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3<List>Computer Buying & Building
4Topic[GUIDE] PERMANENT fix for "unrecoverable driver error"
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5TopicGame lag and Traffic Shaping
Pages: 1, 2
6Topic[Important] Windows 7 SP1 now available
7Topic[Guide] Security Tips for Guild Wars players (Updated 11/05/09)
8Topic[Guide] Solving common game related lag issues
9Topic[Guide] Guild Wars Errors - Explanations & Solutions
Pages: 1, 2, 3
10Topicgraphics problem
11Topic"Server Maintenance" and suddenly my FPS is terrible.
12TopicLaptop boots, but shows bright black screen.
13TopicCode 13
14TopicIs any GW game available to play with a LAN party?
15TopicMy D/C problems seem solved !
16TopicHardware Failure
17TopicUnable to enter mission
18TopicError 007 when salvaging
19TopicGW crashing, MW2 does not!
20Topicneed a replacement audiosrv file
21TopicGame Freezes
22TopicGuild Wars Wireless Networking question
23Topicunable to reset password
24TopicGw on ubuntu
25TopicError 007 for Great Temple of Balthazar America only?
26TopicGraphics Pop-In, Odd Textures, etc.
27TopicCan't log in, "Reset Password" is down?
28TopicPing Problem - Higher in Game than Out...
29TopicCharacters teleporting everywhere frequently
30TopicGuild Wars Wine Connection Problem
31TopicCan't save builds?
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32Topic[Solved] nv4_mini.sys BSODs Everything
33TopicIn-Game Shop problem
35TopicKeyboard bindings ("Control" tab in Options) are corrupting
36TopicGame status
37Topicgetting error code 241 after exiting game for new build
38Topicneed help
39Topichelp !
40TopicPossible to run GW 2?
41TopicJW, possible to move gw2 files to alt pc?
42TopicWhat is "background download"?
43TopicWow, I've changed countries!
44TopicLast update, now game won't run?
45TopicLag Wars
46Topic[ ATI X1650 And GW2 ]
47TopicAny advice on putting a new laptop to the test?
48TopicBlack Screen Crash
49TopicAdd game keys
50TopicWill GW2 work on my laptop
51TopicGw2 can't delete characters.
52TopicGw2 Screen Freeze
53TopicHow would you compare...
54TopicInsane low fps driving me nuts!!
55TopicConnection issues
57TopicMoving Install to Linux
58TopicError code 042
60TopicCan't connect to server
61TopicMy Screen Keeps Minimizing!!!
62TopicTransferring gw to a new computer, please help!
63TopicPvX Problems
64TopicQ about poor internet connection
65TopicError Code 011
66TopicQuestion about gamepad for Guild Wars
67TopicCant login to account
68TopicLogging on after being away for over a year
69Topicerror code 042 upon login
70TopicLooking to upgrade my PC for GW2 (if need be)
71Topicerror code 3010
72TopicCant log in, says I have wrong password
73TopicBUG: Obs Flame (PvE) in ZE
74TopicLog in issues?
75TopicPost here if you're lagging
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
76TopicMouse Pointer going AWOL.
77TopicLooking for advice on buying a new PC
79TopicAccidentally didn't link GW1 to GW2 - Disclaimer: I'm Dumb
80TopicWill my computer run Guild Wars Trilogy
81TopicScreenshots aren't showing up
82Topic**UPDATED**(new phone camera pics inside)image burn-in effect after playing guildwars
Pages: 1, 2, 3
83TopicMultiple Devices timing out from wifi
84TopicTerrible Guild wars lag!
86TopicCant Login
87Topiccan't play
88TopicGW1 won't run after GW2 beta download.
89TopicIssues Running GW
90TopicATI Radeon xpress 200m 3D accelerator problems
91TopicHow to -image your GW file on Windows 7
92Topicdisconnected at load screens....
93TopicAnother Texmod Thread
94TopicLogitech g13 or Razer Nostromo
95TopicScreen freezes, Sound remains
96TopicRidiculous mouse acceleration when mouse-looking
97TopicA serious problem was detected?
98TopicTrying to buy from the Store
99TopicBad Connection Problems
100TopicCannot hand in HM storybooks
101TopicGuild Wars - Can't log in!
Pages: 1, 2
102TopicEuro Servers Down?
103TopicDownload Failed *FIX* Spread the word
104TopicEuro servers down again
105TopicWill my computer be able to run gw2?
106TopicBugged carriers in JQ
107TopicExtracting sounds/music from .dat?
108TopicA Problem many people are having.
109TopicThis whole error thing..
110Topic007 at last
111TopicGW2 Beta not Downloading
112TopicDownloading GW2 Beta
113TopicAnnoying and strange happenings with the Alt key
114TopicLogin Servers down?
115TopicGuild Wars doesn't update.
116TopicError After Downloading New image File
117TopicCode = 058 :(
119Topic"White Box Error" in GW 1-2 hrs in game.
120TopicResolution upon starting GW
121Topicerror 40
122TopicAccount Blocked
123TopicFull installation possible?
124TopicGame lag
125TopicWhy allow massive MS?
127Topic013/040 Errors
128TopicProxy Guild Wars?
129TopicHow long does it take to contact support?
130TopicCode 227
131TopicPrint Screens
132TopicTwo towns won't load that I know of. Help
133TopicGuild Wars Error 004
134TopicCan't update wiki pages
135TopicNCSoft Maintenance
136TopicBlue Screen of Death
137TopicBug: Game/ncsoft websites not working
138TopicTexmod issue
139TopicGuild Wars Installation Problems!!!
140TopicHaving trouble logging in....
141Topicwont let me login
142TopicChecking out the game, not much to check out...
143TopicStrange Error
144Topicguild wars stuck at 0% connecting
Pages: 1, 2
145TopicIssue with running game In surround/eyefinity/ 5760x1080
146TopicExtremely slow download speed
147TopicKicked to character select with 0/2 char slots
148TopicSevere Latency in FoW
149TopicBad servers?
150Topicerror code=048 help pls
151TopicMonitor/video issue?
152Topictexmod not working after the latest patch?
153Topicguild wars screen size multiple display
154TopicIn Game Chat Server DC Problem
155TopicScreen Shot question
156TopicGuild Wars Stops Loading at 0%
157TopicComputer deleted "corrupted files" on reboot
158Topiccode 004?
159TopicGW reset password - unavailable?
160TopicWindows 7
161TopicMissing Hard Drive Space
162TopicError 227
163TopicError Code 004, am I the only one right now?
164TopicError 242 / partly dc
165TopicWon't even load :(
166TopicDownloading Guild Wars to a secondary drive
167Topicd/c and forums down?
168TopicInstances not loading
169TopicGetting Dc'd
170TopicTargeting issue
171TopicFlagging issues and Ranged Hero issues
Pages: 1, 2
172TopicAlt tabbing lag question
173TopicProblem Running With Crossover after Feb 22 Update
174TopicIssue with resolution and zooming out
175TopicSwitching accounts problems (during login) since feb 22 update
176TopicError code 004 ?? :/
177TopicCommand lines on Compaq
178TopicCTRL doesn't work (Only in GW)
179TopicWindowed mode problem
180Topicguild wars freezing and juttering
181TopicConnection problems
182Topic[BUG] Unlock Inscriptions reverting to old forms.
183TopicRecovering data from old hard drive
184TopicAnother Directx 3D issue...
185Topici need help quick guys :(
186TopicConstant lag
187TopicCode: 227 - Unable to login / new player, 2nd time logging in.
188Topicanyone having problm with obs. mode
189TopicGuild Wars Freeze...
Pages: 1, 2
190TopicConstant Dc's
191TopicGuild Wars resolution problems and hot swap HDMI
192TopicGuild Wars unable to connect(Code= 058)
193TopicReally bad lag
194TopicXp to Win 7 64bit - transferring templates?
195Topicone char lags more than all others
196TopicExtremely slow updates & downloads
197TopicW7 errors with GW
198TopicMissing Characters.
199TopicRandomly going offline
200TopicScreen resolution issue
201TopicScreen Res problem.
202TopicCannot open Texmod
203TopicFinally FREE from Microsoft and LOVING it!
204TopicMulti-launch/Texmod problem after every update
205TopicNetwork Errors?
206TopicCant login [error 058]
207TopicNot able to run Guild Wars on my vista 64bit. clueless right now.
208TopicGuild wars not detecting gw.dat?
209TopicGuild Wars taking up a lot of CPU/RAM
210TopicServers are down?
211Topicwill GW2 run on my computer?
212TopicCannot login into my account.
213TopicFPS light
214TopicNew laptop
215TopicCant Login to old Account?
216TopicError 227
217TopicError 007 in Major Towns
218TopicCommand arguments
219TopicGame Not Starting After Patches
220TopicWindows Media Center?
221TopicLag Issues
222TopicPlease Help - Monitor shuts down randomly
223TopicLag problems
224TopicNeed help
225TopicA red circle and yellow/green bar at the lower right corner of the screen
226Topic007 and 013
227TopicNew to Guild Wars, Latency Issues
228TopicVolume control in Skyrim
Pages: 1, 2
229TopicLow Graphics Quality
230TopicVery slow patch download speed
231TopicGraphics Card Help
232TopicLaptop Driver Issues
233TopicGuildwars freezing my whole computer
Pages: 1, 2
234Topic007ing in Kamadan,KC,GTOB,EOTN
235TopicWindows 7
236TopicRandom disconnects - please help!
237Topiccommon game related lag issues
238TopicWill I be able to run GW2 with this laptop?
239TopicJumping NPCs
240TopicReally strange error 007
241TopicCan't get into town/an instance.
242Topicabout virtual memory
243TopicConnecting to ArenaNet...
244TopicGW Crashing on startup
245TopicGuru picture issues
246Topicbeyond rediculous now
247TopicCan I change the account name somehow?
248TopicReplacing Avira Antivirus
Pages: 1, 2
249Topicconnecting to my account
250TopicTexmod: How to add/edit transparency?
251TopicTexmod shine problem
252TopicSpasmodic loading problems
253TopicLag and DC's in costume brawl
254TopicConstantly DCing from "Friends Server"
256TopicSuggestion regarding Free Software Firewall?
257TopicGraphics Issue (DXDiag included)
258TopicVery strange intermittant connection problems.
259TopicAmd c-50
260TopicPC upgrade? or no
261TopicWinds of Change Part 3 Accident?
262TopicPC crash at "A gate too fare"
263TopicGraphics(texturing?) problems
264Topic3d initialization error
265TopicAspire One D255-2642.
266TopicDownload Speed Low?
267TopicAccount Retrieval
268TopicDell 1747 Bios A14 makes GW freeze
269TopicGame Lag
270TopicWeirdest problem, ever.
Pages: 1, 2
271Topicaccess problem
272Topicwill my computer be able to play GW2?
273TopicListening music while queueing in FA/JQ but...
274TopicTrouble with the game (mouse not working)
275TopicCore I7 + amd 6870 or core I5 with GT560ti?
276TopicMy laptop's local area connection (ethernet) keeps disabling itself. O_o
277TopicConnection Issues Today? 10-9-11
Pages: 1, 2, 3
278TopicRunning Guild Wars Problem - GWsetup
279TopicLatency Issues
280Topicstart up problem
281TopicDownloads Aren't Finishing :(
282TopicIncomplete order on NCsoft's site
283TopicConnection problem this afternoon
284TopicSurround Speakers Compable?
285TopicGuild wars game/wiki/website not working
286TopicCan't play anymore
287TopicMaking a new computer for under $2,000
288TopicSLI problem
289TopicRandomly Can't connect to ArenaNet
290TopicMassive lagg...
291TopicFraps video into email
292TopicCan't install the game
293TopicNo sound!
294TopicGuild Wars randomly disconnecting
295TopicQuestion on heat dissipation
296TopicVideo Signal Loss
297TopicHarddrive failure? Windows fault? something else?
298TopicFreezes Up
299TopicRandom Lagspikes and disconnects with no reason
300Topic3D Analyze
301TopicGW and Windows 7
Pages: 1, 2
302Topic3D audio with Asus Xonar STX
303TopicKeyboard stopped working
304TopicGW bit the dust
305TopicGuild chat not working
306TopicCan't Get Guild Wars to Run
307TopicLow res on Imperial costumes?
308TopicGuild Wars error "Assertion Failed"
309TopicThe cursor changes !
310TopicGW.EXE Windows 7 Warning
311TopicHijackthis logfile help.
312TopicNeed Help starting-up GW
313TopicSudden connectivity issues?
314TopicHaving trouble logging into ncsoft account
315TopicGetting impossible-to-play-in lag...
316TopicProblem with textures
317TopicWireless N laptop, wireless g router.
318TopicLong connection time
319Topicguru screen change
320Topicgetting a 227 code (login error) after game crash
321TopicGuild Wars System Lag on Map Loading
322Topicaccount falsely banned
323TopicGW:EN-Related Problem: Display Driver Stopped Responding
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
324TopicFullscreen w/ Dual Monitors
325TopicWindows 7 problems
326TopicGame closed in the middle of JQ :(
327TopicWhere's my key?
328TopicTexmod: White squares on terrain
329TopicMassive CPU spike while playing and streaming video
330TopicWeird 007 disconnection errors
331TopicAnyone know how to fix my GW?
332TopicSince Maintenance
333Topic[UBUNTU] Guild Wars black player models?
334TopicVoIP and GW sound problem
335TopicNeed Advice/Help
336TopicHeadset and Mouse and AC internet thing?
337TopicGW Intermittently crashing
338TopicNew to GW and getting extreme lag
340TopicHelp finding replacement fan/heat-sink assembly
342TopicGW freezing at login screen
343TopicDisconnect whilst salvaging
344Topic"visual" lag - NPCs jumping around on screen
345Topic[Graphics]Guild Wars "skipping" after alt-tabbing
346TopicMy Mac blackscreen's during Alliance Battles
347Topiccan not launch gw
348TopicGw wont stop crashing
349TopicGw Code Key?
350TopicLaptop for under £480
351Topic[Texmod] New Malware.aj?
352Topic0% connecting screens and random ingame lag spikes
353TopicBlackscreen after Opening GW?
354TopicUSB ports have stopped working
355TopicLoading Screen issues
356TopicI'm having problem with bad graphics
357TopicUnable to connect to ANet
358TopicInitialize 3D?
359TopicConnecting to ArenaNet
360TopicProblem getting texmod
361TopicConnect to Anet 0%
362TopicTexMod not working...
363TopicGuild Wars FPS Problem
364TopicNeed help with left 4 dead 2 + Steam
365TopicEuropean servers not working ?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
366TopicCan not log into game.
367TopicHow to link NCsoft account and Guild Wars account?
368TopicTS3 in-game overlay
369TopicCertain Keyboard keys not working
370TopicTexmod makes computer freeze
371TopicGuild Wars keeps freezing
372TopicUh Oh
373TopicCan't Connect to GWW,,, or GW2W
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
374TopicSound not working fully
375TopicProblems playing GW, accessing wiki
Pages: 1, 2, 3
376TopicMy game will not go fullscreen...
377TopicMy Gw.exe suddenly changed the port from 80 to 6112 of Anet's server yesterday.
378TopicI can't move, help meeeee!!!!! (LAG Error)
379TopicHigh res textures in town wont stay on!
380Topicgraphics problem
381TopicCan't patch
382TopicGuild wars will not connect
383TopicGuild Wars Digital Refund?
384TopicRed dots bounce all over the place after minimzing
385TopicHoliday Deleted and Delayed
386Topiccan't login :(
387TopicWould anyone be able to decipher this?
388TopicWeird error
389TopicAwkward Password Recovery (Help!)
390TopicLow FPS despite fine specs and ping
Pages: 1, 2
391TopicThis Qooqlle Annoyance
392TopicWindows Media Centre
393Topici have a line graph on my screen.
394TopicLaptop question
395TopicGuild Wars won't load
396TopicEthernet Internet Connection
397TopicGuild Wars FPS and Ping
398TopicAdding Guild Wars account to Steam
399TopicDid GW just crash?
400TopicIs there a Portable Guild Wars version out there?
401TopicNew computer, sound problem...
402TopicRandom loss of connection
403TopicAccount hacked? (code=045)
404TopicATI Mobility HD 5470 / BluescreenOD
405TopicGuilds/Guild Halls disappearing
406TopicFIASCO! Characters moved between accounts
Pages: 1, 2
407TopicInternet Lag?
408TopicGraphic problems for armor
409TopicCode 005
410TopicComplicated Guildwars account story
411TopicBSOD on logging in?
412TopicMB Fried, Files?
413TopicMy Code 227 error
Pages: 1, 2, 3
414TopicGW Problem
415TopicStrange GFX Glitch
416TopicCan't get past character selection...
417TopicGW for Mac?
418Topic[Camera rotating issue]
419TopicPlease insert disc 1
420TopicGuild Hall Bug
421TopicError 007 on campus
422TopicBlocky and Blurry Textures
423TopicMassive lag: Router problems
424TopicPlayed few months ago, now, banned...
425Topic*SIGH* ANOTHER Connection Issue Thread
Pages: 1, 2
426Topicproblem loading area´s on new pc
427TopicKoss does not move
428TopicOdd disconnection issue
429TopicGW Wiki not loading?
Pages: 1, 2
430TopicFarming Lag
431Topicunbearable problems
432TopicHotmail self spam
433TopicDirectSong & Sorrow's Furnace music
434Topichow do i find old threads i made?
435Topic[Permanent Fix] Windows Media Center Popup issue
436TopicQuestion concerning downloadable client
437TopicCode=15. Again?
438TopicEmail changing
440TopicUpdating Video Card Issue
441TopicDid anyone notice a recent performance reduction?
442TopicGuild membership problem?
443TopicGuild Wars flashing
444Topicguildhall issues
445TopicHorrible FPS
446TopicIs it worth it?
447TopicGraphics issues
448TopicHow do I use 1 mouse/keyboard with 2 computers simultaneously
449TopicLagging bursts since Embark Beach update
Pages: 1, 2
450Topicwhats going on with the random kicks?
451TopicTemplates Stumper
Pages: 1, 2
452TopicGame Hiccuping and Jittering
453TopicStuck at Connecting Issue
454TopicVideo Recording on a Mac
455Topiclost connection w/ friends list.
456TopicBlue Screen?...
457TopicStop Guildwars from changing my gamma
458TopicError = 045
459TopicSuper Slow Google
460TopicIssue| Wont log in my account
461TopicProblems downloading update: downloads then says it's 'connecting'
462TopicIf I press "I" for Inventory game crashes
463TopicDisabling Mac Shortcuts
464TopicEOTN and costumes have artifacts
465Topicdefault directory for skills changed?
466TopicLanguage Resetting on Double-Click
467TopicCan't Load GW Post-Update.
468TopicScreen Freezing?
469TopicGW will Minimize and Maximize on Zone
470TopicGuildwars unable to complete the operation code 013
471Topicconstant DC whats going on
472TopicGuru small prob
473TopicWindows Media Center?
475TopicInternet speed for pvp
476TopicMajor server problems
477TopicHelp! My GW won't install or work or anything.
478TopicGuild wars wont download
479Topica long time ago in a far away galaxy...
480TopicNew Laptop
481TopicInstall issue: How to fix it
482TopicTrying to activate the game on Steam....
Pages: 1, 2
484TopicFPS Problems.
485TopicUnable to Patch
486TopicRunning GW in virtualbox
487TopicTexmod not working,what have i forgotten?
Pages: 1, 2
488TopicProblem with Screenshots Folder
489TopicSlow download
490TopicHoM calculator not working
491Topicquick question
492TopicAnother server breakdown
493Topicgw issuses on windows7 pro 64 bit
494TopicCharacter creationed peaced out?
495TopicGuild Worz
496TopicUnable to Install... :(
497Topicconstant dc issues over last two days
498TopicPower Saving Mode Problem
499Topicwindows 7 black screen
500Topicrecognizing DAT file
501Topiccamera movement screwed
502TopicShort URL by concerns
503TopicCharacters won't connect?
504TopicFPS of 5???
506TopicWhich Bootcamp do I use?
507TopicGW2 is 3D?
508TopicGW trilogy Disc version without box
509TopicHouse zu heltzer is broken
510TopicA Humble Q about keeping 90FPS...
511Topiccompatible with windows 7
512TopicZB/Wanted map mod?
513TopicPlease rate my PC for possible GW2 system requirements.
514TopicStuttering and FPS issues
515TopicHelp - no mouse in game
516TopicPoor ping to GW servers compared to other US servers
517TopicComputer crashing with fullscreen anything
518TopicInstallation and uninstallation
519TopicFirefox is blocking
520TopicCan't connect to game, (again)
521TopicLanguage Problem
522TopicNCSoft store doesn't work?
523TopicGuild Wars AR Test
524TopicXP Crashing on Shutdown
525TopicHelp with new monitor
526TopicGuild Wars & the Alienware M11x R2
527TopicCan Guild Wars run on a computer with a internet safety item?
529TopicTrouble connecting on ONE computer
530Topiccode =058
531TopicGuild Wars No Longer Launching
532Topic<Closed> Screen resolution Out Of Range
533TopicLogin to account from few years ago
534TopicWiki not loading?
535TopicDSL problem or so ?
536TopicLoad Equipment Templates onto PvP Chars
537Topic64.25.32.62 server is unreachable
538Topicmail sender bug
539TopicSupport response time?
540Topiccode 013
541TopicRename the Guild Wars Folder
Pages: 1, 2
542TopicOnly some areas will load
543TopicCan not update
544TopicAbove max volume
545TopicDisplay Driver Stopped Responding...again
546TopicGw.exe crash
547TopicGuild wars stays at 0%
548TopicNpc bounce
549TopicWintersday Ping -.- Merry Christmas
550TopicSetting up ventrillo for myself and friend!
551TopicGW2 requirements
552TopicTexmod not working after Guild Wars update (read on)
553TopicGraphical Glitches and PC Lockups
554Topicwrong password???
555TopicGW servers unreachable?
Pages: 1, 2
556TopicGW not starting windowed in Win7
557TopicInstallation Issue
559TopicWeird Graphic Images
Pages: 1, 2
560TopicWhy am I getting much higher ping now than before?
561TopicErr 007 randomly? Reconnect after disconnect doesn't work.
562Topicsound problem with windows 7
563TopicApparent connection issue
564TopicComcast Suffers Internet Outage
565TopicProblem with GW wiki since curse move
566TopicProblem restarting account
568TopicVent Problem
569TopicPermanent loading screen?
570TopicBright textures get pink tinge
571Topicerror 227
572TopicCODE=045 (Banned... :( )
573TopicJust Installed, Loading seems paused?
574Topic007 in ToA American Dis 1
575Topicwebsite hosting
576TopicGW Disconnecting...
577TopicCode 013
Pages: 1, 2, 3
578TopicIssues with loading each zone
579TopicIssues after "new build"
580TopicIs Direct Song dead? Request for help
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
581TopicCharacter Model Pixelated Except Mine
582TopicMouse acceleration?
583TopicHigh Ping
584TopicInstalling GW on a MacBook
585Topicproblem with my account
586Topic-Image Command
587TopicCharacter Naming
588TopicRandom err007's!
589TopicRandom Crashing
590TopicWrongly banned. Completely lost and defeated
591TopicPing Goes Up When I'm Around Anyone
592TopicAccount Lost!
593TopicConsistant freeze in Zaishen Menagerie?
594Topicguild wars total disk space
595TopicMouse fail during gameplay.
596TopicTrackpad Issues with GW.
597TopicCame back to GW, Bad Rubberbanding
598TopicGuild Wars [Server lag, disconnects, features down]
Pages: 1, 2, 3
599TopicDial-Up versus Satellite?
600TopicExperiencing Lag
Pages: 1, 2
601TopicCode = 07
602TopicError Code 013 Anyone?
Pages: 1, 2
603TopicZoom problem in GW
604TopicWindows freezing, GW the culprit?
605TopicHow to disable the camera lag or smoothing ?
606TopicGW artifacting/crashing on logon screen
607TopicTexMod Issues
608Topicgame Crash - Windows hangs
609TopicGuild Wars stuttering
610TopicStuck in place after login
611TopicGW Crashing
612Topicpossible ui bug
613TopicRight Control key bind
614TopicInstallasion issues
615TopicMy graphic card does not show up on display
616TopicWindows Media Center opens every time I close Guild Wars
617Topicgw down?
618TopicRunning Guild Wars on a mobile device
620TopicFreeze during character pages
621Topic[Crash]Pink dots of death
622TopicAudio Issues
623TopicPassword Incorrect ??
624TopicTraceroute, and connection problems.
625TopicRepairing Data Archive
626TopicFeasible, real-world passwords
627TopicUse 3D Audio Hardware\Use EAX greyed out
628TopicGW Randomly Switches Laptop to Powersave Mode
629TopicGuild Wars Stutter
630TopicCrashes on Client Screen. Freezes entire PC. and GuildWars website problems
632TopicNew Laptop
633TopicGame is not recognizing my completion of EoTN
634TopicGuild Wars in Windowed Mode
635TopicBlack Flashin Loading Screen Windows 7
636Topic3d Guild Wars
637TopicSquares in terrain ATI
638TopicLoading Issues
639Topicanother "help me, i dont know jack thread"
640TopicTrouble with TEXmod?
641TopicComputer Startup Times
642TopicGW.exe modifying some registries recently?
643TopicWill this cpu run GW?
Pages: 1, 2
644Topicoffline problem
645TopicUnusual Problem...
646TopicGW and MSN interfering with each other
647TopicLaptop won't keep resolution for GW
648TopicGuild Wars Team Builder Problems?
649TopicUnlock my account please!!
650TopicMoved to college-cant connect?
651TopicAccount Recovery Problems. (Urgent ._.)
652TopicGame crash on area load.
653TopicProblems with Camera Rotation!
654TopicTormented Shield Disapeared!
655Topicthe graphics of demo
656TopicHigh ping!
657TopicGuild Wars Wont Start
658TopicError 227 (others reporting same Error) - Unable to log in due to unverified password
659TopicGame crashes - What to do...
Pages: 1, 2
660TopicNeed help from a dev! Made a terrible misstake!
661TopicSingle Character Lag
662TopicGW Only graphics issue
Pages: 1, 2
663TopicGuild Wars Recording Software.
664TopicTechnician's Corner Newsletter, First Issue [September 2010]
665TopicRetardedly huge lag
666TopicHUD disappears in windowed mode
667TopicScreen resolutions?
668TopicMultiple Guild Wars folder problems
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
669TopicEyefinity Issues.
670TopicYET another lag thread
671TopicBad lag problem with GW recently, please help...
672TopicSo I've procured an Acer Aspire One Netbook
673TopicA teambuilder on iPhone?
674TopicStorage Visibility Issues
675TopicGW unable to connect
676TopicGane Crashes in full screen mode ?
677Topicwon't connect in iraq
678TopicGoing Wireless
679TopicForgot character name
680TopicScreenshot Folder.
681TopicVery bad lagg
682TopicAt Wit's End ...
683TopicAny ideas or Hints
684TopicInconsequential yet annoying Mouse issue.
685TopicHow can I reinstall the games? I don't have the discs anymore.
686TopicTeambuilder on 64 bit windows 7
687TopicBorderless Window?
688TopicNot quite sure what this means...
689TopicSLI and PhysX settings question
690TopicVery slow downloads
691TopicTransfering My Music
692TopicIssues with uploading
693TopicServer move - Not able to log on
694TopicPlayers, mobs and NPC's teleporting
695TopicHow to safely sell a laptop
696TopicA Newb with a New Laptop, HELP ME!!!
697TopicCan Not get into ha or any euro district(error 040)
698TopicGuild Wars Shuts down my computer.
Pages: 1, 2
699TopicUnable to open arhcive file
700TopicIrregular BSoD when timer hits 0 in RA and HA
701TopicPossible Lag Issue
702TopicCode 045 after not playing GW for a long time???
703TopicComputer crash
704Topicerror code=227 =S
705Topicneed help with screen on mac
706TopicFPS Increased when Upgraded to Win7 Ultimate?
707TopicNCSoft Support *sigh*
708TopicGW instant log in security script.
Pages: 1, 2, 3
709TopicVentrilo Behind Restrictive Firewall
710TopicStrange Network Issue
711TopicGw.exe is not working
712TopicIntermittant 058's.
713TopicLaptops that can run guild wars 2?
715TopicUnrecoverable Graphics Card Error
716TopicReloading Windows question
717Topic"Fuzzy" graphics effect sometimes occurs
Pages: 1, 2
718TopicError 227 and 058 - After a 2-year absence from GW
719TopicTexmod Help
720TopicGraphic Error
721TopicGW2 and SLI/ Xfire
722TopicNeed advice, real or not?
723TopicCan't connect to ArenaNet [Merged]
Pages: 1, 2
724TopicMassive lag when I put GW in Window mode.
Pages: 1, 2
725TopicCrash and freeze issue.
726TopicError 007--Only at certain areas
727TopicGame tells me to log out, now can't get back
728Topicis anet down?
729TopicAPM Monitoring Program
730TopicConnecting a Pre-NCSoft account to an NCSoft account
731TopicSound crackling on laptop
732TopicWarning on intriciate Keylogger
733TopicAlready running,yea right.
734TopicCan't get past load screen in Shing Jea Monastery
735TopicOC query
736TopicNon-Guild wars tech problem
737TopicStrange noise while playing GW
739TopicInstalled a new CD/DVD drive | Help!
Pages: 1, 2
740TopicHeadphone jack override?
741TopicCant Connect to ArenaNet PLEASE i beg you HELP!
742TopicCant Connect to ArenaNet PLEASE i beg you HELP!
743TopicI give up....
744TopicBad copy of TexMod installed - GW problem
Pages: 1, 2
745TopicWill my computer run GW?
746TopicOdd freezing issues
Pages: 1, 2
747TopicGuild Wars resolution limited
748TopicWindowed mode
749TopicAmount of PC power for GW2
Pages: 1, 2
750Topicguild wars suddenly won't play anymore.. WTF?
751TopicHow do to -image
752TopicHow to get KSMod and Texmod working together
753TopicNerual Impulse Actuator
754TopicDoes Steam give you an access code?
755TopicOnly 70fps
756TopicTrying to figure out the internet
757TopicAn issue with my new PC...
758TopicResetting Resolution
759TopicGuild Wars lag on Windows 7
760TopicTrying to play guild wars on a TV
761TopicThis is absolutely bizarre
762TopicHelp, Graphic problems strange stuff
Pages: 1, 2
763TopicArguments for and against GW2 On Mac OSX
Pages: 1, 2
764Topiccan my computer boot from an USB?
765TopicWeird UI insane disturbance...Help me out ;D
766TopicSometimes Windows XP Freezes at Startup?
767TopicHow doi get a desktop icon for GW?
768TopicWeird graphics problem?
769TopicLosing internet access while on guild wars
770TopicTroubled customer. What kind of action to take.
772TopicTexture issues w/ pics
773TopicCrash bug when hit in combat
774TopicIs it recommended to update your hard drive firmware?
775TopicMonitor trouble, thanks ahead of time.
776TopicResolution Issue
777TopicSteelSound headset & no sound in Guild Wars
778TopicGraphic Benchmark
779TopicAre these wipes safe to use?
780TopicGW Ruining My Computer?
Pages: 1, 2
781Topicweird lag
782TopicForce restart
783TopicTrouble Patching Game
784TopicGrounding SE Question
785TopicTexMod problem
786TopicPara armor with Texmod
787TopicHorific Lag Lately
788TopicSkills & Texmod
789TopicWeird Guild Menu/Membership Issue
790TopicConnection hanging on load screens. Will not Progress past 0%.
791Topicpen drive
792TopicPing help please
793Topicwtf portals?
794TopicGuild Wars blacks out during some places
795Topicwhats so special?
796TopicUnable to initialise 3d output
797TopicError 227
798TopicCleaning Dust Out of Your PC - Tips?
799TopicHow To Open the Case on this CPU?
800TopicReturning to GW with a 045...
801TopicExternal Enclosure - Odd
802TopicGuru Cookies
803Topicskill icons and guru
804TopicBlocking content(on guru) in opera
805TopicDual Monitor Problems
806TopicDual Screen / performance
807TopicUnable to start guild wars
808TopicWeird connection issue
809TopicWired Connection Giving Local Only
810TopicWeird 'No Signal' Issue
811TopicWindows Media Center opens all the time
812TopicOverpowered Computer, yet Guild Wars loads "slowly".
Pages: 1, 2
813TopicPlease Help, Can't connect to Arenanet at all!
814TopicDC problems?
815TopicGrrrrrrrr..what else to do
816TopicMouse Scrolling
817TopicTexmod troubles
818TopicNeed some serious help.
819TopicLaptop completely stops when playing Guild Wars
820Topic-img on windows 7?
821TopicHELP: i cant log in :(
822Topicwierd code 005 error
823TopicNo access to Guildwars
824Topicgame graphic issues
825Topicgame crashes
826TopicGuild Wars, Where Logging In Is Half The Battle!
827TopicStrange problem
828TopicGuild Wars mutes all sound
829TopicObject pop-in and out
830Topic10 + minute area load screens
831TopicProbs with connection?
832Topicpen drive
833TopicAnti-aliasing forced
834TopicCant even start up gw anymore...
835TopicError code before menu?
836TopicDual screen focus issue - windowed mode
837Topicmy guildwars keeps crashing it looks like a memory error.
838TopicEntered wrong password repeatedly, now stuck on "connecting" forever
839TopicFriend Server Connection lost :(
840TopicCan't Install Nightfall
841Topic"Malware Blocked" every time i go onto PVX Wiki and Unnoficial Wiki.
842TopicCCC Settings
843TopicAnyone gaming on an ION platform?
844TopicVanishing trees/rocks/etc in game
845TopicBad Ping
846Topicalt-tab screen sticking on top of everything
847TopicLoading Issues
848TopicStrange lag problem with GW
849Topiclag issues cities
850TopicGW Update not working Since Vista to 7 upgrade
851TopicIt's like bloody molasses...
852TopicAuto Log outs?
853TopicChanging the templates directory path
854TopicGuild Wars tunnel
855TopicGuild Wars Extreme: Running GW on a Macbook
857TopicAnti-Aliasing issue
858TopicProblems with the log in
859TopicLaptop crashing running GW [win 7 64, prof]
860Topiccomplete update
862Topicproblems with logging in & zoning after last update
Pages: 1, 2
863TopicPorts to open
864TopicLow battery with Windows 7?
865TopicWhy did this happen?
866TopicResolution problem.
867TopicAm I the only person getting 058?
868TopicKaspersky. Guild Wars. Keylogger?
869TopicWill Guild Wars work with Win7 32 bit and 64 bit?
870TopicBlue screens on win 7
871TopicLatency after upgrading to win7
872TopicFlashing loading screen in Windows 7
873TopicCamera rotation screwed
874TopicCan't Download Guild Wars
875TopicPermanent Crash...
876TopicRandomly Lagging in Guild Wars
877TopicTexmod and Malwarebytes/SuperAntispyware
Pages: 1, 2, 3
878TopicLooking in the wrong skills folder?
879TopicCan't open guildwars after new build available?
880TopicGuild wars go up to 50% cpu usage
881TopicCursed Lands End of the World
883TopicQos - Quality of service Any one run it?
884Topiccan't login error 227
885TopicWhat keeps causing these sporadic "VPU Recovery" Incidents?
886TopicMystery heasinc
887TopicFPS suggestions
888TopicCan't connect to any official GW things
889TopicCan i run GW2
890TopicVista Laptop, Random Net Connection?
891TopicGraphical effects lag behind my mouse
892TopicHelp my graphic card!
893TopicProblems with my Connection...
894TopicGuild Wars troubles
895TopicGuild Wars on Hughes Net
896TopicGw DirectX / Vid Card Errors...
897Topiccant load guildwars after the update.
898TopicPlayNC server...TIMING OUT!
899TopicWill guild wars harm my computer?
900TopicGuildwars Installation On Win7
901TopicGuild Wars lag will not go...
902TopicCan't log in - Is it just me?
903TopicVoice Output Issue
904TopicOdd Problem.
905TopicATI Radeon: GW not detecting
906TopicHave you guys ever gotten this graphics problem?
907Topicguildwars wont start up
908TopicImproving ping and FPS
909TopicWeird Graphic Problem.
910TopicMy Guild Wars is Broken?
911TopicEverything Is Weirded Out
912TopicMy cordless home phone is randomly shutting off
913TopicUtterly Appalling
Pages: 1, 2
914TopicWhich NVIDIA video driver setting messes up some environment textures?
915TopicUpdate has worked for all characters!!!
916TopicSchedualed Maintenence?
917TopicRun x2 Guild Wars Clients?
918TopicMy computer bluescreened twice today.
919TopicYour PC, and dust when it stops being dust.
920TopicProblem with dual monitor setup and guild wars
921TopicBSOD from nv4_disp.dll
922TopicVideo Card and/or Monitor
923TopicGW Servers conn problems
924TopicGW & Dual Monitors
925Topicmy letter "C" in game wont work
926TopicAVG and texmod
927TopicConstant DC's in Pre?
930TopicScreen Flicker rapidly After minimize
931TopicWireless question
932TopicCD Problem
933TopicConnection Issue
934TopicGW starting problem
935TopicNeed Guild Wars Multi Launch Help.
Pages: 1, 2
937TopicWeird persistant crash
938TopicGraphical errors
939TopicA Serious error
940Topic"Priority" Troubles
941TopicNetwork Error...
942TopicShort question
943Topiclogin problem??
944TopicHow secure are your online game accounts?
945TopicInternet HoneyGrid reveals 95% of User Generated Content is spam or malicious
946TopicCode=26 > TDC/Yousee error
Pages: 1, 2
947TopicVista Crashed And Now Can Not Login?
948Topicnv4_disp infinite loop, suggestions please.
949TopicFreezing at login screen.
Pages: 1, 2
950TopicIs this HD failure?
951TopicWireless issues.
952TopicArmor graphics appear low
953TopicMonitor Issues with Dell XPS 8100
954TopicLogging Into Account Trouble
955TopicNo way to adjust camera sensitivity?
956Topicrazer mice and guildwars?
957Topicchat problems
958TopicWhy does it crash so much for me?
959TopicDual Monitor Question
960TopicPlaying GW on a Lap via Network from desktop PC
961TopicProblems with cooling pc
962TopicRefusing to connect
963TopicGW and the least CPU usage
964Topic2 anti virus programs?
Pages: 1, 2
965TopicGPU Based Rendering
966TopicNot Gw Related..
967TopicWTF new build 1/28/2010
Pages: 1, 2
968TopicCan't log in- Update Bug?
969TopicGW is patchy after tabbing in and out
970Topicemail virus advice needed
971TopicGW Crashing???
972TopicTexmodding Chaos Gloves?
974TopicMaybe some of you IT guys have experienced this before
975TopicWierd Video Issue
976TopicFirefox Keeps Dumping Cache -- Annoying
977TopicCant get guild wars to wrok since the update?
978TopicHelp with Friends PC
979TopicPatch error
980TopicHuge lag, but only in Guild Wars?!
982TopicNo sound comming from Spells
983TopicConstant Disconnects
984TopicWeird landscape
985Topic100% CPU Usage?
986TopicRandom Crashes
987TopicHow to add Eye of the North key to Guild Wars?
988TopicCan't Reset Password
989TopicUsing a ping lowering proxy with GW
990Topicaccount theft attempt most likely
991Topicunable to reconnect after d/c
992TopicCrtl + Skill or movement not working.
993TopicGW freezing
994TopicFPS Problems NEED HELP
995Topicfast fan issue
996TopicWeird crashes?
997TopicComputer lag
998TopicFix for FPS dropping to below 10 for vista
999TopicRahja's FREEEEEEEE!!!!
Pages: 1, 2
1000Topicslow internet connection outside GW
1001TopicSystem Information Window Pop-up?
1002TopicRandom Computer Crashes
1003Topicerror 225 problem - please help
1004TopicWeird problem with port 6112
1005TopicUpgraded to W7 & Can't add command lines?
1006TopicUnusual Lag. Is it just me?
Pages: 1, 2
1007Topicnew build update wont allow me to start gw
1008TopicGuildWars Admin mode?
1009TopicSpecific Character Err. 7
1010TopicLots of DC
1011TopicCan't log in?
1012TopicDo I have a malicious software/site problem?
1013TopicGW crashes at start
1014TopicPlease help me with making a new account. :s
1015TopicRouter issues
1016TopicExtreme Router Issues
1017TopicGuild Wars Website - Not working.
1018TopicNCSoft Account Question
1019TopicSlow to tab back?
1020Topiccannot run GW :(
1021TopicI pretty much broke my comp....
1022Topici cant log in QQ
1023Topicmac/video card help
1024Topicerror 4
1025TopicFlashmod No Longer Works with Recent Update
1026TopicEnd's Endless E(a)ffliction
1027TopicPiss poor tech support
1028TopicStart Up Issue
1029TopicGood video card?
1030TopicApplication Not Found Error
1031TopicKeep dropping all the time
1032TopicMulti-quote on GW Guru
1033Topicguild wars disc not working
1034TopicSecurity Question at Login
1035TopicCannot connect
1036TopicStuck at connecting to Arenanet
1037TopicGame crashes when going to GH
1038TopicNo serial number.
1039TopicArmor Visual Problems
1040Topicgame crashing,forcing cpu restart
1041TopicMost of my problems
1042TopicLogin stuck at "Connecting"
1043TopicGuild Wars crash ("serious error")
1044Topic-Image on Windows 7
1045TopicGw dat!
1046TopicFrames get stuck
1047Topichow to reduce my framerates?
1048TopicCan't Enter Joko's Domain?
1049TopicGuild Wars causes "horizontal bars"?
1050TopicGWx2 on Windows 7?
1051TopicShouldnt run this slow...
Pages: 1, 2
1052TopicUnable to Initialize 3D output
1053TopicCan't log in
1054TopicGuild Wars Crashing Too Frequently
1055TopicBlue Screen error, missing .dll?
1056Topicnot loading when zoning
1057TopicGuild Wars Freezes
1058TopicSkill bar keybindings
1059TopicSound Randomly Not Working
1060Topicblack screen after updates (when using -image)
1061TopicSharing Templates directory
1062TopicJora's Deldrimor Armor Graphic Error
1063TopicA curious GW crashing problem
Pages: 1, 2
1064TopicOdd.. very odd Mr. 007
1065Topichas the server crashed???
1066TopicCrashing Issue after Update
1067TopicGame Crash After Login
1068Topic3-D Analyze no longer working
1069TopicHaving a problem with sound drivers
1070TopicWhat occured?
1071TopicCurious Quandry - No Ethernet in XP
1072TopicWho are these people?
1073TopicWhat occured?
1074TopicRealistic Password Advice Please
Pages: 1, 2
1075TopicI cant seem to log on my main
1076TopicOK WTH Is Up with Time Warner Cable?
1077TopicMessed Up Screen + Blue Screens
1078TopicCannot play the Game - "Connecting"
1079TopicWindow mode with Multiple clients - Right click/close issue.
1080TopicWill this play GW on max?
Pages: 1, 2
1081TopicInternet connection dilema
1082TopicProblem when logging in
1083TopicHDD Free Space Random Increase
1084TopicError 58...
1085TopicRazer Lycosa not fuctioning in Guild Wars
1086TopicIs the credit card info stored in NCSoft accounts?
1087TopicGeForce 7800 GT question
1088TopicUnable to launch Game?
1089TopicGW re-install on Windows 7 help
1090TopicWiki Graphics
1091TopicA Little Strange
1092TopicNeed Texmod help
1093TopicNewegg's Black Friday sale is on.
1095TopicGuild Wars Multi-Logging
1096TopicTexmod won't work
1097TopicBlocked due to open proxy?
1098TopicCan't connect in india?
1099TopicServer stuck kill me
1100TopicQuestion from a nonpc-literate person...
1101TopicVista speech recognition in GW
1102TopicAZERTY becomes QWERTY
1103Topicdamage text
1104TopicGame wont Load
1105TopicReverting to SP1 Problem
1106TopicPC Not recognising monitor & vice-verca
1107TopicBlack screen
1108TopicFrames Per Second
1109TopicLag help? already tried other stuff.
1110Topicriddle me this! 4GB school server, run off thumb drive?
1111TopicJust a question.
1112TopicAll i do is DC and Lag in PvP
1113TopicBig problem
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1114TopicGW in a simple directory
1115Topicbad Memory Leak and Direct sound error
1116Topicinviting and guesing problem
1117TopicComplicated Network Issue..
1118TopicGuild [G] Bug
1119TopicKeeping Track of Your Character skills, quests, locations, etc
1120TopicGW not a valid application?
1121TopicGW on 3 screens?
1122TopicGW FPS issues
1123TopicWindows 7 Vs gw.dat
1124TopicSerious CPU usage issue with gw.exe
1125Topicmaximum frame rates?
Pages: 1, 2
1126TopicGuild Wars higher CPU use on Windows 7?
1127TopicGuild Wars using too much memory?
1128TopicMinimizing GW to system tray
1129TopicWhy is my guildwars gaming showing like this on mac?
1130TopicProblems with port 80 connecting
1131TopicStrange Guild Wars Freezes
1132TopicAccount Security
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1133TopicCant seem to connect to ANET.....
1134TopicBlue Screen'd- 3 month old computer
1135Topic"Reroll" on my char - strange
1136TopicGame freezes
1137TopicMinimize penalty
1138TopicTexmod + PhotoShop CS4 Help
1139TopicBlack screen for 2/3sec
1140TopicUnusual Restart Issue
1141TopicGWx2 help...
1142TopicCan't start GW since new update.
1143TopicLatest Update; Cant log in.
1145TopicHorrible rubberbanding after ALT+TABing
1146TopicSilly Question
Pages: 1, 2
1147TopicSome insight please.
1148TopicError 15 on HA
1149TopicBuggy memory usage?
1150TopicExtreme Lag
1151TopicQuick disconnects
1152TopicLanguage setting stuck
1153TopicHelp Needed If You Will! Buffering Issues & Issues Ingame.
1154TopicHeart of the Shiverpeaks hangup - gfx prob?
1156TopicReparing Data Archive
1158TopicGetting online in university
1159TopicVery strange things happen to my screen when i play.. Please help
1160Topic.dat file type not recognized by computer
1161Topicwhats going on?
1162TopicError 227
1163Topicerror 227..cannot log in!
1164TopicGame Freezing Problem - Pls Help
1165TopicCant Connect :/ why?
1166Topicvauge question.
1167TopicGW bandwidth??
1168TopicBlue Screen
1169TopicCan't connect to A-net after update
1170Topic6 Questions About Gaming Laptops
1171TopicUseful For Blade Radio Listeners
1172Topicany ideas?
1173TopicAre servers down?
1174TopicCode 227 and 058
1175TopicA small problem...
1176TopicLaoptop camera angle??
1177TopicLost map progress.
1178TopicHorrible lag since 2 days
1179TopicCompletely unplayable, been like this 2 months now
1180TopicStuck on 'Connecting to ArenaNet' with Netgear Router...
1181TopicGuild Wars x 2 on a Mac?
1182TopicAccount details
1183TopicReally Low FPS
1184TopicServers down?
1185TopicSevers down? 013 error
1186Topicchronic grinding/whirring noise?
1187TopicFA Crash
1188TopicNeed Help.
1189Topictips on improving ping
1190Topiccan't load (only on my PC)
1191TopicTexmod Problems
1192TopicGuide to Texmod
1193TopicJust a Quick question
1194TopicServers Down/Low Ping
1195TopicIs there a limit to how many entries you can have in the template folder?
1196Topicgw.dat defrag, step by step guide plz
1197TopicDown side to re-install?
1198Topicipconfig /renew
1199Topicrelocate my template folders?
1200TopicMy FPS is low but no lag?
1201TopicCan I run 3 instances of Guild Wars?
1202TopicI cant seem to reset my support account password and Anet Support is worse
1203Topicold comp is dead
1204TopicScreen goes black right after log in
1205TopicDoes resolution affect ping?
1206TopicConsidering a wireless card
1207TopicGraphics card =..uh...dead?...uh dying...
1208TopicGuild Wars Secure?
1209TopicConstant ANet Error Whilst Playing
1210TopicScreen goes black when trying to play in fullscreen
1211TopicCamera Locking after potion use
1212TopicGuru at a crawl.
1213TopicGame redownloads areas already downloaded
1214TopicGraphics card dead?
1215TopicReally Bad Problem (Graphics)
1216TopicConsistent lag cause?
1217TopicWireless "Bridging"?
1218Topiccan't access guru auction page
1219Topicinternet help
1220TopicI have a black screen
1221TopicMore RAM?
1222TopicArborstone disconnections
1223TopicIssues with GW in Vista 64x (crashes too)
Pages: 1, 2
1224TopicReversing a System Restore?
1225TopicConnection Issue
1226TopicMini-lag spikes every 30 seconds
1227TopicCan't access certain sites
1228TopicAtimdag FAIL Please Help
1229TopicConnection Problems
1230TopicMultiple GW/NCSoft Accounts ?
1231TopicGraphics Driver Error
1232Topic0% Loading Screen
1234TopicGW Password
1235TopicGraphics problem with monument. Halp!
1236Topic[Guide] Fix for "Unrecoverable Driver Error" (obsolete)
Pages: 1, 2
1237TopicMatte or Glossy?
1238TopicGame playable till my graphics card gets to 60C
1239TopicExtreme Lag since event
1240Topiclong delay until login screen
1241TopicVent/Mic Issues
1242TopicLoading Maps - Help Apreciated
1243TopicTrouble with maps
1244TopicInsane Lag (1000 - 100, 000 ping area)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
1245TopicGame explorer in Windows 7
1246TopicBad connection issues (100K ping) Any ideas?
1247TopicGW Load studder + Crash issue
1248TopicTexmod:"S**t happens" D'Oh!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1249TopicGW audio error??
1250TopicCant hear
1251TopicWhat's the Difference between AGP and PCI-E
1252Topicgetting 3d annalyser to work in vista
1253TopicRandomly Switching to European Districts
1254TopicWehhan Terraces Crashing with XP
1255TopicSystem Requirements
1256TopicI Can't Connect to Any Log-in Servers
1257TopicVista Woes / Templates
1258Topicmonumet to resilience and sunspear
1259TopicGeneral Guild Wars network stability woes
Pages: 1, 2
1260TopicIssue/problem with Templates
1261TopicMore Freezing troubles
1263TopicGraphic Error
1264TopicDriver Error
1265TopicUK Mobile broadband vs monthly usage.
1266Topiccan't zoom mission map back out
1267TopicRunning Guild Wars off a portable USB device.
1268Topicconcerning Texmod
1269TopicHey, you tech-savvy people :)
1270TopicGraphical issues
1271TopicCrashing Problems
1272TopicGraphics Driver Failure
Pages: 1, 2
1273TopicTried to update graphics drivers, didn't work so great.
1274TopicNeed a little account help
1275TopicRandom shutoffs o.O
Pages: 1, 2
1276Topiccan't connect to login server
1277TopicQuestion when deleting virus?
1278TopicDifficulty connecting
1279TopicNeed Texmod help
1280TopicGuru or something else my problem?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1281TopicRandom Crashing
1282Topic60+ FPS problems (graphical issues)
Pages: 1, 2
1283TopicGW Downloads freeze my computer.
1284Topicnew dell, rata sum doesnt load
1285TopicTested: Five Web browsers you've never heard of
1286TopicInsane CPU Usage
1287TopicCan't get GWML to work.
1288TopicGuild Wars Problem
Pages: 1, 2
1289TopicFPS Suddenly gone lower, and stayed there
1290TopicDriver igfx has crashed and recovered - itunes visualizer
1291TopicPreloading zones?
1292TopicUK Broadband help
1293Topiccode 045 without even logging in for ages, why?
1294TopicHex Boxes?
1295TopicGw.exe crash
1296TopicDOS/Windows Emulation
1297TopicWould i
1298TopicCannot Take Screens, Load Templates
1299TopicCode=058 & Code=007
1300Topic2 technical problems
1301TopicLagging out And ending in a different city.
1302TopicMultiple system changes, and a few bugs...insight please
1303TopicMinimizing Guild Wars
1304TopicWeird stats table over all the screen
1305TopicNot showing chinease/korean letters
1306TopicGW freezes up my system
1307Topic"Connecting to Arenanet" Trouble with ports 80 and 6112
1309TopicSlow Redraw after minimize and Randomness
1310Topic802.11 band issues
1311TopicModem vanishes
1312TopicFPS suddenly 10 or less
1313TopicVideo issue in GW
1314TopicConnecting to ArenaNet "0%"
1315TopicWont Let Me Install GW. pls help
1316TopicSystem Shut-down / Reboot in GW
1317TopicPlease tell me im not crazy Graphical Issues
1318TopicATI to launch DirectX 11 GPUs in seven weeks (Sept 1x)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
1319TopicRunning two GW at once?
1320Topicalt+tab problem!
1321Topictxmod problems
1322TopicTexmod Weirdness
1323TopicHow to research before buying a new computer or laptop
1324TopicFlashing Underscore
1325TopicMicrosoft Exchange (Outlook Web Access) with Outlook 2007 HOW 2???
1326TopicAnnoying freezes!
1327Topicanti aliasing causes black screen
1328TopicDD-WRT (ALternate Router Firmware) Vulnerability
1329TopicGame crash
1330TopicCan't log on to Guild Wars
1331TopicGraphic issue with heroes
1332TopicNeed some help
1333TopicGraphics Issue?? Freezing & Black screens.
1334TopicIntense amount of err7/err58
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1335TopicNew to GW - can't get my trial game to run?
1336Topicno audio... sort of?
1337TopicBelow 60FPS?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1338TopicHeads up Mininova and Pirate Bay users
1339TopicGraphics Quality Issue
1340TopicAion: The Root Kit
Pages: 1, 2
1341TopicBrowser Mode
1342TopicPlayNC account(s) access issues.
1343TopicFirefox vulnerability could cause remote code excecution
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1344TopicGame lag after activating IME in-game...
1345TopicConstant American server disconnects
1346TopicSitting At Log On Screen, No Errors.
1347TopicA petty strange, yet awesome if it works, request..
Pages: 1, 2
1348TopicProblem connecting to GW/TF2/LOTRO
1349TopicLow frames on guild wars
Pages: 1, 2
1350TopicProblems Logging in
1351TopicCan't access gw with a couple of chars
1352TopicRubber Banding (Have read sticked threads and googled)
1353Topichuge problem with loading time!
1354TopicStrong Passwords Not as Good as You Think
1355TopicMicrosoft warns of serious computer security hole
Pages: 1, 2
1356Topicsystem error when running GW
1357TopicLaptop v. Desktop
1358TopicThe Texmod TPF
1359TopicI can't save templates!
1360TopicWindows 7 and GW
Pages: 1, 2
1361TopicAccess key not working
1362TopicDirectSong Integration - can I still do it?
1363TopicRemove Small Buttons?
1364TopicChanging Serial
1365TopicGetting back into the swing of things
1366TopicCompletely removing Guild Wars
1367TopicVideo Driver Failing While Playing Guild Wars
Pages: 1, 2
1368TopicIs anyone running a GeForce 7200GS 128MB 64-bit?
1369TopicGoogle Chrome OS
1370TopicDon't Use McAfee, and really really don't update it
Pages: 1, 2
1371TopicBug: GW suddenly losing FPS
1372TopicGW Guru/McAfee
1373TopicPassword reseted.. I didnt do it
1374TopicMissing Alliance
1375TopicDrop in FPS
1376TopicEye of the North
1377TopicLag issues / unwanted applications running
1378TopicAll These Page Faults
1379TopicIs My Computer Good Enough?
1380TopicRight clicking issue with Multiclient..
1381TopicPassword Incorrect.
1382TopicQuestion about 'Reconnect After Disconnect'
1383TopicIs this loading time rate slow? (Comp Specs Included)
1384TopicText Errors In Game
1385TopicSmall audio problem with Flash
1386Topicguild wars music laggy
1387TopicMouse look not working properly
1388TopicGuildwars and 3d analyser
1389TopicMy game wont download past 80%
1390TopicComputer lag - Help please.
1391TopicWierd Mouse Problem
1392TopicCan't Maximize to Fit Screen
1393TopicPlaying on Mac - Yes it can be done
1394TopicShould my PC run guildwars fine?
1395TopicIs it possible to run 2 GW instances at once?
1396TopicGetting error code=058
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
1397TopicYour Tech Insight [First Edition 5/16/2009]
Pages: 1, 2
1399TopicAnyone got a virus alert from GW.exe
1400TopicHow much does it download?
1401TopicComputer going on Standby while playing GW
1402TopicMemory parity error
1403TopicI could use some assistance please.
1404TopicGraphic driver failure?
1405TopicUnable to startup gw after friday update
1406TopicHow to contact Directsong?
1407TopicGuests Unable to GvG.
1408TopicGraphic card lag or internet lag
1409TopicForum's password reset page issue
1410TopicBeeps from computer
1411TopicNew HDD and reinstalling Vista x64
1412Topichelp with bypass proxy
1413TopicImproving FPS
1414TopicStrange graphical glitches (Images inside)
1415TopicError=227, Has my account been kidnapped!?
1417TopicStrange visual lag, like slow-motion, bizarre, conditional.
1418TopicCan't download new update?
1419TopicComputer freezes for ~2 minutes after boot
1420TopicRouter compatability
1421TopicYour Tech Insight [Second Edition, 5/24/09]
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1422TopicFreezeing troubles
1423Topichow do i fix this oh god how do i fix this someone help
1424TopicCd Drive wont detect Eye of the North or Nightfall Cd
1425Topicupdate xp before upgrading to Vista?
1426TopicGraphics Driver Error
1427TopicCan't connect to Guild Wars
1428Topicstrange actions, no error codes
1429TopicMicrophone Problem
1430TopicBad Issue
1431TopicCan't load certain maps?
1432TopicSound issues
1433TopicHard Drive/Bios problem, halp!
1434TopicGuildWars own my com
1436TopicWon't Connect to Europe
1437Topiccan't load map ?
1438Topicharddrive thrashing and stuttering
1439TopicBelkin n52te?
1440TopicData Archive errors and having to redownload 21k files
1441TopicCan You Load GW onto two computers?
1442TopicOptimization for Vista users on low RAM?
1443TopicKS mod
1444TopicExtreamly wierd Graphics problem and Error message
1445Topicgraphics problem with loading map
1446TopicWeird Problems
1447TopicBug?/Intentional?: Disconnected at similar times
1448Topic100% CPU usage
1449TopicOfficial Guild Wars and Wiki sites through anonymzing proxy
1450TopicUnusual logging problems
1451TopicCannot login: Err 058?
1452TopicUnusual FPS drops
1453TopicFalse Positive with Comodo Antivirus.
1454TopicBlocked from account issue?
1455TopicWhich tech guru here is man enough to help me out with this one?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1456TopicAspect Ratio--16:9?
1457TopicGma 500
1458TopicComputer crashing on startup
1459TopicCopying Guild Wars from one machine to the next
1460TopicMicrophone Playback
1461Topicinternet connection problems
1462Topicwhats up with the code 007 error tonight ?
1464TopicMicrophone + Vent + PC Overheat
1465TopicGWDatBrowser Not Working
1466TopicGraphic glitches
Pages: 1, 2
1467TopicShortcut encryption?
1468TopicCan't Connect To Arena Net :confused:
1469TopicPort 80
1470TopicGW Crashing when looking at the map
1471TopicComputer restarts after playing GW's for a while.
1472TopicJade Sea issue?
1473TopicGW causes computer to crash randomly.
1474TopicUltimate map?
1475TopicRepairing Data Archive...
1476TopicDrunk-ish effect without being drunk? Did I fry something?
1477TopicBlurry Armors
1478TopicDisconnection problem since update.
1479TopicLogin trouble
1480TopicGuru sig!!!
1481TopicVidoe/Gameplay Issues..... HELP!
1482TopicBlank Chat Bars
1483TopicProblem with iexplorer
1485TopicDirectSong Error
1486TopicImproving fps rate on a laptop
1487Topicmore internet problems!
1488TopicHow to Update GW without running the game?
1489TopicLink NCSoft acct with Guildwars
1490TopicWay to Get Around the MMO Blocker at College?
1492TopicHave anNVIDIA card? Use Ubuntu? Guild Wars now runs flawlessly!
1493TopicVundo!grb Trojan
1494Topicfolder location of skill templates
1495Topiclow fps in guild wars
1496Topicheadphone problem?
1497TopicMysterious lockups since update
1498TopicCharacter model textures
1499TopicUnusual Lag, can anyone help?
1500Topicbig 3d glasses problem!
1501TopicNo sound, only in Guild Wars
1502TopicCounter Strike Source Problem
1504TopicPlz Help - g spikes and hang during diagnostic
1505Topicinstall error on vista ultimate 64 bit
1506TopicBluetooth dongle
1509TopicRandom lag spikes
1510TopicError 007
1511Topiccant connect to guild wars
1512Topicserious internet connection problems! help!
1513TopicDriver issues
1514Topicomg err=40
1515TopicMouse running wont work
1516TopicRequest to SoCal users!
1517TopicConficker C... it's awake...
1519TopicTrojan from Guru
1521TopicCan't get in to ascalon city
1522TopicCant offer money
1523TopicMy Sin can't dance
1524TopicRepairing data archive and other problems
1525TopicInaccurate Long Distance Sprites
1526Topicguild wars 0%
1527TopicSo I was hacked...
1528TopicNetstat Question
1529Topic3D output error
1530TopicAccess key problem
1531TopicPort fowarding for guildwars.
1532TopicNeed help! Stuck on Town loading Screen!
1533TopicGuildwars wont go past 0%?
1534Topicguildwars wont connent to arenanet
1535Topicerror 005
1536TopicCode = 103
1537Topicgw.exe is not a vaild Win32 program?!
1539TopicVery confused.
1540TopicWehhan Terraces
1541Topiccant install
1542TopicConficker C April 1
Pages: 1, 2
1543TopicRequesting tech assistance for new issue
1544TopicUnable to Play
1545TopicRubberbanding (sort of) problem
1546TopicNeed help
1547TopicIssues with GW crashing when...
Pages: 1, 2
1548TopicLag spikes gotten worse
1549TopicLag Issues
1550TopicGuild Wars Support Available!
Pages: 1, 2
1551TopicProblems with monitor resolutions
1552TopicG11 keyboard makes you look like a botter and thus may result in a perma ban?
1553TopicComputer freezes in N.O.X. quest
1554TopicBlack screen while entering areas
1555TopicGuildwars on BootCamp(mac)
1556TopicAlways running like i'm carrying something.
1557TopicProblems with mAT predictions
1558TopicGot new monitor, but not getting any Video Output.
1559TopicProblems with new ATI Catalyst (9.3) driver?
1560TopicNewegg question
1561TopicQuick AV Question.
1562TopicMy internet speed is now slower than roommates speed
1564TopicGraphics problems
1565TopicSound problems
1566TopicLagging while playing
1567TopicLaptop Geforce 8600M GT card users - What graphics driver do you use?
1568TopicPorts Used For GW???
1569TopicGame freezes only in certain places :(
1570TopicLoading proble, plz help!!
1571TopicMissions = Blue Screen, help!
1572TopicLag constant
1573TopicNeed Linux and dos help please!!
1574Topicmissing NPC's in the Battledepths
1575TopicImmediate Warning and Notice [Conficker/Downadup Virus]
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
1576Topiclags and disconnections down?
1578TopicCant change my account
1579TopicGuild Wars won't start
1580TopicGuild wars and Vista
1581TopicGot an LCD monitor, having graphical and lag issues
1582TopicDownloading GW with DSL
1583TopicFirewall has randomly started blocking GW
1584Topiclaunching Guild Wars reboots XP
1585Topicneed help with this site
1587TopicGuild Wars Causes Computer to instantly Restart
1588TopicBlack Screen???????
1589TopicSOUND ISSUE- no snd from behind player
1590TopicChanging the priority of Guild Wars
1591TopicGuild Wars Crashes My Monitor/GFX
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1592TopicFix Servers?
Pages: 1, 2
1593TopicEternal Lagg
1594TopicConnection problems/Lagging
1595TopicWeird symbols appearing in chat, disallowing ctrl+click calling, disrupting typing
1596TopicComputer err.... Problems
1597TopicWeird Disconnecting
1598TopicConnection Problems.
1599Topicsounds messed up
1600TopicTroubles with playing GW on a labtop.
1601TopicConnection to ArenaNet suddenly gone?!?
1602TopicHow do A-Net track users?
1603TopicLost account?
1604TopicMissing Disc
1605TopicProblem with defragmentation
1606TopicConstantly loosing connection to the server last 2 days?
1607TopicGW Screen Shots
1608TopicBig problem with textmod (modifying ingame graphics)
1609Topic4fps ftl
1610TopicError Reporting Message Given Upon Restart
1611TopicNo sound at all.... :mad:
Pages: 1, 2
1612TopicProblem with running Guild Wars
1613Topicgame crashing
1614TopicIs there anything I can do?
1615TopicAuto Logon w/Guru
1616TopicWho's Stronger?
1617Topicomg my disk drive broke my GW cd
1618TopicSomethings missing
1620TopicQuick question: Inspiron E1405 RAM
1621TopicGW Client Password wasn't changed but I can't get in GW.
Pages: 1, 2
1623TopicNothing will connect...
1624TopicGuild Wars in Linux (ubuntu 8.10)
1625TopicLoading times on maps
1626TopicDownloadup/Conficker Worm....part 2
1627Topicgw makes pc crash..
1628TopicDoes anyone have any ideas?
1629TopicGw shuts down pc
1630TopicNPC's bugged as of CNY event
1631TopicConnecting... 0% loading...
1633TopicProblem with overclock
1634TopicGuild Wars Guru Reported Attack Site
1635Topicloading screen takes awhile :S
1636TopicGuild wars FPS NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS
1637TopicMap Files Downloading/decomposing..
1638TopicAsian-text folders in root Guildwars install dir
Pages: 1, 2
1639TopicError Code 029
1640Topicincreasing Ram usage ?
1641TopicCharacter Load into Towns/Outposts or Explorable Areas
1642TopicRG6 vs RG59 Cable
1643TopicGW won't get past Login screen
1644TopicATI3duag.dll problem
1645TopicGuildwars not responding
1646TopicAudio: what to watch for?
1647TopicIn-game FPS regulating?
1648TopicOpinions on External HDD?
1649TopicGuild Wars will not load
1650TopicCrashing textures
1651TopicLagging out
1652TopicBad Lag today
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1653TopicRESET PC with Guild wars
1654TopicResolution problem
1655TopicOdd Login Difficulty ("False" Error): Help?
1656TopicGuild Wars Error Log In
1657TopicDial-up internet access in Spain
1658Topic2 Guild Wars windows
1659TopicMultiple login question ...
1660TopicVexing SP3 Problem
1661TopicConstant switching between GW & Windows
1662TopicMajor lag issues.
1663Topicdisable nagle's algorithm...reduce lag?
1664TopicBig bug please help!!!!!!!!!!
1665TopicVideo Card
1666TopicExtreme Lag issues
1667Topicverizon dsl & guild wars
1668TopicLag causing you to not load chars.
1669TopicUgh...this is a joke!!
1671TopicWill GW run on a PS3?
1672TopicConnecting to Arenanet
1673TopicChanging GW's priority to realtime
1674Topicpainfully low fps
1675TopicProblem with running Guild Wars =(
1676TopicGuild Wars with AA in Fullscreen
1677TopicPassword Lost-- Previous Email Unable to be Logged on
1678TopicWorst day of my GW life.
1679TopicGw dat serious problems.
1680TopicGW minimizes, then full-screens every time I zone...
1681TopicWireless Connection Problems
1682TopicWireless Card Causes Blue Screen
1683TopicException c0000005
1684TopicLag Issues
1685Topicurgent help needed game dosent start?
1686Topicreal or a hack?
1687TopicIn-game resolution problems
1688TopicFreezing after login?
1689TopicWhere's the other two?
1690TopicFriends List Disconnecting
1691TopicMy characters disconnect when loading guild wars...
1692TopicSuspended ?
1693TopicSome Advice
1694TopicProblems with running Guild Wars on this laptop
1695TopicChanging GW font
1696TopicStrange problem connecting over VPN.
1697Topiccrazy urgoz lag question
1698TopicMy new PC
1699TopicGame only lags fullscreen
1700TopicMessed up!!! Need help!!!
1701TopicGraphics in the older games
1702TopicFunky Graphics. Cause?
1703TopicWhat if I already have the game?
1704TopicProblem with my FPS.
1705TopicGuild Wars crash upon launching
1706TopicRepairing Archive
1707TopicTexmod Download Problems
1708TopicGW crashes when visiting big towns... have used search button!
1709TopicInternet Issues
1710TopicKeyboard issues?
1711TopicUnknown reason why my game crashed
1712TopicErr 007 and 058 for 3 Hours.
1713TopicBefore I buy, can I run GW?
1715TopicGW tech e-mail on server malfunction(pls read)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
1716TopicGW started freezing
1717TopicStreaks from Glacial Gauntlets?
1718TopicBlank black screen after boot
1719TopicGW black and reset error thing
1720TopicOld Computer's Value
1721TopicCan't Play :(
1722TopicAccount hacked !!!!!
1723Topicdownloading issues
1724TopicConnection Issues
Pages: 1, 2
1726Topic/panic Can't access GW or
1727TopicMissing files? Can't find Screens
1728TopicVideo Card Probs
1729TopicExtreme Lag Issues - Help!
1730TopicCharacter Deleted?
1731TopicStart up problem
1732TopicLogin problems
1733TopicNo Sound In GW
1734TopicLag problems
1735TopicQuestion:Re-installing GW
1736TopicGraphics card
1737TopicSo many diskssssss
1738TopicER 7 Not just in Outposts, but in missions and explore areas too.
1739TopicWireless network lag issue and solution (Vista/XP)
1740TopicNo boot
1741TopicAbout GW Team Builder.....
1742TopicMy Mouse makes... sounds.
1743TopicInventory Icons are all screwy
1744Topic100% load but dont run game
1745TopicGetting my hands on sound files from the game?
1746TopicGraphic Issue (I dont use textmod)
1747TopicNetwork Issues? (Post all Err13 and 15 issues here)
1748TopicSystem freezes
1749TopicProblems With Texmod
1750TopicSeeking the source of a problem: Card or Connection
1751TopicIf you delete your GW.dat file.....
1752TopicFootprint Error
1753Topic100% packet loss at
1754Topiccode 005
1755TopicGw.dat file size after update....
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
1756TopicRecent Connectivity Issue
1757Topic3Danalyzer program question
1758TopicLoading screens go black
1759TopicBaffled and SQL
1760TopicSlight Bug (If you'll call it that) With Texmod.
1761TopicCant Login
1762TopicWont respond
1763TopicChinese characters and what not
1764TopicRata Sum Graphic Problem
1765TopicProblem with Guru
1766TopicLittle Problem With Texmod
1767TopicIs this temporary?
1768TopicRata Sum Graphic Problem
1769TopicGraphic Failure on INTEL 82855 GM/GME
1770TopicGuild Wars / Winamp problem
1771TopicBlue screen due to video card
1772Topicsuper lag
1773TopicIssues with Vista and Xonar / Creative X-Fi w/ Alchemy
1774TopicSome video players not working.
1775TopicLag/gfx problem
1776TopicRouter Problem
1777TopicGW Crashing Comp and Graphics Errors
1778TopicConnection Problems
1779TopicGuild Wars on Ubuntu
1780Topiccant connect
1781TopicComputer is Beeping?
1782TopicGuild Wars Graphics Problem
1783TopicGuild Wars Freezing
1784Topici think my harddrives stuffed
1785TopicCtrl + Space doesn't work
1786Topic(Code=1751336)? Please Help.
1787TopicTo many lags in GW (and code 007)
1788TopicProblem with GW crashing my PC
1789TopicMouse issue!!!
1790TopicGraphics Driver Failure...?
1791TopicCan't Start Guild Wars
1792TopicIs this a glitch or my PC problems?
1793TopicGWx2 4.1 problems.
1794TopicCartograprahpy made easy on Texmod
1795TopicCable And Dsl?
1796TopicCan't connect to login server
1797TopicConstant Errors
Pages: 1, 2
1798TopicForce AA in game
1799TopicGuildwars with dual monitors
1800TopicSound Problem
1801TopicGuild Wars Crashing Entire System
1802TopicTexMod question...
1803TopicGW Sound Problem
1804TopicGWx2 Help (dual clients)
1805TopicShopping providers
1806TopicTexmod Problems
1807TopicDNS Error
1808TopicServer Problems - Really aggravating
1809Topic(Code 045) Account blocked without reason.
1810TopicGraphics "crashing" problem
1811TopicXunlai Tournament House, No save button.
1812TopicGuild Wars strange Graphic Problem
1813TopicI cannot COnnect!
1814TopicConnection Problem keeps coming up
1815Topiclag spike problems
1816TopicDemon, Vista, XP, Wired, Wi-fi and Lag
1817TopicCannot connect to GW server
1818TopicVentrilo problems? No more.
1819TopicSlow Motion
1820TopicWon't start
1821TopicInternet routing issue code=058
1822TopicPerculiar Connection Issues
1823TopicStarting over
1824TopicWhat triggers a save of the GUI Layout?
1825TopicConnection Problems
1826TopicStrange GW Problem
1827Topicdirect song Downloads on Ipod?
1828TopicTexMod Trojan
Pages: 1, 2
1829TopicSkip 'repair data archive' check.
1830TopicTexmod problems
1831TopicStarting Guild Wars Issue
1832TopicConnection Issues
1833TopicKeyboard+Mouse: Best choice for play-to-Win and Other questions
Pages: 1, 2
1834TopicBlack Rectanglual Screen of Death
1835TopicSound Drops Out Issue
1836TopicGW lag on Wireless and Broadband.
1837TopicLogitech Setpoint 4.60 crashing gw.exe?
1838TopicMSG:sychronizing vent problem...
1839TopicComputer Illiterate and need help...
1840TopicLoadscreen trouble.
1841TopicAsura corpses stand up
1842TopicCrash at login screen
1843TopicAt a loss with lag
1844TopicMouse on a Mac
1845TopicDNS errors
Pages: 1, 2
1846TopicWindows Media Center
1847Topictunneling guild wars?
1848TopicRandomly cannot log in (Code=58+Code=7)
1849Topicdial up prompt on broadband
1850TopicGuild Wars priority?
1851TopicZaishen Rank
1853TopicSerious guild window problems
1854TopicLeft side of the screen cut off?
1855TopicComputer Slows Down, Won't Start Up at times
Pages: 1, 2
1856TopicATI Radeon 3870
1857Topicblack hands
1858TopicInstalls but won't play on Vista?
1859TopicGuild Wars - My PC Slayer.
1860TopicProblem: Code=058, 007
1861TopicTexmod Problem with Target Application
1862TopicDownloading new areas takes forever!
1863TopicSome questions, help me please.
1864TopicTexMod - pvp mod question.
1865TopicGW on mac.
1866TopicSlow installation
1868TopicCant Run Guildwars PRoblem
1869Topiclittle problems again...
1870TopicIron Horse Mine
1871TopicPassword won't reset.
1872TopicDefragging DAT file
1873TopicGame Client does not work
1874TopicCoF will not load
1875TopicChanging Skill Icons
1876TopicAnoyance Connection
1877TopicQuestion about -image file
1878Topicguild wars, random black screens
1879TopicHelp Troubleshooting Graphic issues..
1880TopicCant connect to certain servers and
1881TopicGW graphics issue
1882TopicConnecting to AreanNet?!
1883TopicGuildwars Going all Cracked out on Me
1884TopicGuildWars over the 3G modem?
1885TopicGetting horrible ping on college campus
1886TopicGuildwars, Nvidia, & the update?
1887TopicMy comp doesnt want to run GW.
1889TopicGuild Wars exiting on me...
1890Topicping spikes in gw
1891TopicLogin/Loading problem (error)
1892Topiclogin problems
1893Topicproblems with guild wars
1894TopicInsane Lag problems
1895TopicSomething Is Wrong...Error!
1896TopicClient Redownloading ALL of GW again!?
1897TopicGraphical Errors w/GW (Vista)
1898Topic~20FPS in Windows Vista
1899Topicdownloading gw
1900Topiclooking for a good gamecam
1901TopicWierd screen
1902TopicGuild Wars help (28 kbps Connection)
Pages: 1, 2
1903TopicThe Windows Key
1904TopicGW not loading properly
1905Topicwhat to do?
1906TopicCan't load any character
1907TopicFactions doesnt work??????
1908Topic-Image Thing (Vista)
1909TopicHow bandwidth hungry is Guild Wars?
1910TopicIs the server down?
1911TopicGraphical Issue, Please Assist
1912TopicComputer freezes when playing
1913TopicSound issues.
1914TopicWill the game work ?
1915TopicIssues Downloading
1916Topic[UK] Fellow Demon Internet users...
1917TopicCorrupt Files - Unlucky!
1918TopicDual Account Access
1919TopicGW Process priority
1920TopicGame files
1921TopicUsing GW on a flash drive
1922TopicImproving texture quality?
1923Topicnew ISP and possible packet loss
1924TopicGame freezing
1925TopicGuild Wars Nightfall wont Work:please help!!!
1926TopicSound Problems in Fort Aspenwood
1927Topicwierd error
1928TopicDownload game files outside of game???
1929TopicGuild Hall doesn't load?
1930TopicAre these comp temps good?
1931TopicDual view not working anymore
1932Topicxp 64-bit
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1933TopicCompaq Pop up while playin gw
1936TopicGuild Wars on a Mac?
Pages: 1, 2
1937TopicKind of a weird problem with my screen
1938TopicInstallation Problem
1939TopicComputer Problems (not sure if software or hardware)
1940Topicguild wars full screen issues
1941Topiccant login...
1942TopicBig graphic glitches with the game
1943TopicSomething wrong with control setting
1944TopicEotN In game music crackling.
1945TopicConflict with Nod32 Antivirus 3.0
1946TopicGrr Serious proph problem!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1947TopicNeed help logging in again
1949TopicLong activation time
1950TopicFPS Trouble
1951TopicFPS Problems at Vista
1952TopicFatal Error
1953TopicNeed Help Please
1954TopicDownloading maps
1955TopicOdd korean Texting
1956TopicCan't see emotes?
1957Topichm.. will gw run?
1958TopicConnecting to ArenaNet 0%
1959TopicGW causes my keyboard to stop working.
1960TopicCan anyone help please..
1961TopicTorture Test
1962TopicWhat would you do?
Pages: 1, 2
1963TopicWehhan Terraces crashes my game . . .
1965TopicSo my sound hates me.
1966TopicThe Right Control Key
1967TopicLog in problems again?
1968TopicGuild Wars not connecting?
1969TopicSound Feedback loop locks up GW
1970TopicThe lag is back?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1971TopicGlitchy tree's in EoTN
1972TopicAnet, sort your server problems out
Pages: 1, 2
1973TopicGW Server Crash??
1975Topic[Tell] me how to do a full install with the download client
1976TopicObjects in mirror are not where they appear...
1977TopicVirus alert Please HELP!
1978TopicPixels Problem :S
1979TopicNeeding help finding a proxy
1980TopicIE connecting problem
1981TopicFixing a graphical error without spending too much time
1982TopicLive Messenger Problem.
1983TopicLooking for expert advice
1984TopicExtremely Laggy Game
1985TopicDoes this sound like an ISP problem
1986TopicGuild Wars client keeps downloading same file
1987TopicGraphical Glitches/Anomalies
1988TopicLooking For Comcast User
1989TopicTerrible load times
1990TopicAm I screwd ^^?
1991TopicGraphics Problem
1992TopicGuild Wars won't mute audio when in background
1993TopicGlassy character
1994TopicTerrible Lag
1995TopicNot Responding (Vista/Nvidia?)
1996TopicBSOD error code help
1997TopicGraphics Nuisance
1998TopicHA Crashes pc
Pages: 1, 2
1999TopicWhy Am I Lagging So Much
2000TopicJumpy Gaming
2001TopicGame Crash
2002Topicdownloading client Vs Using Disks..
2003TopicNon-English Characters in web browser
2005TopicConnecting to Arena Net..
2006TopicSpeakers / Microphone messing up.
2007TopicWhere to begin waves of pain (any suggestions)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
2008TopicMy Assasin Runs like a NOOB
2009Topic1 pc 2 screens and two accounts
2010TopicGetting guild wars to run
2011TopicVideo Problems
2012TopicGuild Wars driver fail woes
2013Topichow would i go about securing my wireless network?
2014Topicinsane DL times
2015TopicI'm not sure about this
2016TopicInternet Connection going down..because of lag?!?
2017TopicOld account, lost campaigns?
2018TopicHelp! My ping has become worse.
2019TopicUpdate, Now Gw Wont Run.
Pages: 1, 2
2020TopicGraphics bugs?
2021TopicSecurity Question!
2022Topic"connecting to arenanet"
2023Topictrouble with counter strike : source.
2024TopicProblems when playing in a window!
2025TopicGuild Logout Times.. Weird bug/error
2026Topiccode 120 :S
2027TopicLocal DNS Errors
Pages: 1, 2
2028TopicStrange Graphical Errors
2029TopicInternet Security Compromised?
2030TopicNvision 08
2032TopicAnybody unable to Log In to Arena Net
2033TopicKeyboard Weirdness
2034TopicExcessive post-update lag?
2035TopicWierd error?
2036TopicUnable to write patch file
2037TopicProgram hangs when creating character
2038TopicFPS & Vista
2039TopicGuild wars making my comp reboot
2040TopicMajor Lag Spikes
2041TopicTerrible Lag When In Planes Of Jarin
2042TopicError when playing the game
2043TopicFrames Per Second Issue
Pages: 1, 2
2044TopicPlayNC Account Management is Down
2045TopicLagging Lagging Lagging, Im not laughing!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2047TopicVisual Styles
2048TopicModem connection
2049TopicGame lags when logged onto Vent
2050TopicGW not accessing the active Connection
2051Topicsevere lag problems
2052TopicError 1000000E
2053Topic"Expected 1 texture transform indices but got 0" Error
Pages: 1, 2
2054Topicerror 058
2055TopicProblems with USB Headset and/or Vista Drivers
2056TopicConnecting to arenanet...
2057TopicCan't Save Images and Templates
2058TopicRestart problems only for GW
2059Topicdriver failure. sometimes.
2060TopicHorrible Intense Laggage
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
2061TopicFreeze or lag?
Pages: 1, 2
2062TopicServer problems: Post ALL your ongoing Error 040 woes HERE
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2063TopicColor banding problem in log screen
2064TopicGetting Disconnected
2066TopicOh my.. What is this??
2067TopicPing problem
2068TopicFile Download & Processor;
2069TopicNot again...
Pages: 1, 2
2070TopicThe annoying lag... can now be solved! (Legally)
2071TopicSaving my Dat. file
2072TopicGW freezing my comp.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
2073TopicLazy keyboard
2074TopicSave Arenanet SERVER !!!Don't close server!!!
2075TopicUpdating my guild wars content before launching the game
2076TopicReattempting connection to the server (Code 13).
2077TopicGuildWars on Linux - now it's possible, with high FPS
Pages: 1, 2
2078TopicAlt + direction key = auto run now?
Pages: 1, 2
2079TopicUnrecoverable Graphics Driver Error?
2081TopicJust got exe file on computer
2082Topicdownloading over 20,000 files
2083TopicGuild Wars window mode without borders?
2084TopicCannot log in to Xunlai Tournament House
Pages: 1, 2
2085TopicProblem with internet\gw
2086Topicshould i use dx9c or dx10 for guildwars
2087TopicFreezing and 007 Error
2088TopicAverage Ping 5000!
2089Topichelp fast with connecting to game
2090Topiceotn crashing on cinematics
2091TopicEnabling Post-Process Effects causes a gray screen
2092TopicSignal Frequency Lost?
Pages: 1, 2
2093TopicGW crashes several times
2094TopicSystem Requirements
2095Topicnod32 constantly creates 007 error
2096TopicAny replies from A.Net/PlayNC in reguards to GW's Locking Up?
2097TopicAlt Codes Not Working
2098TopicThe right computer?
2100TopicXPS or Inspiron
Pages: 1, 2
2101Topic007 and 013
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2102TopicDisconnection Issues
2103TopicConstant Error Code = 013
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2104TopicNew computer problems
2105TopicTwo ISP's?
2106TopicOdd Connectivity Problem
2107TopicCan't connect UPDATE: ANet's response to server issues
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2108TopicLoading time - Zero files remaining
2109TopicGuild wars and mac
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2110TopicA guide to help answer the question “I think I am infected what do I do?”
2111TopicIs it possible...
2112TopicFew questions on updating a dinosaur
2113TopicGW crashes after connecting to the server
2114TopicSound problem
2115TopicGW shutting down
2116TopicError Code=058
2117TopicNode Type: (Blank)
Pages: 1, 2
2118TopicIn-Game Graphics Issues?
2119TopicShorten Download Time on new Computer
2120TopicGraphics error [Help appreciated]
2121TopicAnything I can do to improve playability?
Pages: 1, 2
2122TopicWhere Rahja is? Here.
Pages: 1, 2
2123Topicgraphics problem
2124TopicOver 100k files during -image
2125TopicQuick Question
2126TopicWeird graphical UI
2127TopicMedia Center + GW
2128TopicError upon opening
2129TopicTargeting Issues
2130TopicFPS Troubles
2131TopicGPU Price Wars
Pages: 1, 2
2132TopicGuild Wars crashing.
2133TopicConnection Issue
2134TopicGuildwars x2?
2135TopicGuild Wars on new but old computer with low specs.?
2136TopicConnection Issue to ANET
2137TopicLoosing Connection, ALOT.
2138TopicFrequent Freezing
2139TopicCan't see my friends?
2140Topicneed help from sum1 trust worthy will only take 2 mins
2141Topicanti-aliasing = blackout
2142TopicCompaq Support Info image overrides?
2144TopicUpdate/Anet connection not working
2145TopicTeleporting characters
2146Topicserver vs territory question
2147TopicRunning 2 GW Clients at once
Pages: 1, 2
2148TopicComputer Phenomena~
Pages: 1, 2
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2150TopicInstalling Problem
2151TopicLow FPS? Why?
2152TopicLog In Freeze
2153TopicUpgrading my graphics card
2154TopicHow hot does your video card get whislt playing?
Pages: 1, 2
2155TopicGuildwars over 3G network
2156TopicLoading Maps
2157TopicRazer Mouse Macro Stopped Working
2158TopicGW Freezing Constantly & Causing D/C!
2159TopicFreezing up during instalation
2160TopicAudio Language
2161TopicThis has me stumped?
2162TopicRAM questions
Pages: 1, 2
2163TopicWth! Password!
2164TopicCtrl + Attack not working
2165Topickeep getting BSOD's
2166TopicInstalling the game
2167TopicAny one else tired of rubber banding?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
Pages: 1, 2
2169TopicOdd problems (Text-languange changing and WMC Opening)
2170TopicUnable to connect
2171TopicSafe to delete?
2172TopicComputer Freezing Problem only during GW
Pages: 1, 2
2173TopicLow fps problem
2174TopicDell XPS M1530?
2175TopicCode=058,help pls :(
2176TopicAbrupt Exit
2178TopicWhat Graphics card to get?
2180Topicremoving all HDD files
2181TopicNeed a Techie answer for dummies
2182TopicJumping NPC bug
2183TopicDesktop Backgrounds!
2184TopicVid Card Problems?
2185TopicProblems after upgrading graphics drivers
2186Topicand the GPU plot thickens...
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2188TopicGMA 3100 - Need help pronto!
Pages: 1, 2
2189TopicGFX Card driver Error while in windowed mode
2190TopicI have an error, no GW:( Can anyone here help?
2191TopicError again :S
Pages: 1, 2
2192TopicAny idea what causes this?
Pages: 1, 2
2193TopicGame Crashing Computer
2194TopicConsulate docks is in-naccessable
2195TopicMore errors after the code 013
2196TopicError=005 at Destiny's Gorge
2197Topicinstalling eye of the north expansion pack
2198Topicgate of fear
2199TopicCant connect to Guild Wars
2200TopicWhich graphics card is better?
2202Topicquestion about my account
2204TopicNeed Extreme help.
2205TopicJumping People and White Cubes
Pages: 1, 2
2206TopicWhat i ordered :D
2207Topic[Buyers Guide] Graphic Cards and Power Supplies
2208Topicgraphic card amperage requirement.
2210TopicI can't see korean characters
2211TopicA little question...
2212TopicLooking for some new coolers
Pages: 1, 2
2214TopicGame Freezing
2215Topic[Tutorial] - Intergrated Intel Video Cards
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
2216Topicguru3D review of HD4850
Pages: 1, 2
2217TopiciTunes and all GW sound "dissapears"
2218TopicGame Activation Card not readable
2219TopicTime for Change: Tech Forum Remodel and Redesign
Pages: 1, 2
2220TopicThe nVidia GTX 280, Released and Benchmarked.
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2221TopicCharacter teleporting - what I tried and what worked
2222TopicBuild templates wont save
2223TopicInstalling Thermal Paste?
2224TopicSound problems
2225TopicMotherboard Advice
2226TopicInstallation problems
2227TopicWould 12ms LCD Monitor be good enough to play games?
2228Topicbuilding my new computer.
2229TopicRate This System
2230TopicDoes anyone know why this is happening?
Pages: 1, 2
2231TopicXunlai Tournament House password reset
2232TopicLan Server
2233TopicRandom disconnects
2234Topicdown load all files at once
2235TopicNvidea GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 video cards and GW...
2236TopicTips for future Upgrade
2237Topictime to build my new rig
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2238TopicFullscreen Freeze Issue
2240Topicnot abble to play 1 character after redownloading
2241TopicPetition for Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Support *Please Sign*
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
2242TopicComputer Vs. Console....
2243TopicRestoring Default Window Size
2244Topicslow minimizing/maximizing/exiting etc
2245Topicreally mad at support team!!!
2246TopicUpgrading advice....
Pages: 1, 2
2247TopicOcassional Freezing
2248TopicGW crashes, and I don't like that
2249TopicGraphics Chip?
2250TopicTextMod & gwx2 not loading up.
2251Topic8800 gts 512 vs 9800 gtx
Pages: 1, 2
2252Topichybrid sli?
2253TopicBlack screen upon freezing.
2254TopicThis laptop I have picked out... will it run GW?
2255Topicjust a quick question
2256TopicNew compter (kinda) more crashes
2257TopicTech fun... a quick break from giving advice!
2258Topictaking off GW FPS cap?
2259TopicCan't install Factions, odd error report.
2260TopicW00p, easy question: reinstalling and gw.dat
2261TopicGWx2 No Longer Working?
2262TopicUnable to Install GW or Nightfall
2263TopicGw.dat file size at this moment
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2264TopicGraphics Card Problems
Pages: 1, 2
2265TopicMajor Gw Lag
Pages: 1, 2
2266TopicForcing Refresh Rate
2267TopicUnable to Access Archive File
2268TopicThinking about buying this.
2269TopicNeed to buy a computer (old one died)
2270Topictemporal antialiasing
2271TopicCPU Frequency Error.
2272TopicXfire + XP 64 + Guild Wars
2273Topicground turns white while playing?
2274TopicLCD help needed.
2275TopicOverheating while playing GW
Pages: 1, 2
2276TopicRandom in-game freezes...need help
Pages: 1, 2
2277Topic007 Hates me
2278TopicComputer problem
2279TopicTri core v. Quad core
Pages: 1, 2
2280Topicproblem :(
2281TopicKSMob v1.4?!
2282TopicHorrible lag spikes and freezing
2283TopicWhich keyboard G15 or Cyborg?
2284TopicProblems with keyboard
2285TopicI Can't Get It Working Again.
Pages: 1, 2
2286TopicOverheating Video Card.
2287TopicCannot Connect to Anet
2288Topicwhich computer to buy?
2289TopicATI Radeon Xpress 200
2290TopicQuick Question
2291Topic"Input Not Supported"
2292TopicDo I Need a New Graphics Card?
2293TopicQuestion about AVG Free Edition antivirus
2294TopicNeed Advice - Upgrade or new computer? GW has 25 fps =*(
2295TopicGW is tweaking on me!!
2296Topicmy graphix has gone schiz
2297TopicBetter Ping servers
2298TopicDeath Leveling with a laptop?
2299TopicCPU fan issues
2300TopicGuild Wars FPS, oh noes, Vista, so many woes!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2301TopicThermaltake fridges
2302TopicAdvice in choosing a low profile Video Card
2303TopicMouse constantly flashes during game play
2304TopicBloody Ad-Ware.
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2305TopicQuick question on tracert and pings
2306Topicserious problem...please help
2307Topicserious problem...please help
2308TopicWeird Graphics Problem
2309TopicNeed help with monitor please!
2310Topic2 Guild Wars, 1 Cup
2311TopicGuild Wars just will not connect? No error
Pages: 1, 2
2312Topicgw.exe error?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2313Topicd/c with my laptop help techies pls!
2315TopicGuild wars not running?
2316TopicNeed a Little help
2317TopicWhat is "Anti-Alias(ing)"?
2318TopicError when leaving Matuu Keep
2319TopicTexMod Help Please :)
2320TopicFull Screen Edges
Pages: 1, 2
2321TopicOverheated Nvidia 7800 GTX
2322TopicTechno goulash
Pages: 1, 2
2323TopicRunning GW app twice
2324TopicConnection problems.
2325TopicFire and Smoke graphics problem
2326TopicVentrillo and guild wars problem
2327TopicPower Supply questions
Pages: 1, 2
2328TopicOver doing it, or is this a fine rig?
Pages: 1, 2
2329TopicI need a new video card.
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2330TopicProblems with Maneuvering
2331TopicNew Audio Card
2332TopicThermal Paste.
2333TopicInternet fails on startup
2334TopicLooking to get a new OS (Vista, obviously)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2335Topiclittle graphic problem
2336TopicSplash screen loads, got sound, but will not load zone/town
2337TopicKeep loosing connection.
2338TopicPlaying Guild Wars on PSP and/or DS
2339TopicFPS / G card problem
2340TopicDoes Nightfall and GWEN require more than Prophecies and Factions?
2341TopicA few questions about a computer configuration.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
2342Topicctrl+alt+down arrow
2343TopicGWx2 + TexMod - Can it be done?
2344TopicProblem with FPS
2345TopicGW2 / Vista / XP / DX10 question
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2346TopicWill this comp run guild wars
2347TopicFactions Not Working?
2348TopicVent, I Cant Type!
2349TopicGuild Wars Crashing
2350TopicAmd 690 Igp
2351TopicAoC on my computer
2352TopicBSOD due to Graphic Driver (possibly)
Pages: 1, 2
2353TopicNew Computer
2354TopicLag spikes
Pages: 1, 2
2355TopicHow do I change a thread's title?
2356TopicIE Keeps Crashing when i visit this website
2357TopicGuild Wars Computer Requirements
Pages: 1, 2
2358TopicVentrilo problems (Synchronizing)
2360Topiccan u techies check this laptop out pls?
Pages: 1, 2
2361TopicNew Rig
2362TopicMay 8th 2008 Update and Multiple Clients
Pages: 1, 2
2363TopicUnstable/high ping
2365Topicquick question..
2366TopicDual monitors?
Pages: 1, 2
2367TopicMy account is not available? anyone help?
Pages: 1, 2
2368TopicGuild Wars Moniter Freakout
2369TopicSpecial-click, what is it?
2370Topicsystem requirements for GW2
2371TopicGWG main page broken
2372TopicWindowed vs Fullscreen
2373Topic1 Account, 2 computers
2374Topicodd error
2375TopicNeed new PC pre-built 1200$ budget
2376TopicGW on 64 Bit Rig
2377TopicDell Vostro, will GW run ?
2378Topicneed a new wireless router
2379TopicNew Computer, Well-Used GW Account
2380TopicInvite problem
2381TopicHaving trouble loading the page
2382TopicProblem with loading
2383TopicFlash died?
2384TopicErr 13's
2385TopicHas anyone tried playing GW on a notebook...
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2386TopicRunning 3 GWs at the same time?
2387TopicCannot Change Districts
2388TopicNOD32 - just the AV or the firewall too?
Pages: 1, 2
2389TopicAny South-eastern Asian players having issues?
2390Topicneed a computer for under $1k
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2391TopicFirefox 3 RC 1 out now!
Pages: 1, 2
2392TopicLow FPS on high spec machine?
Pages: 1, 2
2393TopicConnection issues using Putty/Freecap with GW
2394TopicNeed help with a ~600 dollar computer.
2395TopicAnybody using Nightfall on minimum pc requirements?
2396TopicNPC's Jumping
2397TopicBuying components
2398TopicGw freezes in title screen
2399TopicVista compatable programs
2400TopicTrackballs vs. Mices
Pages: 1, 2
2401TopicHow long does it take for support to actually do something?
2402TopicMy laptop sounds like a washing machine
2403TopicComputer Turns on But doesnt start
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2404TopicScreen video capturing software
2405TopicWierd guildwars problem(not sure if its lagg)
2406TopicMicrosoft webpages and Live Messebger don't work
2407TopicQuad-core chop
2408TopicTexmod Help
2409TopicEnabling EAX on vista 64 w/ creative labs X-fi extreme gamer
2410TopicHow to fix DAT?
2411TopicConstant freezes/crashes
Pages: 1, 2
2412TopicAVG 8.0 Free- Released
Pages: 1, 2
2413TopicGW crashes - please help!
2414Topickinda funny problem here
2415Topicpm8m-v motherboard
2416TopicRunning 2 Instances on 1 PC Explained
2417TopicPop up problems
2418TopicWhat's your average ping?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2419TopicIs there a way to set my framerate lower?
2420TopicKey Decryptor?
2421TopicMotherboard temps..
2422TopicTons Of Spyware, Please Help Me!!!!
Pages: 1, 2
2423TopicLag Thread - Another one
2424TopicRubberwalking makes me cry
2425Topicserver distance causing Lag...
2426TopicBuying MacBook Pro - Need Suggestions On Windows 'Emulator'
2427TopicSkill Activation/Hero problems
2428TopicLost passwords
2429Topic[UK] Any demon internet users having issues?
Pages: 1, 2
2430TopicHmm.. Guild Wars priority.
Pages: 1, 2
2431TopicA "Hack prevention Guide" (needs contributing)
Pages: 1, 2
2432TopicEasier way to update?
2433TopicQuestion on Reinstalling Client
2434TopicError Message Preventing startup
2435TopicSite Admins - Just an FYI
2436TopicWhere To Go To Update Your Drivers
2437Topiccomputer freezes with new ram
2438TopicZones down?
Pages: 1, 2
2439TopicGW crashes my pc
2440TopicUsing Contig in CMD command w/ Vista
2441TopicTrouble With Texmod
2442TopicNeed new computer.
2443TopicContig - Defragging Gw.dat
2444TopicNew computer can't install?
2445TopicAbout my Mobo O_O
2446TopicMultiple err codes
2447TopicRemoving WMP11...
2448TopicGuild Wars Clicking interface problems
2449TopicChoppy screen movement
2450TopicLow-quality textures except for my own avatar
2451TopicRAM problems..
Pages: 1, 2
2452TopicBIOS- Say what?
2453TopicPlaying console on Computer mon?
2454Topiclimewire uses 90-100% of cpu
Pages: 1, 2
2455TopicComputer Slowness
2456TopicWindows XP Service Pack 3 now on Windows Update
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2457TopicFPS ceiling?
Pages: 1, 2
2458Topicwill this work?
2459TopicProcedural animation in GW2?
2460TopicExploding CDs
2461TopicConnection problems with GW may/10
2462TopicProblem with spyware
Pages: 1, 2
2463Topiccheck this out
Pages: 1, 2
2464TopicNew Laptop
2465TopicLag, err7 on multiple computer setup Flashy AND Crashy...
2467Topicshadows glitching
2468TopicOpinion on 2 different HW configs
2469Topicforcing gw to run on a single core
2470TopicPC specs
2471TopicBest hdd
2472Topicredundant lag with crappy virgin internet?
2473TopicLag Problems with GW
2474TopicGuild Wars FPS
Pages: 1, 2
2475Topicpentium 4 HT, GW maxes out at 50% CPU usage
2476TopicAccount Creation Error
2477TopicHow do i dual boot WinXP pro and window vista ultimate 64bit. 0.0
Pages: 1, 2
2478TopicVista Installation Problem
2479TopicNew PC limits?
2480TopicAB Clipping
2481TopicA strange predicament with GW and my video card drivers
2482TopicNew notebook RAM issue
Pages: 1, 2
2483TopicHow good is cyberpower?
2484TopicHow well can this laptop run GW?
2485Topicdifference between 32bit vs 64bit OS
Pages: 1, 2
2486TopicIf I added more RAM...
Pages: 1, 2
2487TopicWhy is gwguru misdirecting me?
2488TopicNew 8800GT problems.
Pages: 1, 2
2489TopicAnti keylogger guide (easy part,advanced part,über part)
2490TopicMcAfee Hates My TexMod
2491TopicMulti display window size cap
2492TopicYouTube won't work
2493TopicWndows 2000 - EOTN etc
2494TopicMinimize Crash
2495TopicGW on Ubuntu?
2496TopicCant log in to my account
2497TopicQuestion: about my computer case.
2498TopicInterface issue!
2499TopicChange mail
2500TopicHigh ping ftl? :(
2501TopicVERY wierd lag problems
2502TopicImproving Loading-screen time
2503TopicMy new gaming rig :)
Pages: 1, 2
2504TopicQuestion for Arenanet on GW2!(requirements to play GW2)
2505TopicStrange graphics bug
2506TopicIs this enuff power =(?
Pages: 1, 2
2507TopicGW and this laptop?
2508TopicTechy Desktop addons/programs.
2510TopicGuild wars with out a mouse? :S
2511TopicUnable to play
2512TopicWine and ATi hates me
2513TopicGW log in code 058 issue
2514Topic9 series mobile?
2515TopicWants to format my GW disk.
2516TopicNeed Video card advice.
2517TopicSmall Black Screen
2518TopicIs this safe?
Pages: 1, 2
2519TopicQuestion on Internet Connection Speed
2520TopicWhich motherboard doesn't suck for running Radeons?
2521TopicNot Able to Defragment GW
2522TopicPlaying Guild wars then........ plz help
2523Topicwhere do you buy your computer components?
2524TopicHow good is the Geforce 9800 GTX?
2525TopicComputer Crashing
Pages: 1, 2
2526TopicStutter & kick to desktop - erk!
2527TopicBuying a new computer.
2528TopicHow good is the Geforce 8500 video card?
2529TopicVideo Card Options
2530TopicLogin Problem
2531TopicGW crashes causing pc to shut down!
2532TopicMy PC goes crazy! >.<
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2533TopicRandom Crashes?
2534TopicThe Final List
2535TopicMobo + Video card help URGENT
2536TopicLaptop Advice
2537TopicPopup ads on GW guru
2538Topicwhat one I should buy?
2539TopicCPU Coolers
2540TopicBest-bang-for-the-buck computer and monitor
2541TopicHows this computer for guild wars?
2542TopicNew Computer Build Ideas
2543Topiclooking for a laptop
2544TopicPushing my luck? [Monitor woes]
Pages: 1, 2
2545TopicGW on Linux (mandriva)
2546TopicGuild Wars Servers of Australia?...
2547TopicNetwork Error!!!
2548TopicAm I Doomed?! Print Screen problem
2549Topicyay, i broke my graphic card's heat spreader
2550TopicSloppy support sloppy game
2551TopicGeforce 7600 vs. 8400
2552TopicCan someone please point me to a decent Desktop in the $700 range?
2553TopicGW.exe +90% CPU
Pages: 1, 2
2554TopicPlease Help! TexMod And GIMP Problems!
2555TopicWorried about GPU..
2556TopicCharater Animation/Emote problems
2558TopicI really, really need help!
2559Topic2 guildwars clients , 1 computer.
2560TopicShould I buy this computer for guild wars?
2561TopicSpeedtest your ISP.
2562TopicGuildWars error while downloading/decompressing (starting) the game.
2563TopicPowerless and frustrated...
2564TopicAnti-Spyware Programs?
2565TopicBIG Trouble, Unsolvable? =(
2566TopicPrinter problems
2567TopicGW crashes
2568Topici have proph,fac,nf, but...
2569TopicQuestions: About Monitors.
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2570TopicFPS, PING Problem
2571TopicVista SP1 killed my audio
2572TopicGraphics drivers
2573TopicSo I bought a new comp
2574TopicGW on Mac
2575TopicPlease Help! Lockin up!
2576TopicGW Keeps crashing mid-play
2577TopicLoading Screens suddenly take forever
2578TopicWhat is a good computer brand to trust?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2579TopicDecent Download Manager
2580TopicSlow comp with Weird lines
2581TopicArenaNet NOW!
2582TopicGame Crashes/Mouse Pointer Erratic
2583TopicIs ping measured by your download and upload speed?
2584TopicAlt-Tab woes?
2585TopicWhat happens if I have to replace my CMOS battery?
2586TopicConnecting to Anet..........
2587TopicVista SP1 and Samsung monitors
2588TopicGraphics errors
Pages: 1, 2
2589TopicNew Computer - good?
2590TopicDual screen?
2591TopicIntel Integrated
2592Topiccomputer without monitor display
Pages: 1, 2
2593TopicVista freezing
2594TopicOverclocking confusion.
2596TopicDesktop Upgrade
2597TopicFrames Per Second (FPS)
Pages: 1, 2
2598Topicjumping npc's
2599TopicNew Skill Icons Have No Description
2600TopicLag Oh The Lag
2601TopicOpinions on a new graphics card?
Pages: 1, 2
2602TopicRAM Compatability Question
2603TopicCan't get GW to even start
2604TopicRepairing data archive...
2605TopicRecurring lag spikes
2606TopicWiFi problems.
2607TopicNo Dvd Drive
2608TopicWireless stuff
2609TopicNew Secondary Hard Drive
2610Topic5.1 sound in Guild Wars
2611TopicGraphics Problem
2612TopicLost cd keys.
2613Topicnon-resumable errors
2614TopicCan I use a hair dryer?
2615TopicTrend Micro=Client Problems?
2616TopicIs there any way i can do a fully back-up of all GW files?
2617TopicRestart Problems (exclusive to GW)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
2618TopicI keep dc'ing
2619Topicproblem ??
2620Topicerror report
2621TopicShutdown, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate .exe
2622TopicVista's Doing It Again
2623TopicNew Keyboard or Rodent?
Pages: 1, 2
2624TopicHelp please?
2625TopicProblem after downloading GW client
2626TopicWhat is a good computer to upgrade to on Cdn budget?
2627TopicLaptop keyboard.
2628TopicWhat does this mean in Task Manager?
2629TopicOverheating crashes..
2630TopicBroadband Thresholds
2631TopicXbox 360 controller
2632TopicConnectivity issue - April 8th - euro based
2633TopicKey Logger on my computer.
2634TopicPSU Extra Cabling
2635Topicquestion about -perf and ping?
2636TopicCollege! Time for a Laptop
Pages: 1, 2
2637TopicTerrible FPS with Vista+DualCore+GeForce8800
Pages: 1, 2
2638Topiclogin menu freeze?
2639TopicHigh latency in RA, TA and AB areas
2640TopicDell Laptop Video Card Question
2641TopicCrashing and Bashing.. More than GW now
2642Topicgraphic problems!
2643TopicLaptop expected tomorrow - GW Performance
2644TopicDownloading the update
2645TopicBad Lag Day
2646TopicNeed some help
2647TopicGW on 128MB nVidia Go 8400GS
2648TopicVirgin Media Broadband Users
2649Topichigh def graphics
2650TopicWhat do you clean your monitor with?
2651TopicRazor mouse issue.
2652TopicAdding Keys!!
2653TopicFaster CPU, or Hard Drive?
Pages: 1, 2
2654TopicVirtual Memory issue
2655TopicCrashing Problems
2656TopicA question about mid-range video cards
Pages: 1, 2
2657Topic64bit Vista and gaming in general
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
2658TopicLiquid Cooling or replacing stock case?
2659TopicGW Crashing
2660TopicWill this Computer run guild Wars?
2661TopicGW (and other PC-based games) on a Mac
2662TopicUnable to Initialize 3D Output
2663TopicGuild Wars from a USB-Stick?
Pages: 1, 2
2664TopicNew Notebook
2665TopicProblems with nVIDIA 6150 LE
2666TopicQuad or Dual Core, ok with GW?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2667TopicSocks Proxy
2668TopicHelp with GWx2 pls
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
2669Topicneed a video card... suggestions?
Pages: 1, 2
2670TopicGuild War's speedy performance
2671TopicComptuer restart issue
2672TopicWeird bug
2673TopicGame crashing- repair data archive
2674TopicWhich video card should I buy?
2675TopicNew Lag Problem :(
2676TopicRecent build
2677TopicSucky FPS + no ideas left
2678TopicStick Man in GW? HELP!
2679TopicRe-installing Multimedia Audio Controller
2680Topici get more frame rates when everyone is a stickman
2681TopicVent problems from a computer (Noob)
2682Topicneed some advise plz
2683Topicloads of DCs
2684TopicGuild wars crashing
2685TopicProblem defragmenting gw.dat
2686TopicSound Problems
2687TopicHelp with new video card
2689TopicCant access friends list & player status
2690TopicHeadset troubles
2691TopicLagg Spike Party Dies In TOPK
2693TopicBlocks of White?!
2694Topiciv just installed guildwars but it has no music
2695TopicInterference with Mic headset
2696TopicVent Server
2697Topichow does Verizon fios compare to DSL or Comcast cable modem
2698TopicRandom Crashes?
2699Topichaving withdrawls
2700TopicNot able to connect, nor even see err code
2701TopicGame updating slowly???
2702TopicOpinion on new system
2703TopicEmotes are broken
2704Topicno shortcut
2705TopicTouchpad mouse on a laptop
2706TopicRadeon 3850 and adaptive AA
2707Topicdisconnects are killing me
2708TopicCan't Connect...
2709TopicMy computer screen goes Blue and computer shuts down!
2710Topici take a screen shot and
2711TopicNeed some suggestions, video card
Pages: 1, 2
2712TopicRepairing Data Archive
2713TopicGuild Wars starts crashing all of a sudden
Pages: 1, 2
2714TopicMy language went all weird!!!
2715TopicBanned Account..?
2716TopicGuild Wars keeps on crashing with this error, someone please help.
2717TopicQuestion: About video cards.
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2718TopicLag spikes, unplayable
2719TopicGuildwars Currently Unstable?
2720TopicGot Factions via ingame store and no VO for Cutscenes
2721Topicdisconnect with error 007
2722TopicConnection Issues - 005 - for 2 hours now - HELP!
2723TopicTwo Copies of Guild Wars
2724TopicPost your worst computer able to run Guild Wars!
2725TopicGuildWars 4gb/wxp64x
2726TopicHere's a crazy one for you: can't use low/med textures, but can use high.
2727Topicproblem with monitor / lag
2728Topicradeon 1650 pro agp edition
2729TopicGuild Wars doesn't detect DirectX10
2730TopicInstallation Problem: Arena Net Connection
2731Topicunable to connect? :S
2732TopicRubberbanding and bad camera whilst running in griffon's mouth?
2733TopicWestern Digital external HDD
Pages: 1, 2
2734TopicMore MOre MORe MORE!!!
2735Topicinsane lag in guildwars since 2 months.
2736TopicDisconnecting and various error codes
2737TopicCan't Create New Character
2738TopicMicrosoft Windows Vista SP1 now available!
2739TopicFatal Error Omfg
2740Topicwindows on a USB
2741TopicMy friend can't trade anymore...
2742TopicLoading screen stuck at 0%
2743Topiccant leave guild hall
2744TopicNvidia Update: 9800 GX2 and nForce 790i Released!
2745TopicLaptop - Asus M51Sn AS049C
2746TopicWireshark & Chatlogs
2747TopicIs 8400M G good for guild Wars(laptop)?
2748TopicQuestion: will this mobo work for me
Pages: 1, 2
2749TopicNew Laptop arriving today. GW Performance question.
2750TopicStaying connected today?
2752Topicbonus mission pack crashes!
2753TopicGuild Wars keeps Freezing entire comp
2754TopicWill this upgrade be with it?
2755TopicGw's Kicking me out!!!
2756TopicLagg in kamadan, kaineng, LA after latest update?
2757TopicVoice Chat?
2758Topichow do i set up internet?
2759TopicComputer Interent problem
2760TopicJust bought the malfunction
2761TopicWindows Installer CleanUp Utility
2762TopicGWx2 Dual Copies Question
2763TopicCan't Access Factions campaign
2764TopicIs that lag ?
2765TopicCrashing when talking to an NPC
2767Topicincreasing fps on a really bad comp
Pages: 1, 2
2768TopicComputer making beeps?
Pages: 1, 2
2769TopicHow will GW run on this
2770TopicRepair Data Archive and now no emotes
2771TopicTake that Creative Labs
2772TopicGFX issues with new pc
2773TopicFPS/Perfomance Issues
2774TopicA Bad Freeze
2775TopicSound Problem - AudioFX Pro 5+1
2776TopicMedia Center launches after closing the game.
2777TopicMajor Bug
2778TopicAm i a moron?
2779TopicMicrophone problems
Pages: 1, 2
2780Topicinternet err5
2781TopicRunning GW on a 64-bit system
2782TopicArea Transition Lock-Up
2783TopicGW on an Intel GMA 950 laptop card?
2784TopicGW Deleting Itself
2785TopicFan Problem
2786Topichow do I disable the windows key on my notebook?
2787TopicHow will GW run on this laptop? Similar users come in!
2788TopicHave a problem; Got a question. (Again)
2789TopicGuild Wars Keeps Crashing?
2790TopicLost username/password
2791TopicDirectX March 2008
2792Topicstuck on connecting
2793TopicTrouble with defragging
2794Topicconnecting to areananet
2795Topicactivation key
2796TopicBlue Screen Of Death
2797Topicguild wars client download
2798TopicDisconnecting like crazy today
2799TopicNeed Help Quick
2800TopicRunning GW on Wine
2801TopicStrange Delay
2802TopicGuild wars driver error? "must terminate"
2803TopicHow Will Guild Wars Run on my new system?
2804Topicguys i need some MAJOR help with an error with GW
2805Topiccant get online please help
2806TopicA little aid with video cards :\
2807Topic8800 GT, Nvidia made or BFG?
2808TopicP:\Code\Base\rtl/IdMgr.h(72) & Dx9Tex.cpp(1232) - WTF??
2809TopicShort Freezes
2810TopicBlurry/blocky textures on GeForce 6600GT/8600GT
2811TopicCrash with 'P:\Code\Base\rtl/IdMgr.h(72)'
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2812TopicHelp With Guild Wars Crash Please!!!
2813TopicInternet speed question. plugin for GIMP??
2815Topicmy specs and guild wars
2816TopicVideo Card Help
2817TopicNot sure if...
2818Topichelp installing windows please
2819TopicIncreasing fps?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2820TopicHelp with Texmod
2821TopicVentrilo Connecting
2822Topicleft ctrl+space ot working :S
2823TopicGraphical glitches and BSOD's...
2824Topic[solution] Intel X3100, 965 chipset
2825TopicCant seem to get the grogginess
2827TopicGw freezing
2828TopicGraphics Issue - unable to use one of my characters
2829TopicTurning Down the Graphics
2830Topicanyone else getting unplayable ping since last update?
Pages: 1, 2
2831TopicVentrilo.exe - Application Error
2832Topicvery high pings on a monster-pc
2834TopicHow can I make GW connect using a proxy?
2835TopicSilver Character Models
2836TopicMinor graphics glitches on Intel 965 chipset
2837TopicQuick questions about video memory
2838Topic2 accounts 2 computers same internet
2839TopicHow toget rid of bad lag?
2841TopicNoteBook but which?
2842TopicInscription Problem
2843TopicMouse not fitted to screen correctly?
2844TopicUnable to connet to anet
2845TopicNew Motherboard
Pages: 1, 2
2846TopicConnection problems since start of the GW:EN event
2848Topicnv4_disp error
2849TopicLaptop constantly crashing.
2850TopicMotherboard Question?
2851TopicLoading issue
2852TopicDo I need to reformat after replacing parts?
2853TopicCached pics
2854Topicupdate err 7?
2855TopicSerious error, need help!
2856TopicAnyone had this problem, and had it resolved?
2857TopicReplacing a CPU.
Pages: 1, 2
2858TopicQuestion about Team Speak
2859TopicExperiencing uncontrollable lag
2860Topicwaste of time playing
2861TopicMicro Switch Wire
2862TopicGuild Wars Crashing My Connection?
2863TopicError Code 1751336
2864TopicQuestion, about a security feature.
2865Topicthe blue screen of death
2866TopicFuture-proofing my GPU...
Pages: 1, 2
2867TopicVERY Slow Connection
2868TopicCopying DirectSong's GW music to the GW folder
2869Topicconnecting issues
2870Topic"Connecting..." "Connecting.." 45k Ping...
2871TopicGraphics glitch, any help appreciated!!
2872TopicGetting ready for a new case
2873TopicF2-F12 keys not working
2874Topicgraphic card
2875TopicAdvice, suggestions, flames and more...all needed here
2876TopicNice GW Tool
2877TopicQuestion about my computer running gw.
2878TopicAll Start-up programs lost: Retriving them!
2879TopicCrazy stuttering
2880TopicVista and backing up Guild Wars
2881Topicdrivers and settings for old graphic card
2882Topicnew graphics card, gw keeps crashing
2883TopicTemplate Directory Question
2884TopicGuild Wars Crashing Connecting To RA Maps/Battlefields
2885TopicLoading Ascalon City?
2886TopicTwo questions for your enjoyment
2887TopicUnable to write patch file
2888TopicMotherboard Quandry?
2889Topicmicrophone issue
2891TopicRegarding Defragging:
2892TopicError 007 while reconnecting
2893TopicMassive lag problem
2894TopicProblems when loading Yohlon Haven
2895TopicFree DvD Repair
2897TopicCannot Connect w/ Client Arena Net
2898Topicsuggestion on gaming mouse and game pad
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2899Topicwhich motherboard to go with
2900TopicLooking for decent headphones
Pages: 1, 2
2901TopicShouldn't this be fixed by now?
2902TopicBad LAG ever since Canthan new year
2903TopicGame Freezes in Rata Sum?
2904TopicCould Vertical Sync be the culprit?
Pages: 1, 2
2905TopicYodm 3D 1.4
2906TopicGW on Ubuntu
2907TopicAnyone know which graphics card is better?
2908TopicBlue Screen of Death
2909Topiccan not access certain sites on the internet, HELP!
2910Topiccomputer issues
2911TopicMonitor Resolution Issues
2912Topic"Connecting to Arenanet"
2913TopicBest Graphics Card On A Tight Budget?
2915TopicJumping NPC's?
2916TopicSound Card
2918TopicVista Command Line
2919TopicTexmod Issues
2920TopicBeen hacked
2921TopicCPU Usage Spiking
2922Topicthe plaync site so fail(+how to run dual GW?)
2923TopicQuestion on Video Card
2924TopicBetter Connection--> Faster game?
2925TopicI can't connect to Arena Net
2927TopicComputer Protection?
Pages: 1, 2
2928Topicwhich is a good video card?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2930TopicMore problems with GW
2931TopicTexMod Problem
2932TopicMore PROBLEMS!
2933TopicComputer Freezing
2934TopicIs there a problem with my router or my wireless usb adapter?
2935TopicGW crash, memory could not be read
2936TopicHow to -image Guild Wars on Mac?
2937TopicProblem Connecting to ArenaNet
2938TopicDefective RAM? Overheating
2939Topicincorrect memory clock on PCI graphic card
2940TopicGraphics Cards
2941Topicusing headset and speakers sametime
2942TopicRebinding Laptop Function Keys, Hardware or Software?
2943TopicOut Of Memory Errors
Pages: 1, 2
2944TopicRepairing Data Archive?
2945TopicDownload Client Trouble - another (apparantly) lacking connection
2946TopicStuck at Ascalon City loading Screen
2947Topic'Whisper'/'friends list' communication problem
2948TopicVideo Editing Questions (not sure where this should go)
2949TopicBIOS download screws up graphics
2950TopicMy male monks are glitched.
2951TopicQuick question
2952Topici have a question
2953TopicVista question - OEM versions
2954TopicDid Geeksquad just scam me?
2955TopicMultiprocessor support??
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2956TopicWho here has their visual theme disabled?
2957TopicOut of memory...
2958Topiccan my com handle GW?
2959Topic3d Analyze for Wehhan Terraces
2960TopicNew pc=wtf?
2961TopicStuck on Connecting to ArenaNet 0%
2962TopicWhich Monitor?
2963Topicproblem with ANET?
2964Topic'Unable to Install'
2965TopicError (Code=26)?
2966TopicSuper lag out of no please
Pages: 1, 2
2967TopicGraphics controller memory usage
2968TopicI have no clue about computers. What to upgrade too for latest games?
Pages: 1, 2
2969TopicIdeas on what will be needed for GW2
2970TopicNew Computer...will it run Gw
2971TopicCant Play "Americas Army"
2972TopicNew Vid Card, New Lag
2973TopicPerformance Question.
2974Topic2d and 3d images
2975TopicGW.EXE ate my resources (99%)
2976TopicProblems with performance
2977Topicmaintaining aspect ratio
2978TopicBackground Download ?
2979TopicComputer Freeze up at login
2980TopicNot guild wars problem. but computer problem.
2981TopicGW music very low
2982TopicI purchased Eset Smart Security,
2983TopicI purchased Eset Smart Security
2984TopicNeed A Mouse For Hardcore Gaming
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2985TopicNew Computer...
2986TopicPSU ATX cable / Motherboard ... wtf?
2987TopicQ6600 C2Quad Prices
2988TopicJust built myself a new system
2989TopicFAT32 and GW.dat
2990TopicProcessor going?
2991TopicWhat Should I upgrade too and what’s the Price?
2992Topic"Digital Power Saving Mode"
2993Topic7600 GS Video Card Problem
2994Topic2.53GHz Processor. Is that any good.
2995TopicBIOS and Booting
2996TopicBlue screen
2997TopicQuestion about PSU, for possible GPU upgrade.
2998Topicgw broken?
2999TopicOnline Store won't let me buy stuff
3000TopicInability to load zones (URGENT)
3001TopicGame not supporting resolution once had
3002TopicBad Lag in ILLINOIS AREA
3003TopicOT: How to load balance traffic across more than one Internet connection?
3004TopicGraphics Strangeness and Error
3005TopicLower FPS on higher end Graphics Card
3006TopicINTENSE lag
3007Topicblue screen of death when useing text mod
3008TopicQuick question
3009Topic'A serious error has occured...'
3010TopicCommodore and the casing that wasen't there....
3011TopicGraphics Blackscreen
3012TopicScreen blinks while Mapping or zoning - stated with latest update
3013TopicBestway to transfer data from IDE drive to SATA
3014Topicmotherboard die lastnight ,guild wars save info
3015Topiccant find gfx card type
3016Topicdelayed write failed
3017TopicGuild Wars Freezing
3018TopicReformatted HD, dont know what drivers to get
3019TopicPlaying on Guildwars then suddenly it freezes and the screen goes black...HELP!
3020TopicLag spike each few minutes.
3021TopicGetting Network Error Code=1751256
3022TopicStrange error when trying to create PlayNCaccount through online store
3023TopicEmotes Graphic Problems
3024Topic[ Guildwars Not Starting Up The First Time ]
3025TopicBMP Lag
3027TopicGW stuck on "connecting to arena net" screen
3028TopicGW Not Working.
Pages: 1, 2
3029TopicGW and gpu
3030TopicHome Network IP Conflict
3031TopicInstallation-Not responding-Game still works
3032Topicglowing white blocks - extensive problem
3033TopicPC Crashes when GW running
3034TopicHelp with skill templates
3035TopicSound Problems
3036TopicVent Delay
3037TopicQuestion: Is switching hard drives back and fourth ok?
3038TopicPlease do something about theese bots!
3039TopicLoading errors
3040TopicArenaNet Connection Problems (Installation)
3041TopicArmor like 'plastic-wrapped'
3042TopicNot sure if this is the right area, but need help with Vent.
3043TopicHeadset only gives sound to one ear.
3044TopicSeveral weird errors out of the blue
3045TopicContrast problem?
3046TopicExtreme Lag
3047TopicGuild Wars Crashes after 3 seconds of Starting it Up
3048TopicHmm no sound..where to get the druvers for it?
3049TopicWandering Log Out Button...
3050TopicCharacter Select Crash
3051TopicGame Crashing
3052TopicPC :s
Pages: 1, 2
3053TopicOmega Drivers, are you using them.
3054TopicSeed Of Life Crash Bug
3055Topicinstalling problems
3056TopicNeed Coding Genius
3057Topicingame store black screen with code=173 or 222 at end of long wait
3058Topicwhat is up with my armor?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pages: 1, 2
3059TopicIs an ATI Radeon HD 2400 compatible?
3060TopicCannot Connect
3061TopicMore fps
3062TopicFatal error
3063TopicMy game crashes in dual channel
3064TopicAuto Detect
3065TopicSound messes up when exiting guild wars
3067Topic''Texture Ripping"?
3068TopicGuild Wars Connection problems with Vista.
3069Topicfree game
3070TopicRefresh Rate 60hz Makes Game Run Faster!
3071TopicQuick question regarding temps.
3072TopicTotal System Lockdown.
3073TopicATI driver errors
3074TopicGuildWars Connexion Problem!
3075TopicDual Boxing
3076TopicBringing DOWN my PING!
3077TopicMemory Error
3078TopicWeird pixel on the desktop.
3079TopicSeriously annoying me. (Graphics card)
3080Topici cannot complete finding gadd....
3081TopicExtreme Ping: Only in Outposts/Cities
3082TopicLag The Most
3083TopicGraphic Card Error
3085TopicTo the end point. black crashes.....
3086TopicInstalling Nightfall problems
3087TopicNew case/power supply...having some issues
3088Topiccant install the game
3089TopicTexture Problems
3090Topiccode=045 suspended for 335 hours
Pages: 1, 2
3091TopicInternet connection trouble.
3092TopicProblems in GW Store
3093Topicconnection troubles
3094TopicVista compatable gameboard needed
3095TopicDoes my Motherboard Support SataII?
3096TopicGW .dat file
3097TopicMy GW won't load
3098Topicerr 007. Help please? ''/
3099TopicConnectivity Problems: West Coast - Anet's End, But No Resolve - Anyone Else?
3100TopicRecent Performance Issues
3101TopicSpeccing a new PC - seek advice and opinion
Pages: 1, 2
3102TopicHelp pls.
3103TopicNeed help with Router
3104Topicpls help me maby you know how
3105TopicDDR 3200 1Gb Upgrade to 2gb worth it?
3106TopicVideo Card Confusion
3107Topicstrange lag/pauses, ping unaffected...
Pages: 1, 2
3108TopicHARDWARE LAG- 3 Hours?
3109TopicForcing higher resolution?
3110TopicRepairing Data archive?
3111Topicim having problems
Pages: 1, 2
3112TopicTIPs for speed
3113TopicExternal Hard Drive Question
3114TopicSwitched from dail-up to Satellite
3115TopicQuestion: Windows Licences.
3116TopicAdvice on Upgrading Video Card
3117TopicWhite pixels around EOTN models with AA enabled
3118TopicHUGE load times since reinstall
3120TopicCode 005
3121Topiccomputer building project
3122Topicupgradeing computer
3124TopicCode 58 - Can't log into Guild Wars
3125TopicWierd Account Problem
3126TopicWhat Ports and Sockets does GW run through?
Pages: 1, 2
3127TopicQuestion about guildwars on a laptop
Pages: 1, 2
3128TopicAuctions are down incase it was already noted :/
3129TopicCrashes since Crossfire
3130Topicbuying new computer (usa)
3131TopicBoot Problem Part 2... Oh Dear -> Power Supply - Quick Question
3132TopicImpossible FPS
3133TopicMotherboard suggestions...
3134TopicGraphical anomalies
Pages: 1, 2
3135TopicDesktop icon question
3136TopicMinimal XP installation
Pages: 1, 2
3137TopicDDR2 5400 vs DDR2 6400
3138Topicload up problem
3139TopicNeed Help Finding a Motherboard for my Processor!
3140TopicHelp! Invisible Mice!
3141Topicgraphics driver error
3142TopicHow to fix Err=7
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
3143TopicCPU/Motherboard Overheating constantly
3144TopicAmd Athlon 64 3000+ Upgraded to Amd Athlon 64 4000+ = ?
3145Topicerror 26
3146TopicVentrilo- screwed up.
3147TopicSerious Boot Up Problem
3148Topic"Out of memory, Array.cpp(88)" pls help
3149TopicNvidia Gefore 6800 XT Vs. ATI Radeon X1650 pro
3150TopicDo GW:Nightfall works on my pc?
3151TopicPossible to use Cursor without a Mouse?
3152TopicLag, from sound?
3153Topicrandom reboots in GW
3154TopicFreezing in Same Spot
3155TopicBlue Screen Error: nv4_disp.dll
3156TopicI am going to buy a new desktop computer.
3157TopicGame Crash
3158TopicWhat do I need for the next big one?
3159TopicGame uninstalling itself?
3160TopicNew keyboard .....opinions?
3161TopicRandom crashes
3162TopicWhat Hardware and Software is used for GW Servers?
3163TopicLogitech MX500
3164TopicLaptop for friend
Pages: 1, 2
3165TopicNeed Help disagnosing problem
3166TopicSome product help
3167TopicCompletely free registry cleaner
3168TopicNew PC
3169TopicEye of the North Stuttering
3170Topicsearch function IN Game issue.
3171TopicJora As A White Blob On My Screen
3172TopicGraphic error: Male FoW helm
3173TopicPlayNC Account Help.
3174TopicCan't get game to load
3175TopicNoisy Machine: Any Tips?
3176TopicGame crash -> DLing whole GW.dat again
3177TopicIn game Store.
3178TopicComputer... Dying?
3179TopicHero Template
3180TopicOdd (Female) Necromancer Casting Issue
3181Topicgame won't load
3182TopicExtreme lag on Guild Wars
3183TopicMouse has stopped working.
3184TopicFPS issues
3185TopicCan't buy Nightfall in In-game store...
3186Topic**Need Computer Gurus** Shift Key Malfunction!
3187TopicEotN Outposts Similar to Wehhan Terraces?
3188TopicGraphical Errors Halp?
3189TopicGW Keeps Rebooting the PC
3190TopicAny suggestions for an unsupported VC?
Pages: 1, 2
3191TopicFPS Problems...
3192TopicAA issues on a radeon X1650 pro
3193Topicgame errors increase with time
3194TopicEOTN graphical artifacts
3195TopicGraphics Issue?
3196Topicbooting on a usb stick
3198TopicGW makes my computer shut down
3199TopicI cannnot open my game client.
3200TopicGraphic Error and Connection Issue
3201Topicdual monitors for GW possible?
3202TopicUpgrading PC,advice please
3203TopicFootprint Problem
3204TopicDisk Drive Problem
3205TopicQuestion for Rahja the Thief or Quaker
3206TopicGW reboots my comp
3209TopicGW problem
3210TopicGaming Mouse
Pages: 1, 2
3211TopicPassword incorrect - unable to retrieve password
3212TopicRun Smoothly?
3213TopicWireless Adapter help
3214TopicLooking For Computer Gurus!
3215TopicWould this work?
3216Topicvertical sync capping fps at 50
3217TopicOld blocky terrain problem resurfaced
3218TopicWhat are good specs to play this game on?
3219Topicnetwork error code 1791131
3220TopicNeed help! (Vista)
3221TopicCan't zone?
3222TopicProblems connecting to ArenaNet?
3223TopicHeadset Trouble
3224TopicVista Error 8033, Internet Re-set.
3225TopicRazer Diamondback 3G settings.. reset?
3226TopicWireless Router Questions
3227TopicHow do i make guild wars smoother?
3228TopicHa Ha Ha Ha!
3229TopicCanthan Ambassadors are rejecting me
3230TopicInstalling EoTN
3231TopicCan someone help me?
3232TopicEye of the North Disk not RUnning HELP!
3233TopicHelp choosing laptop
3234TopicCharacter Select and Freezing
3235TopicProphecies and Eye of the North installed seperatly??
3236TopicProblems with installation of guild wars
3237TopicNew Wireless Lag Solution! Wireless Zero Configuration - Quick Free Fix
3238TopicGamma/contrast issues
3239TopicAccess Key Card
3240Topicwidescreen monitors?
3241TopicNo access key to play
3242TopicTexmod issue.
3243TopicGuild Wars and ATI Radeon 3870
3244TopicPlaying GW then freezes..........Help plz
3245TopicAccount incorrectly being labelled as not authorized
3246TopicBuying a laptop. What to get??
3247Topicsingle ISP address
3248Topicweapon sets
3249Topicinternet periodically lagspikes
3250TopicPeerGuardian Allow List
3251TopicReducing Lag on Wireless Connections
3252TopicRefresh rate and FPS
3253TopicFPS Problem.
3254Topicmouse problems, please help!!!
3255TopicLoading/downloading areas
3256TopicRefresh Rate
3257TopicBackground Download?
3258TopicNeed help making custom computer..
3259Topicinternet periodically lagspikes
3260Topicneed video card advice please.
3261TopicDownloading GW Files
3262TopicChanging Mouse Wheel controls
3263TopicWhen using -repair...
3264TopicVista & Guild Hall
3265TopicSlow Internet
3266TopicCant Select Chars
3267TopicNew build
3268TopicReally Annoying Icons Bug + Sound Bugging
3269TopicVentrilo on Vista
3270TopicPlaying Guild Wars with a Compaq v3619?
3271TopicLaptop Monitor Issue
3272Topicbuilding my own computer
3273TopicFiles not downloading
3274Topicinstalling a new campaign
3275TopicLag in PVE but not in PVP
3276TopicWeird Disconnect?
3277TopicScreen Resolution Problems For Guild Wars?
3278TopicObjects flickering at distance post update
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
3279TopicVentrilo - Making a server
3280TopicGuildwars doesent Run now?
3281TopicInsert CD????
3282TopicHow much RAM?
Pages: 1, 2
3283TopicVentrilo Issues :/
3284TopicI used to understand computer specs but now :confused:
3285TopicInstallation problem Argh!
3286TopicMASS lag spiking...server wide
Pages: 1, 2
3287TopicTerrible Lag-Spike
3288TopicSystem Opinion
3289TopicWireless Internet Problem
3290TopicCan't Connect on Vista
3292TopicParagon Trouble
3293TopicCrash Dump file?
3294TopicGWEN trial key
3295Topicguild wars ban for nothing
3296TopicLetter "A" in chat boxes?
3297TopicWindows Vista and Patches
3298TopicGW problems appear to be fixed
3299TopicM4V Video Conveter
3300TopicIs It A Bug Or Not?
Pages: 1, 2
3301TopicPossible reset of my account?
3302TopicDisconnecting friends list
3303TopicA Laptop for christmas
3304TopicHaven't played for 6 months because of crashes.. til today!
3305Topicgw runs slow
3306TopicStress over the Mission Pack
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
3307TopicMassive lag in AB
3308TopicPotential Problem?
Pages: 1, 2
3309TopicUpgrade question
3310TopicNew Lag
3311TopicGW Freezes... forces manual reboot
3313TopicNeed Help! Lag spikes in RA
3314TopicWindow randomly minimizing itself
3315TopicGW crashes after an hour
3316TopicHas GW broken?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
3317TopicTenatively looking at a new processor...
3318Topic3GB of RAM?
3319TopicVodaphone USB 7.2 Broadband Modem does NOT support internet gaming
3320TopicNvidia GeForce 8800 GTS vs 8600
3321TopicHelp Please
3322TopicWould This Laptop Run GW
3323TopicGraphics Driver Error
3324TopicMy Guild Wars Blues.........
3325TopicLOW FPS after a while of gaming: HELP!
3326TopicAGP Video Card
3327TopicHorrible Game Lag Help
3328TopicVista Start Menu
3329Topicwill my pc run nightfall and eotn?
3330TopicIntel GMA 950 and GW
3331Topicerror 221
3332TopicEffect on GW from Power Outage
3333TopicUpdate 7/12/2007 question
3334TopicGW dont work
3335TopicVista 32bit Reg Cleaner!
3336TopicNeed help picking a computer (2 choices)
Pages: 1, 2
3337TopicA Guild With No Leader
3338TopicIt just keeps shutting off... :(
3339TopicATTN ArenaNet: Potential problem with .NET Framework 1.1 Update
3340TopicGuilds wars error 005 and 058, please help!
3341TopicBlack screen
Pages: 1, 2
3343TopicFPS lag never had this problem before.
3344TopicError Code=058 help!!
3345TopicFirewall issue
3346TopicGW Chapters
3347TopicWill this laptop run Guild wars smoothly?? PLZ HELP!
Pages: 1, 2
3348TopicGeForce 8600GT + 250W?
Pages: 1, 2
3349Topicneed some advice on high ping.
Pages: 1, 2
3350TopicGeforce 8600M GT and vista on a notebook
3351Topic!I have added Eye Of The North to wrong account!
3352TopicKuunavang and varesh mini's didnt get it with my collectors edition
3353TopicWhat is wrong with my internet?
3354TopicGW and GW Website down for me.
3355TopicInternet Connection issue
3356TopicWhat kind of dx version use graphic engine of Guildwars?
3357TopicCant log in now
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
3358TopicGuild Wars Randomly Shutting Down
3359TopicCan run DvDs but no sound? :(
3360TopicPassword Change
3361TopicMy new rig...hopefully
3362TopicGW Requirments
3363TopicI think I really Fudged this one.
3364TopicCan't install update
3365Topicgraphic card error for only 1 character?
3366Topic'Guild wars was unable to connect to...'
3367TopicWill my computer run the GW games?
3368TopicGW launcher crashes after update?
3369TopicStrange Screen corruption
3370TopicPrice check on my PC
3371TopicError Code 026 problem
3372TopicAnother Firewall issue...
3373Topicrepairing data archive
3374TopicOdd freezing problem that's destroying my GW-life.
3375TopicNeed a Step by Step on -image
3376TopicGW and EAX
3377TopicFirewall program
3378TopicWill this Laptop run guild wars ok? Please Help..
3379TopicPC Game Pads for GW use
3380TopicWill this run new games on (Very)/High?
3381TopicMy GW installation sucks.
3382TopicStrange Connection Problem PLEASE HELP
3383TopicDisconnect when changing server
3384TopicAn odd cure to my lag, but did it really work?
3385TopicHorrible FPS
3386TopicGuild Wars on PS3
3387Topic8800 GT Question
3388TopicTime to get a new computer?
3389TopicQuestion Regarding Cpu Freeze Before GW loads
3390TopicNew Graphics Card needed
3391TopicNew Graphics card
3392Topicplanning on getting graphics card
3393Topichow to put post process effects on?
3394TopicSerious Connection Issues
3395TopicNew, Cheap Video Card?
3396TopicVideo card trouble
3397TopicI'm planning on buying a new video card...
Pages: 1, 2
3398TopicCannot log in to any characters, freezes after i select them saying 'connecting 0%'
3399Topicexperiencing strange lag/connection issues - anyone else?
3400TopicWindow-Switching Issue
3401TopicCant log in!!!
3402TopicWho else can't log on/change regional districts?
3403TopicTired of Trying diffrent crap
3404TopicDecompressing takes forever
3405Topicvery strange 'lag'
3406TopicPlayNC Account
3407TopicShould I Over Clock?
3408TopicOnline GameStore Problem
3409TopicPlayNC Store
3410Topictrouble installing guild wars
3411TopicGraphic Card Grief xD
3412TopicAccount is empty, please help me,im trying to fix this for a long time :\
3413TopicReformat = No Local Area Connection and Ethernet + USB Back Socket No Work
3414TopicHelp me build a computer
3415TopicHelp running a memory check
3416TopicPlug N Play XP Pro problems :|
3417TopicI'm unable to buy the PvP Item Unlock Pack.
Pages: 1, 2
3418TopicGW crash
3420TopicNeed texmod help
3421TopicHardware List:
3422Topicscreens are screwed up
3423TopicOnline Store not wanting to work for me
3424TopicUncontrollable Lag?
3425Topicblank screen
3426TopicNot working
3427TopicWhat is the highest fps you get?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
3428TopicAti Catalyst Control Center Popping Up - Ati Radeon x1650 pro
3429TopicIntel X3100 and GW?
3430TopicFPS increase?
3431TopicLag when entering area
3432Topicgraphics problem
3433TopicThe old Code-058
3434TopicDownloads stop, videos stop loading, and there's some thing's wrong with internet
3435Topic6800le overheating in game
3436TopicOfficial Bug Report Thread - Final (April) BWE
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
3437TopicOverheating Graphics Card
3438TopicYet another freeze problem
3439TopicMonitor; GNR F173 problems
3440TopicGraphics card
3441TopicNew built PC refuses to start
3442TopicPing really high!
3443TopicNo Reward Points for Playing in the GvG tourney?
3444TopicWhat's Up With GW - It Won't Load Any Areas?
3445TopicCodes 007, 013, 040 - Just Me?
3446TopicAlternative to Windows Movie Maker
3447TopicReally low FPS
3448TopicDownloading The Landscape...
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
3451TopicWill This Video Card Work?
Pages: 1, 2
3452TopicHow do i shut my fan up?
3453TopicQuestion about launching multiple Guild wars at once
3454TopicPOST your gaming rigs :)
Pages: 1, 2
3455TopicComparison between 7900GT and 8600GTS
3456TopicWhich card is better?
3457TopicCannot Import AVI Into Windows Movie Maker
3458TopicYour suggestions on a new laptop!
3459TopicAnisotropic Filtering in Guild Wars?
3461TopicWierd BSOD problem
3462TopicATI Graphics Problem
3463TopicUSB Over-Current Detected
3464TopicLose connection when entering specific areas
3465TopicWhich would you choose?
3467TopicProb. with Sound
3468TopicOut of Memory
3469TopicNeed help choosing OS for new gaming rig
3470TopicOdd Problem - AVI files
3471TopicWireless Router Problems
3472TopicReal Problems with GW connect.Need Help!
3473TopicProblem with Selection Country
3474Topicdual monitor question
3475TopicOnline Store Code 221?
3476TopicCan't Login since last night.....
3478TopicInstalling GW and updating
3479TopicArmor Foley Sounds.
3480Topicwill not launch
3481TopicDual-Core crashing issue
3482TopicHelp please?
3483TopicBMP Verification
3485TopicIs There A 64 Bit Version Of Guild Wars Available?
3486Topicerr13, is it just me
3487TopicGuild Wars Crashing All The Time Since New RAM Install (Laptop)
3488Topicwill the Taiwan version of EoTN work on my US GW?
3489TopicProblem whispering
3490Topichard drive issues, need help
3491TopicScreenshot issue
3492TopicWhich Reg Cleaning to use software?
3493TopicNo Sound
3494TopicIs the graphic error possible to fix?
3495TopicHigh ping?
3496TopicGaming Headset
3497TopicGetting new pc, your thoughts?
3498TopicQuestion about recording gameplay
3499Topicunable to connect - again
3500TopicCannot connect to in game store?
3501TopicFor those who've had GW lock up while playing or after logging in...
3502TopicEuro servers acting up?
3503TopicPC shutdown when in GW
3504TopicHelp Access Code
3505TopicNew Comp
3507TopicUnable to start GW, pls. advise.
3508TopicOpinion about this vid card
3509TopicSatellite Internet?
3510TopicAwful Ping
3511Topicmemory dump?
3512Topicmass update
3513TopicCreating TexMod files.
3514TopicMerging 2 Accounts
3515Topicso i finally ordered it
3516TopicConstant Err=007 and GW crashing :<
3517TopicHas my account vanished?
3518TopicBad Lag IN GW but not in other programs
3519TopicGWx2 and TexMod
3520Topictrial key
3521TopicWhy does this card not work?
3522Topiclag when gw is open?
3523Topicservers down????
Pages: 1, 2
3524TopicCan't do anything after download.
3525Topictexmod problem
3526TopicAdding a key of the same product..possible?
3527Topicadvice please.
3528TopicRepairing data archive?
3529TopicSpontaneous mouse look
3531Topicguildwars update????
3532TopicSuddenly unable to connect to GW
3533TopicNew Computer for GW
Pages: 1, 2
3534TopicGame Resolution
3535TopicPixelated smoke?
3536TopicHayda's Face, Missing UI, and Other Problems
3537TopicGraphics Card Suggestion.
3538TopicGraphic Error
3539TopicStuck In Load Mode
3540TopicGW on a laptop?
3541Topicerror code 1791131
3542TopicGraphics Card Question.
3543TopicHP Pavilion Issue
3544TopicNot authorized to Play Guildwars
3545TopicThis computer, very low end or?
3546TopicMonitor Causing Low FPS???
3547TopicAti Radeon X1650Pro = (^_^)
3548TopicPossible moniter problem?
3549TopicCartography mod
3550TopicHas anyone played in laptop with Dual core and vista without problems?
Pages: 1, 2
3551TopicI Need Help!!
3552TopicMouse button mapping
3553TopicConnecting to ArenaNet... Or not.
3554TopicGW = dominating?
3555TopicWeird Stuff happening...
3556Topicx1650 HORRID Lag Spikes
3557TopicWhen the Scrying Pool freezes
3558Topicyet again,more problems
3559Topicbackup and key questions
3560TopicWhat causes skill activation lag?
3561TopicGame wont install
3562Topici think i've been hacked...
3563TopicIs my video card able to run GW?
3564TopicAwkward Computer Troubles
3565Topicnew motherboard not working
3566TopicAnyone else running SLI? What's your FPS?
3567TopicURGENT: Unable to Log In
Pages: 1, 2
3568Topicgw randomly crashing
3569Topicbuild template issues.
3570TopicMore Game Issues (yay!)
3571TopicA skill template issue
3572TopicLaptop Screen will Turn Black or Stripes.
3573TopicDDR and DDR2 Graphic Cards
3574TopicCan't run Game
3575Topicnorton anti virus
3576TopicNew 8800 Revision
3577Topichard disk problem
3578TopicNew Computer
Pages: 1, 2
3579TopicRA & HA reloading all the time
3580TopicCant enter the game!
3581TopicLightscribe HP DVD 640b DVD/cd writing drive
3582TopicComputer reset prob?
3583TopicAccount creation issue
3584TopicMy new pc: play GW at maximum effect?
3585TopicNew User Question
3586TopicCant log in
3587TopicLow FPS
3588TopicSloowwww Loadinggg
3589TopicScreen Freeze
3590TopicHuge bug!
3591Topicloosing connection
3592TopicMultiple Instances
3593TopicHow can I tell what kind of Motherboard I have?
3594TopicIs RAM speed backwards compatible?
3595TopicHaving a horrible time running the game/maintaining internet connection
3596Topicwhat motherboard should i get?
Pages: 1, 2
3597Topicdoes anybody know a link to GWMI and GWx2?
3598TopicGraphic mess up
3599TopicTwo Accnts: Different Access Keys
3600TopicRunning Guild Wars on a flash drive?
3601TopicNZ/AUS and Lag
3602TopicGraphics problem
3603TopicFuzzy screen image freeze and crash
3604TopicWeird Freezes (Not typical)
3605TopicComputer Issue
3606TopicGraphic Issue on ground SS Included
3607TopicUnable to Open Archive File-Please Help
3608TopicA few questions i need help with...
3609TopicIs my access key stored in a file?
3610TopicWindowed mode default size
3611Topicbest video card i can get for UNDER $150
3612TopicGeforce 6-8 & Win Vista Users - Please Read
3613TopicNeed help with "Bad lag, Try this." thread
3614Topicdownload limit?
3615Topicgw crashing after charatcer loads
3616TopicGuild Wars Crash / 3d-analyzer options
3617TopicDreadful Ping!
3618TopicBlack screen after download
3619TopicActivation code Help
3620Topicflashing black screen
3621TopicClient Crash... maybe?
3622TopicGuild Wars FPS loss when minimizing in Vista
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3624Topicnot able to play since patch
3625TopicFPS Dropping
3626Topicabout nightfall
3628TopicOut of Memory?
3629TopicIntegrated Laptop Video Cards
3630TopicHow do you log out without this error?
3631Topicgfx glitch or system malfunction?
3632Topicism y vid card about to burn out?
3633TopicGW crashing, lagging, freezing..
Pages: 1, 2
3634Topicsound problems
3635TopicFound reason for bad lag & crashes
Pages: 1, 2
3636TopicCan't Connect to Arena Net
3637TopicIn my defense I searched. (Login screen freeze!)
3638TopicFreezes on one character in the crystal desert.
3639TopicLatency issues, GW support no help.
3640TopicSo messed up i don't even know what to call it..
3641TopicGW Crashed cant load since
3642TopicFor all those with Intel Extreme Graphics and lowend systems in general
Pages: 1, 2
3643TopicAverage ping..
3644Topiccan my comp take guild wars
3645TopicFormer player, no disc
3646Topic3 Days of Err=058
3647TopicNPC are "leaping"
3648TopicUnable to access fissure to Eye of the North
3649Topicwireless networking
3650TopicBug Report
3651TopicConnecting accounts
3652TopicCannot connect to login server
3653TopicGuild Wars Not Responding
3654TopicGW:EN heros
3655TopicKeeping Your Computer Clean!
Pages: 1, 2
3656TopicLittle Advice on Budget Routers
3657Topiccall target not functioning?
3658TopicDisappearing Hero Weapons?
3659Topicmore questions
3660TopicFPS drop for no reason
3661TopicCant Connect To A-Net?
3662TopicHaving problems with Ubuntu, Linux
3663TopicInstallation Disk For GW:EN Won't Run
3664TopicAdvice on new comp .
Pages: 1, 2
3665Topicvista: using MicroSD and USB to "boost" performance?
3666Topicnv4_disp could this be part of freeze/crash problem?
3667TopicFreeze ups & Crashes?
3668TopicTwo questions regarding power supplies and Virtual Memory
3669TopicLow connection speed
3670TopicSome websites not loading?
3671TopicANY Game Crashes
3672TopicNvidia 8800 GTX + Vista
3673TopicGW.dat Defragmentation
3674Topic.avi vids
3676TopicForum not searching properly?
3677TopicConnection Issues
3678TopicProblem connecting to anet?
3679TopicHow long does contig take?
3680TopicCrashing,Freezin up, Solution Lead
3681TopicXunlai Tournament House
3682TopicVideo memory leakage
3683TopicLow Fps... Help!
3684TopicSearch Function
3685TopicGW Crashing? Help!
3686Topicany other crapcast customers in Mid-Atlantic having issues?
3687TopicCode=005 After 9/13/07 update
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3688Topicdirectx difficulty
3689TopicGraphics card error
3690Topictexmod, vista, and
3691Topic~700kb update stuck at 95%. just keeps reDLing that 95% again and again. need help.
3692TopicWebsite for checking any game's requirements?
3693TopicScreenshots as BMP
3694TopicLogitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
3695TopicMouse >_>
3696TopicWhere did my last thread go?
3697TopicSome one plsss help
3698TopicBuying a new PSU
3699TopicPlayNC certicicate expired
3701TopicSome Questions About Cybersitter
3702TopicCode 027
3703TopicProcessors, which to choose?
3704Topicany timeline for a fps fix
3705TopicExtremely annoying graphics failure/error
3706Topicthe age old question!
3707TopicMax resolution utilizing 2 monitors
3708TopicScreen Recorder, Video Editing Software and Movie Tips!
3709TopicUnwanted Re-downloads(?) of Explorable Areas
3710TopicGuild Wars completely re-downloading.
3712TopicRandom Question
3713TopicScreen Recorder, Video Editing Software and Movie Tips!
3714TopicGuild Wars Login Name
3715TopicVertical Sync Weirdness
3716TopicVery Low FPS
3717TopicCan my video card run Guild Wars?
3718TopicNeed Help/Advice - Vent
3719TopicNeed help fixing an annoying crash i get a lot (VERY long post)
3720TopicWill GuildWars run?
3721TopicAccount problems
3722TopicCannot connect to my home wireless network
3723TopicJumping Guys >.>
3724TopicCan't connect to Guild Wars, but able to connect to other online games
3725TopicAdvice on Parts
3726Topicmoving a charater to a new account
3727TopicAdditional Account?
3728TopicAhhh! Download speeds!
3729TopicBlue screen
3730Topicnew laptop, correct performance?
3732TopicConverting My 17in LCD Monitor Into a TV
3733TopicSays I do not have Nightfall anymore...
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3734Topicchoose my laptop (2 options)
3735TopicBattle Framerate
3736Topicgrass flashing in various colors
3737Topicsound problem when playing for a little bit.
3738TopicThe space bar won't work
3739TopicTrouble with Pri Master Hard Disk:SMART
3740TopicPC went boom
3741TopicGuild Wars freezes on login
3742TopicWeird graphical glitch - log inside
3743Topicfreeze with Post Process effects enabled
3744TopicCan't find GW.exe.
3745TopicVideo Card Question? Look Here.
Pages: 1, 2
3746TopicHow hard is it, and what should i get?
3747TopicStrange connection issues - stumped
3748TopicNew fans and gaming mouse. Suggestions needed!
3749TopicNew Game gone...
3750TopicUnable to Initialize 3d Ouput Error Msg
3751TopicNeed advice on a good gaming laptop
3752TopicPlanNC Question??
3753TopicChange the port GW is using?
3754TopicNetwork Login Expired
3755Topicreally slow.
3756TopicBroken skills timer line
3757TopicComputer wont turn on ..
3758TopicAbysmally low FPS in GWEN!! (on 8800GTS 640mb)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3759TopicPC restarts in Oola's Workshop
3760TopicGWEN: No Access Key...
3761TopicSudden graphic anomolies?
3762TopicCrashing since GW: EotN trial key was added
Pages: 1, 2
3763Topicintersted in the game...and how
3764TopicIs there any possible way to burn the GW:EN soundtrack I bought from directsong?
3765TopicImpossible to defragment my HD after downloading GWEN !!!!!
3766Topicgrafx driver help!
3767TopicCan you open 2 gws on one computor?
3768TopicWhy is my FPS lower than it should be.
3769Topicthere is a problem with my account please help me
3770TopicEye of the NOrth Installation problem
3771TopicUpgrading from GW Prophecies to Nightfall
3772TopicAlmost time to upgrade.
3773TopicErr7 every 5minutes
3774TopicStill having issues with Gwen T_T
3775Topicconnection with server has expired?
3776TopicGraphics go all strange and game becomes pretty much unplayable. :(
3777TopicLarge interface
3778TopicExtreme rubberbanding and lag, but low ping?
3779TopicCode 040
3780TopicWe broke Eye of the North quest?
3781TopicCan't install EotN
3782TopicCan I use two GW accounts on ONE computer?
3783TopicDriver errors
3784TopicThe Great Big Guild Wars Lag Experiment
3785TopicDat files problem
3786TopicRecent Lag Issues
3787TopicCan't access store
3788TopicCompleet PC reboot.
3789Topic"unrecovereable graphics driver error"
3790TopicProblem with GW loading :(
3791TopicFraud Suspicion when I try and buy EotN
3792TopicEoTN pre-order game?
3793Topic"Repairing Data Archive" is happening too much
3794TopicAncient Ranger armor in HoM
3795TopicI cant see my character ?!
3796Topiclaptop recommendations
3797TopicPC appraisal
3798TopicLoss of Character Generated Sounds with GWEN
3799TopicMobile Intel Chipset 945G problem with GW:EN
3800Topicconnection timed out issue
3801TopicConnection Problem
3802TopicError 013 Unable to Login 15mins
3803TopicProblems with error 058
3804TopicLoading Screen Lag in Fullscreen
3805TopicRendering glitches?
3806TopicCant connect to online store?
3807TopicConnecting to ArenaNet 0%
3808Topicmessed up lag, only in AB
3809TopicLogitech G15 Keyboard Support
3810TopicNew Modem?
3811TopicDDS converting
3812TopicGraphical Bug: white textures and low FPS
3813TopicHard Mode Lag?
3814TopicPhysics Processor Cards - useful or not?
3815Topicoperating system software
3816TopicEntire computer freeze
3817TopicThe Spyware Removal Guide!
3818TopicMotherboard question
3819TopicLooking for Online Gaming Pc Store
3820TopicI Need a Definitive Answer...
3821TopicRazer Tarantula keyboard and key assignment
3822TopicVideo card question
3823TopicGame runs very choppy and very low FPS
3824TopicNew Computer Recomendations
3825TopicPing problem.
3826TopicOut of memory ExeFile.cpp(110)
3827TopicSound issues - they just started.
3828TopicAfter GWEN: cant add a 3rd hero
3829TopicHas Anyone been hacked through trade?
3830TopicMy Specs, Should i update my pc?
3831TopicCant go pass loading screen?? :(
Pages: 1, 2
3832TopicWhat's with the recent lag...?
3833TopicGW won't load....
3834TopicVista + Audigy = EAX no avaible.. for a price
3835TopicOdd Double Mouse Cursor graphic
3836TopicFrames questions (videocard related)
3838TopicGeforce 8500gt?
3839TopicWindows vista - sound engine problems
3840Topicneed help with comp
3841TopicFrequent crashes, cite "missing link location"
3842TopicMajor Problem: I Will Die If Not Fixed.
3843Topicnew party window, i hate it
3844TopicA Thread
3845TopicWehhan Terraces
3846TopicNo Sound
3847TopicUnable to purchase GWEN.
3848TopicRebuilding Data File?
3849TopicHoly Unoptimized Flash, Batman!
3850TopicGW.EN problem
3851Topicnew graphics card..
3852TopicChose my new graphics card!
Pages: 1, 2
3853TopicRevenge of the Destructive Patch
3854TopicCan't seem to buy the 1 Million Edition Upgrade
3855TopicIn game store: ERROR inserting account address record
3856TopicI have very big problem!!!
3857Topiccan i run my comp w/o the cpu cooling gel?
3858TopicBuilding System- Disaster, please help
3859TopicWidescreen play kills my computer...
3860TopicCode error
3861TopicBuying new motherboard to put w/ new graphics card =.=
3862TopicCPU Temp
3863TopicAny ideas on Vista lag?
3864Topicintel GMA 915G vs Geforce FX5500 PCI
3865TopicIf you're using Intel GMA video, you just got an upgrade.
3866TopicPlease Help-Graphics glitch while playing GW
3867TopicError 005
Pages: 1, 2
3868TopicConnection error
3869TopicSeemingly Internet Related Lag
3870TopicRooked on the Trial when buying EN preview
3871TopicCant watch videos - BIOS Blowup aftermath - DONT muck with BIOS
3872Topicntune question
3873TopicWireless issues with vista
3874TopicWhat's with all the Rubberbanding and Disconnects?
3875Topichelp with my XP, it wont work
3876TopicExplanation for some of the lag yesterday
3877TopicDownload GW all at once
3878TopicThe Ultimate Video Card Guide!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
3879TopicAttention: Intel G965 Video Card Users - New Driver / Perfomance Boost
3880TopicSystem Recommendations question please help
3881Topic6 Fps
3882TopicGuild Wars randomly freezes up in the mountains.
3883TopicLagging for a month, maybe more.. anyone else?
3884Topicunauthorized to play Gw profecies
3885TopicSerious computer freeze repeating problem
3886TopicPreorder error of GW:EN Help
3887TopicFPS Drops when minimized
3888TopicServer Error
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3889TopicHow Old is your pc?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3890TopicGW turns off...plz help!!
3891TopicPc Crash
3892TopicMass Disconnection
3893TopicI need Help Overclocking.
3894TopicA Question About Memory
3895Topic007 sucks
3896Topicinstalling extra expansions
3897TopicHB Tournament problem???
3898TopicPlease read........................
3899TopicPrescott vs Northwood Pentium 4 CPU
3900TopicGW Account Security and Hackers
3901TopicLoss of Characters and Inv twice
Pages: 1, 2
3902TopicWill Guild Wars update to DirectX 10
3903TopicBuilding my own and heatsinks, i little help?
3904TopicI'm lagged
3905TopicFrequent Err7 problems yet again
3907TopicIncorrect Skill templates folder in-game
3908Topicport forwarding
3909TopicGame Is Against Me
3910TopicMTBS3D Certification
3911Topicif Dual Monitor, how to use and play on them both?
3912TopicChanging My Primary Account's Email at login
3913TopicEmailing a file, but with a twist!
3914TopicUpgrading Comp .. need a hand or two.
3915TopicA frustrating problem
3916TopicUnable to initialize 3d output
3917TopicWill Guild Wars update to DirectX 10
3918TopicNew laptop will guild wars even run?
3919TopicTime for a new desktop.
3920TopicUnlinking an account from your PlayNC account
3921TopicFix the major lag!
3922TopicScreen goes black, 1-10 FPS. Should I get new Video Card?
3923TopicAnti virus/spyware question.
3924TopicNetwork problem (Code =021)
3925TopicCan't connect to Character Select.
3926Topichaving a problem with Althea's Ashes quest
3927TopicWhat determines minimum FPS?
3928TopicBuying a mic soon
3929Topicunable to open certain sites on a computer
3930TopicFreezing at login screen
3931Topiccan guildwars run on a mac?
3932TopicForcing DirectX 9 ??
3933TopicPlaying both GW and Videos with dual screen
3934Topicconnecting to ArenaNet... (not connecting)
3935TopicProblem with the warrior primeval armor?
3936TopicCan I Have Help With Something
3938TopicI know my Calculus, it says Vista - Aero + Guild Wars = Fun
3939TopicHow well would this run GW
3940TopicUgh...bad lag
3941TopicEpic Fail
3942TopicQuick question
3943TopicCan't use some Directsong Packs on Vista
3945TopicGuild Wars and Satellite Internet...Possible?
3946Topicwont recognize mouse button 5
3947TopicGW site broken under Linux ?
3948TopicWhich videocard would run GW better.....?
3949Topicvideo card question
3951TopicBad DirectSound Driver
3952TopicWhat The Hell Is This!?
Pages: 1, 2
3953TopicGame freeze
3954TopicVista Users: Official Vista "performance" and "compatibility" packs released
3956TopicUpgrading cpu and ram on Intel 845 mobo
3957TopicPC specs & questions
3958Topic3 Weeks of GW Hell- Please Help
3959TopicI can't play guild wars at work
3960TopicGuild Wars 2 & Linux/Mac & SMP
Pages: 1, 2
3961TopicGW wont launch
3962TopicProblems with pc
3963TopicFOW & Animated Weapons Crashes... Blank screen and Audio loop on soundcard resulting
3964Topicrandom lag spikes the last couple weeks?
3965TopicWindows Vista and GW audio issue.
3966Topici cant do anything
3967TopicPick an AGP card for my budget GWs computer
3969TopicFrequent disconnects since the scheduled serving maintenance
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3970TopicVista and the funny question mark. (strange text problems)
3971TopicJust lost survivor at 1.1mil
3972TopicWhite SCreen....
3973TopicGW and Windows Vista
Pages: 1, 2
3974TopicI need help/advice on purchasing a new V-card
3975TopicSudden rise in Error 07s :(
3976TopicVertex Shader 1.1 and Video HW Transform & Lighting problem
3977TopicBest driver for XP (and Vista)?
3978TopicNetwork problem (and a question I have always wondered about :))
3979TopicGamma too high?
3980TopicSound issues... Again
3981TopicMouse Problems (on a Vista laptop)
3982TopicSystem Recommendations
3983TopicBuying a PC with GW in mind
3984TopicIf i were to get a very long cable.....
3985TopicInternet disconnection problem.
3986TopicLag Since end of dragon Fest
3987TopicFPS and Lag problem
3988TopicGW freezes after 10-30 minutes
3989TopicLow FPS in WoW, please help!
3990TopicMultiple NPC
3991TopicEuro Server log in issues since the *Network Maintenance*
3992TopicWill GW run on one of these?
3993TopicBIG title track issue
3994TopicActivation Code
3995TopicUsing the "Find all posts by 'User'" on Forum
3996TopicCant Install
3997TopicGame controller
3998TopicWill GW Run on my Comp?
3999TopicAcount Problem, PLEASE RESPOND FAST ={
4000TopicWireless help, keep getting disconnected
4001TopicHelp with graphics error
4002TopicIm having trouble installing my game
4003Topicsound drivers
4004TopicNightfall bonus items O.o
4005Topic3D Intilization Error
4006TopicDoes GW support 1920x1600 resolution?
4007Topic2 Questions About Guild Wars Please Help
4008TopicLooking for suggestion on upgrade for graphics card
4009TopicGeforce 6800 freezing GW
4010TopicSound issues
4011TopicVarious Oddities
4012TopicCan i disable alt f4?
4013TopicGet players email address?
4014TopicYour opinions on my custom made computer
4015TopicWhat would happen If i were to compress GW.dat file??
4016TopicObjects and Textures Flickering Madly =(
4017Topicsound drivers
4018TopicFactions Characters Disabled!?
4019Topicgraphics card
4020TopicUnlocked items are randomly getting locked
4021TopicWhy are GWGURU pages loading so slowly ???
4023TopicIs this system good enough for GW:EN and GW2?
Pages: 1, 2
4024TopicWhat would happen If i were to compress GW.dat file??
4025TopicEST players lag spiking a TWC problem
4026TopicHow do i Turn VSync off in vista? Calling Level 3 Techs!!!
4027TopicEU lags again?
4028TopicGW is unbelievably laggy
4029TopicCan't connect, what's going on?
4030Topic64bit Vista and GW
4031TopicSound Problems With Outside Programs (When GW is running)
4032TopicNow this is weird...
4033TopicAny way to get guild wars running over a proxy server ?
4034TopicBlack screen and sound flutter crash
4035TopicLag atm?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
4036TopicPlay NC support is frustrating!
4037TopicGetting new chassi, need new motherboard? (stupid PSU >_>)
4038TopicAnother "Can my Computer run GW?" Topic
4039Topicunexplained lag?
4040TopicSound problems - no speech/no winamp/no ts
4041TopicConsistent crashing
4042TopicPicking a video card for GW:EN
Pages: 1, 2
4043Topicpossible memory leak in new build?
4044TopicMake guild wars look better?
4045Topicis there a way to not have to load files every time
4046TopicProblems with Ventrilo
4047TopicIs it possible to change my "account name" via phone support?
4048TopicAnyone else getting continously 007'd?
4049TopicBig problem when starting GW
4050Topic7300gt for guildwars?
4051TopicPissed At....
4052TopicWill Guild Wars ever add support for SLI cards?
Pages: 1, 2
4053TopicUpdate crash broken on Firefox 2
4055TopicCan't Decompress International District
4056TopicGuild Wars stoer not working for me anymore.
4057TopicFreezing on login
4058Topici neeed account help
4059Topicdownload stays at 0k (0k/sec)
4060TopicThanks for breaking my map ANET
4061TopicSwaping GW between computers
4062TopicHelp needed to compare my comp and the one I bought.
4063TopicWill more RAM help framerates?
4064TopicGW not starting up
4065Topicbackground downloader?
4066TopicGW v WOW
4067TopicGraphic Errors after Update
Pages: 1, 2
4068TopicHorrific Patch Download Times
Pages: 1, 2
4069TopicAccount not working?
4070TopicGuildWars Updater stuck at 100%
4071TopicUnrecoverable Graphics Error
4072Topicloading screen jam!, can someone help me please?
4073TopicFPS Question
4074TopicGood job ANet!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4075TopicSolution for [Not Responding] GW
4076Topic3.7mb download for Remains of Salajara
4077TopicFramerate issues
4078TopicBlack Screen of Death
4080Topicgw.dat question
4081TopicTo people with huge lag spikes
4082Topicplease help i got banned
4083Topicsomeone is on my account
Pages: 1, 2
4084TopicGraphics card question/problem
4085Topicrogers home phone and dsl internet
4086TopicExtreme lag today
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
4087TopicNetwork News - 15 July
4088Topicterrain distance
4089TopicServer Switch? Ip?
4090TopicNetwork News - July 13th
4091TopicJuly 13, and constant GvG lag..
4092TopicPlz help white squares on everyones head!
4093TopicCan I run GW...
4094TopicLag and Virgin Broadband - -
4095TopicConnection/Server Problems?...
4096TopicDirectX 9.0C
4097TopicLag & Tech Support
4098TopicPlay NC Master Account System Sucks
4099Topic7600 SLI Problems
4100TopicLag and Weekend
4101TopicMy game just rolled back like 15 minutes or so
4102TopicEuropean Guild Severs Lagging
4103TopicErr=58 because of my .dat file?
4104TopicHelp with new computer
4105TopicLagFest thursday 12th July 2007
4106TopicWill GW Run on my Comp?
4107TopicLaptop Cooling
4108TopicSOLVING LAG: Submit NetworkDiag.log to PlayNC support!
Pages: 1, 2
4109TopicGraphics =(
4111Topicmain mission crashes
4112TopicCan't savlage items
4113TopicVista users: Screenshot folder
4114TopicPlz Help
4115TopicNeed help QUICK!!!!!
4116TopicThe lag MUST STOP NOW!
Pages: 1, 2
4117TopicFramerate problems
4118TopicAntialiased font?
4119TopicGuild wars Freezes When I play
4120TopicSevere loading problems
4121TopicProblem with my Ignore list not ignoring people...
4122Topicannoying mouse glitch
4123TopicCharacter Crispness
4124TopicWill I be able to play????
4125TopicGuildwars Client for a Mac
4126TopicWhat's going on???
4127TopicThis game has gone unplayable..please fix this lag.
4128TopicSound loop problems, any help would be appreciated
4129TopicCan someone please help me?
4130TopicIntegrated Graphics?
4131TopicI didn't see a "Complain about the US/Euro lag" thread on the first few pages.
4132TopicComputer randomly restarts...
4133TopicGuild Wars wont connect?
4134TopicGuild Wars won't play
4135TopicRollerlaggers Racing
4136TopicI hate Guild Wars, at least plaync
4137TopicDirect X 9
4138TopicExternal Hard Drives?
4140Topicupdating drivers question
4141TopicNew computer, how to keep account??
4142TopicProblem with Allaince Chat!!! help...
4143TopicIt's time to Anet see the servers...
4144TopicQuestion about transferring ram
4145TopicGuildwars Nightfall - Stuffed up CD! help plz
4146TopicProblem with GW and Ventrilo
4147TopicGuild Wars and Xfire
4148TopicGW crashing/lagging on dual core system - this might help
Pages: 1, 2
4149TopicWhite box player/NPC!
4150TopicSystem Specs and Feedback...
4151TopicAnyone running GW on 9600 + Win2000?
4152TopicUseing Iranview Imaging software?
4153TopicUnable to log in
4155Topicfreezing problems
4156TopicConnection Problems
4157TopicDoes anyone else have this problem?
4158TopicIn Game Pictures... HOW?
4159TopicLagging In Towns And Outposts
4160TopicRepairing data archive...
4161TopicCan't select EAX in sound options
4162TopicFreezing problems
4163TopicGuild Wars and Widescreen
4164TopicStarting Up
4165TopicMac Computers
4166TopicInstallation problem
4167TopicChat Problems
4168TopicChat Problem
4169Topiccomp freezes while farming
4170TopicHaving sound problems? Read this!
4171TopicGuild Wars Freezing Sporatically
4172TopicWine freeses at Tombs
4173TopicCrashing While Loading Level
4174TopicHaving sound problems? Read this!
4175TopicMIC Problem !
4176TopicStops at 0%
4177Topic____ lost connection to server instead of ____ has left the game?
4178TopicQuestion about using CD key and installing without CDs
4179TopicOdd sounds
4180TopicVista + Guild Wars Windowed Mode = No Go?
4181TopicLockouts Freeze - ATI 7800 Pro / ASRock P4VMB
4182TopicMinimizing to look at something, then it lags
4183TopicChange of Email
4184TopicCatalyst 7.6 Problem
4185TopicBug or Graphics card problem?
4186TopicAny ideas?
4187TopicBest driver for FX5200
4188TopicIssues with Cable Modem / IP Resetting...
4189Topicmy hijacked acct
4190TopicPost your GW performance!
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4191TopicNeed new computer advice+OS and Graphics Cards
4192TopicNew Computer Need Advice from Experts!
4193TopicEVGA 8800 Ultra SLI issues
4194TopicNot enough memory
4195Topicneed advice on a new video graphics card
Pages: 1, 2
4196TopicGaming Mouse
4197TopicHardware Malfunction
4198TopicHelp....first time
4199TopicCant create another PVP char....
4200TopicHelp pls for my keyboard
4201TopicUnable to install.
4202TopicConnecting To ArenaNet...
4203TopicConnecting problems (058)
4204TopicNew Players Issue
4205TopicCrashing GW
4206TopicAdvice on a Router... or something
4207TopicHelp! Computer freezing :(
4208TopicPostNuke Question
4209Topicnew laptop major lag
4210TopicCharacter stuck on guild hall that doesnt exist anymore
4211TopicWeird problem!!!
4212Topicaverage monthly usage
4213Topicsame sound from all channels
4215TopicThe 4 n 1 fixer
4216Topicwhat is happening to my pvp char?
4217Topichaving problems with NF
4218TopicJust bought from PlayNC, worried
4219TopicHave a question about linking games...
4220Topichaving problems with NF
4221TopicLag storm!??!
4222TopicThe bad lag story
4223TopicGuild Wars Freezing
4224TopicScreen just goes black while play, 1-10 FPS
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4225TopicMore Lag
4226TopicComputer randomly shuts itself down.. help? :)
4227TopicWill Guild Wars use a dual CPU?
4228Topichelp with installing
4229TopicUpgrading computer
4230TopicGame running poorly on good machine
4231TopicVideocard not working.
4232TopicVery High Ping
4233TopicI cant down load client
4234TopicNot really lag, is it?
4235TopicGuild Wars and Vista
4237Topicemote issues
4238Topicstill aint working. what i do?
4239TopicError Message - 11010 DIRECT SONG BS
4240TopicDell Inspiron 6400/9400 gameplay on guild wars?
4241TopicNo Sound!
4242TopicQuestion about my internet connection
4243TopicNeed suggestions for building a PC...
4244Topicguild wars
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4245Topicproblem with guildwar,just built a computer
Pages: 1, 2
4246TopicDual screen
4247TopicInstallation Problems
4248TopicRepairing data archive...?
4249Topici have a problem can u help me ??
4250TopicGlitching graphics
4251TopicHidden Mouse
4252TopicRunning Guildwars on iMac with Parallels 3.0
4253TopicCtrl key issues
4254TopicUnable to patch Guild Wars
4255TopicDownloading Content -.-
4256TopicBuilding New Computer
4257TopicWhat happened to running dual clients?
4258TopicIntake fan - reccomendations?
4259Topicicon fonts
4260Topiccode 005 plz help
4261TopicGuild Wars was unable to complete the operation - Code 40
4262TopicShould I be getting this little FPS?
4263Topicmemory could not be read error
4264TopicFPS and RAM
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4265TopicMost bang for the bucks
4266TopicIrritating sound problem.
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4267TopicErr-7ing While Zoning?
4268Topicinternational server getting worse and worse ?
4269TopicThe build-a-computer thread challenge
4270TopicLag... Pls Help...
4271TopicCode= 103
4272TopicCtrl + Space targetting doesn't work
4273TopicPerformance went down the toilet, help!
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4274TopicGuild Wars vs Windows Vista
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
4275TopicLoading Drivers
4276TopicContinous Crashing
4277TopicGame Crashes
4278TopicGW stops internet
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
4279Topicfreezing up while decompressing in towns and hall
4280Topicprobs in MDT on June 2?
4281Topicnew computer
4282TopicPower supply
4283TopicOnly one of my mesmers headgear will take insignia
4284TopicWindows Vista Operating System and Guild Wars
Pages: 1, 2
4285Topiccan't load into LA
4286TopicDisconnected from friends server
4287TopicSound Options
4288TopicThese specs worth it?
Pages: 1, 2
4290TopicAnyone else having connection problems today?
4291TopicHTTP_Unknown_Protocal on incoming Port 80
4292TopicWeird Screen
4293TopicEarthlink not accepting email confirmations?
4294Topicweird problem
4295Topicvideo card-mother board compatibility
4296Topiccant log on
4297TopicGW crashing on start up during file decompression.
4298TopicGW blew up my videocard, need a new one.
4299TopicGW crashing on start up during file decompression.
4300Topichacker? possible?
4301TopicConnection Troubles
4302TopicInsufficient Space or Rights? WTF!!?
4303TopicConnection problems (cannot patch)
4304Topicgw cant connect anymore :(, getting sick of it
4305Topicconnection problem (Netgear router)
4306TopicMoving from Factions to Prophecies
4307TopicFactions no longer for sale? weird ...
4308Topiccannot connect to arena net
4309Topicproblem, getting frustrated
4310TopicATI 9800 Pro problem
4311TopicProblem Listing An Item For Sale, Help
4312TopicOMG NOEZZZ!!!! GW deletion?
4313TopicSound Bug
4314TopicA sound problem, video problem, and couple questions
4315TopicProblems with my wireless modem.
4317TopicPlease help! Can't conntect.
4318Topicsound question....
4319TopicBetter Character Textures
4320TopicNeed input on new gfx card
4321TopicHelp on Laptop
4322Topicterrible lagg
4323TopicProblems with this website
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4324TopicInernet goes
4325TopicDSL Disconnection Issues
4326TopicA really unusual problem
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4327TopicComputer Specs
4329TopicWhat it means?
4330TopicLow fps
4331Topicmissing Guild Wars CD's
4332TopicGW background and vista dreamscene...
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4334TopicPentium D
4336TopicContant freezes
4337TopicGuild Wars troubles winamp?
4338Topichigh ping :4
4339TopicComp speed vs. connection speed
4340TopicCode = 058
Pages: 1, 2
4341Topic1.8 GHz P4 and a 7600GS?
4342TopicVista User Memory Problem
4343TopicQuestion with Running Dual Screens (Not GW Related)
4344TopicComputer is on its last leg.
4345TopicHorrible FPS with vista
4346TopicHorrid FPS when moving.
4347TopicStupid lag, again or still?
4348TopicProblems with MarketWatch
4349TopicMemory Leak ?
4350Topicnvidia omega drivers and GW
4351Topic-map ??
4352TopicGraphics Overheating prob?
Pages: 1, 2
4353TopicIs it possible to have GW run on Linux?
4354TopicAccount Banned for no reason
4355TopicDownloading All GW Files In One Patch ???
4356TopicGeforce Go 7600
4357Topiccan my pc play guild wars
4358TopicWill I be able to play Guild War Factions?
4359TopicNightfall Graphics Errors
4360TopicHaving That Pesky Install Error?
4361TopicCode 021
4362TopicWebsite complaints
4363TopicInsane Lag
4364Topiccant see anything
4365TopicJust reinstalled windows, and sound isnt working
4366TopicTurn Off All Interface
4367Topic'Installer cannot write Guild Wars to specified location' bug
4368TopicYellow screen
4369TopicThe Good Ol' COMP REBOOT
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4370TopicUnable to connect to arenanet
4371TopicBlack Display
4372Topic"Unable to install"
4373TopicFriends Server Disconect
4374Topicmy blocky graphics!!!!!
4375TopicGW on a stick
4376Topicwhats with the uber lag tonight?
4377TopicSerious Problem.
4378TopicSound lag Locking up guildwars
4379TopicGW Crashes, Please Help!
4380TopicOdd Minimizing Problem
4381TopicVista x64, 8800gtx, 680i
Pages: 1, 2
4382Topicthis is weird
4383TopicOverheating Comp - Turning down FPS?
4384TopicAlliance Battle Gate Bug
4385TopicBought Factions CD key, and made new account with it by mistake!!! [HELP!]
4386Topic2 Accounts 1 comp
4387TopicDownload every time I play
4388Topicevery time i load (same area) decompressions starts
4389TopicGraphic Lag + Drivers + GW
4390TopicLosing ability to interact with GW
4391TopicSearching the [trade] forums
4392TopicNew PC tell me what you think
4393TopicDoes this seem right to you?
4394TopicAudigy Sound Cards (Vista & EAX support) - Have to pay for it
4395TopicLockup at Login and Character Selection Screens?
4396TopicAmbient and music, no battle sounds.
4397TopicMajor lag and error 007
4398TopicAfter recent update, game freezes up
4399TopicComputer randomly restarts...
4400TopicNo video after rebooting..WTF!
4401TopicI found the solution to the most common installer error!
4402TopicRandom Path Issues.
4403TopicUnable to install.. WTF! HELP MEEEEE!
4404TopicNPC Hitboxes bump me around..... Help??
4405TopicGW Linux client, WHEN ?
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4406Topicvery low FPS on my labtop
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4407TopicWehhan Terraces
4408TopicIssue with Nightfall
4409TopicCan't post an auction
4410TopicPCGamer Mini pet code issue
4411TopicEmail & GW Account Hacked - How Can I Get My Account Back?
4412TopicFriday 4th Update Issues
4413Topicall kinds of connectionproblems
4414TopicProgramming G-Keys On A Logitech G11 KB
4415TopicError 5 in many places til update for many players
4416TopicAbout Fed Up :(
4417Topic1680 x 1050 with an nVidia GeForce 6800
Pages: 1, 2
4418Topiclowest possible settings
4419TopicI cant talk in allaince chat!
4420Topicdecent frames on xps m1210?
4421TopicWhat's with all the D/ls and slow speeds?
4422TopicWindows Vista and Guild Wars
4423Topicwhich system is best?
4424Topicnew sound effects + vent = god mode
4425TopicSLI help
4426TopicThe Traceroute Results...
Pages: 1, 2
4427TopicRestart: always occurs when nearing Barradin Estate
4428Topicinternet falies
4429TopicUnable to Connect
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
4430TopicThe installer could not write to Guild wars...
4431TopicRouter trouble
4432Topicdisconnection problems
4433TopicMass error 7 :D
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Pages: 1, 2
4435TopicPROBLEM...comp roboot and gfx driver issue
4436TopicAnyone knows how to interpret Shift+F10 Graphs in GW?
4437Topicquest for the lost loot
4438TopicGuild Wars Updater
4439Topic'Cannot install'
4440TopicBizarre networking issues (not necessarily GW-related)
4441TopicReally wierd problem
4442TopicGetting a new vid card/psu. your thoughts pls?
4443TopicCannot Get Great Wall Quest Too Work...
4444Topic[Log-In Error] Unable to Log in after Guild Hop (temporary solution included)
4445TopicWhats with the Decompressing
4446TopicATI Radeon HD 2900 XTX (R600)
4447TopicLaggity lag, lag lag
4448TopicExtremely Long Load Times
4449TopicFPS drop
4450TopicGame is very chuggy
Pages: 1, 2
4451TopicCharacters Stuck
4452TopicDx 10
4453TopicIssues with loading screen
4454TopicGuild Hall Problem
4455TopicConstantly - Repairing data archive - Help please
4456Topicguild wars and nvidia dualview
4457Topicwhole team crash in last room of foundry
4458TopicDefective Computer?
4459TopicCD doesn't work-what can I do
4460TopicHuh??? Where'd my lag go?
4461TopicOutposts not loading
4462TopicGW locking up after Hard Mode update
4463TopicA-Net ~ Biting off more than they can chew.
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4464TopicNetwork driver question
4465TopicMajor Lag and a Message (Not related directly to Guild Wars)
4466TopicError -058
4467TopicHelp getting a new video card!
4468TopicSkill templates folder and Vista
4469TopicGhost Mouse In The Center of the Screen
4470TopicAGP vs PCI-E?
4471TopicNew Comp
4472TopicSiS graphic support
4473TopicSleep-Mode like State? (Certain areas!)
4474TopicTwo annoying bugs - Ninja-NPCs and Rebooting
4475TopicOut of Memory
4476TopicGW Refuses to Install "Some" Updates
4477TopicLosing data in realm of torment
4478TopicHanging on connection screens
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
4479TopicSystem error
4480Topicfinding specs?
4481TopicVery low FPS after upgrade to Vista
Pages: 1, 2
4482TopicPenryn benchies and cheap C2Ds
4483TopicIs guild wars down?
Pages: 1, 2
4484TopicQuick question....
4485TopicRather odd problem with graphics? or monitor?
4487TopicGW run on new notebook?
4488TopicNew notebook, will it run this?
4489TopicAnyone getting reduced frame rate post update?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4490TopicProblem logging in
4491TopicComputer Crashing
4492TopicGuild wars Hard Mode BUGS!
4493TopicComputer Help Links
4494TopicGW wont open o.o
4495TopicWhy so much lag? (Not just guild wars)
4496TopicBest PCI video card?
4497TopicAti Help-[9600XT 128Mb]
4498TopicNew / Update Nvidia Drivers XP & Vista
4499TopicAudio Engine Update & Game Freezes
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
4500TopicApril 5th update 'Lag' Issues: Memory management & -heapsize switch
Pages: 1, 2
4501TopicGreen item graphic bug
4502TopicAnet Have Banned Me Help!!!!
4503TopicBad Sound Quality
4504TopicHELP!! graphics problem with no answer
4505Topicinternet keeps cutting out when i play GW only
4506TopicRandom Freeze every 5-10 min
4507TopicInternet problems
4508TopicWorm Infection
4509Topicproblems with screen shots
4510TopicWhats is this
4511TopicNvidia 7950GX2 No signal problem
Pages: 1, 2
4512TopicFrame freeze and not lag
4513Topic[internet] GW vs Internet
4514TopicCant connect after update
4515TopicGuild Wars Freeze
4516TopicWhy so much lag ? ( JUST guild wars )
4517TopicGame is sticking a lot (5 fps) really need your help, unusual situation
4518TopicGuild Wars 2
4519TopicErr 058 -- Plz help, doesnt seem right.
4520TopicIs is going to lag?
4521TopicSomething's wrong with my mic?
4522TopicGaming Gal seeks help with re-installing after Vista upgrade
4523TopicUpgrading to a new video card. And Memory.
4524TopicSwitches not working?
4525TopicSomthing wont let me play!
4526TopicNo Sounds
4527TopicWill Guild Wars Run on my PC?
4528TopicFlickering Bar
Pages: 1, 2
4529TopicComputer Crash
4530TopicMy invisible friends and I
4531TopicIf I wanted to format my HD...
4532Topiccomputer freezes and crashes--poste update
4533TopicSaving Skill Templates in Chat Window
4534Topicunbelievable lag and game freeze
4535TopicGood way to stop lag
4536TopicHelp me out please
4537Topic2 things: Auction section and dial up
4538TopicRadeon X1650 Pro Artifacts.
4539Topic"Pop Up" Problem
4540TopicWhy do i lag?
Pages: 1, 2
4541TopicGuild Wars Freeze
4542TopicWindows Vista Low FPS when running GW
4543TopicHow will this system play?
4544Topicfinding out motherboard type?
4545TopicChoppy Sound
4546TopicBest graphics card
Pages: 1, 2
4547TopicPlayNC Account Info
4548Topictrouble with vista
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
4549TopicBad Lag? Try This.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
4550TopicQuite an important question!
4551TopicWinamp and Guildwars - Loading screen lag
4552TopicGraphical problem
4553TopicATI drivers for XP64
4554TopicGame crashing at Wehhan Gates.
4555TopicMy 7950 vs x800
4556TopicCant Run GW Anymore
4558TopicTS problem after 5 april update
4559TopicIntel Graphics Controller...
4560TopicMemory Issues
4561TopicWeird graphics issue--first GW and now my entire desktop
4562Topicchange guild wars e-mail/pw
4563TopicError code 005
4564TopicDisgustng ping!
4565Topichelp please. thanks!
4566TopicMissing health points
4567TopicLag issues.
4568Topiccrashing crashing crashing
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4569TopicCan't see some pictures.
4570Topicis it lag? if so how to solve it for good
4571TopicUgh! I need a new video card....
4572TopicIs it possible to listen to music and play Guild Wars ?
4574TopicApril 2007 DirectX Redist
4575TopicWhat sort of comp is optimal for GW?
4576TopicComputer Freezes
4577TopicAny cure for this updates backdraws?
4578TopicK1 Network Interface Card
4579Topic.piff(msn virus)
4580TopicNew pc and vista question.
4581TopicTemplate code on Skills menu ?
4582Topic2 users side by side-microphone recommendations
4583Topicscreen turning purple
4584TopicDeath by Lag
Pages: 1, 2
4585TopicWhat is this error doing to me!
4586TopicIncreasing FPS rate
4587Topicnetwork error code=180?
4588TopicDecompression (AGAIN!)
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
4589TopicQuestion about the shortcut for GW
4590TopicDownload Status weirdness?
4591TopicUpdate, now with added crashes!
4592TopicGw.exe game crash error after the update :(
4593Topicbug with Heros after update
4594TopicGw.error after update 5th april
4595TopicGame freezes and destroys desktop
4596TopicSoundtrack issues
4597TopicMac port using Cider?
4598TopicFPS < 5 , God help me.
4599TopicWindows Vista
4600TopicCan't connect in Vista anymore.
4601TopicVideo cards
4602TopicCan’t get GW started on brand new PC??? It reboots!!!
4603TopicGame Crashed
4604TopicScreen locks while loading map.
4605TopicGuild Wars is already Running???
4606TopicHow do i sig?
4607TopicTech Problems, help!
4608TopicCant "Call" in game
4609Topici am unable to install what i think is an update
4610Topicconnect lagg- help is very appreciated
4611TopicFPS decreasing over time (texture issue?)
4612TopicNvidia 8800gts Exposed And Exploited
4613TopicHelp with ATI RADEON SAPPHIRE X1650 PRO
4614TopicHELP! - The instarer could not write to the specified directory!
Pages: 1, 2
4615TopicHELP FAST PLEASE! Hardware Problems
4616TopicOMG my male ranger changed female
4617TopicGuildwars Gfx settings, cant force FSAA from drivers with ATI or Nvidia cards
4618TopicTIme to upgrade need advice
Pages: 1, 2
4619TopicGW Client
4620TopicLow FPS ever since I started playing...
4621TopicI think my comp lacks an animation?
4622TopicUS Servers need a fix
Pages: 1, 2
4623Topicwhats going on ?
4624TopicWindow keeps moving.
4625TopicLaggin Out
4626TopicComputer Help
4627Topicheeelpp i cant load
4628Topic10-20 fps :(
4629TopicGraphics go beserk
4630TopicLag FTL
Pages: 1, 2
4631TopicTerrible FPS Problem
4632TopicSound effects trouble
4634TopicCode013 AGAIN
Pages: 1, 2
4636TopicCan't connect.
4637TopicPeople crashing in game please come here
4638TopicCode 013 - What is it?
4639TopicUnable to connect to... anything
4640TopicExplorable Areas do not load correctly
4641TopicGuild Wars failed to initialize 3D output
4642Topicneed help choosin a new computer
4643TopicGamecam on GW?
4644TopicArmor/items gone
4645TopicAccount Troubles
4646TopicNF Items
4647TopicGetting more juice out of an old machine
4648Topicpatch for Windows Vista
4649TopicSerious Graphics Glitching... at 120 FPS =P
4650Topicthe longest map of my life
4651TopicMp3 Track Help
4652TopicStrange FPS drop
4653TopicLow FPS Problem - Running Radeon X1650
4654TopicNew PC Video Question
4655TopicAccount not authorized?
4656TopicA New PC: Your Help/Advice Sought
Pages: 1, 2
4657TopicNpc Dialog
4658TopicExreme Lagg/Errors since last nights update
4659TopicGW and Microsoft Office Toolbar
4661TopicCan't connect to login servers.
4662TopicHow are your pings in the UK?
4663TopicCharacter Problem
4664TopicHelp Me Please
4665TopicNeed Opinions On A Headset
4666TopicVideo Capture and random screen flashing
4667TopicTeaching a new video card to get along with an older PC via GW.
4668Topicwhat is this error and how do i get rid of it!?
4669TopicIdle PC RAM usage?
4670TopicDo USB Login keys exist?
4671Topicguild wars nightfall freezes!!!
4672TopicI need opinions! New pc
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
4673Topicneed help
4674TopicNeed Help with Problem.
4675Topic~~Strange look on 15k armours~~
4676TopicNew Pc
4677TopicA Loading problem
4678TopicA word On Power Supplies
4679Topic2 Questions about potential laptop.
4680TopicNeed Help Very Annoying Problem
4681TopicWhat should I do, stuck on "Loading" screen?
4682TopicCore 2 Duo E6x50-series pricing announced
4683TopicComputer getting slow
4684TopicHelp Me!, Dad's Trying To Block Guild Wars
4685TopicMultiple Power Supplies
4686TopicIn-game Mouse Pointer Contrast Problem
4687Topicplease help! my computer screen is being wierd!
4688TopicUrgent! I need to know if my video card can support this game!
4689TopicSolid Color screen???
4690TopicWhat is a good imagineing program?
4691TopicA Couple Software Questions...
4692TopicGuild Wars Launcher
4693TopicAnother Laptop Problem, Bad Frame Drop
4694TopicScreenshots in wrong format
4695TopicRepairing data archive...
4696TopicError Code 058
4697TopicMy Guild Wars keeps freezing
4698TopicAuction Pages Help
4699Topic-nosound and -image
4701Topicstupid password recovery
4702TopicSerious Account problem
4703TopicAccount Problem
4704TopicErrrr key codes not working????
4705TopicShared AND dedicated video memory?
4706Topicgw nightfall keeps blocking
4707TopicReally bad FPS
4708TopicLaptop performance question
4709TopicSound Quality Problem
4710Topicxtreme gamer and EAX
4711TopicAti 1950
4712TopicRegarding Guild Wars 2..
Pages: 1, 2
4713TopicHELP! Not explained in any thread. What is this??!
4714Topicgraphics cards plz!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4716Topiccities and outposts
Pages: 1, 2
4718TopicPost Process Effects enabled/disabled?
4719Topicgot a new pc and need some answers plz
4720TopicTrouble With ATI X1900XTX Video Card?
4721TopicMaps don't load
4722TopicIssues with my connection
4723TopicHeavanly Lag
4724Topicedit audio CD
4725TopicHow to Lower DPI on my mouse? :)
4726TopicUnable to run CD 1, but can load 2 (factions)
4727TopicATI graphic cards NOT so good!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
4728TopicLag on Euro servers is a joke (or not)
Pages: 1, 2
4729Topic(Hidden) Updated Vista Audigy 2 ZS Vista Drivers
4730TopicCreative X-Fi Vista 32bit (Non-Beta) Drivers
4731TopicBest Performance for my Graphics to attack additional things
4732Topicwindows vista 32bit + GW = not working! help!
4733TopicTY so much for fixing the lagg on euro servers
4734TopicMissing sounds after recent updates
Pages: 1, 2
4735TopicEvery Time there's a gw update....
4736TopicEdges around cinematics
4737TopicVisual bug with "other" male ele's
4738TopicTwo questions (graphics cards and drivers)
4739TopicMuting Sound In Background Not Working?
4740TopicData Repair every Update
4741TopicNew graphics card opinions.
Pages: 1, 2
4742TopicNot seeing drunk or death effect
4743TopicRandom FPS drops
Pages: 1, 2
4744TopicGUILD problems
4745TopicMonster Rubberbanding
4746TopicGuild chat doesn't work
4747TopicDriver for Nvidia Geforce 7600GT
4748TopicScreen freeze problems
4749TopicGw Freezing when being pm'ed or pming
4750TopicCPU always at 100% in GW
4751TopicVery Strange fps
4752TopicComp Crashes when i start Guild Wars
4753Topic007ed everytime I log into Ascalon Academy
4754TopicSoundblaster Audigy SE help
4755TopicCan't connect to Anet.
4756TopicError 13...AGAIN
Pages: 1, 2
4757TopicCode=13 *here we go again*
4758TopicCatalyst Control Center Annoyance
4759TopicGeforce 7300Gt card wont run guild wars..???
4760TopicGuild Wars Screen Freeze
4761TopicEverything is grey
4762TopicPossible to have two .exe files with different settings?
4763TopicCreating paragon = Crash
4764TopicSound issue with Vista
4765Topicreally slow area loads
4766TopicBest Graphics Card on a Budget?
4767TopicGaming LCD
Pages: 1, 2
4769TopicWindows Vista and XP Tweak Guide
4770TopicOnline Store - Error 004 on Checkout...
4771Topicnew System
4772Topici want to play gw
Pages: 1, 2
4773TopicSilly Vista question
4774TopicVery weird problem I cannot figure out
4775TopicGPU Overheating
4776TopicPC reboots while loading areas
4777TopicGwG Image Error?
4778TopicPlaying GW on a New Computer
4779TopicGuild Wars Causing Serious Error
4780TopicWhat Is This Ping??
4781TopicCant play guildwars more than 5 minutes!
4782TopicCant play guildwars more than 5 minutes!
4783TopicSilly Disk Question
4784TopicShadows in Cinematics?
4785TopicPC rebooting within minutes
4786TopicLooking at a Laptop
4787TopicGW freezing/locking up
4788TopicBuffer Overrun and Tasbar
4789TopicCode 040?
4790TopicHaving a Vista problem
4791TopicLoading new areas with Sygate Firewall on
4792TopicKeyboard setting changes when GW is running
4793TopicWindow Size
4794TopicAnimations not working (Storm Bow, Spirits etc)
4795TopicCant get GW to run
4796TopicRepair install and save games
4797TopicHow Well Will It Run
Pages: 1, 2
4798TopicSlow loading of text and inventory items
4799TopicCan't see my uploaded avatar
4800TopicRepairing Data Archive on a regular basis
4801TopicAmd X2 64 / Intel Duo 2 Core - Review (02-2007)
Pages: 1, 2
4802TopicGW's EAX not working with Vista
4803TopicIncreasing the FPS
4804TopicUpgrading My Computer for Gaming
4805TopicBUG: Rollerbeetle race
4806TopicGraphics Card Problem, (not sure why)
4807TopicSlow download rates
4808Topicvent problem
4809TopicWindow Fonts and Firefox Prob
4810Topiccode=005 at Eredon Terrace
4811TopicWhat setting should I have Guild Wars on?
4812TopicA New Graphics Card
4813TopicWill this run GW?
4814TopicErr Code=084?
4815TopicGW locking up and crashing
4816TopicDell 24" lcd - GW 1920x1200 screen request
4817TopicSound Issues
4818TopicSound Issues
4819TopicInfrequent game crashes...
4820TopicUnable to install
4822TopicCD Key and the wait
Pages: 1, 2
4823TopicUpdating GW via -image switch creates a larger then normal gw.dat file
4824TopicNetgear causing problems in general
4825TopicA question about loading screens.
4826TopicCan't see the bottom of screen - only on opera
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4828TopicMulti Monitors
4829TopicAti Driver 7.2 - XP & Vista
4830TopicGW on Vista
4831TopicNeed Help....Please..Laptop shuts down in game...
4832TopicAnoying Log Out Icon, pls help
4833TopicRecent Problems with Icons and Away Status
4834TopicDoes this site use ...
4835TopicNPCs jumping around
4836TopicUghh...So much lag!
4837TopicGraphics Error
4838TopicNew Account Problems
4839TopicInstalling nightfall disk 2 game window freeze
4840TopicObservation of FPS
Pages: 1, 2
4841TopicThe Ultimate Memory (RAM) Guide.
4842TopicPossible Hardware Malfunctions Boot - outs.
4843TopicTrouble Installing
4845TopicGw.dat is larger then it suppose to be clean install using -image switch
4846TopicVent problems
4847TopicCan't Connect to ArenaNet
4848TopicComputer Requirements Question
4849TopicGuild Wars and Superfetch
4850TopicWindows XP Multi Core config - Does your OEM do it for you?
4851TopicTexture still blurry after update
4853Topiccode 58 with belkin router
4854TopicGame locking up on me.
4855TopicIssue with my Compaq takes me to desktop
4856TopicDirectX 9 not registering.
4857TopicVista 64 blue screens running Guild Wars
4858TopicGame sometimes crashes when loading screen appears
4859Topicroller beetle e=7 probs.
4860TopicRandom shutdown?
4861TopicCan not connect to Guild wars
4862TopicBug with the re-ordering feature
4863TopicGuild Roster Bug needs to be fixed......
4864TopicError 58's after 2/14/07 update
4865TopicScreenSaver Q:
4866TopicHow to.
4867TopicSick of Installation problems
4868TopicGuildwars and Login Issues !!!
4869TopicUpgrading RAM=Faster speed?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
4870TopicMale dervishes not running correctly
4872TopicBugged friends list...
4873TopicVirus concerns
4874TopicAdjusting Fan Speed Bad?
4875Topicafter a while screens goes black and crashes
4876Topicblurry mission map after reinstall xp/vista
4877TopicInventory problem
4878TopicLittle green shapes everywhere...
4879TopicDAMN norton!
4880TopicIssues with Graphics and the Reasons for Them explained in some detail.
4881TopicGame Freezes within 15 minutes of play
4882TopicNo More White Box Head People!
4883Topichelp what have you done?!?! im lagging awful since last update..
4884TopicRepairing Data archive...
4885Topicerror code 040 again
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
4886Topicsomeone drop coffe again on european servers...
4887Topiclooking for some advise...
Pages: 1, 2
4888Topicgetting err 13 when picking char...
4889Topicthe NEW error 7's
4890Topici need help! can my mac os 10 play the game?
4891TopicGreen Fog Issue?
Pages: 1, 2
4892TopicDoes Anisotropic Filtering Make a Difference in GW?
4893TopicParty Window Screws Up
4894TopicTitle missing since update from 2/13/07
4895TopicRandom Lock Ups
4896TopicError 058
4897TopicWeird & serious graphics problem
4898TopicProblem with GW and word
4899TopicUpdate ?
Pages: 1, 2
4900TopicWanted: Experiences from 1600x1200 or 1680x1050 users
4901TopicTransferring files from 1 pc to another
4902Topic-image vs background downloading
4903TopicProblems with Guild Wars & Vista
4904TopicGraphics Problem.
4905TopicProblem with DirectSong & Vista
4906TopicProblem with DirectSong & Vista
4907Topicqustion for vista and things
4908TopicAcer Aspire T650 - a decent choice?
4909TopicBug on Canthan Sentinel's Insignia [warrior]
4910Topiccamera zoom in/out problem in vista
4911TopicWhat is RAM and how much do I have?
4912TopicPC locking up, Sound Sticks - Cant figure out what it is
4913TopicHaving a BIG problem
Pages: 1, 2
4914TopicNetwork Problem: Error 7 on Load?
4915TopicError 10s when Salvaging?
4916TopicThe Large White Cube (picture)
4917TopicA problem with loading.
4918TopicError 58
4919TopicI really need some *professional* help with FPS. Any takers?
4920TopicLag in busy areas
4921TopicHey what is wrong with this??
4922TopicPartition Question
4923TopicWierd Poblem...really makin me angry, please help me
4924TopicAnnoyance gone too far
4925TopicSplash Title and Purchased Game Do Not Match
4926Topicmini guide to lag problems.
4927Topicspeaker problems
4928TopicExperiences with Creative X-Fi and Vista?
4929Topicgreen and violet squares?????
4930TopicWindows slow boot due to gw.dat?
4931TopicSP 2 problems
4932TopicMelonni Stuck Emoting!
4933TopicExtremely Slow Loading Times and a Mic question
4934TopicHow's This Computer?
4935TopicGuildWars.dat File Problems?
4936TopiciTunes + GW
4937TopicHelp Plz!
4938TopicHas the internet broken somewhere ? (error 58)
Pages: 1, 2
4939TopicIntermitten Glitch?
4941TopicBig White
4942TopicArgh Decompressing Woes!
4943TopicQuestion on System Requirements for Nightfall
4944Topicsound cards again
4945TopicLess Stable Ping Through Router?
4946TopicAgain err=40
4947TopicHelp with Alienware 51 M
4948TopicVista and eVGA 7900 GT KO
4949TopicLower fps on better system
4950TopicHelp on Monitor Settings.
4951TopicATI Radeon X1400?
4952TopicGW and Windows Vista
4953TopicGame running on a intel macbook?
4954TopicWhat's up with HA?
4955TopicUpdated Microsoft DirectX 9 - Feb 2007
4956TopicInstalling Factions.
4957TopicVista free upgrade and Guild Wars
4958Topiccomp wont work
4959TopicFACTIONS main missions BUG - help
4960TopicPlay NC Master Account Login
4961TopicMain menu extremely laggy
4962TopicAccount Stolen!
4963TopicProblems with Guild Wars Nighfall
4964TopicWill this system work for Guild Wars?
4965TopicSwiching to Europen Servers with no more chances???
4966TopicCode 058
4968TopicWhere is my armor...
4969TopicDirectX 9c February 2007 Update
4970TopicGraphics glitch. Huge white cubes instead of heads
4971TopicGuild Wars...portable?
4972TopicGot a weird problem. Can't play.
4973TopicUnexplainable ???
4974TopicFPS Issues in GW
4975TopicExcel and Word pop up
4976TopicGW Friendlist keeps logging off and more problems help please !
4977TopicGuild Wars Server/Client Synch Issues
4978TopicLogging into GW
4979TopicHow to check...
4980Topic"a new build has become available, please exit and run the program again"
Pages: 1, 2
4981Topic[HACKING IN PROGRESS] i got 100 mails about "reseting password failure" from NCsoft
4983TopicInstallation- New computer? Glitched??? & Tech Question
4985TopicWindows ages?
4986TopicStartup File Location
4987TopicDEADLY slow loading
4988TopicSound issue
4989TopicURGENT Help plz!Sudden loss of Factions Key only!code 165
4990TopicComputer Lockup When Logging Out
4991TopicArenanet refuses to help customers
4992Topicrandom freezes
4993TopicFlickering black screen when playing
4994Topicloading times, don't understand
4995TopicGraphics card, flat screens and an old mobo
4996TopicNo connection to
4997TopicInstallation- New computer?
4998TopicProblem with error 58 after skills balance
4999TopicInstalling GW without a huge download...
5000TopicNew computer <>
5001TopicWindows Media Center cause crash?
5002TopicGuild Wars and Vista?
5003TopicComputer Lock Up in the same area
5004TopicCan't seem to get GW running...
5005TopicHow to manually select a region to load GW?!
5006TopicMap load err7, no reconnects possible. Looked over other threads.
5007TopicDrunken Screen Effects not working
5008TopicSound problems - will getting an Audigy Notebook card work?
5009TopicHigh Ping Needs Fixing
5010Topicvideo card ?'s
5011TopicSound Card Help
5012Topicwindows vista and guildwars. experiences. gf8800
Pages: 1, 2
5013TopicGuild Wars Account Management mess
Pages: 1, 2
5014TopicIs my GW linked to PlayNC (etc.)? How do I check?
5015TopicCan I Lily (Laptop :P) Play GW
5016TopicPurchasing a new computer
5017TopicFPS issues
Pages: 1, 2
5018TopicScreenshots still in bmp not jpeg
5019TopicComputer for my brother
5020TopicGuild Wars on 64-bit OS?
5021TopicUnexplainable Crashes
5022TopicVideo Card Q's
5023TopicGame suddenly started freezing whole computer
5024TopicPlease help me someone, shut down, stuck and lag problems.
5025TopicA quick question about Prophecies CE
5026TopicChanging Cards
5027TopicGW Reinstalling?
5028TopicComputer Help!!!!
5029TopicSome array error
5031TopicUnrecoverable graphics driver error
5032TopicSome weird memory address error
5033Topiccan i run nightfall?
5034Topic"Noob" forum builder needs a little help
5035TopicUnable to initialise 3d output
5036TopicHad factions, downloaded nightfall, still can only play factions.
5037TopicGW graphics laging when running
5038Topiccharacter bug
Pages: 1, 2
5039TopicSparkle 8800GTS and Guild Wars
Pages: 1, 2
5040TopicBig white square blocks problem
5041TopicBest Server for New Zealand Players
5042TopicHacking in Guild Wars, no help from forum or anet
Pages: 1, 2
5043TopicVanishing Prophecies Key o_O
5044Topic?'s about SP2
5045Topicdisinfecting a laptop
5046TopicSapphire x1950xt
5047Topicdecompressing goes extremely slow.
5048TopicNo text loading, causes major lag
5049TopicSome probs with NTFS...
5050TopicFirewall doesn't like GW
5051Topicneed help again! thanks!
5052Topicnoob needs computer help!
5053TopicShowing OFFLINE and the dreaded err7 follows
5054TopicGetting err58 in last 12 hours - cant connect
5055TopicWheel back 1/3, Charcter changes colors ?
5056TopicCan't change password - updated
5057TopicA problem after reinstall of Guild Wars
5058TopicSome problems
5059Topicf**** stupid gw updates
5060TopicConnection Issues? (12:20 1/24 Eastern Timezone)
5061TopicQuick question about loading of mission
5062TopicDecompression taking 2+ hours
5063TopicLAG, anyone else getting it?
5064TopicTeamspeak questions
5065TopicTemporary Freezing/XP Login Problems
5066TopicMy Guild Wars keeps crashing
5067TopicGw.dat and File System Type
5068TopicProblem with game account for friend
5069TopicFor all standard Verizon DSL users
5070TopicUnable to connect after game update?
5071Topicwhite cubes intead of heads
5072TopicIntel 852/855 One driver fixed it all perfectly sticky please!
5073Topicproblem loading "mapping out" V1.7
5074TopicGuildwars and DS3D/EAX in Vista
5075TopicA small problem with sound..
5076TopicRandom sounds , Its driving me crazy!
Pages: 1, 2
5077TopicHow can I get rid of the shortcut mini-icon on my icons?
5078TopicMany 007/ dc/ game crash...
5079TopicCrappy Skill Bar Textures
5080Topichi..plz can u look at something for me..?
5081TopicWindowed with AA
5082TopicErr during second half of Jennur's Horde end movie
5083TopicNeed Dial-Up Help PLZ!
5084TopicError: Routing Issues
5085TopicBlue Inlog Screen
5086TopicVery Bad Bug, Stuck in Factions
5087TopicStuck at "Connecting to ArenaNet"
5088TopicCan't change jpeg to bmp on images for SS
5089TopicMuddy textures on other players
5090TopicCheap Laptop
5091TopicHaving problems with 'decompressing' on update files
5092Topic~~''Under Construction"" + White screen~~
Pages: 1, 2
5093Topicproblems with the Ati diamond viper x1300
5094TopicSometimes when i'm playing...
5095TopicGW crashing seconds/minutes after loading
5096Topici can't download the Intro Music from GW Guru
5098Topicgame buy online, slow download as hell
5099TopicFreezing and Squeak from Inside PC Case
5100Topic"Repairing Data Archive" Input
5101TopicError 058
5102TopicWill GW work
5103TopicUpgrading my PC, Suggestions? Thanks!
5104TopicWhat firewall is better to install?
5105TopicErr7 Portals
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5106TopicLow profile graphics card?
5108TopicAnnoying Crash
5109TopicGW error-restarting
5110TopicUnable to connect on Euro servers
5111TopicCode 13
5112TopicError code 013
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5113Topiclooking for list of switches that can be added to GW shortcut
5114TopicGetting prophecies 2nd attribute quest
5115TopicColors and loading times- bugs?
5116TopicParagon Attack animation
5117Topichelp jew build a computer
5118Topicstill code=007 leaving an outpost
5119TopicPlease Help
5120TopicDisconnect Err 007
5121TopicWhat is official size of GW.dat file at the moment?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
5122Topiccannot update :( stop at 99% SOS
5123TopicLoader Problem
5124TopicProblems please help ^^
5125TopicWhich Computer? (again, sorry)
5126TopicScreen Captures are Black
5127TopicToday's Update? Any clue what it does?
5128TopicRandom Reboot
5129TopicManual Patch?
5130TopicCause of Error 7's and 58's:Game Update on January 11
5131Topicerror (code=007)
5132TopicCan Someone Please Help Me
5133TopicSquare terrain
5134TopicWindows XP Pro x64 & Guild Wars problem...
5135TopicVideo Card Test?
5136TopicWhich Computer?
5137TopicGetting Kicked.
5138TopicError when zoning
5139TopicError 58
5140TopicPing Bubble -- RTT and such
5141TopicRecommended broadband speed?
5142TopicSky-High ping
5143TopicWhich Computer?
5144TopicThe window keeps moving to the right after minimizing the game.
5145TopicWhich Computer?
5146TopicA word on older technology
5147TopicGuru Slow?
5148TopicStart Up Help!!!!
5149TopicEER7 from same portal
5150Topicweird-ass glitch.
5151TopicHow do I decrease loading times in a very old computer?
5152TopicMaximising gw after minimising it
5153TopicGraphics card failure at Yatendi Canyons...
Pages: 1, 2
5154TopicWould this run GW well?
5155TopicHow do I decrease loading times in a very old computer?
5156TopicGraphics Driver Problem
5157TopicDriver/Graphics Card Prob.
5158TopicStupid Disconnects
5159TopicEnable post-process effects
5160TopicLong Load Times
5161TopicNo reconnects for code 010?
5162TopicCode 58 login error ever since Wintersday endend
5163TopicHow well will this run Guild Wars?
5164TopicnVIDIA problem , help plz
5165TopicLogging on problem
5166TopicReconnection Bug
5167TopicOdd problem - Dye Preview window won't get any bigger!
5168TopicGuild Error
5169TopicAfter the new update I cant seem to get into the game.
5170TopicWalking out of LA
5171Topicmax balth. faction ticker.
5172TopicAnimation bug
5173Topiclag wont stop...
5174TopicUnable to play GW for a week... FRUSTRATING!
5175TopicProgrammable Keyboard
5176TopicFrame Rates Plummet After Seeing First Foes & Never Recover
5177TopicExtreme Lag in Late night HA
5178TopicLogin in an Explorable area....and not an outpost
5179TopicGame locking up
5180TopicHelp with photoshop avatar.
5181TopicWill changing GW to "high Priority" in Task Manager have ANY effect?
5182TopicDummy needs forwarding help
5183TopicWeird problem
5184Topic64 bit vs 32 OS
5185TopicBlue Screen Errors :(
5186TopicNo Response
5187TopicTerrible USB problems
5188TopicA word on Lag and a Few fixes
5189Topicvideo card issues
5190Topic10th January Lag at euro server
5191TopicFPS too low...
5192TopicHelp! Video Card stupidity.
5193TopicQuestion on Trial Key
5194Topicwill it run
5195TopicAnother (HIDE's) Lag Thread
5196TopicInsanely High Ping
5197TopicNew Video card
5198TopicPosting Builds On Forum Circle
5199Topicranger problem
5200Topicexpansions problems
5201TopicLinux Version?
Pages: 1, 2
5202Topicevga 8800GTX picture problems in portrait mode?
5203TopicLogin Problem!
5204Topic' Skipping movement ' / ' lag ' problem
5206TopicUnreccoverable Driver Error
5207TopicCan somebody please help me?!
5208TopicG7 Mouse, and Ventrillo.
5209Topiccode 005....
5210TopicI need help buying a computer that will suit GW
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5211TopicGWG logging in problems
5212TopicErr=10, No Reconnect
5213TopicHardware Failure: My system is not overheating
5214Topiccode 005....
5215TopicCrashing Rebooting BSOD and a partridge in a pear tree
5216TopicNot loading..
5217TopicLagg has to stop
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5218TopicNew error for me
5219TopicPartially Invisible
5220TopicTerrain looks hideous and blocky
5222TopicHow well will this card run GW?
5223Topicgw.dat defrag issue
5224TopicHDD Screaming
5225TopicGuild Wars Lagging On Specified Requirements
5226TopicUberlag when GW is up
5228TopicHelp with "Unable to Connect"
5229Topichorrible lag on my flippin laptop!!!!
5230Topicwhats the matter with my gw????????
5231TopicNeed some info on making GW videos
5232TopicRadeon X1600
5233TopicHigh Resolution Avatars
5234TopicHard Drive got bad virus...need install on new HD
5235TopicHelp! I Can't Connect!
5236TopicProblems with Guild Wars.
5237TopicMy computer or ???
5238TopicGW Crashes when in Factions
5239TopicInstallation Error
5240TopicIntel G965 Integrated card
5241TopicStuck on Downloading
5242TopicVideo driver update causing problems with GW and other games
5243TopicTransfering the .dat file?
5244Topic"Mute sound when GW runs in background" doesn't work.
5245Topicpost processing effects turns my screen blank
5246Topicstrange bug
5247TopicInternet crashing on loading screens
5248TopicMouse problems
5249TopicUnstable Servers?
5250TopicAnet using NETBIOS outbound?
Pages: 1, 2
5251TopicEAX environment echos - have I been missing out?
5252TopicExpansion Question
5253TopicArenanet servers b0n3d
Pages: 1, 2
5254TopicPixelized Skill Icons/Loading screen?
5255TopicNVIDIA Geforce 6200
5256TopicHat / Helm Bug
5257TopicDo Gamepads work with GW?
5258TopicLow loading rate.
5259TopicPixelated Textures on Armor
5260TopicServer Lag
5261TopicAnyone else getting crash errors?
5262Topic(insert bad gw joke) MyComputer Has Lag On Me !!
5263TopicGW randomly restartign my computer
5264TopicHelp Extreme Slowness
5265TopicGW on 56K?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5266TopicWhy cant i connect?
5267Topicare the log in servers really down?
5268Topicsound causing low FPS- plausible solution...
5269TopicAnyone else getting err 50?
Pages: 1, 2
5270TopicTwo problems with GW
5271TopicInsanely choppy graphics....
5272TopicCPU usage question
5273TopicAdding Option To Right Side Of Start Menu
5274TopicBrand new vdo card and mobo = weird
5275TopicYet another Lag problem
5276TopicNot Enough Virtual Memory
5277TopicScreenshots and FPS (2 questions)
5278TopicConnecting To Arena Net
5279TopicPC 'BIIIIIIP'-ing
5280TopicTiny Little Connection Issue
5281TopicDownload rate (kb/sec)
5282TopicGame causes computer to restart.
5283Topicmissing access key #
5284TopicLag on Satelite Internet?
5285TopicLogin = Crash?...
5286TopicSwitches and target fields.........
5287TopicNo PvP for Me?
5288TopicProblem logging in Thunderkeep
5289TopicAnti-Aliasing Problem in GW
5290Topicgraphics card
5291TopicWhat happens if windows corrupts?
5292TopicNVidia Vanta Card
5293Topicgraphics card question.
5294TopicGw.dat Problem!
5295Topicyellow screen
5296TopicConnecting to Areanet
5297TopicVista in a Laptop?
5298TopicGame Lag - Please help!
5299TopicXbox 360, Sharing music.
5300Topic7 Fps!?!?!
5301TopicVery Slow Downloading?
5302TopicHow to Back Up GW data?
5303TopicRepairing Data Archive ... again
5304TopicNeed help~
5305TopicSo how much card does GW REALLY need?
5306TopicNew system
5307TopicWill GW ever be given 64 bit support?
5308TopicDeciding on a new video card
5309TopicMy hp notebook video card??? enough?
5310TopicHaving trouble with Guild Wars Online Store
5311TopicGW Performance
5312TopicLooking into buying a new computer, comes with Ati Radeon XPress 200
5313TopicVideo card question
5314TopicI have a big problem
5315TopicVideo card
5316Topicrunning gw on your psp
5317TopicQuick Video Card Question...
5318TopicCode=058 Still won't work.
Pages: 1, 2
5319TopicWhich version of GW should I get...Or does it matter?
5320TopicNeed some help for best performance
5321TopicFPS meter
Pages: 1, 2
5322TopicAbout GW on Xbox
5323TopicCrash on Login
5324TopicComputer supports Prophecies not Factions.
5325TopicMeltdown Since Last Update?
5326TopicConnection problems to IP subnet
5327TopicImproving performance
5328TopicX-mas cheer :)
5329TopicGotY upgrade.
5330TopicLoading Screen stuck after 100% load
5331TopicXP scroll don't stack anymore
5332TopicDownloading the game again
5333TopicUhh...the new update doesnt like me..
5334TopicDirectX >=(
5335TopicRight, We've just had the update, now this.
5336TopicSound Update = Choppy Graphics
5337TopicMust use -nosound to play
5338TopicA new build of guildwar is available.
5339Topicexplorable area - lag
5340TopicConsulate Docks crashing
5341TopicBug: Unwaking waters cinematic
5342TopicThis computer does not like Guild Wars. Any clues as to why?
5343TopicIs Arenanet working today?!!!
5344TopicYup, another Video Card thread. (Suggestions Request)
5345Topicmy game work bad :(
Pages: 1, 2
5346TopicJerneh Nightbringer Vanished
5347TopicWhere have my unlocks gone?
5348TopicCompatibility check! (calling all PC gurus)
5349TopicWhere are my guild hall NPCs?
5350TopicBlue Screen with GW.exe
5351TopicGrrr LAAAAGGGG
5352TopicKeep geting code 58 SOS
5353Topicrouting problems :(
5354TopicLogin Problem
5355TopicMy Windows XP theme is broken, help!
5356TopicDisconnection when changing area/starting a mission
5357TopicI have a weird computer...I never know what will run
5358TopicVery strange login problem
5359TopicHelp!! was only taking a screeny
5360TopicLOWER GW process priority to make Skype work
5361TopicNot Responding whenever log in with a character
5362TopicIs this supposed to happen?
5363TopicMovement and Skill controls somehow change!
5364TopicGame freezing 0-4 hours of gameplay.
5366TopicSlow PC?
5367TopicGame won't start
5368TopicSound Card Installation Help
5369TopicCannot enable EAX, but have XFi?
5370TopicIdeally what should -perf return
5371Topic2 accounts
5372TopicNew Update - Freezing + 007
5373TopicHotbar problem
5374TopicVideo Cards and Guild Wars
5375TopicSony Laptop, doesn't run Guildwars well, HELP ~
5376TopicGW freezes
5377TopicBlue Screen
5379TopicHelp pick new video card.
5380TopicBugged friends list
5381TopicDoA is not in my map!!
5382TopicSony Laptop, doesn't run Guildwars well, HELP ~
5383TopicInstalling and Game Play problems
5384TopicVista anyone ?
5385TopicStuck on Connecting to Anet
Pages: 1, 2
5386TopicI want to know wether i can run factions on...
5388TopicFrame Rate Problem
5389TopicGW crashing a lot
5390Topicvery laggy or just me?
5391TopicAny Suggestions For A Durable, Comfotable, High-quality Headset Under 50 Dollars???
5392TopicPowerleveling (to Level 20) + Nightfalls = Bug
5393TopicRealy strange!Pls help me :(
5394TopicNeed help installing
5395TopicFYI - Ms Direct X (Dec 2006) Released
5396Topicgraphics issue
5397TopicWhat is the best router for Guild Wars
5398TopicCursor disappears
5399TopicGW.exe trying to use svchost.exe OLE?
5400TopicGraphics Problem
5401TopicReplacing 'integrated' graphics with Radeon
5402TopicPasting Whit PhotoShop CS?
5403TopicSprite Problem?
5404Topichelp dx error with my new gf8800
5405TopicInstall problem - Disc 2 won't load!
5406TopicNew update Now got Error code 13
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5407TopicA strange problem.
5408TopicHelp! Huge graphics problem...
5409TopicGraphics Problem
5410TopicHelp - Gw.exe running 100% CPU usage and is extremely choppy
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5411TopicLag (It never happens in the past)
5412TopicNeed Help
5413TopicWhy is Guru slow?
5414TopicRegistering for the Wintersday Event
5415TopicForum Use Questions
5416TopicDisabling the interface
5417Topicalso, do graphics/video cards work with laptops?
5418TopicException:c000005 is back!
5419TopicThe world disappearance
5420TopicProblem when GW updates
5421TopicMobile Graphics
5422TopicI'm Looking For A Headset. Anyone Have Any Suggestions?
5423TopicScreen goes black!
5424TopicAfter switching internet services, I can't login.
5426TopicWeapon damage characteristics differ?
5427TopicHelp :(
5428TopicGraphics Card Woes :[
5429TopicMouse going crazy!
5430TopicHelp with ingame glare problem:
5431Topictweaking resolution
5432TopicBuilding new machine - please comment
5433TopicBuddy list problem!
5434TopicGoing bravely where I haven't gone before...
5435TopicWhat the crap is wrong :(
5436TopicGuild Wars Guru Contest Winner for
5437Topicusb storage problem
5438TopicThe Omega Problem
5439TopicStrange problem in Factions
5441Topicx1400 VS. FireGLv5250
5442TopicNeed Advice For A Gaming Keyboard
5443TopicIngame Freezes
5444Topiccmd problem
5445Topicmapping screen load times
5446TopicSwitched Computers! HELP! Quick Question...
5447TopicGraphics 'artifacts' problem.
5448TopicAuto-Detect, etc.
5449TopicNeed MP4 Converter
5450TopicWhat is the best card with this dimension?
5451TopicBig Problem!!!
5452TopicHelp: Can't Play! [Weird Problem!]
5453TopicCrash Wars!
5454TopicError 59
5455TopicMusic Tab in Game?
5456TopicAccount/CD key help?
5457TopicProblems in game and in guru
5458TopicFound a slight issue with vabbian bastion shield
5459Topiccan't connect
5460TopicWinXP 64bit + ATI 9800 Pro, Graphics Lag Issues
5461TopicWeird Question
5462TopicRemove an access key from a account and add it to a different one?
5463TopicWhat computers do the average users have for Guildwars?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
5464TopicProblems with Target Calling
5465TopicAlliance Invitation Bug
5466TopicWhat is absolutely the lowest-end computer and video card you can use for GW?
5467TopicQuestion about changing the log in screen
5468TopicMy .DAT file got wiped!!!
5469TopicWhats Wrong?
5470Topicbacking up your gw data..
5471TopicWont connect to A-Net
5472TopicLoud Buzzing from Speakers
5473TopicAnnoying little popup (non internet type)
5474TopicScreen flipped upside down
5475TopicGraphics Drive Failure
5476TopicUnable to load into Nundu Bay?
5477TopicFPS drop when skills are used except when windowed
5478TopicGame going too slow...
5479TopicEmail Changing
5480Topicdoes this vid card support g wars
5481TopicStuck on Login Screen
5482TopicHow can i tell the game to work in directx 8 with my dx9 card?
5483TopicGame going too slow to play
5484TopicHelp with minimizing client problem
5485TopicLoading in Vaabi Problem
5486TopicRandom In-Game Freezing
Pages: 1, 2
5487TopicGuild wars wont load..
5488TopicNeed WMA converter
5489TopicFrozen at Intro Screen every time!!
5490TopicCode=010 When Salvaging Items
5491TopicEmail Not Found
5492TopicAOL does not work outside of AOL Browser
5493TopicNot updating!!!
Pages: 1, 2
5494Topicvideo card problems
5495TopicGuild Wars Won't Connect to ArenaNet
5496TopicGW keeps crashing my modem...
5497TopicDusty vid card
5498TopicThanks A-net
5499TopicPlaying GW on a linux box
5500TopicComputer freezes when starting fights
5501TopicMicrosoft Vista, late 2006
5502Topic250K Cable line ok?
5503TopicNew PSU Advice
5504TopicGame crash after logon before character select?
5505TopicFlickering Screen and Game Lag...
5506TopicAnyone else having problems connecting?
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5507TopicGuildWars - Vista + Creative EAX
5508Topicno more 007?
5509TopicLaptop Screen Blackouts
5510TopicErr=5 for all characters except two.
5511TopicRepairing Data Archive .....
5512Topichelp with account
5513TopicUh oh Nvidia!
5514TopicNeed some help here
5515TopicExploite - 12 People In outposts
5516Topic64-bit processor and 4gb ram question
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5517TopicNeed Laptop Advice
5518TopicWeird bug?
5519TopicHail 11/28/06 Update!
5520TopicHorrible FPS issues since Nightfall release
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5521TopicLag, Glitches, and Loading Oh My...
5522TopicGame Crash after 11/28/06 update
5523TopicGW Freaks Character Build not working?
5524TopicHelp with Factions please?
5525TopicIngame Bug's "Goren / Norgu" choice
5526TopicNetwork analysis
5527TopicNeed advice on buying a new graphics card
5528TopicI can't reinstall my Guild Wars!!!
5529TopicOutput sound through two devices
5530TopicBug in 'Pestilence' Spirit for Ranger
5531TopicOh ****!
5532Topicneed HELP
5533TopicDye window just got thin
5534Topic*Loading 100%*...or not
5535TopicHang problem during log out
5536TopicVideocard heatsink.
5537TopicException: c0000005
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5538TopicGraphics Problem..
5539TopicBuying new laptop - will it work?
5540TopicIs there supposed to be music?
5541TopicI see cubes all the time :eek:
5543Topicvideo card problem or?
5544TopicThis simply could be a dumb question, but I could use some help!
5545TopicHelp plz!
5546TopicProblem connecting to Arenanet
5547TopicGuild Wars won't... stop!
5548TopicAti 9600se or 9200?
5549TopicKeep your system clean
5550TopicPlaying GW and working at the same time (new computer)
5551TopicHmmm so i plan to upgrade my
5552TopicCan't access these forums?
5553TopicWindow no longer pops up
5554TopicAssertion error thingy
5555TopicException: c0000005
5556TopicWhat's up with REPAIRING DATA ARCHIVE?
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5557Topicstrange chat window behaviour
5558TopicRandom freezing? I don't get this.....
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5559TopicRandom Shutdown of GW
5560TopicSomething weird is up, and I hate it
5561TopicMy gw.dat file...
5562TopicGraphics Card queries...
5563TopicAti radeon 9800 256mb Dell Inspiron Laptop bad fps :(
5564TopicMake everyone elses armor look as good as yours?
5566TopicIs it worth it to upgrade this computer?
5567TopicCannot load into Joko's Domain
5568TopicGraphic Problem in character selection screen
5569TopicTexture Blending issues: GeForce Go 7300
5570Topiccrash and data repair
5571Topicbizarre graphics problem - black screen
5572TopicDownloading at 1KB/Sec
5573TopicComcast Users
5574Topicjumping npc's
5575TopicPlease help...
5576TopicSound Card Problem
5577TopicCant connect Anet? pls help :s
5578TopicGood Job Anet!
5579TopicProblem with Faction Point
5580TopicMissin Issue: Consulate Docks - Sunspear Battle Cry
5581TopicStrange Code=007 in DWC.
5582TopicLevelling / Attribute problem
5583TopicGet my colors back
5584TopicWurms crash my computer!
5585TopicLag in certain areas
5587TopicUpdating graphics card...
5588TopicSearching for a laptop
5589TopicAuctions crowded?
5590TopicBUG: Too many Self-Invites
5591TopicCan't log out?
5592TopicCharacter Creation...
5594TopicLag on 11/17/06
5595TopicGw freezing in GvG
5596TopicWich bosses drop wich green weapons?
5597TopicHero is a statue
5598TopicYellow Lightning Bolt / Freezing Problem
5599TopicWarning for ANet: NTFS vs FAT32 systems - problems will emerge soon! :(
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5600TopicOdd Video Card Problem: 3 Recovers before Lockup
5601TopicPvP Help
5602TopicBlack Screen... no game
5603TopicFirefox showing outdated pages?
5604TopicFPS problem
5605TopicGuild Wars under Windows Vista
5606TopicDisk full error
5607TopicRefresh rate with DVI
5608TopicGuildwars Reboots computer
5609TopicRe-installed, what is going on?
5610TopicPassword Creation Guide and Basic Account Security
5611TopicBack from a long stint away, got me some texture/pixelation problems
5612TopicHow To: Install on a MAC operating system (INTEL) Sticky this..
5613TopicFirst in-game load after computer is idle or shutdown.
5614TopicNeed Mac Advice Please!
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5615Topicmy friends list
5616TopicWanna see if GW will work on your PC and fix any reasons why it won't? Read this now.
5617TopicStupid Downloads! - I have a keylogger, assistance please?
5618TopicCan I run Guild Wars...
5619TopicError message
5620TopicWeird Error
5621TopicCrashed to desktop - repairing archive - total reboot.. help :D
5622TopicmIRC ports
5623TopicBlue Screen Of Death Every time Loading Mission w/ People
5624TopicWho's the best Vent host?
5625TopicAccount stolen any possablity of getting it back
5627TopicBad Fps, Bad/Slow Texture loading since the release of Nightfall. HELP!
5628TopicUpdating Drivers - Quick question
5629TopicMoebius Strike bugged?
5630TopicDownloaded new drivers for card- GW now worse...
5631TopicDoes this make sense?
5632TopicNEED a graphics/video card for my HP Pavilion M7650n
5633TopicWhat to put on my christmas list?
5634TopicFPS, "Quickness" slower in full mode than window mode...
5635TopicDo this make sense?
5636TopicLoud Tower Sound
5637Topicquestion regarding the 10k WD SATA HD
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5638TopicComputer exploded... there were no survivors.
5639TopicCharacter disappeared
5640TopicFirendly warning about keyloggers
5641TopicGraphics Driver Problem
5642TopicQuestion about re-installing the client
5643TopicThe Fang or something
5644TopicWhen i log on gw it says out of range :S
5645TopicProblem after reinstall
5647TopicFinding the proper drivers for my video card...
5648TopicImage Problem + Lag
5649TopicGuild Wars Client + Internet Explorer = Freeze-up
5650TopicPC crashes while playing
5651TopicGW crashes at Log-in screen
5652TopicFast internet but slow Guild Wars
5653TopicLag Problems
5654TopicLag sucks
5655TopicYellow Boxes
5656TopicVisionTek Radeon X1300 256MB PCI - Anyone else have?
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5657TopicScreenshot folder full!, What i do?
5658TopicTo all the people getting terrible FPS...
5659TopicBad graphics problem.
5660TopicCan anyone recomend a PC?
5661TopicMotherboard and CPU
5663TopicHelp! Low Fps
5664TopicGraphics driver error
5665TopicMemory problem
5666TopicPick a graphics card.
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5667TopicLaptop Problems.
5668TopicJumpy NPCs
5669TopicIrratic Camera behaviour during battles
5670TopicSwitching Secondaries-No base skills recieved
5671TopicGuild WArs failing to conect to Anet after this evenings new build.... just me?
5672Topicconntection lost
5673TopicItem Appearances Incorrect
5674TopicUnable to log in on guru auction site
5675Topicdisconnection in pre seering.
5677TopicNVidia 8000 Series (G90)
5678TopicCharacter Glitches?
5679TopicScreen Shots
5680TopicGuild Wiki
5681Topicnew MoBo
5682Topicsound card question
5683TopicAuction Login Problems Again?
5685TopicBanned For Name Angelic Barbie
5686TopicLogitech G15 Macro Keys
5687TopicIntel Graphics Board
5688TopicLag Issues And Error 7's
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5689TopicJumping NPCs
5690TopicErr 045 / Permanently banned?
5691TopicNightfall extra Directsong songs still not working
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5693TopicHelp - Guild Wars Won't Start!
5694TopicEVERYTHING is in some asian language, pls help
5695TopicComputer crashes during loading screen
5696TopicPvP problem
5697TopicNew Build
5698TopicHorrible lag and frequent d/c
5699TopicNew Build
5700TopicResolution Problem
5701TopicComputer Monitors
5702TopicDisk Full!
5703Topicloading towns really slowly
5704TopicWierd Melonni bug
5705TopicVideo Card
5706TopicSo I'm Just Getting A Desktop ...
5707TopicGuildWars taking too much ram memory
5708Topicneed some insight on this.
5709TopicAnybody know any good optimization programs?
5710TopicQuality PC for Nightfall?
5711TopicRepairing Data Archive
5712Topicdesert wurms on the bridge
5713TopicWeird loading screen
5714TopicMore Graphics card questions
5715TopicTitles and Shadowblades problems
5716TopicAcolyte Jin rune dropping
5717TopicI see moving white boxes O.O
5718TopicParty Window Problems
5719TopicRunning and getting body blocked
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5720TopicCode 13 is back :(
5721TopicErr-7 is back again....
5722TopicLag in UW
5723TopicChanging Email Adress & Confirmation Email
5724TopicWhat's the ideal fps?
5725TopicExtreme lag in Hells Precipice
5726TopicWhy does the Friends Server HATE me so much?
5727TopicNow my W/Mo is a super-sissy!
5728TopicSudden Incompatibility
5729TopicI cant make a PvP character!!!
5730TopicBodyblocking - Mismatch between visual gameplay and actual gameplay.
5731TopicRequesting Help. Game Freeze everytime.
5732TopicIs this a Bug ?!
5733TopicAccess Key query
5734TopicBonding Heroes..NOT BONDING.
5735TopicThe game doesn't connect
5736TopicSound Popping on Load Screen
5737TopicImperial Commendations
5739TopicErr-7 getting very prominent again...
5740TopicTemplate text files
5741TopicTemplates file on HDD
5742Topic"To Dye For" quest issue
5743TopicStill having some major issue..
5744TopicPLEASE Help.
5745TopicCousin getting an interested graphics card error
5746TopicHow big should gw.dat be now?
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5747TopicNo Memory?
5748TopicGame performence after Nightfall
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5749TopicClosing Guild Wars Problem
5750TopicGuild Wars not letting me log in
5751TopicError 7 after final mission (spoilers)
5752TopicCode 13
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5753Topic"-image" issues
5754Topicis this graphics card a pci?
5755TopicSound issue problem
5756Topicmissing weapon slots
5757TopicGW now runs 5 fps
5758TopicWhere are all my titles in Nightfall?
5759TopicGuildwars>graphics card.
5760TopicCan't make PvP char ? wtf ?
5761TopicGw.exe - operators?
5762TopicPlease help! i think this might be a BUG!
5763TopicProblems with Graphic Card/Driver
5764TopicCode 13
5765TopicNew Nvidia Drivers - 93.71 (Official)
5766TopicInternet Cafe
5767TopicGW On Laptop
5768TopicPVP Equipment template problem
5769TopicVid Driver installation error
5770Topic.Dat Corruption
5771TopicMember left the guild and it doesn't show up on status tab
5772TopicProblem with templates.
5773Topicgame wont install
5774Topic-image Command
5775TopicIt Wont Load
5776TopicIs Nightfall just laggy?
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5778TopicBuddy Key for Nightfall ended after 4 days :/
5779TopicBody blocked by NPCs
5780TopicDye has stopped stacking...again.
5781TopicCan't Alt tab in and out of GW anymore.
5782TopicMissing primary quest item - any option apart from try whole game again?
5783TopicGame updates
5784TopicConnecting... Code=005
5785TopicUnrecoverable Graphics Driver Error?
5786Topiccant get memtest to work
5787TopicDon't call me stupid... but would this work?
5788TopicLarge Map Stuck Problem?
5789TopicGraphics card
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5790TopicCorrupted Graphics!?!?!(screen)
5791TopicTo add or not to add that is my question
5792TopicAccidentally added trial key to existign account -- am I screwed?
5793TopicGraphics card
5794Topicface animations... inconsistent?
5795TopicError 005
5796TopicDeciphering the Code
5797TopicGuild Wars in CrossOver Mac
5798TopicPVP character problem
5799TopicError 7s almost constantly :(
5800TopicAdding non Direct-Song Music Titles for Guildwars
5801TopicAuto log in
5802TopicBSOD during GW... oh my!
5803Topicanyone have a radeon 7500?
5804TopicStuck - Connecting to Arenanet
5806TopicGuru Prob/Spyware?
5808TopicCant Load Thirsty River
5809TopicFreezes during downloading areas.
5810TopicCant load mouth of torments
5811TopicRandom Minimization
5812TopicHas Anet made any announcement about all this trouble?
5813TopicErr.7 = End of game..?
5814TopicO.o ... 7.12 GB!?
5815TopicCan't run Guild Wars anymore after Nightfall
5816TopicGraphic Card Crash? TRY THIS!!
5817TopicErr=007 whenever I try to load Resplendant Makuun
5818Topiccant make a pvp char
5819TopicExtreme Isolated Lag in Lahtenda Bog
5820TopicGraphics card crash
5821TopicGuild Wars using 85-100% CPU
5822TopicAcolyte of Lyssa missing (?)
5823TopicGuild hall Skill Trainner
5824Topic3rd disc won't load
5825TopicLahtenda Bog Bugged?
5826TopicComp shutting down and blue screen popping up
5827TopicBad Download Speeds
5828TopicIssues crashing
5829TopicUgly lookin skill icons
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5831TopicProblem with Last Nightfall Mission
5833TopicBugged Dervish needs help ;S
5834TopicCant Make an New PvP char
5835TopicWant to play GW, but not sure if my laptop will run it OK
5836Topicpc freeze on cinematic (sort of standby)
5837Topiccant access explorable areas
5838TopicMy GW will not play on any computer?
5839TopicEncountering code 005
5840Topic"Broken" Collector
5841TopicUnable to login one character only...
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5842TopicSardelac Sanitarium NOT loading
5844TopicCode 005 cant get in to Remains of Salahja
5845TopicGW dat : 3GB?
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5846TopicUnable to log in (the news box doesn't even appear...)
5847Topiccan GW euro version combined with US version
5848TopicProblems with drivers.
5849TopicWindows Vista
5850TopicEuro-side explorable zones down/bugged (starter isle)
5851TopicGame camera issues after update
5852TopicUnable to creat pvp characters
5853TopicGoing to Attempt to BUILD A COMPUTER! NEED ADVICE!
5854TopicUnable to to "Stack" CE Emotes
5855Topic-image: What you need to know
5856Topicwhat is this err code?
5857TopicMy black monk has white ears.
5858TopicMy loading is at 10% normal speed.
5859Topicmusic access key
5860TopicRuntime error while dling Nightfall bonus music...
5861TopicTexture Problem
5862TopicScreen freeze, sound goes on (specs included)
5863TopicThis notebook vs Guildwars.
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5864TopicNEED HELP!! Comp Restarting During GW!
5865TopicReapend Err7 as i swich towns or Districts
5866TopicDownloading...lots of it...and not just Updates??!!
5867TopicSystem Requirements
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
5868TopicUndyed Icons
5869TopicSystem process using 10-15% cpu while playing GW
5870TopicNightfall installation freeze
5872TopicItem bug that I have been having. . . .
5873TopicNew slots didnt appear??
5875TopicOct 25 Update Size
5876TopicGreen Message of Doom
5877Topicauto-center view problem
5878TopicBonus Kit?
5879TopicNarrowband User Unite!
5880TopicFunny coloury blurs
5881TopicDisplay driver stops functioning
5882TopicMultiple Computer User Accounts?
5883TopicComputer not loading GW
5884Topicwhat the heck is wrong with gw!?
5885Topichuge problem, comp wont even run now
5886TopicAccount not authorized to play guild wars
5887Topicrepairing data archive again..
5888TopicProblems with PC
5889TopicProblems with new update and Teamspeak
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5891TopicCan't connect to GW.
5892TopicWhat is wrong with my Arena Net loader?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5894TopicAll sound missing except music
5895TopicHow to install...
5896TopicWierd Effect when loading area
5897TopicPROBLEM: Installing game on new COMP
5898TopicHow to pick a computer store
5899TopicTelia and disconnections
5900TopicGW Disconnects
5901TopicYet another log in problem
5902TopicHoly @#$%!! LAG!!
5903TopicERR BS that needs to be changed!
5904Topicpop-up message...
5905TopicTexture Quality suddenly much lower
5906TopicWhich system requirements are correct for Nightfall?
Pages: 1, 2
5907TopicStuck on: Connecting to ArenaNet
5908TopicStrange Error
5909TopicLag in HA Int distrcts?
5910TopicCant Log in After server maintance
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5911Topicwhere do i find the cd key??
5912TopicUnwieldy size of Gw.dat creates defrag problems
5913TopicUpgrading my Computer help and advice Welcome
5914TopicIs GW working fine for you in 64 bit windows?
5915Topic24th october network screwup
5916TopicDo I Need To Install Anything?
5917TopicError Code 13
Pages: 1, 2
5918Topic[Error]Can't connect.
5919TopicLag when starting programs
5920TopicChanging Guild Wars Login Email
5921TopicHow to get Starting Gear?
5922TopicCan some1 help me with this fps issue?
5923TopicPrinter Driver problems
5924TopicInterface gone?
5925TopicControl Problems.
5926TopicERR 7s AT URGOZ!
5927TopicUpdate Problem
5928TopicFactions plays only one song.
5929Topicerror code 57
5930TopicThis is really annoying...
5931TopicInstalling two copies/accounts of GW
5932TopicMy Guild Wars won't reinstall and i tried evreything
5933Topicshouldnt this graphics card be sufficient?
5934Topicerror code 072
5935TopicAnyone having trouble logging on GW?
5936Topicguild bug?
5937TopicLogging in
5938TopicNetwork Problems / Lag
5939TopicMicrosoft DirectX 10 may be back ported to Windows XP
5940TopicMonthly Bandwidth Usage?
5941TopicMinimized, but can't unminimize.
5942TopicCharacter Pause ?Bug?
5944TopicMy Characters Keep Re-arranging Themsleves
5945Topicbuggy chatwindow??
5946TopicAll my weapons are gone?
5947TopicReinstalling, just factions or need both?
5948TopicGood Upgrade? Lag-Free?
5949TopicMan, I got a ways to go...
5950TopicHeavy artifacting on Vista x64...
5951TopicWater cooling building.
5952Topic3D output
5953TopicUggh this is really bugging me......
5954Topicneed help getting guild wars to work
5955TopicHow do you go about selling this game?
5956Topiclogitech usb optical mouse problems
5957TopicRunning GuildWars on NVidia Go 7400
5958TopicSomething up with ArenaNet?
5959Topicthe error 7s dont stop
5960TopicWin32:Agent-CBL [TRJ] :mad:
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5961Topicerr 40
Pages: 1, 2
5962TopicUDP Port Scan?
5963TopicVPN connection dialogue
5964TopicNew Account Password Change
5965TopicProblems Upgrading Graphics Controller
5966TopicBuying a New Comp... Help!
5967TopicComputer Parts
5968TopicCan't Connect
5969TopicVirus on another forums-jcJI
5971TopicComp. Restarts While Equipping
5972TopicArenaNet will not load.
5973TopicDisconected 7 times in less than 5 min
5974TopicGW.exe won't stop running
5975TopicGuild Hall Glich
5976TopicCan't make screenshots anymore
5977TopicHigh settings at 1024x768??
5978TopicGuild wars cant work because of...
5979TopicGW stuck on Low Priority
5980TopicGW mutes computer
5981TopicWhat the heck do i do now.
5982TopicI just wanna know whether this is normal.
5983TopicAnyone else has this connection problem?
5984TopicIssue with Update/Playing Time
5985TopicCrashing this weekend?
5986TopicArenaNet network down? Or casual err?
5987TopicNeed help on BIG Problem
5988TopicOpinions & Advice on New Computer
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5989TopicCant log in
5990TopicCD-Key Problem (Admin's Help Me Please!)
5991TopicWarning about spyware/adware/trojans/viruses not enough
5992Topicweapon skins not showing...
5993TopicA little chat with alienware consulter
5994TopicInstall Error after new update...
5995TopicNVidia GeForce Go 7900 GS - what driver ???
5996TopicSound problem, maybe related to the bug...
5997TopicChanging Login Email
5998TopicBuilding a computer as a "school project"...need some help
Pages: 1, 2
5999Topichave CD key, no CD
6000TopicQuestion about FPS
6001Topic"input out of range" WTF
6002TopicStrange crash
6003TopicShuts Down
6004TopicPerformance Boost
6005TopicSerious malware/trojan problem
Pages: 1, 2
6006Topic2 accounts, 1 computer...
6007TopicSBAX 02.09.0016 - New Creative SB Audigy Driver
6008Topic*Huge* Problem PLZ HELP
6009TopicHow Do I Let Norton Permit Guild Wars?
6010TopicBeautiful Computer (NOT!)
6011TopicTaking +50 Mins To Load Up!!!!
6012Topicgot a 2nd game
6013Topic[Sound Problem] Speakers and Headset not working togheter.
6014TopicDirectX 9c Oct Update
6015Topicvideo driver UPDATE
6016TopicComp crash problem
6017TopicHere's an odd one......
6018TopicVideo Card Alarm
6019Topiccant connect to anet
6020TopicWTF is wrong with Preservation?
6021TopicFriends Online Bug?
6022Topic-perf not working now?
6023TopicGrowing fed up with no sound
6024TopicNext Gen ( Vista, Directx10, Quatro, etc. ) Discussion
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
6025Topicscared a bit..
6026TopicA little off topic: vent works; TS doesn't detail inside
6027TopicIngame weapon mod bug - disappearing bowstring
6028TopicMini-map problem
6029TopicUndercity Map Glitching
6030Topiccomp help
6031TopicErrors connecting to (new connection)
6032TopicMusic/Sound and Guild Wars
6033TopicFor those that have high end systems...How much is your electic bill?
6034TopicBuggy 10/07/06 network maintenance?
Pages: 1, 2
6036TopicRouter and Guild Wars
6037TopicCD key help
6038TopicScreen Going Black During Loading
6040TopicPlease Need Help!
6041TopicInternet Ish*
6042TopicService Tweaks Debunked
6043TopicNeed Mic Help
6044Topichelp please im desperate
6046TopicInterface Problems
6047TopicFew questions on laptops and GW
6049TopicSlowed down
6050TopicHigh end system...very low FPS. PLEASE HELP!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
6051TopicComp help
6052TopicGraphics help
6053TopicRepairing data archive?
6054TopicNever-before-seen lag problems
6055TopicWeird White Screen Artifacts
6056TopicTo attn of WoW players
6057TopicAfter last patch, the game is crashing if I close it with "X"
6058TopicUpdate on 2 Bugs
6059TopicSays it's coneecting but doesn't
6060TopicArmor Bug or what else?
6061TopicLittle white bars
6062Topicproblems with rebooting while playing games *Screenie*
6063TopicInstallation crashes at CD2 change
6064TopicBad luck times 2
6065TopicQuestion about displayed IPs, and how IPs work
6066TopicBad Link on GW site...
6067TopicGuild Wars Is Messed!!!! Help!!
6068TopicOMG GW is Screwed!
6069TopicLatest Nvidia Drivers Crashing Guild Wars On Exit
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
6070TopicGw.exe doesn't terminate after closing game
6071Topicconstant err7
6072TopicFps Drop (Details Inside)
6073Topicdisk with gw crashed, extremly low dl speed...
6074TopicThis is really starting 2 piss me off!!!!
6075TopicAccount Hacked - Need Suggestions
6076TopicSound problem - no voice in any cinematic
6077TopicGuildWars randomly locks up entire computer, forcing hard reboot
6078TopicGW server crash?
6079TopicCritical Error
6080TopicHelp Me
6081TopicError Preventing game from running HELP PLZ **screenshot**
6082TopicMy GW can't open DAT file
6083TopicEuropean Server
6084TopicLog In Freeze
6085TopicLag/Friends List/NPC Problems
6086TopicWindows Themes And Skins
6087TopicNightfall Event Left Behind a Few Bugs?
6088TopicConstantly connecting... help plz
6089Topicwhat am i downloading?
6090TopicStrange Mouse Problem
6091Topichelp needed at starting the game
6092TopicErr7..cant complete a mission without one
6093TopicLoad Screen
6094TopicGFX card and onboard chip
6095TopicChange Graphics card problem help please?
6096TopicSound Problem
6097Topic$200 video card
6098TopicMini Map / Mission Map issues
6099Topic[HELP NEEDED] Serious computer issues
6100TopicExternal Hard drives/ power converters
6101TopicJump men
6102TopicThe horror of code #13 returns
6103TopicGot new Graphics card, Gw super lag all the time, need help!
6104TopicWhere do i report this at?
6105TopicCode 005?
6106Topic007's galore
Pages: 1, 2
6107TopicAaaaargh 058??
6108TopicMy comp shuts off when I log in
6109TopicGuild Wars is BROKE! - Graphics/Particle effects NOT working
Pages: 1, 2, 3
6110TopicGraphics Disoloration
6111Topic007's due to phone?
6112TopicPlease delete
6113TopicErr 7's - Can anyone analyze these visual traceroutes?
6114TopicLogitech Wingman Extreme 3D Pro
6117TopicCan my computer Handle it on High settings?
6118TopicCode 007 w/ Customer service resp!
Pages: 1, 2
6119TopicA Note on Lag and Err7
6120TopicCPU not running at right speed
6121TopicGetting a little frustrated
Pages: 1, 2
6122TopicSolution to Code=007 Disconnects
6123TopicCrazy problems
6124TopicGW freeze up
6125TopicForum Posting with Images
6127TopicCant connect...?
6128TopicReally odd GW related internet death...
6129TopicTrouble getting data from Nightfall Pre-Release Pack
6130TopicWeird Issue im having
6131TopicSound problems in general
6132TopicSound bug
6133TopicPatch File?
6134TopicLags when i move. Help!
6135TopicHelp Me!!!
6136TopicSuperslow downloading
6137TopicCard Heating Issue
6138TopicGetting seriously mad
6139TopicCant connect at sign in screen
6140TopicChoppy PvP
6142TopicMouse Flickering and Squares
6143TopicPreoder Items-disappearing
6144TopicFast Loading Bars but Long Loads.
6145Topica really bad really BIG error (like 50+ errors in one)
6146Topicwon't connect
6147TopicBIG problem! :@
6148TopicCheapest PC
6149TopicPassword Reset
6150TopicThe new "egg timer" skill icons
6151TopicWhen does the new gen things hit the stores?
6152TopicVideo link is dead on /
6154TopicGuild Wars and MacBook
6155TopicConnection f'd for preview weekend?
6156TopicLightning Icon On Log-In Screen
6157TopicRunning two GW accounts on the same computer
6158TopicMany errors and insane lag...
6159Topicscreen tearing
6160TopicChanging email and password?
6161TopicLaptop & Blue Screen of Death
6162TopicHow to run GW from an exiting GW folder
6163TopicHealth & Mana Call Missing?
6164TopicWhen is Anet Gonna Learn?
6165TopicSerious Error that prevents the program from continuing to run
6166TopicProblem with Beginning and lag..
6167TopicDisk full????
6168TopicN0 sound??!!! :-x
6169TopicChar stuck
6170TopicVideo card fan making noices
6171TopicCant log on >_<
6173TopicCrashes on log in screen
6174TopicHA Bug
6175Topicincreasing draw distance of grass
6176TopicPassword Issue
6177TopicAnnoying text issue.
6178TopiciTunes not working
6179TopicGraphics card issue
6180TopicGeneral computer problems (bad memory?)
6181TopicGuild Issue - I can't Guest
6182TopicPersistent lag...beginning to think problem at my end
6183TopicSome questions concerning my ability to run GW
6184TopicMouse click acting as two!
6185Topicboth chars maps wont load?
6186TopicNot even able to pass the Update Screen
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6193TopicTargeting problems?
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6197Topicrouting issuse
6198TopicNo more Pre order items?
6199TopicGW: Color Profiles?
6200TopicGW Nightfall bonus key not working... And I can't get any help!
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6201TopicSuggestions needed
6202TopicI am sick and tired of Err7
6203Topicneed help to tie up my cables:)!
6204TopicLag when ever I turn
6205TopicSound Effects gone
6206TopicWhat is the Best Antivirus Software?
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6207TopicCopying GW.dat to new pc.
6208Topicenergy bug with repetitive casting
6209TopicExternal Hard drive file system corrupt
6210TopicBad Lag
6211TopicIgnore list not working?
6212TopicBonus Items Are no more!?
6213Topicblue screen of death
6215TopicFire wall
6216TopicCode 040?
6217TopicProblem with 2 characters at same location
6218TopicPossible fix to lockups!!
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6219TopicChange e-mail issue.
6220TopicLong Loading times?
6221TopicSquarish Terrain
6222Topic"Password Reset Failure" - Anet Support Email
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6223TopicBug w/ female monk and Judges armor
6224TopicProblem with my internet connection
6225TopicOmg I Hate Anet!!!
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6226TopicChange Guild Wars default communication port?
6227TopicIssues with recent update for Nightfall Preview event
6228Topicloading game probs
6229TopicDivine Aura lost?
6230TopicNew Computer
6232TopicScreenshots in windowed mode
6233TopicConcerning people who have just downloaded the updates
6234TopicComputer Crashes when I change equipment...
6235Topic-perf switch not working?
6236TopicCan someone make any sense of this?
6237TopicI recently got code=021
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6238TopicReally slow bootup
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6239TopicAcer 1046 good enough to play?
6240Topicstrange stuff with graphics
6241TopicCant get past Character screen
6242TopicMy First LCD: A Few Questions
6243TopicPeculiar New Shadows
6244Topiccant log on to arena net
6245TopicWhere has the targetting ping gone?
6246TopicCannot logon to account.
6247TopicUm... Starting Armor and Really Slow Downloads
6248Topicprint screen problem.
6249TopicCan we precache nightfall content for the WPE?
6250TopicWTF HAPPENED!!?! aaaaaaaaaahh!!
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6252TopicJust Got Prophesies...
6253TopicGetting a new pc-my guildwars account
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6255TopicCan Dial Up aka 56k PLAY GUILD WARS?
6256TopicTarget Calling
6257TopicOk so now what do i do (New Update Problems)
6258TopicRe-download everything...
6259TopicUpdate DL at Login
6260TopicUniversity Internet :(
6261Topicload u b#"%@+-
6262Topicjust got the game,WTF is happening!!!! helpp
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6264Topica little help with specs needed please
6266TopicGW is unable to connect to ANET network.
6267TopicLag after update.
6269TopicNvidia RIVA TNT2/TNT2 pro
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6270TopicGw is redownloading everything ?
6271TopicDistrict mapper frozen Deep, Urgoz. Can't access Frontier gate, Monastery..
6272TopicErr 5
6273Topicsome questions
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6276Topiclink(s) for update(s)
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6278Topicgood laptop for running guildwars
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6280TopicI can't follow other's Targeting
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6282TopicBuying a new monitor; would appreciate advice.
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