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Default Macro for all heroes's skills


I would like to be allowed to manage all the skills of my heroes, not only for the hero 1, 2 and 3 using macro on my keyboard.

It would be nice and the game won't be simpler.
For instance, I wanted to do DoA HM with my heroes last week, but I could only manage the 3 st heroes. It suck, I want to play my hero number 4,5,6 and 7. Otherwise, it's nearly impossible to do good spike or to put the spirit you want very fast.
There is no way to flag all of them at 7 differents places. So, when there is an AoE skill on my team in HM, the half of my team is balled and it's very hard to let all of them alive.

This would add more strategy and fun. Players could manage 64 skills instead of 32.
I don't want to use an extern software to simulate a mouse click.

What do you think ?

Sorry if my english is not perfect,
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I can't recall the source but Anet made it very clear that they purposely didn't allow custom controls for all hero slots.

This has already been discussed to death and as such,search will provide all the information you need.
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