OS items
1336TopicPC Multi items
1337TopicPC Q11 BDS Prot
1338Topicveeeeery old q8 bow
1339TopicPC on Eternal shield!
1340TopicFrog Scepter q12 healing prayers
1341TopicPC on Poisonous Voltaic spear!
1342TopicPC q10 purple crystaline
1343Topicq5 shield worths anything?
1344TopicCelestial, zodiac, dragon, bo staff HCT prot
1345TopicPC on a smiting staff and Dragon staff
1346TopicPC on Clockwork Scythe q13
1347TopicPC Echovald Shield q9 dual mod
1348TopicPC on minis, everlasting and green weapons
1349TopicPC Q8 Scarabshell Agis
1350TopicPC Purple/Gold Miniatures
1351Topicechovald shield
1352TopicQ7 shield + Q8 Flamberge&Chaos, q9 Crystalline, oldskools + others
1353Topicgothic defender
1354TopicDed mini destroyer
1355TopicPC Straw Effigy
1356TopicQ8 magmas and others
1357TopicDifferent OS and Inscr. Stuff! Please PC them! NEW OS's arrived!
1358TopicPC on non insc stuff
1359TopicPC on El Jora
1360TopicPc on dryad bow q9 and storm bow q9
1361Topicthese worth anything?
1362TopicPC double near eternal shield
1363TopicHero Armor
1364TopicPC Crysta Q9 Caster
1365Topicprice check on q8's and others.
1366TopicPC - Some OS Stuff
1367TopicPC & Question!
1368TopicPC Magmas Shield, Eternal Shield and Chaos axe
1369Topic2 Bone Dragon Staffs
1370Topicpc on some items
1371TopicHarenarius Needs A Price Check
1372TopicMore Birthday Gifts
1374TopicInscr. q13 Jitte, OS q9 air Storm Artifact dual mod
1375TopicQ8 Gothic Axe, Q8 Flame Artifact, Offhands and more
1376TopicPC q7 or q8 tact inscr shields
1377TopicOS Caster Crenelated Sword q9 and Great Axe q11
1379Topicpc on some uninsc stuff
1380TopicPc on vs Demons Ornate shield
1381TopicPC Gothic Defender
1382Topicpc os zodiac staffs
1383TopicPC Bo Staff
1384TopicPrice check on HoM weapons
1385TopicPC Birthday Gifts
1386TopicEverlasting Yuletide Tonic
1387TopicOS Zodiac staff Q9 Fire 20/19
1388TopicQ9 +5e plagborn sword
1389TopicQ9 magmas shields
1390TopicEternal Bows / Shields insc
1391TopicPC q9 20/10 Celestial Scepter
1392Topic[PC] unins Ghostly Staves
1393Topic[Q8] Aureate Lamp - Divie
1394Topic[PC] perfect ornate / outcast staff earth
1395Topic[PC] OS Amber Aegis, q9 str, +44 w/e, +9 vs. Slashing
1396TopicZodiac Fire Scepter
1397TopicGarbage Galore
1398TopicOrnate Shield | fast PC please
1399TopicPC, few canthan items
1400TopicPC shadow shield q8 -2e/27hp
1401TopicBo Staff
1402Topic[PC] OS Bladed Shield, q9 str, +29, -5 19%
1404TopicPerfect Echovald Shield
1405Topicemerald edge q13
1406TopicOS shield
1407Topicgwen + kuun
1408TopicPC q8 old sql shadow shield
1409TopicPC os echovald shield
1410TopicPls close this thread
1411TopicBrowny's PC Thread
1412TopicPC on q6 longsword and spiked club
1413TopicPC Pre Axe/Shield
1414TopicOS chaos axe, hornbow, half moon, feathered longbow, spatha, staff +1 fire,air,curses
1415TopicPC q9 Purple Crystalline Sword
1416TopicPC on Droknar's Key
1417TopicPC OLD items Q8 - champboxes
1418TopicUnded Miniature Kuunavang & Gems
1419TopicPC OS Chaos Axe,Storm Bow And Oni Blade
1420TopicPC ded ghostly hero , armbraces
1421TopicQ9 Fast Cast Froggy
1422TopicEarth Prism Q8 Earth
1423Topicpc q8 os zodiac sword
1425TopicPC on pre-searing pets
1426TopicPC: OS Stuffs (dual shields, wands, ...)
1427TopicPC on some stuff
1428Topicr7/15 Sharktooth Shield
1430TopicReq8 Inscribable Flamberge
1431TopicBladed shield
1432Topicq7 ar15 Ornate Buckler (blue, inscribable)
1433TopicPC on Platinium wand q9 earth
1434TopicOS req9 Dragon Kamas 15^50
1435TopicPC Ded Greased Lightning
1436TopicPC Ghastly Summoning Stone
1437TopicPC blue inscribable oaken aegis tactics7 14ar
1438TopicMini Ventari
1439TopicFroggy Q9 Protection
1440TopicR8 blue foci and other crap. Now with more crap.
1441TopicPC r7-8 shields r8 Dual vamp zodiac
1442TopicBDS, Crysta, Froggies, etc.
1443TopicEchovald +30 Ar 10 v fire Q *9* strength
1444TopicPC Some oldies
1445TopicUh... BDS, Eternal, Froggies + Stuff.. Please help!
1446TopicPC on a couple of OS items...
1447TopicSome oldschool weapons
1448TopicPC Unded Mini Guild Lord
1449TopicTwo Oldschool Plagueborn Scepters
1450TopicPC on Untyped Damage Hooked Daggers
1451TopicM.O.X in pre-searing
1452Topicq8 weapons
1453Topicq10 Draconic Scythe insc
1454TopicReq 8 naked weapons
1455TopicQ10 Fire Celestial Staff 20/10
1456Topic[PC] perfect OS Ornate Shield q9 (strength)
1457TopicOS Colossal Pick and Flame Artifact
1458TopicPC r8 Gpb, Zodiac sword, Gothic sword r9 15^50 Clouded maul
1459Topic6 os shields
1461TopicPC BDS q9 Healing
1462TopicPC earth Frog
1463Topicnon-inscribable 20/20 inscribed staff
1464TopicPC Frog Scepter req9 divine favor
1465TopicZodiac Staff q9 communing 20/19 communing, q8 axe and more
1466Topicnon-max Q7 15^50 bow
1467Topicr9 eternal shield
1468TopicPre Searing and post searing oldsq stuff
1469TopicPC Unded Minis/EL Tonic
1470TopicPC UNDED Shiro'ken Assasin and other minis
1471TopicPC Bo Staff and Draconic Aegis
1472TopicPC on froggy + bds
1473TopicSome unid sweets + q8 Spear
1474TopicGothic Defender Q9 Dualmod
1475Topicpc for q9 os oni daggers
1476Topicold sword might be nerfed weapon
1477TopicPC on Plagueborn Axe q9
1478TopicBirthday presents + Some Stuffs
1479Topicpc dragon staff q9, others
1480TopicQ9 Echovald +10^ar vs Demons + -2/ench
1481TopicPc Os Zodiac Staff Q10 Divine Favor
1482TopicPC: Req. *8* Inscribable Rare Healing Ankh
1483TopicZephyr's one of a kind modless items?
1484Topic10-xx scythes - worth anything at all?
1485TopicStaff Wraping of Protection Prayers 20%
1486TopicPC - Mini pets & some stuffs
1487TopicPC on OS zodiac 20/20 staff +5e 2+20% ench
1488TopicHow much are unopened birthday presents? Years 4 -7.
1489TopicPC on Q12 Voltaic Spear
1490TopicPrice check on unded Kuunavang
1491TopicPC Crysta q9 gold inscr.
1492TopicGothic Defender Q10 Tactics
1493TopicStone Summit Q7/15 Tactics
1494TopicPC on Q10 Water BDS
1495TopicPC Minipets & EL Tonic
1496TopicPC OS double insc?
1497TopicPC Bo Staff
1498TopicPc on a few OS Items and Inscrib
1499TopicPC on a few shields
1500TopicPre - EL Tonics
1501Topicminiature pig
1502TopicPC Pre-searing Mini Rurik
1503Topic20/20 staves + 1 rod
1504TopicPC on 2 EL Tonics and Cele Sum.Stones
1505TopicUnded Guild Lord
1506Topic[PC] on a q9 +5 energy CHAOS AXE (no insc)
1507Topic2 OS staves and 1 sword
1508TopicOS Q9 Channeling 20/20 Platinum-Staff
1509TopicOS Cel. shield q9 tactics +10 vs demons -2 ench
1510TopicPC on two Minis/
1511Topicpc q8 tac summit warlord
1512TopicFew OS Shields and Some Insc Stuff
1513TopicOS Platinum Staff Q9 Fire 20/20
1514TopicWhole bunch of stuff (mostly minipets)
1515TopicPC on a q8 motivation eagle defender
1516TopicDed Kuunavang
1517TopicPC on those 2 items
1518TopicDual Vamp q9 Storm Bow
1519TopicBo-Staff req 10 Earth
1520Topic20/20 dom bo staff q10
1521TopicBo Staff req 9 Domination
1522TopicPC on Celestial Bow et Sword q9
1523Topic"Pink Dye"
1524TopicQ9 Tactics Echovald +10 demons +45w/ench
1525TopicCelestial + More
1526Topicq9 Celestial Hammer
1527TopicDED Cele pig
1528Topicos Q6 shield
1529TopicEchovald q9 Tac
1530TopicPC OS Items
1531TopicOS Diamond Aegis q11 tactics dual mod
1532Topicq8 15^50 axe
1533Topicnon insc celestial staff
1534TopicOS stuff and various things
1535Topic6 OS ones
1536TopicA few Unded minis and everlasting tonics
1537TopicUnded Mini Kuunavang
1538TopicPc Stormbow req 8 olds
1539TopicPc Q9 Insp Bds (NONINSCRIPTABLE)
1540TopicPc on this pls
1541TopicPC 15,000RP Trim
1542TopicPC on some stuff
1543Topicq7 tac / 15ar Woven Shield
1544TopicCrude Shield Q11 Tactics
1545TopicPC OS weapons + more
1546TopicPC on Several Items
1547TopicPC Rare skins
1548TopicOS Zodiac Shield, q11 str, +9 vs Demons, +43 w/enchant
1549TopicPC on Oroku's Slicers
1550Topicpc on froggy
1551TopicPC on Rare Pre-Searing Minipets
1552TopicR9 Demon fangs
1553TopicBone dragon, King Adelbern and everlasting tonics
1554Topicos accursed icon q8
1555TopicEL shiro tonic
1556TopicPC some weapons/shields
1557TopicA Few Weapon Price Checks
1558TopicFew green weapons
1559TopicOutcast Shield Q9 str.+10 vs Earth +41 w/e
1560TopicOS req 9 +20 while hexed mursaat hornbow...
1561TopicStorm Daggers req. 9
1562TopicPC voltaic spear
1563Topic[EST] Shields !
1564TopicPC on range of minis, EL tonics, and weapons
1565TopicQ9 emerald blade
1566TopicDualvamp Runic Axe
1567Topicpc on old school items
1568TopicTwo interesting shields
1569TopicPrice Check please
1570TopicQ8 Sephis Axe
1571TopicPC Unded Celestial Snake
1572TopicSome Plagueborn Weps
1573TopicPC OS Shield
1574TopicOS Ornate Shield
1575TopicOS Bladed Shield
1576TopicSharkthooth Shield q7 15ar
1577TopicPC OS Plat Longbow
1578TopicPC OS q8 Chaos Axe, EL Tonics and Gemstones
1579TopicLunar Fortunes
1580TopicPC Dualvamp Oni Blade
1581TopicSome Stuff
1582TopicClose please
1583TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
1584TopicPrice Check?
1585TopicPC on q9 gold longbow
1586TopicPC on a few items...
1587TopicPC Green mini gwen
1588Topicpc q8 daggers
1589TopicCan I have some weapon prices please?
1590TopicPC of OS Amber Aegis
1591TopicBladed Shield Near Perfect
1592TopicPC q5 summit hammer
1593Topicq9 Heal Froggy
1594TopicPC on Minis/EL and a few others
1595Topicq12 Str Eternal Shield OS Dual Mod
1596TopicCaster Dadao Sword | Dragoncrest Axe req 8 15^50
1597TopicOS Tyrian Serpent r8 10/-5
1598TopicSome Oldschool Items to PriceCheck
1599TopicAccurate prices for a few high end minis?
1600TopicPC: Rare Mini Pets!
1601TopicPC on minis and everlasting tonics
1602TopicPC: q9 dual vamp stormbow / celestial hammer
1603TopicPrice Check on Mini's and EL's
1604TopicPC q8-q9 Shadow Shields
1605TopicPC r7 OS Tactics Shield
1606TopicPC OS Q9 Celestial Sword
1607TopicPC OS q9 Tact Dual Mod Gothic Defender
1608TopicEchovald Shield
1609TopicGloom Shield q9 Str OS!
1610TopicOS Raven Staff
1611TopicPC Minis, EL Tonics and more
1612TopicPC EL Tonics, Weapons and more
1613TopicPC Shinobi Blade
1614TopicAccursed Staff Q4
1615TopicSome Os needing pcs
1616Topicq9 dual mod shadow shield
1617TopicQ8 Longsword
1618TopicPC ectos and mini pets
1619TopicPC On Few OS Weapons
1621Topicdual vamp chaos axe
1622TopicDragon Kamas q9 OS 15^-5
1623TopicQ7 Strength shield ar16 gold
1624Topicq11 domination plagueborn staff
1625TopicPC Q8's 15^50 & more
1626TopicPC Q8 Item
1627TopicPC on some Deldrimor weps
1628TopicPlatinum Staff OS
1629Topicq9 +5energy Katana
1630TopicPC 4 old weapons
1631TopicPC on OS Runic Axe (Q9, +5e, 20% ench)
1632TopicPC on r10 Soul Reaping Frog Scepter
1633TopicGuardian of the Hunt
1634TopicPC crystalline sword
1636TopicPC Plagueborn shield
1637TopicPC on various OS weapons.
1638TopicQ9 Max Dual Vamp Dead Bow 15/-1|5/-1
1639TopicPc q9 domination Bo-Staff 20/10 hsr
1641TopicPC on OS q9 Hand Axe (Tyrian skin) +5e
1642TopicPC on old items plse Q8, Vizu, Oldchools..
1644TopicCelestial Thread(all oldsql) . PLS help =) *updated 16.6*
1645TopicPC summit shields q10taktik not os, q5 os kamas 15^50
1646TopicPC q12 df Bo-Staff 20/19 prot
1647TopicPC Shadow Shield q8
1648TopicPC: q12 old-school Eternal Bow
1649TopicQ9 Os Caster Jitte
1650TopicPC Zaishen Summoning Stones
1651TopicExtremely Rare Nerfed Jade Capes
1652Topic#closed ty 20/20 Jadestaff q10 Communing OS
1653Topicq8 Bleached skull, fresh drop
1654TopicPC on some things
1655TopicPC on OS Ritualist r8 and r9 20/20 Zodiac Staff Stuff
1656Topic[PC] OS Plagueborn Shield, q13 tac, +28 hp, +10 vs. Ogres
1657Topicsummit axe q8
1658TopicPC some OS stuff
1659TopicPC outcast staff *added echo*
1660TopicSkeleton Shield 16/8
1661TopicPC Minis and EL Vekk
1662TopicPC Zodiac Scepter old skool.
1663TopicPC q8 Zodiac Shield
1664TopicPC q9 str Outcast Shield, q8 Gothic Shield, and a few others
1665TopicPC on Eternal shield
1666Topicunded Miniature Confessor Dorian PC please :)
1667TopicPC: q9 15^50 Oni Daggers
1668TopicPC for quite a few mini pets
1669TopicPC on a few Weps! (OS items, VS, CC)
1670TopicPC OS Q10 Str Echo Shield +44 wE and -2 wE
1671TopicPC q8 sword (inscr)
1672Topicq8 Eternal PC please :)
1673TopicA few WEP price checks please :)
1674TopicPC: Mini's & EL Tonic
1675Topicos perfect plagueborn and echo
1676TopicWoven Shield 14/6
1677TopicChest run drops
1678TopicCrystalline Swords
1679TopicDual Mod Smiting Ornate Shield
1680TopicOS Price Check Needed
1681TopicChrysocolla Staff Q9 Energy Storage
1682TopicPC on EL Phantasmal.
1683TopicCouple of Gothic Defenders
1684Topic[PC] OS Spiked Targe, q7/13 tac, +10 vs. Demons, -2 w/stance
1685TopicPC q9 Tactics Dual Mod Skeleton Shield
1686Topic[Closed] Need shield price checked please
1687TopicPC Oni blade, Naga longbow, Outcast staff & Voltaic wand
1688TopicPC os r8 chaos axe
1689TopicQ9 Dualvamp Chaos Axe
1690TopicPC some OS stuff
1691TopicPC OS Shields
1692TopicSome OS Weapons
1693TopicDemon Fangs Q10 INSC
1694TopicSome OS Weapons
1695TopicUnded mini grawl/yeti/zippy
1696TopicPC Q8 Tetsubo Hammer and others.
1697TopicQ9 Tactics +27 -2Ench Gloom Shield
1698TopicQ9 Str +42/ench -5/20% Echovald Shield
1699Topic[PC] OS Reinforced Buckler, q10 tac, +10 vs. cold, -2 w/enchant
1700TopicUnded Minis & Tonics
1701TopicGothic Axe / Dual Axe req8 15^50
1702TopicCockatrice staff 20/10
1703TopicQ10 tactics Gothic Defender +30hp -5/20
1704TopicPC On Few Weapons Please
1705TopicCele Stuff
1707Topiclongbow :o
1709TopicPC q7/16ar blue shield
1710TopicPC OS low req items, dagger bow staff sheild
1711TopicSeventh Birthday Present
1712TopicDragon Hornbow and More PC Please!
1713TopicRound Shield Q10 Tactics
1714TopicOni Blade q8 15^50
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1715Topicprice check BDS on E-Storage
1716TopicPC OS q9 Tac Shield of the Wing -5/20% +10 vs Demons
1717TopicPC on vs Demons Exalted Aegis
1718TopicPrenerfed Bone Staff
1719TopicLow Req Demon Shield Pc Please
1720TopicPc on BDS
1721TopicPC on OS Spiked Club pls
1722TopicDragon staff, r8 Shadow shield + caster and low req items
1723TopicIf I could get a PC please.
1724TopicOS Fire Staff 20/40
1725Topicprenerf q8 tall shield
1726Topicpricecheck on tons of plagueborns-most req 9
1727TopicQ11 Communing BDS (Bone Dragon Staff)
1728TopicPC: | Miniatures | Tonics | + More
1729Topic20/20 Amber Staff + New OS stuff (20/19,20/10,dualmod)
1730TopicPrice Check :)
1731TopicPC in presearing (update 04/26)
1732TopicLow Req Shield [Dual Modded Ogre Shield]
1733TopicPC on some old random weapons
1734TopicPC on vDemon shield
1735TopicQ7 Brute Sword & Twin Ham near perfect
1736TopicPC BDS's/CC's and more
1737TopicPC Bo Staff | Serpent Axe | Brute Sword
1738TopicPrice check on a some of items, please.
1739TopicForbidden Staff and Cane (os)
1740TopicCrystalline q7 15^enchanted +30hp olschool
1741TopicQ9 Amber aegis +10vs demon+29hp
1742Topic15-21 Q8 Longsword
1743TopicPC on a few items [ADDED 20/20 Outcast Staff]
1744TopicTwo max req. 8 OS items
1745TopicPrenerf r10 Tyrian (I think) Serpent Axe 11/stance
1746TopicBladed Shield
1747Topicpre nerf q8 tall shield
1748TopicQ6 savage dagger 6-14
1749TopicTall Shield in Pre
1750Topictall shield, q6, ar 13
1751TopicPC triple cesta
1752TopicPC oldshl Paper Fan
1753TopicSome low req non max os items
1754TopicPC os plagueborn focus
1755TopicPC purple Cane (presearing)
1756TopicNaked Shadow Blade
1757Topicel frosty, some q8, a q7, old school stuffs; PC of interest to me really.
1758TopicPC Q8 bladed shield +10Dem -5/19
1759TopicPC Zodiac Staff
1760TopicPC os chaos axe
1761TopicFew Os Shields ++
1762TopicPC few items
1763TopicOS Accursed Staff 20/20 q10
1764TopicOS Q5 Deadly Cesta
1765TopicPC Tribal Axe
1766TopicPC Mini Undedicated Prince Rurik
1767TopicPC Flamberge Sword
1768TopicPC q6 15^50 axe
1769Topic15^50 Q10 White Reaver OS
1770Topicq8 channeling staff
1771TopicGothic Defender
1772TopicOni Blade q9
1773TopicCockatrice Staff 20/20
1774TopicPC uninscri gold q9
1775TopicPC on q8/16 blue Adamantite Shield
1776Topicq8 colossal scimitar max dmg inscr.
1777TopicPC OS items from faction
1778Topiccc + q0 shield + OS Jitte
1779TopicYear 8 Birthday Voucher
1780TopicPC unded mini Oni
1781TopicPC Unded Miniature Longhair Yeti
1782TopicPC on Q8 OS Shield
1783TopicPC Echovald Q9 tac +30 -5/19
1784TopicKriss Daggers
1785TopicPrice check on three unded minipet
1786TopicPC Dragon staff 20/20
1787TopicPc on Shields
1788TopicPC q10 Paper Lantern [03/30/14]
1789TopicOs Wand 5e + HCT 20%
1790Topicr8 War Axe 13^50 | r6/14 tac Reinforced Buckler
1791TopicPC needed on 94 OS Items
1792TopicPerfect Plague
1793TopicPrice check
1794TopicPC Req 8 16 armor spiked targe (tactics) inscribable
1795TopicQ10 OS Embossed Aegis -3hexed, 20% blind
1796TopicPC on OS items
1797Topicfellblade and wingblade req7
1798Topicghostly hero miniature
1799TopicPc Unded Mini Celestial Set
1800TopicPC OS Gothic Defender
1801TopicPC OS Dual-mod q11 Defender
1802TopicPC Q8 Vertebreaker 14^50
1803Topicq7ar15 great conch
1804Topicq9 icy dragon sword
1805TopicPC Dragon & Platinum Staff
1806TopicPC q12 Dual Vamp Mammoth Axe
1808TopicPC Q9 Bo staff q9 water 20/20 earth
1809TopicSome OS Staves
1811TopicFellblade Q8 15^50
1812Topicpc Q9 str os sheild dual mod perfect
1813TopicPC Q9 strength Echovald +10vsDemons +2w/e
1814Topicneed some PC
1815TopicSuperb charr carving
1816Topicgothic defender
1817TopicOS bone staff 20/40 +30hp
1818TopicPets/everlasting tonics in Proph. tut
1819TopicPC Echovald
1820TopicDagnar Stonepate
1822Topicq9 prot bds, q7/8 caster shields + misc.
1823TopicPC OS Q11 15^50 Oni Blade
1824TopicKoi Scepter dualmod
1825Topicziinjuus sanctuary
1826TopicDual Vamp Cele Bow
1827TopicClose plz
1828TopicPC on Frog
1829TopicPC on some minis
1830Topic[PC] Dual mod OS Eternal Shield, q10 str, -2 w/ench, AL +10 vs. undead
1831TopicPC eternal shield
1832TopicPC Obsidian Trim
1833TopicPC plagueborn DEMON shield
1834Topicpc on el mox and unded smite
1835TopicQuick pc on q7/15
1836TopicPC on some items
1837TopicPC on Shields and Swords
1838TopicPC on os items
1839TopicNeed a PC on some stuff
1840Topicfew shields and misc
1841TopicPrice check on mini.
1842TopicPC Q13 eternal sword
1843TopicOldschool Forbidden Staff + Golden Phoenix Blade
1844TopicHand axe(canthan) q9 15^50
1845TopicPC OS Shields and swords?
1846TopicPC Max Req.9 Oldschool 15%/-5 nrg
1847Topicpc q11 ironwing and shield
1848Topicrq 9 Plagueborn Focus
1849TopicPC on 3 weapons
1850TopicPC on Req8 Cleaver
1851Topicquick PC on this shield
1852TopicWhat is utter garbage and what isn't?
1853TopicPrice check 4 rare mini's
1854TopicOldschool Req.9 Gothic Sword 20/20 +30hp
1855TopicMarty's PC thread
1856TopicPC Q9 Eternal Bow & Q9 Dragon Kamas 15^50 OS
1857TopicPC on two OS shields
1858TopicQ8 Ornate Buckler (Strength)
1859TopicPC on Mini Zhed + El MKT
1860TopicLow Req Daggers
1861Topicbo staff - dadao sword - shadow bow
1862Topicdiscontinued q8 resto zodiac :)
1863TopicOni Blade q10
1864TopicQ9 Jade Sword inscri, Q12 OS Oni Blade 15^50
1865Topicfew OS Holy Rods
1866TopicPC q8 15wE Aureate Daggerz
1867TopicQ7/15 tactics shields
1868TopicPC 2 Insc Offhands
1869TopicPC q8 shield uninscr
1870TopicPC q8 inscr blue max Shield of the Wing
1871TopicPC on some items
1872TopicPC OS Modded r9 Death Deadly Cesta
1873TopicGhostly staff
1874TopicPc on red asuranline staff
1875TopicI need help with pc this of this weapones
1876TopicPC q9 Enameled tac insc shield
1877TopicPC on q11 Emerald blade
1878TopicQ9 Obsidian Edge, EL Pyre,Jora,Anton,Zhed
1879TopicGothic Axe, req10
1880TopicSome OS Stuff
1881TopicDraconic Aegis, Celestial Compass, EL tonic, q7 plague daggers non max. ect..
1882TopicPC on some os items
1883TopicSome OS Q8 Items
1884TopicPC q4 bladed shield strength
1885Topicq8 purp crystalline sword 13^50 20/20 30 PC plz
1886TopicPC Echovald OS +10 Demons
1887Topic*NEW* q8 Eternal Shield/ perfect Demon-Ornate/Dual Vamp Katana
1888TopicPC on Dedicated Miniature Rift Warden
1889TopicQ8 +5e Hand Axe Tyrian skin
1890TopicNeed PC on a bunch of CC's etc..
1891TopicDouble Zealous Jade Sword.
1892TopicOS P.C. please :)
1893Topic20/20 plat wands
1894TopicPC darkwing defender
1895Topicgot a few random items im not used to seeing
1896Topicpc vds plz
1897Topicq8 Tall Shield
1898TopicQ8 shadow blade
1899Topicadded os Magmas Shield||os factions stuff
1900TopicCouple Of OS Shields
1901TopicReq 9 OS FDS
1902TopicPC 15/Q7 Inscribable Great Conch
1904Topicpc plz bow
1905TopicPC Shield, Wintergreen Spear,Dedicated Minis
1906TopicPC on lot of items, just returning after 2 year break.
1907TopicPC q8 15^50 Summit + Perf. Tall Shield
1908TopicQ7 Tall Shield
1909TopicPC on some shields
1910TopicPC OS Echovald q9 str
1911TopicPC Frog Scepters, Celestial Compasses, BDS, Diessa Chalices, Primeval Armor Remnants
1912Topicos q9 15/50 Crude Axe (factions)
1913TopicPC on Q8 Militia shield insc
1914TopicPrice Check Unded Celestial Pig
1915TopicSome OS dualmodded [exalted +30/-5(20%)] , req7 & 8 swords/axes...TRANSLATION!
1916Topicos cele shield
1917TopicPC q8 Summit Warlord Shield
1918TopicPC on a few OS items
1919TopicPC please! <3
1920TopicSome aegis for pc
1921TopicOS | q9 Eternal shield -2/-2 | q9 Jitte 15^stance |
1922TopicQ8 Storm Artifact
1923TopicVizu's Price Check
1924TopicA couple of things
1925TopicPC: q12 max dmg shadow bow
1926TopicPC on Double Vamp Sword
1927TopicPC on EL Ghostly priest please
1928TopicPC: q12 Dryad Bow
1929TopicThank you, Please close :)
1930Topic3 items : pc pls
1931TopicThanks :) Please close
1932TopicPC Amber Aegis
1933TopicPC on OS Shield
1934TopicOS Eternal Shield
1935TopicPC on tons of OS Stuff
1936TopicCan be closed
1937Topici have two rare items i like a PC on
1938TopicPC Amber Aegis +10vsDemons -2wE
1939Topicpc q10 tact ornate +29 -2we
1940TopicMiniature Flame Djinn
1941TopicQ9 OS Gloom Shield
1942TopicPC OS Dual mod shield
1943Topicreq9 air frog scepter
1944Topicq9 OS Sunqua Stances
1945TopicPC Zodiac Shield & Scepter
1946TopicMini Price Check *Unded Vizu*
1947TopicCelestial Shield
1948TopicQ8 Oldschool chaos axe
1949TopicAureate Aegis/Q8 Butterfly Mirror, et. al.
1950TopicPC on My Amber prot Staff plz :D
1951TopicPC Q7/Q8 Eternal Shields (inscribable)
1952TopicBDS, CC and Shadow Blade OS
1953TopicPC Shield : q12 strengh , +10 Demons -2 w/e
1954Topicq7 fire wand
1955TopicPC q5(Tactics) AR 12 dual mod shield
1956TopicSeveral items
1957TopicCame back to the game - Can i get some PC's please?
1958TopicQ9 Fire Froggy
1959TopicPC OS Shadow Shield
1960TopicPC Outcast shield OS
1961TopicCanthan non max Serpent Axe and Bladed Shield
1962TopicPC r9 OS Eternal Shield
1963TopicOS Dual Mod Platinum Wand
1964TopicPC Q9 Oni Blade
1965TopicPC Eaglecrest Axe + OS Celestial Shield
1966TopicPC on Echovald / Bo - and Dragon-Staff
1967TopicSerpent Axe 13^50 Q11 [Tyria Skin/Oldschool] purple
1968TopicPC Bladed Shield Q9 Tactic OS
1969TopicPrice Consultations
1970TopicPc El Ghostly Hero
1971TopicPC EL Balthazar Priest Tonic
1973TopicXun Rao's Quill
1974TopicPlagueborn Shield, Mursaat Hornbow, Demon Fangs
1975TopicSet of Celestial Minipets (Unded)
1976TopicPC q9 15^50 Jitte
1977TopicBladed Q7
1978Topicpc q9 fellblade
1979TopicPC Req 12 Celesial Compass | Racing Beetle | Flame Djinn |Req 9 Chaos Axe
1980TopicPC wintergreeen weapon set
1981TopicPC Crysta q9 13^50
1982TopicPC Q9 Obby
1983TopicPC Destroyer Scepter/Celestial Compass
1984TopicPC on OS Q9 Shields / Swords
1985TopicR9 colossal pick +5e
1986TopicGrab Bags
1987TopicPC Minis and EL Tonics
1988TopicRound Shield Q9 Tactics OS
1989Topicq10 Celestial Daggers & OS Oni Daggers
1990Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
1991TopicSome OS stuff and a q7/15 spiked targe tacts inscr
1992TopicPC Celestial Compass Q9 Earth
1993TopicPC Moss Spider Egg
1994TopicPC Echovald / Blasonned
1995TopicPC mini polar bear
1996TopicNeed some probably easy PCs please.
1997TopicPC Q9 Jade Hammer Dmg +15 Energy-1
1998TopicQ8 Caster Vertebreaker + q8Tac +45ench/-2ench Kappa Shield - New q8 Plagueborn Axe
1999TopicPC Undedicated Minis
2000TopicGreens & Other Unique Items (all campaigns) Price Guide
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2001TopicPC on many things
2002TopicPC Eternal Shield Q10
2003TopicPC q12 Dom Froggy
2004TopicPC EL Gwen tonic
2005TopicHoD sword 2013?
2006TopicPC q7 FDS, q8 Crystalline
2007TopicPC Crystia q13
2008TopicPC Plagueborn Shield.
2009TopicDwarven axe
2010TopicThank you both
2011Topicwintergreen sword
2012TopicImperial Panda License
2013TopicPc Outcast Shield
2014Topicclean Mini Pig (not celestial)
2015TopicPC on odds and ends
2016TopicEverlasting Ghosstly Tonic and q8 chalice(healing)
2017TopicPC please on an OS DOUBLE vampiric
2018TopicPrice Check in the Hardware Department Please
2019TopicHelp with PC on some items
2020TopicPC BDS Q10 Death and Storm Daggers Q13
2021Topicnothing perfect
2022TopicPC on 2 shields, please.
2023TopicWeird Long Sword & Q11 Crystalline Sword
2024TopicQuick pc on q9 eternal shield
2025TopicSome oldschool / lowreq / Echovald
2026TopicZodiac Weaps
2028Topicq9 +5e jitte
2029Topicq13 oldschool +5e Crystalline
2030TopicOS caster Axes
2031Topicreq 9 Mursaat Hammer and Chaos Axe req12 +5e
2032TopicPC q13 15^50 Mursaat Hammer
2033TopicPC EL Transmogrifier Tonic
2034Topicq9 Shadow Bow dual vamp
2035TopicPc on Ded Polar, Ded MKG and Ded Ghostly Hero
2036Topicpc 2 bows q9 inscr.
2037TopicPC Old school Zodiac staves
2038TopicPC [purp] Accursed Icon - e+12 q8Curses - HCT spells 15%
2039TopicPC Furious Cleaver of Fortitude
2040TopicEL Cottontail Tonic
2041Topicos stuff
2042TopicPC Q7/16 Tactics Shield
2043TopicOS Dragon kamas q9 15^50 and others
2044TopicPC-Arm15/q8Str Kournan Def. GOLD inscr.
2045TopicOldSchool Naga-Longbow q9
2046TopicPrice Check on 2 Shields
2047Topic3rd, 4th, 5th birthday gifts
2048TopicWoC green - the people's resolve
2049Topicsome echovalds
2050Topicpc q10 tac guardian of hunt
2051TopicBronze Shield + 10 Vs Demons (health +28)
2052TopicOS r9 Zodiac Staff Communing 20/10
2053Topicpc q11 cerulean edge
2054TopicOS gothic defender
2055TopicPC Echovalds, Amber, Emblazoned, Embossed, and other [Free hugs for any PC]
2056TopicPaper Fan Q9
2057Topicq9 Magmas +29hp 20% Poison Reduction
2058TopicOS round shield...
2059TopicPrice Check OS Dual Mod Shadow Shield & More
2060TopicOS Holy Branch, q9 DF, hct 20% Protection Prayers
2061Topicpc on OS outcast shield
2062Topicq7/15 Gold Insc. Kournan Defender
2064TopicGuardien of the Hunt Q9 ( Inscr )
2065TopicOS Bow 15^-1hp
2066TopicMonthly EL Tonics
2067TopicOS Embossed Aegis Q10 Tactics
2068TopicLowreq Shields
2069TopicPc OS Shield
2070TopicPC Johon's Longbow
2071TopicPC +5eng Shield Rare or not
2072TopicEcho q10 tact / +30 / -5/20
2074TopicVs. Demons Embossed + Other Goodies
2075TopicPc q7 str ar16 gold -5/20 iridescent aegis
2076TopicPC on q8 skeleton shield
2077TopicPC Echovald R9 + Staff 20% Prot
2078Topicpc these echovald shields plz ty
2079TopicPc R8 Bladed Shield
2080TopicQ10 Tact Echo +29+9vdemons
2081TopicPC Zodiac Sword q8 gold / Echovald shield q9 gold -5/19 30hp OS and more...
2082Topicechovald, gothic defender and plagueborn recurve bow
2083TopicPC on purple crystalline sword
2084TopicPC on a few OS items
2085TopicPC on naga bows plz
2086TopicOS Plagueborn Focus Q10 DF
2087TopicOS Outcast
2088TopicPC on blue q6/14 and q8/16 Shields! (edited)
2089TopicOS Shields and weapons
2090TopicPC on shields : amber, echo, crude, etc ! Pls =)
2091TopicPC Q9 OS Eternal Shield
2092TopicPc q6/13 +30 -5(19%) Bladed shield.
2093TopicWeird staff
2094TopicPC: Bonecage Scythe
2095TopicPC OS Eternal
2096TopicDual Amber Aegis and Echo, q9 tac, +10 vs. Demons single mod
2097TopicPC Moss Spider Egg
2098TopicPC for some chest run drops [Update 11/03]
2099TopicPC on some EL tonics
2100TopicEverlasting Fireworks Crate...?
2101TopicIs crystalline swords plz
2102TopicPC: Signet Shield Q9 AL 16 Command
2103Topicpc on Q5/13 perfect shield please
2104TopicPC Everlasting Miku
2105TopicPC-- Obsy Edge and some items
2106Topiclooking for some items
2107Topic[PC] Island Guardian, no dedied?
2108TopicOS Shields Amber, Echo, Gothic, Ornate WS pls :)
2109TopicPC on old school sword
2110TopicPC: Miniatures - Shiroken /Mad King /Candysmith /Black Beast +++
2111TopicPC Gothix Axe req 9
2112Topic[10/21] Chestrun OS ones (20/20, dualmod, etc.)
2113TopicPC Q4/a11 Tact Tall Shield vDemons
2114Topicr8 spatha
2115TopicPC os req8 tac skeleton shield
2116Topic[PC] Dual mod Amber Aegis, q10 str, +44 w/ench -2 w/ench
2117TopicPC on req 9 Falchion Sword Gold ?
2118TopicPC on Bo Staff
2119TopicUndedi Vizu
2120Topicreq 8
2121TopicPrice Check on Multiple Birthday Items
2122TopicPC on gold q12 cyclopian wand
2123TopicPC r9 Fire Cockatrice Staff 20/19
2124TopicPrice Check Q10 Spiked Targe
2125TopicPc q9 Protection Prayers BDS
2126TopicZaishen Keys
2127TopicPC on Q8 gold Summit Warlord Shield
2129TopicPC Crude axe
2131TopicPC 3 OS golds
2132Topicmini Shiro'ken, weapons PC
2133Topicoldsql crysta i echovald
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2134TopicPC Cantha fire staff q9 20/20
2135TopicPC black dye?
2137TopicNon-max Dryad prices?
2138TopicPC: A few perfect uninscr golds
2139TopicPC Req8Str Armor 16 Inscrip Lotus Shield
2140TopicUnded Mini Aaaaargh
2141TopicPricecheck: Q8 -2/-2 Summit Warlord Shield
2142TopicQ8 Golden Phoenix Blade
2143Topicos amber aegis
2144Topicminiature high priest zhang unded
2145Topicq7/15ar shield of the wing
2146Topicq10 dual vamp eternal bow
2147TopicQ10 Dual Vamp Shadow Blade
2148TopicEnvoy Weapons PC
2149TopicPC celestial sword, eternal shield comm. and more
2150Topic2 non-insc demon shields
2151TopicRare Bo Staff?
2152Topicq9 OS Storm Bow +20 vs demons
2153TopicSome nearly good OS ones
2154TopicFew OS Shields
2155TopicUnded Vizu
2156TopicGot answer, please close
2157TopicPC on some Dualmod Shields/OS Weapons
2158TopicPC q13 inscib darkwing
2159TopicPC a few Low-end/Crap Items (updated)
2160TopicGoldhorn Staff q9
2161TopicPC Oni daggers req8 15^50
2162Topicq9 Tall shield +10vs earth +29
2163TopicDual Vamp Sword
2164TopicReq8 Tactics Gold insc Equine Aegis
2165TopicOs +10 demon shield
2166TopicQ13 +14% no req wep
2167TopicNo Req Weapons
2168Topiccan i get some pc's on few weapons plz and minis :) ty
2169Topic[PC] Eternal Shield, q13 str, -2 w/stance, +45 w/stance, non-inscr
2170TopicPc bds
2171TopicPC 3 OS items
2172Topicreq 8 +5e , req9 +5e oldschool
2173TopicPC Urgoz drops
2174TopicMax armor Q7 Tall shield
2175TopicPC for ded Mini Oni
2176TopicPC for unded Mini Dhuum
2177TopicAureate Daggers Q8 +5 Energy OS
2178TopicOS Collosal Pick and +10 Demon Shield
2179TopicSome q9 OS/Insc Stuff
2180TopicPrice check on a few bits please
2181TopicEverlasting Vekk Tonic Price Check
2182TopicPC os Eternal Shield, Shadow Shield
2183TopicVarious OS Golds
2184TopicPC Celestial Compass Air Magic
2185TopicCrystalline R10 14^50
2186Topicinteresting staff
2187TopicPC on Vampiric Weapons and a few other things
2188Topic[PC] Dual mod Amber Aegis
2189Topicpc Amber aegis
2190TopicPC Few OS Items (Shields/Swords)
2191TopicPC on 2 staves and an axe
2192TopicMINI UNDED Zhed Price Check
2193TopicPC on few weapons
2194TopicColossal pick 15^50, 20/20 earth staff, some other stuff
2195Topicpc serrated spear and and enameled shield
2196TopicPC oldschool exalted aegis q.8 and more oldskl stuff
2197TopicPC Q9 Vertebreaker (os) +5 energy
2198TopicPC on elite warrior tome and elite paragon tome
2199TopicUpdated Price Lists
2200TopicQ10 Clockwork Q9 oni 14^50
2201TopicVabbian Tower Shield 16/8
2202TopicJeweled Staff Q9 illu
2203Topicq9 inspiration wayward wand
2204TopicPC Fellblade and Gilded Sword (white)
2205TopicSmall oldschool collection
2206TopicPC 2 Shields OS Cele/Tall
2207Topicq8/16 Conch Shield
2209TopicHenge of Denravi Sword+Double Damage Shields
2210Topicq8 15^50 plat blade
2211TopicPC No Inscp Dragon Spire Staff
2212Topic[PC] Single mod Tall Shield, q7 tac AL15, -2 w/enchant
2213TopicOS Q9 Archaic Axe, +5energy
2214TopicDual vamp weps
2215Topicq9 OS Dwarven Axe/ q7 Sword
2216TopicPC: Q10 Water BDS, EL Salma, EL Keiren
2217Topica few q7/8 shields and q8 os staff
2218TopicAegis Q13 Tact -2st +45 st , Totem Axe
2219Topicq7 a16 Eternal Shield +13HP
2220TopicTribal Axe
2221TopicA few low reqs
2222TopicPC on oldschool Items
2223TopicClosed, got needed prices
2224TopicPvP Darkwing
2227TopicNeed price checks on some stuff
2228TopicPC Unded Mad King Thorn
2230TopicChaos Axe Q10 15^50
2231TopicPlagueborn Axe
2233TopicPC for Req 9 Fellblade with 15^50, non-inscribable
2234TopicQ8(Dom)Max Wooden Chakram *Inscribable*
2235TopicJade Wind Orbs
2236Topicreq5/13; 6/14 tactic conches
2237TopicEternal shield r13 str +45 -2 stance..
2238TopicMagmas Q9 +44/-2 Stance
2239TopicUnded oni+Unded Dhuum
2240Topicperfect dual modded (-2wE, +10vs earth) bladed shield
2241TopicGothic Sword req8
2242Topicq9 plague shield
2243TopicPC Minipets
2244TopicDual mod shield
2246TopicPC on EL Kuunavang Tonic
2247TopicWooden longbow & flatbow q9 15^50
2248TopicPC Mini Minister Reiko & Echo Shield OS
2249TopicPC on Sundering Elemental Sword of Fortitude
2250Topicr7 celestial shield
2251TopicPC Outcast staff Q9 earth 20/10
2252TopicNo longer needed pc.
2253TopicOS Bow
2254TopicPc Rare OS q8 bows~
2255Topic[PC]OS Embossed Aegis Armor+10 vs demon[PC]
2256Topic[Closed] PC Insignias, Runes
2257TopicPC On Q9 Darkwing Defender
2258TopicNeed PC on some oldschool goodies plz!
2259TopicPc perfect q7 dual mod shield
2260TopicOS Canthan Crude Axe Q9 15^50
2261TopicPC plz - few oldsql Shields & few others
2262TopicQ8 Strength Darkwing Defender
2263TopicUnded Celestial mini's
2264TopicQ9 pyroclastic Axe
2265Topicq5tac/13 armor gold shield
2266TopicPC on some old items. long sword, sephis axe
2267Topic7th Year Presents
2268TopicPC OS Outcast Shield +1 Tact(20%)/-5(19%)
2269TopicQ8 Shields
2270TopicPC on BDS q9 smite
2271Topicamber aegis os
2272TopicOS Dual Vamp q11, Long Sword and a shield
2273TopicPC Zodiac Weapons
2274TopicQ8 summit warlord
2275TopicEaglecrest Axe
2276TopicPC Wooden Buckler OS
2277TopicPC non-insc cristalline sword q9 15>50
2278TopicPC on r9 Sundering Fellblade of Fortitude
2279TopicPC on Birthday EL tonics
2280TopicPC Epic Weapons
2281TopicPC Jitte 15^50 q9 uninsc
2282TopicPlease pc frog scepter
2283TopicPC some OS golds (some low req)
2284TopicPC OS Weapons
2285TopicPC Dragon Staff 20/10 Q11 DF + some shields
2286TopicPC shield
2287TopicPC Oni Blade
2288TopicPC BDS q12 Illusion and...
2289TopicPC ministerial commendations, daggers of purity etc.
2290TopicOS Q8 Plagueborn bow/ Shadow Axe
2291TopicPC Unded Mini Peacekeeper
2292TopicGot some Undeds ... Curious if they are right on prices on sticky
2293Topicunded reiko
2294TopicClosed thanks :)
2295TopicPlease pc some unins & insc golds
2296TopicPC Q8/Q9 Bows
2297TopicPC on unded Mini Eye of Janthir
2298TopicEverlasting Zhed tonic & Mini Siege Devourer
2299TopicQ9 Guardian of the Hunt
2300TopicQ10 Illusion magic Frog Scepter
2301Topicq7 max dmg 15/-10 cele sword
2302TopicPC Flame offhand req8
2303Topicunded Shiroken
2304TopicBDS - Curses
2305TopicPC Crystalline r9
2306Topicpc on echovald shield
2307Topicpc on some uninscr stuff
2308TopicPC Demon Fangs daggers?
2309TopicPC on some shields & swords please :)
2310TopicPC Q10 spawning power OS caster modded celestial staff
2311TopicPC Miniature Oola & Vetaura's Harbinger
2312TopicPC Q13 magma shield
2313TopicPC Miniature Gwen
2314TopicPC gold
2315TopicPC a few golds?
2316TopicPC Q7 Double-Bladed Axe
2317TopicPC Bo staves
2318TopicPC on some old school stuff please
2319Topicpc on req9 zodiac
2320TopicPC q9 caster obby edge
2321TopicPC Wintergreen spear
2322TopicProbably Impossible to Price but...
2323TopicPC q12 Vspear and bow of the kinslayer
2324TopicQ9 15^50 20/20 +30 OS storm bow
2325TopicPC q9/10/11/12/13 Eternal Blade
2326TopicPC on non-inscribable Q8 Axe and 2 Bows
2327TopicPC Items
2328TopicFiery Dragon Sword PC
2329Topic[PC] q8 uninscriptible celestial longbow 15^50
2330TopicOutcast Shield
2331TopicEternal Shield Oldschool
2332TopicPC 2 OS Chaos Axes
2333TopicPC Shield of the lion of Fortitude
2334Topicpc q Katana insc
2335TopicSundering Briar Blade of Shelter PC
2336TopicOldschool Shadow Shields
2337TopicHealing Ankh q8
2338TopicPC OS Items
2339TopicPC Unded Vizu, q8 Eshield, Wand 20/19, Perf shield
2340Topic[PC] OS Embossed Aegis, q12 str, +10 vs. Demons, +42 w/enchant
2341Topicprice on 2 os items
2342TopicPC Unded Miniature Shiro'ken Assassin
2343TopicPC Unded Celestial Snake, Rooster, Monkey
2344TopicPC Q10 Eternal blade
2345TopicPC Req8 Shield
2346TopicPC req8 shield of the Wing
2347TopicOS Q8 Staff
2348TopicOS Chaos Axe
2349TopicUnid birthday presents and some items
2350TopicPC Ghostly Staff
2351TopicPC a couple of OS weapons
2352TopicOS weapons
2353TopicPC Q8/16 Blue Inscr Tact Crude & Aegis Shields
2354TopicPC: Couple OS Shields
2355TopicPC unded Mini King Adelbern
2356TopicCelestial Shields Q8 and Q10 uninscr
2358TopicFew Things Priced plz =)
2359TopicPC on a few items
2360Topic[PC] Dual vamp q13 Sephis Axe, +15 /-1 hp
2361TopicPC OS q7/16 defender (gold)
2362TopicOrnate Buckler Req 10 Tactics
2363TopicTribal Shield 14/6 tactics
2364TopicPc on req 8 tactics shield
2365Topicclosed due to a ventari forum violation
2366TopicQ8 Ironwing Flatbow 14^50 & Q6 Bo Staff
2367TopicPC on some non-insc and pre-buff items
2368Topic[PC] OS Spiked Targe, q6 str AL +13, +10 vs earth dmg, -2 w/enchant
2369TopicPresearing Purple Axe
2370TopicPC q8 spiked axe insc
2371Topic[PC] OS Shadow Bow, q9 15^50, Dadao Sword, q9 inscr.
2372TopicOS dual mod shields + low req Woven, Embossed, Defender
2373Topic[PC] Some stuff
2375TopicPC Sephis Axe OS , General OS weapons
2376TopicPC on two weapons
2377TopicPC 7/15 tactics militia shield
2378TopicOS 20/20 Staff's
2379TopicPC vs demon staff mod+r9 amber aegis
2380TopicPC on 3 Dual mod shields OS
2381Topic5th & 6th year birthday presents
2382TopicLow Req Daggers
2383TopicQ5/13 Tactics Bladed Shield & More
2384TopicPC Guild with Full GH [DERP]
2385TopicGreat Conch Tact Q6/14
2386TopicPC on Celestial Longbow
2387TopicPC Platinum Broadsword Q10 insc & Militia Shield Q9 Tactics insc
2388TopicPC q6, q7, crysta, EL Kuuna
2389Topicthanks got the answer
2390TopicPC Eternal ShielD oS plagueborn ...
2391TopicPC q10 -2wE +10vs Dragons Gothic
2392TopicPC 20/19 Jade staff and q5 13 shield
2393Topicq9 Demon Echovald
2394TopicPC Holy Rod
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2395TopicPrice Check Wintergreen Bow
2396TopicPC q11 tact outcast shield -2w/E +27hp
2397TopicPC on a few items please!
2398TopicPlatinum Sickles OS
2399TopicPC on celestial shield/ vamp + Zealous scythes/axe/icy ceremonial daggers
2400TopicCool but worthless offhand
2402TopicPc : Os shields (ornate / echo / amber)
2403Topicclose please
2404Topicgrim cesta q10 death os dm
2405TopicNeed a PC for items
2406TopicPC EL Marg tonic
2407TopicPlagueborn Scepter
2408Topicgothic defender
2409TopicSmiting Staff 20/20
2410TopicQ8 mursaat hammer & spikey war hammer
2411TopicNeed Price check on two items
2413Topicpc on tactics shields
2414TopicOS q7/8 weapons
2415TopicWayward Wand
2416Topicr9 tac cele shield
2417TopicFire staff 20/20 OS Core
2418TopicPC ded polar bear
2419TopicPrice Check some weapons
2420TopicEL AoB & Mini Bone Dragon
2421Topic[PC] OS Holy Staff, q9 20/20
2422Topicpc os gothic defeners
2423Topicpc q5/13 tall shield (tact)
2424TopicOld scholl spatha q-8
2425TopicPC Echovald Shield q9 Tact
2426TopicClean Purple Crystallines
2427TopicPC on EL Gelatinous Tonic
2428TopicQ7/16 Gold OS Prenerf Shield
2429TopicMarble Hammer Dual Vamp Q9
2430TopicImperial panda license
2431Topic(Low) Q Shields
2432TopicOS 15^50 (x 2)
2433TopicVery old items....
2434Topicq10 Fire Damage BDS
2435Topicpc on q9 aureate blade
2436Topic8/16 strength Defender
2437TopicPC on some weapons dual vamp, straw...
2438Topicpc q8 darkwing ar16 str
2440TopicPC Misc items
2441TopicQ8/16 Tactics
2442TopicPC q10 domination staff
2443TopicDiscontinued/Oldschool Rune
2444Topicreinforced buckler
2445TopicPC Gold scythe
2446TopicOS 20/19 Focus
2447TopicOni and Naga
2448TopicPrice Check Birthday Presents 1st-5th year
2449Topic20/20 Zodiac; +30/-2 q9 Cele Shield and much more!
2450TopicOS 15/7 Bronze Shield
2451Topicpc this shield plz
2452TopicPC plz Caster Weps
2453TopicPC OS Shields
2454TopicPC on minis and everlasting tonics
2455TopicPC 20/20 Core Staves
2456TopicPC Q9 dryard
2457Topicq9 Storm Daggers
2458Topicq10 str. Eternal shield
2459TopicPC Forbidden Staff + q7 sunqua
2460TopicPC Q9 Amber Aegis
2461TopicPC plagueborn axe q9
2462TopicPC R9 SIlver Boar Scepter
2463TopicPC Some High End Minis
2464TopicPC black dye?
2465TopicClosed. Thanks for the help :)
2466Topicr7 15^50 6-23 Spiked Axe worth anything
2467TopicTwo Gothic Swords
2468Topicpc on gothic defender
2469TopicPrice check
2470TopicQ12 Earth Obby Staff 20/20 + Gothic Shield
2471TopicPC Gold r6/14Ar Tactics Sharktooth shield.
2472TopicShadowshield R13 -2 st +10 slash
2473TopicOS 15^50 Butterfly Sword
2474TopicBroadsword q9 OS + Ded Grawl
2475TopicPC Stack of Clovers
2476TopicProbably obvious PC
2477TopicSome old Offhands
2478TopicPlease pc bo staff & os items
2479TopicSilver Trim
2480TopicPC plz Tribal Axe, req 8 Wands, pre nerfs
2481TopicPlease pc shields & other items
2482TopicPc q9 Domination Froggy
2483Topicq10 Broadsword
2484TopicPC On Some Items
2485TopicPc on some items
2486TopicPC EL Razah tonic
2487TopicQ7/8 White Reavers
2488TopicPlease pc celestial weapons
2489TopicClovers & Eggs
2490Topicq9 OS Eternal Bow
2491TopicPC for some green & other items
2492Topicr11 tactics Gothic Defender +43^ench, +10a vs. Cold
2493TopicPc uninsc max cockatrice staff
2494TopicOS Dualmode Shields
2495TopicOS Q5 Tact Shield
2496TopicQ9 Ornate Shield
2497Topic[PC] OS Jellyfish Wand, q10 fire, HSR of spells 10%, +5e w/enchanted
2498TopicPC on low Req Tactics Shields
2499TopicPC: Duel Vamp Composite Bow
2500TopicPlease pc on oldschool items!
2501TopicJug & Bronze Shield OS
2502TopicTYVM for your help
2504TopicOS Round Shield q8 Tac
2505TopicCheers for pc's
2506TopicBladed Shield
2507TopicDual Inscribed Amber Aegis?
2508TopicPC Q9 Tac Darkwing Defender
2509TopicPrice Check [off-hand]
2510Topic[Price Check]Vial of Dye[Mixed][Price Check]
2511TopicPC on OS shields and other stuff
2512TopicPC OS Items
2513TopicOdd shadow staff
2514Topic[PC] new OS White Reaver, q9 15^50, Gothic Defender
2515TopicOS Shields ~ Please help PC if you can
2516Topicghostly priest, celestial compass
2517TopicQ8/16t gold inscribable Skull Shield, q9t dualmod GOTH, and a Q8 Earth scroll
2518TopicQ11 Crystalline 14^50 gold back in 2005
2519TopicPC Bladded Shield Q.10 Tacts
2520TopicPc on max gold Q9 DualVamp Storm Bow
2521TopicPC couple of minis
2522TopicPlease help PC if you can.... OS Zodiac & Other Stuff
2523TopicPC on minis new to forums
2524TopicIce Dragon Sword
2525TopicPC Costumized Minis
2526Topic[Edited] q9 Insc Shinobi Blade
2527TopicOS Dragon Kamas, q9 15^50
2528TopicPC Req8 Max dmg War Hammer (non insc)
2529TopicPC Silverwing Req 10
2530TopicPC q9 Crystalline (purp)
2531TopicPC on OS Req 8 Oldschool Hand Axe
2533TopicPC: Obsidian Edge q9/Caster
2534TopicPC Q9 Command Tormented Shield
2535Topic[PC] pre searing minis
2536TopicPC: q8 Perfect, Oldschool, Curses Truncheon
2537TopicJug Q8 Fast Cast
2538TopicOld school q8 earth scroll
2539TopicGreat Conch of Fortitude (Gold, insc)
2540TopicEL Kuunavang
2541Topicpc gold bo staff 20/10
2542TopicPC Enameled Shield
2544TopicPC on 1st-7th Bday Presents
2545TopicPricecheck on bundle
2546TopicPricecheck som old stuff
2547TopicPC Celestial Sword Dual Vampire ^15% DMG
2548Topicr9 Aureate Daggers
2549TopicDiessa/Golden Rins
2550Topicpc q8 focus
2552TopicPC echo q9 str +10vs Demons -2w/e
2553TopicPC Eternal Blade, BDS
2554Topicpc oni daggers Q8 15^50
2555TopicEchovald, Plagueborn Focus + OS Weapons
2556Topicpc on tonic
2557TopicOf eternal shield
2558TopicPC on Stack of Lunar Fortunes - Snake
2559TopicVentari's Guidelines Violation
2560Topic2 OS Shields
2561TopicVarious items
2564TopicClosed ty
2565TopicPC Unded mini Shiroken
2566Topicq10 emerald blade
2567TopicPC on various items, please
2568TopicPC Everlasting Jora, Ogden, Hayda
2569TopicPC Wintergreen Weapons
2570Topicprice check on these 2 staffs plz
2571TopicPC on Sundering Chaos Axe
2572TopicQ9 Old School Chaos Axe
2574TopicPC on Cloth of the Brotherhood
2575TopicPC: Old School q9 Amber Aegis
2576TopicPc on gold envoy scythe
2577TopicPC EL tonics and minipets
2578TopicPC on Everlasting Tonics.
2579TopicPC on 2 weapons
2580TopicPc on 2 items os
2581Topicdemons echovald
2582TopicPC Gothic n Echovald
2583Topic[PC] Echovald shield
2584TopicPC unded Zhed
2585TopicEL Destroyer Tonic
2586TopicPC Ded Oni and Ded Naga please :)
2587Topic[PC] DSR and Venthura scythe
2588TopicPC on unded Rurik
2589TopicPC on (very)rare various req 7 8 and 9 items
2590TopicPc unded high priest zhang
2591TopicShields, Weapons, etc.
2592TopicPc el ghostly hero
2593TopicPC on a few rare minis please
2594TopicPC req8 FDS
2595TopicPC Consumables plz
2596TopicPC Q9 Tact oldschool Emblazoned
2597TopicPC Unded Grawl
2598TopicDryad bow q9 insc
2599Topicnew: OS Ghostly Staff, q9 channeling 20/20, OS Cleaver q13, 15-1hp
2600TopicPC on some OS weapons
2601TopicPC on Celestial Compass & Shadow Blade
2602TopicPC on Plagueborn Sword q9 OS
2603TopicPC on Q12 Emblazoned oldsc.
2604TopicPC 2 low req blue shields
2605TopicPC on few golds
2606TopicPC Eternal Shield Req 9
2607TopicPC on "The Rapture"
2608Topic[PC] Weapons
2609TopicPC on purple Cryssies + Summit Axe
2610TopicPC on mini shiro, king adelbern and celestial rabbit!
2611TopicPC crystaline sword
2612TopicDouble Vamp Chaos Axe
2613TopicUnded Dhuum
2614TopicPC on a Q9 15^50 Tetsubo
2615TopicPC on wintergreen staff
2616Topiccelestial and mausoleum
2617Topic[PC] OS Crystalline purple q12, 14^50, OS Deadly Cesta
2618TopicGold Inscribable Q5 Shield
2619Topicq9 tac demonic aegis
2621TopicPC EL Vekk Tonic
2622TopicOS 20/10 q9 ghostly, q10 bo staff..
2623Topicq8 Jade Staff Dual Inherant
2625Topicpc on taameh's scythe
2626TopicPC on q8sword and dual zealos axe
2627TopicPC on three OS req. 8 15 ^ 50 / 15 in stance weapons...
2628TopicPC on gold items please
2629Topicq11 tact Echovald
2630TopicPC on 2 staff upgrades
2631TopicPC unique (green) items
2632TopicPC unded Zhed
2633TopicOrnate Shield, q9 str, +27 hp, armor +10 vs. cold
2634TopicPricecheck DED Kunavang
2635TopicNeed PC on several shields and a few weapons
2636Topicr8 Sunqua Blade and r6/14 spiked targe
2637TopicOS gothic sword
2638TopicPC on some Warrior Greens
2639TopicPC Everlasting Margonite + Slightly Mad King Tonics
2640TopicCurrent armbrace price
2641TopicPC Everlasting M.O.X Tonic & Unded Mini Koss
2642TopicPC on ancient armor remnants & stolen sunspear armor
2643Topicdhuum, oni, naga
2644TopicPC (mainly) on unopened birthday presents...
2645TopicP/C on Q12 Spawning Frog Scepter
2646TopicPC on mini Yakkington
2647TopicPC |OS| Q10 Dwarven Axe|
2648TopicDifferent Items
2649TopicReally OS Divine Symbol + 2 Shields
2650Topicp/c on some old school gold non-inscription items
2651TopicQ9 OS Platinum Blade 15^50
2652TopicQ8 Chaos Axe
2653TopicQ8 +15%WE Shinobi Blade
2654TopicPC on r9 Fiery Jade Daggers of Fortitude!
2655TopicQ11 Broadsword OS 15^50
2656TopicQ9 STR Draconic Aegis
2657TopicEl Flame Sentinel
2658TopicArmbrace of Truth
2659TopicPC on some OS Shields
2660TopicPC on some everlasting tonics
2661TopicMy Old Collection, Please PC
2662TopicPC Outcast shield
2663TopicPC on a Ton of Items. (Echovald/Plagueborn/Amber Ageis/etc...)
2664TopicPC Minis and a few other things...
2665TopicPC on some OS stuff
2666TopicOutcast shield
2668TopicPC gold/inscr 14 armor 6 tactics Crude Shield +30 -5/20%
2669TopicPC Demrikov's Judgement & Torivo's Revenge
2670Topicsome Plagueborns, Oni blade
2671TopicPrice check on unded Shiro and...
2672TopicPC Q9 Celestial Hammer
2673Topicq9 Ornate Shield
2674TopicSome req 8s and stuff
2675TopicPC on 2 req.8's
2676Topic[Estim] Wayward Wand
2677TopicPC on a couple of Flamberge's
2678TopicPC on Steel daggers
2679TopicReq8 Chakram - Very Interesting Mods
2680Topic1 of a kind item, found nowhere else in GW
2681TopicPC on Q8 Max Enameled Shield
2682TopicPC Everlasting Margonite Tonic
2683TopicPC on Everlasting Master of Whispers Tonic
2684TopicOld school exalted aegis and q9 voltaic spear
2685Topic2x Q8 Hammers
2686TopicPrice Check on many Green/Gold Weapons
2687Topic[PC] OS Naga Shortbow, q9 15^50
2688TopicPC on golds
2689TopicPC q9str -3/h +1DM(20%) Gothic defender (OS)
2690TopicPC Req 8 Butterfly Sword
2691TopicA few OS item's
2692TopicR8 tact inscr gold shields
2694TopicPC Echovald shield req 11
2695TopicPC on Bone Staff
2696TopicPC No mod gold shield
2697TopicPC on Q8 Daggers
2698TopicPrice Check: Opressor Weapons
2699TopicOS Celestial Daggers|Truncheon
2700TopicPC on storage
2701TopicPC on q9 Gold Sword
2702TopicMursaat Hornbow Dual Vamp
2703TopicPC on a few different weapons
2704Topicq10 Dual Vamp Chaos axe
2705TopicDiamond Aegis req.12 str 30 -5 20%
2706TopicPC on some items of mine
2707TopicSome oldschool stuff
2708TopicOS Dualmod Eternal Flame Wand
2709TopicPC os fire wand
2710TopicPC on unique weapons
2711TopicBramble Longbow req8
2712TopicOutcast Staff
2713TopicPC on two items in Pre-Searing
2714TopicPC EL Ghostly Priest
2715TopicA load of OS weapons (Swords, demon shields, and more)
2716TopicPC on items
2717TopicPc Q 8 Sephis-Axt 15 Ench
2718TopicPC OS Shield of the wing
2719TopicPC on Shadow Shield please
2720TopicPC os fire wand
2721TopicPc on Gold wailing staff
2722TopicPC on rare weapons
2723TopicPaper Fan q10 SR OS
2724TopicPC Celestial Axe + Eternal Bow
2725Topiccrys sword and q8 shield
2726TopicPC on Dual Vamp Jade longbow
2727TopicPC on a few shields
2728TopicPC Mostly 20/10 OS staves, some dual mod shields
2729TopicPC on platinum blade
2730TopicPC Pre Nerf Weapons
2731TopicReq8 max blue inscribables
2732TopicPrice Check
2733TopicPC q8 Chaos Axe
2734TopicPC Embercrest Staff
2735Topicplease delete.
2736TopicPC on a few unded minis
2737TopicReq 8's
2738TopicCloudburst wand
2739TopicPC OS q8 Eternal Shield
2740TopicPC OS tower shield
2741TopicPc bds
2742TopicPC Shadow Shield
2743TopicPC on a few high items
2744Topicq8 uninsc storm bow +19% while hexed (terrible mod ik)
2745TopicPrice Check on Q9 Tac Gothic Defender
2746TopicPC on Colossal Pick uninsc
2747TopicPC: Price Check on various items
2748TopicPC Bramble Hornbow & GotH Shield & Wicked Blade
2749TopicPrice Check please.
2750TopicDarkwing Shield Set
2751TopicReq 9 Kappa shield (+10vs lightning, +2/stance)
2752TopicPrice Check on List of Pets+Ev Tonics
2753Topic[PC]Dedicated Zhed Shadowolf[PC]
2754TopicChecking Price of Minipets
2755Topicreq8 air zodiac scepter dualmod and 2 others
2756TopicR9 strength unid gold shadow shield
2757Topicwooden buckler vs trolls
2758TopicPC BDS R12 Healing
2759TopicDiamond aegis
2760TopicPrice check on weapons
2761TopicPC on unded mini Asura & Ceratadon
2762TopicPC on Kinlsayer greens
2763Topicprice check on El tonic
2764TopicPC on Celestial Shield Req8
2766TopicPrice Check please - q7/15 Plated Shield
2767TopicReq 8 Shadow Bow| Max| Un-inscribable| 20/20| 15^50| Armor +5|
2768TopicPrice check on these weapons or individually
2769Topicprice check on diff things
2770TopicA few shields
2771TopicDragon spire staff
2772TopicReq 9 Illusion Frog scepter 20/20
2773TopicPrice Check : req 8 draconic spear 14-26
2774Topicr9 OS dual vamp shadow blade
2775TopicPC On some uninscr. stuff!
2776TopicReq 8 Long Sword | Non-Inscribable | 20/20| 20% Enchant| Dmg +15% (Stance)
2777Topicq8 +10vUndead -2wE shadow shield
2778TopicAn interesting Monk Caster Wand q8
2779TopicPC on q8 protective Icon
2780TopicDwarven axe req 10
2781TopicPC on q8 axe i found
2782TopicPC On 3 items.
2783TopicPrice check on Dragon Staff req. 9 Air Magic
2784TopicPC plz vs Demon shields
2785TopicMiniture Ceratadon
2786TopicPice check on these(purple items)
2787TopicPrice check on these(Purple Weapons)
2788TopicPrice check
2790TopicEchovald Shield/Dual Vamp Celestial Sword
2791TopicPC on this odd looking OS axe + OTHERS!
2792Topicq8 tyrian 15^50 cleaver
2793TopicMiscellanous skins cluttering up my Xunlai: any of them worth two bits?
2794TopicPC OS Shields
2795TopicPrice Check please!
2796TopicPC oldschool q7 16Armor dual mod shield
2797TopicPC on these items
2798TopicPC Q9 OS Crystaline Sword (purple) / Shadow Shield Q9 -5/20
2799TopicReq 9 Str Magmas -5/20 +30
2800TopicPC on Furious Oni Blade of Shelter
2801TopicPC Q10 Insc. Sunqua..?
2802TopicPC on a couple of monk staffs
2803TopicCelestial Shield,crystaline and diamond+scarabshell aegis
2804TopicPC on Outcast stuff
2805Topicpc on some inscriptions
2806TopicOldschool raven staff
2807TopicPC OS GoTH & Echovald
2808TopicPC on Icy Dragon Sword (Nicholas)
2809TopicDual Mod Tower
2810TopicPrice Check on a Shield.
2811TopicPC Max req 8 Flame Artifact
2812Topic[Price Check] PC on a few weapons, minis and tonics
2813TopicDMG+13%vsHexed q10 Max Crysta
2815TopicPC on Heleynes Insight (Green Envoy Staff)
2816Topicq9 tac Echovald OS
2817TopicPC Q9 Shadow Shield +10vsUndead/-2wE
2818TopicPC Coffer of Whispers
2819Topicpc on outcast staffs, paper lantern, diamond aegis
2820TopicPC on a few items
2821TopicPC on a few weapons
2822TopicPC on Eternal bow + Storm Bow
2823TopicP/C on max Q7 Str Shadow Shield
2824Topicpc few os things
2825TopicPC Mursaat Hammer
2826TopicPC Ancient Armor Remnants
2827Topicq9 dual mod eternal shield
2828Topicpc plagueborn scepter
2829TopicOld School Chaos Axe r9
2830Topic[PRICE CHECK]Zaishen Summoning Stones[PRICE CHECK]
2831TopicSome No Insc weps!
2832TopicPC on Crystalline Sword
2833Topic30+ items (jugs, krytan, dual vamp, celestial, plague, tribal...)
2834Topic[PC] Gothic Defender, q12 tac, +30, Air Magic +1 20%
2835TopicPC on Perfect R8 Fellblade - 20/20 15^50 30hp.
2836TopicPrice check: R9 inscr Draconic Spear
2837TopicPC on a Shadow Shield
2838TopicPC: Cruel Warhammer of Shelter (Q9)
2839Topic"oldschool" Jitte Q9 +5e
2840TopicZodiac Staff of Smiting: PC?
2841TopicDual Modded Eternal Shield
2842TopicPC q7 Guardian of the Hunt
2843Topicpc q8 ornate buckler
2844TopicPC on Celestial sigil
2845TopicPC: Echovald Shield Q9tac -2wE +44hp^ench
2846TopicPC: Dedicated Mini Bone Dragon
2847TopicPC echovald, saurian, storm bow and more
2848TopicPC on pets and tonics
2850TopicPC on EL Boreal Tonic
2851TopicPC on non-inscribable q9 zodiac daggers
2852TopicPC Few Items (Low Q Shields)
2853TopicGothic Defender R9 tac single mod +10 vs Demons
2854TopicPC OS Tall Shield and Straw Effigys
2855TopicPC on +10 demons Amber Aegis and other OS Shield
2856TopicPC Plagueborn Staff
2857TopicQ9 +5e OS Shadow Blades
2858Topicq9 AncientScythe, ShadowBlade, OnysStaff
2859TopicPC on 2 Zodiac staffs and 1 Ceremonial daggers
2860TopicConfusing price information about Mini Zhu-Hanuku
2861TopicPC on Random ZChest Items
2862TopicOs bleached skull 20/20
2863TopicPC Oldschool shields Q7, Q8, Q9.
2864TopicOS eternal shield
2865Topicq9 uniscribable 15^50 Spatha
2866TopicPC Q9 Commune Ghostly Staff
2867TopicEternal bow and few shields
2868Topiceternal bow q9 os
2869TopicAR 16 Q8 Tactics shield
2870Topicdual modded plagueborn shields (1 perfect demons)
2871TopicPC Few Chest Run Items Plague Shield
2872Topicvs Demons Spiked Targe
2873TopicPC couple wepons + sheilds-- Max Flame Artifact Armor +9 vs demons
2874Topicpc on some gold weapons and focus
2875TopicPC on Q.7s and a few others Please
2876TopicQ11 prot BDS,froggy,cc
2877TopicPC NEW! OS Q9 15^50 Stormbow
2878TopicOs shields etc
2879TopicPC Green Chehbaba's Longbow
2880TopicPC on Unded and Ded Grawl Shaman Mini
2881Topicq11 Jitte 15^50
2882TopicPC Spear of the Hierophant
2883TopicKappa shield,ghostly staff and others
2884TopicPC old school stuff
2885TopicPC on Shadow Bow r9
2886TopicPC Fiery Ruby Maul of Enchanting
2887Topicclosed due to no interest
2888TopicEchovald - R9 Tact - +10vDemons/+41hp enchant
2889TopicCelestial Shield Q9 Tac
2890TopicPC Perma PreNerf Crystalline Sword, 1 of a kind
2891TopicPC Longsword r10 15/enchant zealous mod
2892TopicQ10 Tactics Amber Aegis vs Demons
2893TopicReq 8 Shadow Blade
2894TopicPC some weapons
2895TopicPC Celestial Shield r12 tactics +45hp/en inscibable
2896TopicQ8 Storm Artifact of Fortitude
2897Topic2 Shields and a bow
2898TopicPC - (Gold) EL Gwen Tonic.
2899TopicJade Wind Orbs
2900TopicPC on Unded Mallyx
2901TopicPC on a couple of old items
2902TopicOni blade
2903TopicUnded Vizu
2904TopicPC Oldschool Dualmod Shields
2905TopicOS q9 Earth Wand
2906TopicPC demons Celestial shield
2907TopicPC on a few items please.
2908TopicA Few Random Items: EL Morghan, EL Sousuke, Mysterious Tonics, Ziashen Summoning Ston
2909TopicPC ok
2910TopicOS 15^50, q8 Energy +12
2911TopicGold r9 Crystalline & Gold r9 Eternal Blade
2912TopicOni Daggers Q9
2913TopicPC on Gwen doll and Xun Rao (undeed both)
2914TopicPC on some OldSchool some New
2915TopicPC on req9 Crystalline Sword
2916TopicPC some shields pls
2917TopicBladed Shield 5/13 double max mod!
2918TopicNeed PC on 4 items.
2919TopicOS Q7 Piercing Axe
2920TopicPC on a Almost Perf Prop weapon
2921TopicA Bunch of Items
2922Topicpc 3 gold uninsc weps
2923TopicPrice Check Dedicated Kuunavang
2924Topicr9 Jitte 15^50
2925TopicPC on canthan o/s chest drops - echovalds, gothics etc and more
2926Topicsome gold item
2927TopicSome stuff
2929TopicPC: 4 Oldschool shields AND purple crystalline
2930TopicDraconic & Demonic Aegis, Spiked Targe, Compass, Nightmare Scythe, & Something Weird!
2931TopicPC on a Crystalline (Inscribable)
2932TopicOS Ornate +9vs demon +1 prot (19%)
2933TopicPC Spear, scythe and bow
2934TopicPC on shields & sword
2935TopicPC: Oldschool Canthan golds.
2936TopicPrice Check Old Items
2937TopicPC Tormented Command Shield
2938TopicPrice Check please.
2939TopicFour Shadow and Celestial Bows and Shields
2940TopicPC On an Echovald shield and a Double-Gothic Axe
2941TopicQ8 Suntouched shield and more...
2942TopicOS Crude Shield r9, OS Demon GotH r9
2943TopicPlagueborn Staff req9 smiting
2944TopicDual mod Zodiac shield
2945TopicJade Daggers Q9
2946TopicPC Two Echovald (Pictures Added)
2947TopicPC on PCons, OS Zodiacs & more odd stuff
2948TopicSome shields and a staff
2949TopicQ9 Double Vamp Sword
2950Topicq5 off hand
2951TopicPC > OS Runic Hammer Q9 / 15>50
2952TopicSome oldschool crap
2953TopicPC on a Bone Dragon Staff RQ9 - Air
2954Topicq9 tac OS Guardian of the Hunt +45/ench
2955TopicAegis OS
2956TopicPC on a few old school weapons
2957TopicOld Items Price Check
2958TopicQuick PC on a few items.
2959TopicSome ded minis
2960TopicPC Celestial Axe r9
2961TopicPC Earth q9 Bone Dragon Staff
2962TopicPC on Q9 zodiac daggers
2964Topicpc req8 gothic axe 14^50 os
2965TopicSharkstooth shield, inscribable, Rq:5, Armor:11
2966TopicSome Price Checks
2967TopicVoltaic Spear, Elemental Sword, minipets
2968TopicPC: some items
2969TopicPC Granite Stack
2970Topicq9 tac Emblazoned Defender
2971TopicSummit Axe 15^50 20/20 +30 Req 8
2972TopicPC on any Oppressor weapon
2973TopicPC on Tormented Shield
2974TopicPC on q.8 pre-nerf odball amber staff, various other unusuals
2975TopicEchovald Shield +45w/E -2w/E
2976Topico/s tall shield
2977TopicA bunch of REALLY OS stuff
2978TopicPC: Serpent Axe [tyrian|olsq|nerfed mod]
2980TopicShadow Shield
2981Topicq8 inscribable shield
2982TopicShadow Shield & Weapon
2983TopicVs Unded Eternal Shield
2984TopicPC on some Everlasting Tonics
2985TopicTormented Recurve Bow
2986TopicPC on OS Zodiac Axe
2987TopicPC on 2 os Shields plz
2988TopicPC on miscellaneous weapons.
2989TopicEchovald shield
2990TopicPC OS Q10 Shadow Shield
2991TopicPC some OS stuff
2992TopicPC Echovald
2993Topicq10 dom 20/20 outcast staff
2994TopicPC: Various items
2995TopicPC: Elemental sword
2996TopicPrice Check on Some Random Items
2997TopicOS Ornate Buckler
2998TopicPC on trick-or-treat bags (tots)
2999TopicOrnate Shield r9 str
3000TopicPC on few golds!
3001TopicCurious if Anyone Might Buy This
3002TopicPC on q8 Magmas Shield
3003TopicBo Staff
3004TopicPlease PC
3005TopicTenebro's Pc Items list
3006TopicQ8&9 oldschool swords
3007TopicPC on zodiac longbow
3008Topicsome stuff
3009TopicOldsql 20/20 offhand, req 8 Bows/Axes
3010TopicR6 14AR Gold Tall Shield (Inscribable)
3011TopicPC random stuff (shields-sword-foci)
3012Topicq5 Healing -50 cesta and q9 tact +10v Piercing / -2wE Embossed
3013TopicPC on Q5 Plagueborn shield +10vs demons
3014Topicprice check on hale zodiac staff
3015Topicpc on defender 16 armor (req 9 strength)...
3016TopicMini Pets Price Checks?
3017Topicprice check on 7th year bday present
3018TopicPC q9 BOW
3019TopicPC on 3 Q9 Chaos Axes
3020TopicReq 10 Outcast -2we/+42we
3021TopicPC on Sundering Bowstring 20/19
3022TopicPC jellyfish wand
3023TopicPC on Q7 16 gold celestial shield
3025TopicPC on two q7/15ar Tac shields
3027TopicPlatinum Blade and Kamas oldschool PC
3028TopicPC q9 Magmas OS
3029TopicPC on Purp Jitte & Crysta, Q9 +5e oni blade, Q8 insc gladius, etc.
3030Topicq11 OS amber aegis
3031TopicPC Q8 Ceremonial Daggers
3032TopicPC R8 Oni Blade 15% while stanced
3033TopicPC Golden Phoenix Blade
3034Topic[PC] OS Tall Shield, q9 tac, -2 w/stance, AL +10 vs. Tengu
3035Topic[PC] Q8 Max Summit Warlord Shield +1 Prot [18%] -1 physical damage while enchanted
3036TopicSea Purse r9 tac (purple)
3037TopicPC Zodiac/Chaos Axe/Echovald/Insectoid
3038TopicPC on a few things *UPDATED*
3039Topicq9 fast cast BDS / q9 illusion bo-staff
3040TopicWeapon Mods & Inscriptions Price Guide (mouseover for last update)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
3041TopicPC Birthday Presents
3042TopicPC Req8 +5e GPB
3043TopicPC on Cantha shields
3044TopicPC on a few Weps
3045Topicpc on OS gold shields
3046TopicOldschool shadow shield, various golds |UPDATED June 3rd
3047Topicreq8 +5en kaineng axe
3048Topicq8 insc Briar Blade
3049TopicPC Outcast Shield and two more items
3050Topicq8 +20% w/hexed jade daggers
3051TopicPC Unopened 7th year
3053TopicPC on a couple OS curiosities...
3054TopicPC Req 9 (Tactics) Guardian of the Hunt
3055TopicClosed thanks
3056TopicPC Max Q8 Tac Celestial Shield
3057Topicr9 Gold Summit Axe 15^50 Inscription
3058TopicPC on Q9 Gold weps Specifically Ranger and Warrior weps
3059TopicPC on 7th year b-day present/book of secrets
3060TopicPC on q9 gold bow
3061TopicGold Protective Icon
3062TopicGoing through some old stuff, need pc
3063TopicBLUE: q8 Insc fellblade 15-21
3064TopicPC on r9 OS (?) strength Shadow Shield and unID'ed blue rune?
3065TopicPC OS dual mod shield and q7/15 shield
3066TopicPC on some oldschools and inscribables.
3067TopicPvP reward class as a proxy for skin value?
3068TopicPC Oldschool junk
3069TopicPC Q9 Gold Evil Eye Staff (Curses)
3070TopicZodiac Staff
3071TopicPC > Shadow Shield (Uninscribable) !
3072TopicPC on 2 Q8 Swords oldschool
3073TopicPC Q7/16 dual enchant mods (-2 dmg +40hp enchant)
3074TopicPC Q8 +5 Amber Longbow
3075TopicCleaning Out Storage Need Some Price Checks
3076TopicClosed thanks
3077TopicDomination Bo staff
3078TopicPrice check on low req daggers
3079Topicthanks, closed.
3080TopicPrice Check on Minis
3081TopicPC on insc gold q4/AL12, blue q6/AL14, double vamp (15/-1) q9 vertebreaker (got pics)
3082TopicCrude Shield (Req8 Tac/AR16)
3083TopicNeed PC on these thingies
3084TopicPC on a few golds
3085TopicPC Everlasting Crate of Fireworks
3086TopicPC a few OS Canthan Items
3087TopicPC: Few Gold Items and 1 Green
3088Topic(CLOSED) PRICE CHECK- OS golds mostly
3089TopicPC Oldschool eternal shields, ghostly staves and random other oldschools
3090TopicBDS and other stuff pc
3091TopicPC on Asst. lot of many items
3092TopicOS echovald
3093TopicLiquidation Price Check
3094TopicPC on Inscribable Morning Star Axe and Ancient Shield
3095TopicPC on Blue r8 Strength Ebonhand Aegis
3096Topicpc pluageborn shield
3097TopicPC on Koren's Horn bow q9 Marks
3098TopicPC on a few things!
3099Topicp/c q13 fast casting cc
3100TopicPC Zodiac shield oldschool q10 -5/20
3101TopicZodiac Staff Q8 Illusion
3102TopicPrice Check On some r8/r9 OS items :)
3103TopicOldschool Eternal Shield
3104TopicDemon sheild- Gothic defender
3105TopicPC on Staff
3106TopicPC on Echovald
3107TopicDemon Ornate Sheild
3108Topicdemon Zodiac shield
3109TopicPc eternal shield
3110TopicPC emblazoned defender
3111TopicPC Lots of OS including req8 +29/-2st Defender and Purp 14^50 Crystalline
3112TopicMini Confessor Isaiah
3114Topicclosed, thanks
3115TopicPerfect Demons GotH
3117TopicSunqua Blade + Paper Fan
3118TopicQ8 low dmg Sunqua blade (+5e OS)
3119Topicgold q7 a16 dual moded
3120TopicZodiac Shield 16/10 str -3 hex 20% deep wound
3121TopicPC: Q9 Cele Shield O/S
3122TopicPC - stolen sunspear armor
3123Topicpc Gold Icy Blade Axe req6 6-21
3124TopicPC Q10 Zodiac Staff
3125TopicPC Embossed +41^ench and +10 vs Demons
3126Topic2 wpns and a CC
3127TopicPC r9 Greater Guardian Spear
3129Topic15/7 Tact Reinforced Buckler
3130TopicPC on R8 Fiery Dragon Sword
3131TopicOS eternal shield +45/-2 ench
3132Topicclosed, ty
3133TopicPC q9 Curses BDS
3134TopicSome stuff
3135TopicPC On A Few Golds
3136TopicPC on Gold Scythe
3137TopicMixed items
3138TopicPC Echovald Shield q9 Strength (Stance -2, 8+ vs. Ogres)
3139TopicPC on Travelers walking Stick
3140TopicQ9 Iridescent Aegis
3141TopicPC on Zealous Saurian Scythen q10 15^50
3142TopicPC OS r12 14^50 Chaos Axe
3143TopicPC Plagueborn Focus
3144TopicPC on Q10 insc. Command Shadow Shield (+45wE)
3145TopicThanks for the PCs
3146TopicLow req shields, Platinum staves/wand, misc stuff
3147TopicPC on Emblazoned Defender
3148TopicOS shields and wand
3149TopicPC Demon GotH
3151TopicPC 20/10 Canthan Air Staff, OS shields
3152TopicBroadsword oldschool
3153Topicq9 dual mod echo + q10 amber wand
3154Topic2 Echovald's Shield
3155TopicPC on Mods, Inscriptions, and Weapons/Shields
3156TopicPC Stuff from Factions Chest Runs
3157TopicPerfect Colossal Pick, purp Katana, meh gold Oni Blade
3158Topicq7 Al 16 -2/-2
3159TopicPC q8 enameled and q8 Sharktooth
3160TopicPC amethyst aegis , dead sword
3161Topicq9 jade staff
3162TopicPC on 6 Golds
3163TopicPC on Gothic Sword
3164TopicOS Matching hct/hsr Offhand
3165TopicPC on Zodiac Staff
3166TopicOS Duskblade Sword
3167TopicPC on Hawkeye Hammer r8 insc
3168TopicPC On Req 11 Inscribable Celestial Daggers
3169TopicQ8 Tower Shield
3170TopicBlue Eternal Shield q8 Str Armor 16 inscr.
3171TopicOS Earth Wand 10/10
3172TopicPC on Shield of the Wing
3174TopicBladed Shield r5 13AL +10vs Demons
3175TopicPC please q9 golds *closed*
3176TopicPC on req. 8 Defender
3177TopicPC: Daggers
3178TopicPC Dedicated Minis [White,Purp,Gold,Green]
3179TopicPC on Gloom Shield, Amethyst Aegis x2, Draconic Aegis x2, Celestial Compass
3180TopicPlagueborn and SotW both Demon
3181TopicPC on Demon Emblazoned Defender & Offhand
3182TopicDraconic Aegis
3183TopicPC q8 fire staff ,Torivos' Rage, BDS, others!
3184TopicBighead Gwen minipet
3185Topicr8 plat wand + r9 echo
3186TopicPC on some Req 8's and others
3187TopicOldschool plageborn maul req 7
3188TopicPC on Oldschool Amber Aegis
3189TopicPrice check on two items
3190TopicPC on gold hammer
3191TopicPC on echo please
3192TopicPC on a few items
3193Topicr8 FDS
3194TopicShield of the Lion, Inscribable q8 maxAR
3195TopicPC On Ornate Buckler Ar15 R7 Tact Inscr.
3196TopicPC on a couple Sorrow's Crystas & Dwarven Axe
3197TopicOS Magmas Shield q13
3198TopicPC dual modded shadow shield
3199TopicPC q9 Ornate Shield
3200Topicos Defender
3201TopicPC Q8 oni blade 15%/-10A, OS Aegis Q10 1/20 earth, 10/piercing
3202Topicpc on stygian reaver
3203TopicPC: Traveler's Walking Stick
3204TopicPC some weapons
3205TopicQ7 AL16 shield
3206TopicPc rune inn pre
3207TopicPC Some Items Gothic DEF OS B-Presents
3208TopicPC: Shadow Staff R9 Chan|Grinning Dragon Axe R11|Winged Staff R10 Smit|Katana R11||OS
3209TopicPC q8 Oni Blade +5 energy Oldskool
3210TopicPC A few staffs
3211TopicAccursed Staff 20/10
3212TopicPC On Cele Axe R12|Kaineng Axe R13
3213TopicPC Cele Bow R9|R11|R13|Crenellated R11|FDS R10||ALL OS
3214TopicHelp on price check
3215TopicQ9 Zodiac Staff (Dom)
3216TopicPC on Wyvern Blade req 9 & Tower Shield req 8
3217TopicPC: Eternal Flame Wand R9 DF|Dadao Sword||OS R9|Celestial Sword R9|
3218TopicSingle Mod +10vs Demons Echovald Shield
3219TopicQuestion about OS Staff/Wand/Foci/Bow
3220TopicPC os Mursaat horn, sephis axe, gothic dual, Zodiac sword and shadow blade! =)
3221Topicpc a gold and some mods
3222TopicPC on 2 OS Purple Crystallines
3223TopicPC Celestial Longbow (Req 8)
3225TopicGothic vs. Dragons
3226TopicSummit Warlord Shield
3227TopicPC Q7/15 blue Sharktooth shield
3228Topicq7/15 Shield of the Wing
3229TopicPC r7 crude shield inscription
3230TopicOS Matched Shadow Staff, Crysta, Dwarven Axe, Dual Red Shield, Skeleton Shield
3231TopicGuardian Of Hunt Demon modded.
3232TopicPC Guardian of the Hunt Shield
3233TopicOldschool Crystalline Sword with bugged mod.
3234TopicPC on req 8 tyrian gold sword
3235TopicPC q11 Bronze Shield +10vDemons +42wE
3236TopicPC on Victory tokens (stack)
3237TopicPC Celestial Shield Q 9 Tactics
3238TopicPC: Q8 Ornate Shield and Q9 Gloom Shield
3239TopicPC Q7 Long Sword
3240TopicPC Eternal Shield (insc)
3241TopicPC: Few Golds and Eternal Shield
3242TopicPC Three golds
3243Topicr9 fellblade
3244TopicPC q9 dual-modded Echovald (purple), q9 gothic
3245TopicQ8 10/10 Divine Favour Holy Staff
3246Topicr9 spawning power plat staff
3247TopicDual Vamp Sunqua Blade Nonmax
3248Topicq8 skull shield
3249TopicPC - miniature WATER DJINN undedicated
3250TopicPC: OS Chaos + Serpent Axe
3251TopicPC on zodiac staff q8 10/10
3253TopicPC Oldschool purple crysta, eternal shields and others
3254TopicPC on Mallyx's Edge & Exalted Aegis
3255Topicq9 Prot BDS
3256Topicechovald shild os
3257TopicFew items
3258TopicPC oldschool broadsword q8
3259Topicpc on golden phoenix blade r8 / crennelated r9 +5nrg swords
3260TopicEternal Bow q8
3261TopicPC Echovald Q9 Tac, -2 stance +30hp
3262TopicPrice check on a few weapons
3263TopicPC Guardian of the Hunt - R9 Strength (OS, dual mods)
3264TopicPC: 2 OS Shadow Shield Dual Inscr
3265TopicPC Magmas Shield
3266Topic[PC] On rare skins - low Q - perfect base plz !
3267TopicOrnate Shield
3268TopicPC on couple specials
3269TopicOS Shields ~ Q8 Zodiac / Q7 Celestial / Q9 Echo / Q7 Paper Lantern / Q8 Shadow
3270TopicOS Ominous Eidolon +10demons
3271TopicPC Various Golds
3272TopicPC on Insightful Dead staff of shelter & Furious Long sword of Enchanting
3273TopicPC Mutiple Things
3274TopicPC on Purple R9 Crystalline sword
3275TopicSunqua Blade
3276TopicPC Plagueborn Focus OS vs demons
3277Topic7 q9 weapons
3278TopicPC Gold Focus/Foci (13 Inspiration & 11 Curses)
3279Topicr8 15^50 flamberge
3280Topicpc this plz
3281Topicechvald q9 tac -2st/+30hp
3282TopicpC a few shields and stuff
3283TopicOS Skele Shield req9 +10 vs demons
3284TopicQ8 Fire Prism (+12 energy)
3285TopicPC q10 Str. Eternal Shield -5 20%
3286Topicsome stuff from chest running
3287TopicPC on plat 20/20 zodiac 20/20
3289TopicPC -> os q9 chaos axe 19/-50
3290TopicAdept inscribed staff of domination
3291Topicprice check
3292TopicQ8 Dual Reduction Eternal -2/8% -2/st
3293TopicPC on shiro'ken
3294TopicPC on hero armor
3295TopicChrysocola Staff & Presearing Bday gift
3296TopicPC on Pronged Fan
3297TopicPC on two enchanters weapons.
3298TopicPC OS & Insc
3299TopicPC on Demonic Aeigs
3300TopicPC Zodiac Demon Shield Please
3301Topic-2/-2 shield
3302Topicpc for emblazoned defender (vs demon)
3303TopicPC on q9 +5e canthan Serpent Axe
3304TopicCouple of low req shield and a few others
3305TopicMagmas Q8 OS
3306TopicOldschool Shield
3307TopicPreNerf Staffs, q8 Chaos Axe, and others.
3308TopicI got hacked...and it paid off - Part 2: the loot
3309TopicFew items from Z-chest
3310TopicIn need of p/c after a long GW break
3311TopicGothic Defender and Stilleto
3312TopicPC rare Fellblade
3313TopicPC Golden Phoenix Blade
3314Topicq6 fds price
3315TopicPC Celestial staff
3316TopicDualMod Shadow Shield -3/hexed, +45/ench. New stuff added 15th may. Thanks :)
3317TopicPC Various Gold Items
3318TopicRaw FDS
3319TopicPC: Eternal Shield +10vPrcngDMG/-2wE/q9STR + 2 lowreq Shields
3320TopicPC Plague focus/scepter | Fire Staff
3321TopicFew golds
3322TopicCaster Chaos Axe, non-insc
3323TopicDual Vamp Stormbow
3324TopicQ9 Perfect Storm Bow of Fortitude
3325TopicPC - Gothic Echo Amber Diamond Crude
3326TopicPC sup vigor
3327Topicreq8 Dragon Kamas (max dmg)
3328TopicPC on Q8 Shield
3329TopicPC on two q9 Shields + armbrace
3330TopicPC Echovald Shield
3331TopicPC Echo
3332TopicQ10 cryst sword
3333TopicGold Q5 Sharktooth
3334TopicPC: Wintergreen Shield
3335TopicReq9 uninsc platinum staff
3336Topicembossed aegis
3337TopicPC: Kappa Shield of Fortitude
3338Topico/s shield and bow
3339Topicr7 Writhing Focus, r8 Sephis Axes, r8 Scimitar
3340TopicPC Magmas shield of fortitude
3341Topic7/15 insc shields
3342TopicPC: outcast Staff
3343TopicQ9 Inscribable Gavel of the Nephelim
3344TopicVarious OS golds, high req 20/20 DF bo staff
3345TopicPC Perfect Storm Dagger
3346TopicPC dedicated Confessor Dorian / Isaiah minis
3347Topicq9 gold ornate scythe
3349TopicPC on 2 items
3350Topicplease close
3351TopicIstani shield and Aerowind Blade
3352TopicPC Some OS gold items
3353TopicOS Q8's and Q9's
3354TopicPC +30 hp staff enchant
3355TopicPc on armor rems please asap
3356TopicPC on 2 OS shield
3357TopicEternal Shield (GOLD)
3358TopicDual Mod Shield?
3359TopicColossal Pick
3360TopicQ10 Chaos Axe +5e inherent
3361TopicPC on perfect -2 health regen longsword
3362Topicr8 Frost artifact
3363TopicQ10 Dragon Hornbow
3364TopicPrice Check on two Gold Hammers?
3365Topicneed help with oldsql stuff pls
3367Topicpc two gold bows
3368TopicPC on shields and axes
3369TopicPC on 11 items, new and old
3370TopicMostly old school, Q8/9
3371TopicOS Shield, Staff and Focus
3372Topicpc zhed and shiroken unded
3373TopicPC req. 7 tactics shield
3374TopicPC on OS q9 str Ornate Shield +45/-2(while enchanted)
3375TopicPC on perfect demons shield
3376TopicPC on bone staff
3377TopicPC on some Zodiacs please :)
3378TopicPc adept divine staff of mastery
3379Topicneed some shield price checks pls
3380TopicIt's been a while
3381TopicQ10 Gold Platinum Broadsword
3382Topicq9 Dwarven Axe noninsc
3383Topicpc a few things
3384TopicPC OS r10 19/20 illu cane
3385TopicOS Dual mod Shields.
3386TopicOS req 8 healing focus
3387TopicPc :Everlasting + Pets
3388TopicPC on Runic Axe
3389TopicPC Uninscribable Shadow Shield
3390TopicPC on these Green/Gold Pets
3391TopicPC Plagueborn Focus R9 ES, dual modded
3392TopicPC on unded Ghostly Priest
3393TopicZodiac Shield
3394TopicPC on four skins that at least used to be rare (all Q9)
3395TopicPC plz Random Insc/OS
3396TopicNF Collectors Edition Prize in Pre
3397Topic14/6 tactics insc blue shields
3398TopicQ10 Serpent Axe (EoTN/Tyria)
3399TopicPC on 2 Bows Zodiac and R8 stormbow
3400TopicPC on various golds/greens
3401TopicPC Q8 Divine Scroll
3402TopicPC on Firebrand
3403TopicPC Q9 Recurve Bow
3404TopicPC: OS Celestial Shield, q8 Str
3405TopicOutcast Shield|+1 fire Gloom
3406TopicPC Fiery Gladius unmodded
3407TopicQ8 Cleaver
3408TopicPC: Q7/16 Tall Shield
3409TopicPC on various weapons
3410TopicPC - 3/4/5/6th Bday Present [Pre-Searing]
3412TopicQ9 ghostly channeling staff
3413TopicPC on storm bow
3414TopicNewbreed of Gaming [Price Check]
3415TopicPC Adept Bone staff of Deathbane
3416Topicq7 Bladed shield
3417TopicpC unopened 6th year presents
3418TopicPC: Q7 Air Storm Artifact
3419TopicOS ornate shield
3420TopicCelestial shield
3421TopicDual Mod Tall Shield R11 Tactics
3422TopicR13 Eternal Shield
3423TopicCobalt Scabara Price Check
3424TopicQ9 Katanas
3425TopicUpdated price on EL kuunavang
3426TopicPC Smiting Prayers Shield
3427Topiceternal bows
3428TopicPC Echovald|Guardian of the Hunt
3429TopicPC Plagueborn Maul
3430TopicPC on 6 items (tribal axe, gloom shield)
3431TopicVarious Weapons and a shield.
3432TopicEmbossed Aegis
3433Topicdual modded scepters (OS)
3434TopicPC q9 insc Fiery Blade Axe of Enchanting
3436TopicVarious weapons
3437TopicPC Q9 Gothic Sword + Q9 Outcast Staff
3438Topic2x Echovald |Raven Staff Q8|Oaken Q7^15
3439Topicunded Varesh mini
3440TopicPC on EL Tonics
3441TopicPC hale divine staff of healing prayers (gold)
3442TopicUndedicated Mini's
3443TopicPC on more OS golds
3444Topicpc eternal shield dual reduction
3445TopicPC on Swords
3446Topicpc gold grim cesta
3447TopicPC on OS Serpent Axe
3448TopicPC on req 8 & 9 Swords/Staves
3449TopicPC on a Few Items
3450TopicPC for some items.
3451TopicPC Q8 Summit Hammer 15^50
3452Topic200 Zaishen key run (Voltaic Spear!)
3453TopicPC mini Dhuum
3454TopicPC Everlasting Jora Tonic
3455TopicPC Ghotic Sword
3456TopicPC on a few golds
3457TopicPC +5e inherent bow
3458TopicPC on Q8 Hammers
3461Topicq9 Inscribable Magma + q7 15 tactics shields blue
3462TopicPC Req. 8 Shields
3463TopicPC r7/15ar Celestial +10vs Demon
3464TopicSome OS shields
3465TopicOldschool Sundering Chaos Axe of fortitude
3466TopicPC Some OS Weps
3467TopicPrice check on some tonics
3468TopicVarious Golds Mostly Old School.
3469TopicClosed by op
3470TopicPC on 2 os shadow shields.
3471Topicpc on various golds
3472TopicPC please help!
3473TopicPC on a few items
3474TopicPC on unopened 7th and 6th year bday presents
3475TopicPC: Unopened birthday presents
3476Topicpc Q9 Cockatrice staff 20/20
3477TopicPC "faith"
3478TopicSpear, Staff and other stuff
3479TopicPC Q11 Str Echovald +41/stance -5/20%
3480Topicamber aegis
3481TopicPC on smiting celestial staff p2
3482TopicPC Q10 earth staff
3483TopicPC Echovald and Ornate Shields and Cockatrice Staff
3484TopicPC Frog Scepter Q13 Fire
3485Topiccelestial shield q9 tac +9 vs demons -3/hex
3486Topicpc embossed demon imperf
3487Topicechovald vs demons
3488TopicPC on some old staffs/wands (got PC)
3489TopicPC on Sundering Celestial Sword of Fortitude (15^50)
3490TopicPC old r8 items, 10/10 sundering
3491TopicOS Echovald Shield & Emblazoned Defender
3492TopicPc q8 str monomod Echovald
3493TopicPC 3req 9 golds
3494TopicPC on 2 noninscribe golds and 1 purp inscribe
3495TopicPC: 21 Unopened Birthday Gifts (1st through 6th)
3496TopicPC 2 blue shields
3497TopicQ9 Magmas Shield & Q8 Halo Axe
3498TopicOS Guardian of the Hunt
3499TopicPC on Req9 Motivation Draconic Aegis
3500TopicPC for sale moving to GW2 Sale
3501TopicPC Q9 War Hammer Ascalon Skin
3502TopicDragon Kamas and couple others
3503TopicPC various golds
3504TopicPC Req11 Str OS Gloom Shield -5(20%)/+30hp
3505TopicPC HoD Long Sword
3506TopicPC Q9 Celestial axe and Fellblade
3507TopicPC 15-22 req 7 sword
3508TopicPC q8 bladed shield
3509TopicPC Demonic Aegis of Fortitude
3510TopicPC Few items
3511TopicPC Various weapons
3512TopicPC r7 16ar eternal shield
3513TopicEL Margonite Tonic
3514TopicQ9 Tac +10/-2(e)
3515TopicQ10 Truncheon
3516Topicold school meets new school
3517Topicq8 dyeable chakram
3518Topicornate buckler
3519TopicP.C on old school bows
3520TopicPC: q8 str shield, q9 blood staff, q13 axe
3522TopicVs. Demons Gothic Defender + outcast and some other oddities.
3523TopicPC on Lunar fortunes(year of the pig)
3524Topic[PC] Few golds/shields/os
3525TopicCantha Q8
3526TopicPc Rare Golds
3527Topicq8 15^50 swords
3528TopicPC on R9 STR Tower Shield
3529TopicPC A bunch of golds
3530TopicPrice check a few items
3531TopicPC: q7 (dual reduction) shield of the wing
3532TopicPC Purp Crystalline
3533TopicGothic Defender - Echovald Shields
3534TopicPC Echovald Shield Q9 STR DualMod
3535TopicEmblazoned Defender
3536Topicr9 gothic dual axe
3537TopicMallyx's Greens
3538Topic-50hp Grim Cesta
3539TopicDual mod outcast + Staff ..
3540TopicFew canthan drops
3541TopicStaff and Pick
3542TopicDemon Shield
3544TopicPC Vampiric Dragon Sword
3545TopicPC 2 gold swords
3546TopicPC on these staves and wands.
3547TopicPc on Few Items - Eternal Shield, Fellblade, Etc.
3548TopicPC for Gold ar16/q8 inscribable shield
3549TopicWeird Plagueborn shield R8
3550TopicJade Shards
3551TopicOni Daggers+ Colossal Pick
3552TopicPC on green Xun Rao's Quill, and gold Ebonhand Aegis and Bramble Longbow
3553Topicq9 purple crys
3554TopicPC on q8 tactics shields
3555Topicoldschool grim cesta blood magic
3558TopicOld School Gloom Shield
3559TopicPC on Runic Blade (Q9)
3560TopicIs this worth anything? Jeweled Chakram Demon Mod
3561TopicPC on Q7 Tac AR15 insc Reinforced Buckler
3562TopicPC: 2x Old School Echovalds
3563TopicBo and Fire and Earth Staves
3564TopicPC for oldschool golds
3566TopicPC on OS Plagueborn Staff
3567TopicPC +30hp inherent Grim Cesta
3568TopicReq 8 Str Bladed Shield
3569TopicReq 9 OS Shadowblade
3570Topicpc runic axe
3571TopicPC OS perfect eternal shield/exalted aegis
3572TopicPC Old School Ghostly Staves and Eternal Bow
3574TopicPC Fiery Blade Axe & Bronze Daggers
3575TopicQ9 Echovald & GoTH Q12/Q11
3576TopicPrice check on a gladius please
3577TopicPC 2 Q7 AL 15 shields
3578TopicOS various canthan skins: shields & foci, scepters, staffs and a r8 dom cane
3579TopicPC 6/14 shield
3580Topictactics OS dual mod wooden buckler.
3581TopicPC on an Eternal Shield (duel mod)
3582TopicPC on Gold Inscp Items
3583TopicPC 7th b-day gift
3584TopicStockpile PC (golds, skins)
3585TopicPc on Goth
3586Topicq8 Non-insc FDS
3587TopicOddball FDS drop
3588TopicFiery blade axe pc
3589TopicPresear King Adelbern
3590TopicQ8 Prenerf Channeling Staff
3591Topic2 Divine Favor offhands
3592TopicPC on Echovald Shield (Single mod)
3593Topicsmiting staff of pruning.
3594TopicPC sword and hammer
3595TopicPC on ornate shield/amber aegis
3596TopicPrice Champion's Strongbox
3597Topicreq9 Eternal Shield
3598TopicPC on max golds please
3599TopicPrice Check Zodiac Shield Of Fortitude
3600TopicQ12 Guardian of the Hunt
3601Topicq8 +5e vertebreaker
3602TopicGloom q8 str
3603TopicPC on BDS q9 divine
3604Topic[PC] Amber aegis
3605TopicR8 OS Jade Wand
3606TopicMagmas Dual Reduction q8
3607TopicPc uninscribable canthan drop weapons
3608TopicPC Shield of the Wing Q-8
3609TopicPC: q7 shield and q8 bow
3610TopicPC on a few items.
3611TopicPC Jade Bow
3612TopicNew to Chest Running: Need some help plz
3613TopicPC on Fiery Blade Axe req 10
3614Topic4 items i'm wondering about prices.
3615TopicCelestial Shield
3616TopicPC Dual mod Embossed aegis OS
3617TopicPC on Q8Motiv/16 Blue Insc Copperleaf Shield
3618TopicPC on Q8 tactics -2 enchant/-2 stance round shield
3619TopicPC: Tournament Tokens
3620TopicPC Q8 Tribal Blade 14^50 (:[)
3621TopicPC on Iridescent Aegis and other stuff
3622Topic[PC] OS Embossed Aegis q13 tac. -2 w/enchanted +10 vs. Dragons
3623TopicPC: Jade Sword
3624TopicOutcast Shields
3625TopicPC on 2 r8 max blues
3626TopicPC on Bostaff -Closed-
3627Topicpc on q9 saurian scythe
3628TopicPC on sundering falchion of fortitude
3629Topicq7/15 shield of lion and 10/10 zodiac scepter
3630Topicunmax Q9 storm daggers
3631TopicOS q9 fellblade
3632TopicPC Dragon Spire Staff
3633TopicOS q9 Zodiac Bow
3634TopicPC Lotus Shield
3636TopicPC Shield and Staff
3637Topic7 req 16 Armor Blue Eternal Shield -1 hex
3638TopicPC: Dual Mod Amber Aegis (q.9Str)
3639TopicPC Celestial q8, Ornate vs Demons , ...
3640TopicPC 2 OS Q8 Bows
3641TopicPC Q9 Draconic Aegis and others
3642TopicIcy Blade Axe, Runic Axe
3643TopicPC a few OS r8's
3644TopicOS weapons
3645TopicPC on 4 weapons please!
3646TopicPC on a few potentially valuable items
3647Topicpc on echo shield | amber wand
3648TopicPc ceremonial cauldron q8
3649TopicPC please - Bo staff
3650TopicPC On Weps
3651TopicPC on q9 ETERNAL SHIELD|q10 magmas shield
3652TopicPC Q9 Stormbow and others
3653TopicOS q8 dual vamp chaos axe price check
3654TopicPC- Tormented Shield of Fort (9 Command)
3655TopicPC Gold Z coin
3656TopicPC on a few weps!
3657TopicQ7 shield price check
3658TopicSkeleton Shield Q9 Hammer Q8
3659TopicPC Q9 Soul Reap CC with 20/20
3660Topicprice check on unique Jacado's Staff
3661TopicPC Gothic Defender Dual Modded Q9
3662TopicPC R7/15 Command Goldleaf Defender
3663TopicPC Broadsword + Mini
3664Topicprice check on Jacado's Staff
3665Topiccelestial compass q9 death magic
3666TopicPC Old School Echovald q9 Strength +45enchant/-5/20%
3667TopicPc gold items please!
3668TopicPC Old School Q9 Water Zodiac Staff 20/10
3669TopicPC r9 tactics shield
3671TopicPC on a few old shields?
3672TopicPC q11 Domination BDS
3673TopicOrnate shield +v demon
3674TopicPC on some Accumulated Items in Storage
3675TopicQ8 Gold Nekkid Bo Staff & Q9 -2/-2 Eternal Shield
3676Topicpc voltiac spear
3677TopicAegis v demons/ Celestial +30-2/ Gloom q9 strength +45-2 st
3678TopicPC Cloth of the Brotherhood (estimate)
3679TopicPC on some Wintergreen items.
3680TopicZodiac sword [rare mods?]
3681TopicPC Serpentine Reaver
3682TopicPrice Check Outcast Shield
3683TopicPC on these please
3684TopicBIG price check
3686TopicPC Stuff
3687TopicPC - Some Shields
3688TopicPC Crystalline Sword q9 purple
3689TopicPC echoval +9 vs Demons
3690TopicPC on some Gold Items
3691TopicHeavy Equipment Pack
3692TopicPC Heavy Equipment Pack
3693Topicr9 str outcast shield
3694Topicreq 9 crenellated
3696TopicGoth Sword
3697TopicPc on oldschool guardian of the hunt
3698TopicUnded Destro / Torm?
3699TopicPrice check on a few greens please!
3700TopicOldschool Zodiac Caster Staff (q9 earth)
3701TopicPrice Check please!
3702Topic16/8 -2^ench single mod
3703TopicPrice Check two Deep items
3704TopicPC Req 8 OS Broadsword
3705TopicHelp on PCing materials?
3706TopicPC few q8 15^50 oldies
3707TopicPlease pc on some golds
3708TopicPC draconic/demonic aegis, stygian reaver
3709TopicItems from factions
3710TopicPlagueborn Staff
3711TopicPC on Jug
3712TopicPC oldskool tyian hand axe
3713TopicPC outcast shield
3714TopicPC ornate shield demon shield
3715TopicPlease pc gold req 9 items
3716TopicPC Echovald Shield
3717TopicPC on some Oldschool Stuff
3718TopicPC: OS Mesmer Canes (x2)
3719Topicq8 staff, without 20% recharge inherrent
3720TopicQ9 strength outcast shield
3721TopicEcho Shield req 9 Strength
3722TopicPC OS Zodiac Staff
3724TopicZodiac Staff PC
3725TopicNON-insc BDS Q9 Curses
3726TopicPC on various items
3727TopicPC on 2 items...
3728TopicPC 2x guardian of the hunt, skull brush
3729TopicPC OS Fire Wand
3730TopicOS Ornate Sheild
3731TopicRat Lunar Fortunes.
3732TopicMorning Star Axe
3733TopicPC on Platinum Longbow
3734TopicPC Q8 Chaos Axe
3735TopicNeed some help!
3736TopicCrystalline gold (req 9)
3738TopicPC Zaishen Chest and other golds
3739TopicPC on celestial pets..
3740TopicPC Dual Mod Echovald
3741Topicgothic defender
3742TopicPrice Check q9 Flamberge
3743Topicpc req 8 +15-5 zodiac sword
3744TopicPC ornate shield
3745TopicSunqua blade q9
3746TopicNeed Weapon Valuation Advice
3747TopicPc: El mox // el mad king
3748TopicP/C Req 8 Domination Focus
3749TopicPC Wand and 2 Offhands
3750TopicPC: unded M.O.X. Mini; vekk EL tonic
3751TopicHero Armor
3752TopicPC on non-max, odd dual-inherent drops?
3753TopicQ9 Smiting OS Dragon Staff 20/19 Matched Mods
3754TopicPC Gold Inscr Great Conch A15/7tac
3755TopicPrice Check on items
3756TopicBlue item
3757TopicReq 8 sword
3759TopicClose please
3760TopicPC on old school daggers (req/perfect mods)
3761TopicUninscr dead bow set
3762TopicDual vamp req 9 Jade Sword
3763TopicPC on some items and dedicated minipets
3764Topic2 Gold Q5 AR13 Tact Shields
3765TopicPC Voltaic Spear Q-11
3766TopicPC Echovald Caster Shield
3767TopicPC Zodiac Staff
3768TopicPC Q7 Command AR15 inscribable blue
3769TopicPC on summit shield, chaos axe and some greens
3770TopicPC on Embossed Aegis (ar +10 vs demons, -2 dmg enchant) and dual vamp Half Moon Bow
3771TopicPC on OS Celestial golds
3772TopicPC: Oni Blade
3773Topicis this shield merch?
3774TopicPC Q8 Great Conch
3775TopicQ8 Prot Offhand
3776TopicPC on 4 gold items
3777TopicPC on a few random items. (Crysta, Crenellated, Steel Dags)
3778TopicPC on a couple of golds.
3779TopicPC: Low req Inscribables-r4/12 SOTW, etc
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
3780TopicPC Please
3781TopicPC Q9 Unid Silverwing Recurve Bow
3782TopicOS Gold Shields Req 7,8,9 and Axe
3783TopicPC -2s 10demons Zodiac shield
3784TopicPC on q9 Eternal Bow
3785TopicEchovald r9 tac, +1 Prot, +30 health!
3786TopicPC some golds
3787TopicPC on 2 crude shields
3788TopicPC on a few (mostly) R9 Golds
3789TopicPc on few OS item
3790TopicPC Q8 Earth Scroll
3791TopicReq 10 Death Magic Froggy
3792TopicOS q9 zodiac 20/20 death
3793TopicPC On pretty old Bows
3794TopicPC Misc Weapons
3795TopicPC on Imperial Weapons & Weapons of Purity (inscp)
3796TopicPC: Req 8 Celestial shield
3797Topicmursaat hornbow
3798TopicVarious Oldschools
3799TopicPC Some Weapons
3800TopicPC on 7/16 Tac Aegis & r8 shortbow/truncheon
3801TopicPC on birthday gifts!
3803TopicQ10 Gothic Defender
3804TopicPc a Unisc Dwarven Hammer 15^50 + few things
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3805TopicPC q8 Eternal sield
3806TopicPC Demonic Aegis
3807TopicPC gold req 8 Flamberge 14^50
3808TopicPC for Poisonous Chaos Axe, Sundering Gladius and Sundering Shadow Blade
3809TopicPC Dual Mod Zodiac R9 Tactics +10 Vs Demons -2 Stance
3810TopicPC on Q9 (Spawning) Dragon Staff
3811TopicPC on Q11 Tactics inscr Celestial Shield
3812TopicPC on Q8 Dom offhand
3813TopicPC on Tomes please
3814TopicPC Few Items Plz
3815TopicPC old school bo staff / q9 Oldschool Iridescent aegis
3816TopicPC on a few greens
3817TopicGothix Defender
3818TopicPrice Check OS Dual-Mod Shadow Shield
3819Topic2 sweet sweet shield pc's!
3820TopicPC on a Few Golds
3821TopicCelestial healing set
3822TopicR9 dual mod eternal shield
3823TopicSexy req8 sephis axe
3824TopicTome Price Guide {does not get updated}
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
3825TopicPC - A Few Decent Items (Q8's)
3826TopicOS gold weapons and shields
3827TopicR8 gold
3828TopicPC on this Fiery Blade Axe of Enchanting.
3829TopicPC smiting celestial staff
3830TopicPC Random items
3831TopicPC: Gothic Shields / Axe / Ornate Shield
3832TopicPC on Zodiac shield and sword
3833Topicuncommon aegis
3834Topicpc gloom shield
3835Topicplz close
3836TopicPC on various golds
3837TopicPC caster shield, random +dmg
3838TopicPC on Amber Longbow R9
3839TopicR8 Air Prisim ***Need Help***
3840TopicPC On some items from my storage...
3841Topicthanks for the help! :)
3842TopicFlame of Balthazar
3843TopicClosed: Plant Bladed Shield, Bo Staff, Dusk/Dadao, 20/20 Air Staff, Platinum Wand
3844TopicPC on Duel Vamp Sword
3845TopicQ9 echovald--price check
3846TopicPC Q11 Command Diamond Aegis
3847TopicPC 25% Charrslay Bow and Sword Mod
3848Topicpc req 7 offhand 11e 5a 45enc os
3849TopicEchovald Q10 Tac +9 demons, -5/20
3850TopicOld School Items ~ Help Needed!
3851TopicPrice Check on 6 Golds
3852TopicPC OS Magmas + Raven Staff
3853TopicPC 20/20 accursed staff q10
3854TopicPC on req13 Eternal Shield
3855Topic16/8 OS Spiked Shield!
3856TopicPC Echovald, Golden Chalice, Ornate
3857TopicPC On some golds and greens Please
3858TopicPC OS Accursed Staff
3859TopicPC shadow & zodiac weapons
3860TopicNon insc gold Sephis Axe Q6
3861TopicJitte q8 15^50
3862TopicQ7 Storm Artifact
3863TopicPC on Q8 Old school Gothic Sword :)?
3864TopicPC on Q7 Deadly Cesta
3865TopicPC +10 demons shield
3866TopicPC on 2 Gold Axes
3867TopicDarkwing Defender
3868TopicPC gold zealous chaos axe q9 +15%dmg
3869TopicRush in and Price check
3870TopicPC few Green/gold items
3871TopicPC some golds and a purple
3872TopicNeed PC on a few golds and a green
3873TopicEchovald shield
3874TopicPC on Imperial Dragon's Tear
3875TopicPC: Enameled Shield
3876TopicPC on 5 Golds 1 Green
3877TopicPC R7 Wingblade
3878TopicPC on nerfed Restoration Attri Zodiac Staff
3879TopicPC on 2 os items
3880TopicOldsql 20/20 offhand & more!
3881TopicPC Several Golds: Zodiac/Stygian/Shields
3882TopicNeed a check on q7/al16 shield, among others.
3883TopicPC on a few items !
3884TopicPricecheck on 2 naked weaps (I know people collect these)
3885TopicPC on Fiery Gladius
3886TopicQuickest PC EVER!
3887TopicVertebreaker PC?
3888TopicPC on q9 15^50 Icy Dragon Sword (non-insc)
3889TopicPC Q8 Oldschool Gold Round Shield
3890Topicq7 fds
3891TopicEl Kuuna in PRE
3892TopicPC on Ectoplasm
3893TopicPC on this Q8 str E-shield
3894TopicPC on over 30 miniatures
3895TopicPC Q9 Fiery Dragon Sword
3896TopicPC on r12 Sephis Axe
3897TopicPC Dadao q9 15^50 oldschool
3898TopicDual mod vs Demons shield & a few other items
3899TopicPC Q9 Gothic Sword
3900TopicPerfect Gothic Defender. Req 9 tactics
3901Topicunid gold q9 fellblade
3902TopicAmber Wand Fire OS
3903TopicPC on desolation run
3904TopicCrystalline Sword
3905TopicPC on two golds
3906TopicPC Plagueborn Scepter
3907TopicPC q9 celestial daggers
3908TopicPC Q10 ES Celestial Compass
3909TopicCouple of OS stuff
3910Topic[PC] OS Embossed Aegis q9 str. +30, -2 w/stance, q12 inscr. Dwarven Hammer
3911TopicNeed a PC on these 3 items please
3912TopicPC on 16 old warrior items
3913TopicPC on some Undeds/Tonic
3914TopicPC 5 os golds
3915TopicPC shield, pommel
3916TopicPC on Zodiac Shield Command R10 inscp.
3917TopicPC on few items
3918TopicNewbie in need of PC :o
3919TopicPC Q8 curses ghostly staff
3920Topic7/15 shield
3921TopicPC Gold Phoenix Blade
3922TopicQ8 Crystalline Sword
3923Topic20/20 water OS
3924TopicGDA with inscr & artifact
3925Topicbeast Koi Scepter
3926TopicPC q10 divine 20/20 heal holy staff
3927TopicPC Some Items
3928TopicPC Axe/Wand/Offhand
3929TopicPC Rare req5 Sunqua Blade
3931TopicPC on some weapons please.
3932TopicQ10 Illusion Froggy
3933TopicPC on some items please
3934Topicpc req9 golden phoenix blade
3935TopicR9 Perf Fellblade and Goldhorn Staff
3936TopicOld shool exalted aegis q9 tac dual mode
3937TopicEternal shield q9 Oldschool Perf
3938Topic2 quick checks
3939TopicMOD's PC plz
3940TopicPrice Check on a couple of shields
3941Topicplz close
3942Topicpc outcast shield
3943TopicMostly OS stuff
3944TopicPC OS Tall Shield
3945TopicPC on r9 Desolation Maul
3946TopicPc on 4 Os items
3947TopicCouple of OS PC's
3948TopicPC q10 Shadow Shield
3949TopicQ11 Inscribable Spawning Power Straw Effigy
3950TopicQuick Price Check
3951TopicSeveral items PC
3952TopicPC On Purple Crystalline Sword
3953TopicPC on a few OS Golds please
3954TopicPC on Bone Dragon Staff
3955Topicreq 9 OS gothic axe
3956TopicTwo q8 axes
3957Topicq10 inscript GOLD Dwarven Hammer 18-35
3958TopicPC: r9 Air Zodiac Staff
3959TopicPC on minipets etc
3960TopicPrice check mixed Dye
3961Topicq7 (15ar) shield
3962TopicPC on q7-q8 and Shield triple bonus...
3963TopicJade Wind Orbs
3964TopicPC on 8 duals shields
3965TopicPrice check SOME Zaishen chest goldies
3966TopicPC amethyst aegis
3967TopicPrice check on req 8 falchion, pic inside.
3968TopicAn oldschool shield
3969TopicPC q8 Bow
3970Topic20/20 Forbidden Staff
3971Topicq9 blood 10/10 uninsc truncheon
3972Topicpc some q7 and q8 shield
3973TopicQ10 Echovald Shield Dual Mod
3974TopicPC on OS Exalted Aegis
3975TopicPc on 2 Magmas shields
3976TopicPC oldschool Q9 White Reaver
3977TopicPC on shield!
3978TopicHoly staff
3979TopicPC on a chaos axe
3980Topic16/9 Tactics Darkwing Defender Inscribable
3981TopicQ10 obby edge
3982TopicPC on magmas shield
3983TopicQ12 Wooden Buckler
3984TopicGothic Sword +5e
3985TopicGold Tribal Shield (Effigy Skin) req 9 Tactics
3986TopicDrunkard points
3987TopicCrenellated Sword
3988TopicDual mod echovald shield
3989TopicPC Paper Fan
3990TopicPC on several golds
3991Topicfunny stuff
3992TopicEverlasting tonics
3993Topicodd dual echo
3994Topic20/19 water offhand
3995TopicOS Shields
3996TopicPC law and order
3997TopicPC 7/15 tctcs Wooden Buckler
3998TopicQ8 Inscrib Brute Sword 15-21
3999TopicPc on starter gold Shield dual modded
4000TopicQ7 AL 14 Oaken Aegis - Tactics
4001TopicWeapons - OS/Insc
4002TopicPC on outcast shield +10 demon +42 wE
4003Topicpc on q11 ornate shield tactics +9 vs demon +1 healing prayers and some other stuff
4004TopicPC on a few items
4005TopicPC - Everlasting Margonite Tonic
4007TopicPC on Bladed Shield
4008TopicQ8 Vertebreaker
4009TopicPc Magmas shield
4010TopicPC OS Q7/14 +44/wE -2/wE
4011TopicPC on gda and few others
4012TopicXun Rao's Command
4013TopicPC for some Items
4014TopicPC 2x BDS + Oldschools (q8)
4015TopicPC on some items ...
4016Topic20/20 OS air staff
4017TopicPC on q9 (Str) Inscribable Emblazoned Defender
4018TopicPC on undedicated Zhu Hanuku
4019TopicDestroyer, Oppressor and Tormented weapons
4020TopicPC on 2 OS items
4021TopicPC Unscribable Eternal Shield
4022TopicDualmod Gothic Defender oldschool
4023TopicOS Staff, Amber Aegis, Plagueborn, Gloom & Summit Warlord
4024TopicMixed items PC
4025Topicreqi8 sotw
4026Topicpc q6 insc war hammer (gold)
4027TopicPC on Undedicated Miniature Grawl
4028TopicEverlasting Acolyte jin tonic
4029TopicOS q9 channelling focus
4030TopicEL Tonics, Glacial Stones, 2 Weapons
4031Topicpc on froggie
4032TopicQ8 Plagueborn Sword
4033TopicPC on Non-insc Straw Effigy & Non-insc Gloom Shields & Req8 Wingblade + Bramble bow
4034TopicPC Plaqueborn Shield, Axe
4035TopicPC OS gold q9 earth staff core skin 20/19
4036TopicOS Dual Echovald, strange mods
4037TopicInscribed Chakram
4038TopicPC: Tarlok's Flagon
4039TopicOS Shields
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4040Topicprice check on froggy scepter
4041TopicPrice Check on a fair few golds..
4042TopicPc on a few OS items
4043TopicPC q7/a15 motivation shield
4044TopicPC on Caster Colossal Scimitar and Caster Zodiac Shield
4045TopicPC on a few golds
4046TopicPrice check celestial sword
4047TopicOrnate Buckler Inscribable, Gold Q4 Tac 12 Armor
4048TopicPC on some os golds
4049Topicsundering emerald blade R9 sword
4050TopicQ11 Cane 20/20 Illusion OS
4051TopicPC on ornate shield
4052TopicPC Minis and Tonics
4053TopicPC celestial scepter old school
4054TopicPC OS items please
4055TopicOS Q9 Strength Defender
4056TopicPC q2/ 9 ar tactics Crude Shield purple inscable
4057TopicPC Inscr Shadow Shield
4058TopicSmiting Staff
4059TopicR9 Str Eternal Shield os
4060TopicPC please - Jellyfish Wand
4061TopicQuestion BEFORE the PC
4062TopicSome items. please respond.
4063TopicPrice Check on some Gold Weapons
4064TopicGoth defender / Celestial Shield.
4065TopicPC Q8 Eternal Shield | Q9 Magmas | Q10 Gloom + More
4066TopicPC on Frog Scepter and more.
4067TopicPC - Random golds, purple
4068TopicPC on some golds
4069Topicr9 15^50 os Wolf Hammer
4070TopicPC gold Divine scroll +5 armor\cast +29 health
4071TopicPC on Req. 8 Chaos Axe (Old School)
4072Topiceternal shield +44 enchanted /-2 stance
4073TopicJeweled Chakram Q8
4074TopicPlease Close - Thanks and my apologies guys!
4075TopicPC unded mini polar bear please
4076TopicNeed PC!
4077TopicPC on The Bloodspear
4078TopicPC on Shields (+9/10 vs..., +1 19/20% ...) & 3 staffs
4079TopicPC Magmas, echo and reindorced buckler
4080TopicPC Please: blue Round Shield r7/15AL tactics & a Forked Hornbow
4081TopicPC q9 celestial longbow
4082TopicPC on Ghostly Staff
4083TopicPC Q8 15^50 Eternal Bow
4084TopicPC:Topaz Scepter, q13 Blood Frog/cc, ornate shields, q8 GDA, q8+5e sword
4085TopicPC (q7/a15 tactics) shield skins!
4086TopicPC on Crystalline Sword
4087TopicPC Q9 Communing Raven Staff
4088TopicPricecheck misc.items
4089TopicSome gold wepaons with pics :)
4090TopicPC on q7/q8+ old and inscr items
4091TopicQ10 Guardian of the Hunt Insc Perfect Mods
4092TopicPC on q10 Prot BDS
4093TopicQ8 16 Tact Stone Summit Shield
4094TopicPC r10 Fast Casting Paper Fan
4095TopicPC q9 celestial staff of communing
4096TopicOS dual mod Zodiac
4097TopicPC on Astral Staff
4098TopicPC Bladed Shield q11 +10 vs plants
4099TopicZodiac Shield +1/+30
4100TopicPC q12 Storm Daggers & q11 Soul reap BDS
4101TopicPC on Q9 purple crystalline sword
4102Topicpc Destroyer Long Bow
4103TopicOldschools (NEED PC's!)
4104TopicDualmod celestial shield
4105TopicPC Various stuff
4106TopicOrnate Shield Demons
4107TopicPrice Check
4108TopicPC Please on 8r tactics/16AL incribable shield
4109TopicPC Gothic defender
4110TopicPC R10 Str OS Eternal Shield (-3 (Hexed) +10vs Cold)
4111Topicpc echo and zodiac
4112TopicForbidden Staff, q10 illusion
4113TopicQ9 Draconic Spear ~ Mausoleum
4114TopicSharktooth Shield r7/15
4115TopicPC OS Shadow Weapons and Zodiac Sword
4116TopicGuardian of the Hunt Q9 Tactics 10 vs Dragons -2 enchanted
4117TopicPC Q9 Scrying Glass staff
4118Topiccouple of old school weapons
4119TopicOS Q9 Icy Dragon Sword of Fortitude
4120TopicQ9 Zodiac Sword +5nrg (oldskool)
4121TopicFire Prism q8 Fire magic
4122TopicPC Dual Mod Water Wand
4123TopicPC 7 motivation 15 armor blue eagle defender
4125TopicPC dualinsc gold shields+ outcast staff pls :)
4126TopicQ9 Dual Vamp OS Spatha
4127TopicO/S Outcast Shield - Gold Req 11 Strength
4128TopicPrice Check please
4129TopicNew player need help with a bow.
4130TopicPC on req 8 Plagueborn Focus
4131TopicSome Items (Os+Inscr)
4132TopicQ13 Outcast Shield
4133TopicPrice check on a few items
4134TopicShadow shield (strength) oldschool, -5/20%, +10vs undead
4135TopicPC on Q8 Celestial Daggers
4136TopicPC on Q8 Jeweled Chalice
4137TopicQ8 Tribal Shield
4138TopicPC on q5 great conch
4139TopicJade Staff Q9 Fire Magic 20/20
4140Topicvarious items (proph tutorial, ded minis,...)
4141TopicRandom Jade Staff
4142Topic[PC] +10 vs Demon, double Vamp, Outcast
4143TopicArmor remnants
4144TopicPC OS q6 Tall shield
4145TopicPC: OS Zodaic Staff/Holy Rod/Oni Daggers and some Inscribables!
4146TopicOS Adamantine Shield
4147TopicPC Adept Ghostly Staff
4148TopicPC uninscr. items
4149TopicPC Some Shields (Echovalds, Amber, Gothic, Ornate..)
4150TopicEchovald Shield
4151TopicPC: q8 Max Fiery Dragon Sword 15^Ench
4152TopicPC Dragon Staff 20/20 and Jug dual mod
4153Topicoldschool zodiac sword
4154TopicEarth scroll, +10 AR vs Undead, +30hp
4155TopicPC double modded q9 str echovald
4156TopicPC unded. mini Confessor Isaiah
4157TopicPC on ToT Bag Stacks
4158TopicFew weapons
4159TopicPC on dual vamp bow + vs demon bow
4160TopicButterfly Mirror Q8/12e - Non-Insc/Mausoleum-Drop
4161TopicPrice check on Gwen..
4162TopicMagma Shield
4163TopicPC three shields (draconic aegis, diamond aegis, defender)
4164TopicPC on Unded Miniature Celestial Rabbit
4165TopicPC BDS Q12 Protection Prayers
4166TopicPC Celestial Compass Q9 Curses
4167TopicPc on Alcoholic drinks, Crates of fireworks, minipets please
4168TopicPC Echovald shields
4169TopicPlease close
4170TopicPC OS Bladed Shield
4171TopicPC Q8 Celestial Scepter
4172TopicPC Monomod Ornate shield
4173TopicPrice check q8 Shinobi Blade
4174TopicR9 Oni Blade (Gold Inherit)
4175TopicPC 20/20 Outcast staff
4176TopicReq9 Curses Frog Scepter
4177TopicAmber Aegis Pc Please
4178TopicPC Some Gold Items
4179TopicPlagueborn staff/shield/axe Oni Blade 15/8 shield
4180TopicPC q8 +5e gothic sword
4181TopicPC Tonics And M.Pet please :)
4182TopicPC a couple shields
4183Topicr9 Tactics Amber Aegis -5/20 +28 hp
4184TopicPC 3 golds
4185TopicPricecheck on some skins
4186TopicPC on some Shields (q7/8, etc.)
4187TopicPC +9 VS Dwarves Round Shield
4188TopicQ9 Wooden Boar Scepter of Memory
4189TopicPC Fiery D Sword, Gloom Shield
4190TopicP.C Everlasting Margonite Tonic please
4191TopicPC Ornate Shield and Jug
4192TopicPC on Various Golds
4193TopicShadow Shield +9ar vs Piercing / -2 phys while in stance
4194TopicPC unded Miniature Shiro'ken Assassin
4195TopicPC Q9 Str Eternal Shield
4196TopicPC Everlasting Jora - Year 6 Purple
4197Topic[PC] OS Truncheon q11 Blood Magic, HCT BM 20%, +5^50%
4198TopicPC Eternal Shield Q9 Command + inscr.
4199Topicpc on q8 prenerf Accursed Staff plz ( 10/19) + 9/19 prot Jellyfish plz
4200TopicOS r9 Shadow Shield
4201TopicPC on a number of items
4202TopicPC Q7 16 Armor Iridescent Aegis
4203TopicOldschool tower shield
4204TopicMy PC thread - Updated 3/4/12
4205Topicreq 9 ghostly staff
4206TopicA Few Things
4207TopicUnded Celestial Rabbit
4208TopicPlease close
4209TopicPC Bunch of OS Stuff
4210TopicOni blades / Jade Longbow / Smiting staff
4211Topicpc os gothic defender +10 demons single mod q10str
4212TopicPC on Mini Kunnavang still gift-wrapped in PRE
4213TopicPC Sundering Gothic Dual Axe of Fortitude Q8 (Old School)
4214Topicplatinum staff q12 spawning power, inscr
4215TopicPC Q8 Shield & Q7 Staff
4216TopicPC Dual Mod Water Wand and Insc. Salient Daggers
4217TopicClose please
4218TopicPC Prot BDS Q10
4219TopicPC Shadow Shield Q9
4220TopicNeed a PC ASAP
4221TopicQ11 Katana
4222TopicPC Platinum Wand | Ghostly Staff | Foehammer
4223TopicHero Armors.
4224TopicPC on Shield
4225Topic+9 demons, +41hp(ench) offhand
4226TopicPC Q8 inscribeable fire artifact
4227TopicPc on Goldleaf defender q8
4228Topic7/15 tac shield insc
4229TopicOldschool q9 shadow blade 15^50
4230TopicJust 2 weapons
4231TopicPC on Eternal Bow
4232TopicPC Q8 Foehammer
4233TopicPC New Player In Need Of Help
4234Topicr9 Tyrian Serpent Axe
4235TopicPC on some gold Weapons
4236Topicunidented bow grip o.o
4237TopicPC on OS r9 Gloom Shield
4238TopicPC Candy Corn?...
4239TopicPC on Q10 zodiac staff and Q9 exalted aegis
4240TopicPC on runes and insignias
4241TopicPC ded mad king
4242TopicTwo quick PC's
4243TopicNoob Price Checks
4244TopicUNDED Miniature Gray Giant
4245Topic[PC] Purp q12 14^50 Crystalline, OS Gloom +28, +10 vs. piercing
4246TopicPC Bo Staff R12 hct19% DOM
4247TopicPC on a couple of my minis
4248TopicReq 9 gothic defender tactics +10 vs dragons
4249TopicPC on Eternal Sheild
4250TopicPC please: Shocking Oni Daggers of Warding.. sell or merch?
4251Topicironwing flatbow
4252TopicHexed Channeling Focus
4253TopicOldschool Grinning Recurve Bow
4254TopicPC Purple Crystalline and some other stuff
4255TopicSome OS things
4256TopicPC on Half Moon bow
4257TopicR8 Dwarven Axe
4258Topicr9 tac GotH
4259TopicQ12 OS Jade Staff
4260TopicPrice check
4261Topic20/20 staves
4262Topic2 shields Eternal vs charr and Shadow vs undead with 30hp
4263TopicLast one today :P
4264TopicGuardian of the Hunt
4265TopicPaper Fan vs Demons
4266TopicPC Q9 strength eternal shield uninscript
4267TopicPC on Q8/AL16 Tall Shield (Blue)
4268Topicq9 OS Great Axe 15% Ench
4269TopicPC on 18 items
4270TopicPC on some OS and other weapons q8>
4271TopicReq 11 Crystalline
4272Topicq9 tactics echovald
4273TopicDeadly Cesta
4274TopicPC: q8's, some oldschool weapons
4275Topic3 OS Shields (2 vs demons)
4276TopicPC q9 OS Plagueborn Shield
4277TopicOrnate Shield
4278TopicGothic Shield
4279TopicOS Q9 Holy Branch 20/20
4280TopicPC r8 Stone Summit Shield
4281TopicPC: Kathandrax's Crusher and Prismatic Gelatinous Material
4282TopicPC on Scepter of Forgotten (Cobra Skin) Gold & Inscr
4283TopicPC on Outcast Staves
4284TopicPC on old school perfect shadow blade
4285TopicPC Jug, Divine Scroll, q8/16 Goldleaf Defender
4286TopicSundering Fellblade of Fortitude PC.
4287Topicpc on these items plz
4288Topicblue 15/7 Tactics insc. Tribal Shield
4289TopicOS Stuff: Doublevamp, Zodiacs, Shields, 20/20 Staffs...
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4290TopicPc on a few items
4291TopicPC Guardian of the Hunt +10 vs demon
4292Topic+ 10 vs demons & -2we & some os
4293TopicPrice Check -Inscribable Fiery Dragon Sword
4294TopicPC on Sundering Chaos Axe of Fortitude (Req 8)
4295TopicOldschool Shield and Staff
4296TopicPC on some blue / purple items
4297TopicQ8 +5e GPB
4298TopicPrice Check please
4299TopicPC on gold items.
4300TopicPc Crystalline Sword
4301TopicPC on a couple of golds
4302TopicPC Eternal Bow q 9 OS +5 ene
4303TopicPaper Fan
4304TopicPC Echo Shield
4305TopicPC Oppressor Weapons
4306TopicPC on Imperial Panda License
4307TopicShields Tonic FDS Chaos Axe
4308TopicPC Q9 Sephis Sword & Equine Aegis
4309TopicClose plz
4311TopicReq 9 Air Shadow staff perfect
4312Topic[PC 1 Oldschool Fiery -1Life Dragonsword]
4314Topicq8 perf Defender+Sotw(nice mods) |And other Junk|
4315TopicPC Q11 Obsidian Edge please :)
4316TopicMini Reiko
4317Topic2 random Echovalds
4318TopicPC on unded minis
4319TopicPC 5 golds for a newb
4320TopicPC pre-searing EL Miku tonic
4321TopicPC on two low req NF items
4322TopicPC Zodiac Lbow | Exalted Aegis | Ded White Rabbit
4323TopicPC: q9 Eternal Bow
4324TopicPC on my Green Items *ANOTHER THREAD WITHIN 24 HOURS*
4325TopicPC BDS q11 divine favor
4326TopicPC q9 dom Frog Scepter
4327TopicPC Ivory Bow and Diamond Aegis.
4328Topicrare item with +10 armor against demon
4329TopicPC on Eternal Shield, canthan Crude Axe
4330TopicPC on my Greens
4331TopicPC Guardian Of The Hunt Q9 T -2 ench +10 Demons
4332TopicPC Gothic Defender...perfect
4333TopicPricecheck: Zoldark's Staff
4334TopicPM Q9 Str Embossed Aegis -2 stance +9 Demons Purp
4335Topicclosed, early bump
4336TopicPC Eternal Shield
4337TopicPlease close
4338TopicPC Sword pommel 20% vs undead
4339TopicPC Defender old school
4341TopicQ10 Str Plagueborn Shield
4342Topic6/14 darkwing defender
4343TopicPC q9 Curses 20/19 Plagueborn staff
4344TopicAll of my Junk
4345TopicPC OS Crude Shield r11 tacs
4346TopicQ9 Spawning Platinum Staff & Mursaat hornbow
4347TopicPC House cleaning - few req9
4348TopicO/S Stuff
4349TopicPC: Q9 Zodiacs, Draconic Scythe
4350TopicPrice Check on new items from my Addiction in Cantha
4351TopicPC: r8 Mammoth Axe (uninscr)
4352TopicWeird spiked targe
4353TopicQ9 OS +15 -1hp Longsword
4354Topicprice check on birthday presents
4355TopicPrice check on two oldschools
4356TopicPC Old Collector Staff
4358TopicSome r8 and r9 stuff
4359TopicPC Os Swords, q8 15^50 Eternal Bow, Topaz Scepter
4360TopicOldsql golden q8 max Celestial +5ene
4361TopicCouple of Req 8's
4362TopicPC TALL SHIELD -2 Stance / +10 Demons
4363TopicPC on some OS items
4364Topicpc gold insc r9 Glowing Runic Maul
4365TopicPC: Sharktooth Shield
4366TopicPC: Celestial Shield +10 demons
4367TopicPC Dual Vampiric Fellblade
4368TopicPC: Hornbow req.8 Mursaat
4369TopicPC Ashlyn's Shortbow
4370TopicPC Unded green pet (Bone Dragon)
4371TopicPC Q10 Dragon Kamas
4372Topicgreat conch of fortitude
4373Topiccelestial compass req9
4374TopicPC on EL Searing Tonic
4375TopicPC on some Insc Shields
4376TopicPC Dragon Staff
4377TopicPrice Check on some golds
4379TopicPC - Ornate +10vs Demons
4380TopicMagmas shield req 10
4381TopicPC on a shield
4382Topicdual mod shields, r9 crystalline
4383TopicPC Some Gold
4384TopicPC: Full Guildhall
4385TopicPC Ornate Shield q9
4386TopicPC 1 off wand/offhand (19/+5)
4387TopicPC echo and jug
4388Topicpc Celestial Scepter
4389Topicnoninsc, max, gold: r9Tact Emblazoned Defender (+30, 10vCold,) r9 15wE Oni Daggers
4390Topicty close plz
4391TopicPC On Zodiac Stuffs & Plagueborn Sword & Froggy & Others
4392TopicPC on some greens
4393TopicPC 20/20 communing Outcast Staff
4394Topicpc on wands & focuses (jug/flame articaft(eye)/voltaic/plagueborn/koi)
4395TopicPC on some uninscribable golds
4396TopicPC on some items
4397TopicPC Q9 Chaos Axe
4398TopicPC - couple of Non-inscr/Inscr things
4399TopicA couple of canthan shields [PC]
4400TopicPrice check on perf uninscr shield
4401TopicPC: several weapons
4402TopicGloom Shield rq 10
4403TopicPC Terror Scythe
4404Topicsome weapons and 1 inscripcion
4405TopicPC on Miniature Eye of Janthir
4406Topicq9 Tact Insc Celestial Shield
4407TopicDragon Staff PC
4408TopicPC Unded Ceratadon
4409TopicPC on Shield of Valor
4410TopicPC: Oldschool Staff
4411TopicGot this Off-hand and wondering the price!
4412TopicPC, Emerald Blade Q11
4413TopicPC on Xun Rao's Quill and Xun Rao Miniature
4414TopicPC Zodiac Axe Q9 + few other items
4415TopicPC Eternal Shield req9
4416TopicMax req8 non inscrib gold amber longbow
4417TopicPC on Several, all for sale
4418TopicPC q8 max shadow bow
4419TopicPC Unopened Birthday Gifts
4420TopicMini Reiko & OS Shield
4421TopicPrice check on random golds/purples
4422Topicvs Undead Shields and few others
4423Topicq6 blue 12-17 flamberge of demonslaying
4424TopicInscribed Chakram Q9 20/20 Domination
4425TopicPC q8 old school Celestial hammer
4426TopicPC perfect dual mod q8 Jade Wand
4427TopicPC on a R9 cleaver 15^50 +3hp
4428TopicPC Celestial Longbow
4429Topicmatching os wand 19/19
4430TopicPC Orku's Slicers new woc daggers
4431TopicQ9 inscrib obsidian edge
4432TopicPC on req9 Plagueborn focus
4433TopicPC Oni Blade vampiric uninscr.
4434TopicR11 air Frog , r9 Ceremonial spear
4435TopicPC please Oaken Aegis of Fortitude.
4436TopicOS Canthan Staves
4437TopicPC q7 axe/q8 focus
4438Topicreq 8 Furious long sword of fortitude 15^50 10% Adrenaline +30 health
4439TopicPC OS Shadow Staff Q9 Illu, 20/20
4440TopicPC on req9 soul reaping Embercrest Staff
4441Topic20/19% Smiting Dragon Staff
4442TopicPC Dual mod q9 Strength Eternal Shield
4443TopicPC on frog sceptor
4444TopicStone summit shield
4445TopicPc os items
4446TopicPC q9 15>50 Fellblade Uninscribed
4447TopicP/C WoC greens
4448TopicPc on a few items please :)
4449TopicPC on Everlasting Tahlkora Tonic
4450TopicPC Bo Staff 20/10
4451TopicPC on some q9 Swords and Axes
4452TopicPC os Shield (perfect)
4453TopicPC OS Shield and Hammer
4454TopicQ 11 uninscrip Crude shield perfect
4455Topicamber aegis
4456TopicUnded king adelbern, candysmith marley, white rabbit and EL Vekk tonic
4457TopicWicked Blade
4458TopicQ9 Max Inscr. Fellblade
4459TopicPC Eternal Shield Perfect
4460TopicPc req 8 oldschool quite perfect focus
4461Topic[EST] Couple of OS req8 perfect
4462TopicPC Q8 16 armors ORNATE SHIELD DUAL
4463TopicPC on various Armor Remnants
4464Topic[PC] OS Celestial Staves, q9 Fire 20/10, q10 Water 20/10
4465TopicPC r9 domination 20/10 Bo Staff
4466TopicOld School Ghostly Staff Req 10[Earth] 20/20
4467Topicpc on a few Oldschools, and other items. :)
4468TopicPC on Gift's of the Huntsmen
4469TopicPC Mammoth Axe
4471TopicPC Celestial Compass Q9 Death Magic
4472TopicQ9 Outcast Shield
4473TopicA Few Q9 OldSchool Golds Please!
4474Topicq9 air Jade Staff 20/19
4475TopicPC - Forbidden Staff
4476TopicMisc swords and shields
4477TopicPC paper fan
4478TopicDual Mod Idol
4479TopicPC on 4 interesting items
4480TopicStack of Lunar Fortunes (Dragon)
4481TopicShield +10vs Plants
4482TopicClose pls
4483TopicLF PC Q13 Os magmas shield
4484TopicPC shadow shield
4485TopicPc on q8 16 skull shield
4486TopicDual Vamp Great Axe, q12 14/-1
4487TopicPC 20/10 Dom Outcast Staff
4488TopicPC Sinister Automatonic
4489TopicQ9 Fiery Gladius & Q10 Storm Bow
4490TopicPC amethyst aegis
4491TopicQ9 Dom Ghostly Staff
4492TopicPc shield
4493TopicPC Req 9 Bo Staff
4494TopicPC Few req8's + Stuff Uninsc
4495TopicClosed pc aquired
4497TopicPC on Old Schools & some Inscr. Please
4498Topic25 Weapons from Pongmei-Valley
4499TopicPC Crystalline Sword
4500TopicPC some items
4501TopicPC - Some uninscri stuff (mostly canthan items)
4502TopicPC - 2x Celestial Staffs
4503TopicPC on req 8 earth Wayward 10/10
4504TopicOni Blade
4505TopicUnded Mini Ghostly Priest - 1 ecto?
4506TopicPC q10 Jitte
4507TopicLocien's crap hunt - like daily new part of crap
4508TopicPC Modoss Focus and Forgotten Fan
4509TopicPC double mod Eternal Shield req.9 Strength
4510TopicPC q10 Dragon Kamas 15^enchant
4511Topicpc Non inscribable bds
4512TopicFire cele scepter and ornate buckler
4513TopicDragon Staff R11 Communing 20/19
4514TopicPC Perfect Hammer
4515TopicPC on a Shadow blade
4516TopicPC: 6/14 insc Reinforced Defender (command)
4517TopicPC on Celestial Longbow and more
4518TopicOldsql dualmod Kappa Shield
4519TopicShield of the Wing req 8 ac16
4520TopicA couple of things...uninsc
4521TopicPc a few os gold items
4522TopicPC on UnID Gold Luxon Garb
4523TopicPC Plagueborn Scepter Q9 Fire +a few random
4524TopicPC: 15/7 insc Adamantine Shield
4525TopicUninscribe Goth Shield
4526TopicSome pre shields
4527TopicOutcast staff
4528TopicWeapons and Runes
4529TopicStrange damage mod
4530TopicPC Celestial Compass Q9 Heal
4531TopicPC Dedicated Mallyx
4532TopicPC 3 items please
4533TopicPC Bladed shield
4534TopicAmber Aegis
4535TopicOS Jitte +5e
4536TopicPC Some stuff
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
4537TopicPC Unded golds/greens
4538TopicPC: Gloom shield
4539TopicPC some shields
4540TopicPc Some Shields
4541TopicPC stack of drake kabob
4542TopicNeed PC on Crude Shield
4543TopicGothic Defender +10 demons -2 stance
4544Topicq8 Zodiac longbow
4545TopicCelestial staves
4546Topicplz close
4547TopicA few q7/8 Swords
4548Topicq8 16 shield
4549TopicPrice Check on a few items please
4550Topicjellyfish wand
4551Topicq9 summit warlord (uniscr)
4552Topicq8 Aurate Aegis
4553TopicAmber Aegis Q9 Str.
4554TopicPC q8/16 tactics Oaken Aegis
4555TopicPC on Req7 tactics shiled
4556Topicreq9 perfect sundering ruby warhammer
4557TopicWhat is "Old School"?
4558Topicpc oni blade
4559TopicPC Old school Gothic Sword
4560TopicPC on some OS and insc sheilds
4561TopicPC: Dragon Fortune Stacks and the celestial dragon mini?
4562TopicEmbossed Aegis +10 vs Ogres
4563TopicGold Zaishen Coins
4564TopicPC on Furious Twin Hammer of Fortitude
4565Topic15/7 Shields
4566TopicPC Oldschool Fellblade
4567TopicPC on spiked targe
4568TopicPC Q9 OS Zodiac Longbow
4569TopicBone Dragon Staff
4570TopicOS Celestial Shield
4571Topic8/16 Shield of the Wing
4572TopicPC on Q9 Dadao Sword +5 ene Uninscr
4573TopicPC: Crystalline Sword Q12 insc
4574TopicPC on prenerf Accursed Staff q8
4575TopicPC Stack Brulee and Flasks of Firewater
4576TopicPC q8 perfect eternal bow
4577TopicVarious Things
4578TopicPC r12 Blood Magic BDS **CLEAN**
4579TopicPC Various [OS] weapons
4580TopicR8 Half moon Gold
4581Topicr9 Echovald and Amber shields
4582Topicvery rare Eternal
4583TopicPC Odd 3 attributes Celestial Scepter
4584TopicQ9 Shadow Blade OS
4586TopicArmor Of Salvation
4587Topicgold q4 ar12 shield
4588Topicreq8 Mursaat Hammer
4589TopicPC Stack Jade Wind Orbs
4590TopicPC Outcast,plague,jade 20/10 staffs
4591TopicDual-insc Shadow Shield
4592TopicPC Gloom, -3 while hexed
4593Topicreq 8 sephis, req 8/16 and 7/15 shields
4594TopicVarious Things !
4595TopicCheck these factions drops
4596TopicPC Celestial Daggers and Great Axe
4597Topicprice check on Q8 cele bow
4598TopicPrice Check #4
4599Topicblue sharktooth req 7/15 tactics
4600Topicded bone drag
4601TopicLou's Karambits + Hanchor Daggers
4602Topicr7 AL 15 Tall Shield
4603TopicPC Goth Shield Q11 Tact
4604TopicPC Exalted Aegis Q10 tac & Gothic defender
4605TopicPC on jade longbow
4606Topicq8 insc. shields and some offhands,purple serpent,dwarven & crysta
4607TopicOS Shield
4608TopicPC on OS Q9 Accursed Staff 20/20
4609TopicLunar Fortunes
4610TopicQ9 str eternal shield
4611TopicPC Eternal Shield
4612TopicPC Celestial Hammer
4613TopicEl Frosty
4614TopicHelp with some gold weapons :)
4616Topicq10 crystalline sword
4617Topicq13 dragon staff, q10 os shadow shield
4618Topic22 golds
4619TopicPc unded gold lich
4620TopicPC Zodiac Staff and Straw Effigy
4621TopicPrice Check on Stack of Lunar Tokens
4622TopicPC on 6th year.
4624TopicPC on different q8,9 items
4626TopicPC on a few Weapons and a shield
4627TopicPC r10 str Shadow Shield -2ench/10 vs.cold dmg
4628Topicskull shield req 8 tactics
4629TopicBirthday Gifts!
4631TopicSome Oldschool Stuff
4632TopicQ9 Strength Amber Aegis/Dragon Staff
4633TopicPC on 2 wintergreen weapons
4634TopicPC OS Ghostly Staff
4635Topicuninsc q8 celestial
4636TopicStormbow req9 +15^ench
4637TopicPC Q9 Storm Bow
4638TopicBo/dragon/(perfect) shields
4639Topicty very much for the help everyone!
4640TopicPC: Crude Shield of Devotion
4641TopicPrice Check #3
4642TopicBunch of random (junk?) weapons/shields
4643TopicPC Q9 straw effigy 30hp 5ar^enchanted uninsc
4644TopicPlatium staff q9 df -inscription-
4645TopicPC on two shields
4646TopicOS summit warlord shield
4647TopicPC Old School q9 Golden Phoenix Blade
4648Topic[PC] Gold Zealous Kamas
4649TopicEternal Bow req 8
4650TopicPurple-Green Minipets
4651TopicPC Amber Aegis +57wH/+1 Healing 20%
4652TopicPC - Shield r6/14 Tactics
4653Topic[PC] Gothic Shield, q9 tac, +10 vs Demons, -3 w/hexed
4654TopicPC Jade Wand r10 earth
4655TopicPC q8 Chaos Axe Inscr AND OS 15^50
4656TopicScarabshell Aegis Q9 Command
4657TopicCouple of Weapons
4658TopicPC OS Plagueborn Daggers
4659Topicok to close, thanks for the help. :)
4660TopicA couple golds
4661TopicPC Bo staff & plagueborn hornbow & plagueborn shield
4662TopicPaper Fan, Wolf Hammer
4663TopicQ8/16 AR strenght Kournan Defender gold
4664TopicPC q9 amber Aegis
4665TopicPC stormbow
4666TopicQ9 -2/ench +19% Death Magic Shadow Shield
4667TopicPrice check - Stormbow req 8, 15-50,20/20 sundering, health +30
4668TopicPC OS Q10 Spawning Amber Wand
4669TopicPC Paper Fan, Plaqueborn Focus, Cathan Water Staff Please
4670TopicPC on Q7/15, Q8/16 and OS Shields
4671TopicPC req 9 Giant Slayers Hammer
4672TopicPrice Check Majestic Focus q8 (Domination) Inscr
4673Topicreq 11 eternal bow
4674TopicPC unded green Mini MOX
4675TopicPC on NM elite zone runs
4676TopicPC Q10 Echovald
4677TopicPC on R9 Inscribable Weapons
4678TopicOutcast Staff, Crystalline
4679TopicPC on os cele shield
4680TopicPC 7/15 Oaken Aegis
4681TopicPC on Summit Warlord Shields
4682TopicPC on Chaos Axe
4683TopicPC on some shields
4684TopicUninscr. eternal shield
4685TopicTYRIAN ORNATE BUCKLER R7 -2(ST) +30 -Non inscript-
4686TopicPC os dagger
4687TopicPC on a few weapons + shield
4688TopicPC: Storm Artifact (+vs Demons)
4690Topicdragon staff 20/20
4691TopicPC stack of silver z coins
4692TopicPC - Shields and some Weapons
4693TopicPC on non-inscript perf. Zod Staff req 8 and others
4694TopicPC Q9 tact plagueborn
4695TopicJust some OS Celestial weapons
4696TopicOni Blade q8 14^50
4697TopicReq8 Sharktooth / Os Earth staff
4698TopicSerrated Spear Q8
4699TopicPC Orante Shield - q10 Tact, Illusion Magic +1 (20%), Non-Insc
4700TopicGold OS Req 9 max +5e Celestial Sword
4701TopicKappa Shield, Pyroclastic Axe, Chaos, ded Minis
4703Topic[PC] OS Eternal and Shadow Shield, q9 str, dual modded
4704TopicQ13 Channeling Focus +10 vs Demons
4705TopicPC-Eternal Bow
4706TopicOldschool Wicked blade vs. demons
4707TopicOS Fire wand Q9
4708TopicOS Earth Wand R12
4709Topicr8 "Prenerf" Celestial Staff -- r9 Plagueborn Bow
4710TopicPC Gold r9 Inscribed Fellblade
4711TopicPC on r9 Divine Favor Zodiac Staff
4712TopicPC OS Req 9 Celestial Water Staff
4713TopicOS Summit Warlord Shield (9/16 tactics)
4714TopicPrice Check #2
4715TopicMore PCs
4716Topicshadow shield
4717TopicOS Koi Scepter
4718TopicPC +10vs Demons -2^Enchanted Embossed Aegis
4719TopicItems, non-stop moar!
4720Topicprice check on these items
4721Topicr9 Zodiac staff uninscriptable
4722TopicPC Staff Wrapping of Pruning +20% Vs.Plants mod
4723TopicPC r8 Ar16 Aegis
4724TopicAmber wand 20/19 Resto
4725Topicpc dedicated minis /misc
4726TopicPC on some req. 9 and other items
4727TopicR9 Shadow Bow +5e inherit
4728TopicLarge Price Check :)
4729TopicAmber Aegis q9 Tactic Demons
4730TopicSome Oldschool Weps
4731TopicPC q10 tact Amber Aegic +28hp & +10 Vs Ogre
4732TopicPC on two req8 golds
4733TopicLongsword Q8 15^50
4734TopicPC on Celestial Tiger
4735TopicPC on Stygian Reaver Q10
4736TopicPC on r9tact +10vsDemons +58 hex Exalted Aegis
4737TopicPC Gothic Defender
4738TopicNoob PC
4739TopicGothic Defender (ok fine I added other stuff)
4740TopicSome stuff to PC (magmas, great axe, wands)
4741TopicPC on Q8 Fellblade, OS Echo + Ghostly
4742TopicNoob PC
4743TopicJitte Q9 Gold
4744TopicBack playing after a long break
4745TopicPC on some stuff.
4746TopicOS Celestial Scepter dual mode
4747TopicPC r12 Celestial Compass
4748TopicPC 13q5 strength shield
4749TopicPC OS r9 Plagueborn Axe
4750TopicNaked Crystalline Sword
4751TopicPC on q10 Tribal Axe uninscr
4752TopicOS Echovald Shields
4753TopicOS Q7 Aegis -2 in stance
4754Topicq9 15^50 Colossal Pick
4755Topicpaper fan, jug, gothic, etc.
4756TopicInsc Earth Prism Q4 Earth E+8
4757TopicSome golds
4758TopicFew Items
4759TopicPC OS Dead Bow
4760Topicweird q7 gold
4761TopicPC Q9 Oldschool Fiery Dragon Sword
4762TopicPC Reinforced Buckler
4763Topic[PC] Q8 Militia Shield
4764TopicPC Celestial Rat unded
4765TopicMore gold weps, inc. odd focus
4766TopicIcy dragon sword from gift of traveler
4767TopicQ8 gothic sword
4768TopicQ12 echovald shield
4769Topicq8 Stilletos, 7/15 tac
4770Topicpc q9 jade sword oldsql caster
4771Topicpc q9 Celestial Shield vs demon/-2st
4772TopicOldschool Ghostly staff-Collection value?
4773TopicPC on Demon Shields
4774Topicwooden buckler
4775TopicPC random items from old player
4776Topicneed PC on q8 Oaken q9 Plagueborn
4777TopicOS R9 Shadow Blade
4778TopicOldschool Items Lying Around In Storage
4779TopicEmblazoned Defender +10vs demons..
4780TopicPC r8 OS Long Sword and r9 OS IDS
4781TopicPC Q8/16 Shield
4782TopicPrice Check
4783TopicPC q8/AL16 Tatics Tall Shield
4784TopicOS Embossed Aegis Q13 Str, +10 Dragons
4785TopicAL 15 req 7 strength inscr kournan defender
4786TopicPC some items
4787Topicpc on some OS stuff
4788TopicQ11 Jitte, 15^stance inherent
4789Topicpc on 4 green items
4790TopicNeed a PC on several golds and a gold dye
4791Topicq13 divine froggy
4792TopicQ9 Air Bo Staff crappy mod
4793TopicQ8 Shield of the Lion
4794TopicOS Fiery Dragon Sword
4795TopicTopaz Scepter Req 12 Spawning
4796TopicOS vs Demons SET (AXE and Shield)
4797TopicPC two items plz
4798TopicPc on some shields plz
4799TopicPC Shields from Z-Chest
4800TopicPC Dragon Kamas
4801TopicPC OS q9 Ghostly Staff
4802TopicRandom old-school collection
4803TopicStuff i got during VQing Factions
4805TopicPC Sundering Chaos Axe of Defense
4806TopicPC on q8 Colossal Pick
4807TopicOS Outcast Shield
4808TopicPC on Wooden Buckler - r10 +60hp/wHexed -5 (19%)
4809Topicdual vamp plagueborn sword, plagueborn shield... added items
4810TopicPC req8 Celestial shield
4811TopicInscribed staff uninsc req9 dom 20/20
4812TopicCelestial weps
4813TopicPC Zodiac sword
4814TopicSome Items
4815Topicpc double vamp shadow bow
4816TopicLow armor shield but +10 vs dragons and +30hp.
4817TopicPC on Dragonic Aegis
4818TopicMini Shiro and Mini Dagnar
4819TopicPC 15/7 & 15/8 great conches + 3 mods
4820TopicPC on q9 Zodiac Axe & Topaz Scepter
4821TopicPC on items from Urgoz trip
4822TopicChaos axe q12 os ene+5
4823TopicPc req 8 fellblade
4824TopicPC OS Zodiac Shield
4825Topicq8 Magmas Shield +27 -2 (enchanted)
4826TopicPC chaos axe
4827TopicPC q8 10/10 Accursed Curses Staff
4828TopicCelestial shield <3
4829TopicPC OS Inscribed Staff Req 9 Domi 20/19
4830TopicPC on some items pls
4831TopicQ6 Tactics Militia Shield
4832Topic5 O/S 15^50 Req 8 Bows
4833TopicQ9 Tactics Amber Aegis
4834Topicpc Q9 motivation inscr eternal shield
4835TopicP/C few items
4836TopicPC q9 healing eternal flame wand
4837Topicsome Oldskl shields, staffs ect.
4838TopicPC a few greens
4839TopicPC q7 ar15 shield
4840TopicPC on q3 ar11 Crude Shield
4841TopicCelestial Compass / Blessed Chalice / Gothic Dual Axe.. etc
4842TopicStorage items need some prices
4843TopicPC Q8/A16 Insc Ornate Buckler and few others
4844TopicPlagueborn Focus
4845TopicSea Purse Shield
4846TopicPC on a bunch of items
4847TopicPC-4 golds
4848Topic[PC] on Ornate Shiel Q10
4849TopicPC On Dual Mod Shields, TY
4850TopicReq5. 15^50 Plagueborn Daggers
4851TopicFour q8 Shields
4852TopicR8 Reinforced Buckler
4853TopicPc on Rares
4854TopicPC Eternal shield
4855TopicPC Odd low req Buckler
4856Topic-2wE / 9vDemons Echovald Shield, r12 Tactics - It has been sold
4857TopicPC on OS Eternal Shields
4858TopicZaishen Summoning Stones
4859TopicZaishen Keys
4860TopicPC Aureate Aegis q8 and Eagle Defender q9
4861Topicpc on misc golds
4862TopicPC random stuff (lot of zaishen chest drops) *NEW* CC & Celestial
4863TopicPC Some Uninsc Staves
4864TopicQ5 10-14 Sunqua caster blade
4865TopicDhumm's Soul Reaper
4866TopicPC Req8 Smiting Staff
4867TopicPC on OS req 10 Blood 20/20 Dark Tendrill Staff
4868TopicQ9 celestial axe
4869TopicPc on q8 tatics aegis
4870TopicPC Shortbow
4871TopicPC Eternal shield (Command) req10
4872Topicplz close
4873TopicPC 20/20 Zodiac Smite Q9 non inscr max dmg
4874TopicPC some golds and such
4875TopicPC on Ancient Moss Staff
4876TopicPC Crysta Sword & Chaos Axe
4877TopicPC on some dual modded things?
4878TopicPC on some Golds
4879Topicq8 blue Wooden Buckler
4880TopicStraw effigy
4881TopicFlamberge, Battlepick
4882TopicGhostly Staff,req 10 Curses, 20/20
4883TopicPC on Several Weapons & Shields
4884TopicPC Some good Staff pls
4885TopicPC on some golds
4886TopicOld School Oni Daggers q10
4887TopicZodiac Longbow q8
4888TopicSanhans Staff?
4889TopicPC on q9 Zodiac Shield and others
4890Topic[PC] Heket Axe, q9, inscr.
4891TopicPC Outcast Shield
4892Topic-2-3 eternal shield
4893TopicReq9 Shadow Axe
4894TopicPC q11 Zodiac shield
4895TopicQ9 Barbed Bramble Shortbow of Defense
4896TopicPC some Uninscrip stuff
4897TopicPC Celestial Hammer/Plat Staff
4898Topic20/20 uninscr.shadow staff
4899Topicr8 Plaugeborn Daggers
4900Topicplz CLOSE
4901TopicClosed: Perfect Plagueborn Shield + Others
4902Topic20/20 r9 fire ghostly staff
4903TopicPc oS Magmas
4904TopicPC on golds
4905Topic+15% dam -1 hp reg Hammer
4906TopicPC: White Reaver
4907TopicSeveral golds, some vs.
4908TopicPC: Stygian Reaver q10
4909Topicq13 Oni Blade +5
4910TopicPC on Q13 Cobalt Staff
4911Topicq8 16 Diamond Aegis -2^ench / +29
4912TopicOS dualmod Gothic Defender (q9 Tactics)
4913TopicPC on Tower Shield req7
4914TopicPC Sword
4915TopicHoly Staff 20/20
4916TopicNeed PC on Ded. Miniatures and Everlast. Tonics
4917TopicOutcast Shield Q11 Str +30hp -2 While Ench
4918TopicSmitting Staff
4919Topicr8 13^50 Spatha (max & gold)
4920TopicR8 16AL Tribal Shield
4921Topicq10 divine favor Jade Staff
4922TopicGuardian Moss
4923TopicJade Wand 10/10
4924TopicSpiked Recarve Bow
4925TopicPC q10 Black Caster Voltaic Spear
4926TopicRound Shield Of Devotion
4927TopicPC kukris and bows q8
4928TopicPC on Req 10 SR Zodiac Scepter of Memory
4929Topicgold cathan draps
4930TopicPrice of Q7 / 15AL Inscribable Great Conches
4931TopicBladed Shield +9 vs Demons, -2/en
4932Topicdual vamp flamberge
4933TopicPC on Shield
4934Topic[PC] Holy Staff Old School
4935TopicQ10 OS DF Zodiac Staff
4936TopicPC Eternal Shield Q9 +30/-2WE & Purp Crystaline Sword ~ OS
4937TopicPC Q7-9 non-insc shields
4938TopicChaos Axe
4939TopicPC on 16/8req shield
4940TopicPC 10 old schools items
4941TopicPC Zodiac Dom staff
4942TopicPC On a few things
4943TopicPC Q10 str shadow shield -2/st -10 vs fire
4944TopicCele Compass
4945Topicq12 dom zodiac scepter added new demons echo and paper lantern
4946TopicJust got back, what's it all worth?
4947TopicEL Tonics
4948TopicEdit: PC on Dual Mode Celestial shields and Cele Scepter 10/10 (oldschool)
4949TopicNerfed Eternal shield
4951Topicq9 insc draconic spear
4952TopicPC Celestial q13 spawn 20/10 Scepter (old school)
4953TopicPC: Q7 Falchion
4954TopicPC: Weird Bo staff
4955Topicwintergreen scythe
4956Topicq9 zodiac sword
4957TopicPC: Couple shields (non-inscrip w/ dual mods)
4958TopicRandom stuff needs pc
4959TopicPC Couple Items
4960TopicPC OS q9 Forbidden Staff, OS q9 Shadow Staff, OS q10 Zodiac Staff
4961Topicpc on a few items please
4962TopicPC OS focus
4963Topicpc on ungula axe q7 insc
4964Topic"Tyrian" Sickle max dmg with inherent dmg mod
4965TopicPC Tattoo Scimitar
4966Topicunopened birthday presents
4967TopicPC on a few items
4968TopicPC a few gold items
4969TopicPC on vabbian recurve bow
4970TopicPC Q11 Emerald Blade
4971TopicPC on my old-school weapon collection
4972TopicPC on double vamp sword
4973TopicPC on Bow of the Hierophant
4974TopicPC req9 vertebreaker inherent +5e
4975TopicPC on mostly non-inscr. items
4976TopicPC Q11 Shadow Shield Dualmod, Outcast Staves, Jade Wand
4977TopicPC Bo Staff and Outcast shield
4978TopicMixed stat staffs
4979Topicr8 Plat wand +r9 mixed echo
4980TopicPC on Halloween Items
4981Topicghostly staff q9 oldschool 20/10
4982TopicPc on Eternal Shield
4983TopicNeed a PC on Magmas's and Echo
4984TopicPC on Spiked Targe and focus
4985TopicTanzit's Defender
4986TopicPC Pre-Searing Buckler
4987TopicQ10 ES platinum staff 20 hrs
4988TopicPC on q8 blue Lesser Sage Blade
4989TopicPc on a r8 Sword
4990TopicPC on some golds (dualvamp/zealous, Oni caster...)
4991TopicPC on Vs. Demons Spiked Targe & Odd Q4 Gold Baby Shields
4992TopicEchovald Shield Single Mod
4993TopicOld School Q8 Dual Mod Shields
4994TopicPC: Celestial Axe Q9 inscr.
4995Topicplz close
4996Topicq9 Strength Dual Mod Gothic Defender
4997TopicPC Summit Warlord Shield q7/15 Tactics [Blue]
4998TopicOS Emblazoned Defender Q8/16
4999Topicpc on chkkrs flatbow
5000TopicPC Q12 dom OS dual mod amber wand
5001TopicPC on gold Avian Axe
5002TopicMursaat gear
5003TopicPC paper fan
5004TopicPC on green staff "vanahk staff"
5005TopicPc on 9 Gold Weapons
5006Topicpc Q10 Com ghostly staff
5007TopicPC q10 dom scepter
5008TopicQ9 Pyroclastic Axe
5009TopicPc on moss spider egg
5010TopicPC some stuff. Shields staffs etc.
5011TopicPC q9 jade staff (blood) 20/10
5012Topicplz close
5013TopicQ9 dual mod shadowshield.....
5014Topic[PC] OS Celestial Staff, q9 Divine Favor, 20/10
5016Topic20/20 protect Dragon Staff
5017TopicQ10 Earth dragon staff
5018TopicPC BDS(x2), r8 Shield (x2)
5019TopicBladed shield dual modded
5020TopicPC on Q10 earth forggy
5021TopicRunic Blade
5022TopicLots of Golds,Greens and Purples for PC
5023TopicA Few Items
5024TopicPrice Check: 5th Birthday Present
5025Topicq11 sword fiery gladius
5026TopicQ10 tactics zodiac shield
5027TopicPrice check on q7 offhand
5028TopicPC on OS q9 Water Staff (Core)
5029TopicQ9 Zodiac Scepter 20/19 oldschool
5030TopicPC Celestial Bow + Shield
5031Topic[PC] REQ 8 Shadowbow
5032TopicPC Bo Staff req 9 spawning
5033Topicpc req 8 shields+0thers
5034TopicPC q9 dom topaz scepter
5035TopicJars of Honey
5036TopicPC Please: Two Non-insc. Focus Items
5038TopicPc gold sword Q9 insc
5039TopicOS mod r10 Perfect Zodiac Sword
5040TopicPC Shadow Shield
5041TopicPC Q7 Daggers
5042Topicq11 emerald edge
5043TopicPC on some weapons
5044TopicPlz Close
5045TopicDualmod Q8 Max Oldschool Tower Shield
5046TopicStorm Bow
5047TopicPC r9 Zodiac Sword
5048Topicpc on three shields
5049TopicPC on 8marks req max dmg longbow
5050TopicPC Ded Mini Grawl
5051TopicPC on OS gold Fellblade
5052TopicPC 12 golds/purples
5053TopicPC on Shields
5054TopicPC OS Q9 Ornate Shield Dual MOd
5055TopicPC on white q8 skeleton shield
5056TopicPC Non-Inscribables Please
5057Topicpc on smite staff
5058TopicNeed help with price
5059TopicMammoth Axe (q9, gold, inscibable)
5060TopicPC r9 Golden Phoenix Blade 15^stance gold
5061TopicPC on r7 Axe
5062TopicPC q10 dual vamp gothic sword
5063TopicPrice check on unopened year 4, 5 , and 6 gift boxes
5064TopicPC Dual Mod Tyrian Skeleton Shield
5065TopicPC on a few things.
5066TopicPrice Check on Unded Purple/Gold Minis
5067Topic10 Gold Items to Price Check
5068Topicq9 insectoid staff
5069TopicPC on oldschool dualmod Aegis (req9 Tactics)
5070Topica few drops needing pc's
5071TopicPC q9 Crystalline Gold+Max OS 20% w/hexed
5072TopicPC, q8 Zodiac Sword
5073Topicfew more dops
5074Topicsilver boar scepter
5075Topicvoltaic q11
5076Topicpc q10 frog scepter
5077TopicPC R9 Str Celestial Shield
5078TopicPC on perfect celestial hammer
5079TopicPC 4 items
5080Topicbo staff uninscrible
5081TopicEternal Shield q8
5082TopicPC Zodiac Longbow q9
5083TopicPC Q8 bows and dagger
5084TopicPC Emblazoned Defender
5085TopicRare Bow
5086TopicR8 15^50 Great Axe
5087TopicPC - Break Hammer R8 - Colossal Pick - Skeleton Shield R8
5088TopicPC on a req9 inscribable storm bow
5089TopicPC Aureate Aegis q7 Motivation armor 15
5090TopicPC Q.8 15^50 Stormbow
5091TopicPC on this Blessed Chalice
5092TopicPc R9 Str Shadow Shield
5093TopicPC on Q8 Longsword, 15% in stance, non inscribable
5094TopicPC on Oldschool Eternal Bow Caster
5095TopicMiniature Ceratadon
5096TopicPC on wintergreen items
5097TopicQ13 gold insc crystalline
5098TopicPC Please on some Uninscr. Golds
5099TopicHey, lf Pc on Bladed Shild q4
5100Topicpc on inherent half moon q9
5101TopicPC on Chaos Axe
5102TopicPrice check Outcast Staff
5103TopicPC jeweled chakram (can be useful for DOA)
5104TopicUnded Gray Giant
5105TopicPC max dmg q8 insc Tribal Blade
5106TopicEverlasting M.O.X Tonic for 6th Birthday
5107Topicneed a pc on a q8 sword
5108TopicEchovald, Ghostly Staff, Req8 Bow... Haven't been on in ages! Please PC
5109TopicPC all the celestial weapons
5110TopicPC q7ar15 shield
5111Topicq9 +5e Non-Insc Golden Phoenix Blade
5112Topicdagger price
5113TopicPC ~ OS Q8 Zodiac Longbow
5114Topic20/19 air celestial staff
5115TopicOS Echovald Shield
5116TopicReq9 Tact OS cele sshield
5117TopicPlagueborn Shield q9 tact
5118TopicQ9 command inscr Eternal Shield
5119TopicOS Crude Shield double mod!
5120TopicPC Lunars Year of the Pig
5121Topicnear perfect plagueborn focus
5122TopicPC on Celestial Compass of Aptitude + Grelk's Hammer
5123TopicR8 Sundering Axe
5124TopicPC R8 fds// damage +14% unc inscribe
5125TopicDualmod shield and req 8 daggers
5126TopicPC Q9 Purple Crysta Non Inscr
5127TopicPC on Lou's Karambits and Johon's Longbow
5128Topicpc on vampiric dead bow of defense
5129TopicPC: VS q12 for caster.
5130Topic2 staves, and orr emblems
5131TopicPC q9 Storm Bow please
5132TopicPC Q12 Dom 20/20 OS Gazing Scepter
5133TopicWintersday Gifts
5134TopicPC 3 Shields uninscr
5135Topicpc on non-insc cele shields
5136TopicPlease PC 3 items
5137TopicNeed help pricing items
5138TopicPrice Check on a few items
5139Topicechovald shield r9 tac
5140TopicPC on a few oldschool items. Will pay!
5141TopicPC Shields Gloom/Crude + r7/8 insc blue's
5142TopicPC glacial stones
5143TopicOS mursaat hammer and inscribed staff
5145TopicPC Demrikov's Judgement
5146TopicSome (mostly OS) Golds
5147Topicpc gold sharktooth shield tactics req6 ar 14
5148TopicPC 2 Gold Shields.
5149TopicPC on a few drops: r9 Eternal shield
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
5150Topicpc q9 Channeling bo staff
5151TopicPC Q8 +5e Swords
5152TopicPC on various shields
5153Topic20/19 mixed wand
5154TopicPc Paper Fan
5155Topicskull spear
5156TopicPC on cuple shields that dropped for me today
5157TopicPC req0 8 ar shield
5158TopicGold exalted Aegis?
5159TopicPC Z Chest Drops
5160TopicPc on Bo-Staff
5161Topicmore non-insc dual mod shields :/
5162TopicNeed pc on tormented, oppressor and destroyer weapons
5163TopicPC Purple q9 Crystalline Sword
5164Topicmini pet mad king thorn pre searing
5165TopicPC Platinum Staff q10 Divine Favor
5166TopicOutcast Staff, Perfect 20/20 Q9
5167TopicSome old stuff from 4 years ago
5168TopicEotN Dungeon Greens
5169TopicPC Prenerf R8 Death Forbidden Staff 10/9
5170TopicPC q9 Chaos Axe 15^50
5171TopicPlagueborn Staff Q9 Communing 20/10
5172TopicPC on r9 Zodiac Weapon, oldschool q9 Celestial Sword + couple others
5173TopicPC OS q10 Chann 20/19 Ghostly
5174Topicq9 Tetsubo Hammer
5175TopicPC OS shield
5176TopicPls, PC on this req9 sword :)
5177TopicPC Jellyfish Wand
5178TopicPC on some R7/15 and R8/16 shields (blue inscr)
5179Topic[CLOSED] PC dualmod Shield of the Wing
5180TopicPC Rare skin staff
5181TopicOS q8 weapons
5183TopicPC on Oldschools : Celestial staffs - Eternal shield & more
5184TopicPC on these
5185TopicPC on Tormented Bow
5186TopicPC kamas daggers req 5
5187TopicUninscrip shield
5188TopicPC on OS Oni Dag, Eternal Sheild, Dual Axe, Long Sword, Amber Longbow
5189Topic8/15 Sea Purse Shield
5190TopicPC el sinister automatonic.
5191TopicPC Envoy Sword
5193TopicPC on a few items...
5194TopicPrice check on 2 shields
5195TopicPC on Celestial Staff and Chaos Axe
5196TopicPlease PC Gothic Defender q9 dual modded, some strange modded OS canthan items
5197TopicFactions Caster Gear: Voltaic Wands, Paper Lantern, Fire Staffs, Holy Rod
5198TopicPC on old school Q9 Jade Daggers
5199TopicPC Shadow Shield, Celestial Shield, Koi Scepter
5200TopicPC Weapons
5201TopicBo staff, tall shield, crystalline...
5202TopicPC Some Canthan OS
5203TopicPC: Zodiac Staff and Chaos Axe
5204TopicPC on magma & ornate shield
5205TopicPC Thread (Update 12/14/11)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5206TopicPC staffs and a hammer
5207Topicq9 long sword
5208TopicPC On Victo's Battle Axe, The Yakslapper
5209TopicPC on Unded Mini Confessor Isaiah
5210Topicq10 os smiting shadow staff
5212TopicPC Plagueborn Staff and Scepter
5213TopicPC Zodiac Shield
5214TopicPC Outcast staff
5215Topicpc for an OS Jade Staff
5216TopicPC on r9 Dolyak Prod Staff
5217TopicBeautiful Plaug staff.
5218TopicA few items
5219Topicr8 AXE
5220TopicQ9 Zodiac Lonbow
5221TopicQ9 chaos axe
5222TopicNon inscr spiked targe
5223TopicR7 Shield
5224TopicMagmas Shield r9 str
5225TopicPc fds
5226Topicpc on req8 oni blade
5227TopicPC on some Zaishen drops
5228TopicPC on a non-inscribable req9 Wingblade sword?
5229TopicEchovald Shield
5230TopicPC on Req 8 Earth Scroll
5231Topicprice chek zhtuka's pack
5232Topic20/20 Zodiac Domination Staff Q11 + Shadow Shield OS
5233TopicGorgon "Accursed Icon," r9, +5^50 / 20HSR Curses inherent dualmod - Help?
5234Topicpc on shield
5235TopicPC on Q9 Tactics Plagueborn Shield
5236TopicPC on Crystalline sword Q9 old-school
5237Topicpc q9 purple cristaline sword
5238TopicPrice check on inscriptions
5239TopicPC on Gold Fiery Serpent Axe please
5240TopicCelestial Shield +10 vs Demons/-2wE
5241TopicPC 20/20 DF Holy Branch, not insc
5242TopicPC on Insightful Eart Staff Of Earth Magic from Factions
5243Topiccrystalline q12 old school
5244TopicPC Oni Blade
5245TopicPC Bo staff q10 axe q8 max
5246TopicReq 9 Amber Aegis
5247TopicPC Axe R10, Staff R9
5248TopicPC Sundering Chaos Axe of Fortitude
5249TopicPC Q9 Long Sword
5250Topic+10 blunt -2w/Ench Eternal shield
5251TopicPC: Some canthan rares
5252Topic10 weapons that I don't know the price of.
5253TopicPC on Frost Artifact
5254TopicA few OS shields + an offhand
5255TopicPC- q6 max focus
5256TopicA few Canthans
5257TopicPC - Tattooed Scimitar q10
5258TopicKinda random OS wand
5259TopicPC on Gold Spatha
5260Topicpc on some golds,q8 shield and a non inscr.bow
5261TopicPC Oldschool Q5/12 Tac Dual Mod Shield
5262TopicCelestial sword q8
5264TopicPC Plant Echovald
5265TopicPC Moldavite Staff Q9 (Divine Favor)
5267TopicPC on a celestial longbow (req 11)
5268TopicPC for Icy FoeHammer of Warding
5269TopicPC Ghostly Staff
5270TopicVery Nice 20/20+20/10 Celestial/Outcast/Cockatrice Staves! and Clouded Maul
5271TopicPC for oldschool gold Shields
5272TopicPC on shields, bows, and sword
5273TopicPC +10 vs demons Celestial (single)
5274TopicPC on White Rabbit (unded)
5276TopicPC on a Suntouched Shield (req9 command)
5277TopicSpring (somewhere) Cleaning PC
5278TopicPC on dual modded Eternal Shield
5279TopicPC Req10 Smiting Zodiac Staff 20/19 Smiting & OS Gloom Shield
5280TopicPrice check on hammer!
5281TopicPC 5 colossal Picks
5282TopicPC Celestial shield
5283TopicCouple of Items
5284Topiczodiac shield
5286TopicQ7/15Ar Crude Shield
5287TopicPC Undedicated Miniature Abyssal
5288TopicPC this chaos axe
5289TopicQ9 Earth OS 20/9 Bo Staff
5290TopicSo Many Oldschool Items!
5291Topic2 Uninsc bows and uninsc plagueborn daggers
5292TopicA couple pricing questions
5293TopicPC on Gold Jug
5294Topicq8 DF Holy Branch Oldschool
5295TopicPC this thing
5296Topiccaster eternal shield
5297TopicPC on a Green El Tonic
5298TopicPC some zodiac
5299Topic20/20 Zodiac Staff
5300TopicR9 Dryad Bow Consumables
5301Topicpc cleaver q5 cast wea
5302Topicq10 str +10vs undead HP+1(20%)
5303TopicR9 Insc Storm Bow, R10 15^50 OS Celestial Bow
5304Topicr9 Death (cold dmg.) Jellyfish Wand (10HSR / 19 HCT Curses)
5305TopicOS Chaos Axe q9 PC please
5306TopicPC Few inscribables and an os golds
5307TopicPC pls
5308TopicPC 2 r8 inscrib blue shields
5309Topican odd shield +10 vs demons
5311TopicPC on jitte
5313TopicOS [outcast, fire staff, flame artifact]
5314Topicos q11 str shadow shield +44/-2 stance
5315TopicPC on several shields
5316Topicsoul reaping
5317Topicq9 Max Caster OS Summit Axe
5318Topic20/20 and 20/10 staff pricecheck please
5319TopicPC Prismatic Insignia [Ele]
5320Topicpc some os golds and insc's
5321TopicPC Unded Oni and Naga
5322TopicPC On r8 items
5323TopicPC on a Celestial Shield
5324TopicBasic price check guide.
5325TopicPC Zchest drops and other golds
5326TopicPC on a coupla things
5327TopicQ9 Gold (4 claw) Ancient Scythe.
5328TopicPc on some shields, swords & staffs.
5329TopicPC on Melonni EL Tonic
5330TopicCouple Things.
5331TopicPrice check on q8s
5332TopicPC on 7 oldschool items + 3 lowQ's
5333TopicOS Eternal Shield R9 Strength -5 (20%) + 45hp Stance
5334TopicPC on OS q8 Echovald Shield
5335TopicPC on 3 Old School Shields
5336TopicPC on an oldschool Eternal Shield
5337TopicZodiac +10vsDemons
5338TopicO/S caster dragon kamas
5339TopicPC on some golds
5340TopicPrice Check on two Golds please
5341TopicPC Please on Celestial & Cockatrice Staves
5342TopicPC on some OS/others
5343Topicq9 Echovald Shield
5344TopicOS Domination Cane
5345Topicneed pc on blue insc tribal shield tact q8/a15
5346TopicReq 8 storm bow 15>50 old school
5347TopicPC: 2 Echovald shields, 10/10 Dragon's Breath.
5348TopicPC Perfect Plagueborn
5349TopicInherent Scythes, Spears and more ('10 Mauso) | Dualvamp Halfmoon | r8 +5 GothicSword
5350TopicPC Celestial Sword
5351TopicPC various items
5352Topicjust a ?
5353Topicshadow bow price
5354TopicPC on OS Canthan Cleaver and Bo Staff (added)
5355TopicPC on Onyx Sceptor & Sun and Moon shield
5356TopicPC on OS req 8 Grim Cesta
5357TopicAre these 2 shields worth anything? price check please
5358Topicold style holy branch and wik woc green item
5359TopicPC few OS q9 golds
5360TopicPC Plaguebor Shield
5361TopicAmber Aegis OS
5362TopicPC +5 energy Wingblade
5363TopicPC R8 Max 15/50 Old School Plaguebourn Daggers
5364TopicA few items...
5365TopicOldschool sotw
5366TopicOldschool Reinforced Buckler, Exalted Aegis
5367TopicOS +10 vs earth -2 enchanted R9 Tact Tall Shield
5368Topicq9 caster oni blade
5369TopicEnvoy, Dhuum's Soul Reaper, Saurian Scythe
5370TopicPC on Zelnehlan's Longbow
5371Topicfew items
5372TopicPC multiple skins please
5373TopicPC on this odd item
5374TopicChaos Axe and Ghostly Staff PC
5375TopicPC on OldSchool Items Please
5376TopicPC r8 Sundering Celestial Longbow of Fortitude
5377TopicOS q8 Death Magic 10/10 Ghostly staff
5378Topicq 10 insc legendary sword
5379TopicPC shadow shield~
5380TopicPC q7 16 armor Celestial Shield
5381TopicClosing plagueborn pc thread. Thanks!
5382TopicPC on a r9 Death Amber Wand, inherent +5^50, 20 HCT Death
5383Topicq9 divine favor suntouched staff
5384TopicPc Bo Staff
5385TopicShields - non-inscribable, dual modded (pics inside) | Tetsubo 15^50
5386Topicgreat conch q7/15 insc
5387TopicPC on mini and potion
5388TopicPC - Req. 9 Swordsmanship Fellblade
5389TopicPC uninsc Jade Swords, Fellblade
5390TopicPC -2/-2 r11 Eternal Shield
5391Topicpc os perfect amber aegis
5392TopicPC Awesome Shield (Duo Modded)
5393TopicPC on Sword and miniature
5394Topic+10 Vs. Ogres/-2 stance Crude Shield + others
5395TopicPC on R7/15ac Tall shield
5396TopicPC on a couple of items
5397TopicPC reinforced buckler gold Q9 tac -2/stance - monomodded
5398TopicPC Q7 gold max Reinforced buckler Mono Mod (-2 while enchanted)
5399TopicGreen from WoC (Resolve + Aegis of Clarity)
5400TopicPC on some Canthans and Req 8's (pics)
5401TopicPC | price check for 2 items
5402TopicPC Pre-Searing IDS
5403Topicq8 iridescent
5404TopicPc on Bo Staff
5405TopicPC on these MINIS
5406Topicq9 Celestial Sword, q11 Dragon Staff
5407TopicQ9 uninscribable +5e colossal pick
5408TopicPC on max Zodiac Shield q9(command) insc
5409Topicgreat conch shield
5410TopicCan someone PC these please!
5411TopicPC Q9 Stre GOTH , Q8/15 Darkwing Tac
5412TopicPC on r9 Saurian Scythe?
5413Topicq7 blue 9-36dmg scythe
5414TopicPC on Items out of Z Chest
5415TopicQ10 Echovald Shield
5416Topicreq8 zodiac staff
5417TopicZodiac items
5418TopicPC gothic defender
5419TopicPC On a few items please
5420TopicPC on mods, inscriptions and golds
5421TopicPC q10 Hand axe (cantha)
5422Topicr8 Zodiac Sword
5423Topicswords pricing
5424TopicPC on req 8 gothic dual axe
5425Topicuninscriptable iridescent aegis
5426TopicPC Dual mods Outcast, Gothic, Gloom,q8 reinforced, Embossed with pics
5427TopicSaurianScythe, Cele hammer, Katana
5428TopicChaos Axe
5429TopicPC Jitte, Holy Rod, Truncheon
5430TopicPC OS Stuff (20/20 Staffs Prenerf 10/10)
5431TopicDragon Kamas r9 15^50 3-1 ?
5432TopicOldschool Kappa Shield
5433Topicprice check for shield
5434TopicUnded Miniature Isaiah
5435TopicOutcast Shield PC Please
5436Topicreq7 -2 -2 reinforced buckler
5437TopicPC Golden Pheonix Blade
5438TopicSundering Feathered Longbow of Fortitude
5439TopicPC non-insc r8 str eternal shield
5440TopicPC q8 Oldschools
5441TopicPC on 2 q9 domi staff
5442TopicPaahdin price checking stuff here [UPDATED 19.11.2011]
5443TopicOS q9 ceremonial cauldron
5444TopicIs this rare or normal?
5445TopicPC OS items
5446TopicPrice of wintergreen spear and mini M.O.X.?
5447TopicPC rq9 curses zodiac staff
5448TopicPC on +10 Demons Gothic and GoTH
5449TopicStolen sunspear armor
5450TopicPC Jitte, Holy Rod, Truncheon
5451TopicQ8 Max Inscribable Summit Shield
5452TopicPC on Uninscr Jug
5453TopicQ7 Cele shield (dual)
5454TopicPC Echovald -5/20% +10vs dragons
5455TopicPC on many items recived from Zaishen Chest
5456Topicq8 axe bow shield
5457TopicOS Dragon Staff q9 Spawn
5458TopicPC on Shield plz
5459TopicPc oni blade, forbidden staff
5460TopicPrices of Echovalds Shields
5461TopicPC on some odd dual mod wands, WiK greens, odds 'n ends
5462TopicPC more stuff
5463TopicPC - Charr Bags
5464TopicNatures OS shields Price check
5465TopicPC Eternal Shield
5466TopicGolden Egg stack
5467Topicpc stuff
5468Topicdual zealous fellblade
5469TopicPC dualmod gloom shield
5470Topicq9 dom ghostly staff 20/19
5471TopicOS Caster Jitte
5472TopicPC: Q9 Fast Cast BDS.
5473TopicPC Dual Mod Bladed Shield
5474TopicPC on some uninscribable items
5475TopicPC on some q9-10 goldies +greenie
5476TopicPC "Double Vamp" Twin Hammer
5477TopicPC r9 Sea Purse Shield
5478Topicjust wondering about this shield
5479TopicNeed a Price Check, Please!
5480TopicTrue oldschool r8 jeweled staff
5481Topicneed pc on 2 unscrip q9 weps
5482TopicPC Emblazoned Defender & two other weapons
5483TopicPC Bladed Shield
5484TopicPc dual mod shields please
5485TopicPC Weapons
5486TopicPC Please on a bunch of non-insc stuffs
5487TopicPC: Echo & Bladed Shields
5488TopicPlagueborn Staff HCT Prot 20%
5489TopicPC on -2/-2 Magmas Shield
5490TopicPC weapons
5491TopicDiamond Aegis
5492TopicRandom Items
5493TopicPC Gothic Defender
5494TopicPC on various weapons please
5495TopicHuge PC List (Elementalist items)
5496TopicPC r7 grim cesta
5497TopicDual amber aegis and bo staff
5498TopicPC on Draconic Aegis * Curses Platinum Wand
5499TopicPrice check on a bunch of things
5500TopicPC on ele wand
5501TopicPC Purple Crys Swords
5502TopicQ9 dragon crest axe 15^50 non inscribable and a
5503TopicShields: Fire/Demons,10vSkele/Undead. hiReq +5 Halo Axe, Dadao
5504TopicOS q9 20/20 Earth Staff (core)
5505TopicPC on some golds please
5506TopicPC Req 9 Tactics Embossed Aegis
5507TopicPC Emblazoned Defender
5508TopicOS Celestial Swordie q8 15^50 dmg 15-21(not 22!)
5509TopicPC r12 divine Holy Staff HCT prot 20%
5510TopicP/C non max 15^50 dead bow?
5511TopicPC on q8 curse focus
5513TopicPC Q10 Divine Favor Zodiac Scepter
5515Topicq8 max crystalline q7 max celestial
5516TopicOS Summit Hammer
5517Topicdemon slayer mod for bow +20%
5518TopicPC Aureate Aegis Of Devotion Armor Q8
5519TopicPC on OS Q10 Shield
5520TopicPC Draconic Scythe, Q10 & Q11
5521TopicPC Q9 Command Eternal Shield
5522TopicShield +1(20%)healing prayers
5523TopicPriscilla's PC List
5524TopicPC on echovald shield
5525TopicPC on GOLDS please
5526TopicPC on NON-inscribable golds
5527TopicPC on Fellblade's and Shadow Blades
5528TopicR8 15/50 Spikey War Hammer
5529TopicPC(Mursaat)Horn Bow Q9 15^50 non insc
5530Topicpc os stuff
5531Topicchaos axe
5532TopicZ chest drops ..PC please
5533TopicPC q9 gold insc jeweled daggers
5534TopicPC Zhu Hanuku, EL Gwen, Hayda and Tahlkora
5535TopicPC Q10 Plagueborn Shield
5536TopicOS Magmas and Others
5537TopicPC on several golds (probably junk)
5538TopicPlatinum Blade of Fortitude
5539TopicPC R11 Dragon Spire Staff
5540TopicPC on q13 uninsc Crystaline Sword
5541TopicPrice check on strength gloom shield
5542TopicPC on a couple of shields please.
5543TopicPC on Crude Shield, IDS, OS Q8 Chaos Axe
5544TopicSome Goldies To Price Check.
5545TopicPC on a few stuffs
5546TopicSome uninsc. junk from the Echovald forest
5547TopicPC Amber Aegis old school
5548TopicIs this worth something to collectors?
5549TopicPC Q7/16 Ornate Buckler
5550TopicQ9 Tyrian Cleaver [+5e] Old School [Updated 11/10/11]
5551TopicPC on some golds
5552TopicIs anything I've got of any value?
5553TopicPC Oldschool Items Please
5554TopicPC Q9(soul) Platinum Staff
5555TopicPC on uninscribable eternal bow
5556TopicPC on some uniscr
5557TopicPC q9 plat sickles
5558TopicPC Great conch gold
5559TopicDragon Kamas
5560TopicPC on OS Magmas arm, some other items
5561TopicPC on some OS Items
5564TopicR9 os half moon shortbow 15^50 inherent
5565Topicr12 blood insightful outcast staff 20/19
5566TopicPC Oldschool Zealous Chaos Axe of Deathbane
5567TopicPC on a few things..
5568TopicPC Sharktooth Shield
5569TopicQ8 Shield
5570Topicq8 Duo redo
5571TopicPC ancient armour remnant, iridescent aegis, holy branch and a jade sword
5572TopicPC - 36 items awaiting to be sold
5573TopicPlagueborn Sword Q8
5574TopicPC on a couple of oldschool staves / wands (mostly celestial)
5575TopicPC on some greens
5576TopicQ11 Echovald
5577TopicPC for Dwarven Axe
5578TopicPC on some golds - Worth anything or Giveaway?
5580TopicFellblade ~ r12
5581TopicAxe Grip of Dragon Slaying 20%
5582TopicDual Mod Celestial Shield q9 +10vsOgres +59 Hex OS
5583TopicMAX Tribal Axe NON-INSC, Demons Ornate, -2/+45 Tower Shield, 20/20 Healing Bo Staff
5584TopicReq 7 tactic Armour 15 Tall shield
5585TopicPC Q9 Inscribable Water Spirit Rod
5586TopicPc Forbidden, Plagueborn & Oni Blade
5587Topicpc on gold spear and mods.
Pages: 1, 2
5588TopicPC Q8/12 gold earth scroll
5589TopicPC: EL Hayda, Koss & Jora Tonics
5590TopicPC: two swords and two shields.
5591TopicPC on EL Koss and Anton
5592TopicPC on a sword and a shield
5593TopicPC Colossal Pick R9 +15%^50
5594TopicPC req8 Celestial Shield [Old School]
5595TopicPC: Req8 Holy Rod
5596TopicPC on prenerf staff + few other items
5597TopicLooking for Dwarven Axe, zodiac ect pcs
5598TopicPc on q11 str amber aegis
5599TopicPC: FDS q5
5600TopicPC on Destroyer weapon
5601TopicPC: Fuchsia Staff
5602Topiccelestial axe r9 15^50
5603TopicPC on 4 duals mods shields
5604TopicPC on Q8/16 Mot Inscriptable Shield
5605TopicPC Zodiac Longbow
5606TopicPC on a q9 Crenellated scythe
5607TopicPC on Chaos Axe
5608Topicq12 Divine Favor Paper Fan +10 vs demons +1 Divine Favor (19%)
5609TopicPC on Amethyst Aegis (req 10 tactics)
5610TopicPC on Amethyst Aegis req 9
5611TopicPC: Some Old School Golds
5612TopicAegis q9 tactics non inscribable +30hp price check pls
5613TopicPC Celestial Sword non-max req8
5614TopicPC on R10 Earth Bo with HCT20 Fire inherent
5615TopicPc : Bladed shield q9
5616TopicPC R11 Shinobi Blade Ins
5617TopicPC Shadow Blade
5618TopicFurious long sword of enchanting
5619TopicPC on a few gold staves (forbidden, zodiac) and other weps
5620TopicPC Oaken Aegis 15/8 Tactics
5621TopicSo whats it worth?
5622TopicPC Dual Vamp Chaos Axe
5623TopicOld School Magmas Shield Dual Mod
5624TopicPC on oldsql Jitte R12 15^50 plz
5625TopicPC 15^50 Mursaat Hornbow
5626Topicq10 fellblade +15% -1hp degen
5627TopicPC OS HP+27 -2 (Ench) R9 Strenth Shadow Shield
5628Topicq9 chaos axe 20/20 +30
5629TopicPC Purple Crystalline Q10 - Ghostly Staff Q9
5630TopicPC - Complete set of Canthan New Year Finale components
5631TopicDragon staff, platinum staff and wand, bo staff!
5632Topicfound some stuff in my storage
5633TopicStorm Daggers
5634TopicPC on Gold req 10 eaglecrest
5635Topicq9str Zodiac Demon Shield
5636TopicPC no incript. Shield & more.
5637TopicPc Perfect OS Gazing Scepter
5638TopicPC : ornate buckler, 16/12 tactics, +10 vs slashing, earth +1/20%
5639TopicOS [Shield dual, Wands, dual vamp]
5641Topicseveral pc's plz
5642TopicPC Celestial Axe
5643Topicprice check on zodiac staff
5645TopicPC on three golds please.
5646Topicpc on destroyer cores
5647Topicq9 Chaos, vamp OS war axe, some randoms
5648TopicPC Plagueborn, Forbidden & Oni Blade
5649TopicPC: Gold Weapon(s)
5650TopicPC on two echos and two OS staves
5651TopicPC Bladed Shield
5652TopicPlat wand q10 curse
5653Topic2 old school magmas
5654TopicPC on two Aegis
5655TopicPC crystalline sephis plated
5656TopicPC Frog Scepter Q12 Channeling + some other items
5657TopicNeed pc on Q9 platinum Longbow(scrnie inside)
5658TopicNeed a PC on some jank.
5659TopicPC on primeval armour remnants & cloths of the brotherhood
5660TopicVarious Golds
5661TopicBuzan PC Thread: Current item = Gold Max q8 Str insc Defender
5662Topicq8 Channeling Focus
5663TopicQ9 Summit axe
5664TopicPC EL Miku Tonic and q9 Energy Storage BDS
5665TopicPC on echo
5666TopicPC r9 +5 ene Gemstone Axe
5667Topic1 item
5668TopicVarious golds
5669TopicPC on 3 duals mods shields
5670TopicRahl's PC Thread (UPDATED 1-NOV-r9 Str Embossed Aegis -blind +43/ench)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5671Topictower shield
5672TopicPC on Celestial Shield and others
5673TopicPC on 7 weps
5674TopicPC: 16/8tac Summit Warlord Shield
5675TopicPC 2 Q8/15 shields
5676Topicgold inscribable q9 felblade
5677TopicPC R11 Platinum Wand (OS Fire), R9 Serpent Axe (Tyrian)
5678TopicGothic Defender price check
5679TopicPC Q9 Storm Bow
5680Topic3 Everlasting Tonics
5681TopicBDS and Bo staff PC
5682Topicq8 vertebreaker and other things
5683TopicHalloween Sweets & Party Points - 2 Questions
5684Topic20/20 resto
5685TopicVery crappy r8 Echovald... and other stuff.
5686TopicPC on several shields/weapons
5687Topicq10 Plagueborn Sword
5688TopicPc brute sword
5689TopicPC on Daggers
5690TopicPrice Check on 2 Q7/AL15 Shields (UPDATE 10/31/2011)
5691TopicPC: Everlasting Hayda Tonic
5692TopicPC Undedicated mini guild lord
5693TopicPC on unded MPB
5694TopicPC on these dags
5695Topicpc on some r8 items
5696Topicq8 tower shield
5697TopicPC r7 Jeweled Chalice
5698TopicPC q9 Dragon Staff
5699TopicPC Please on a few Goldies
5700TopicPC Q8 Flesh? Hornbow (Oldschool)
5701TopicBo Staves
5702TopicRE 9 Crystalline Sword
5703TopicPC on R9 Elemental Sword
5704TopicPC on -50 grim cesta & totem axe
5705TopicQ5 AR: 13 Great Conch
5706TopicPC on a Q8, 12en Fast casting Plagueborn Focus
5707TopicShadow Sheild Req 8. Price check?
5708Topicq8 Celestial Shield
5709TopicPC on +5 energy Bo Staff
5710TopicPC on req.7/15 blue Reinforced Buckler
5711TopicPC q9 dualvamp chaos axe :>
5712TopicPC Mini Cave Spider
5713TopicPerfect Earth Platinum Staff.
5714TopicPC on Pink Dye
5715TopicPC on Q9 Death magic Outcast Staff 20/10
5716TopicPC Proph drops
5717TopicPC on several goldies
5718TopicPC Plagueborn Shield
5719TopicPC R9 Celestial Sword
5720Topicprice check on shield
5721TopicOrnate 10vDemon 44/stance
5722TopicOS q10 + 5e Oni Blade
5723TopicQ8 max Wyvern Blade + Q7 12^50 Fellblade and Wingblade Sword
5724TopicPrice check q12 gold inscribable exalted aegis
5725TopicPC q7 /15 tactics shield
5726TopicPrice check on Q7 shield i just bought
5727TopicExalted Aegis (Strength)
5728TopicBladed Shield
5729TopicEmerald Blade q10, El Keiran.
5730TopicPC OS Items
5731Topicpc Q11 Storm daggers
5732TopicHalloween sweets
5733TopicVamp Igneus Maul of Hammer Mastery
5734TopicPRICE CHECK, unded mini Shiro, and Celestial Tiger
5735Topicpc gold r6 Fire Wand dual max mods
5736TopicPrice check on -50 health major rune
5737Topicprice check on vampire sword
5738Topicel unseen
5739TopicPC on 4 OS golds
5740TopicPC on Axe
5741Topicpc on a outcast staff
5742TopicPrice check on celestial sword
5743TopicPC on a few Shields
5744TopicPC Gothic Defender
5745TopicDragon Staff Pcs
5746TopicPrice check on two goldies
5747Topicskele shield 44 stance +10 vs unded
5748TopicPrice Check on 2x Gothic Defenders. Please. =)
5749TopicToT Bags
5750TopicPC Shadow Axe
5751TopicPC Ebon Gemstone Axe
5752Topictwo 20/20 Shadow Staves plz
5753TopicPrice check 2 staffs
5754Topicpc q8 eternal shield -5/20 +45hp stance
5755TopicNon-max gold longbow
5756TopicPC Round Shield
5757TopicDual Mod Emblazoned Defender
5758Topicweird staff - need pc please
5759TopicCan I get a PC on this shield
5760Topiccanthan non-inscr
5761TopicPC on some old Canthan items i have
5762TopicPC: Dedicated Miniature M.O.X
5763TopicPC on req 9 20/10 channeling bo staff
5764TopicHoly Staff DF 20 / 20 Prot
5765TopicQ9 Gothic Dual Axe non insc
5766TopicPC: BDS Q13 Air
5767Topicr13 Clockwork Scythe
5768TopicSome canthan stuff
5769TopicQuick PC please.
5770TopicPC on q7 longbow
5771Topicr9 20/20 branch
5772Topica few green items
5773TopicMuch help needed.
5774Topicneed pc
5775TopicPC on a dual modded Round shield.
5776TopicPC Crystallized Earth Staff
5777TopicPC Q10 Paper Lantern
5778Topiccolossal pick
5779Topicneed pc on Accursed Staff q8 (pre-nerf?)
5780Topicq9 +5e FDS (uninsc); some vs demons mods
5781TopicNeed PC on a lot of stuff
5782Topicdye vales pre-searing
5783TopicPC on a few things
5784TopicPC on Vertebreaker Q 11 and 12 (caster)
5785TopicPC swords
5786TopicPooners PC extravaganza!
5787TopicPC: Random Oddities
5788Topicdual mod Amber Aegis
5789TopicPc Duo Mod Shields..
5790TopicPC on straw effigy and shields
5791TopicPC on rq 8 shield
5792TopicPC bladed recurve bow
5793TopicPC r9 Archaic Maul
5794TopicPC on OS Zodiac and Effigy
5795TopicOutcast, q9 tac, +10 vs. Ogres, -3 w/hexed
5796Topic2 non insc shields
5797TopicPC Q8 Cleaver
5798TopicPC on any Unded Destroyer Weapon.
5799TopicPC Great Conch 15/7 tac
5800TopicQ8 Shield
5801TopicPC Q9 Tactics Tribal Shield
5802TopicPC on Deadbows, Shields, Q7 Truncheon & stuff
5803TopicPC OS sheild
5804TopicPC Wooden Buckler
5805TopicPC On a few golds
5806TopicPC Duel Vamp/R8's/OS stuff
5807TopicBo staff
5808TopicPC Outcast shield q9 tact dual mod -+44/-2/ench
5809TopicNon-Inscrip Koi Scepter
5810TopicPC on upgrades & -50hp grim cesta please
5811TopicCoupla storage items
5812TopicPC on echovald shield
5813TopicPC Outcast shield q9 tact dual mod +44/-2/ench
5814TopicPC q8 Str Shield of the Lion (inscr)
5815Topicq7 maxed shield sword, prenerf staves, dual reduce, odd and nerfed stuff...
5816TopicPC on greens from chests and bosses
5817TopicQ8/12 Energy Domination Wooden Chakram
5818TopicPC Several OldSchool Canthan Weps!
5819TopicLoot From The Past Few Days
5820TopicPC on a few thingz
5821TopicPC on multiple inscribable items and mods
5822TopicPc daggers
5823TopicOld School Morning Star Axe
5824Topicr7/16 Tac Reinforced Buckler (Gold) non-insc -2/-2
5825TopicPC EL mad king
5826TopicPC domination paper fan
5827TopicPC GoTH
5828TopicOLDschool Grape Vamp Axe [non max and such]
5829TopicPC dedi minis
5830TopicPC Dead Sword & Celestial Staff
5831TopicRegarding 6th yeard B'day presents
5832Topicreq10 Eerie Staff
5833TopicReq 9 Ironwing Flatbow
5834TopicPrice check on lots of gold pls :)
5835TopicPC Old School Defender
5836TopicPC 2 Eternal Sheilds
5837Topicr7/15 Tac Tall Shield(Gold) non-insc
5838TopicPC Great Conch q8 Tactics a16
5839TopicQ8 death offhand
5840TopicPC Pyroclastic Axe (Caster)
5841TopicPC Piercing Axe
5842TopicPC Crystalline sword 13^50 req 10
5843TopicZaishen Chest Drops
5844Topicechovald shield q10 str and amber +1 divine +9 demons
5846TopicDual mod Echovald
5847TopicPC r7 Fellblade
5848TopicPC on golds
5849Topicpc Domination Straw Effigy
5850TopicPC Round Shield noninsc, etc
5851TopicPrice check all Celestial weapons(q9)
5852Topicsilver boar septer, bone charm and others
5853TopicDual Insc Tall Shield - Gold AR16 / 9 Tactics
5854Topicreq 9 domination bo staff and others
5855TopicCheck on un-id 3x6th, 1x5th and 1x4th BD-present
5856TopicPC Outcast Staff q9 (Smiting) 20/10
5857TopicPC R8 GothicSword
5858TopicPC Tomes
5859TopicCho's junk- OS Dualmod Spiked Targe
5860TopicPC Watercrest wand
5861TopicQ9 Earth Outcast Staff + Plagueborn Scepter
5862TopicPC Please: Old Purple Dwarven Axe
5863TopicShadow sword r10
5864Topicreq 7/15 sharktooth (tactics) shield
5865TopicPC OS Zodiac Staff, q9 smiting
5866Topictriple PC
5867TopicPC on various shields and weapons
5868TopicQ9 Icy Zodiac hammer of Ogreslaying
5869TopicPC Golds and Upgrade Components
5870Topic29/+10earth Echovald and some other likely merch food
5871TopicPrice Check on a bunch of stuff:
5872TopicPc times 7
5873TopicPC on Bo Staff
5874TopicPC jade sword
5876TopicPC Insc Silver Boar Scepter
5877Topic+10vTengu shields
5878TopicPC Bo Staff
5879Topic6/14 Shield and one more question
5880TopicGothic defender
5881TopicPC Wooden Buckler q7tac AR15
5882TopicOldschools Shields.
5883TopicPC Unseen Tonic
5884TopicPC on 5 nerfed items
5885TopicPC on old school req 8's
5886TopicSalient Daggers
5887TopicPC Oldskool Choas Axe Q9/Bone Dragon Staff Q13/Celestial Daggers Q10
5888TopicPC on 26 ecto
5889TopicPC on Axe
5890TopicPC on birthday presents
5891TopicPC on Dragon Staff q7
5892Topicsum weapon upgrades and everlasting olias and margonite gemstone
5893TopicPC r6/14 shield
5894TopicPC on a few Random items..
5895Topicgold dual mod bladed shield
5896TopicDual Moded Ornate Shield
5897TopicPC: Miniature Candysmith Marley (purple) (undead)
5898TopicPC on echovald shield
5899TopicOld School Q8 Jade Sword
5900TopicPC Righteous Maul
5901TopicGothic Dual Axe
5902Topic20/20 Dragon Staff & Jade Staff
5903TopicTyrian Serpent r8 10/-5
5904TopicPC on HUGE random collection of items.
5905Topicq9Shadow shield OS, q9Morning Axe OS, q8Acursed icon
5906Topicplagueborne axe q9 15>50
5907TopicCLOSE---> I want price check on this plagueborn sword
5908TopicNeed PC on peppermint cc
5909TopicLoot Gathered From Vloxen Excavations
5910TopicPC on some items
5911TopicPrice Check for my loot please :)
5912TopicPC on dye in Ascalon (pre-Searing)
5913Topicpc 2 uninsc shields
5914TopicPC OS Dual Inscrip Eternal Shield
5915TopicPC on uninscrip Celestial Scepter Earth Q10
5916TopicPC on Req 3 Crude Shield
5917TopicPC on Some Random Items From my Storage
5918Topicarmor 13 q5 shield
5919Topicreq 6 + 11 e
5920TopicP.C. on a Few Weapons
5921TopicShadow Blade 14%dmg -1 life reg.
5922TopicPC on Unded Celestial Tiger
5923TopicPc on Q10 Flame Artifact (eye skin).
5924Topicpc on q9 +5e Gothic Sword
5925TopicPC on Old school Golds
5926TopicCelestial Compass r11 (earth magic)
5927TopicPC Shields (R8/16AL)
5928TopicMurakai's Blade
5929TopicPC ON amber/ornate shield..
5930TopicPC OS Golds and other Golds
5931TopicPC on some random uninsc.
5932TopicPC Dadao Sword
5933TopicPc on some golds please
5934TopicR9 GDA | R8 Ebonhand Aegis |
5935Topicturquoise staff
5936TopicPC on r9 Strength Eternal shield (Insc.)
5938TopicPC R13 -2(Ench) +10 Vs Undead OS Eternal Shield?
5939Topic15/7 tact shield
5940TopicPC r9 divine dualmod Straw Effigy
5941TopicPC q8 Zodiac Axe
5942TopicQ8 Oldschool Wingblade Sword
5943TopicPC OS Cantha Staves
5944TopicPC Q7 Tactic Shield
5945TopicQ9 Oldschool Gothic Sword
5946TopicPC on Round shield 15 Armour Req 8 Tactics Inscribable
5947TopicNeed Some Things Price Checked Please
5948Topicpc q8 healing anhk
5949TopicPrice check on armor +10demons
5950TopicPC on 5th year B-Day present
5951TopicPC EL Olias and Goren TIA
5952TopicPC Dragon Kamas
5953TopicQ 6 +11 energy inscri blue resto focus
5954TopicDual Vamp Sephis
5955TopicPC on a few Zodiacs
5956TopicPC Dual vamp Wicked blade
5957TopicPC on a q9 Commu 20/10 Zodiac Staff OS
5958Topicprice check Dragon staff + misc items
5959TopicPC on Straw Effigy / q7 7-16 15^50 Plagueborn Daggers
5960TopicPC Some Items
5961TopicPC few cantha vq drops
5962TopicZodiac Sword/Shield
5963TopicOs Req5 Caster Sepant axe
5964TopicPC on a q9 divine zodiac staff oldschool
5965TopicDual mod shield, OS Hammer, and a few others
5966TopicDualmod offhand demons/45ench
5967Topicpc on q8 echovald shield
5968TopicPC on Oldschool Brute Sword
5969TopicPC q9 +5e oni blade
5970TopicPC on a couple of non-inscriptable items.
5971TopicStraw Effigy
5972TopicTyrian/Canthan Golds
5973TopicPC on oldschool brutesword q9 and chaos axe q8 + some more
5974TopicPC Dual Mod Uninscr Gloom Shield.
5975TopicDual Modded Celestial Shield Q9
5976TopicBlue Tribal Axe Non-Inscriptable
5977TopicOld School Tyrian Offhand
5978TopicPC no req blue modded and inscriptable shield
5979TopicPC on some q7/15 and q8/+12
5980TopicPC Vampiric Storm Bow
5981TopicPC Johon's Longbow
5982TopicPC scythes
5983TopicHoliday Items
5984TopicPC on Bladed shield Q9 Tactics
5985Topicornate buckler +1 domination 20%
5986TopicPC Blue insc q8's
5987TopicPc magmasq8
5988TopicPC 20/20 Death Inherent Bo Staff
5989TopicNon-insc Eternal +1/20 Earth Magic,-2 w/ench
5990TopicOldskool Canthan Weapons + some other stuff
5991Topicsome OS <q10 echo, q9 caster runic axe etc>
5992TopicDual inspiration Crystal wand
5993Topicprice gold mursaat hammer please
5994TopicBds q11 air
5995TopicPC on a few items
5997TopicPC on some Weapons
5998TopicPC q9 Water Cocatrice
5999TopicPC on some stuff Q.Q
6000Topicpc on unopened (obviously) 6th anniversary birthday present
6001TopicPC on several Gold Weapons & Shields
6002TopicPC on some gold oldschool weapons
6003TopicPC Celestials Mursaat, others
6004TopicPc Ded celestial pig
6005TopicPC on q8
6006TopicPC on Req 8 shadow blade 15^50 Old school
6007TopicPC Woc green - the people's resolve
6008TopicPrice Check on this War Hammer please :)
6009TopicPc on some uninscripts plz
6010TopicOS Divine Scroll (again) + q8/16 Skull Shield
6011TopicPC on some old q8s
6012Topiccurrent price ecto's?
6013TopicTwo swords I found
6014TopicThese 3 Non-inscr. golds please~
6015TopicPC on Bo, Gothic sword, bladed shield
6016TopicPC on Everlasting Tonics and Minis
6017TopicEL Prince Rurik
6018TopicPC on R8 Shadow Bow
6019TopicPc on 3 OS Cantha Items
6020TopicPC OS Shield and Canthan Staves
6021TopicInventory sale price check
6022TopicPC on some non-inscribed items please.
6024TopicPC on OS => Q10 Echo, Q9 Drag staff, Q9 fire staff
6025TopicPC Perfect Old School Storm Bow
6026TopicOS Dual Inscrip Shield PC
6027TopicPC on some old stuff
6028TopicPC on Frog Scepter
6029TopicPC Destroyer and Oppressor Weapons
6030TopicPrice Check: Insightful Bone Dragon Staff Of Enchanting Q10 Restoration
6031TopicPC q8 Wooden Buckler and q9 Gloom Sheild
6032TopicOS max Crude r10 45e/-2e
6033TopicPC plz 2x req 8 Wands
6034TopicPC on Gloom Shield
6035TopicPC On A Grim Cesta
6036TopicPC Set of Cons
6037TopicEternal shields inscribable
6038TopicA couple of things :D
6039TopicPC Bow grip of demonslaying 20%
6040TopicPc on fow stuff
6041Topicdual mod Crude Shield & R8 Long Sword
6042TopicPLS Fast Answer
6043TopicPC on a q12 curses raven staff
6044TopicPC Dual Mod Divine Symbol
6045TopicPC on Ornate Shield & Echovald
6046TopicOS staves
6047Topicexalted + zodiacs
6048Topiceternal shield -5/19 +10 cold
6050TopicPC r9 Divine Favor Embercrest Staff
6051TopicPC q8s
6052TopicPc on Eternal Shield Q8 Str blue
6053TopicPC on 15/7 tactics adamantine shield
6054TopicPC on q9 Grim Scythe (inscr.)
6055TopicQ9 Gloom Shield (Strength)
6056TopicPC on Hale Bo
6057TopicOS Q9 +15/50 Jitte + Wierd Dedicated Shiro
6058TopicFiery Gladius
6059TopicPC on 16/8 16/9 Shields and more
6060TopicOS Crysta's + Other Things
6061TopicPC purple Crystalline Sword Q10
6062TopicPC on items please
6063TopicPc on these stuff
6064TopicPC on Crude shield
6065TopicPC on Several items
6066TopicPC on Dragon Staff...
6067Topiclong sword
6068TopicPainful Bo and Ghostly. 444g?
6069TopicPC on q8 and staff
6070TopicPc on Req 9 fellblade,
6071Topicsome nice weapons
6072TopicGot it in-game
6073TopicQ4 Max Sharktooth Shield (Gold)
6074TopicAstrall Q9Div /Q11 En
6075Topicpc FDS and other req 8
6076TopicQ9 chaos axe
6077TopicPC Q9 Insc Earth Celestial Compass
6078Topicq9 tact 30hp +10 cold bladed and some other uninscr gold.
6079TopicPC on shields and some random items
6080TopicPaper Lantern 20/20
6081TopicHieraphant Equipment
6082TopicPC: few q8's + random
6083TopicReq 8 Stormbow
6084TopicPC on 4 Zodiac Items
6085TopicPC Oldschool r8 +15%/Ench Long Sword
6086TopicPC on dragon staff
6087TopicPC Q8 15^50 War Axe, Q8 15(ench) Oni Blade [OS]
6088TopicPC Echovald Shield
6089TopicPC 5/13 Shield
6090TopicOrnate q6 ar 14 shield
6091TopicPC on Frozen Fan
6092Topicr8 Raven Staff Gold
6093Topicgrinning recurve bow / dual mod shadow shield / inscrib stuff
6094TopicPC on req 10 20/20 Bo staff, 20/10 Ghostly Staff
6095TopicPC on q10 20/19 Heal Smiting Rod please
6096TopicPC Platinum Staff
6097TopicPC on BDS Heal R12
6098TopicPC on some minis
6099TopicPrice Check on OS Dual Mod Caster Shield...
6100TopicPC on Outcast Staff
6101TopicPC perfect platinum wand
6102TopicPC some green items
6103TopicVery Random PC
6105TopicEL Shiro tonic
6106TopicA Few Price Checks Needed
6107TopicPC 2 Items
6108TopicPC on OS Gloom Shields and others
6109TopicPC on Q8 Gladius, 2 x Crystaline's & Channeling Rod.
6110TopicPC on q7/15 tactics wooden buckler
6111TopicPC Celestial Compass Q9 Healing Prayers.
6112Topicclosed# PC Echovald + 20/20 Zodiac Staff/ q8/16 defender and long sword
6113TopicPC Various Golds [Upd]
6114TopicPC Gold Goldleaf Defender q7/15 moti
6115TopicPC q8 Shadow Blade.
6116TopicQ10 15 -1 energy plagueborn sword
6117TopicPC on q8 sword
6118TopicCelestial shield Q12 tac AR+10 vs demons and -5(20%)
6119TopicPC on Chaos Axe
6120TopicAmethyst Aegis, Shinobi Blade, Shadow Blade, etc.
6121TopicPC On Axe
6122TopicSundering Bowstring
6123TopicPC Amber Aegis Q9 +10Demon
6124TopicGreens and Golds
6125TopicOS Dual-Mod Guardian of the Hunt
6126Topicq13 echo
6127TopicPC BDS Q11 Air
6128TopicPC req 6 14 armor great conch shield
6129TopicTyrian r7 Sword
6130TopicPC on Foehammer
6131TopicPC 2 new WoC greens
6132TopicPC q9 Diamond Aegis
6134TopicPC Dual Vamp Hammer
6135TopicPC q10 inscribable Broadsword
6136TopicBlue Tyrian Serpent Axe r8 +10/-5
6137TopicPC Q10 Obby Edge
6138TopicPC Ornate buckler Q9 Tact +10 DEMONS -2 ENCH
6139TopicPC req 8 perfect hammer
6140TopicEchovald shield / dual mod / +10 vs demons
6141TopicPC r10 Soul Reaping Ancient Moss Staff
6142TopicThanks for the PC :)
6143Topic***closed, early bump***
6144TopicPC some Canthan weapons
6145TopicPC on Curious Bow?
6146TopicPC Several Gold Weapons/Shields
6147TopicPC on Frog scepter
6148Topicpc el mischievious tonic
6149TopicQ8 15^50 great axe
6150Topicq9 Grinning Recurve Bow (unid)
6151TopicPC +10 vs Demon and +27hp Embossed Aegis
6152TopicPC Diessa Chalices
6153TopicPC Q10 Tact Amber Aegis -2^enchant +29 Hp
6155Topicp.c. few items
6156TopicPC Random Zaishen C*ap
6157TopicOS Gloom Shield r9 tac +10v unded +41hp/enchanted
6158Topicfellblade q9,shield no req, spearq 9, bladeq 9
6159TopicPC Some Dodgy OS Echovalds and Air Staves
6160TopicPC R12 Sundering Crystalline Sword old school
6161TopicPC on "Resolve" Green Winds of Change Dagger
6162TopicPc on q10 tac outcast shield
6163TopicPC Gothic Defender
6164TopicR8 Divine Plagueborn Focus Max single mod
6165TopicPC mini pets and everlasting tonics
6166TopicPC q9 Str GotH +45/s
6167TopicCan Someone pc this sword please.
6168TopicQ11 Blood Bds 20% 5^50+5 / Q10 Div Celestial No Mods
6169TopicPC Q10 Crystalline Sword - Purple non inscribed
6170TopicPC on these golds please!
6171TopicPC cele compass + oni sword
6172TopicPc few items
6173TopicPC on 3 sword and a dagger
6174TopicPC on a few Swords / Shields
6175Topicpc pre searing rune of minor vigor
6176TopicPC q9 sundering graeter sage blade of fortitude
6177TopicJade Sword
6178TopicGotH Q9 tac -2 stance, +29 OS
6179TopicPC - PvP shields + OS items.
6180TopicPC goth defender
6181Topic5/13 wooden buckler
6182TopicPC Fiery Sword, Staff and Armor of Salvation
6183TopicClose please
6184TopicOS perfect dual mod GoTh
6185TopicQ10 Max Dual Vamp FDS 15%
6186TopicPC Please: Clouded Maul & Tetsubo Hammer
6187TopicPrice Check
6188TopicPC on 4 items
6189TopicPC Jitte
6190TopicFroggy Protection Q.11
6191TopicPC fourleaf clovers and golden eggs
6192TopicEmblazoned Defender r10 Tactics 30 -2 Stance OS
6193TopicPC: q8 zodiac shield
6194TopicDouble health degen Hornbow
6195TopicClosed. Early bump
6196TopicPC Q7/13 Ornate Buckler Gold
6198Topicr9 str ornate shield
6199TopicCrystalline q8 14^hex - gold
6200TopicHelp required on Q9 Zodiac Daggers, Q8/16 Shield & Q9 Shadow Blade.
6201TopicPC Gold War Hammer q9
6202TopicGothic Defender - PC
6203Topicexalted aegis
6204Topiccaster echovald +1 attry and q7 max focus :-)
6205Topicq9 Command Iridescent Aegis
6206Topicreq7 plagueborn daggers
6207TopicPC on Golden Chalice Q8 Energy Storage
6208TopicPC Q8 Tall Shield AR 13 +10 vs Demons
6209Topicq7 tac ar 15 Adamantine
6210TopicPC on uninscribable Dagger
6211TopicPC Please :)
6212Topicr9 Fellblade +15% Enchanted
6213TopicPC Crystalline Sword (purple)
6214TopicPC: q9 Chaos Axe oldschool
6215TopicPC Q13 Obsidian Edge
6216Topicq8/12 offhand, 8/16 shield
6217TopicPC insc Celestial Shield
6218TopicPC on droknar's scepter/focus
6219TopicPC on couple Shields
6220TopicPrice Check
6221TopicPC Mini Ghostly Priest
6222TopicPC on uninscribable Axes
6223TopicPC a few bows,shields,sword
6224Topicplease close
6225TopicPC Amber Aegis (q11 Strength)
6226TopicPC - 7 gold items
6227Topicpc on bo staff, winged staff, papern lantern..
6228Topicr9 old school ghostly staff, 10/10
6229TopicDragon Spire Staff
6230TopicBDS Oldschool q11 Death
6231TopicPC Echovald Shield
6232TopicEternal Shield
6233TopicPC on OS r9 +5 energy gothic sword
6234Topicr9 os water wand
6235TopicPC some gold req9 clean inscribable items
6236TopicStorm Daggers
6237Topicforbidden staff
6238TopicIridescent Aegis of Fortitude
6239TopicDouble Bladed r8 15>50, Crude Shield r10 45e/-2e more
6241TopicEternal shield q11 fire +1 and armor +10vs undead
6242TopicUndedicated Minipet collection - approximate price for all?
6243TopicPC on shields and others.
6244TopicOS Divine Scroll(new)-Embossed and Plag Shield + stuff.
6245Topicsome drops of the zaishen chest
6246TopicPC on a couple items
6247TopicPC Old School Celestial scepter req 8
6248TopicPC Old Skool Eternal Bow
6249TopicPC >> Two Ghostly Staff q8
6250TopicPC Gloom Q 9 str 2 mods
6251Topicq8 15^50 gold max Broadsword (and a few other pieces)
6252TopicCleaver Q8 15/50 | Stone summit
6253TopicPC Archaic Maul
6254TopicPC on a Morning Star Axe [OS 14^50 ] pls
6255TopicZchest Drops
6256TopicPC Amber Aegis +10 vs Demons
6257TopicPC on Firebrand and Law & Order
6258TopicFour non-insc golds
6259TopicPC on a few items from Z-Chest
6260TopicRequire PC Echo, Bo, Embossed, and others all uninsc.
6261TopicPC outcast staves
6262TopicRequest for Multiple PCs
6263TopicQ11 20/20 Channeling Dragon Staff
6264TopicPC on Several High Ends and a few Lowers.
6265TopicPC q7 Fiery dragon sword
6266TopicCustomized Minipets
6267TopicPC OldSchool Shields
6268Topicfellblade req7 and prenerf staff
6269TopicPC on Weapons
6270TopicQ9 spawning CC
6271TopicEerie Rod
6272TopicPC on OS 20/19 q9 Illusion Jeweled Staff (twin Serpent skin)
6273TopicPC 2 Oldschool Items
6274TopicPC on Arachni's Longbow
6275TopicPC on some 'junk'
6276Topic20/20 restoration jade staff
6277TopicPC OS Crystalline
6278TopicPrice check about two shields
6279TopicPC R7 15A Shield
6280TopicR9 tactic aegis
6281TopicPC on a few items
6282TopicPC on Some Old School Weapons
6283TopicPC couple of golds and greens
6284Topicq9 20/20 Air Staff (core)
6285Topicq11 fire thingy
6286TopicPC on EL Keiran Tonic
6287TopicPC on a 15/7 shield please
6288TopicPC on two items
6289TopicPC on Crytalline q9 purple
6290TopicPrice check Please
6291TopicPC on a Paper Lantern pls
6292TopicGilou's Price Check(shields, q8 insc, q8 uninsc, dualvamp)
6293TopicOS raven staff q8 curse 10/10
6294TopicPC on 6 'oldschool' golds.
6295TopicPC: Some random uninscribable junk, dual vamp gothic sword and some inscr. shields
6296Topic[PC] Amber aegis
6297TopicClosed, Ty!
6298TopicBladed Shield q9 str -5(20) +28 hp
6299TopicPC Q7/15(Tac) Spiked Targe Q8/15(Tac) Skull Shield
6300Topic[PC] OS Shield Aegis, q10 tac, +30, -2 w/stance
6301TopicPC plz - oldsql Spear/Maplewood Longbow
6303Topicpc equine aegis
6304TopicPC Dragon Kamas non-inscrip
6305TopicPC Crysta sword
6306TopicPC Q10 Command Equine Aegis
6307TopicThanks! close please
6308TopicRound Shield R7
6309TopicPC on some Items Please.
6310TopicPC on a few rares
6311TopicWeapon and Weapon Mod PC
6312TopicPC on Large,Heavy Equipmet Pack and Gold Zaishen Coin
6313Topicreq 10 Elemental Sword inscriable
6314Topicq7 ar 15 great conch
6315TopicDecayed orr emblem
6316Topicchaos axe +5 energy. 20% enchantments
6317Topicpc q9 Cele Scepter
6318Topiccaster Celestial sword (non-inscr)
6320TopicNo-insc Ornate Buckler gold q12 tac
6321TopicPC r7/15 Sun and Moon Shield
6322TopicPC Please.
6323TopicNon-insc Iridescent Aegis q9 Str
6324TopicPC on a few shields
6325TopicPC on prenerf shield and oldschool shields
6326TopicPC [Gold] Fellblade + various golds and rare skins
6327TopicPC Accursed 20/10 q10
6328TopicCanthan Weapons
6329TopicPC on *Old School* Q8 Reinforced Buckler | +10vfire / +44hp(enchanted)
6330TopicPC on oldschool cele weaps
6331TopicPC q8 Celestial Shield
6332TopicShining Maul Q10 (oldschool)
6333TopicPC q9 Mursaat Horbow o/s +5e
6334Topic2 oldsql max dual mods shields
6335TopicOldschool Shield
6336TopicPC AL15q7/AL16q8tact shields & q8 focus
6337TopicPC req 7 longsword
6338TopicPC: req7 Long Sword 15/-1 energy regen
6339TopicPC for OS q7 +5 energy crenellated sword and OS q8 10/10 raven staff
6340TopicPC Req8 Plagueborn Axe unisc and more
6341TopicPC on 40/40 smite set
6342TopicPC R8 Jeweled Chalice
6343Topicghostly staff 20/19heal 20/20illusion - embossed aegis - bramble bow
6344Topicsome drops of the zaishen chest
6345TopicPC Gold Defensive Plagueborn Staff req9
6346TopicPlease check this Bows
6347TopicOrnate Shield, Outcast Staffs, Jade Staff
6348Topicq8 AR 16 ornate buckler
6349TopicPC Q10 Shadow Shield dual modded
6350TopicPC on Stygian Daggers
6351TopicPC: Q12 Str. Shadow Shield +28HP +9 vs Undead
6352TopicPC Shields & Misc
6353TopicPC on 50+ Old School items RQ 7-13s
6354TopicPC r9 20/20 Jeweled Staff (Double Dragon)
6355Topicpc Giants Slayer Hammer
6356TopicPC Dragon Staff
6357TopicPC On Various Golds
6358Topicpc 20/20, 20/10, Shields
6359TopicPC Old School Dual Inscription GotH
6360TopicOld Wintersday stuff; Gifts and Tonics. 'nd Storagestuff
6361TopicPC on Consumables
6362TopicPC on Ghostly Staff
6363TopicPC on Bo Staff (Channeling)
6364Topic20/20 Prot inherent Ghostly Staff
6365TopicMagmas Shield and Storm Bow R10s
6366TopicPC on Celestial Hammer
6367TopicAmber Aegis r9 Tac +10 v Lightning
6368TopicPC on Titan gemstones
6369TopicDemon Shield
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
6370TopicQ10 Celestial Daggers
6371Topic-5/20 +10 lightning Celestial Shield, -2s +9 earth Echovald
6372TopicPC on some items please
6373TopicEcho +10v Ogres - Plagueborn +20 death
6374TopicPrice Check: Max Q9 OS 15^Enchanted Salient Daggers
6375TopicPC on Amber Aegis, Celestial Shield, and more!
6376TopicPC on some old school r7 and r8 items.
6377TopicPC Ebon Jitte of Defense
6378TopicPC perfect uninscribables ghostly/summit/celestial etc
6379TopicWooden Buckler
6380Topicdual modded paper fan and some others
6381Topicperfect exalted aegis & zodiac shield
6382TopicPC mini krait neos
6383Topiczchest + others
6384TopicPC on Old School Broadsword
6385TopicPC of Ded Minis and Other
6386TopicPC Dual Modded Gothic Defender
6387Topicperfect dual modded oldschool earth scroll
6388TopicPC on some items
6389TopicReq 8 summit warlord
6390TopicPC Jug
6391TopicQ8 Chaos Axe price check
6392TopicPC on hero armor plz
6393TopicFallen's Price Check (Q < 9)
6394Topicfew high ends
6395TopicPC on inscr Summit Warlord Shield Q9 Tactics
6396TopicPC on some Rt staves
6397TopicPC r11 channeling Bo staff
6398TopicPC EL Xandra Tonic
6399TopicPC On Ogreslaying Longbow
6400TopicPC q10 Golden Phoenix Blade
6401TopicPC Echovald Shield, Platinum Longbow
6402TopicNeed price checks on some unded minis
6403TopicTormented Shield
6404TopicPC 4 gold items
6405TopicAny of these Gold items worth anything?
6406TopicSome shields
6407TopicPC on colossal pick and more
6408TopicPC Echovald Shield
6409TopicPC Gold R12 Zealous Axe
6410Topicq7 maxed shield
6411TopicPC Gold R8 Salient Daggers
6412TopicPC Gold Items
6413TopicOS Plagueborn staff of demonslaying (gold)
6414TopicPC on req 8 Deadly Cesta
6415TopicPc req9 chaos axe
6416TopicOldschool 19/20 Zodiac Scepter
6417TopicPC Gloom Shield uninscriptable
6418TopicPC on Celestial Dagger and Shield
6419TopicPC on Plagueborn Shield
6420Topicpc on jade sword
6421TopicPC on Q4 15^50, 5-10 dmg Daggers
6422TopicPC on Gold Swords
6423TopicPerfect Chaos Axe Req8
6424TopicPC on 2 gold weapons
6425TopicPrice check: Dragon Kamas
6426TopicPc Minipets
6427TopicEchovald, Embossed, Outcast Staff
6428TopicBo Staff HCT Healing (20%)
6429TopicPC on gold shield plz
6430TopicPC White Reaver
6431TopicPrice Check on bunch of items
6432TopicPC Dual Mod Shadow Shield
6433TopicPC Ornate Shield Q9 tactics +30hp
6434TopicPC shadow bow req 9
6435TopicEchovald shield r9, amber wand, r8 skull shield etc.
6436Topicnrg s-words
6437Topic4x Bladed Shield
6438TopicSingle-mod demons ornate
6439TopicPC Wintergreen Sword/Scythe
6440TopicPC on q8 str bladed shield
6441TopicPC: Staff Wrapping of Deathbane (20%)
6442TopicPC on Oni Blade
6443TopicPC on purple bo staff
6444TopicPC on 2 shields, screens included
6445TopicPC on bunch of greens & others.
6446TopicPC [Gold] Dragon Staff (Q10 Fire Magic) 20/10, +5 energy
6447TopicPC shield of the wing
6448TopicRequire PC on some items
6449TopicPC on some green/gold items
6450TopicDeus Ex Human Revolution + Dirt 3 Guildwars PC?!
6451TopicPC dualmod Healing Ankh
6452TopicPc on q12 fire BDS
6453TopicPC Teh Dragon Staff Plz?
6454TopicPC on unded mini gwen
6455TopicPC On Old School Cantha Items
6456TopicOutcast Staffs and Jade Wand
6457TopicOS Q9 10/10 Universal Canthan Water Staff
6458TopicPC Holy Rod, Oni Blade
6459TopicQ9 Water Staff (Cathan)
6460TopicPC OS Caster Items + r7 insc
6461TopicPC on Some Non Insc Golds
6462TopicPC on Everlasting Flame Sentinel Tonic
6464Topic[PC] OS Tyria Hand Axe, q9 e+5
6465TopicPrice Check Q7 Celestial Sword
6466TopicReq 8 Plagueborn Axe
6467TopicOrnate shield Vs Dragons
6468TopicFavorite Powertrading Items
6469TopicPC these
6470TopicPc Eagle Defender armor 16 motivation 8 gold
6471TopicPC Unded King Adelbern & EL Ghostly Priest Tonic
6472Topicpc q9 Tact +1dom 30hp
6473TopicOld School Holy Staff
6474TopicGold Q8 Str Darkwing Defender AR16
6475TopicPC on two golds
6476TopicPC on some OS stuff
6477TopicPC on q9 SR and AM Zodiac Staves + other
6478TopicPC on a heap of golds
6479TopicPC on Cockatrice Staff req 10 illusion (20/10) uninscripable
6480TopicQ10 gpb
6481TopicPC Q9 Guardian of the Hunt Shield
6482TopicPC the shield
6483TopicPrice Check Some Stuff
6484TopicPC on Several Golds
6485TopicPC on some stuff (Zodiac scepter, Ornate Shield, Plagueborn Axe, etc.)
6486TopicPC on a few shields and an axe
6487TopicPC on req9 dual modded bladed shield, 20/10 bo staff, +5 nrg weapons
6488TopicPC on ghostly staff and mini und MOX
6489TopicPC on Oni Blade
6491TopicPaper Fan Q10SoulReaping HSR9%HCT20%curse - Celestial Longow Q9 15^-1nrg regen
6492TopicPc Warlord dual +1/20% fire
6494TopicCrystalline Sword q10
6495TopicPC Couple Goldies(Axes)
6496TopicGuardian Of hunt +10vsplants
6497TopicPrice check on a few golds.
6498Topicrandom things
6499TopicPc on q12 echo shield
6500TopicAL 15 Sea Purse Shield
6501Topicprice check on some daggers please
6503TopicPC: Spawning Jug
6504TopicClose please
6505TopicPrice check on golds+greens (weapons)
6506TopicOld School Cantha Items
6507TopicPC on R11 dual-moded wand/scroll, r9 celestial bow
6508TopicPrice check on a few items
6509TopicUninscribable Items Check - Echovald, Amber Items, Wands
6510TopicQ9 Strength Dual Mod Eternal Shield
6511TopicPC on Unopen 6th year Birthday Present
6512TopicGrim Cesta req.8 (Blue)
6513TopicPC on uninscribable Golds
6514Topicq8/9 weapon&shield OldSchool
6515Topic2 q8's and a stack of Jade Wind Orbs
6516TopicSome Stuff
6517TopicPC on q4/12 Sharktooth + other shields
6518TopicPC on a few items
6519TopicPc on Wintergreen Sword Inscribable
6520TopicPC on q10 str os gloom shield
6521Topicq9 Insc Eternal Shield
6522TopicClose please
6523Topicr7 death max dualmod Cesta plz
6524TopicPC Dual Mod Amber Wand
6525TopicPC Echovald/Eternal Shield Q9 str.
6526TopicPC please - Q10 Cockatrice & Q9 Air Prism
6527TopicPc On Q8 Platinum Blade
6528TopicPC on Ghostly Staff
6529TopicPC on few items
6530TopicPC Gold Items (Zaishen Chest)
6531TopicPC on various golds
6532TopicDual Mod Zodiac Scepter
6533TopicPC bo staff, shadow staff and celestial longbow
6534TopicPC on hidesplitter's shield
6535TopicOutcast staffs
6536TopicPC on 3 items. (2x shield and 1 staff)
6537TopicZaishen chest drop
6538Topic3rd Year Green Unded Mad King Thorn Mini
6539TopicPC Jeweled Chalice
6540TopicPC gothic defender req9 +10demon
6541TopicSpiked Targe q9
6542TopicStorage Golds + Greens
6543Topicclose please
6544TopicEchovald Shield
6545TopicPC on some golds found in chest runs
6546TopicPC Guardian of the Hunt (9/16 strenght) and Gothic Defender (9/16 strenght)
6547TopicOutcast Stuff
6548TopicCouple of oldschool shields
6549Topicr9 Tactics Guardian of the Hunt
6550TopicPC on oldschool dual modded shields, q8,9,10
6551TopicEmbossed/Jade Staff/Jellyfish
6552TopicPC Q9 STR Gothic dual mod
6553TopicDual Vamp White Reaver
6554Topicr8/15 Warlord Shield (blue insc)
6555Topicr6 insp/11 energy focus
6556TopicPC dragonslaying staff wrap
6557TopicPC Crippling Arrowblade Dagger of Dagger Master
6558TopicPC on q10 inspiration Crystal Flame Staff
6559TopicPrice Check on two gold items
6560TopicPC on Birthday Presents
6561TopicPC Duo Modded items
6562TopicPC Celestial daggers
6563TopicOutcast Shield
6564TopicPC Oldschool Celestial Shield
6565TopicZodiac Axe
6566Topic15/7 shield
6567Topic[PC] Outcast Staff & Amber Aegis
6568Topicr9 Crystalline
6569TopicGold Colossal Pick of Def
6570Topicpc golden tall shield Q10 tactics -2 ench/ -2 stance
6571TopicShield of the Wing
6572TopicPC Outcast Staff
6573TopicPrice Check on Perfect Dual Modded Ornate Shield
6574TopicPC on 2 items
6575TopicPc q7 flamberge .. Max dmg.. Gold
6576TopicCouple of shields to be price checked!
6577TopicPC on Random Shields
6578Topic[PC] OS Shields, dual mod
6579TopicPC Q9 Crenellated Sword
6580TopicPC on a Shield
6581TopicPC on OS q9 Oni Blades, Colossal Pick
6582TopicCrystalized Earth Staff
6583TopicPc Paper Fan
6584TopicPC on some random things, old and new
6585TopicPC: Oaken Aegis (shield)
6586TopicPC Please on gold q9 Tac 16 Aegis
6587TopicPC on 3 OS items and q8/16 Shield
6588TopicR8 Summit Warlord R8 Tall Shield R9 Gloom Vs Undead Shields
6589TopicBo Staff
6590TopicIs this worth anything??
6591Topicpc: shadow shield
6592TopicPC Oni Daggers
6593TopicPC OS dual modded shields, Bo Staff, demonslaying long sword
6594TopicQ9 Tacts Echovald
6595TopicInscribable Q9 Tactics Diamond Aegis
6596TopicPC on Skull Shield
6597TopicPC shield
6598Topicclose plz
6599TopicPC SoTW 15 AR / 7 Tact
6600TopicPC Q8 SUMMIT AXE 15^50 unisc
6601TopicPlague stuff & shadow shield
6602TopicPC Broadsword 15^50 Q8
6603TopicPC req7tac shield -2-2 old school
6604TopicPC Q9 Frog Scepter
6605Topicpc purple Inscr R8/16 Motivation Reinforced Defender
6606TopicGloom Shield - Q9 Tactics
6607Topicpc draconic aegis req 9 tactic
6608Topic+9 demons/-2 echovald n stuff.
6609TopicPC q9 dual mod fire wand
6610TopicPC Canthan OS r9 caster weapons
6611TopicPC a few minis and OS weps
6612TopicEmblazoned Defender /Outcast Staff
6613TopicPC on a shield
6614Topicr9 Shadow shield Uninsc
6615TopicPC Echovald Shield q10
6616TopicItems in presearing
6617TopicPC Q9 Tactics Echovald
6618TopicPC - Canthan Items (broadsword, wayward, exalted...)
6619TopicPC R9 Blood Outcast Staff
6620TopicGothic Defender, Outcast Staff
6621TopicPC Eternal Shield Req 8 STR
6622TopicZ-chest & Other Uninscr Rares
6623TopicPC - Elemental Sword, Celestial Shield
6624Topicuninsc q8 str eternal +10 slashing 20% blind
6625TopicPC on Jitte
6626TopicGothic Defender. 30 -2s -req10str
6627TopicCelestial Compass, Fiery Embersteel Blade, ETC
6628TopicPc Colossal Pick & Outcast Staff
6629TopicPC Dhuum's Soul Reaper
6630TopicCelestial weapon PC pls
6631Topicq9 Shadow shield 10vs undead -2 enchanted
6632TopicGhostly Staff
6633TopicPC Topaz scepter and 2 other golds
6634TopicPC on some items and mods
6635TopicPC on Green items ***CLOSED, MULTIPLE THREADS IN 24 HOURS***
6636TopicPC OS Dual Mod Shadow Shield.
6637TopicPC on Q9 Insc Crysta Sword
6638TopicKitto's PC Thread | Oldschool Amber Aegis
6639Topicprice check on q8
6640Topicpc on this oldschool Bo staff plz
6641TopicPC on a sword
6642TopicPC on Mini Unded Ventari
6643TopicPC req11 strength guardian of the hunt shield, inscribable, handle of fortitude (+30)
6644TopicPC on non inscription shadow shield and dwarven axe pls
6645TopicPC PLZ- tor,marg,styg Gemstones, & Primeval armor remneant
6646TopicPC Eternal and Jug NEw items
6647TopicPC on Mursaat Bows
6648TopicQ9 gothic defender
6649TopicEchovald Shield
6650TopicMultiple Golds PC plz =)
6651TopicPc on Wildrems' Wand
6652TopicPC q9 Zodiac Swords
6653TopicPC Zodiacs
6654Topicr9 20/10 Dragon Staff (Smiting)
6655TopicPrice check on some r9 weapons and a question
6656TopicPC on Q10 Elemental Sword please :)
6657TopicPC on gold cockatrice and celestials
6658TopicDouble Vamp Wicked Blade
6659Topic2 purple pre items
6660TopicOS Plagueborn RecurveBow
6661TopicPC Few Items (Demon shields, Bo Staff)
6662TopicPC on some swords, bows and caster weps
6663Topicunded mini Black beast of arrrgggghh
6664TopicPC on some items
6665TopicPC q9 Shadow Bow
6666TopicPC-Plagueborn Shield 16 req 8 tac++
6667TopicQ9 Plagueborn Scepter
6668TopicNeed a price check on some bladed shields, brute sword and serpent axes
6669TopicPlatinum longbow req9 inscrib
6670TopicPC Q8 Ar16 Shield
6671TopicGothic Defender +10 vs Plants
6672TopicPC on Random Uninsc Weps
6673TopicPC Q9 Embersteel Blade
6674TopicPC Req 8 Gold max damage axe (15^50, 20/20 +30)
6675TopicPC Q8 Weapons
6676TopicPC q12 Briarwood Scythe insc
6677Topicpc 5/13 tact Crude..
6678TopicPC Gold Staff
6679TopicPC on several items
6680TopicPC Q10 SR Suntouched Staff
6681TopicPC Q9 Gloom Shield and others
6682TopicPlease Help me with PC on Celestials
6683TopicPC on Platinum Soul Reaping q9 please
6684TopicPC Eternal Flame Wand Q9 Div HSR Healing 20% +5e^50
6685TopicPC OS Ornate Buckler
6686TopicPC Jug dualmod
6687TopicPC: 20/19 celestial staff [r.10 fire]
6688Topicpc on q11 Jitte inscribable
6689TopicPC on a couple OS axes.
6690TopicPC factions Shields
6691TopicPlagueborn Focus
6692TopicQ8 Gold Max 15^50 Platinum blade (non inscript)
6693TopicPC Chaos Axe
6694TopicPC Colossal Scim + Gloom Shield
6695TopicPC on a few mixed shields please :)
6696TopicOS Canthan Stuff (Updated 8-24)
6697TopicQ10 OS Gothic Axe
6698TopicPC Ahvha's Longbow & Stinger
6699TopicOrnate Shield r9 strength +10demons+42 stance
6700Topicq8 blue offhand
6701TopicPC r8 Flatbow +5 ene
6702Topicplagueborn scepter
6703Topicpc a few greens
6704Topicstygian reaver
6705TopicArchaic Axe, req, 8, 15^50 mod
6706Topic[PC] Non-inscr. stuff (Crude Shield, Dragon Staff, Plaqueborn, Bo, Chromium Shards)
6707TopicFire Bo Staff
6708TopicPC Demonic Aegis
6709TopicPC Diamond Aegis
6710TopicPC R9 Sundering Plagueborn Sword of Enchanting
6711TopicPC on non-perfect oldschool items
6712TopicVoltaic spear
6713TopicEchovald Shield
6714TopicPC Q9ES Celestial Compass + others
6715TopicShield and a few collected golds
6716TopicPC these r9 Bo Staves and few more
6717TopicDaggers, Shields and Caster
6718TopicPC Celestial Longbow
6719TopicPC plat wand, pvp shields
6720TopicCanthan Stuph PC Thread
6721TopicPC Q10 Echovald Shield
6722TopicPC r9 Colossal Pick +15%/-5E
6723TopicPC 6yr bday in Pre
6724TopicPC on some old items with inherent mods
6725TopicPC on multiple inscribable items and mods
6726TopicPC Q13 Dragon Kamas +q12 Obby Edge + few others
6727Topic-2 stance +10 vs blunt shield
6728TopicPC amber staff
6729TopicPC and help on several items
6730TopicPC Oldschool Smiting Rod
6731Topicneed a pc on several items
6732TopicPC on Furious White Reaver 15^50
6733TopicPC on q8 Vibbian Bastion
6734TopicPC on a few items
6735TopicPC a bunch of + 1 Echovald Shields and some other random shields.
6736TopicZaishen keys
6737TopicPC on perfect q9 old school Shadow Blade?
6738TopicPC Mini's & Greens
6739TopicPC: Q7 (soulreaping) Plagueborn focus
6740TopicPC assorted items (mainly kurzick region items)
6741TopicPc on Green Minis
6742Topic+1 Dom 20% +27hp r9 tac shield
6743TopicGloom Shield req.11
6744Topicq9 max os sunqua blade
6745TopicPC: Req10 Prot BDS
6746TopicPC on 4 items(plagueborn and shields, oldschool)
6747TopicPC on DoA green items
6748TopicPC: Q10 Caster Emerald Blade
6749TopicOS dual-mod r9 tac Plagueborn Shield and a couple of others.
6750TopicPC zodiac shield
6751TopicPre nerf Zodiac staff 10/10 domination
6752TopicPC on Q9 Inscribable Golden Phoenix Blade
6753TopicPC on Celestial Compass
6754TopicOldschool Holy Rod 20/19 Prot
6755TopicPC OS Ghostly Staves
6756TopicPC Oldschool Inscribed Chakram
6757Topicpc q9 zodiac shield uninsc
6758TopicPC Paper Fan
6759TopicPC on a Gold Axe
6760Topicq7/15 summit shield
6761TopicPC Ded Zippy
6762TopicPlagueborn Shield|Hammer|Wand
6763TopicPC on a few wepz q8-12 oldschool/insc
6764Topic2 OS Staves 20/20 and 20/19
6766TopicPC jeweled chalice
6767Topicq9 fir Plagueborn Scepter
6768TopicPC on q7 15AL Shield
6769TopicPC on swords/shields/etc.
6770TopicPC on this hammer plz
6772TopicPC r10 Obby edge
6773TopicPC Hammer
6774TopicRare celestial hammer
6775TopicPC On Some Shields
6776Topicpc oni daggers
6777Topicchaos axe noninscribable
6778TopicPC Zodiac Axe + two dragon swords
6779Topicpc oni blade
6780TopicPC this sword
6781TopicPC Dual Vamp Bow, Gloom Shield
6782TopicEnameled Shield
6783TopicEmbercrest Staff + Righteous Maul + Saurian Scythe
6784TopicPC more stuff
6785TopicDragon Kamas q9 oldschool
6786TopicCouple Things
6787Topicq10 Smite 20/10 Cele staff
6788TopicPC some Items