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2TopicComprehensive Hall of Monuments Guide
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3TopicCommon Guild Wars and internet terms
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4TopicFor the new player on a budget: Which Guild Wars Should You Buy?
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5TopicHow To Make Money!
6TopicQ&A Forum Rules and Frequently Asked Questions •Revised•
7Topic[Camera] Rotation speed?
8TopicShield Set
9Topicforum ranks
10Topicfrost gate carto question
11TopicRornak missing from Ice Caves mission
12TopicCan i paint this armor?
13TopicBirthday Present Voucher
14TopicAnyone know of legit yet cheap guild wars physical/keys
15TopicDouble Dragon on minipet
16TopicAccount quests & rewards worth doing
17TopicSpeedrunning Nightfall - Help me!
18TopicDedicated HoM Miniature
19TopicGW1 to GW2 Currency
20TopicReturning player, years away, cd key active on old computer
22Topicis it possible...
23TopicBack from GW2, Looking for some answers
24TopicWhat class to play - newish players.
25TopicNewcomer - best dps class?
26TopicWhich account should i use?
27TopicA question about the GW Store
28Topicneed help!!! lost can't do mission
29TopicWho's Still Playing?
30TopicSimple Question
31TopicFor how long, from now on do you guys think this game will stay alive ?
32TopicZ mission sign post not working
33TopicShould I buy the game?
34Topicsummit warlord shield str?
35TopicLength of EoTN for Brotherhood armor
36TopicHall of Monuments
37TopicUninsc gold item drop from eotn chest? *EOTN SKIN 2*
38TopicGhost-in-the-box spammable area?
39Topicobservers online?
40TopicNeed 10 HoM Points. But How?
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41Topici can't find the storage vault in ascalon post searing
42TopicHelp to know the change GW2 gold in GW1 gold
43TopicPlayed From '05 to '10, No Idea Where to Start
44Topicreturning player
45TopicHelp an oldish player sort his vault
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46TopicMain trading cities
47TopicLost Account
48Topicquests with the most parties?
49TopicYou may not enter that outpost
50Topichero auto-spamming
51TopicThe Beak of Darkness question
52TopicWayfarer's Reverie question
53Topicattacks hitting adjacent foes
54Topicold play wanting to come back
55TopicFendi Nin not spawning
56TopicLogged back into Guild Wars after 3 years
57TopicSome Questions - Returning Player.
58TopicHero Manual Control
59TopicIs this game still playable in 2015?
60Topic-2 Energy Regen Sword???
61TopicOS tall shield question
62TopicHELP! Just bought 8 mercenaries
63TopicHi! new to GW!
64TopicCharacter slots
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65TopicLegendary Survivor Of Ascalon title??
66TopicWhat happened to all the competitive footage of Guild Wars 1? I remember years back i
67TopicSurvivor title questions
68TopicGeneral GW1 questions
69TopicI'm back after 5 years, got a few questions
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70Topicstarting with gw1, which expansions to buy?
71TopicHow can I check if I own EOTN??
73TopicQuestion about ascension
74Topic"Resilience" monument - armour across multiple characters?
75Topicdragon festival question
76TopicWhere can I get a copy of the pre-release bonus pack for Nightfall?
77TopicLvL 7 Obby Armor From Beginning.
78TopicWhat is this item?
79TopicI'm stuck alone at North Wall
80TopicPre/Post Gold
81TopicGetting to Embark Beach with PvP Character - is it possible?
82TopicIs there any way to transfer items to an account that isn't 24 hours old?
83TopicWar in Kryta Spawns.
84TopicBlessing of Balthazar?
85Topic10th Anniversary Questions
86TopicGW1 anniversary
87TopicSpotting valuable gear
88TopicNight Falls hm
89TopicWhen do people usually play?
90TopicThe Newcomer!
91TopicPre-order codes for bonus items
92TopicHelp For An Apparently Slow Learner - HoM
93TopicComing back
94TopicWhy cant use heroes
95Topicgetting to prophecies from Nightfall?
96TopicModel Viewer
97TopicNoob question re mystery weapon symbol
98TopicReturning Players Guide to GW1?
99TopicWhich game to start with? (returning player)
100Topicabout today's guilds
101TopicA Friends Account
102TopicRussian GW Copy Allowing Russian Characters ?
103Topicwhat does 'a' mean?
104TopicHow si the exchange on ecto and shards as well over ell economy
105TopicGuild Wars on Steam
106TopicRetrieving account
107TopicChristmas Gifts
108Topicchar creation tool
109TopicDid Anet Plan
110TopicStaff Question
111TopicGetting Back Into The Game
112Topicdoes this drop from enemies?
113TopicPVP Help Pls
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114TopicReturning after Nearly 7 Years
115TopicCan you do any of these things with the UI?
116Topic[PvE Group] What Primary should I play if I want to Heal / Support?
117Topicreporting ddoser
118TopicDishonorable in Zaishen Elite
119Topicelite skillhunter tool
120TopicSafe to delete dedicated mini's?
121TopicForgot password
122TopicHow to get started with player-to-player trading
123TopicHalloween Cookie Trader
124TopicMOX in Prophecies
125Topicwhat happen if I use a trilogy keycode in my acc with factions?
126TopicNew tonic?
127TopicNeed an access code
128TopicNo more closer to the stars????
129Topicnew and can't create character
130TopicItem Screenshot Tool
131TopicStrange behaveing of characters in fights.
132TopicNot Getting Any XP At Level 9
133TopicLion's Arch Keep
134TopicMain City
135TopicUnable to add my hero to HoM
136TopicWeb store and removed costumes
137Topicpeacekeeper mini can be droped in factions?
138TopicGW2 and GW1 Elementlist..and Guilds
139TopicEpidemic - Broken?
140TopicMerc Slots, Is 3 enough?
141TopicThinking about Buying GW1 , Can you solo end game content?
142TopicHello. Need help with texmod and xfire
143TopicHelp a returning player.
144TopicWhat to do with a small wealth?
145TopicDragon Festival
146TopicGuild wars eotn pre order bonus pack [help !!!]
147TopicPara or Sin
148TopicZaishen Key
149Topicaurora glade mission
151TopicHow active
152TopicParty number Question
153TopicAnyone knows where i can DL the SC timer that stays on screenshot?
154Topicstatues in prophecies
155Topicinfusion or not
156TopicAbout price checks in local chat
157Topicwant my friends to buy accounts - is this a good deal?
159TopicCannot access my account
160TopicPerma-Pre Character
161TopicThinking about returning...
162Topictriple shot and incendiary arrows with critical hits
163TopicWould people be banned?
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164TopicTexmod: Cartography Made Easy. Not working?
165TopicQuick returning question
167TopicEL Tonics
168TopicStorybook - retroactively
169TopicWar in Kryta - Can I. ...
170TopicLooking for a certain quest in NF.
171TopicDo you know good name generators?
172TopicHighest possible damage class
173TopicWeapon q8 vs q9 (Exact numbers)
174Topicectos stacks??
175Topicquestion about enemies
176TopicWhat is the end-game of this game?
177Topicnewbie help, with HOM 10
178TopicCan you only make specific classes in specific campaigns?
179TopicWhat's the point of the game if you bought all the cash-shop unlockers?
180TopicWhatsup with Zen Daijun?
181TopicIs GW still active?
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182TopicThinking about buying Guild Wars. What titles do I need for all the content?
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183TopicNewbie Assistance
184TopicSort Of Newish Need Help
185Topicwar in kryta spawns
186TopicWhere are the story missions?
187TopicHoM question
188TopicWhy did they change the HoM calculator?
189TopicGuild Wars Activity
190TopicNo support?
191TopicWanna Buy GW 1
192TopicThe Future of Guild Wars
193TopicGw and Gw2 HoM for new accounts
194TopicDwG Frostway Record??
195TopicGuild Wars Access Key
196Topicof slaying upgrades
197TopicAm I Allowed To Sell Working Bot's?
198TopicPre-Searing Vanguard Buff
199Topicmaster of whispers/margrid the sly
200TopicGW support
201TopicHoM Noob Needs Help
202TopicShould I skip Guild Wars 1?
204TopicTring to get hero armour
205Topicmissing map piece
206TopicNewbie: What to buy?
207TopicKurzick Faction
208TopicWhere can I find players in game?
209TopicWhere to buy guild wars cd keys?
210TopicQuestion about Current Status of Game
211Topicembark beach
212Topicquestion about drops in missions
213TopicIssues with Vanguard Quests in Pre-Searing
214TopicOptional eye of the north quests
215TopicHoM - Some questions
216TopicTrouble logging in
217TopicIs GW1 a good choice for me?
218TopicIs gw1 still popular?
219TopicBest prof for running mission and/or getting gwamm
220Topicabout eotn heroes
221TopicCan i get my account rolled back?
222TopicPvP question
223TopicHow do you stay level 1 in kama?
224TopicHello all
225TopicNF w/o secondary profession
226TopicWhat is my quickest way to last 3 points for 30/50?
227TopicHoM 5 points
228TopicIN-game store
229Topicwhats point with play BBwar ??
230TopicSuggestions of what to do next?
231TopicHow can I gain new quests?
232TopicSkill Packs - which one to buy if can only buy one?
233TopicWhere can I find White Dragon Sword TextMod
234TopicWhat should i do now? (6 year break - im lost)
235TopicHow many people do still play this game?
236Topic8th anniversary
237TopicHow do you do it.. still cant figure it out.
238Topicthis combo any good?
239TopicDoes 5^50 and 5w/e exist as internal mods on OS staves?
240TopicMercenary Heros
241TopicWarrior/Assassin possible?
242TopicIssue with GWPVX?
243TopicDistance Between Towns/outposts??
245TopicAny way to find character names?
246TopicBjora Marches Cartography help
247TopicDedicate pets
249TopicWho owns
251TopicReturning LDoA help
252TopicBest professions for LDoA?
253TopicBugged item?
254Topicclosed:hom asking if i wana ded a ded mini?
255TopicTime from 30/50 to 50/50?
256TopicSponsored Districts?
257TopicAccount location; changing it possible?
258TopicList of finished missions/quests?
259TopicWhat is better a wolf or a melandru's stalker?
260TopicSince when Tyrian items have non-Tyrian req?
261TopicInfinite spawn in Elona
262TopicTo EotN and back again (A Guild Wars Tale?)
263TopicI'm in it for HoM Points, but... how?
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264TopicSome Soundtrack Questions
265TopicF2P yet???
266TopicZaishen Rank /Title
267TopicNew to GW2..
268TopicWhat percentage of game play is for party size 8?
269Topiceotn rep double weekends
270TopicNewbie, Please Help!!
271TopicHow is Guild Wars?
272Topicmaterial salvage bannable?
273TopicLast place to Vanq in Cantha
274TopicSurvivor Title
275TopicKeep dungeon quest active?
276Topicwintersday finale questions
277TopicAre there queues in GvG?
278TopicNightfall trial key, any point?
279TopicIs guild wars popular again?
280TopicAnyone else having trouble loging in due to "incorrect password"
281TopicGH's npc locations
282TopicDo Hero/Henchmen take drops when out of range?
283Topicpvp party window
284Topicwhen to use archer's signet for traps?
285TopicRepeatedly reported leeching
287Topiccan't customize weapon
288TopicNo credit for Gate of Madness
289Topicrit's Tranquil Was Tanasen still allows interrupts?
290Topicpvp minions
291Topicfew PVP armor options
293Topicdisplay primary profession only?
294Topic"Halves skill recharge of spells" meaning?
295Topicmax attribute points on armor?
296TopicConsulate Docks quest repeatable?
297Topicrit's Weapon of Quickening?
298Topicwhat next after trilogy?
299TopicStill keep GW client?
300TopicHow many HoM points can u get from EotN alone?
301TopicPassword reset?
302TopicGWAMM after linking
303TopicMobs Overpowered??
304TopicYear 6 and Year 7 B-Day
305Topic¿Le pasa algo a mi servidor?
306TopicBest way to reach level 10 in pre-searing, solo
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307Topicguild wars 1 halloween event ??
Pages: 1, 2, 3
308TopicPre-searing Northlands map question
309Topic[Answered] New player looking for advice
310TopicBuying vs. Unlocking Skills?
311Topicpetname spikey
312Topicis "in the area" smaller than in past times?
313Topicnew player questions
314TopicCarto / Texmod / Umod et al
315Topicrit's Armor of Unfeeling
316TopicSoloing The Deep
317TopicMy heroes keep dying?
318TopicIs it still worth buying?
319TopicLvl 10 Necro
320TopicMonument of Valor
321TopicKarma Vendors
322Topicmesmer's elite skill: Panic
323TopicCan't get Stout-hearted From Kodan
324TopicWhere are the game update notes?
325Topichow paragon's "the power is yours" works?
326Topicknockdown question
327TopicHello all
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328TopicShadow and Carlotta
329TopicAlliance battles
330TopicHow is Guild Wars? (Original)
331TopicHi, new on this board and I have some questions.
332Topicdo heroes of the same profession behave the same?
333Topicdervish Eremite's Zeal skill
334TopicAdjacent attacks
335Topiccampaign traveling with larger party size
336Topicdervish heroes and flash enchantments?
337TopicSerpent Axes Canthan & Tyrian Skins
338TopicFame Selling
339TopicHoM Items
340TopicCan't login/What should I do?
341TopicWhere do I start?
342Topicearth foes taking 0 damage?
343TopicPost level 20 experience
345TopicWhere is GW Guru Auctions???
346TopicSo now that GW2 is out
347Topicdervish flash enchantments?
348Topiclost main quests
349TopicGW1 and GW2 account
350Topicgw2 voice-overs
351Topic2 activation codes became 1 account
352TopicMap notes
353TopicBanned Account
354TopicCannot dedicate black widow pet!
355TopicGuild Wars newb needs some advice.
356TopicIf I really want a mini gwen doll...
357TopicAny decent maps for GW1's?
358TopicViewing useful Guild Info
359TopicSo are the HOM rewards worth it?
360TopicQuestion about mini pets
361Topicmonk's purge signet question
362TopicWhen on the 30th does Wayfarer's end?
363Topicchange password? not me o_O
364TopicReverie Gift question
365TopicLinking GW and GW2 accounts not safe?
366TopicGuild Creation
367Topice-mail items in guild wars 2
369TopicCan I pre-download Guild Wars 2 anywhere?
370TopicStolen Itens, hacks and help required.
371TopicWayfarer's Reverie : Need Luxon to complete?
372Topiclog in email ETC
373TopicLast 5 points for the HoM
374TopicWayFarer's Reverie: Visiting the Bloodstone
375TopicLittle Help Please
376TopicBeen away about 6 months and totally lost.
377TopicSaw someone looking like Gwen in Kaineng Center
378Topiccompleting hom
379TopicCraptastic lag, disconnects, can't connect
380TopicGame Progression Blues....
381TopicZei Ri
382TopicHoM question
383Topic040 and 013??
384Topicunlocking animal tiers in the menagerie
385TopicShould I still buy Guild Wars?
386TopicImperial Phoenix
387TopicCurrent stats on guilds and players world choices for guild wars 2
388Topicwill gw2 run on my pc?
389TopicConSets in Dungeons
390TopicHelp with some quests - spoiler inside.
391TopicQuestion about New Accounts
392TopicClarification on Name Reserve
393TopicWill my ping in GW be the same for GW2?
394TopicLast few points for HoM
395TopicWayfarer's Reverie: Is it repeatable?
396Topicnot getting Stolen Sunspear Armour? buy or continue farming?
Pages: 1, 2
397Topiccostume question
398Topichow long does dishonorable status usually last in pvp?
399Topicidea's for 100e give away before gw2
400TopicWill This Affect Anything?
401TopicCompleting Wayfarer's Reverie after August 30th
402Topicblack moa chick question and HOM
403TopicI bought Nightfall and considering getting factions
404TopicAdvice on Finishing my HoM
405TopicBuying New Accs for Money Viable? (Plus general HoM Questions)
406Topichow many green weapons are in game?
408TopicLast Statue for 30/30...
409TopicNo credit for hard mode A Time for Heroes
410Topicritualist question
411TopicTitle for beating campagin?
412Topic200 zkeys pvp title .. question i need direction
413Topicworking on nightfall and have no primary quest
414Topic11/50 before GW2 release?
415Topichero health sacrifice
416TopicHi ... I'm new ... I have a question I need cleared up
417Topichow do i post what i am selling on argos?
418TopicHoM shopping list ? anyone able to direct me to a nice write up or post on this?
419Topicskill question
420TopicOld account new account?
421TopicEconomy after GW2
422TopicPlease help HoM Question
423TopicHoM minipet display bug
424Topicquestion about missions
425TopicWhat is the best place in nightfall to farmfor gold?
426Topicedge of extinction question
427Topicrare bug ..or happens all the time.!
428TopicZaishen/War in Kryta Alts?
429TopicREALLY Need help, think title may be bugged or something!?!?!
430TopicBest Way of Achieving 30 HoM Point? (I Have 26)
431TopicHow to know the value of mods/upgrades...?
432Topicdeleting hero question
433TopicChanging second profession and elite skills
434TopicStill worth buying?
Pages: 1, 2
435Topicis there a map to get from EOtN to ascalon?
436Topicnever played before ! enjoyed my first attempt
437TopicOfficial word from arena net???
438Topic16/30 HOM -- Need Direction, Have Coin
439TopicIs the Peacekeeper Enforcer Mini Pet still able to drop?
440TopicPlatnium Edition and HoM
441TopicQuestion about farming green weapons from bosses.(also melee wep question)
442TopicElite Armour
443TopicHOM - Any Rare Pet Monument
444TopicProblem with EOTN quest
445TopicThe questions never end!!
446TopicAbout trading and Zkeys for a noob GW player
447TopicSo if I understander correctly, ArenaNet only wants a limited number of 50/50 HoMs?
Pages: 1, 2
448TopicUpgrading an hero?
449TopicHOM Question: 35 to 45 points
450TopicHero skill availability
451Topichow much can i sell ectos for to the vendor?
452TopicHoM/Title questions and some confusion
453TopicCan't add pet to Monument of Fellowship
454Topicdo characters from all campaigns share gold?
455TopicBest use for armor after dedicating?
456TopicMargrid the Sly or Master of Whispers?
457TopicGuild Wars Novels
458Topic(pvp) so..heros all the way..!
459TopicBest way to earn party/sweet/drunk points in a month
460TopicRunning for Nesting Material
461Topicsomething very odd
462Topicif i buy a costume from the item shop
463TopicLooking for some help regarding HoM
464TopicEffects monitor for the enemies?
465TopicWinds of Change Quests for Money?
466Topicelite skills between campaigns?
467TopicYet another money thread(bit different from others)
468Topicranger's choking gas skill?
469TopicName Change
470TopicQuestion about HSR/HCT Stacking.
471Topicthe bear..
472TopicAre There Beginner Build Guides?
473Topichenchmen questions
474Topicskill rewards from quests?
475Topicunlocked skills missing?
476TopicI Feel Guild Wars 2 Is Not So Ok
477TopicHow does arena net deal with macros?
478TopicLogging into to GW1 to Save Names for GW2
479TopicHey a few questions
480TopicExperience of turning over a new leaf in Guild Wars 2's Sylvari starting
482TopicJust started
483Topicsecondary profession from another campaign?
484Topichero flags in explorable area
485TopicDealing with unidentified golds
487TopicRemains Sahlahja Challenge
488TopicInter-Campaign Travel
489TopicNoob in trouble!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
490Topicneed help with gw2 installing.. gw2 website doesnt help
491TopicBWE Playable area
492TopicPlease help! Stuck @ Scavenger Hunt
493TopicFinding Primary Quest
494TopicIs EOTN dead, too?
495TopicAnother HoM questions thread
496TopicQ about armor, runes, HM, HoM, crafting mats
497TopicHoM Discrepancy
498TopicHELP; with HoM
499TopicFastest Ooze pit solo run?
500TopicRA - build help
501TopicWill Guild Wars 2 be better then Guild Wars or Any MMO ?
502TopicEternal conqueror of "elite area" can't be mixed with Zaishen Bounties?
503TopicCampaigns completion?
504TopicMinimum +Hp/Hex on Gold Oldschool Shields
505TopicQuick question about farming
506TopicA few missed basics....
507TopicNo HM Experience?
508TopicQuestion about GW2 Beta...
509TopicNeed experienced help, what challenges am I missing?
510TopicNeed help to get started
511TopicHello All New Player here!!
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513Topicfrom GW to GW2
514TopicHoM/GWAMM Advice
515TopicWill there be quests during wintersday in July?
516TopicCan we delete armor once in HoM?
517TopicList of Unicode for GW?
518TopicFactions Campaign Kurzick/Luxon question
519TopicI forgot... Where was I?
520TopicGreen item value 62g
521TopicHow do I get back to HoM/EotN?
522TopicKurzick side without quests
523TopicQ about "Protector of Factions / Elona" & Shining Blade Bounties
524TopicWhere can i find a full 7h speedbooking guide?
525TopicBosses - Lone Wolves
526TopicAsuran voices
527TopicWhat is needed for what....
Pages: 1, 2
528TopicQuestion concerning the game
529TopicMulti-Launch help
530TopicEternal Hero of Elona
531TopicWould anyone be able to help?
532TopicCheapest way to get all the GW1 games?
533TopicCan I still fill my HoM?
534TopicHeya all, a quick question
535TopicMid-/sigh emote?
536TopicCartographer Texmods?
537Topicnewbie question about advancing
538TopicCan anyone suggest a good PvE E/Me Proph/EotN build for me?
539TopicHow do-able is GWAMM before August 28th?
540TopicThe Doppelgangers [DoP] Anyone Remember Them?
Pages: 1, 2
541TopicAccount hacked
542TopicWintergreen weapons
543Topicstarting Guild Wars now?
Pages: 1, 2
544TopicBest items for measure for measure inscription
545TopicWhat to put in my Hall of Monuments to fill it?
546TopicWhere is this place? Need fast answer.
547TopicWhich title should i use my dungeon books on?
548TopicLiquidating green items?
549TopicHoM - 8 Points
550Topic"Re-newbie" guide to experience the GW1 story before GW2 requested
551TopicNew Player - Mercenary Heros
552TopicIf I start an Assassin, can I play with my cousin who only has Prophecy?
553TopicThinking of returning for fun
554TopicHow much time for 50/50 HoM?
555TopicProphecies or Factions?
556TopicIf I have an account and buy the trilogy, can i give a cd-key away to friend?
557TopicReturning player - couple questions, personal dps, hard mode, DoA
558TopicHow to use different interface profiles?
559TopicStore questions
560TopicIs there any plans of Guild wars to transition from b2p to an f2p mmorpg?
561TopicAuspicious Beginnings = Green Minis?
562TopicWhat Mini do "Lunar Fortune [Year of the Pig]" drop?
563TopicHero Items to Buy
564TopicCharacter Animation Question (Total Newb)
565TopicHow long does it take to actually obtain r12 zaishen
566Topicaggro between enemies
567TopicQuestion on the use of heroes
568TopicTitle's influence on drops
569TopicKeiran's Bow - can't start missions
570TopicFastest title to get amongst the following?
Pages: 1, 2
571TopicBest Farm Stop
573Topiccan heroes not equip sunspear skills like 'cry of pain'?
574TopicOld Guild Wars account, Ncsoft account unknown
575TopicGW1 ban affecting GW2?
576TopicHow much does being in a guild help with Hall of Monuments?
577TopicIs this legal?
Pages: 1, 2
578TopicLegendary Guardian Title?
579TopicWont sell medal of honor?
580TopicGuild home = America but I live in UK
581TopicFastest book completion
582TopicNightfall Pet Question
583TopicIs there a list of valuable skins?
584Topicwhat happened to war supplies?!
Pages: 1, 2
585TopicEyes of the North - Death fest
586TopicSecondary Profession Question
587TopicDo Hearts of the North Foes drop Greens?
588TopicAccess to Gw.En lv 20 Fact , lv 10 Nightfall
589TopicGW Quests Factions campaign
590TopicQuick Consumables Question.
591TopicMini Bone Dragon Question
592TopicDafaq did I just do.
593TopicCant logon or reset password for my account
594TopicDragon's Tears and Rewards
595Topicnew website?
596TopicTwo questions
597Topicis guild wars region locked?
598TopicBirthday Presents
599TopicAre Heavy Equip Packs worth it over Large?
600TopicIs it more worth it to sell my 7th year birthday presents or to open them?
601TopicIs Guild Wars going to be around for awhile still?
602TopicQuestion about weapons
603TopicEnvoy Weapons
604TopicQuestion about farming for an elite skill
605TopicDo runes of Vitae stack with Vigor?
606TopicUnderstanding HoM account view and character view for completing sets
607TopicSo I just reached level 20...
608Topicabout GW1
609TopicGuild Hall recovery?
610TopicNewbie Questions
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
611TopicAccused of leeching.
613Topicactive GW Guilds
615TopicLDoA question
616TopicSkill Aquisition & Storyline
617TopicShould i buy prophecies?
618TopicWar of Kryta and VQ's
619TopicCompleting Chahbek Village as a non-Nightfall character
620TopicDo Q7/8's still drop?
621TopicWhy can't I display my Oppressor Sword in the HoM?
622Topic4 more HoM with just some grinding?
623TopicWhat's the quickest cheapest way to get 5 more statues?
624TopicChoosing a profession for HoM farming
625TopicSo now I remember why I rage quited GW 2 years ago...
Pages: 1, 2, 3
626Topicquestion about gold trading
627TopicGw1 gwamm
628TopicUW Acting Oddly
629TopicAdvice to finish 30/50 HoM
630TopicNo WiK Bounty quests for me?
631TopicVanquishing NF opinion poll
632TopicIt's Been a Long Time...
633TopicCheapest material cost for max non prestige armor
634TopicBack for HoM
635TopicSurvivor or Situational Armor Insignias?
636Topicon the verge of buying Guild Wars...
637TopicAnniversary Festival End time
638TopicNew account
639TopicBest way to aquire Globs of Ectoplasm?
640TopicExpecting a large amount of plat: Best way to spend it for HoM?
Pages: 1, 2
641TopicMAX GWAMM Title
642TopicSorry for asking but I need advice
643TopicDumb but vital question - how to unstack item stacks?
644TopicConquer of Sorrows Furnace help
645TopicHow long does Anet takes to respond to a account problem...?
646TopicBest demon shield stats? Most valuable?
647TopicWhen can I start trading? I just started
648TopicHoM armor issues...
649TopicHow to spend Kurzick faction to raise Luxon's?
650TopicFor making money...options.
651TopicWeird Raven Death Leveling Question
652TopicNewbie questions
653TopicHow do you play gw?
654TopicReturning player needs advice
655TopicHow would a semi-new player get the most out of the 7th bday event?
656TopicIm at 6/50 in HoM what are some easy ones i could get next?
657TopicWhats the record XP while still survivor?
658TopicCant log into account
659Topicskills from other campaigns
660TopicWorth to build your own Hall of Monuments for gw2?
661TopicBack playing after a year of inactive!!!!!
662TopicHelp trilogy vs trial act...
663Topicbasic question on Guild Wars 1 account
664Topicres scrolls being like rebirth?
665TopicAutohotkey and Drunk/Party/Sweet
666Topicbuilds based on campaign?
667TopicProblem at Gw2Guru
668TopicError Code for GW2 Beta
669TopicAnyone know of good lore videos?
670TopicQuestion about linking account to guild wars 2
671TopicFarming deaths?
672Topicwhy my pvp title didnt show in HoM
673TopicBirthday Event!
674Topichelp with my gw acc
675TopicI am completely lost
676TopicWhat exactly causes mobs to ball up?
677Topicgw2 beta start time
678TopicWhat's the best use for Victory Tokens now?
679TopicFaction farming - Only 20 per kill, doin it wrong?
680TopicWhat happens if...
681TopicI have unlocked level 12 for my pet - but he's still level 5?
682TopicHounds of Balth?
683TopicFinished Prochecies now what?
684TopicReduced Rep From Handbooks?
685TopicFor everyone having trouble downloading the GW2 beta client
686TopicIs there going to be a Bday celebration?
687TopicBest class to earn God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals solo?
688TopicSell it all for HoM/GWAMM?
689Topicweapon description
690TopicUnderworld Failure, not sure why?
691TopicGod Walking Amongst Mere Mortals (GWAMM)
692TopicHas the GW1 Weekend events stopped?
693TopicAdding M.O.X. to HoM
694TopicDrunken or sweet Tooth?
695TopicHoM extra point rewards for 31-50?
696TopicDigital Download for GW2
697Topicweapons with elemental damage
698TopicHoM and GWAMM Question
699TopicContacting for account support
700TopicHow long does the drunk effect last?
701TopicNorn Armor not working on HoM?
702TopicDuncan the Black, HM/NM
703TopicElementalist armor, quick question
704TopicInscriptions and Elite armor
705Topic8 days just to change password
706TopicPre Purchase GW2?
707TopicIf I get banned, can I still use my HoM for Guild Wars 2?
708TopicWhat to do with lot of Zs copper coins?
709TopicWhich way to go
710TopicH: Ectos/Gold W: Help on what to buy for HOM
711TopicMultiboxing rules
712TopicEndgame Prophecies rare items
713TopicFellowship Quesstion
714TopicIs there any faster deldrimor rep than hm kilroy?
715TopicEternal conqueror of sorrow's furnace...
716TopicHall of Monuments help
717TopicGuild War 1 Status after Guild Wars 2
Pages: 1, 2
718TopicHow is it possible to press all keybinds??
719Topic4/13/2012 weekend event?
720Topic45/50 on HoM - Can I Complete It With 220 Ectos & 200k?
721TopicEoTN Map
722TopicSOLVED: gw remember password
723TopicPlease help me out! Ele/Mo Proph build Pve
724TopicWhat's up with Lion's Arch?
725TopicNew Player : Crystal Desert
726Topic[SOLVED] Controls problem GW
727TopicHow long does it take for the support to anwser?
728TopicProphecies Sightseeing
729TopicZaishen Title Emote Question?
730Topic30/50 HoM Noobie Help
731TopicHoM's Deadline
732TopicQuestion Re Oppressor Weapons
733TopicGW2 Min Reqs etc (Pre-release email)
734Topiclaunch GW without Steam?
735TopicWe'll finally be able to change the email / username of our GW account?
736Topicgate-monkying and Vanguard charr quests
737TopicE-Denial skills in pve & Morostav build
738TopicWhat is the established outpost/town for trading?
739TopicFinished Prophecies & EOTN, Factions or Nightfall next? + Mission Bonus questions...
740TopicQuestion about HOM
741TopicReturning player
742TopicHOM question/problem
743TopicFast vanguard points
744TopicGetting Better
745TopicHow to change regions from US to EU?
746TopicHeroes statistics questions
747TopicCan't login... Getting 004?
748TopicDzagonur Bastion
749TopicElementalist energy storage
750TopicPossible to solo Zaishen Elite (or just Challenge)?
751TopicRitualist's spirit question (Nightfall)
752TopicEconomics 101
753TopicQuestion about the new site.
754TopicBuying Guild Wars
755TopicPicutres for trade
756TopicWorth it?
757TopicPossible new player questions?
758TopicGuild Wars 2 Pricing
759TopicBlack Moa Chick / Fast Travel
760Topicim stuck in the game right now
761TopicUnsure Newbie
762TopicSweet Treat Weekend starting, or anomaly?
763TopicLost, So Lost. (War in Kryta)
764TopicVampiric Sword not working....
765TopicRevisted Account (HOM Help)
766TopicWhat is the best/easiest character to complete HoM requirement solo...?
767TopicIs there an alternative to "Protectors Defense" ?
768TopicCan't log in to my new trial account
769TopicToon's Birthday
770Topicblack widow in HOM
771TopicMany people playing still?
772TopicHero Armor Upgrades
773TopicMaster Rewards
774TopicGetting to sorrow's furnace
775TopicUnable to do Gwen's flute quest?
776TopicHoM question
777TopicWierd Gw Text
778TopicLowest character level with FoW armor?
779TopicCan I make it?
780TopicMost Common Physical Damage Type
781Topicspammable tonics?
782TopicSell my GW1 goodies?
783TopicSo how to obtain Initiate Zei Ri
784TopicSkills Help!
785TopicNew to Guild Wars
786TopicSurvivor Title 2012
787TopicName Ban/Bday presents
788TopicWhich character to go for Titles, factions, etc on?
Pages: 1, 2
789Topicpassword issues
790TopicSalvage everything statement?
791TopicHeroes - Have original and Nightfall.
792TopicIn general, what's the best runes/insignias to have?
793Topicconfused on Salvaging
794TopicCan you still buy the Limited Edition WoC Costume Pack?
795TopicQuick question on Armor
796Topicrune trader/ minor vig
797TopicMore HoM from GW:Beyond? (no spoilers please)
798TopicName already taken - But its not?
799TopicBigger form more rubberband?
800TopicWhat is the "best" prof?
Pages: 1, 2
801TopicConfused on where to level
802TopicMy score for Glints is better than some the record keeper has, why does it not show?
803TopicCompletely now to guild ward.
804TopicAny way to get my 2nd account back?
805TopicWho's considered the hardest boss in GW
Pages: 1, 2
806TopicRestoration attri Zodiac Staff
807TopicKeymapping Questions
808TopicGWAMM or full HoM
Pages: 1, 2
809Topicelite armor salvage
810TopicHaving weird HERO equipping bug - not showing extra health or energy
811TopicSeeking people to help me with HoM points. 2 stacks of ectos to spend
812TopicAre Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall all together?
Pages: 1, 2
813Topic[Q] How to boost my income as I level
814TopicSpaceFreak's Skills checklist
815TopicStorytelling: is there anything off the beaten path?
816TopicMy HOM progress. What next?
817TopicLast 11 points in HoM help
818TopicBonus items...
819TopicWhere's the story hook for "hearts of the north"?
820TopicNeed a 5th "fellowship" statue, not afraid to grind, suggestions?
821TopicMultiple Chat windows ?
823TopicQuick Attributes Question.
824TopicAsura Rank
825TopicBest UW farms?
826TopicAre 3000 rep (NM) dungeons super hard?
827TopicDedicated Miniature Prices
828Topic1 More Miniature
829TopicHow does GW work?
830TopicSeeking Advice to Finish HoM
831TopicQuestions about some titles
832TopicTracking Protector of Cantha Title
833TopicJoining/Finding guilds?
834TopicHoM "Animal Companion"?
835TopicSo when did Clovers and Ale stop dropping this year?
836TopicThackeray's Scavenger Hunt
838TopicIf I watch Zinn's Trial, can I still complete Zinn's task?
839TopicNew with several questions?
840TopicIf someone would say you need 40/40 Inspiration.
841TopicBlessed Insignia
842TopicBuying a character appearance change as a ritualist?
843TopicHelp on 30/50 HoM with limited inventory/progression
844TopicHoM Price Help to get 30/30
845TopicHaven't played since 05'. Need a bit of info
846TopicAdvice On next HoM Step
847TopicImages in sales thread + "hidden" Weapon mods + Farming questions
849TopicI've been gone for a year, help me catch up!
850TopicCleansing the Bukdek Byway
851TopicTo buy or not to buy
852TopicGetting rid of WiK mobs?
853TopicTo Bone Palace
854TopicLucky Weekend and St Patrick's Day
855TopicBlood Sac Question.
856TopicThe Most Titles?
857Topic7th Merc
858TopicFactions and completing enough for HoM credit
859TopicBest Heroe Builds/Setup for questing?
860TopicIs + Armor or + HP better for HM
861TopicHaving a HoM Issue
862Topicmerc hero double?
863Topicwhich game for the most and easiest HoM points ?
864TopicBest class to earn HoM points? 2PvE+2PvP
865TopicQuestion about story between campaigns
866TopicWhat are good builds to solo UW/ Glints
867TopicQuick Ascension Question: or Am I seeing Things.
868TopicGaining HoM Rewards on Trial Account
Pages: 1, 2, 3
869TopicTrial Key for Nightfall?
870TopicIs there a good Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 podcast?
871TopicHow much beneficial are the henchmen?
872Topicchanging toon's alliance?
873TopicHeros getting rich?
874TopicHow to get to "Perdition Rock" for black moa Volcanic Rock? Non proph char
875TopicOnly want 6/50... advice?
Pages: 1, 2
876TopicStill getting smoked: what other progression is there?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
877TopicHealer - Healer AI.
878TopicHenchmen-related question
879Topic2 Questions
880TopicFinding Gadd - Is alternative route unlocked? - Update: NOT LOCKED!
881TopicThe Hall of Monuments Question
882TopicThe Black Curtain
883TopicChanging the color of equipments carried
884TopicBack after 2 years
885TopicCommon builds question
886TopicTrilogy Question
887TopicShould I start filling out my weapons HoM now?
888TopicHow to make transition from one continent to another?
889TopicSurvival title glitch?
890TopicA little help?
891TopicIs it worth it ?
Pages: 1, 2
892TopicA few questions about Guild Wars
893TopicImperial Phoenix and HoM
894TopicPotentially offensive name?
895TopicDead staff question
896Topicnew to Guildwars
897TopicLooking for HoM advice & some build advice (Proph/EotN)
898TopicWhat is there for me?
899TopicVanquishing Magus Stones
900TopicSignet of Sorrow on Duncan NM
901TopicAcceptable Guild Name
902TopicSo, uh.... how outdated is "outdated"? (Re: PvX)
903TopicNew GW player :) Needs advise
Pages: 1, 2
904TopicAfter 2 years, I'm back!
Pages: 1, 2
905TopicSelling a Guildhall
906TopicQuestion about buying the trilo pack.
907TopicHow to make money?
908TopicPossible new player to the game
909TopicDid i missed something?
910TopicLuxon Armor Salvage?
911TopicCompletely New to Guild Wars
912TopicHall of Monuments (cost?)
913TopicHow to Dedicate Minis
914TopicHelp with logging in...
915TopicPlease... Help a noob out.
916TopicLightbringer points/signet?
917TopicBack in the game
918TopicEcclesiate Xun Rao & WoC Artwork
919TopicNewb question on equipment. [PVE]
920TopicTarnished Haven is MISSING??
921TopicHow do i report some one in game for harassment?
922Topicis there an account expiration?
923TopicQuestion about Hall of Monuments
924Topichelp armor HoM
925TopicReturning to GW after release.
926TopicE-mail Change
927Topicjust got back since 5 years ago :D
928Topic5 monumental towers but...
929TopicDunes of Despair Bonus
930TopicPlacing items in your Hall of Monuments Guide
931TopicLucky/Unlucky Rank 2 = How many lockpicks?
932TopicLost items after crash
933TopicAnnouncement box.
934TopicLooking To Mix Things Up!
935TopicDoes a GW x64 client exist?
936TopicQuestion about Hero / henchmen control...
937TopicExpert Kit and Perfect kit
938TopicDeep Wound Mechanics ?
939TopicWhat do c/o s/b etc. mean?
940TopicHoM Guide for Noobs?
942TopicCompletely confused by this game
943TopicGuild Wars on Steam?
944TopicAbout HoM and Armor
945TopicCompleted WOC HM no Rit Hero
946TopicSigh, no verify email ><
947Topic"Armouring" a mercenary?
948Topicmerc hero question
949TopicMaking $$ as a Ranger??
950TopicItem Requirement questions...
951TopicSupport for GW 1
Pages: 1, 2
952TopicConcerning paid makeover: Assassin getting a warrior look?
953TopicStarted Dervish, How do I grab Ritualist?
954TopicWinds of Change?!?!
955TopicBack to the game after 4+ years--Factions question
956TopicHeroes, 2nd professions, and campaign questions
957TopicAre the prices too high?
Pages: 1, 2
958TopicGood way to get gold?
959TopicReturning after 4+ years. Totally lost
960TopicWhat rewards should I work towards?
961TopicHas anyone ever gotten an account unbanned?
962TopicCan't trade for 24 hours
963TopicElite Skill: Spiteful Spirit - How to capture it with signet?
964TopicNew to the game...
965TopicWhat happened to Complete Collection? No more?
966TopicBack after 2 years
967TopicInquiring as to "Best" duo composition for PVE (somewhat new here)
969TopicWhen did pink dye start dropping?
970TopicWarrior's (are they relevant?)
Pages: 1, 2
971TopicAbout PVP
972TopicDomain of Anguish
973TopicMerchandise question - GW t-shirt
974TopicTrying to understand HoM
975Topicwhen are greased lightning given to top 100 racers?
976TopicDo you have to study the game mechanics to get a usable character?
Pages: 1, 2
977TopicNeed a bit of help
978TopicFirst time playing a Warrior.. some weapon advice please
Pages: 1, 2
979TopicImperial Weapon Glitch?
980TopicHow does this mercanay thing work?
981TopicRe-installing gw
982TopicLunar Tokens
983TopicMost DPS
984TopicNew to game
985TopicLate Start...Should I just wait for GW2?
986TopicGuild hall
987Topicafking rings while event happens
988TopicSo this game....
989TopicAfter lvl 20
990TopicCouple of noobish questions from noob :)
Pages: 1, 2
991TopicItems from different expansion
992Topichow do we follow class guides?
993TopicNew player questions
Pages: 1, 2
994TopicHenchies - Hero's - PCs
995Topicnewb quirries
996TopicHero Behavior.
997TopicMost Profitable Activity in Canthan New Year?
998TopicUw Farmer
999TopicWorth it?
1000TopicMissing ZV in daily activities: Morostav Trail
1001TopicJade Brotherhoods Magick Buzzsaw?
1002TopicProfession for blasting 30/50 or 50/50?
Pages: 1, 2
1003Topicanother noob question
1004TopicWhat does this mean?
1005TopicWhen do things pick up?
1006TopicA couple of questions about the Core Skill Unlock Pack
Pages: 1, 2
1007Topicconfused about campaign travel
1008TopicAdvice on proffesions for 2 player team
Pages: 1, 2
1009TopicTaking a character to another campaign, a questions.
1010TopicIs it worth buying this game?
1011TopicSo I have a lot of minis...what do I do with them?
1012Topiccan a lvl 10 complete the EOTN quests?
1013TopicSlaver's Exile bug
1015TopicQuestion about lucky title
1016TopicSkill pack Question - Assassin
1017TopicGreen Envoy Dye
1018TopicStorybook Proph [HM]
1019TopicEye of the North question
1020TopicUnidentified items
1021TopicTyrian HM map
1022TopicShadow Form confusion - Basic question.
1023TopicThe Story between Post-Searing and Lion's Arch
1024TopicCan't figure out how to get inside these areas..
1025TopicSo far so good
1026TopicGonna buy GW2, Too Late to Play GW1?
1027TopicBrand New Player Reporting.
1028TopicSurvivor Title question
1029TopicBest Droknar Chest Dervish or Warrior Weapon To Select.. Ideas and Advice Please
1030TopicQuests shown on Minimap???
1031TopicHelp in choosing a profession!
1032TopicHow do I get the new celestial pet?
1033Topicquestions about HOM and points
1034TopicAnyone know how long the Canthan New Year event will run?
1035TopicCanthan New Year?
Pages: 1, 2
1036TopicQuestions about solo'ing for HoM (New to GW!)
1037TopicWhat to do After EOTN Campaign?
1038TopicJust bought Nightfall, no other campaigns, will I understand it?
1039TopicMap Travel Question
1040TopicBuy Guild Wars or Wait For Guild Wars 2
1041Topichow does this skill/signet work
1042TopicGetting weapons for heroes?
1043TopicNewbie help
Pages: 1, 2
1044TopicMercenary Heroes or Storyline Heroes?
1045TopicCollector Weapons Upgradable?
1046TopicBeginner problems
1047TopicNew player questions about guides and other things
1048TopicUnique items assigned to heroes (+drop rate)?
1049TopicServer problems? I keep getting error 40 and 13's
1050TopicPossible bug with "Can't Touch This!" ??
1051TopicNew Question: Name Problems
1052TopicNewb ele skill point help please
1053TopicQuestion about +damage on bows
1054TopicGetting items for other players, characters, etc
1055TopicGain Master of Whispers
1056TopicHow do heroes handle hex stacking?
1057TopicA Few Questions
1058TopicNo plagueborn weapons??
1059TopicZ Keys?
1060TopicGWAMM require PvP and World Event titles?
1061TopicCanthan New Year 2012
1062TopicLDoA redeeming
1063TopicJust bought GW1 - Starting with LDoA
Pages: 1, 2
1064TopicNew player questions
1065TopicWintersday Event
1066TopicTrading Acronyms (e and bd) ???
1067TopicHell's Precipice
1069TopicBots in Zos Shivros?
1070TopicFoe professions in prophs
1071TopicVaettir Farming Drops nerfed...?
1072TopicHelp with EoTN allegiance titles
1073TopicProtector title track
1074TopicBrand new player
1075TopicAdvice on HoM
1076TopicI got hacked, regarding special items
1077TopicSupport with my account
1078TopicAll campaigns at once or separately?
1079TopicJQ question?
1080TopicUnable to add Rainbow Phoenix to HoM
1081TopicMercenary Q
1082TopicQuestion about D/P profession
1083TopicAttempting Elonian Guardian but...1 mish is impossible?
1084TopicArgh! This game is hard!
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1085Topiccant decide what profesion
1086TopicArgos Vanquisher Mod
1087Topichow on earth??
1088TopicNeed Advice for upcoming Eye of the North Reputation Weekend
1089TopicIs there a color blind mode?
1090TopicHow is the community
1091TopicRecommended to go Ranger?
1092TopicOrder of skills in Skillbar
1093TopicLooking for a shield
1094TopicTook a long break, now back
1095TopicPreview chars bdays?
1096TopicNightFall hero question
1097TopicBeginner confirm request: Start Nightfall with Prophecies char but not at beginning?
1099TopicFor stuff like Superior Rune of Vigor, traders or players?
1100TopicAnyone using GW Mobile Chat for Android?
1101TopicWhat are the rarest bows?
Pages: 1, 2
1102TopicI can't quite get into it.
1103TopicWill Guild Wars Become Free To Play
1104TopicWintersday Hat Giver Questions
1105TopicHall of Monuments Titles
1106TopicRanger PvE Build Question
1108TopicBind for flag setting?
1109TopicMoney Making (Current Meta)
1110TopicServers are down?
1111TopicSD, re-zoning and lag
1112TopicQuestion about linking accounts
1113TopicI got Guild Wars Triology for Chirstmas.
1114TopicOppressor weapon
1115TopicBuying NF and EOTN
1116TopicIs this game really this hard?
Pages: 1, 2
1117TopicWhat are the popular instances now?
1118TopicSeems like a really dumb question, but how can I check my overall campaign progress?
1119TopicQuestions for Necromancers and Ritualists but all are welcome to reply
1120TopicIs it worth it to farm Snowball D. instead of doing HoM stuff?
1121Topicplease answer this, i almost cried.
1122Topiccouple of questions
1123TopicPhyshy mail?
1124TopicCode=040 anybody?
1125TopicEbon Vanguard Allies...
1126TopicWhat's the general rule with salvaging things?
1127TopicTonic spamming @ Zaishen Menagerie
1128TopicSomeone claimed to have gotten leechers banned as bots
1129TopicDo req8 items drop?
1130TopicIs it against the rules?
1131TopicHow should I organize my characters?
1132TopicThe jumping NPCS
1133TopicQuick question
1134TopicSave skill-templates on mac
1135TopicIgnore List/Report Function ?
1136TopicLooking for something new!
1137TopicHelp with SD (warrior)
1138Topicattribute quest bugged?
1139TopicMost Useful Activity on Wintersday?
1140TopicIs Prophecies the original guild wars? Or is it an expansion?
1141TopicWhere to level to 20?
1142TopicNo serial number! How do I add the game to my NCsoft master account!?
1143TopicVault box location
1144TopicGuild Hall with closest NPCs
1145TopicIs the Nightfall campaign short? What do you do in Eye of the North?
1146TopicWhy am I so unlucky?
1147TopicIs there any way I can change my account name (email I use to log in)?
1148TopicNeed help deciding what class will be most effective at completing HoM achievments
Pages: 1, 2
1149TopicGiving Guild Wars a better try before GW2
1151TopicFalse positive botting bans possible? anything i can really do?
1152TopicNoob being a Noob
1153TopicRunes(Blessings and Attunement) and armor bonuses?
1154TopicPlayer base?
1155TopicCheap place to buy the GW collection in the UK?
1156TopicWhat does effect the inscriptions & mods.
1157TopicShout and Preparation Mods
1158TopicPolar Bear drops better in HM?
1159TopicClose ty
1160Topicwhat is with 30 hom points
1161TopicDo i need to play EOTN to unlock the Hall of Monuments
1162TopicGuru abbreviations
1163TopicHow do they check before banning?
1164TopicKinda confused, just got back
1165TopicI made a mistake, I think...
1166TopicHoM Question
1167TopicIs there any way to access the Artisan of Steel?
1168TopicWintersday start date ?
1169TopicWhen will the last part of WoC be released?
1170TopicFactions or Nightfall?
1171TopicMax Stats by Requirement?
1172TopicIs a storage account safe?
1173TopicCould I possibly get 30point with Prophecies and EotN alone?
1174TopicCan the GW2 wall decals be moved?
1175Topic8. Profession in GW2 Leaked - Mesmer, real?
1176TopicDay of the Tengu Quests
1177TopicQuestion about Shadow Blade
1178TopicWhy is everything Kurzick?
Pages: 1, 2
1179Topicwhat sets the prices for r7/r8 inscr shields?
1180TopicMy account..
1181TopicNew Player
1182TopicFast and Cheap Max Items?
1183TopicIs there more to all the explorable areas?
1184TopicPink dye still suppose to be dropping?
1185Topichow long should i stay in pre-ascalon
1186TopicQuestion about easiest Professions
1187TopicTop 10 most populated areas? (To Date)
1188TopicToo late to get into GW?
1189TopicMost Expensive Merch Items
1190TopicReturning player question
1191TopicHatching The Black Moa Without "The Forge Heart" quest
1192TopicLegitimate Trading
1193TopicCompleting the quest "Ebon Vanguard Allies"
1194TopicPossibly dumb question... minions!
1195TopicHelp finding dye-able verison of Healing Rod
1196TopicWhat Path Should I Venture On?
Pages: 1, 2
1197TopicHow do I get 565 hp?
1198TopicElite Dungeons
1199TopicRanger Legacy?
1200TopicCan't turn in Factions faction?
1201TopicQuick question on purchasing Guild Wars
1202TopicHow would everyone feel about permadeath guilds?
1203TopicHelp!! No More missions.
1204Topicmerc heroes in factions (shing jea)
1205Topicpvp suvior
1206TopicMultiple Games?
1207TopicGuild Wars Mobile Chat
1208TopicIts been a while!
1209TopicHelp: Game worth Buying? Still a active player base?
1210TopicEarly missions from the middle
1211TopicEternal Lightbringer Question (for HoM)
1212TopicSunspear Skill Aqusition
1213TopicGvG cancelling timer
1214TopicNCsoft Launcher - Allows multi instances of GW ?
1215TopicQuestion regarding "retribution" build
1216TopicTrophy overload
1217TopicWhat does it mean?
1218TopicLDoA / Survivor Title question
1219TopicHall of Monuments
1220TopicYey finally i got my guildwars
Pages: 1, 2
1221TopicM.O.X. Quest question
1222Topiclvl 2 ascension lvl 7 obby lvl 10 chaos gloves?
1223TopicHelp with Solo Warrior Builds
1224TopicTexmod question
1225TopicMaster Dungeon Guide
1226TopicWar on Kryta Oppressors weps
1227TopicLevelling up imperial phoenix
1228TopicThis late in the games lifespan...what to purchase...
1229TopicWeird HM drops
1230TopicWhat happened with Hidden Treasure chests in dungeons ?
1231TopicBooze/Sweettooth title
1232TopicOfficial Guildwars Books..
1233TopicA Question of Numbers-ish
1234TopicGreen Item Drop
1235TopicQuestion about costumes.
1236TopicFastest way to power level from lvl 1 to lvl 10?
1237Topicneed suggestion and input.
1238TopicA ranger in Distress-questions from a noob
1239TopicPolymock Pieces - drop for you?
Pages: 1, 2
1240TopicHelp! Cant turn while running?
1241Topic"Feel no pain" skill - wheres the quest
1242TopicStill possible for a returning player to get all 50 HoM Points?
Pages: 1, 2
1243TopicWhat is this aura?
1244Topicsunspears in cantha help!
1245TopicQuestion about how achievements are added to GW2
1246TopicAny news on Keiran Thackery being added to HoM?
1247TopicQuestion about EMo UWSC and energy management
1248TopicGetting through the Factions map
1249TopicLooking for 2 texmods (Enchantment aura, Grassy shiverpeakss)
1250TopicTyria or Elona Cartographer
1251TopicChanging to Chinese Audio
1252TopicLF God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals Advice
Pages: 1, 2
1253TopicStrength and honor 10^50
1254TopicA few questions from a newbie
1255TopicCan i beat this game?
1256Topic"Newbie" Needs a Profession
1257Topic+5 armor: How helpful is it?
1258TopicDumb questions...
1259TopicQuestion about weapon mods
1260Topicwill GW get more expansions after GW2 release?
Pages: 1, 2
1261TopicAsian minipets
1262TopicEquipment Packs
1263TopicHow Solo-able is it?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1264Topic40/40 water set
1265TopicHello finally i got a GW but...
1266TopicLeadership Change?
1267TopicHow do I get EoTN Skills?
1268TopicProblem dedicating destroyer bows at HOM
1269Topicshould i get this all
1270TopicThe Most Desirable Skins
1271TopicQuests just stop?
Pages: 1, 2
1272TopicEurope or Asia/Australia?
1273TopicProblem with vanquishing Elona?
1274TopicThis may be a stupid question...
1275TopicOld School returning to GuildWars 1
Pages: 1, 2
1276TopicDoes the Double Green weekend bonus affect..
1277TopicWhy is there no festival hat giver for Halloween 2011 event?
1278TopicWhat's the best place to complain to guild wars staff?
1279TopicWhich Profession is most in-demand?
Pages: 1, 2
1280TopicBinning the Chalice of Corruption
1281Topicbuying the trilogy+eotn in in-game store?
1282TopicFull Guildhall
1283TopicBest way to Spam Pumpkin cookies?
1284Topicit is bad to buy on Steam?
1285TopicTonic spam
1286TopicHeroes and Upkeep Enchants
1287TopicItem Courier Question
1288TopicI missed 1 of the 2011 Halloween festival hats!
1289TopicHalloween Question
1290Topicsomething confusing me
Pages: 1, 2
1291TopicWorth getting...
Pages: 1, 2
1292TopicIs it possible to run two GW clients from one PC?
1293TopicBack from a GW sabbatical: Normal Mode and Groups
1294TopicImporting Characters & Other Questions
1295TopicQuestion re Mad King's Steward
1296TopicPurp No req staffs
1297TopicShould i play this or Not?
Pages: 1, 2
1298TopicEvery Bit Helps Bug?
1299TopicToT Bags
1300TopicRegarding Active Roleplay
1301TopicMapping Out?
1302Topicmaking a comeback?
1303TopicMap Downloads
1304TopicMap and hotkeys?
1305TopicNew to the game
1306TopicCould I get banned for this?
1307TopicNew to the game
1308TopicGuild Wars Skill Icon Artists
1309TopicHalloween Trick or Treat Bags
1310TopicNew Quests for '11
1311TopicHalloween Quests
1312Topicneed help deciding
1313TopicFaction choice for the first time through?
1314TopicAccount won't log in....
1315TopicShard drop affected by ToT
Pages: 1, 2
1316TopicSuperior salvage vs normal
1317TopicWhat can I do? Isn't this against the EULA?
1318Topicnow extremely confused
1319Topicnow very confused
1320TopicRegarding 6th yeard B'day presents
1321TopicChanging account name+Password
1322TopicHacked Again
1323TopicInfused Armor Can't Be Dyed?
1324TopicGuild Wars novels
1325TopicAccount Question
1326TopicHorseman Irimund
1327TopicToT Bags and loot scaling
1328TopicPVP questions
1329TopicHero Commands
1330Topicfew questions
1331Topic"Can't Touch This"
1332TopicOld friend wants to come back to GW, but can't remember a char name...
1333TopicHalloween is Coming
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1334TopicNC Soft Username
1335Topicselling invite to gold trim guild = guild emote?
1336TopicMerch or sell, needing a clue
1337TopicSalvaging Obsidian Armor?
1338TopicHow active is Guild Wars at the moment?
1339TopicWeapon Damage Nerfs and Buffs
1340TopicSmall gameplay question - 'thou shall not pass!'
1341TopicQuestions from a returning player.
1342TopicBlack Sphynx Guild
1343Topicquestion about gear
1344TopicStocking up on diamonds?
1345TopicObby or Vabbian
1346TopicCame back after 2 years.
1347TopicBuying the Game for trial account
1348TopicMaxing title on one character = trouble for others?
1349TopicAvatar's in dervish secondaries
1350TopicRecognizing valuable items
1351TopicNew to MMO's
1352TopicAdding a preorder code to an existing account with all games already
1353TopicLevel 7 Obsidian Armor (NF Ferry to Cantha)
1354TopicSo what are people buying with Z coins?
1355TopicReturning to GuildWars...
1356TopicWhen can I start capturing Elites?
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1357TopicNot Choosing a 2nd Profession Until Later...
1358TopicPretending to be an Admin: Is it always wrong?
1359TopicWhat items are spammable and not spammable items?
1360TopicWho is This [CaSH] guild?
1361Topicjust bought guildwars trilogy.
1362TopicFastest method for earning Balthazar faction in PvP?
Pages: 1, 2
1364TopicHow do you invite other people to play guild wars with you?
1365TopicPlaying through Prophecies for the first time
1366TopicGuild Wars Costumes
1367TopicPrimeval Armor Remnants
1368TopicMerging Prophecies with Trilogy ?
1369TopicShould I keep my ele?
1370TopicGW Multi-Launch trouble?
1371TopicBigger is always better... looking for the biggest weapons
1372TopicMaster of the North??
1373TopicOld and New again
1374TopicChanging Mercenary Hero Armour?
1375TopicWoC Mini's?
1376TopicIs getting EOTN necessary for newbie?
1377TopicIf I bought Guild Wars: Trilogy
1378TopicCan you complete the Resilience Monument solely as a Dervish?
1379TopicHow are new people suppose to work on HoM?
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1380Topicreturning after long timeout
1381TopicStuck After Elona Reach
1382TopicGW as a new player?
1383TopicHero / Hench speech bubbles
1384TopicCanthan Cartographer - screen.
1385TopicWhich class?
1386TopicAnyone know what this is?
1387TopicCan I play Eye of the north without other expansions?
1388TopicWhy do people sell old GW games?
1389TopicWhy? Pink Dye dropped
1390TopicFoW, UW and etc. for HoM
1391TopicDye Drops increased?
1392TopicBoss Battle Soundtrack
1393TopicPink Dye during Pre-searing?
1394TopicUnknown/strange minion master skill used in Fort Aspenwood
1395TopicZoldarks Chest and Rare Drop
1396TopicQuestions about the trilogy
1397TopicHeroes special abilities and quirks
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1398TopicTrade Filters?
1399TopicWiK Issue
1400TopicGetting weapons fast
1401TopicProbably a dumb question.. (about elite skills)
1402TopicSolo faction farming?
1403TopicConfused about Survivor Title
1404TopicHow many Birthday Presents?
1405TopicLinking a GuildWars account to GW 2
1406TopicQuestion about staves
1407TopicNew Husband-Wife duo with questions
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
1408TopicArmor lost in switching
1409TopicError Message 220
1410TopicBack after a long time
1411TopicMassive aggro, where?
1412TopicXP After lvl20
1413TopicTorivos' Rage.
1414TopicQuestions about PvP gear.
1415TopicBow: 20/20 vs Vamp in HM?
1416TopicWhen did they fix Gyala Hatchery?
1417TopicAttracting Guild members to my guild.
1418Topicgw freaks
1419TopicDedicate minis in pre searing?
1420TopicWhat to do when Resurrection Signet needs recharging?
1421TopicCan I give my account away?
1422TopicUnfairly banned for supposed botting.
1423TopicMy Quests Dried Up
1424TopicLong Absent Player Returning
1425TopicPvP Rewards
1426TopicSalvage Questions
1427TopicMini pets
1429TopicNewb questions
1430TopicGrog dropped for me late on Tuesday
1431TopicHornbows and HM
1432Topicquestion about Lion's Arch runs
1433TopicIs questing challenging?
1434TopicGW Beyond-exploring the consequences of Palawa Joko's release?
1435TopicHow long is the GW Trial?
1437TopicSecondary Prof. Question
1438TopicHow many Vaettirs?
1439TopicConfused about NCSoft accounts
1440TopicGrey Giant Quest --- Quest items --- Does the broken toy disappear?
1441TopicJust bought Trilogy from Steam
1442TopicIndecisive as always... :-P
1443TopicPlaying ritualist on prophicies?
1444TopicChinese gw key
1445TopicWiK started and that makes my farming character sad.
1446TopicTrying for another 2 points in HoM. Please assist
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1447TopicWhy all of a sudden big surge of buying Nicholas Travelers Gifts?
1448TopicVizunah Square mission... How do I start it?
1449TopicPreparing to open the Zaishen Chest
1450TopicEotN nerfing secondary Profession?
1451TopicQuestion about monk fow
1452TopicGuild wars 1 Newb
1453TopicNeeding more energy for a warrior
1454TopicHow often does EoTN go on sale?
1455TopicNew Player: Some Questions
1456Topicchimeric prism in russian version?
1457TopicBuying Cdkey online.
1458TopicReturning... after a long time.
1459TopicI seem to have lost my mission.
1460TopicInquisitor Quests
1461TopicGW2 - Plans for Rollback or Restoration?
1462TopicThinking about buying this game, a few questions
1463TopicHoM Valor - Max Number of Weapons
1464Topichotkeys for locking on?
1465TopicRestarted, few q's
1466TopicSkill rank modified automaticly?
1467TopicQuestion regarding Kurzick and Luxon guilds.
1468TopicWhat profession to use to introduce a new player to GW who loathes point-and-click?
1470TopicWiK drops on keiran missions
1471TopicJust got factions
1472TopicGot Hacked, Recovered Account - What Now?
1473TopicMaking Money Farming? But Where?
1474Topicwill gw2 weps be insc or non insc
1475TopicFaster Instillation
1476TopicMoving Interface options to new account?
1477TopicHoM Honor statues
1478TopicHalloween Art Contest
1479TopicQuestion about Vabbi tour & NF progession
1480TopicZaishen chest drops
1481TopicFarming pvp statue this weekend.
1482TopicLevel 20 pet for HoM.
1483TopicGhostly Staff
1484TopicCan i sell my weapons after putting them in the HOM?
1485TopicFastest Way Through Nightfall???
1486Topicwhat's best char to get LDoA on?
1487TopicDaft question; NF -> Proph.
1488Topicdouble exp tomorrow?
1489Topic2 tormented sheilds hom question
1490TopicCan you turn in Mallyx quest in the outpost?
1491TopicIs farming with gw multilaunch bannable?
1492TopicQuestion about Venta Cemetary's foes using Interrupts
1493TopicA Final Profession
1494TopicUsed Guild Wars games
1495Topic30/50 hom cost
1496TopicChestrunning question
1497TopicVigor runes have skyrocketed
1498TopicWhat happened with luxon/kurzick border ?
1499TopicPondering a Purchase
1501TopicWhere are the American players nowadays?
1502TopicEcto Exchange Rate
1503TopicUW Reaper Teleports
1504Topicpre searing legendary defender of ascalon
1505TopicFastest play-through a campaign
1506TopicSurvivor Title in Pre
1507TopicCool dye for Sin asuran armor (Female)
1508TopicReturning player finding the game EXTREMELY hard, advice appreciated.
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1509TopicWhat makes a weapon valuable?
1510TopicLocked Chests
1511TopicDefinately considering buying Guild Wars
1512TopicWeapon Bar
1513TopicCombined hotkeys for skills? (alt+1 and so on)
1514TopicAion wings
1515TopicI need a hammer
1516TopicBest class for grinding RA?
1517Topicis there a way to report guild's leroy'ing? griefing maybe?
1518TopicReport a hacker on freinds account?
1519TopicEpic Ways to Kill a Legendary Survivor?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
1520TopicRunning two accounts on one computer
1521TopicBest Oppressor Weapon to sell?
1522TopicDrugrelated Guilds recruting
1523TopicReturning player, need advice on HoM and other things
1524TopicNightfall new character.
1525TopicHaven't played in 3 or so years.
1526TopicNight Falls at Rank 5 Lightbringer
1527TopicChanging a Mercenary Hero
1528TopicStarting GW
1530Topiclocked chest
1531Topicold ascalon
1532Topicoldschool black dye (ranger fow)
1533TopicSurvivor Title - high damage bosses
1534TopicFestival Hats
1535TopicNew player could use some advice on all that is GW
1536TopicHogy ez a tetves kurva buzi geci anet de egy elbaszott buzi geci rohadék!!!
1537TopicLittle bit confused!
1538TopicCan I destroy the igneous summoning stone somehow?
1539TopicSecondary Profession
1540TopicNewbies and guilds
1541TopicRealm of Torment
1542TopicCharacter Names
Pages: 1, 2
1543TopicDoes the Rainbow Phenix count as a rare pet for HoM?
1544TopicFinal primary quests for Eye of the North
1545TopicSunspear skills
1546TopicRare skins and do you
1547TopicDifferent fonts ?
1548TopicAFK in Zos Shivros
1549TopicAir of Superiority
1550TopicWeapon requirement and inscription
1551TopicHow does RA sync work?
1552TopicBest Time to find team for Hell's Precipice?
1553TopicBest place to get DP for CC use?
1554TopicQuestion HOH map - Capture Points
1555TopicWhat's so good about Vampiric?
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1557TopicNew GW Players: advice on a duo
1558TopicHero Gold Sharing
1559TopicPvP and Jade Quarry questions
1560Topicwas this a bot farm i had on my team?
1561TopicFavor and Statues of the Gods
1562TopicHero Skill PvE
1563Topicshadow damage
1564TopicHall of monuments questions
1565TopicZehtuka's Pack
1566TopicNew player: Can only enter GH & Embark Beach
1567TopicCharacter Slot Choices
1568TopicGwDressUp - Safe or not
1569TopicEffects in Town
1570TopicNewbie Shieldset Question
1571Topic[New to Guild Wars]
1572Topicmost populair class?
1573TopicTrying to get back in the game, some questions.
1574TopicJust came back to the game after years, couple questions.
1575TopicWhy join a Guild?
1576TopicWhat just happened? (GVG Monthly Game)
1577TopicIs There A Healing Class?
Pages: 1, 2
1578TopicAny difference between heroes of the same base class?
1579TopicI REALLY want to like this game please help
1580TopicDo Henchmen/Heroes heal your pet?
1581TopicA question about Mercenary Heroes
1582TopicInscriptions for Factions/Proph?
1583TopicQ7 Fellblade?
1584TopicHow do i make the WoC monsters not spawn?
1585TopicToggle language problem
1586TopicShould I start... Again?
1587TopicWhen is the next event?
1588TopicFastest way to rank 5 Vanguard?
1589TopicCan you get legendary survivor by turning in a bunch of storybooks?
1590TopicDoing HM in Nightfall
1591TopicIdentifying Golds
1592TopicJQ or FA Kurz or Lux
1593TopicZaishen Quest Reset Time
1594TopicGetting Skills from Bosses
1595TopicEasiest PvP Title for HoM?
1596TopicHow Can i calculate armor in dmg?
1597TopicI've been away for a while
1598TopicCan't Connect to Guildwars
1599TopicIs it a bannable offense?
1601TopicBooted out at the end of a weekend event?
1602TopicCheapest/Fastest consumable titles?
1603TopicKurzick and Luxon
1604TopicAlliance buying candy?
1605TopicHow long will it take to get 30 points?
1606TopicEasiest class to get protector titles in guild wars?
1607TopicTexmod Suggestions?
1608TopicReturning to!
1609TopicEOTN Weekend starting time?
1610TopicFastest way to max eotn titles ?
1611Topictexmoded gw2 ui?
1612TopicIs there a rework coming to Paragons?
1613TopicGetting rid of scavengers
1614TopicPurchasing Skills Pack ?
1615TopicI don't understand tormented weapons?
1616TopicWay to fast sell to dye, materials merchant?
1617TopicHoM + GWAMM?
1618TopicHero for Winds of Change
Pages: 1, 2
1619TopicPossibly returning to GW
1620TopicWoC HM?
1621TopicA new player returning
1622TopicQuick Question about Destroyer weps
1623TopicDid I put a wrong birth date?
1624TopicAre The PvP matches that I observe actually being played?
1625TopicAFK During Glint's Allowed?
1626TopicQuestion about Weapon Mods
1627TopicEbon Escape, Deaths Charge etc...
1628TopicThe way to get FoW armor at lvl 7 ?
1629TopicHow to get "Save Yourselves!"?
1630TopicFirst 2 faction missions on a non faction char?
1631TopicDaggers of Purity
1632TopicParty Points
1633TopicWhat is there to do @ level 20?
1634TopicProblem with Teiran (Ebon Vanguard Allies)
1635TopicEOTN Not Working?
1636TopicWhere did my account go?
1637TopicWhy play Luxon over Kurzick in FA?
1638TopicKurzick/Luxon, how to get the skills?
1639TopicAsian Account
1640TopicGood place for party points
1641TopicGift of Griffons(FoW) - Griffon behaviour
1642TopicViews on the Warrior
1643TopicHow do I delete a thread?
1644TopicBest expansion for a new player? Already have Nightfall
1645TopicStuck on primary quest
1646TopicHow to bump a thread
1647TopicHoM 30/50 How long for a GW newbie?
1648TopicWhat last titles would you do?
1649TopicDo many people still play GW?
1650TopicHelp for a new player?
1651TopicHoM: Character Names Saved for GW2?
1652TopicTransferring Items (and IP address question)
1653TopicZen Daijun
1654TopicUnderstanding the Market
Pages: 1, 2, 3
1655TopicWhat was supposed to happen when the Kurzick or Luxon won?
1656TopicHaven't played since Prophecies.
1657TopicWintersday in July
1658TopicTraveling to Cantha with a Nightfall character?
1659TopicWoC Bukdek Afflicted Chest Nerf?
1660TopicGetting back into GW, and completely lost.
1661TopicHoM Pet Question
1662TopicUnsummoning my Fire Imp
1663TopicCampaign level question
1664TopicTrial/Buddy Key Requests
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1666TopicSkills Question
1667TopicDaze & Splinter Physical Dmg
1669TopicHow can I use heroes to carry items
1670TopicWhat is this?
1671TopicSorrow's Furnace?
1672TopicWhat do 50+, 130++, etc, mean with respect to speed clears?
1673TopicReturning GW player looking to fill HoM...
1674TopicAccount Suspended?
1675TopicDungeons difficulty
Pages: 1, 2
1676TopicSwitching secondary professions
1677TopicTexMod Cartographer HALP!
1678TopicWhat's really better 15^50 or 15^-10?
1679TopicDouble Rep
1680TopicWich profession/build should I be/use, based on the following characteristics:
1681TopicWalk to Thunderhead Keep
1682Topicquestion about defensive sets
1683TopicWhere can I buy just GWs Factions
1684TopicQuick heroes UI questions
1685TopicBuying new GW account
1686TopicWinds of Change weapons to HoM?
1687TopicWinds of Change and Vanquishing
1688TopicAre Textmods Allowed?
1689TopicDumb dervish question
1690TopicWar in Kryta Question
1691TopicHotkeys and my Mouse
1692TopicExperience points from quests in explorable area
1693Topicnoob questions :p
Pages: 1, 2
1694TopicReaching Vizunah Square (Local Quarter) with a non-Canthan character
1695TopicKryta run question
1696Topicdoes health regenrate after Sacrifice?
1697Topicheroes experience points
1698TopicOpening Cinematics?
1699TopicBest mission running class?
1700TopicZaishen Vanquish
1701Topicascension 50k experience for nahpui quarter?
1702TopicCan you only do the wanted missions once?
1703TopicHoM pet question
1704TopicNo more quest pointers?
1705TopicHall of Monuments question
1706Topicfastest way to level pets?
1707TopicLT Thackeray hates my drake kabobs
1708TopicAttacking A Called Target
1709TopicQuick HoM question...
1710TopicStaff vs Wand+OH on heroes
1711TopicRavenous gaze+EBSOH
1712Topicsalvage items
1713TopicMesmer's recharge time
1714TopicNew solo quest farm
1715TopicAmnoon Oasis Cartographer "?"
1716TopicWeird Title Track blessings
1717TopicA question about unlocking skills
1718TopicLink new account to NCSoft, yay or nay [Opinions needed]
1719Topiccan you get banned for this?
1720TopicDaggers of Purity
1721TopicPeacekeeper spawn question
1722TopicHow to get a Ritualist to Nightfall
1723TopicA Big Thank You!
1724TopicWhat order to play the campaign + Heroes
1725TopicTemple of Ages fight?
1726TopicWhat happens when GW2 comes out?
Pages: 1, 2
1727TopicWhich professions can I create?
1728TopicEV Rep Farming
1729TopicThis game still worth playing?
1730TopicDeath Leveling a Rainbow Phoenix
1731TopicChanneling Shields
1732Topicdoes Balthazar's Pendulum prevent kd from psychic instability?
1733TopicBMP weapons in PvP
1734TopicWhy warriors are moving while hitting enemy?
1735TopicHow can i stop guild wars from Rubberbanding In UW!!
1737TopicMoving GW to a new computer
Pages: 1, 2
1738TopicBest use of Prizes and tokens from festival
1739TopicDeleting Characters
1741TopicMap viewing
1742TopicLearning FoWSC MT - essence or full conset?
1743TopicWhy so many regular mesmer tomes?
1744TopicJade Quarry - No. of Players...
1745TopicMajor loading issues
1746TopicChanging acc login email?
1747TopicObtaining secondary professions in other campaigns... where... how...?
1748TopicGuildwars on a large screen
Pages: 1, 2
1749TopicQuestion about deleting skill templates
1750TopicIf a guild disbands...
1751TopicNCSoft Linked and Non-Linked Accounts
1752TopicBest shrine to get killed over and over?
1753TopicBest looking shield on a female assassin?
1754TopicQuick rollerbeetle question
1755Topiccoming back
1756TopicRunning 2 gw clients, same IP, problem?
Pages: 1, 2
1757TopicDunes of Despair
1758TopicHaven't played for 2 years, what happened?!
1759TopicArenaNet's Cupcake Crusade
1760Topichelp me plz !!!!!
1761TopicNeed some advice for the Dragon Festival
1762TopicBest way to work on Gamer title?
1763TopicDragon Festival?
Pages: 1, 2
1764TopicAuthorised Stories for Bonus Mission Pack
1765TopicAs a Dervish should I...
1766Topicauto attack
1767TopicNew Here.. I have a couple questions. Please assist.
1770TopicAnthem of Flame
1771TopicTihark Orchard (mission) Question
Pages: 1, 2
1772TopicDo people still do missions in Prophecies?
1773TopicIs Guild Wars an active game still?
Pages: 1, 2
1774TopicCan Monks Farm anything anymore?!
1775TopicEffect ways to farm E/money
1776TopicCould this be done with texmod?
1777TopicWhat are your fastest campaign completion times?
Pages: 1, 2
1778TopicIs this "illegal"
1779TopicIs GWdressup safe?
1780TopicMost Profitable Dungeons/Sc's
1781TopicMonster Targeting Priority: Armor vs HP
1782Topicwhich spell is a beam of white light?
1783TopicHOM wont accept my Phoenix
1784TopicPvP Armor
1785TopicMy hacked account
1786TopicBest XP scrolls in HM
1787TopicWhich Of The Following Can I Buy For 2.5 Million Gold?
1788TopicAre there any plans to nerf dervs?
1789TopicDeleting a LDoA
1790TopicWhat sword does Destroyers use?
1791TopicComplete Collection
Pages: 1, 2
1792TopicANet's inability to restore hacked items
1793TopicWhere you start with this HOM
1794TopicTalus Chute vQ: Wtf.
1795TopicGoing to buy Guild Wars
1796TopicOne of Each Mini for Devotion?
1797TopicEffective way to make lots of plats
1798TopicDo you absolutely NEED to complete Prophecies or EotN to do the GW Beyond Quests?
1799TopicRanger's Expertise Attribute
1800TopicModding an Envoy staff
1801TopicAbout imperial faction
1802Topicmandragors in Zehlon Reach
1803TopicHaven't played in 5 years - what to do? :P
1804TopicTwo gameplay questions
1805TopicSpoil Victor
1806Topicmesmer's fast casting question
1807TopicI keep getting butchered, am I doing something wrong?
Pages: 1, 2
1808TopicFew General Q's - Getting back into the game
1809TopicQuest progression
1810TopicWhen is it?
1811TopicCanthan Missions Problem
1812TopicArgos soft+ Guild wars?
1813TopicIs Texmod ever going to be out of Beta?
1814TopicWhere to buy/sell?
1815TopicLegendary Defender of Ascalon (1)?
1816TopicTroubles With Code=227?
1817TopicWhat Tonics Are Usable In Exploreable Areas?
1818TopicCheapest Place/Price for a Single Campaign?
1819TopicLightbringer or Sunspear?
1820TopicFarming for warriors
1821TopicOnly getting 1 gemstone from chest after Lords of Anguish are dead?
1822Topicserver down?
1823TopicQuestion about Prophecies 2005 and the Trilogy
1824TopicKurzick faction, fastest way to get it?
1825TopicHoM Title?
Pages: 1, 2
1826TopicSalvaged armor still in HoM?
1827TopicClose please.
1828TopicHow to do *Show Spoiler* text, as well as...
1829TopicIs there anywhere I can go to report a player?
1830TopicHeroes skill order. Builds format. EotN cartography
1831TopicPurpose of salvage items with stats once identified
1832Topictowns in Jaya Bluffs
1833TopicWill I learn all skills for my profession as I progress?
1834TopicLevel difference.
1835TopicWhen to Salvage vs expert salvage?
1836TopicComing back after years of WoW. Pointers?
Pages: 1, 2
1837TopicCan I replace mods on a tormetned weapon?
1838TopicQuestion about Runes
1840TopicGetting to 50/50 HoM
1841TopicWhat are you all doing with your ectos?
1842TopicWhere did my thread go?
1843TopicHow easy is it to get a DoA team if ....
1844Topicside quest questions
1845TopicTemporary Ban, " Unacceptable Name " ?
1846Topicselling items when quitting?
1847Topicneed help getting my account info back!
1848TopicWhat WAS the price of Collector's Edition?
1849TopicTwo questions about drops.
1850TopicSolo'ing Yields Better Loot??
1851TopicIce Cliff Chasm Soundtrack
1852TopicNot able to log?
1853TopicHow many server maintenances? (Way less than WoW!)
1854TopicComing Back after a long pause question
1855TopicSweets: Spammable vs. Nonspammable
1856TopicWas this ban fair?
1857TopicQuestion about Art of Guild Wars 2 Book
1858TopicOne gold coin drop in late game mission?
1859TopicHall of Monuments Weapons
1860TopicIs this Triple modded?
1861TopicEtiquette in pre-Searing towards GM requests?
1862TopicCutscenes and tonics
1863Topiclocating people on the map via chat
1864TopicAnyone here in the same boat as me?
Pages: 1, 2
1865TopicRitualist hero where???
1866TopicEnvoy Gold Weapons Dyeable?
1867TopicGW's Rich And Famous
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
1868TopicHoM dedications question
1869TopicTorn between Tonics
1870TopicDoes "Sharpen Daggers" affect "Dancing Daggers" or "crippling dagger"???
1871TopicTwo Player Pairing
Pages: 1, 2
1872TopicHow to get to the HoM?
1873TopicDeleted e-mail adress
1874TopicChanging attributes
1875TopicSkins & Hunting
1876TopicHall of Monument Advice
1877TopicWhere to buy Guild Wars cheap?
1878TopicClass availability in earlier campaigns
1879TopicHoM armor
1880TopicRed Resign 2.0?
1881TopicHow does the AB map rotation work?
1882TopicParty Mode?
1883TopicChanging the camera
1884TopicHow to get to Ascalon city (post-sear)?
1885Topicis this scamming?
Pages: 1, 2
1886TopicDerv/Monk or Ele/mes
1887TopicWho Are These Guys?
1888TopicWhere does the SC groups form?
1889TopicLeveling to 20 from Prophecies. (I just got back after 4 years).
1890TopicSelling Weapons Guide?
1891TopicMax attribute points for warrior?
1892TopicSerious issue with a particular henchmen
1893TopicCharacter names.
1894Topicis there some kind of envoy emote?
1895TopicNew Emote
1896TopicWhat to do with birthday presents?
1897TopicEasiest RA profession to use?
Pages: 1, 2
1898TopicBest way to upgrade from collectors edition?
1899TopicQuestions about Guild Wars
1900TopicGifts of the Traveler: sell or use?
1901TopicWhat's it mean when someone says don't redbar?
1902TopicStumped on what to do next
1903Topicmfm and smtm
1904TopicOpinions on the Bonus Missions pack
Pages: 1, 2
1905TopicTransaction declined
1906TopicHard mode monster skills recharge faster?
1907TopicPre-searing pets
1908TopicNCSoft serial waiting time
1909TopicWhich EotN VQ to avoid
Pages: 1, 2
1910TopicQuestion about titles
1911TopicHoM - Valor
1912TopicDoes anyone buy dedicated mini pets?
1913TopicDroprate question
1914TopicFOWsc I don't get it
Pages: 1, 2
1915TopicDungeons - Where do I begin?
1916Topictreasures in nightfall
1917TopicIt says that the serial key is already in use
Pages: 1, 2
1918Topic10 questions from a potential player
Pages: 1, 2
1919TopicFew Questions From a New Player
1920Topicwhat to choose
1921TopicWhen Does the Zaishen Monthly Tonic Change?
1922TopicI'm 20 she's 12.
1923TopicDisabling Auto Attack?
1924TopicA few questions about weapons
1925TopicI reset my password, but not sure what email it was sent to
1926TopicFrost Gate Bonus - how?
1927TopicTwo title questions
1928TopicCanthan Cartographer Help
1929TopicHow can you guarantee trades between pre and post?
1930TopicBuying Guild Wars
1931TopicQuestion about Armors in GWs?
1932TopicDamage dealer
1933TopicHall of Monuments question...
1934TopicJust Came Back & Realised... I'm 'Quite' Rich. Now What?
1935Topicof Enchanting...
1936TopicQuestion regarding 55 Monk Build
1937TopicAnniversary sales
1938TopicWhat's the point of dedicating rare/expensive minis?
1939TopicHero Armor - How Do Upgrades Work?
1940TopicOnline order
1942TopicRunes - How Do Health Bonuses Work?
1943TopicWhich weapon??
1944TopicFarming places for Warrior?
1945TopicGuild Tag Modification
1946TopicEye of the North Campaign?
1947TopicSome Questions on How the two factions Work
1948TopicAccount hacked - what would you do?
Pages: 1, 2
1949TopicWar in Kryta Query
1950TopicTitle Help
1951TopicScepter of the Forgotten
1952Topicweekend event:Double Gold, Scrolls and XP for Vanquishing
1953TopicGw2 Account Question
1954TopicDoA-Hb monk Guide?
1955Topic2nd account rep leeching
1956TopicI am new here hi everyone
1957TopicGetting back into the game. Advice?
1958TopicHow do I get in here?
1959TopicUnderworld / Fissure of Woe
1960TopicUnderworld - Phantom Chests
1961TopicLooking for some advice
1962TopicGW books in Czech republic or ebooks?
1963TopicRecommended Character Level To Reach Lions Arch?
1964TopicWhat would you do if...
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1965TopicI am completely new, a few questions.
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1966TopicLess-Than Maxed Dwarven Stability Duration Rounding?
1967TopicComing back to GW(HoM)
1968TopicTime for a restart.
1969TopicInherent mods on staff, are +5e or +15% dmg available?
1970TopicFlash drive
1971TopicJust Joined Guild Wars
1972Topicproblem with mana regeneration
1973TopicA Question On Skills
1974TopicXP Sharing and Loot Sharing
1975TopicHall of Monuments Awards and how to earn them
1976TopicWar In Kryta Help
1978Topicfactions cutscene music
1979TopicQuestion about Defender of Ascalon
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1980TopicWould like to know a few things.
1981TopicNPC Heroes vs My Own
1982TopicAny Weapon?
1983TopicDoes GWAMM matter for HoM/GW2?
1984TopicA beginner needing help
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1985TopicDebating GWAMM
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1986TopicNew to guild wars and looking for begining advice
1987TopicNCSOFT Online Store
1988TopicPlease Help Choose Main Class...
1989TopicIs my Ncsoft master account messed up or is it supposed to be this way?
1990TopicWhich consumable is this?
1991TopicWhat would you guys do.
1992TopicKorean Characters in a Guild Tag
1993TopicWhere did my secondary profession skills go?
1994TopicWhich profession has the largest variety of builds for high end PvE?
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1995TopicJust bought the Guild Wars Complete Collection and I am lost
1996TopicCheapest place to buy GW in the UK?
1997TopicCant show my Obsidian armor in HoM
1998TopicBonus Mission Pack not 50% off when paying in pounds?
1999TopicGame view
2000TopicDedicating armor/weapons to HoM
2001Topichow to record GW sound without stereo mix or "what you hear"?
2002TopicAbout linking our GW and GW2 HoM
2003TopicDoomlore Shrine
2004Topiceternal conqueror
2005TopicWhat to do?
2006TopicBuy GW or Wait
2007Topichow do i report ? in temple of the ages has more bots
2008TopicIs this kind of program legal??
2009TopicEasiest way to get cash?
2010TopicHelp: Downloading GW from Steam
2011TopicGetting Back In
2012TopicLogin help?
2013TopicIs there a way to make your level 20 perma pre as a merc?
2014TopicPlaying on 2 different computers?
2015TopicHow much experience do different level monsters give you?
2016TopicBackground download
2017TopicWant to play through all campaigns- where to start?
2018TopicGlint's challenge vs reputation points
2019TopicAuto-accept trade?
2020TopicTexmod question
2021TopicWhich Profession for farming/solo?
2022TopicA Question on Which Campaign & Skills
2023TopicWhat is Castermodded?
2024TopicBest order to play the game in to get the most out of the story
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2025TopicI have question
2026Topicfactions campaign question
2027TopicGW logon security question
2028TopicHello - New to GW & Lots of Questions
2029Topic6th Anniversary Shop Discounts?
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2030TopicMultiple PVP Questions
2031TopicCharacter Slots
2032TopicQuestion: Strength of Honor
2033TopicOutcast Farming?
2034Topicclose this please
2035TopicNewb GW Player - I'm doing it wrong?
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2036TopicQuestion about PvP Unlocks
2037TopicGW Account Question
2038Topic[n00b] How to have a fine start in Guild Wars?
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2039TopicMaking an African assassin?
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2040TopicPet leveling + skill capping
2041TopicPower Leveling via Vaettir HM?
2042TopicAny Way To Farm Treasure Chest Only...?
2043TopicWhat is the easiest PVP statue to get?
2045TopicGuildWars infos
2046TopicBack to GW
2047TopicWhy are there titles for not playing the game?
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2048TopicWhy Are Spears Overpriced...?and questions about classes.
2049TopicItem drop rates
2050TopicWhich campaign do most people play?
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2051TopicPre to Post Searing Allowed?
2052TopicHow to delete my wiki userpage and forum name change
2053TopicUnique Item Checklist
2054TopicDilemma - please help
2055Topicare sites like this real?
2056TopicJust got the game, and got scammed.
2057TopicLocating henchmen corpses?
2058TopicKey Mapping Question
2059Topicwhy wont it let me put my lvl 20 black moa in hom
2060TopicHealth Bar Percentage Indicator texmod
2061TopicHalcyon Job
2062TopicAFK'ing at Nine Rings, how long before they kick me?
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2063TopicI forgot my character name =(
2064TopicWhy Can't I Put Necromancer 15k Tatoo armor on GW:EN...?
2065Topic20%+dmg verses.......
2066Topicquestion about a perma ban
2067Topiccartography - txtmod- tpf file
2068TopicZaishen Mission: Blood Washes Blood
2069Topichi, new player here i hope
2070TopicLegendary defender of ascalon
2071TopicChanging servers?
2072TopicWar in Cantha/Winds of Change
2073TopicFarming insane ammounts birthday cupcakes?
2074TopicHigh res in outposts?
2075Topic/deaths in Keiran solo quests
2076TopicMaster/Bonus on Missions
2077TopicThings You Wish You Would've Known
2078TopicQuickest way to get infused?
2079TopicMakeover Pack Questions
2080TopicHero Monk Weapon Set-up
2081TopicGame of the Year edition
2082TopicArmor Math: +9/-2, or +10
2083TopicFree trial keys?
2084TopicCan War in Kryta/Hearts of the North be repeated?
2085TopicFA turtle getting stuck
2086TopicHello - New to GW & Have Questions
2087TopicWarrior & PvP
2088TopicOverwhelmed... To say the least.
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2089TopicGW Trilogy $14.99 at Gamestop - Too good to be true?
2090TopicQuestion about weapons
2091TopicRandom disconnects in Dragon Arena -> Anet vs sync?
2092TopicmAT finals not appearing on obs?
2093TopicGW in-game store specials??
2094TopicWhat are the uses for double vamp+Double Zealous?
2095TopicQuick question regarding 6th year el tonics
2096TopicMinipet Levels?
2097TopicTexmod help
2098TopicWindows 7 -image help please.
2099TopicNew Guy.
2100TopicWhat is the smallest sword in the game?
2101TopicDear friend died, I want to finish off his achievements in the game..
2102TopicSurvivor title issue
2103TopicIs the green tonic Kunnavang also usable in explorable areas????
2104TopicQueston about installing Trilogy
2105TopicCan i revert Razah back to Rt from Mesmer?
2106TopicThe new quests require hardmode?
2107TopicSurvivor title
2108TopicBeen gone for a while, looking to finish campaigns
2109TopicElementalist All-Seeing Eye with Rune of Energy Storage
2110TopicHello - New to Guild Wars
2111TopicComprehensive Chronological Compilation of GW Lore?
2112TopicHM Profession?
2113TopicNine Rings
2114TopicVocal Was Sogolon...
2115TopicEvent lag?
2116TopicRazah help!
2117TopicCupcakes & Victory Tokens
2118TopicBlocked for an account issue. How to fix?
2119TopicToday, at 2011, GW>WoW or ..
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2120TopicHow to get 2nd job in pvp?
2121TopicWeapons upgrade
2123TopicYour favorite Start Up Routine for New Characters
2124TopicGuild Wars Trilogy+Eye of the North or The Complete Collection
2125TopicWhat 6th year minipet have you received?
2126Topickurzick and luxon question pls answer
2127TopicAscalon Razor
2128TopicAre these viable builds in PvE and PvP?
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2129TopicMercenary Hero Complete Pack
2130TopicGuild Wars in China
2131TopicKurzick and Luxon statues for HOM?
2132TopicCharacter in solo sometimes doesn't resurrect
2133TopicFirst Day Player
2134TopicCan i get back my old charactars
2135TopicRE: Mercenary Bug.
2136TopicHow does the teardown mechanic work with multiple Enchants?
2137TopicThe Elusive Golemancer problem
2138TopicCannot Advance Scavenger Hunt
2139Topicpre searing charr hunting
2140TopicSurvivor question
2141TopicTarget Options?
2142TopicCash Shop
2143TopicChaos Gloves plus Choas Axe - clipping issues?
2144TopicGuild Wars 2 Merchandise
2145TopicDownload EoTN
2146TopicWhat level should I be before the Searing?
2147TopicA few Questions
2148TopicSnares and IMS stacking
2149TopicEOTN: What is there to get from dungeons if you already have full rank?
2150TopicWhat's with Hacking
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2151TopicAccount hack
2152TopicWhat to do if I found someone plagiarizing GW?
2153TopicFull download GW.Dat
2154TopicHow to purchase an item from NCSoft (mercenary pack) for an unlinked account?
2155TopicHow to get most from my HoM?
2156TopicFastest way to use candycanes?
2157TopicSurvivor update clarification needed
2158TopicGuild Wars Trilogy
2159TopicHelp: Guild Wars and Steam
2160TopicAuspicious Incantation vs. Waste Not, Want Not
2161TopicBuying something from another expansion
2162TopicHow to get assassin as secondary w/ prophecies character
2163TopicDiffrent chapters
2164TopicOld player is back
2165TopicEBSoW question
2166TopicEternal Hero of Cantha... Yeah, about that.
2167TopicHide/Change Guild wars IP Adress
2168TopicNew to the game and lost.
2169TopicDoes anet ban by ip adress?
2171TopicQuestion about this Ariel Doubleblade character
2172TopicPet size
2173TopicPossible to trim gw.dat?
2174TopicJunundu help?
2175TopicPC Q13 Chaos Axe, +15 -1hp, +19% to enchant
2176TopicAt what point does GWAMM get added on to your GW2 achievements?
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2177TopicWeekend Events Calendar - What to expect?
2178TopicWhen is the best time of day for mapping JQ/FA?
2179TopicQuick Graphics question
2180TopicNewbie PvP Class?
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2181TopicPreventing Alt-Tab in full screen mode
2182TopicAre lower rquirement weapons considerably more expensive?
2183TopicFastest way to infused armor
2184TopicWill I Be Able To Fill My HoM From Scratch Before GW2?
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2185TopicElonian Cartographer Help
2186Topicis it bannable?
2187TopicHow do i acquire Whirlwind Attack?
2188TopicTexmod - Maps
2189TopicRegarding Shadow Stepping skills.
2190TopicSecondary Profession Mission
2191TopicLieutenant Langmar will not give quest to 14lvl char
2192TopicReq matter on certain staves?
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2193TopicQ8,7... Weapons
2194Topicbirthday present showed up early
2195TopicGW and NCSoft master account
2196TopicReal quick Tormented Focus clipping question
2197TopicGuild Wars wiki site extremely slow for past few days
2198TopicChoosing a PvE Profession for High End Players
2199TopicIs the rumor true?
2200TopicGW2 question... replays?
2201TopicHistory of the GW Wikis
2202TopicQuick question on macros
2203TopicWill i get ban
2204TopicGuild Wars forum theme
2205TopicQuestion about the quest 'A formal introduction'
2206TopicInherent mods
2207TopicHelp with play
2208TopicContemplating a return to GW - Advice?
2209TopicTo Zen Daijun, abandoned and can't get the quest back
2210TopicPurchase in ingame store declined
2211TopicCombining TPF files, OR (read in thread)..
2212TopicIs Guild Wars fun?
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2213TopicTranslate this?
2214TopicWeird inscription
2215TopicNew Pet?
2216TopicGuild Wars: Prophecies GotY Edition
2217TopicHow to get 100 points in Amatz with Heroes?
2218TopicGame popularity
2220TopicComing back- Alot of new changes
2221TopicBuying GW
2222TopicPlatinum Wand
2223TopicApril First Lore
2224TopicEaster and 6th Year Anniversary?
2225TopicSummoning Stone's AI
2226TopicSemi-new player... looking for class advice
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2227TopicThe Warrior Class
2228TopicNight Falls
2229TopicMaxing GWEN Points
2230TopicChanging Ingame Weapons Using Texmod
2231TopicVerata's vs. Cerris
2232TopicPvP character questions
2233TopicInappropriate name questions
2235TopicNew to guild wars.
2236Topichavent played in a long time
2237TopicFirst 3 heros roles
2238TopicGeneral rune usage.
2239TopicTrouble in the woods quest
2240TopicArtificers/Windwalkers/Shamans on all pieces?
2241TopicLong time GW player, interested in coming back
2242TopicStuck on connecting
2243Topicof slaying mods??
2244TopicLDoA Question
2245TopicWhy are Z Keys still rising in prices?
2246TopicAnet why areny my costumes viewable in the character select screen when I log on?
2247TopicQuestion about henchmen
2248TopicCan I install it on more then one computer?
2249TopicCan I just buy Guild wars an Eye of the north an no other Adds? Also some other stuff
2250TopicDoes anyone know this Hammer skin?
2251TopicThe Nolani Academy mission
2252Topicq8 Tactics Shields
2253Topiclowest lvl to get obsidan?
2254TopicSymbolic Celerity & HCT/HSR question
2255TopicSkill unlock packages
2256Topic[ Maxing Survivor Title ]
2257TopicSurvivor in PvP
2258TopicStacking Caster Bonus
2259Topicanyone have Mike O'Brien e-mail
2260TopicNew quest
2261TopicDrops in Commando Quest
2262TopicAnyone else unable to connect?
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2263TopicLong Load Times (GW sites)?
2264TopicLion's Arch to Marhan's Grotto?
2265TopicWere you able to take out mutliple minis a really long time ago?
2266TopicLevel 20?
2267TopicTomb of the Primevil Kings?
2268Topichave an gw account but cant remember the ncsoft account name
2270TopicGW Beyond: Winds of Change
2271TopicDifficult common animal to get
2272TopicDo Hackers get banned?
2273TopicHacked...where should I 're'-start?
2274TopicProblem with WiK (Ebon Vanguard Allies)
2275TopicHacked + ignore..???
2276TopicNew PvP character
2277TopicBone Horror question
2278TopicEaster and 6th birthday event
2279TopicSo now that I beat Nightfall campaign...
2280TopicHelp me?!
2281Topicmini's from WiK
2282TopicEnd game Factions
2283TopicWhat type of damage do Grasping Darkness deal?
2284TopicGetting a Soul Reaper
2285TopicDisrupt thingies
2286TopicQuick Aureate Aegis Clipping Question
2287TopicAll 109 minis?
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2288TopicChest Running for Lucky Title
2289TopicThe cheapest?
2290TopicWhat's the lowest energy I can achieve with a focus item?
2291TopicNo One Cares For Alliance Battles Anymore?
2292TopicQuestion about skill activation time
2293TopicA couple of GW Questions
2294TopicHall of Monuments
2295Topicreporting out comes
2296TopicNew to GW... too late?
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2297TopicDoes Tryptophan Signet stack?
2298Topicsuper noob question
2299TopicReturning with some questions
2300TopicGuild wars 1 linking to Guild wars 2
2301TopicAdding Black Moa to hom
2302TopicIs it worth coming back?
2303TopicOld player coming back. Stuck!
2304TopicPre-searing question.
2305TopicUWSC - Where to start?
2306TopicHow best to sell odd consumables?
2307TopicUno very quick Solo PvE question
2308TopicBalthazar's Spirit & Furious
2309TopicNight Falls
2310TopicCan Anet implement and/or read Sardelac Sanitarium ideas and suggestions?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
2311TopicPossible to lock myself out of the attribute quests?
2312TopicShadowless Form?
2313TopicWhy does the Zaishen Chest not count as high-end????
2314TopicNeed some help.
2315TopicWho exactly is Xinrae?
2316TopicGuild Wars 2 in Guild Wars 1?
2317TopicHow much Bandwidth does GW use?
2318TopicWhy can't I call targets?
2319TopicNew player question about some of the ingame store items
2320TopicSave Up All Luxon/Kurzick Faction Until Double Boost Weekend?
2321TopicZos Shivros Channel
2322TopicCartographer Help
2323TopicArmor contribution
2324TopicItem Upgrading
2325TopicBlue Rocks and BUs
2326TopicGetting The Black Widow
2327TopicAre the War in Kryta Quests supposed to be really hard?
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2328TopicSo... Is Dementra A City?
2329TopicHello folks. When is Guild Wars 2 coming out?
2330Topicquestion regarding ss and lb double point weekend
2331TopicNeed Help: Resetting Character back to Lvl 1?
2332TopicPetmaster Build Viable?
2333TopicGW down now?
2334TopicSurvivor title changes query
2335TopicQuestions about using heroes in Prophecies
2337TopicHow Do You Death Level A Phoenix?
2338TopicGwamm after gw2
2339TopicAdd Nightfall in Prophecies?
2340TopicWould Turning In Shiro's Return On Double Faction Weekend Double The Faction Given?
2341TopicA bunch of Ranger questions
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2342TopicTo Start ..
2343TopicCombo Advice - Factions + Nightfall
2344TopicMy minions lack assertiveness...
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2345TopicZ-Coins to HOM
2346TopicHero Combo
2347TopicReDoing Consulate Docks in NF?
2348TopicGetting into HA
2349TopicWhat Should I Buy With My Gold Zaishen Coins?
2350Topic55hp monk grim cesta
2351TopicAssault on the Stronghold HM Solo
2352TopicAncient Kappa doesn't use Turtle Shell?
2353TopicRevival of a Dead Friend
2354TopicWeapons creation question -- how random?
2355TopicEcto Farm Question
2356Topictitles: what are they for?
Pages: 1, 2
2357Topictips for killing Countess Nadya?
2358TopicHelp Me: Weapon Upgrades and Insignias. Armor or Health?
2359TopicATFH Run Issue? Please Help!
2360TopicWhy do so many people use lockpicks?
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2361TopicPre-searing question
2362TopicConnection error
2363TopicIs GWEstimator down?
2364Topicguildwars complete collection
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2366TopicDouble champ weekend?
2367Topicpet exp?
2368TopicSecond and Third Visions
2369Topic7 heroes and level scaling
2370TopicPre searing daily quest not scaling
2371TopicHello, Folks..Returning Player Here
2372TopicWhich one should I use?
2373TopicIncrease in Lockpick Droprate?
2374TopicNew Here and to Guild Wars - Seeking Advice
2375TopicStill okay to use Texmod+Cartography Made Easy?
2376TopicGW worth checking out?
Pages: 1, 2
2377TopicQuestion on Ravenous Gaze spell and heroes
2378TopicGuild Wars Support
2379TopicWhat does a "lengthen xxx" upgrade do?
2380TopicIs running still done?
2381TopicThis is a huge longshot but... has anyone seen the guild Eternal Curse [EC] lately?
2382TopicArmor of Unfeeling question
2383TopicOld player comming back!
2384TopicVizunah Square local needed for Canthan protector?
2385Topicjennur's horde bug
2386Topiclegendary protector
2387TopicMixed Dye "Identity"
2388TopicTired of wiping
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2389Topic32 vaetirrs instead of 60?
2390TopicHow to force a HoM website update?
2391TopicForcing Re-Connection
2392TopicIs it against GW rules to impersonate ANET?
2393TopicCan I make it to Nicholas this week?
2394Topichow much dose dose a silverwing recurve bow cost
2395TopicAverage cost for a complete HoM?
Pages: 1, 2
2396TopicUpdating Guild Wars
2397TopicList of craftable or collectible weapons skins?
2398TopicCold as Ice (Quest from Sif in Sifhalla)
2399Topichow to ferry people to docks
2400TopicDifference between VSync and FPS lock
2401Topicusing a derv in prophecies
2402TopicCompilation of 7 Hero Build?
2403TopicDervish Avatars question
2404TopicA few questions about the "special" items (Lucky weekend)
2405TopicQ's regarding Lockpicks and Texmod
2406TopicNeed some help
2407TopicPre-Searing Skills
2408TopicFoundry of failed creations and rivenhearth gloom
2410TopicNewbie Advice
2411TopicForgotten account details
2412TopicTexmod for Bonders/Monks/Heals
2413TopicFoW and HoM
2414TopicLDoA title in HoM
2416TopicLDoA question
2417TopicIs this site legit?
2418Topicquick question about heros and SoH
2419TopicLDoA and what to name it!
2420Topic7/15 shields
2421TopicHigher level hero, XP affected?
2422TopicTexmod won't start
2423TopicNewbie going for 45/50 - Tips, advice and recommendations?
Pages: 1, 2
2424Topiccharr bags in post-searing
2425TopicInfuse armor for NF char to do WiK
2426Topicblue items in pre-searing
Pages: 1, 2
2427TopicWhich areas will most likely have people willing to party up?
2428TopicHacked account - about resetting password
2429TopicWhy the complaining over titles?
Pages: 1, 2
2430TopicLabyrinth armor dye
2431TopicFriends Panel Issue
2432TopicExistential doubt
2433TopicWhat do I do at level cap?
Pages: 1, 2
2434TopicLearning Terraway without Hardcore guild or Stones
2435TopicSurvivor Help
2436TopicCrystalline Swords in Sorrow's Furnace?
Pages: 1, 2
2437TopicMercenary Hero question(s).
2438TopicSupreme Bludgeoner rarest hammer EVER!?
2439TopicQuestion on order of heroes' spells
2440TopicI think I oopsed
2441TopicNeed help with Mapping these Areas in Cantha!
2442TopicEarthbind: the wonder spirit
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
2443TopicLDOA quest rewards
2444TopicHoM and Elementalist Elite Sunspear Armor
2445TopicSave Yourselves problem
2446TopicAion Wing Code
2447TopicExp. Scrolls
2448Topic3.5 years ago played in the OB of Guildwars , back now for Eye of the north
2449TopicEoN Dungeons (BM Spear Ranger?)
2450TopicHoM and GW2 Question
2451TopicTips for Vanquishing
2452TopicHow to get none PvP point reward clothes on a PvP char?
2453TopicSteam question
2454TopicQuestion of Luxon Scavenger
2455TopicPre-Searing & Shing Jea Mercs?
2456TopicTravel question
2457TopicWiK quests messing up the storyline
2458TopicWhy is my hero list all screwed up?
2459TopicGW Account Removed Because of Aion?!
2460TopicFriend's Account Got Hacked.
2461TopicJust got the game and I already have a problem..
2462TopicNCsoft master account
2463TopicInspecting Players?
2464TopicMerc Hero Items
2465TopicChanges to survivor?
2466TopicVQ problems.
2467TopicQuestions about getting skills for heroes
2468TopicMecenary Hero questions
Pages: 1, 2
2469TopicQuestion about Mercenery Hero...
2470TopicMecenary buying quickie
2471TopicDrunkard Title and How it Works?
2472TopicWeekend event suddenly changed?
2473TopicVanguard Rank in Pre ?!
2474TopicAnd who does not love Pre-Searing
2475TopicCommands for Heroes 4-8?
2476TopicMinion UI
2477TopicCan tome unlock allegiance rank skills
2478Topicsome other mercenary questions
2479TopicPassword problems?
2480TopicDid Eles just become good in HM?
Pages: 1, 2
2481TopicWeek of Guild Wars - Need Suggestions
2482TopicProphecies "The Lost Princess" & peacekeepers
2483TopicAre Bday pressents only giving pets not already in your HoM
2484TopicWhat do UI sounds include?
2485TopicIs this game worth buying?
2486TopicUpdate hurt my finger - &, Alc Price?
2487TopicEnd Game Content
2488Topic"Cartography Made Easy" not working.
2489TopicWhere are the players??
2490Topic7 heroes party update??
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2491TopicNew to GW
2492TopicI Need Cartography help. Cantha! *pic Included*
2493TopicDervish or Paragon?
2494TopicOld player seeks help
2495TopicWhat is: Power Trading?
2496TopicDo I have to complete Protectors to get Legendary Guardian?
2497TopicMaking a new Character
2498Topici dont want a secondary in cantha
2499TopicCan You Trade Skill Points For Something Else?
2500TopicHigh energy set for paragons?
2501TopicUrgoz & HoM
2502TopicWanted Rewards
2503TopicRune of Minor Mysticism, Where Art Thou?
2504TopicFinding gadd - Livia won't give quest
2505TopicHelp with guild wars boredom
2506TopicSpirits not attacking lately
2507TopicQuestions about adding a trial key to existing account
2508Topicdeath nova
2509TopicGuild wars stuck at connecting?
2510Topicgood 2end profession
2511TopicWhy Let Ele's Be Broken?
2512TopicGuild wars running 2 times
2513Topicwhy are all the pictures in the auction section broken
2514TopicWhat Could Rangers Do That Other Professions Can't?
2515TopicLooking for a price check and to possible sell some jade items
2516Topicsave game
2517TopicNew player. A few quick questions!
2518Topicits green the best?
2519TopicAre there any guild wars fan meetings?
2520TopicSurvivor Questions
Pages: 1, 2
2521TopicNot Getting Ancient Armor Remnants/Mysterious Armor Pieces?
2522Topicgwshack gone for good?
2523TopicGuild Wars FPS Hiccups, help me D;
2524TopicIs power leveling still viable?
2525TopicUnmovable objects in my inventory
2526TopicGetting my old account back?
2527TopicDisease: What is it good for?
Pages: 1, 2
2528TopicHeart of the Shiverpeaks questions
Pages: 1, 2
2529TopicMost OP/Useful PvE Class?
Pages: 1, 2
2530TopicGuild Leadership Swapped?
2531TopicThe Riverside Inn Problem!
2532TopicTips for Legendary Skill Hunter
2533TopicGW acting funny
2534TopicAbout costumes and avatars...
2535TopicGuild wars trilogy Question.
2536TopicA few questions before I start Factions
2537TopicCan someone explain weapon values to me?
2538Topicquestion about weapon req
2539TopicWhy Is The Eternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace not on my HoM calculator?
2540TopicRandom dc
2541TopicAre Dervish's the closest class to Guardians?
Pages: 1, 2
2542Topic+10 vs demons shields
2543TopicGuild Wars and Steam
2544TopicAcquiring Raindow Pheonix at r1??
2545TopicHell's Precipice troubles
2546TopicWiK, Ebon Vanguard Allies and the new walkthrough
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2547TopicGvG & Balthazar Faction question
2548TopicDecayed Orr Emblems
2549TopicWhat Is This Ranger Wearing?
2550TopicGuild Wars Factions or Nightfall?
2551Topicwik foes
2552TopicRose Focus
2553Topicwhy did they move nick
2554TopicWhat Else Can I Do For HoM?
2555TopicSurvivor title changing? /deaths changing
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2556TopicBuying From The Rare Crafter
2557TopicHom phoenix, pls help
2558TopicTexmod/Cartography Collection not working since Derv update?
2559TopicA quick question about Female Necromancer Armor
2560TopicWhat item is this?
2561TopicIs Factions impossible or am I doing something wrong?
Pages: 1, 2
2562TopicHow Do I Do Keiran's Scavenger Hunt?
2563TopicHaven't played for 2...3 years?
2564TopicRanger Build With Signet of Spirits/Summon Spirits?
2565TopicKeystroke/Mouse Cloning, Dual-boxing
2566TopicQuick question
2567TopicFilling up my HoM
2568Topicguild wars trilogy question
2569TopicTyrian Map?
2570TopicSuspicious GW friend or am I just paranoid?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2571TopicWhere to now?
2572TopicIt Feels Gooooood
2573TopicLocked Chests
2574TopicReturning to the game, slow map downloads
2575TopicShould I Just Throw Away Dedicated Pets?
2576TopicBest PvE Skills?
Pages: 1, 2
2577TopicNew to GW and have a few questions...
Pages: 1, 2
2578TopicNew player campaign question
2579TopicZaishen Quests on multiple chars
2580TopicFastest way to get TWO Paragon heroes on new character?
2582TopicWhat's the deal with HoM?
2583TopicRanger seeking guidance
2584TopicWould using Kinect with Guild Wars be considered cheating and gets you banned?
Pages: 1, 2
2585TopicHow can I check this?
2586TopicLegendary master of the north.
2587TopicFrom Factions to GW1
2588TopicLogin Problems (Code=058)
2589TopicBetter late than never (new to GW)
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2590Topicn/w or w/n?
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2591TopicCounting alcohol drunk points
2592TopicGate of Madness with H/H
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2593TopicNCSoft Trouble
2594Topicncsoft master account
2596TopicGuild Wars Screen Savers?
2597TopicHall of Monuments: Titles
2598TopicLegendary Master of the North
2600TopicAcess key
2601TopicNot Getting Zho's Journal?
2603TopicCould I Do Glint's Challenge Alone?
2604TopicPre-Searing;Across the Wall
2605TopicSorry if wrong forum but "Where can I go to get lots of glittering dust and solo?
2606TopicWhy use spears?
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2607TopicFree Camera: without pushing down a button or key?
2608TopicShould I Make My First Character Leave PreSearing?
2609TopicSolo Keiran quests
2610TopicHall of Monuments
2611TopicZaishen chest & monthly tonic
2613TopicNicolas The Traveler
2614TopicGuild: Guild Leader: Automatic Designation/Succession
2615TopicLoot scaling exempt items
2616TopicWeird Movement
2617TopicRune trader?
2618TopicBuying And Selling Guild
2619TopicHow Do You Farm?
2620TopicPosting images instead of text in selling/pc
2621TopicProfession Help
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2622TopicCNY decorations and rollerbeetle racing?
2623TopicNew to Guild Wars need Help!
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2624TopicWhy arent Faction titles considered as PvP titles for HoM
2625Topiclvl 2 ascendsion
2626TopicAnother "hacked" thread but I promise Im not whinning!
2627TopicThinking about buying...
2628TopicTips or help of temple of the intolerable
2629TopicStuck in prophecies
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2630TopicHow easy is Cartography made easy?
2631TopicIs there a list of all animated...
2632TopicBack to GW
2633TopicHelp with unlocked items
2634TopicDoes the GWfreak program work
2635TopicSuggestions for Someone Starting Fresh
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2636TopicSalvaging Armour
2637TopicLvl 2 Acension
2639TopicHaving trouble saving builds
2640TopicWhich District to play in?
2641TopicDoes Anyone Have Or Know Of An Easy Way To Get A Unique Miniature?
2642TopicFarming: Doing it wrong or just bad luck
2643TopicQuick Question About RollerBeetle Races
2644TopicGwen's Story Question
2645TopicLong Time No Play - What cities are populated?
2646TopicHow to trade with someone you can't see or target?
2647Topica newbie simple question
2648TopicReq. Rarity
2649TopicLucky Aura?
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2650Topicanother canthan cartographer question need help
2651TopicTamable Level 20 Pets?
2652TopicSplinter Weapon Question+Chest Question
2653TopicImperial chef problems
2654TopicCan't log in
2655TopicHow Do You Death Level Pets Without Killing Your Hero?
2656TopicKurzick Title Farming
2657TopicAnyone know this texmod gui setup?
2658TopicCampaign Specific PvP?
2659TopicPassword Reset
2660TopicLosing connection when afk? :/
2661TopicCan I use my existing NCSoft Account if I buy Guild Wars on Steam?
2662TopicNewbie questions
2663TopicHoM Trouble
2664TopicProblem when logging into GW
2665TopicLucky Hochei and G15 Keybinding. Allowed or Forbidden?
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2667Topiccanthan cartographer where is this ?
2669TopicEye of the north not working
2670TopicA Question about Jittes
2671TopicIs it too late to start playing GW?
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2672TopicHow to download
2673TopicAnyone else have server issues?
2674TopicWhat's the fastest way to reach Norn rank 5?
2675TopicTwo Decades Later??
2676Topic2 Unrelated Questions
2677TopicWiK Question
2678TopicThe battle for the Halls of Heroes...
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2679TopicPrice Check % Estimator
2680TopicHi all
2681TopicCan I have another Hero's Handbook after turned one in?
2682TopicCanthan Cartographer help
2683TopicQuestion on purchasing GW Trilogy
2684Topicabnormal scythe base damage value?
2685TopicSolo Necro builds
2686TopicIs It Hard To Get The Second Longbow In The HoM Calculator?
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2687TopicUse of dedicated mini's?
2688TopicGW For The MacBook?
2689TopicElonian Cartographer
2690Topicbarrage question
2691TopicIs this rare ?
2692TopicGW Skill bar & Character builder tool. Are any still around?
2693TopicProduct Keys
2694TopicFarming Lunar Tokens
2695TopicHelp! cousin stole my used cd keys...
2696TopicJust bought trilogy pack - Best way to group with friends?
2697TopicWhich Faction?
2698Topicsmite crawler damage
2699Topicmy email has been hacked.. is my gw account safe?
2700TopicI do not understand Guild Wars at all! Please help! :P
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2701Topicquick which destroyer weapon should i get?
2702TopicI can't find Nicholas!
2704TopicBest way to spend
2705TopicIs running hard?
2706TopicGood Mask?
2707TopicImbagon question (what kind of spearhead)
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2708TopicCartography Help? Experts help!
2709TopicMost effective damage type against Charr ?
2710TopicElona Cart
2711TopicAccount hacked and all chars deleted?
2712TopicGuru Question.
2713TopicSo, now what?
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2714TopicAvatar help?
2715Topiccartography help
2716TopicWhat is the most expensive Scythe skins?
2717Topic1st and 2nd professions?
2719TopicLuxon & Kurzick Questions
2720TopicWhat do with skill points?
2721TopicHey all
2722TopicGrand return
2723TopicSpecific question regarding upgrading my account with new campaigns
2724TopicOld area/outpost?
2725TopicHow do you know what to sell?
2726TopicExploring the unexplorable
2727TopicWhen does Canthan New Year start?
2728TopicArmor, ascending and upgrades Oh My
2729TopicQuestion regarding getting Black Moa Chick
2730TopicHow long did it take for you to get GWAMM?
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2732TopicCompletely new to this....
2733Topici Dont know this!
2735TopicDoes Mark of Pain and Barbs work with Spirits?
2736TopicName filter question
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2737TopicCan figure out my next Prophecies story mission
2738TopicUpkeep Monitor
2739TopicSafe to trade between multiple accounts?
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2740TopicDrop Rate influenced by district?
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2741TopicDoes/has this happened to anyone?
2742TopicLockpicked Chests Question
2743TopicHow To Make Money!
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2744TopicEbon Vanguard Allies
2745TopicWiK Mini and Green drops in solo missions
2746TopicWar in Kryta non-quest rewards?
2747TopicSpirits not attacking
2748TopicReporting for whisper spam?
2749TopicSelling Destroyer Cores or salvaging them?
2751TopicFire Elementalist Equipment help.
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2752TopicWhats the best way of killing Rotscale with Miku and Thackery?
2753TopicSeer Ruin locations?
2755TopicNeed a help with an Elementalist/Monk
2757TopicCan't seem to get Zaishen Keys
2758TopicPheonix Won't Spawn
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2759TopicCelestial Staves
2760TopicSwitching Guild Faction Alliance
2761TopicHas anyone suffered this problem before
2762TopicWhich Game to Get?
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2763TopicNeed serious help :(
2764Topicwth? next gw2 profession?
2765Topicguild wars fps
2766TopicWhich species of bosses drop the best green?
2767TopicDoa V.S Uwsc (which for money)
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2768Topic55Mo and Shielding Hands not working (sometimes?)
2769TopicFlavor of the month seems to be Assassin?
2770Topic[ Cavalon - Factions ]
2771TopicNot receiving Summoning Stone with /bonus
2772TopicError Code 227
2773TopicLogin Screen - annimation
2774TopicHow exactly do the guild wars games work?
2775TopicDyeing the Crown Blue?
2776TopicElona Cartographer/Texmod Help
2777TopicBest Place to die... a lot...
2778TopicWhat are people doing with Guilds these days?
2779TopicInherent Mods, "Old School" EoTN?
2780TopicRun out of missions - now what?
2781TopicQuestions about crossing games
2782TopicGetting back into Guild Wars (for Guild Wars 2 rewards!)
2783TopicUnique Weapon? Anyone ever see ?
2784TopicPlease Help (error 045) Not A Ban
2785TopicGuild Wars 2 Closed Beta (Allowing 10,000)
2786TopicWhere is GW being processed, on PC or server?
2787TopicKeeping survivor title question.
2788TopicIs there a difference +X Damage and Extra/Addition/etc. X Damage?
2789TopicNo-req shields
2790TopicKurzick Faction
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2791TopicWhat does 20/10 mean?
2792TopicError Loading Character - HoM RC
2793TopicIs this illegal
2794Topic50 Free Tournament points?
2795TopicIs there a way to see which bonus/masters I've completed?
2796TopicBest Runners?
2797TopicGuild Wars 2 Release Date!
2798Topicwhat are stone?
2799TopicGW WIKI DOWN OH NO! lol
2800TopicEditing Skill Icons
2801TopicNeed Help
2802Topicthrown offline
2803TopicDo Dungeons Count for EoTN Cartography?
2804TopicA way to see how "old" your character is?
2805TopicIs there a way to get EOTN skills in PvP?
2806TopicYour favorite profession combo?
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2807TopicDrinking for title with Drunken Master during gameplay
2808Topicgot banned and dont know why
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2809Topichelp new player please
2810TopicNCSOFT Store Items?
2811TopicMouse Hotkeys
2812TopicDo Insignias stack?
2813TopicOkay please help
2814TopicCan someone else wear the armor?
2815TopicBest way to unlock all skills and PvP items
2816TopicWeb Addresses in All Chat
2817TopicGW.exe for Vista (-image help)
2818TopicM.O.X Tutorial???
2819TopicEotN max
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2820TopicANOTHER texmod question!
2821Topicsupport(at) & support(at)
2822TopicUI Adjustments?
2823TopicQuick question about pet death levelling?
2824TopicWhat drops DYE?
2825TopicHoM 31-50
2826TopicQuestion on eotn rep farming
2827Topic13th January update, possible Dervish Update?
2828TopicNew Bot Program in JQ
2829TopicNC Soft Hold on Credit Card??
2830TopicReserving districts/Canthan New Year... huh?
2831TopicIs a jadeite shard drop uncommon?
2832TopicCharr in EotN and the rejection of all gods
2833TopicWhat is a 3mod weapon?
2834TopicEcto UW Drop Rate
2835TopicMoss Spider Egg
2836TopicA couple of questions
2837TopicWhat to do with Miniatures after dedication?
2838TopicCape trims?
2839TopicMonk strike
2840TopicClient Download Question
2841TopicA listings of Greenie (Unique Item)
2842Topiczaishen or sweet tooth cheaper?
2843TopicWarrior/Ranger Build for Underworld
2844Topicrecommended way of giving away things
2845TopicNew duo, class suggestions?
2846TopicHero Build for Proph+EotN only
2847TopicMe and 3 Heros??
2848Topicless attribute points than i should?
2849TopicHealing Breeze
2850TopicWay to get previous years' festival headgear hats?
2851TopicWhat if "Full" for Honor monument
2852TopicQuite annoyed... challenge mission.
2853TopicWhat's the name of the music in Shing Jea Arena?
2854Topicis this legit ?
2855TopicEasiest MTSC Sin Role??
2856TopicNew to Guildwars!
2857TopicWhy can't I load some Templates?
2858TopicSale & PC section Question.
2859TopicForeign GW Server location
2860TopicDisabled Item question .. at least i assume its disabled
2861TopicCore Skills
2862TopicVotive Candle for Thackeray
2863TopicWeapon Requirements
2864TopicQuestion about "click to move" and strafing
2865TopicMost played class?
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2866TopicHow do I start Hearts of the North
2867TopicGW Server IP
2868TopicStolen Sunspear Armor
2869Topic<Closed> Bonus items not appearing
2870Topichow do you pronounce aatxe?
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2871TopicGW Wiki not working?
2873TopicReturn From a 'Massive Break' - Have a few questions
2874TopicJQ Broken?
2875Topicnoob Question - items Colors...Whats the deal?
2876TopicGood D/Mo Build for Farming and PvE
2877TopicMTSC Outpost??
2878TopicWhen do the updates usually take place?
2879TopicWhen does the patch that introduces 7 hero parties launch?
Pages: 1, 2
2880TopicBrand-new here, I simply want to say hi
2881TopicTexmod containing a malware trojan
Pages: 1, 2
2882TopicQuick Dungeon Question
2883TopicPvP Reward Items
2884TopicWhy Are Ranger/Archer-esque Classes Always Paired Up With Nature Themes?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
2885Topicquestion about pvp only chars
2886TopicWhat's that price checking website?
2887TopicWhen do pages of the Master Dungeon Guide get filled?
2888TopicSteam account registration
2889TopicGW Login
2890TopicKurzick area for both chest and faction acquisition
2891TopicNewbie. What do I do?
2892TopicComplete list of skills WITH npc/quest info?
2893TopicRiverside Province Bonus Bug
2894TopicWhen will this BS end? Ecto sellers gone wild.
2895TopicEoTN Advice
2896TopicCenturion's Insignia
2897TopicDrunkard title
2898TopicClass for me?
2899Topicconfused about pvp/pve
2900TopicSpending Faction
2901TopicIcy Veins
2902TopicDOA Clear/speed!
Pages: 1, 2
2903TopicHelppp mee pleaseee!!
2904TopicGW EULA Questions
2905TopicWhat happened to all the threads before Dec?
2906TopicWhat time does wintersday finish
2907TopicAbandoning Completed Quests
2909TopicCan I still max my Gamer title?
2910TopicShould i get factions?
2911TopicA few Wintersday Finale questions...
2912TopicSD N/R pet method, i still think i do something wrong.
2913TopicCandy Cane Spam
2914TopicWinds of Change
2915TopicWhat Have I missed?
2916TopicSo... Halo or Horns?
Pages: 1, 2
2917TopicCanthan cartographer
2918TopicDOA Help {frostway}
2919TopicTotem axe 20% enchant [help]
2920Topiceternal conquerer of sorrow's furnace
2921TopicSome Stupid Questions
2922TopicPongmei Valley vanquish
2923TopicPre-Searing Ascalon... Need Help.
2924Topichow to delete "my stuff"?
2925TopicBelkin n52 macro legal?
2926TopicQuestion about the expansion registrations
2927TopicSurvivor and Snowball Tournaments
2928TopicHall of Monuments
2929TopicWintersday Contest
2930TopicWhich campaign should I be playing?
Pages: 1, 2
2931Topicquestion about paragon skills and minions
2932TopicTravelling between campaigns and campaign progress
2933TopicHow to count drunkard minutes
2934TopicQuick Question
2935Topiccloser to the stars?
2936TopicMost common damage type in PvE
2937TopicGuild Wars Veteran coming back! Need Updates!
2938Topiclinking NCsoft account to Guild wars account - help please
2939Topicsnowball dom qns (how to keep hero still)
2940TopicQuestion about Protector Title Track
2941TopicWeapon Bar
2942TopicWhere should i farm?
2943TopicOpening Wintersday Gifts
2944TopicCrush vs Snowball Dominance?
2945TopicBeyond level 20 & damage
2946TopicKurzick but want Luxon Armor
2947TopicWhat is Crush?
2948TopicFactions City Under Attack Quest
2949Topicpermanent deaths "guildwiki article
2950TopicHoM and Character delete
2951Topicso i just bought this game
2952TopicIs it possible??
2953TopicKurzick point farm?
2954TopicCC Shard Betting Game
2955TopicSuggested profession?
Pages: 1, 2
2956Topicquestion about the in game store
2957TopicHow many native attributes in a weapons?
2958TopicGone for Wintersday Finale
2959TopicInappropriate language
2960TopicFloating/Suspended rock in Slavers
2961TopicBest Quests for Luxon faction gains?
2962TopicCan you get the Eaglecrest Axe from PvP Rewards?
2963TopicAutorun glitch in kamadan
2964TopicWhere did MAT december finals go?
2965TopicCode 045 no reaon
2966TopicQuestion about Reward Points
2967TopicTwo really stupid questions
2968TopicWhats faster to max kurz or lux?
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2969TopicBorlis Pass Bonus Cave Bug?
2970TopicSD Farm
2971Topicquestion about HoM weapons, and question about Soul Reaping
2972TopicWhen does Anet do Design A Weapon contest?
2973Topiccelestial sword question
2974Topictrial account, add cd key
2975TopicBug with points transfer?
2976TopicGlowy Head Thingie
2977TopicPermenantly banned?
2978TopicHelp? The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods
2979TopicLose your pet??
2980TopicWhat should I do with my Wintersday gifts?
2981TopicNorn Fighting tourney- Necro build?
2982TopicThunderhead Keep and killing the spawn
2983TopicH/H SoO with Rit
2984TopicHaven't played in years, what have I missed?
2985TopicHoM question
2987TopicHow to Twist Cape?
2988Topic100b FoWSC Insignias/Runes
2989TopicProtector Title Track
2990TopicWintersday with WiK
2991TopicE/Mo For Survivor???
Pages: 1, 2
2992TopicEotn and The Cipher quests
2993Topicwhen can u get mini polar bear?
2994TopicSimple Question: How to lock on target
2995TopicSkill searchable build database
2997TopicUWSC Terraway - Need Help (Build)
2998Topicwhat should i do?
2999TopicChange of Names
3000TopicMy accounts email server is closing
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3002TopicSaved Builds
3003TopicTemple of Ages - What are 'Stones'?
3004TopicWhy are Q7s and Q8's so sought after?
Pages: 1, 2
3005TopicPassword Reset..
3006Topicprophecies white mantle peacekeepers
3007TopicZashien Coins
3008TopicHenchmen Death
3009TopicJust a quick question of mapping in Cantha
3010Topic/dance upgrade??
3011TopicIn Game store
3012TopicAdding Friends
3014TopicEbon Vanguard Allies?
3015Topictacticks for Fighting in a Winter Wonderland and Operation: Crush Spirits
3016TopicWhat is a high energy set?
3017TopicWintersday 2010 Finale Event Time EST
3018TopicBack after break.
3019Topicquick question about GWx2
3020TopicCarto Title Question
3021TopicMini Polar Bear Quests - Where are they?
3022TopicWintersday realted question.
3023TopicSo I'm bored
3024TopicHello All
3025TopicWintersday 2010, when does it start?
3026TopicComing back after a long time!
3027TopicFirst time
3028TopicHOM armor ?
3029TopicQuestions about Canthan New Year - Imperial Chefs
3030TopicMultiple Accounts...?
3031Topicis WiK glitched again?
3032Topicaccount blocked 045
3033TopicFoW Armor
3034TopicHoM Account Wide Clarification?
3035TopicPrice checking
3036TopicAre there Gui Mods for the game?
3037TopicReduce cripple/blind on shield?
3038TopicWiK overarch quest... help me out here, would you?
3039TopicHall Of Monument questions...and rare mat
3041Topicwhere can I get Guild Wars Intro Screensavers?
3042TopicCan't buy elite luxon armor?
3043TopicGold Salvage or what do?
3044TopicPrice Check for the following mini pets.
3045TopicDestructive Research Q
3046TopicSnowball dominance vs. raptors
3047TopicWhy should i start playing again after a nearly two years of inactivity?
3048TopicHow do i get to " Eye of North "
3049TopicWill someone run through underworld with me? ill pay
3050TopicBunch of "noobish" questions.
Pages: 1, 2
3051TopicGuild Wars Tags: Numbers?
3052TopicCan I do quests i already did long time ago in hard mode
3053TopicHoM account question
3054Topicquestion about snowball dominance
3055TopicAttack Speed
3056Topic15K armor for E?
3057TopicBeginner dungeons?
3058Topica P.M. the same as sending a whisper?
3059TopicWhat are these?
3060Topicnew form in mysterious tonic?
3061TopicChest running in the echovald forest
3062TopicBlacktide Den and Jokanur Digging Glitch?/Question?
3063Topicwhat do i do now?
3064TopicAnyone ever heard of a "hacked item"
3065TopicHoM Weapons question
3066TopicA little help please?
3067TopicHero Koss has only one hit point
3068TopicIs it possible to have my entire account erased?
3069TopicHow to get from Kaineng Center to House zu Heltzer?
3070TopicA little help on items please?
3071TopicWar In Kryta.
3072TopicPet exp
3073TopicEnergy for a warrior using Dead Magic?
3074TopicWeapon Modding Question
3075Topiccasters with sword and shield
3076TopicMarket? How To Sell to Other Players?
3077TopicBeat Prophecies...what do now?
3078Topicrune of sup absorb
3079TopicHow to link item stats in chat?
3080TopicPvx Wiki and My video?
3081TopicBest time/district to find groups for Deep/Urgoz
3082TopicQuestions About Eye Of The North...
3083TopicPerma Pre War
3085TopicAnyone else fooled by a measure for measure?
Pages: 1, 2
3086Topicwhat am i doing wrong?
3087TopicDoA HoM statue question
3088Topicobsidian behemots do blunt damage?
3089Topicwhat is a counter melee build?
3090Topiceverlasting tonic's
3091Topicguild Wars 2
3092TopicOldschool shields
3093TopicTexmod is a virus?
3094Topicguild creation
3095Topiccant remember character name.
3096TopicRuby Daggers: Sell or Salvage?
3097Topicwhere to start?
3098Topic7 Hero Question
3099TopicSlaver's Exile DMG credit
3100TopicHoM points w/o Factions or Prophecies
3101TopicWeapon upgrade
3102TopicHas Alot Changed?
3103TopicGWAMM in GW2
3104Topiceotnfrom nf
3105TopicWhat happens to your heroes after a saving the world?
3106Topicstuck on loading screen
3107TopicSoOSC weapon
3108TopicWich Character to Advance?
3109TopicMay pick GW back up
3110TopicWhen does this game pick up?
3111TopicWhere do I go?
3112TopicVaettirs Farming?
3113TopicFactions Character skills question
3114TopicCanthan Cartography - Driving Me Insane...
3115TopicNew Player Seeking Advice :)
Pages: 1, 2
3116TopicLegendary Survivor Help
3118TopicRainbow Phoenix rare?
3119TopicMinipet trades with summ. stones
3120TopicDifference between Dedicated and Undedicated HoM Offhands
3123TopicDire Strider in Pre
3124TopicPlease help me figure out how to add "debuff" icons to screen when targetting.
3125Topicnew player looking at GW
3126TopicBlack Moa Chick Runs?
3127TopicZaishen Elite
3128TopicGuild Wars Art Contest 2010
3129TopicQuestion on two Paragon skills.
3130TopicSet on fire, does it stack?
Pages: 1, 2
3131Topicwhat is best hammer? kd warrior pvp
3132TopicInvasion of the Assasin/Mesmers?
3133Topicnew necro gwwam
3134Topic100B? ToA- What does this mean?
3135TopicSurvivor Title
3136TopicMonk + Discord hero
3137Topicflatbow versus longbow?
3138TopicScavenger Hunt incomplete
3139TopicChanging Guild Tags/Abbr.
3140TopicA question about damage calculation
3141TopicIs Imbagon Neccesary..
3142TopicFew questions from a new player....
3143Topicpre-searing questions
3144TopicTool for view Template
3145TopicI feel so ashamed
3146TopicZaishen Chest drops from unowned campaigns
3147TopicNoob Questions, still haven't gotten answers
3148Topic"Stand Your Ground!" Question
3149TopicHearts of the north
3150TopicHow Often Does The HoM Reward Calculator Update?
3151TopicPumpkin Cookies.
3152TopicBaby Blue Dye
3153TopicLuxon Faction farming
3154TopicDamage type
3155TopicWhich titles and what items to use to finish the titles?
3156TopicHelp with Glint's Challenge
Pages: 1, 2
3157TopicStarting War In Kryta?
3158TopicBuying Factions via CD Key?
3160TopicDo bugged pets keep their name?
3161TopicRarest Maxed Title
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3162TopicTactic's Sheilds
3163TopicWrongly Perma Banned. Help... o_o
3164TopicGift Purchase
3165TopicTraining a pet to aggressive - dire?
3167Topic"Quickest and Easiest" Campaigns of the 3 in your opinions???
3168TopicWiK: quests not appearing, what have I missed? (solved)
3169TopicBest build for a hero team.
3170Topicwhat is the fastest and cheapest way to gain jadeite shards?
3171TopicWhat is the quickest and cheapest method of gaining Amber Chunks??
3172TopicA question regarding the expansions
Pages: 1, 2
3173TopicEotN items without EotN?????
3174TopicPainful Bond Question
3175TopicDo you need NF to use inscriptions?
3176TopicSome strange goings on
3177TopicCan Eles?
3178TopicWhat's the point of Zaishen Menagerie
3179TopicMonument of Devotion
3180TopicHave Gems, Want Torment weapon
3181TopicWhat heroes for general use?
Pages: 1, 2
3182Topiclowest damage inscribable hammer
3183TopicSurvivor Title?
3184TopicBest healer for minions?
3185TopicWar in Kryta Still????
3186TopicThe new build?
3187TopicDoes NC Soft remove items?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
3188TopicStorybook...bug?...or me screwing up?
3189TopicKilroy: NM or HM?
3190TopicDont know
3191TopicHero for factions?
3192TopicBest Char for Main
Pages: 1, 2
3193TopicJadeite Summoning Stone
Pages: 1, 2
3194TopicDoes Crafting Luxon Armor Require Rank?
3195TopicReal or fake NCSOFT support email
Pages: 1, 2
3196TopicTexmod can get you banned?
Pages: 1, 2
3197TopicUnderworld chest
3198Topicquestion about EotN
3199Topic+7 Armor or +30 HP
3200TopicMissing or removed boss in Scoundrel's Rise?
3201TopicEbon Vanguard Allies?
3202Topic2 questions about the WiK Allies
3203TopicCan I Sell Back Skills?
3204Topichow to get to granite citadel
3205TopicGreen Boss Drops?
3206TopicOLD Noob looking for Advice
3207TopicWas there a graphics update?
3208Topicheart of the north
3209TopicSelling art: Allowed, or no?
3210TopicAccount Hacked, what to do?
3211TopicDrunken Zoning
3212Topichow to end
3213TopicRanger Gear
3214TopicFinding my old thread.
3215TopicWheres the best place to farm bones?
3216TopicQuestion about Monument of Valor
3217TopicWiK Quests Restarted?
3218TopicLooking for a certain Guild Wars mod
3219TopicBeginner here
3220TopicStuck on Northern allies quest (eotn)
3221TopicHero's Handbook has missing pages?
3222TopicQuestion about AI?
3223TopicNCSoft charged me the wrong costume...
3224TopicBuying something for my gf (NFSoft Store)
3225TopicIt's official. I HATE Elona Reach!
Pages: 1, 2
3226TopicI ordered EotN... so...
Pages: 1, 2
3227TopicBuying Death!!
3228TopicCharacter Transfer Question
3229TopicFormal Outfit and Dapper Tuxedo are the same?
3230TopicSS Necromancer
3231TopicCombining Intervention Skills
3232TopicCant get "A Little Help From Above"
3233TopicWar in Kryta, No quests?
3235TopicThackeray's Scavenger Hunt - Not loading
3236TopicWhere is the tarnished emblem?
3237TopicQuestion about DWG
3238TopicControl spirits?
3239TopicRestarting GW to gain HOM Titles and Enjoy the PVE experience
3240TopicSkill unlock packs
3241TopicReinstalles gw after 3 years: loads of questions!
3242TopicCan GW Platinum & GW Trilogy be Merged ?
3243Topicok, noob ? on map pieces..
3244TopicNeed some advice about Guild Wars (& Hey)
3245TopicSending H/H away = higher chance for green?
3246TopicMakeover Credit Question
3247TopicSacks of Random Junk
3248TopicOldschool mods
3250TopicReward calculator, do you get anything besides titles above 30 points?
3251TopicShield recommendation?
3252TopicReturning player, starting all over, need advice
3253TopicTotal Noob Question
3254TopicSurvivor-track character wants to do missions
3255TopicWhat should I get?
3256TopicReturning New
3257TopicI'm confused about Kryta...
3258TopicEye of the north reps
3259TopicSo, I have 22/50...
Pages: 1, 2
3260TopicGyala Hatchery - Time limit for Masters?
3261TopicName Change. Is our old name still reserved?
3262TopicGetting an old name
3263TopicTorn between storylines... Need Advice
3264TopicProtector of Cantha
3265TopicAmatz Basin?
3266TopicThe Zaishen Menagerie?
3267Topicselling weapons
3268Topic"Save Yourselves!" disabled during BLA - how?
3269TopicBuying Nightfall... but im on a mac? =o
3270TopicKeyboard Macros?
3271TopicVekk e/mo hero build?
3272TopicDark vs Cold Damage?
3273TopicWiK weekend event question.
3274TopicNew party search window?
3275TopicPink Dye
3276TopicHero skill binding
3277TopicWiK Wanted....
3278TopicWhy does the henchmen cast change in Prophecies?
3279TopicZinn's mission I need some help I'm getting frustrated
Pages: 1, 2
3280TopicA Little Help from Above
3281TopicZB in the Deep
3282TopicGuild Wars & NCsoft Master Account
3283TopicPVP equipment
3284TopicDid I miss Halloween?
3285Topicnewb question on armor
3286TopicZehlon 8-man?
3287TopicHoM related question
Pages: 1, 2
3288TopicGW login email
3289TopicLink UK & US Version?
3290TopicUnjustly Banned
3291Topic5 months away(few questions)
3292TopicCode Viewer Detecting Bot Scripts?
3293Topic"Oldschool" Eotn/NF skins
3294TopicHoM Fellowship question
3295TopicUnidentified bowstring?
3296TopicGetting 50/50
3297TopicRegarding HoM to GW2, do duplicates count?
3298TopicSir Tydus
3300TopicHoM Rewards Calculator Question
3301TopicHow important is PvP...and diversifying?
3302TopicCoF Nerf? DwG?
3303TopicRemains of Sahlahja challenge mission update
3304TopicHow longer will the Raiment of the Lich costumes be in the GW store?
3305TopicBest sword? axe?
3306TopicQuestions before downloading the game
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3308TopicWeapon Swapping Question
3309Topic30/50 HoM in 2 days, from scratch. Is it a lie?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3310TopicEasiest way to accumilate DP?
3311TopicFactions book
3312TopicStrange Character?
3313TopicBoss properties of WiK bosses?
3314TopicHigh Energy Sets
3315TopicThe Final Stage
3316TopicWar in Kryta
3317TopicComing back after a long, long time
3318Topictrial - to retail
3319TopicFairly new and need help! :)
3320TopicWhy no more quests?
3322TopicOut of the loop, and now 7 heroes what?
3323TopicNCsoft website
3324TopicQuestion about playing again
3326TopicVS demons
3327TopicBuying in Bulk
3328TopicWhat secondary profession should I pick?
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3329TopicTexMod problems
3330Topic2 generalized gw questions
3331Topicneed urgent assistance
3332TopicGetting through NF asap?
3333TopicCostume as a gift
Pages: 1, 2
3334TopicSoO builds?
3335TopicFastest Way to Get a Level 20 Phoenix?
3336TopicHOM question
3337TopicSerpent Axes
3338TopicNeed help from GM Cartographers.
3339TopicHow to work on Lucky?
3340TopicBest way to get into FoW/UA SCs?
3341Topicnoob qestion
3342TopicBlood Red Dye
3343TopicWhere can I find good maps?
3344TopicSuggestion on how to keep track of heroes gear.
3345TopicShould I GW?
3346TopicQuestion on spending TRP points
3347TopicFraud when trying to unlock extras
3348TopicI stopped playing now I've forgotten it all!
3349TopicHow to block Guild Wars?
3351TopicToTs: Open or wait and sell
3352TopicWaiting Game?
Pages: 1, 2
3353TopicToT Bags
3354TopicIs there more to this game than "Achievement Whoring"?
Pages: 1, 2
3355TopicWhat make GvG pvp but AB not?
Pages: 1, 2
3356TopicHalloween end early & All quests gone?
3357TopicKey Macros
3358TopicI'm just too new...
3359TopicFake trades in GTOB - reportable offense?
3360TopicThe Complete Collection
3361TopicExtra key binds?
3362TopicWhere do you go when Support doesn't help?
3363TopicUnable to connect to GW
3364TopicNormal Blues or Unusual?
3365TopicMad King's Steward gives infinite rewards?
3366TopicgwShack down?
3367TopicWill we ever be able to dye the Blinfold?
3368TopicHalloween hats
3369TopicNew player looking to get most out of the game
3370TopicAutoclickers-are they ok?
3371TopicBonus Missions
3372TopicJust started a trial account.. questions!
3373TopicApps for GW
3374TopicQuestion about weapons in CB
3375TopicMKT, RPS, and /pickme
3376Topicreccomend a good rit weapon
3377TopicAurora Glade HM H/H Help
3378TopicNightfall leveling questions
3379Topiccantha cartographer
3380TopicWhen does Halloween end?
3381TopicEotN question
3382Topicwhy can't i use heroes anymore in zaishen elite?
3383TopicWeird daggers?
3384TopicFailed a mission
3385TopicChanging Guild Halls
3386TopicDo you need to keep a storybook in your inventory for it to update itself?
3387TopicWould this dagger be good for an assassin?
3388TopicUnderwrold Noob
3389TopicDuo Starting from Scratch (alts vs one main?)
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3390TopicCan't Dedicate my Phoenix?
3391Topicpvxwiki color scheme
3393TopicFree Trials and linking them once you buy the game.
3394TopicHero Armour
3395TopicIs there a trustworthy veteran here that would help me get the Complete Collection?
Pages: 1, 2
3396TopicCheapest Elite Armor sets?
3397TopicNeed help with a bug maybe?
3398Topicreq8 AL15 shield questions
3399TopicDarkwing Defender + Enameled Shiled (blue)
3400TopicMake the best of your loot
Pages: 1, 2
3402TopicElite missions
3403TopicRegarding basics on swords, and shields.
3404TopicRanger build help.
3405TopicHalloween Quests - Something Wicked, Don't Fear, Skeletal Tide - Not Repeatable?
Pages: 1, 2
3406TopicNew to GW, Have some questions!
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
3407TopicMonumental tapestry
3408Topic+dmg vs. X question
3409TopicSelling items
3410TopicWill I be able to find groups?
3411TopicAcquiring class skills from other campaigns
3412TopicLvl up pet phoenix???
3413TopicCartographing with texmod in Elona, what a mess..
3414TopicCaptured Skeleton
3415TopicPerma pre?
3416Topicwhich new perma pre
3417TopicNC Soft Name Change Service
3418TopicWhich oppressor weapons do YOU use?
3419TopicHow do you view your EoTN reputation points?
3420TopicReporting someone really worth it ?
3421TopicNew Player - Learning the game and looking for some help
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3422TopicWhat to play?
3423TopicToo late to start?
3424TopicJeweled Chakram dye
3425TopicIs there any PvP for 2 people?
3426TopicNCSoft site
3427TopicNCSoft paying methods
3428TopicChanging account region (currency) not possible?
3429TopicSome questions for the HoM
3430TopicElite Armor in Monument
3431Topicpaper fan price
3432TopicThe Word "Spades"
3433TopicHow to reach Iron Forgeman
3434TopicQuestion about 1 Costume Brawl map
3435TopicProblem with Texmod?
3436TopicShould I drop ele for ritualist?
3437Topicpet damage question
3438TopicFactions to Prophecies
3439TopicWhat will having a 20 in party do to XP?
3440TopicHelp - Succumbing to frustration
3441Topicquestion about The Halcyon Job
3442TopicNew Player Looking for Friends and Guild
3443Topic2010 costumes
3444TopicCustomer support is far from it...
Pages: 1, 2
3445TopicWhat am I doing wrong?
3446TopicI still don't think I'm doing this right..
3447TopicHenchmen Tips
3448TopicQuestion about Survivor and Hammers of Kathandrax
3449TopicHow do I get a 1h weapon with 20% extended enchantments
3450Topichow do i leave temple of ....pvp mode
3451TopicImperial Pheonix for HoM
3452Topiccan i re use armor on new character?
3453Topiccan't display kurz armor in hom
3454TopicWanted: Extreme noobs guide to getting a discordway team
3455TopicHall of Monuments: Account Wide?
3456TopicTrial Account Upgrade
3457TopicSpiritleech Aura Question
3458TopicSo I just bought eye of the north.
3459TopicQuickest Route to Infused Armor
3460TopicKurzick Faction Donation
3461TopicKeycode not working!
3462TopicOnline Purchasing vs Walmart?!
3463TopicSurvivor in HoM?
3464TopicList of Statues that don't require Max
3465TopicCould use some insight/ help
3467TopicIs this Real or a Fake?
3468Topicabout Lion's Arch Keep
3469TopicWhich Class Is Really Viable In GW Now?
3470Topicequipment my monk will need for serious pvp
3471Topicquestion about GWAMM
3472Topic50/50 possible without many minis?
3473TopicCould I get a little PvX clarification?
3474TopicAny Guild Wars Trilogy Trial?
3475TopicThird party programs?
3476TopicQuick question about farming
3477TopicMini Pet List
3478TopicCant log in
3479TopicAdding EOTN
3480Topichow do i make it stop?...
3482TopicMonument of Valor : How the Show all works?
3483Topicwhere is everyone?...
3484TopicEvent Items
3485TopicNoob questions
3486TopicFarming destroyers?
3487TopicNew Professions
3488Topicis pink dye REALLY going to be gone?
3489TopicEOTN Hero Handbook Repeat
3490TopicWhat is the End-Game content?
3491TopicHero battles removed, wtf
Pages: 1, 2
3492TopicHoM prestige armor
3493TopicMy 2 Newb Questions
3494Topiccan't add koss to party
3495TopicLinking HOM from GW to GW2
3496Topicmonthly predictions
3497Topicr8 Scythes
3498TopicA/D scythe question
3499TopicHello folks.
3500TopicPvp unlock pack
3501TopicWhat looks good dyed pink?
Pages: 1, 2
3502TopicQuickest way to get Obsidian Armor?
3503TopicWhat's this mask called?
3504TopicCan pink dye be replicated with conventional dyes?
3505TopicFastest running bar.
3506TopicBuy or Craft Destroyer Weapons?
3507TopicDelete dedicated mini's ?
3508TopicDo Oppressor Hammers leave a trail?
3509TopicBest place to buy eotn for cheap?
3511TopicR/? Runner build
3512TopicHow to make a pink bandanna?
3513TopicEnchantment mantainance
3515Topicsecond profession
3516Topicdoes hero pets count?
3517TopicSunspear Skills
3518TopicBlack Moa bird and the fellowship monument
3519TopicDestroyer weapons
3520TopicCan you add same mini in HoM ?
3521TopicHelp! Kurzick and Luxon Skills Question
3522TopicSalvaging Elite Armor (luxon)?
3523TopicGate Keep Gone?
3524TopicLDOA--a waste of time?
3525TopicWhat to play?
3526TopicShield with +10 Armor vs Piercing?
3527TopicWar in Kryta (Lion's Gate empty of new NPCs)
3528TopicR/Me Help!
3529Topicpet - how to summon?
Pages: 1, 2
3531TopicAvatar help?
3532TopicCorsair Guild Lord and Stolen Sunspear armor
3533TopicLost my pet?
3534TopicQuestion about where to start and some other stuff
3535Topicno characters on my account.
3536TopicUWSC armor/usage
3538TopicPlace for cutscenes?
3539TopicConversation between Gwen and Thackery in HoM not triggering
3540TopicPrepaid card for in-game store?
3541TopicQuick question
3542TopicQuick HOM question
3543TopicReutrning Player; How Should I Make Money?
3545TopicAccount linked.
3546TopicZaishen Title - double faction?
3547TopicNCSoft Store
3548TopicAchieving GWAMM
3549TopicGuild wars upcoming patch notes?
3550TopicFarming for Gold/Ectos/Shards: The best place?
3551TopicNCsoft Master Account Questions
3552TopicCharacter Questions
3553TopicEasy farming still possible (W, R)?
3554Topicwhat's up with the tengu?
3556TopicShould I?
3557TopicDeleting a Character with HoM Titles
3558TopicDoes it count again?
3559TopicCheating for HoM items
3560Topic"Move to monster key"?
3561TopicAnimal Companion
3562TopicThe Hall of Monuments
3563TopicBuying Guild Wars
3564TopicHoM - Armor
3565TopicHoM - Titles
3566Topicjingle bear in HoM
3567TopicAnother Hall of Monument + GW2 related question
3568Topichow to get there...
3569TopicBuy NCSoft Store Guild Wars items as gift?
3570TopicWhats wrong?
Pages: 1, 2
3571TopicHoM Filling Question
3572TopicNo Zenmai for me
3573TopicNewb here - having difficulties controlling flow of combat.
3574TopicEternal Conqueror
3575TopicAre there any unviable classes?
3576TopicThe Easiest titles
3577TopicHero Armor
3579TopicDo you get to know the punishment of a scammer/hacker etc.
3580TopicThe HoM and the New Player
3581TopicGW not starts
3582Topicflat bow
3583TopicQuestion about an old Guild Wars video
3584TopicWhere is the new Datacenter for GW?
3585Topicamber chunks
3586TopicPink Dye Combo for Pink Day in LA?
3587TopicBest dagger skin under 100e
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3588TopicIs it confirmed that HoM is acccount wide...
3589TopicGlimmering Mark. Stackable?
3590TopicXunlai Chest
3591Topic[HM] Master Dungeon Guide
3592TopicCan a phrophecies only account participate in the War in Kryta?
3593TopicGifting an access key internationally?
3594TopicHow long does it take to *finish* the Guild Wars campaigns?
Pages: 1, 2
3595TopicHelp. Stuck in Nightfall campaign.
3596TopicHoM Valor question
3597TopicLooking For RP Guild
3598TopicI was scammed in game, what can I expect Anet to do about it?
3599TopicUw and Banning...
3600TopicChrak is playing hide and seek...
3601TopicAssasin Money
3602TopicLooking for MY Professions :) Help? Please?
3603TopicPre-nerf shields?
3604TopicLDoA DL xp gain question.
3605TopicNot meeting the shield req
3606TopicBest *opinionated* Build for Soloing the PvE Campaigns?
Pages: 1, 2
3607Topicr7 15 AL shield.
3608TopicQuestion for Droks Runners
3609TopicCasters Using Swords and others
3610Topiccan I buy the game from here ?!
3611TopicGW confuses me. :) Help?
3612TopicGuild Wars
3613TopicTrouble with doppelganger, low level
3614Topicdo normal groups ever do stuff?
Pages: 1, 2
3615TopicGuild Wars campaigns. Must I play all of them 1 by 1?
3616TopicOld player returning
3617Topicweapons & inscribing
3618TopicHow to.....??
3619TopicAssasin bleeding skills
3620Topicbest profession combo for versatility
3621TopicWait or go ahead
3622TopicTorm Shields: war Elite Kurzick or Luxon?
3623TopicStolen Speed mechanics
3624TopicIridescent/Diamond Aegis
3625TopicWar in kryta
3626Topicfastest way to level (?)
3627TopicWhats GW:B?
3628TopicConjure Vs Strength
3629TopicTo buy EotN or not?
Pages: 1, 2
3630TopicThunderhead Keep mission
Pages: 1, 2
3631Topicnecromancer skill help please.
3632Topicrequirements and old school
3634TopicSpirits of Truth
3635Topicstupid is as stupid does
3636TopicGuild Wars: Beyond
3637Topici need help...!
3638TopicI can't open offical guild wars websites
3639TopicProblem in Arachni's Haunt
3640TopicHow would I run multiple copies of the game at the same time?
3641TopicQuestion about the norn elite Blessing skills
3642TopicReturning Char Heroes Question
3643TopicOutdated Farming Build?
3644TopicQuestion about Prismatic Insignia (Elementalist)
3645TopicPC GOLD Platinum Blade
3646TopicWeapons without damage modifier
3647Topicdoes candy stack with a con set?
3648TopicHelp on Paragon skill.
3650TopicPossible Glitch in Sorrows Furnace or am i just missing something?
3651TopicCan multiple players use Asura Scan?
3652Topicworking of Armor Of Sanctity
3653TopicQuestion regarding armor... again
3654TopicGW serial code
3655TopicMy Map and Tracker don't match for canthan vanq
3656TopicQuestion about insignia's & Runes
3657TopicUse 2 Vigor runes?
3659TopicBit of a noobish question....
3660TopicGold and Green Item Drops
3661TopicPricing Completely Unique (one of a kind) Items
3662TopicVS farm still possible?
3663TopicAre skills getting over used?
3664TopicOld Player returning- loremaster question
3665TopicWhere is the trial key located?
3666TopicWhat PvE items are needed for PvP
3667TopicFastest way to use Tonics?
3669TopicPet skills and pre quests
3670TopicAccount Ban
Pages: 1, 2
3671TopicIs there a way to set a mouse button to....
3672TopicHow to target whisperer and how to whisper to target?
3673TopicSo I have to double click?
3674TopicQuestion about faction
3675TopicHow does stacking/non-stacking work?
3676TopicKnight's Insignia VS Absorption
3677TopicCracked Armor
3678TopicTalk Like a Pirate event ended early?
3679TopicCostumes & Capes
3680TopicLittle problem
3681TopicSliver in UW
3682TopicWhat Paragon shield mods do you use?
3683TopicTexmod trojan!
3684TopicFastest way to DoA
3685TopicDoes it still exist?
3686TopicLost access key.
3687TopicA few questions about this game
3688TopicEotN Titles
3689TopicWiK with EOTN trial?
3690TopicDo Vaettirs drop gold Plated Shields/Serrated Spears?
3691TopicGuild Wars wants to be my Facebook friend.
3692TopicTHinking of buying GW.. few Q's
3693TopicReturning player: confused on proper henchman use, strategies, lvling up builds, etc.
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3694TopicTarget calling with other players Heroes
3695TopicBest way to Legendary Skill hunter?
Pages: 1, 2
3696TopicPre or Post?
3697TopicTormented Shield Disapeared!
3698TopicNeed some advice
3699TopicWith the event coming up this weekend...
3700TopicAfter EotN install;Tormented shield gone!
3701TopicAre there still alot of players on GW
3702TopicD'Alessio Seaboard Mission, Can't find mission NPC
3703TopicLocational Ping?
3704TopicWhy are my passwords accounts incorrect????
3705Topicmesmer in sc :(
3706TopicRegarding HoM & GW2
3707TopicHow do you get to the Archipelagos in Factions
3708Topicvalue of Rock Candies
3709TopicMastery in Prophecies Missions (Primary Quests)
3710TopicQuickest way to level your pet to 20?
3711TopicAccount hacked
3712TopicWhat will happen to gw1?
Pages: 1, 2
3713Topicbetter feather farm?
3715TopicQuestion about Urgoz
3716TopicNumbers and their meaning with Builds
3717TopicWarrior Assistance needed
Pages: 1, 2
3718TopicTexmod Request: Make Effects Transparent (doesn't have to be perfect)
3719TopicDumb Destroyer Weap Questions
3720Topicfree inventory slots
3721TopicEternal Grove
3722TopicDuncan - Multiple kills?
3723TopicDuncan HM
3724Topiczhu hanuku.. rarest 5th year mini?
3725TopicGifts of Travelers- better to sell @ 4k or open?
3726TopicMale Warrior Elite Platemail/Dye Question
3727Topiccompletely my fault
3728TopicNeed some help please
3729TopicReset my cd key?
3730TopicLightbringer bounties?
3731TopicCan someone explain gold weapon pricing please
3732TopicMatch manipulation?
Pages: 1, 2
3733TopicVery strange account hacking.
3734TopicLegal status of Guild Wars mods in other games?
Pages: 1, 2
3735TopicQuestion about the collection
3736TopicBack from a break.
3737TopicI had to reset my password.
3738TopicNew player here with questions
3739TopicQuestion about restarting Survivor and gear
3740TopicI has a Question!!
3741TopicA Nice Air Ele general Pve build
3742TopicHard and Normal Mode
3743TopicGW/GW2 Question
3744TopicHard mode or Normal mode in the underworld
3745Topic30th Title
3746TopicCarto For Elona help
3747TopicHow to make money?
3748TopicSignet of Capture
3749TopicEww whats this..
3750TopicDisenchantment Course for insignia
3751TopicHow do you beat the afflicted kam and his goons?
3752Topicnerfed items
3753TopicMonument of Resilience: per char or per account?
3754Topicquick question / deep scrolls
3755TopicHall of Monuments: What to work on first?
3756TopicHow do you deal with Dhuum?
3757Topicwhat drops ectos the most in underworld
3758TopicSuper Newb needs halp
3759TopicWisdom title
3760Topicis crafter armor personalized?
3761TopicTyria Sickle Gold Max Oldsql?
3762TopicArmour dyes
3763Topichow to get lowbie to menagerie?
3764TopicJust reinstalled the game
3765TopicDye remover!!
3766TopicMy Imp, He's gone Insane
3767TopicWhat is the point to the game, exactly?
Pages: 1, 2
3768TopicQuestion about learning new skills
3769TopicHow to get Prophecies Elite Armor for PvE
3770Topickurzick or luxon
3771TopicBanned from NCsoft?
3772TopicHundred Blades + Splinter Weapon + Whirlwind Attack = ?
3773TopicNightfall cover derv
3774TopicDoes anyone group for missions anymore? (prophecies)
3775Topiczaishen menagerie
3776TopicLocked out of GW and NCsoft
3777TopicLooking for a nice new female monk name
3778TopicSurvivor Question
3779TopicGhosts of Ascalon not for sale??
3780TopicHelp w/ Ritualist? :)
3781TopicElementalist How To?
3782TopicName change and Hall of Monuments
3783TopicQuick question
3784TopicHouse zu helter.
3785Topicgold cape trims
3786TopicSkipping the Factions Campaign?
3787TopicWisdom Title and Unid Golds
3788TopicHi! What are the different classes of characters in this game?
3789TopicBalthazar rep
3790TopicNew to guild wars, basically
3791TopicWhat matters in HoM for gw2?
Pages: 1, 2
3792TopicI Need A Guide To PVP
3793TopicNewbie here, Is this game dying/dead?
3794TopicGWAMM x2
3795TopicHoM and character deletion
3796Topicnew character-which heroes to go for first?
3797Topicsmallest spear skin?
3798TopicPassword Resets
3799TopicDP. A terrible idea.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
3800TopicHp of spectral vaettir (26) in HM
3801TopicAttacks, attack skills, timing questions
3802TopicHow to send in pets??? - I am ranger
3803TopicNew Questions From the New Guy
Pages: 1, 2
3804TopicNCSoft are frauds?
3806TopicHeroes Questions
3807TopicMissing Attribute Points
3808TopicTrading question
3809TopicActivation times?
3810TopicLack of a PvE Smite Monk build
Pages: 1, 2
3811TopicHardened Humps
3812TopicNew weapons, hall of monuments
3813TopicLogin Music
3814TopicIs it safe to Mesmer in PvP anymore?
3815TopicIAS and 1/2 sec attacks
3816TopicWhere is the math involved for weapon req/selling/damage
3817TopicThe first account I ever bought.
3818TopicElementalist/Necro or Necro/Elementalist?
3819TopicHero AI
3820TopicReducing Smiting recharge time
3821TopicReference of things in gw2?
3822TopicHow Do You Check Your Stats?
3823TopicDiscordway vs Spiritway.
3824Topicdifficult, very difficult
Pages: 1, 2
3825Topiclvling questions
Pages: 1, 2
3826Topicbest warrior second profession?
Pages: 1, 2
3827TopicI can't find anymore quests
3828TopicCalling all Drunkard specialists
3829TopicAbout Guilds
3830Topichow to target?
3831TopicHow do you reserve Character names for GW2?
3832TopicSecondary with Dervish?
3833TopicDoA Door Bug
3834TopicAsuran Scan
3835TopicA hidden threat
3836Topicchests and collectors
3837TopicOn the release date for Guild Wars 2 is November 2, 2010
3838TopicMission Question In Old Ascalon?
3839Topicauto switch modes?
3840TopicQuestion regarding titles/HoM
3841TopicBalthazar/Kurzick/Luxon what's the difference?
3842TopicEotN skills ?
3843TopicHow many are we?
Pages: 1, 2
3844TopicLocked Chests?
3845Topicgetting back on track.
3846TopicWhich title first?
3847TopicBack from a long break.
3848TopicCompletely new to the game, several basic questions.
Pages: 1, 2
3849TopicSabotage LDoA?!
3850TopicSurvivor Title
3851Topicpet lvling?
3852TopicQuestion about high-end sales over 100k.
3853TopicI need help cartographing tyria..
3854TopicTrying to return...
3855TopicHow to experience the most out of Guild Wars
3856TopicNew proffesion
3857TopicWhat's the deal with Necromancers?
Pages: 1, 2
3858TopicPlaying With Henchmen - Is It Possible?
Pages: 1, 2
3859Topictitle skills
3860TopicDaggers with a trail?
3861TopicWhat character?
3862TopicBest place to buy?
3863TopicForming a guild
3864TopicPicking a secondary profession
3865TopicA couple questions while I install...
3866TopicChest Limit?
3867TopicChanging a Factions character secondary profession?
3868TopicReturning to the game but can't log in
3869TopicShield on Monks
3870TopicCinematics + Explorer Title
3871Topicpast level 20
3872Topicanother noob questions
3873TopicAdded Factions
3874TopicQuestion: How do I get out of Old Ascalon
3875TopicHow to prove someone is botting
3876Topica couple of noob questions
3877Topic"Best" Element?
3878TopicMultiple copies of a storybook
3879TopicHoM "Account Wide"
3880TopicBuilds in PVXwiki
3881TopicTemporary Suspension
3882TopicLoot Scaling - I've just never understood it.
Pages: 1, 2
3883TopicAmbrace or Coffers?
3884TopicJapan 1st Anniversary Shield (?)
Pages: 1, 2, 3
3885TopicDeath level question, Pre (yet another)
3886TopicWhats the point in PVP?
Pages: 1, 2
3887TopicElemental Damage
3888Topicpost searing questions
3889TopicReturning to GW: Assassin Advice
3890TopicRanger armor
3891TopicTrade Abbreviations
3892TopicWhat class combo am i?
3893TopicHoM items after dedicating
3894TopicCan't put my new armor up in my hall of monuments.
3895TopicCan you trade Oppressor weapons?
3896Topicwhat does IAS stand for?
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3897TopicCantha New Year decorations 6 min ago...
3898TopicConfused about normal GW installation
3899TopicHow can I turn off auto getting range of a target
3900TopicInsert image problem
3901TopicNew player need Ranger advice
3902TopicHow safe it is to use texmod and cartographer made easy?
3904TopicDeldrimor reputation points
3905TopicShining blade recruits?
3906TopicLegendary defender of Ascalon Glitch
3907TopicConfused on chapters
3908TopicFrostmaw's and Kathandrax, h+h soloable in hm?
3909TopicSpammable sweets
3911TopicWhere to get this
3912TopicWhat am I doing?
3913TopicMaximum mods?
3914TopicFemale assassin asuran dye chart.
3915TopicExperience Gaining with maintained enchantments?
3916TopicWhat should i make next?
3917TopicBlessed or Survivor Insignia on Ele
3918Topicpre-searing newbie
3919Topicnew player
3920TopicNewbie friendly class
Pages: 1, 2
3921Topica few newbie questions...
3922TopicWhere to farm?
3923Topicdoes anyone know how to buy on steam
3924TopicEye of the North Relaunch expansion?
3925TopicLeveling vanguarday
3926TopicWar in Krtya - Difference for HM/NM?
3927TopicRetrieving Guild
3928TopicFree Trial and Insanely Long Updates
3929TopicQuestion on two perma skills a/e
3930TopicBest H&H build for newbie?
3931TopicCan't get to Minister Cho's Estate
3932Topicnoob in prophicies question
3933TopicGuild Wars Trilogy Pack Question
3934TopicWhat Dervish armor set looks most like Altair
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3935TopicGuild Wars Trailer
3936TopicNext title?
3937Topicnoob question
3938TopicCharacter isn't Ascended
3939TopicBuying GWEN, still worth it?
3940TopicAnyway to reset attributes?
3941Topic+30 Health or +5 AL?
3942TopicJust Kicked!
3943TopicKurzicks FFF?
3945TopicBuying Cd key same as buying a boxed set?
3946TopicStaff or weapon + focus?
3947TopicIs there a way to edit your interface so that..
3948TopicClarification on Nature Spirits.
3949TopicSame acc?
3950TopicDoA - What do I need to know?
3951TopicSo I missed the whole battle of kryta thing.....
3952TopicGW Trilogy Question
3953TopicPvX wiki: posting Builds
3954TopicTransfer Campaigns or New Character?
3955TopicHow do I get into PvP?
3956TopicThinkin about joinin in
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3957TopicCan I download GW in full on the website.......?
3958TopicResource Sites
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3959TopicFinancial real life skills= good guild wars budget
3960Topiclvl 20 and some 30 attributes short!?
3961Topiclow lvl in high lvl areas
3962TopicLevel 10 Ranger - No quests?
3963TopicMajor events during the weekdays
3964TopicWhich set up do people use for Kath SC?
3965TopicRare low req shields
3966TopicDrunkard timer, not working?
3967Topicnoob question (but neccessary)
3968TopicWhich Heroes?
3969TopicGL offline more than 2 months?
3970TopicR/A Running build...skill list?
3971TopicWhat's the deal with spears?
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3972TopicDo r8 max death staffs still drop?
3973TopicWeird Staff Wrapping
3974TopicWhat is the most a merch will pay for something?
3975TopicRare weapons, reqs and prices
3976TopicSome noob questions (leveling gear etc.)
3977TopicDid I Arrive Too Late?
3978TopicPing (not the latency/lag) changing?
3979TopicWill there ever be an event with the "Party Time" buff?
3980TopicQuick question- can you explore the Vizunah Square area without doing the mission?
3981Topicmini pet question
3982TopicAgainst the Charr speedbook A/me help
3983TopicNot picking up all gold.
3984Topicvengful weapon work around?
3985TopicGuild Wars in 3D
3986TopicWeapon attributes question
3987TopicQuestion about Champ points
3988TopicInscription Question
3989TopicMain character issues
3990Topicfemale warr weap/armor combo
3991TopicCartographer Help
3992TopicQuestion about the Zaishen Menagerie
3993TopicGWEN Hero's handbook pages NM
3994TopicUpcoming Weekend (where to farm?)
3995TopicYour Opinion: Male ele Ancient or Vabbian Armor
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3996TopicOutdated Farming Build?
3997Topicwhat is wrong with oola's lab
3998TopicBrand new scrub here saying hello
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3999TopicDoppleganger issues!!
4000Topic10/10 sundering
4001TopicWhere do you get Radiant Insignia ( I checked Wiki)
4002TopicHelp! I can't change my password!
4003TopicQuestion Concerning a 2nd Account
4004TopicJust how much Energy does Willem the Demeaning have?
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4005TopicQuest problems with 'Interception'
4006TopicCharacter Selection Screen
4007TopicThe Animation for Energy Storage Weapons
4008TopicHelp With Cartography!!
4009TopicAny new Guild Wars Beyond content coming soon?
4010Topicpc on Riddle of Steel
4011TopicMission Glitches?
Pages: 1, 2
4012TopicActivity of Guild wars at this moment?
4013TopicLinking to an NCSoft Master Account
4014TopicLooking for someone in the guild "The Dragon" [TheD]"
4015Topichammer of kathandrax?
4016TopicThe State of GW?
4017TopicWhat should I do before GW2 comes out?
4018TopicHacked and need Help
4019TopicCan i still play?
4020TopicAgainst the Charr A/ speedbook run
4021TopicThackeray not appearing in HoM
4022TopicBest use of elite skill tomes for title?
4023Topiccan you?
4024TopicNow that 600/smite is gone...
4025TopicQuick Weapon Switch still viable?
4026TopicWe're sorry, but we are unable to accept your order at this time.
4027Topic55 monk SOJ returning player
4028TopicSkill Quest Rewards for non profession skills.
4029TopicPvP-ready character in PvE? Or just make a PvP-only?
4030TopicSuggested Elementalist weapon sets
4031Topicppl reporting me
4032TopicEnough players to enjoy the game?
4033TopicHelp with Build For Punch out Thing in EotN- Winner gets 20k
4034TopicArmor Penetration and attacks
4035TopicLegendary Survivor Questions.
4036TopicFacing Dhuum in HM
4037TopicVQ Kurz area that Lux dominate
4038TopicIs Guild Wars worth it?
4039TopicHalls skip
4040TopicTanned Hide Squares
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4041TopicAccount reinstatement question
4042TopicQuestion On Names With "Was"
4043TopicAnother max req7 question
4044TopicDeciding to make a new profession
4045Topic+20% enchanting
4046TopicRes shrine with close enemies
4047TopicValor Monument
4048TopicUW Necro builds, SS or orders???
4049TopicPerma assasin
4050TopicDoing UW/Urgoz on my Warrior
4051TopicGetting Survivor 330hp Style
4052TopicRunning as a Dervish:Any Skills to help me?
4053TopicImpatient - account advice needed
4054TopicVanquish Question...
4055TopicTexmod - Drunkard
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4056Topicwhen did anet change customization?
4057TopicObsidian vs. Primeval
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4058TopicQuestion about Copper Zaishen Coin!
4059TopicDid you know this thread ???
4060TopicFriendly advice please?
4061TopicHide X (shutdown) button from the top right corner?
4062TopicQuestion concerning Guilds
4063TopicAny Good Dervish Builds/ Skills?
4064TopicCharacter question
4065TopicIs there a list somewhere here or on wiki of all WiK Shining Blade allies?
4067TopicIn-game store - paying with a different currency
4068TopicHas anyone tried taming a WiK Drake?
4069TopicWintersday in July - Snowball dATs?
4070TopicDervish...whats wrong?
4071Topicright click mouse HOLD possible??
4072TopicGuild Wars Wiki information confliction?
4073TopicTarget calling and controlling AI allies
4074TopicAuto hotkey
4075TopicPvP Unlocking Skills
4076TopicMy Shield is Worthless?
4077TopicWhen is it okay to not bring a rez (personally)?
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4079Topicquestion concerning the "Chapters"
4080TopicHow Can I make my Heroes a Higher Level
4081Topicis it too late to start this game?
4082TopicMini Pet Prices..?
4083TopicSetting warrior height to average npc height.
4084TopicUrgent! Royen Beastkeeper's Elder Crane
4085TopicWiK quest line.
4086TopicDrunkard Question
4087TopicSo I just realised that i deleted my tormented scepter
4088TopicNightfall area question!
4089TopicTrouble loging in Please help
4090TopicGuild Wars Prophecies Collector's Edition Game Activation Card
4092TopicWarrior/ Assassin tank build help?
4093TopicReally need help - 4 years and nothing!
4094TopicAssassin or Ritualist?
4095TopicCool pets
4096TopicThinking of coming back
4097TopicPet in PvP
4098TopicAm I dealing cold or holy damage?
4099TopicLion's Gate -------> Droknar's Forge
4100TopicWhich Texmod Interface are you running?
4101TopicChanging guild wars soundtrack
4102TopicPvP Questions
4103TopicCaster Shield?
4104TopicPVP access kit
4105TopicJust got back!
4106TopicThis Can't be Right
4107TopicAccess to WiK content
4108TopicRunning out of item space
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4109TopicHero's Handbook Help
4110Topiclog in screen chars change position
4111TopicWhere to start War in Kryta
4112TopicCan you post a wtb and wts at the same time?
4113TopicNew Oppressor skins?
4114TopicPlague Touch
4115Topicfort aspenwood silly question
4116TopicSo i'm pretty new..
4117TopicHow long?
4118TopicMore Kurzicks then Luxons?
4119TopicHow long of a wait?
4120TopicBugged Quest log...
4122TopicAttempting to farm SF
4123TopicFont Color of Player Names
4124TopicBombarded by spam
4125TopicGW's 2 Videos?
4126TopicCan't sign in, scared
4127TopicWhat do I do?
4128Topicways to make money
4129TopicDoA question
4130TopicHow to view access keys online?
4131TopicGate of Madness
4132TopicNeed help on how to get into a good group for missions, not PuGs
4133TopicWhy are Wintergreen Hammers so expensive?
4134TopicCantha Mapping Problem
4135TopicHow do I switch off auto-emoticons?
4136Topicweapon requirements
4137TopicShould I not use my lockpicks for locked chests?
4138TopicLots-o' Questions
4139TopicMy account is blocked?
4140TopicSyncing GvG
4142TopicCharacters slots
4143TopicCross-Campaign Character and Storyline Effects
4144TopicReturning Player, Please Help Get Me a Little Up to Date
4145TopicConfused about this
4146TopicEuro servers??
4148Topicskill point spending?
4149TopicNEW Date for the book 28July2010?!?!
4150TopicRubies or Keys?
4151TopicThe campaigns
4152TopicGate of Pain question.
4153TopicVictory Tokens and Ecto
4154TopicGetting spooky email from "GWguru?"
4155Topic9 Rings camping in party search?
4156TopicHoM question
4157TopicRanger Name?
4158TopicCompletely new to GW, why is almost everyone W/x or M/x?
4159Topicdragon festival gifts and mask
4160Topicplaying guild wars on more than one pc
4161TopicAnother Noob question! :D
4162Topicnoob question
4164TopicHow to drop items
4165TopicWar in Kryta?
4166TopicAdvise please
4167TopicSo.....What are these?
4168TopicTeam Arena Return?
4169Topickorean guild name/tag
4170TopicEle vs. Sin. vs Ritualist vs Derv...?
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4171TopicGetting back into the game... need help
4172TopicIts Been a Year... Care to bring me up to date?
4174TopicBanned for no reason : (Code=45) WTF
4175TopicCause for conern? Or am I just overthinking??
4176TopicWhisper - sound notification
4177Topicnot sure if this is the way its supposed to be...
4178TopicStarting with a friend?
4179TopicWeb of Disruption + Shatter Delusions not triggering second interrupt
4180TopicHow can I get my pet back?
4181TopicWhite Mantle immune to poison
4182TopicHow much of the Elonian mainland can be skipped?
4183TopicIs there a more effective way of reporting bots...
4184TopicJade Querry - The bot list - (to ban!)
4185TopicAccount Stolen [Need Advice]
4186TopicHow can I start hard mode in Eye of North?
4187TopicWhats all this white mantle farming stuff???
4188TopicLevel 20, now what?
4189Topicwhere am i?
4190TopicHero Battles 4 Life
4191TopicLOGIN issues
4192TopicGW Crashing Consistently (Update?)
4193TopicAccount recovery
4195TopicShould I be worried?
4196TopicWarrior Primeval armor with tormented shield.
4197TopicAmount of account bans per week?
4198TopicLots of stupid questions
4199TopicPlayer returning after a few years? Please help.
4201TopicHow do I get into Lion's Arch Keep
4202TopicReturning after several years of hiatus
4203Topicwiki's cryptic info on vanquishing...!?!?
4204TopicGuru RSS feed?
4205TopicDecrease in Vaettir in Jaga Moraine?
4206TopicMiniature Gavin
4207TopicSo what's changed?
4208Topicso how exactly does aggro work?
4209TopicDhuum and the Official Wiki
4210TopicShield help.
4211TopicLast time there was a sale for store?
4212TopicWhat weapons should my Sabway heros use?
4213TopicHSR stacking?
4214TopicHero Elite Armor
4215TopicBlack Dye Pricing History
4217TopicQuestion about complete collection.
4218TopicChar Creation Face Tattoos Off?
4219TopicCartography - Pogahn Passage
4220TopicLost Access keys; cant retrieve Account info
4221TopicAnother banned account
4222TopicRaising attributes beyond 15?
4223TopicHello! I'm new in GW world and I need some help...
4224TopicGuild wars access key card!??? Please help me!!!
4225TopicHow can I come back?
4226TopicSnowball dominence quest in Wintersday in july
4227TopicDirectSong Problem
4228TopicVamp strength and other oddities...
4229TopicBeast Mastery & Death Leveling.
4230TopicUpcoming Weekend Event
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4231TopicNot Getting Xp For M&B?
4232TopicCharacter Advancement
4233TopicZaishen bounty question
4234TopicNo reason ban!
4235TopicBanned on 1st day
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4236TopicNoobish Question about player names
4237TopicHOM Statue
4238Topichelp me please
4240TopicPreview Armor
4241TopicDoes this still exist
4242TopicQuestion about armor.
4243TopicHelp me please
Pages: 1, 2
4244TopicLocations of NPCs in Guild Halls
4245TopicCheapest way to get a new CD key
4246TopicProblems With TEXMOD
4247TopicTrying to get account back
4248TopicCan't find any more quests
4249TopicAutomatic critical hit limitations
4250TopicArmor and elemental damage
4251Topiccan you change color to pvp armor?
4252TopicInsc White Reaver?
4253TopicThread not posted?
4254TopicA quick question
4255TopicHow much costs Icy dragon sword?
4256TopicQuestion about Favor
4257Topicclipping issues
4258TopicPet Charming Problem
4259TopicA Newbie's simple question T_T
4260TopicCombat with wild animal question.
4261TopicWhat do you think?
4262TopicSome Advice for a Newbie?
4263TopicHelp with the Security Question‏
4264TopicHow to let ANet know that few skills need AI update after skill balances?
4265TopicOld Guildcast Episodes?
4266TopicAny trilogy offers about/planned?
4267TopicHELP! I want to play GW.
4268TopicMy Account
4269TopicFinished Primary quests
4270TopicStrength of Honor (skill)
4271TopicDzagonur Bastion complete, now what?
4272TopicReturning Long Inactive Player
4273TopicGetting end game trophies again?
4274TopicMapping Out/Elite Skills
4275TopicAdopt a newb :p
4276Topicso frustrated. password reset not working.
4277TopicWar In Kryta
4278TopicDroknar arena
4279TopicDamage points
4280TopicNoobie Help
4281TopicHelp me out: Profession Choosing!
4283TopicExtra Character Slot
4284TopicIcy or Fiery?
4285TopicHow much is a lot of money?
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4286TopicFastest to lv20 with NO EotN?
4287Topic20/20 resto wand?
4288TopicSupport response times?
4289TopicHow to acquire green weapons?
4290TopicSyncing RA
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4291TopicRecharge, FC, and effect stacking
4292TopicSomething wrong with Guild Wars support?
4293TopicSorrows Furnace
4294TopicGuildwars Not Opening
4295TopicName Change Problem
4296TopicIs syncing RA a bannable offence?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4297TopicWhere can I find a Fiery Bow String?
4298TopicIn game name?
4299TopicHow safe is texmod right now?
4300TopicUpdate Crash Bug
4301TopicRun from Yohlon to Kodash
4302TopicDouble SS/LB
4303TopicFortune blessing effects Zaishen Chest drops...?
4304Topicguild wars support
4305Topic"Falling Out"
4306Topiclogin in issues...
4307Topicis 330 rit uw solo still viable
4308TopicReturning to Tyria
4309TopicHOM - 5 maxed titles but...
4310TopicSnowballs AT at July?
4311TopicWhich runes to put?
4312TopicGuild Wars Store
4313TopicWhat did the CD keys come on?
4314TopicLog in issues
4315TopicJade Quarry
4316TopicGW1 failure: Esport
4317Topic'Balthazar bless my strength, teach my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.'
4319TopicEbon helper peoples
4320Topichow do i paint my dervish primeval armor pink?
4321TopicVictory or Death
4322TopicMedal of Honor?
Pages: 1, 2
4323TopicGoldcape Texmod?
4324Topicbest class for legendary survivor
Pages: 1, 2
4325TopicPc on a q10 Water BDS
4326TopicLost CD Key and CD's?
4327TopicBy Urals Hammer fixed?
4328TopicWar in Kyrta Question
4329TopicBMP Weapons from Tolkano
4330TopicBan hammer lifted?
Pages: 1, 2
4331TopicHoM Armor Unlocked
4332Topichow long does it take to get ncsoft support to email your character name??
4333TopicGetting Trilogy, and....
4334TopicPC a polymock piece
4335Topicjust a really quick question plox?
4336TopicHelp needed, Please read.
4337Topicupgrading trial account
4338TopicStorm Bows
4339TopicSpellcasting Eye Candy
4340TopicWhich area to unlock chests?
4341TopicJust wondering?
4342TopicHelp im a noob to guild wars...
4343TopicWar in Kryta
4344TopicMonk low set
4345TopicRanger elite skills
4346TopicTexmod- is using it risky?
4347TopicWhat is this dye combo?
4348TopicProphecies character leveling elsewhere?
4349TopicWhat's new?
4350TopicVanquishing Sacnoth Valley
4351TopicHow can I make enemies attack me?
Pages: 1, 2
4352Topicquestion about of Quickening and of Memory
4353TopicTrial version?
4354TopicOrder of Skill Acquisitions?
4355TopicSurvivor and vigor runes
4357TopicReturning Player
4359TopicDhumm Scythed a Week After the Fact
4360TopicLV20... then what...?
4361TopicA couple of questions about shields
4362TopicArmor and runes
4363TopicCondition Extending Mods
4364TopicBEST character for solo play?
4365TopicAutohotkey Legal?
4366TopicLockpicks / Keys
4367TopicReporting question
4368TopicMerging Accounts?
4369TopicAvailable hotkeys?
4370TopicWhich class should I start with?
4371TopicCostume question
4372TopicDo slow effects stack?
4373TopicI thought the combat in this game was suppose to more action based?
4374TopicPet advise pls
4375TopicDrink from the Chalice of Corruption
4376TopicProtective Bond and SY
Pages: 1, 2
4377TopicMedals of Honor
4378TopicWar in Kryta?
4379TopicWar in Kryta question
4380TopicDoA Builds
4381TopicShould I be concerned or Not?
Pages: 1, 2
4382TopicHow will the new bans affect the economy?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4383TopicPara wings
4384TopicThe BIGGEST and the BADDEST...
4385TopicRecyclable character names
4386TopicGuild wars 2 guns
4387TopicUW groups?
4388TopicHoM: Armor account wide?
4389TopicWarriors and tormented items
4390TopicSince When?
4391TopicQuick Q about KSmod
4392TopicElementalist still worth a shot?
4393TopicNew player with questions
4394TopicSkill transfer ?
4395TopicFastest way to unlock pvp
4396TopicWhat is this Skill??
4398Topicguilds being disbanded during the ban
4399TopicThe Courier and War supply farming and Minis
4400TopicQuestion about Banned Friends
4401TopicWhat fun things can i do on gw these days?
4402TopicBetter drops now?
4403TopicTidals Staves - non-inscriptable?
4404TopicNew player question
4405TopicHow can change secondary profession?
4406TopicNC soft acounts
4407TopicWhat does it mean when it says (requires X something)
4408TopicNew player with questions!
4409TopicGuild Leader Banned...
4410TopicBanned for Botting - Question about HoM
4411TopicPerma ban kind of harsh...
4412TopicIs using Texmod or KSmod considered hacking or cheating?
4413TopicI can bring heroes from Nightfall to Prophecies?
4414TopicBanned,don't bot?
Pages: 1, 2
4416TopicWeapon Modding
4417TopicToggle walk/run
Pages: 1, 2
4418TopicIs there a shield off hand that gives minus energy?
4419TopicRaptor farming - Messed up?
4420TopicKey Cards and HoM!?!?
4421TopicLinking GW1 and GW2 - Humbly requesting an official response from Anet
4422TopicCourier Falken
4423TopicOrders of War in Kryta Dialogues?
4424TopicMinipets in HoM
4425TopicCourier Farm
4426TopicWar In Kryta! Farmable?!
4427TopicRecall past the wagon
4428TopicIs GW worth the investment?
Pages: 1, 2
4429TopicLots of little questions
4430TopicArcane Echo
4431TopicCamera movement speed
4432TopicSo is that it? watch the convo and move on?
4433Topicno Pogahn
4434Topicquestions on war in kryta
4435TopicA Battle Commander...would it work??
4436Topicwrong password?
4437Topicq9 str shield on my para
4438Topicfew questions regarding GW:EN
4439TopicSo speak to me about drop ratio
4440TopicWhat is running and what class should i use
4441TopicWhite Mantle Minis?
4442TopicOkay! I Did It! I Don't Regret It!
4443TopicMinion Master minion choice
4444Topic*Sigh*..I am let down..Poor service by NCsoft
4445TopicPayment Fraud Problem
4447Topicwhat charecter would YOU? run services with
4448TopicSell Or Salavge?
4449TopicRaising Ranks
4450TopicBest looking male Ranger armour
4451TopicA whisper on the wind?
4452TopicRegistering with Tolkano
4453TopicAoTL & EotN
4454TopicQuestion about the new Peacekeepers in Kryta
4455TopicIs being in a guild worth it?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
4456TopicPvxwiki is having trouble?
4457TopicPvP reward unlocks question
Pages: 1, 2
4459Topicany way to get end factions and nightfall like eotn?
4460TopicBloodstained and MM's
4461TopicChaos Gloves as lvl 11
Pages: 1, 2
4462TopicHuh??? I ran out of quests and missions... (spoiler)
4463TopicBuying extra character slot with cellphone
4464TopicPrimeval Armor Remnants
4465Topica way to get tot ctc without finishing eotn?
4466TopicStones? (UWSC)
4467TopicIm thinking of playing...
4468TopicTormented Focus
4469Topicarmor combo dilemma
4470TopicThis inventory icon?
4472TopicWhere can i find....
4473TopicWhat is an Inherent and its importance?
4474TopicJust me or is this harder than I remember?
Pages: 1, 2
4475TopicHow do you obtain costumes?
4476TopicWhat the hell is this sword
4477TopicHelp me find my nostalgia quest ;p
Pages: 1, 2
4478TopicHave Trilogy but no NF?
4479TopicWorth coming back?
4480TopicNo Knowledge to speak of, pride placed to one side
4481Topicplease help
4482TopicEOTN Key Card Missing
4483TopicTrade between two accounts
4484TopicThe Sulfurous Wastes and HOM...
4485TopicMissing bonus
4486Topicgood pvp or gvg skillset, only bought game of the year edition
4487TopicIs Guild Wars worth it for the Carebear player?
Pages: 1, 2
4488TopicGuild wars wallie card
4489TopicTrial Upgrade
4490TopicTransfering characters to campaigns?
4491TopicAdvice to a returning player?
Pages: 1, 2
4493TopicCurrently any good deals on Trilogy?
4494TopicIs there any way to obtain Nightfall trial key?
4495TopicGuild Wars Steam Purchase
4496TopicWhat is R8, R9, Q10, etc?
4497TopicHow to see full quality armor of other people in outposts?
4498TopicProphecies only Help!
4499TopicTournament points
4500Topic2 man combo
4501TopicLook for some insight!
4502TopicI dont get the Peackeeper update?
4503TopicDo I really have to buy any campaigns if all I want to do is PvP?
4504TopicVanquishing Snake Dance - active quests?
4505TopicNo Pet 60 month bug?
4506TopicMOX quest
4507TopicStarting this game
4508TopicWhy do AFK mission runners ask for vampiric weapons?
4509TopicAdept staff head question
4510TopicAlcohol "points"?
4511TopicSort of bored of the Assassin.. quick question
4512TopicGood PVE build for my monk and heroes?
4513Topic55 question
4514TopicTo finish or not to finish a campaign
4515TopicSalvage or merchant?
4516TopicSo finally playing guild wars
4517TopicIs it possible to get a factions trial?
4518Topicbuy all skills?
4519TopicAre there any pathway map guides out there?
4520Topicchange region?
4521TopicDoes Berserker Stance stack with other adrenal skills?
4522TopicHow do I close a thread?
4523TopicWhat is a 600/smite team, why Spirit Bond?
4524TopicAmatz Basin Help Please!
4525TopicBlind or Weak?
4526Topicunwaking waters bug?
4527TopicNeed Help - GW Eye of the North Expansion
4528TopicSurvivor Title
Pages: 1, 2
4529TopicMisc ramblings
4530Topicany way to save your survivor when disconnected?
4531TopicHelp! im new as crap....questions for veterans
Pages: 1, 2
4532TopicSpell stacking
4533TopicDisable Combat Music?
4534TopicThinking about starting out.
4535TopicFaster than normal?
4536TopicReached level 20, now what?
Pages: 1, 2
4537Topicdeath level help
4538TopicCharacter Creation Question
4539TopicQuestion about Zealous Renewal
4540TopicMoney making!
Pages: 1, 2
4541TopicExtremely new.
Pages: 1, 2
4542TopicHelp with game mechanics
4543TopicOlias Hero Quest?
Pages: 1, 2
4544TopicProphecies Costume Unlocks?
4545TopicHelp with my account
4546TopicEasy farms woth alot of money?
4547TopicLexx wont fill out quests i have already done in my Hero's Handbook.
4548Topicwarrior + wand = more aggro?
4549TopicLarge Cape Emblems
4550TopicRunning through Factions
4551TopicSunspear skills?
4552TopicOld Skill Descriptions
4553TopicThinking about buying
4554TopicBuying a skill from another campaign
4555TopicDid Urgoz but no statue?
4556TopicCharr Carvings or Decayed Orr Emblems?
4557TopicWhich professions are most in demand?
4558Topic[Question]NCsoft Store - Purchase Guild Wars® Trilogy
4559TopicWhen can FIVE of us play togethor?
Pages: 1, 2
4560Topicwhere do the +1 come from in 12 +1 +1?
4561TopicCharacter chapter transfer.
4562TopicWill the 5750 run guildwars well?
4563TopicEotN titles
4564TopicJust bought GW GOTY...
4565TopicBad start...
Pages: 1, 2
4566Topicwhere can I get heroes?
4567TopicBest Profession combo
4568TopicJust bought, now bored. Help!
4569TopicIs this insulting and against rules?
Pages: 1, 2
4570Topichelp with what character
4571TopicPlease Help.
4572TopicR7 Items?
4573TopicCan i restore a salvaged armor?
4574Topicits a long time i dont play gw...
4575TopicNecromancer question pls
4576TopicRadient mind spark thingy...
4577TopicNew to GW; and one concern regarding a class
4578TopicPlease, give my pet a brain...!!!
4579TopicFoW speed clear - terra 1
4580TopicTime investment of funding luck & treasure titles?
4581TopicI am not getting a response!
4582TopicHealing staff usefulness
4583TopicFronis Irontoe's Lair
4584TopicDo people still group in this game?
4585TopicRemoving statues in HoM
4586TopicReturn to Pre-Searing?
4587TopicQuick Newbie Question
4588TopicGuild Wars 1 when GW 2 comes out
Pages: 1, 2
4589TopicReturning Players - 2 man
4590TopicHow much time answer of support?!
4591TopicLog in problem
4593TopicHey GW Community, afk for ~3 years
4594TopicNoob Question: Tips for Finding an Appropriate Guild
4595TopicWhat is 'OF ALL TIME' a reference to?
4596Topicimpossible to get protector title..?
4597TopicHoM questions - Titles worth getting?
4598TopicSo I stopped playing guild wars probably about 3 years ago
4599TopicHow to buy and sell to and from other players
4600TopicBuying Guild Wars Trilogy
4601TopicBlood necromancer?
4602TopicGuild Wars Future after GW2 release
4603TopicWhile playing one expansion, can you get/use skills from another?
4604TopicQuestion About Obtaining Koss
4605TopicNorn Rep Points
4606TopicEN trial questions ...
4607TopicWhats the best way to level a pet?
4608TopicEver seen an "Aegis" shield linked to something besides Tactics?
4609Topicquestion about weapon sets
4610TopicA Noob In Need
4611TopicShield AL Question.
4612TopicTotal newb/noob to Guild Wars here. Just wondering about general information.
4613TopicBest Guild in History of Guild Wars
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
4615TopicBow of Kinslayer Alternate?
4616TopicSanctum Cay
4618TopicQuestion about Prophecies
4619Topictormented shield question
4620Topicwhat is guild wars
4621TopicQuestion about loading templates
4622TopicChanging the Main Character?
4623TopicFull HoM - how i will know..
4624Topicdid ex blizzard employee's create guild wars?
4625TopicGuild Wars Complete Collection?
4626TopicNew player reporting for duty
4627TopicNot Sure About Getting
4628Topic600 Rit/Mo
4629TopicQuestions about pvp
4630TopicCancel attack skills ?
4631TopicCan't find Iboga petals for the life of me....
4632TopicComing back.
4633TopicHelp with Assassin Class
4634Topic*Cartography* Where is this?
4635TopicIs there some sort of Damage meter in the game?
4636TopicTrilogy bought from steam .. please HELP
4637TopicDiffernces between Steam and Regular Client
4638Topicin need of guidence
4639TopicBest 2nd class
4640TopicWhat's a good post-searing death level spot?
4641TopicConsidering buying this game. Need questions answered.
4642TopicComing in late in Random Arenas
4643TopicQuestion on getting some HoM stuff
4644TopicBought GW from Steam sale, linked to trial...
4645Topicwhat to do?
4646Topicso much to see... so little time.
4647TopicDo the prices of dye fluctuate often?
4648TopicReturning Player, GW:EN Worth Buying?
4649TopicHow many hours from now does the event end?
4650TopicPlease Help me.
4651TopicWhat exactly has been said to possibly give bonuses in GW2?
4652TopicGates of Torment
4653Topicguildwars account banned for payment fraud
4654TopicMoney Making
4655Topicmost "sexiest" female armor :)
Pages: 1, 2
4656TopicMore Armor?
4657TopicLoot Penalty? (repeating zones)
4658TopicTitan quests on survivor: doable?
4659TopicWhen do you hear voice-acting?
4660TopicLighbringer damage reduction question
4661TopicSome questions from a new player
4662TopicHelp Please
4663TopicPlease help
4664TopicAnother new player
4666TopicPurchasing Guild Wars in S.Korea?
4667TopicMy account
4668TopicNew to GW...
4669TopicReturning to Guild Wars is harder than I hoped
4670TopicDo victories in JQ/FA contribute to the war?
4671Topichow long until trial accounts work?
4672Topicquick question
4673TopicTIE in JQ?
4674TopicGW window mode, non-resizable edges
4675TopicTwo Accounts
4676TopicComing back to guild wars and I don't remember anything..
4677TopicMinimal Level Obsidian Armor
Pages: 1, 2
4678TopicTravler Gone Missing?
4679TopicIs there server wide chat available in guild wars?
Pages: 1, 2
4680TopicChanging the login backround.
4681TopicYeah srry.. another "returning player" question
4682TopicSo the intial download when starting Guild Wars
4683Topicquestion about the master of the north title
4684Topicnoob question
4685TopicQuestion on game and expanions
4686TopicNeed some advice
4687TopicZealous & Exhaustion question
4688TopicGuild Wars 2 Questions
4689TopicCan i buy guild wars like this?
4690TopicDo I need all the expansions for skills?
4691TopicA few questions...
4692TopicBest class combination for all campaigns
Pages: 1, 2
4693TopicWhich GW to start on...
4694TopicHow Long Before they Log you out?
4695Topictrial account...
4696TopicLinked Accounts with of the trail keys
4697Topicaccount issues
4698TopicQuestion about Kurzick faction spending
4699TopicBecoming interested in GW
4700Topicfactions- what to do once your in kaineng
4701TopicMultiple free trial question
4702TopicHighest Energy Possible?
4703TopicReturning player with a few Qs about Xpacs&Class combos
4704TopicUsing henchmen
Pages: 1, 2
4705TopicHow do I map this section?
4706Topicquick white mantle question
4708Topicim thinking of starting again.
4709TopicBlocked "Official Wiki" images?? :(
4710TopicBackground download on ping meter
4711TopicDoes this violate the TOA?
4712TopicUsed Guild Wars Disc
4713Topicpassword wont work...
4714TopicProffesion change...
4715TopicThinking about coming back....
4716TopicMaking a Guild Wars video
4717TopicElementalist Endgame
4718TopicLevel Requirement to Cap in EotN?
4720TopicSkills - Balthazar...
4721TopicWhat else do I run with Racway?
4722TopicGuild Wars Platinum Edition question
4723TopicLast few updates + "-image" command?
4724TopicPossible to complete Urgoz's and/or The Deep with 2 players?
4725TopicI was wondering
Pages: 1, 2
4726Topicdoes Sundering mod actually work?
Pages: 1, 2
4727Topicwhat r your fastest times for Augury Rock?
4728TopicDifference between wolf pets...
4729TopicGuild wars character sites
4730Topic3 Monk Hero Smitters?
Pages: 1, 2
4731TopicHOM question
4732TopicWith Prophecies only, safest route to LS?
4733TopicA little help would be nice ;)
4734TopicObsidian edge
4735TopicMax Titles
4736TopicIs this trade equal?
4737TopicModdok Crevice
4738TopicBest campaign to raise a...
4739TopicA short question about AB & GvG.
4740TopicResoration Staves
4741TopicDestroyer Weapons Crafting Versus Buying
4742TopicLegendary Survivor as 55hp/600hp
4743TopicReturning player, need help please!
4744Topicno secondary?
4745TopicReporting a scammer
4746TopicWhere do Enamled Shields drop?
4747TopicCatching Up
4748Topicmap - how can you get here? [pic attached]
4749TopicRatio of actual people playing to forum posters?
4750TopicWhat's the most damage a req. 8 scythe can do?
4751TopicElite skills
Pages: 1, 2
4752TopicWhat are the most popular shield skins?
4754TopicArmor question
4755Topicmapping issue
4756TopicRitualist wand
4757TopicShould i sell or open my Trick-Or-Treat bags?
4758TopicHow to skip missions in Prophecies?
4759TopicMursaat PvP reward skins
4760TopicBuying security cards
4761TopicProfession gear question
4762Topiccamp cinematic?
4763Topicstate of the game
4764TopicJust Returned
4765TopicHero skills: is less more?
4766Topicshield req question
4769TopicStorage Panes On sale anytime soon?
4770Topicplaying guild wars
4771TopicStaff Question
4772TopicShing Jea Island
4773TopicMakeover pack?
4774TopicWhich Proffesion
4775TopicA few questions before I buy GW
4776TopicGW Symphony Video - missing?
4777TopicBeyond L20
Pages: 1, 2
4778TopicLife version of Sunqua Blade?
4779TopicHey, any guilds?
4780TopicThis or That?
4781TopicNoob Question on making 40/40 sets.
4782Topichallucinations in LA
4783TopicI'm the epitome of a noob.
4784TopicDo they?
4785TopicNecro weapon
4786TopicElementalist - Earth or Fire?
4787TopicMunne Frozen in Time?
4788TopicCheapest/Fastest Treasure Hunter Runs
4789TopicProblem with Texmod~ (Need pro advice)
4791TopicEchovald shields...
4792TopicSome questions from a GW newb...
4793TopicComing back, looking for answers.
4795TopicI'm Confused :(...
4796TopicThinking about buying the game
Pages: 1, 2
4797TopicHow i get this
Pages: 1, 2
4798TopicHall of Monuments question - Rainbow Phoenix
4799TopicBlessed or Geomancer
4800TopicDisconnection Issues
4801Topicgot luxon faction for kurz controlled area?
4802TopicDoes Heal/prot Bo staves exist?
4803TopicI'm new and I have some questions...
4805TopicJade Wind Orbs
4806TopicArmor of Earth bug? (shield doesn't work properly with it)
4807TopicCould someone explain the dishonor system to me?
4808TopicArmor stacking question
4809TopicDual attacks
4810TopicGetting ready for GW2, many HoM questions
4811TopicHow do I increase my damage when I attack?
4812TopicHOM Account Display Question
4813TopicZone Drinking
4814TopicNick Trav Drops
4815TopicGetting skills
4816TopicZaishen Coin Trade
4817TopicFaction grinding, which is faster?
4818TopicDrunkard Bot / Macro?!
4819TopicDoes guildwars support non standard aspect ratios?
4820Topicexpansions issue
4821TopicQuestion about the Hall of Monuments
4822TopicUser Ranks & Post Count
4823TopicPvP access kit question
4825TopicPassword help
4826TopicAbout Collector's Edition
4827Topicsword question
4828TopicLinking Accounts Question
4829Topicproblem with textmod
4830TopicGuild Wars Secret? Anyone Knows?
Pages: 1, 2
4831TopicNeed Assistance with a Nightfall Mission
4832TopicWhere is it? Question for folks that have been everywhere.
4833TopicQuestion: Trade Window, Party Search (P) Trade Display
4834TopicUpgrading Heroes?
4835TopicFaster way to stop maintaining an enchant
4836Topicneed answers
4837TopicJust bought the game
4838TopicAlliance anomaly. HELP!
4839Topicfarming nolani academy HM?
4840TopicCrossing the Desolation question
4841TopicChanging your account e-mail.
4842TopicNeed Help with Account!!
4843TopicSS/LB Delay
4844TopicWhere to go to start a guild forum.
4845TopicGuild Wars 2 question
4846TopicAnswer this
4847TopicWelcome Back
4848TopicShooting bow sideways?
4849TopicHealer hero AI question.
4850TopicChanging Your E-Mail
4851TopicReturning player question about EOTN
4852TopicEver seen an "Accursed Staff" linked to Death Magic?
4853TopicIs it Possible
4854TopicUnofficial guild wars question.
4855TopicGuidance Needed
4856TopicDouble Weekend Question
4857TopicInscribed Chakram Dye question
4858TopicDebit Card problem...
4859TopicEndgame Sin and Para
Pages: 1, 2
4860TopicI lost my unclaimed items window, will it ever come back?
4861TopicSelling Alcohol question
4862TopicComing back to GW, confused!
4863Topicgeneral question.
4864TopicIs it safe?
4865TopicReturning Player, Codex Arena?
4866TopicEN - Reputation and Luxons..
4867TopicKurzick VQ for Faction
4868TopicNew Person Help
4869TopicDrunkenness and /resign
4870TopicOld-School +1 Shield mods
4871TopicCelestial Staves drop from Mantids?
4872TopicCampaign Travel
4873TopicAreas in Factions (Cantha) without Afflicted Rangers
4874TopicWhat is this staff?
4875TopicStorage question
4876Topicranger combo question
4878Topic600 Tank - Health Needed?
4879TopicGuild Wars Nightfall : Collectors Edition..
4880Topicquestion on a shield mod
4881TopicPre Searing Runes
4882TopicGuild Wars Eye Of The North audio CD or WAV Release ?
4883TopicSomething I've never been able to understand
Pages: 1, 2
4884Topicdoes it still drop?
4885TopicWhy are minis of the same rarity more expensive than others?
4886TopicAbout free 4th Anniversary storage space
4887TopicWould this be wise to invest in?
4888TopicPvX Build Packs
4889TopicPvP Reward Divine Symbol, Chalice or Loop?
4890Topiccould someone pls help
4891TopicConsidering Buying GW
4892TopicNeed Major Help
4893Topic2 Questions - Titles for HoM and Campaign..
4894TopicPossible For Sins to 600?
4895TopicWhere can I find large long range mobs?
4896TopicIs there a way to show equipment pack...
4897TopicBest presearing character?
Pages: 1, 2
4898TopicGw population question.
4899TopicJoining Guild Wars?
Pages: 1, 2
4900Topicdownloading question
4901TopicStarting over: what should I be?
Pages: 1, 2
4902TopicCan't login into game
4903TopicObsidian Armor
4904TopicStarting up again
4905Topic1 man + 1 h = less drop?
4906Topicis guild wars for me?
4907TopicSt Patrick's Day event do not cover St Patrick's Day?
4908TopicGood Trade or Bad Trade
4909TopicI forgot my Guild Wars character name
4910TopicSome random questions...
4911TopicBanned for Payment Fraud
4912TopicPhysical resistance Question
4913TopicThe Official Guild Wars Wiki, try to hijack me?
4914TopicNeed Some Basic Elementalist Tips
4915TopicQuick kurzick ?
4916TopicA way to control spirits?
4917TopicAsuran Scan
4918Topic40/40 sets
4920Topichow long does it take to reset password?
4921TopicDwayna/Grenth Costumes worth it?
Pages: 1, 2
4922TopicPrerelease bonus packs
4923TopicWhat do I do with all these Luxon Factions!?
4924TopicMaster account
4925TopicIgnore list bug?
4926TopicEnchantment Lenghths
4927TopicLoading game on laptop
4928TopicKurz - - > Luxon Faction
4929TopicNon-inscribable EoTN Staff
4930TopicGuild Wars Prophecies
4931Topicpassword retrieval/reset methods
4932TopicChanging Secondary Prof. Question
4933TopicConsidering joining GW
4934TopicDoes Spoil Victor trigger on corpse exploitation?
4935TopicHow do Prophecies Collectors Game Activation Cards look?
4936TopicDoes AoU still protects if...
4937TopicDeny Hexes... How many?
4938TopicHoM - share...
4939TopicPvp question
4940TopicDo skills use fractional seconds?
4941TopicQuestion about Nightfall and Titles
4942TopicHoM - fast question..
4943TopicDeath leveling solo or dual?
4944TopicRekoff / Raptors Damage Type
4945TopicWhen did vamp mod text say 'life draining'?
4946TopicUsed Copy
4947TopicThe Smell of Titan in the Morning?
4948TopicNew CoF Build?
4949TopicCharr in Fort after Against the Charr?
4950TopicBuddy Key
4951TopicFoW/UW SC terms
4952TopicSwapping Weapon Sets
4953TopicFoWSC practice
4955TopicNCSoft Store- Skill Unlocks
4956TopicNeed some info about hereos
4957TopicWhat Gloves/Boots match with male Assasin ancient armor?
4958TopicShadow Steps, Hard mode, AI, and aggro
4959TopicXTH - officially closed notice from support
4960TopicPlaying from Iraq
4961TopicH2 cancel H&H flag
4962TopicA couple of Balthazar Farming questions
4963TopicBest Ele weapons ?
4964Topicquick question maybe silly but...
4965TopicLooking for info on hero builds! button
4967TopicGetting back into Guild Wars. Help needed!
4968TopicDaily Zaishen Question
4969TopicIs multi-accounting allowed?
4970TopicHow do people steal accounts these days?
4971TopicPre-Paid Credit Cards and the In-Game Store
4972TopicQ8 max insc tactics shields
4973TopicCan't access online store
4974TopicSingle Warrior seeks skills for PVE fun
4975TopicUltimate Guild Wars Guide - PC Gamer 2007
4976TopicAttune the Henge Portal (spoiler)
4977TopicGW gear abbreviations / questions
4978TopicWhat happens after you reach max screenshots?
4980TopicUsed to play a little.. now back
4981Topicnew Rit
4982TopicProblem with linking account
4983TopicHelp, trial account problem
4984TopicBots in PvP?
4985TopicPre-Searing Questions
4986TopicMainland Elona VQing vs Ravenous Gaze
4987TopicHigh Resolution Skill Icons (Texmod)
4988TopicHelp for vanquishing?
4989TopicWhat happens when enemies with zero base energy are affected by Famine?
4990TopicHotkey to toggle headgear ON/OFF?
4991TopicHow long does it generally take to get leg. cartographer
Pages: 1, 2
4992TopicHow do you add extra slots?
4993TopicHow long does it take NCsoft to respond to account support reqs these days?
4994TopicBest Expansion Deal?
4995TopicHow many Guilds can my characters join?
4996TopicNecrosis now a skill
4997TopicHistory - What Quests has this or any Char done?
4998TopicUnable to log into Game
4999TopicAccount based titles - which are easiest?
5000TopicExpansion Eye of North
5001TopicWhere is it going?
5002TopicGame crash upon DL latest update?
5003TopicDoes Veiled Nightmare....
5004Topicobsid flesh, useless?
5005Topiccan't get to cavalon or hzh
5006TopicNew Earth Shaker (and Yeti Smash?) Animation
5007TopicOld school items ?
Pages: 1, 2
5008TopicLeeching in Rata Sum
5010TopicAnyone else getting awful lag at the moment?
5011TopicFactions Related Question.
5012TopicHow do I enlarge Quest text
5014Topicquick shot vs called shot
5015TopicStarting Factions with or without Prophecies Character?
5016Topic+30hp vs 20%HCT for High Set
5018TopicWhy doesn't my bone creature not always come forth?
5019TopicI have more spells than action slots?
5020TopicWhat party and sweet items are Spammable?
5021TopicCannot get a character name from support!?
5022TopicNeed help on activating Ranger skill?
5023TopicToo many Dwarfs
5024TopicRun 2 Guild Wars at once on same PC?
5025TopicHow do I give commands to my pet
5026TopicAttribute Points
5027TopicHow do I get more action slots?
5028TopicCons of leaving Pre-Searing Early
Pages: 1, 2
5029TopicDoes anyone remember my character names?
5030Topic68 Hour Ban
5031TopicCharacter Names Lost....
Pages: 1, 2
5032TopicMonestary Overlook
5033TopicI desire a Kuunavang minipet......
5034Topicillusionary weaponry/ conjure flame
5035TopicRoller Beetle Racing
5036Topiclevel 17 A/D dealling low damage ;[
5037TopicInherent HSR 20% on staves
5038TopicPets from PvP
5039TopicPoint to PvP Item Cap?
5040TopicStarter Pack..
5041TopicIf I leave Kryta for Elona, Can I come back to Kryta any time I want?
5042TopicWelcome to Cantha
5043TopicUnranked HA builds this weekend
5044TopicZkeys is this a glitche?
5045TopicBuying bowstrings, wraps and whatnot.
5046TopicWhat is the best way to get FoW armour?
5047TopicEye of the North
5048TopicNeed Help Understanding Energy and Energy Regeneration
5050Topicweapon mods combination
5051TopicKurzick/Luxon Allegiance Question...
5052TopicWhere is the main trading outpost in game now?
5053TopicBeing Time On Playing
5054Topichow to start the game ?!
5055TopicTemplate Code Question
5056Topicsunspear and lightbringer..
5057TopicChanging Account Name
5058TopicAccess Keys
5060TopicJust bought guild wars trilogy and have a question
5061Topicdeld armor -> bright red
5062TopicMiniature Pig, why so low priced?
5063TopicMaybe is a noob question
5064TopicThinking about coming back. Couple of questions
5065TopicKuunavang , Ectos..
5066TopicEasiest Titles for HoM??
5067TopicUnique skinned Greens.
Pages: 1, 2
5068TopicWhich Class Experiences Most Endgame Content?
5069Topicok so exactly how common is this tiger mini?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
5070TopicPosers at auction
5072TopicPower Trading?
5073TopicWth do I do now?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5074TopicQuestion for long-time players.
5075TopicWebsite ban on discussing Nicholas the Traveller?
5076TopicHow long before I can create character again?
5077TopicAccount / password resets
5078TopicRoller beatle racing
5079TopicHow do I report botters?
5080TopicBuying GW through NCSoft's website.
5081TopicWhich alliance/guilds?...
5082TopicNeed new outfit
5083Topicgood team for me..??
5084TopicEgil Fireteller
5085TopicImage Extension
5086TopicWhat the hell is the point of password reset?
5087TopicPassword Problems
5088Topic[ HOM and Mini Pets + GW2 ]
5089Topicunable to switch characters
5090TopicHall of Monuments
5091TopicMultiple account
5092TopicLow req + dmg axe or sword with +4/5 energy
5093TopicIstani/Kournan Chests
5094TopicFinale Question
5095TopicGoal(s) for Canthan New Year
5096TopicLunar Fortunes - diff for each year? how?
5097Topicfinale range?
5098TopicAttribute Points
5099TopicWhich chests are the most profitable to open and why?
5100TopicSearching for Sorrow's Furnace Mini-pak
5101TopicGW:EN --- how to get there??
5102TopicGood Builds?
5103TopicRestoring lost items and characters
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5104TopicLunar Fortunes, when your inventory is full?
5105TopicMystery Gift question
5106TopicFarming With Igneous Summoning Stone
5107TopicQuestion about Guild Wars Platinum Edition.
5108TopicI need Advice
5109TopicInviting guest to visit my own Zaishen Menagerie
5110TopicWeekend Events Schedule...
5111Topicdoes people still play GW??
5112Topicthe "best" trade for Zcoins
5113TopicQuestion about Luxon skills
5114TopicStaff Wrapping of Mastery + 1 (20% chance) question
5115TopicAmulet of the Mists weapons automaticaly customized?
5116TopicCoffers of Whispers
5117TopicQuestion for Scam
5118Topicquestion about the EULA
5119TopicQuestions for best players
5120TopicIs this a banable offence?
5121TopicHelp me please :)
5122TopicDifference between those 2??
5123TopicQuestion about Deldrimor Focus
5124Topic[Account] Question. ;-;
5125TopicWtf, Code 26.
5126TopicHM and Elite Areas
5127TopicDragon Arena AT?
5128Topicsundering weapon mod on casters
5129Topiccamera control
5130TopicQuestion about GW Key
5131TopicGuild Wars Complete Collection
5132TopicHP 55 Monk Farming help?
5133TopicQuestion regarding requirements on weapons
5134TopicCheap Chests
5135TopicFastest way to consume tonics?
Pages: 1, 2
5136TopicRragars and Clockwork?
5137Topicstand alone mapping collectors guide
5138Topic+1 X% for shields
5139Topictexmod issue - the game loads, nothing gets modded
5140TopicBuild of heros
5141TopicEoE - FoWSC - What quests?
5142Topiclist of allowed characters in local/guild/alliance/... chat, guild announcement
5143TopicError Report
5144TopicIs it possible for someone to get banned for buying an invite to a guild?
5145TopicNecromancer healer - good idea or blasphemy?
5146TopicPlaying EotN
5147TopicTasca's Demise vanquish
5148Topiclunar tokens
5149Topicsuperquickdumb question
5150Topicwhat should i invest in ?
Pages: 1, 2
5151TopicGuild Wars Support
5152Topicif i buy those skills packs....need some quick answers..
5153TopicGw eula
5154TopicHoM weapon dedication question
5155TopicSome Questions
5156TopicMini Polar Bear
5157TopicMeasure for Measure
5158TopicI´ve a question
5159TopicWheres the Canthan Ambassador?
5160TopicLong time MMO player new to Guild Wars (INORITE?)
5161TopicNot getting reset password email
5162TopicWhat happens if you delete a pvp character?
5163TopicHoM and character names
5164TopicArmor/Item Sets?
5165TopicSpent a crazy amount of time farming SD... now what
5166TopicHours per day
5167TopicLuck and unlucky titles
5168TopicFrom Nightfall to Prophecies
5169TopicQuestions about Q8's
5170TopicElementalist Prophecies Build?
5171TopicSelling Ectos??? SS it and get the scammer banned!!!
5172TopicCanthan New Year 2010
5173TopicThis is the real crazy glitch! (vanquishing)
5174TopicHero Balthazar spirit and retribution
5175TopicEotN Books transferrable?
5176TopicWhat's with the LAG?
5177TopicCrazy gw glitch!!!
5178TopicA new build of Guild Wars and the force kick
5179TopicCan it be done?
5180TopicDo I just need r4 for HoM or GWAMM?
5181TopicAccess Key question
5182TopicOld school?
5183TopicPassword Reset
5184Topicis it worth getting nightfalls+factions at this time
Pages: 1, 2
5185TopicWhat is sd farming?
5186TopicDeer tonic?
5187TopicPotential issue with the updater
5188TopicStupid question but I couldn't find it elsewhere.
5189TopicGraphics trouble.
5190TopicFew questions about GW
5191TopicQuimang's Last Stand And Other Quests
5192TopicFocus/Wand or Staff?
5193TopicPrelimary PvE update notes?
5194TopicThinking of trying things out! Any suggestions to start?
5195TopicOf *-slaying Weapon Mod Question
5196TopicMezzy or Ranger for RA?
5197TopicPlaying for PvE purposes?
5198TopicWintersday Eye of North Grinding
5199TopicHas ANet changed lucky/unlucky point rate?
5200TopicQuestion about Onyx Gemstone Price?
5201TopicPortable Guild Wars
5202TopicGuild Wars music volume...
5203TopicWorking on items.
Pages: 1, 2
5204TopicBest way to farm festival items?
5205TopicTexmod problem
5206TopicLockpick drop
Pages: 1, 2
5207TopicProblem Seeing Asuran towns in EoTN
5208Topic[ Tankers In GW ]
5209TopicI feel like a noob for asking this question, but i need to know..
5210Topicwhat are the pros/cons of joining accounts and separate account?
5211Topicwhat's up with these people ?
5212TopicRuby Drop?
5213TopicIs there a way to close your own thread?
5214Topictextmod not working after latest game update
5215TopicHow To Upgrade My Account To A Full Version?
5216TopicQuestion About Chests
5217TopicI Have a Question!
5218TopicCan I dedicate 2 of the same minipets?
5219TopicFluxuating ping
5220TopicVengeful Weapon feedback loop?
5221TopicI did not buy gold online!!!!!
5222TopicStarting to play again.
5223TopicThe Live Team Are Aware
5224TopicGuild banned, options?
5225TopicConnecting to arenanet
5226TopicGreen Items
5227Topici think i got hacked =[
5228TopicWhy cant i log in
5229Topicquestion about vq
5230TopicRare skins?
5231TopicHow to record decent quality video?
Pages: 1, 2
5232TopicSorry, you are not permitted to have a signature.
5233Topicwhich 3 pve skill is the most useful/best ?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5234TopicDrop list of tomes by profession
5235Topiccan you add banned players to friends list?
5236TopicRunning Plagueborn chest's
5237TopicAnyBody Add Me In Game?
5238TopicWhy is the support on this game so slow?
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5239TopicScammer Everlasting Yuletide Tonic ???
5240TopicI Need The Money
5241TopicForm of scamming
5242TopicWho is -name removed-?
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5244Topicnew player
5245TopicName Change?
5246TopicIs it true they're changing 600smite skills?
5247TopicYour opinion, please, if I may acquire it
Pages: 1, 2
5248TopicGetting back into guildwars...
5249TopicGuild Wars Support
5250Topicweapons with caster stats (not mods/insc)
5251Topicmaster cartographer title
5252Topicwhat exactly do you after lvl 20?
5253TopicLong wait to get into AB
5254TopicRune of recovery
5255Topicexploration trouble
5256TopicOdd request
5257Topicwhat should i do when i lag ?
Pages: 1, 2
5258Topic20% reduced condition duration on shields
5259TopicWeapon set and Equipment pack: How to switch correctly?
5260Topicenchantment question
5261TopicSavior of luxons/kurzicks qstn
5262TopicAm I doing the right thing?
5263TopicMargrid The Sly?
5264TopicQuestion about trading/traders
Pages: 1, 2
5265Topicachieving legendary survivor
5266TopicHow does armour work?
5267TopicThe Menagerie
5268TopicWindersday Redux
5269TopicWhy won't Guildwars password reset send the email to my inbox?
5270Topic Why is this rod worth so much?
5271Topicwintersday redux>Canthan new year?
5272TopicWhat is your most fun profession ?
Pages: 1, 2
5273Topicfull client source
5274TopicCounter strike has Lan Parties as Guild Wars has...
5275TopicCant use focus core..
Pages: 1, 2
5276TopicQuests done?
5277TopicHMM jsut got curious about this site...
5278Topicthinking about getting this game... but have a question...
5279TopicWintersday Redux and Canthan New Year
5280TopicCan Someone Do This?
5281TopicThe Texmod vs Virus Blocker Situation
5282TopicCasual players getting rich??!!
5283TopicChanging account email / master account
5284TopicOptimal way to experience trilogy? and other questions
Pages: 1, 2
5286Topicothers in guilds
5287TopicWhy is this rod worth so much?
5288TopicProblem With Minister Cho's Estate Training Mission
5289TopicMonument of Resilience problem
5290TopicIs it possible to finish a mission for the 1. time without getting the reward?
Pages: 1, 2
5291TopicWas there ever an event for drop rates to increase?
5292TopicAm I going blind? ._.
5293TopicI Thought Heroes Were On Your Side?
Pages: 1, 2
5294TopicI got one of those NCsoft Security Notice emails...
5295TopicIs Guild Wars still alive?
Pages: 1, 2
5296TopicDishes for Canthan New Year
5297TopicWhats Better For A D.D?
5298TopicStaves Only Being Linked to Primary Atts
5299TopicInventory Help
5300TopicNew to the GW!
5301TopicIs This True?
Pages: 1, 2
5302TopicI need Help :)
5303TopicNine Rings Funding question
5304TopicNewbie question
Pages: 1, 2
5305TopicNew to Guild Wars
5306TopicVery simple but never been clear about weapon modifiers
5307TopicMini Celestial Tiger - Canthan New Year 2010
5308TopicFastest chestrun location
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5309Topicmy friend apears offline in my friend kist
5310TopicShould I Buy Istani Keys For Chests At My Level?
5311TopicBest farming proffesion
5312TopicPolymock Ether Signet bug?
5313TopicWhere's my heavy equipment pack?
5314TopicMale or female?
5315TopicIs This Good Or Bad?
5316TopicGot my guild wars account hacked
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
5317TopicDigital purchase?
5318TopicWhat should I do?
5319TopicCan i be b&?
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5320TopicHow do I get my screen to rotate?
5322TopicResetting an NCsoft Linked Password
5323TopicReinstalling on a new computer
5324TopicWhere Do I Find The Ranks For The Forum?
5325TopicPassword reset on Guildwars won't work!
5327Topicguildwars pvp-
5328TopicAccount blocking
5331TopicGetting spooky email from "NCSoft?" Don't get phished! (Info & Security Guide)
5332TopicAgainst the Destroyers (Eye of the north)
5333TopicAccount Hacked need help!
5334TopicWhat class to go with?
5335TopicNeed help with gwx2
5336TopicPractical use of Double Vamp?
5337TopicSorrow's Furnace Chests not dropping anything
5338TopicWhat Changed All Of A Sudden????
5339TopicStaff mod glitch
5340TopicWhen did a rare weapon drop a somewhat non-max?
5341TopicZ-Stuff, Nickolas pre/post, how does it work?
5342TopicDeath leveling with pet?
5343TopicMax Pre Weapons?
5344TopicDoes GW make sense for me?
5345TopicHow to disable combat music?
5346TopicPassword Changing Question.
5347TopicTo high end pvp...?
5348TopicSlaying mods question...
5349TopicKurz-Lux Border and Capital Cities
5350TopicChained Souls in tombs
5351TopicMax Armor Stack?
5352TopicHail M'Lord & Ladies, If i might ask a few questions
5353TopicBeyond Lvl 20, what would my level be?
Pages: 1, 2
5354TopicHow to find a group for DoA?
5355TopicEmail NCsoft?
5357TopicDeleting a char that has stuff in HOM
5358TopicHA/GvG Mesmer Botting
5359TopicVanquishing and Kurzick points
5360TopicAre chest drops better in HM?
5361Topicsome questions on power trading
Pages: 1, 2
5362Topicforgot characters names
5363TopicTarget Nearest vs Target Next
5364TopicHavent played for almost a year
5365TopicSomethings wrong ?
5366TopicUsing two tonics at once
5367TopicI dont understand; why?
5368TopicNew to the game
5369TopicChange Chat Text?
5370TopicQuestion about guild requirements.
5371TopicDrunkard, Party Animal and Sweet Tooth Titles
5372TopicKilroy Punchout Tourny
5373TopicProblem resetting GW password
5374TopicQuest for the holy focus!
5375TopicGuild Wars trilogy question
5376TopicHow to make a screenshot like this ?
5377Topicwhat to do with my 300k
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5378TopicQuestion about modding
5379TopicQuestion about FoW
5380TopicTransfering alot to diffrent accounts
5381TopicIs this a glitch?
5382TopicAdopt a Newb!
Pages: 1, 2
5383Topiclost password and account
5384Topicaccount hacked? or is it just the game?
5385TopicHow do I move skillbars and other things in game?
5386Topictransfer titles to gw2
5387Topicrunning window mode and mouse trying to close window
5388TopicSo i bought a HERO skill but my HERO cant use it?
5389TopicHoM - Safe to delete characters?
5390TopicThe real question is when are we getting the skill update
5391TopicExtra Sets of Prestige Armor
5392TopicHigh energy set?
5393TopicLogin issue
5394TopicIs Guild Wars Factions Discontinued?
5395TopicShortcut to invite to party?
5396TopicDrunken Master Question
5397Topicwhere to use which type of element skills/damage?
5398TopicShould I be worried?
5399TopicHigh End Selling Oddity
5400TopicZinn's Task: Deactivating R.O.X.-need help!
5401TopicMapping out have any keylogger/trojan?
5402TopicTyria Cartography Title Question
5403TopicRedux Weekend
5404Topicstacking how
5405Topicneed a little Cartography help
5406TopicProphecies Skill on Nightfall
5407TopicIs it possible to change your email if your account is tied to Plaync?
5408TopicMy Guild Wars Account
5409TopicNew to Guild Wars, and MMORPGs
5410Topicvanquish questions
5411TopicNeed 1 more for GWAMM, which one is the easiest?
5412TopicYet Another HoM-GW2 Question...
5413TopicGW2 transfer question.
5414TopicQuestion on Hall of Monuments
5415TopicJust A Quick Question
5416TopicHow to gain Kurzick ranks/ skills?
5417TopicPayment in ectos
5418TopicHoM Statue concern
5419TopicGrand Court of Sebelkeh Mission... Impossible? Help!
5420TopicNew timer at GW
5421TopicGifts of the traveler
5422Topicxunlai tournament house
5423Topicabout profession versatility
5424TopicWhat Is My Dervish Doing Wrong?!
5425TopicSome questions :) Again >.<
5426TopicWhy aren't my enchantment staying on me?
5427TopicWiki help
5428TopicPassword Resetting?
5429TopicEasiest GW campaign to beat?
5430TopicBest title for dervish
5431TopicHow many Bonus Mission Pack Stories can you get?
5432TopicJust saw a mini freezie.
5433TopicWhen will the next skill update come
5434TopicTexmod problems WTFZ?
5435TopicAnyone know the build for running Hell Precipice with a A/E?
5436TopicQuestion about skill unlock and elite skills!
5437TopicWhat happened to Even for Dwayna, Odd for Grenth?
5438TopicReset password
5439TopicAs a perma sin, whats the easiest dungeon to run in HM?
5440TopicEasiest way to get to Mineral Springs?
5441TopicI Have A Couple Of Questions?
5442TopicCoolest Sword and shield?
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4
5443TopicSo how am I supose to learn the skill if its only offered to heros....
5444TopicQuestions about Drunkard Title
5445TopicNot able to connect to anything ANET!
5446TopicDedicating Minipets
5447TopicDoes IMS Candy Stack?
5448TopicEverlasting mursaat tonic question
5449Topicbuild thats works great with vamperic sword
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5450TopicSerial Code Application
5451Topicfees when using paysafecard in the shop
5452TopicQuestion about Bonus Mission skill. Help?
5453Topiccant login
5454Topicso what core?
5455TopicWhy was last automated tournament in septemper?
5456TopicStill Possible?
5457TopicSunspear Title/Bounty Problems?
5458TopicNCSoft - 2 Different Log-Ins? Why?
5459Topicpassword issue
5460TopicMonk Speed booker?
5461TopicWhy is Sundering considered 'perfect' when Vamp does more DPS overall.
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5462TopicWintersday Finale 9 rings
5463TopicOld GW player here
5464TopicGW2 Question on Races: Norn
5465TopicAnything needed for the Wintersday finale?
5466Topicnorns, are they humans ?
5467TopicPre-searing and WD Costumes
5468TopicLanguage Filter
5469TopicCan't capture Elite skill in Kourna with a Factions character?
5470TopicForgot Character name
5471TopicDo elite armors on different characters count towards HoM?
5472TopicSome q.
5473TopicFactions Collector's Edition
5474TopicI am a idiot
5475TopicShould I finish nightfall with my Dervish?
5476TopicWhich Upgrade Product?
5477TopicWill adding a key from a euro-uk box to an american acount work?
5478TopicOld Ascalon.
5479Topicpet levels spawned in menagerie
5480TopicBalthazar's Spirit
5481TopicRecruiting Tips
5482TopicForgot My Characters Names?
5483TopicCharacter Simulation ?
5484TopicDrops While in a group
5485TopicNew Player Inquiries
5486TopicDoes A/E perma tombs farming still work?
5487TopicAnother returning player, wondering where Anet is
5488TopicFraud Suspicion?
5489Topicsalvaging gold vs purp vs blue
5490TopicQuestion about the ''accept loot'' option..
5491TopicFast new costume question
5492TopicGW community still active?
5493TopicMass use tonics
5494TopicWintersday 9 Rings
5496TopicAuto login shortcut
5497TopicAdd Trilogy to GOTY?
5498Topicpet levelling in/before Zaishen Menagerie?
5499TopicWhat other combos are there?
5500TopicHow to get 92e by 2 or 3 days?
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5501TopicBest heros for para
5502TopicNeed help with proffesion Choice
5503TopicWhere is the 8v8 snowball arena?
5504TopicIs it possible for other professions to maintain SF with cons?
5505TopicWhat is the point of the Zaishen Menagerie?
5506TopicA R/W Please Help
5507TopicPicking professions/getting into the swing of things
5508TopicSecurity Question Problem
5509TopicMissing Slaver's page in HM Dungeon Book
5510Topic"Please reset your password today!"
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5511TopicIs it safe using commands for your Username, Password, etc.
5512TopicIs it worth it?
5513Topic600 monk farming
5514Topicquestion to all professions usin shield (tactic)
5515TopicNew to the game...Assassin question
5516TopicWhen do the presents drop in la???
5517TopicScrimmaging Heroes
5518TopicWintersday Nine Rings, Lucky Title Track Question
5519Topicsalvage kit won't open in ascalon
5520TopicBizarre inscription
5521TopicWhere to buy, what to buy?
5522TopicDeath Level advice wanted...
5523TopicLost my pet?
5524TopicGW Support Staff
5525TopicI'm new and would like some help. (: [PvP]
5526Topicpassword retreival
5529Topicso whats it mean to be
5530TopicAbout power trade
5531TopicHow do you change you secondary proffesion in a trial account?
5532Topicrecovering lost account information
5533Topiczkey question
5534TopicHow do you sell items to an NPC?
5535TopicMy account was suspended?
5536TopicWould this get flagged as fraud?
5537TopicWill Celestial Ox prices start to go up?
5538TopicDual Boxing Farming
5539Topicback to the underworld
5540Topicwho's leader on runs?
5541TopicPrepaid cards?
5542Topicbeen away for a while
5543TopicWhat can you do if you've been hacked?
5544TopicRift Warden?
5545TopicLittle Help on Cartography Plz =)
5546TopicWintersday ATs
5547TopicEmail saying someone has reset my password.
Pages: 1, 2
5548TopicJennur's Horde Trouble.
5549Topicwhere are the candysmiths?
5550TopicHow many patch do we have in a day?
5551TopicReq 8 is rarer?
5552TopicDC probs on trial account
5553TopicGuild Wars Shop
5554TopicSpeed booking related question.
5555TopicQuestion regarding the mini Polar Bear pet
5556TopicPet Evolutions in the Zaishen Menagerie
5557Topiccant get northern wall mission
5558Topic9 Rings on Wintersday
5559TopicIngame Store- Fraud Suspicion
5560TopicH/H Vanqing sparkfly swamp as a war
5561TopicWintersday 09 Festival Hats
5562TopicName Question
5563TopicWeird login address
5564TopicRecently made hats in mini games?
5565Topic9 rings in wintersday?
5566TopicNCSoft account
5567TopicCharacter Name :/
Pages: 1, 2
5568TopicGetting to Kryta from Ascalon (post searing)
5569Topicpeppermint candy cane
5570TopicBugged Staff? Or is this just rare?
Pages: 1, 2
5571Topicquestion on smite idea
5572TopicCan't start Nightfall mini-quest(s)... Help ! (yes I have prerequisites)
5573TopicGuild wars bug
5574TopicHelp with some questions of a newbie
5575Topicguidance please
5576TopicBeginners question
5577Topicis this legal???
5578TopicBest Class in Game?
Pages: 1, 2
5579TopicA Simple Dye Question
5580TopicAdding Up Attributes
5581TopicA exploring question...
5582TopicIs there a way...
5583TopicMallyx NM/HM
5584TopicSome Weapon Clarification Questions
5585TopicReturning to the game after a long dry period, few questions
5587TopicA security question
5588TopicHey, a few "noob" questions...
5589Topictwo quick questions...
5590TopicFastest way to make money?
Pages: 1, 2
5591TopicDid I make a mistake already?
5592TopicVery confused about ncsoft and the game...
5593TopicHow to add a campaign?
5594TopicNew player account questions
5595TopicFactions and Pet Addon
5596TopicPrice of Polar?
5597TopicSalvaging, Identification advice
5598TopicDhuum's Summon Skills
5599TopicA new character
5600TopicReporting A Scammer
5601TopicHow do I get Kathandrax entered into my master dungeon guide
5602TopicHelp Please
5603TopicHard Mode
5604Topicabout duncan HM run
5605TopicNCStore: Guild Wars Factions + Free EOTN
5606TopicHow do I delete my NCSoft account permanently?
5607TopicGW PvP community population/quality today?
5608TopicImpersonating a GM?
5610TopicTrial version
5611Topicarmour question
5612TopicDishonorable status
5613TopicUpdate - Friday, December 11, 2009
5614TopicSkipping Missions
5615TopicWhat the [email protected]#$ IS that?!
5616Topicguildwars nightfall
5617TopicWhere to key run for title?
5618TopicMonthly update
Pages: 1, 2
5619TopicSave, Sell or Salvage
5620TopicOrder of completion
5622TopicBorn Again Noob!
5623TopicAccount problem - Both GW and ncsoft master
5624Topicextension that downloads all files in 1 go?
5625TopicHall of Monuments question.
5626TopicQuestion about 'travelling' between continents
5627TopicReporting option - What have I done...
5629TopicGuild Wars Factions Poster (from Collector's Editon)
5630TopicA couple of questions after coming back
5631TopicSimple question about Hard Mode
5632TopicNcsoft Account linked
5634TopicAccount safety
5635TopicWintersday Mini Games
5636TopicJust bought guild wars trilogy and need to know if I have to restart?
5637TopicJust a Question if you can help me plz do.
5638Topics/b b/o c/o ???????
5639TopicBring mini pets to fight Dhuum?
5640TopicWorth it coming back or no?
5641TopicVery close friend Falsely banned indefinetly
5642TopicIs it too late to make a farming Rit?
5643TopicAny new items?
5644TopicPlaying GW is suffering >< ned help
5645TopicFemale Charr
Pages: 1, 2
5646TopicStarting Area
5647TopicShould I buy Guild Wars?
Pages: 1, 2
Pages: 1, 2
5649TopicPain Inverter stacking
5650Topicdefeating magni as a monk?
5652TopicHelp! Game Account Locked!
5653TopicSteam Purchase
5655TopicJade Quarry NPC's - Can they be ressurected?
5656TopicGuild Wars [holiday offers]
5657Topic"That district is closed. Please try another one"
5658Topicwhat to do now? (ranger issue)
Pages: 1, 2
5659TopicAre chaos gloves worth it?
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5660TopicDo you know how?
5661TopicDedicating armor/weapons/etc.
5662TopicList of high end weapons.
Pages: 1, 2
5663TopicMultiple GW Accounts
5664TopicPre-Searing's Crystalline-Moddable?
5665TopicLost attribute
5666TopicReindeer Tonic: Usage
5668TopicValue of Reindeer Tonic Opinions
5669TopicProphecies and Nightfall
5670TopicZashain Challenge Quest
5671TopicAccount Hacks: Your help in this matter are invaluable!
5672TopicGuild Wars Reset Password
5673TopicSeveral LDOA Questions
5674TopicGuildwars factions - collectors edition?
5675TopicSmite monks
5676TopicUpgrade Weapons
5677TopicTactics vs Strength
5678TopicH/H elite areas?
5680TopicCustomisation (Blindfold) Query
5681TopicWhat is this?
5682TopicTitles Question
5683TopicHacked account?
Pages: 1, 2
5684Topic2 questions
5685TopicSo what has changed
5686TopicPossible to 'bond' Dhuum?
Pages: 1, 2
5687TopicElite Areas, Harder Missions, Harder Dungeons
5688TopicH/H and looting while dead
5689TopicSlaver's Exile
5690TopicStacking and non stacking
5692TopicBone Dragon Staff availability
5693TopicSo PVP and PVE skills/items and heros
5694Topicdisplaying armour in HoM
5695TopicCan i use assassin in orignal guild wars?
5696TopicLost M.O.X. Golem!
5697TopicAny successful guild wars podcast since guildcast?
5698TopicNew UW Build without SF
5700TopicThe Glorious Hall of Monuments! :3
5701TopicNcsoft Master Account
5702Topicsome newbie questions
5703TopicProfession Change Quest Question
5704TopicWhy dont i have the same skills with different character, same prof.
5705Topicwhere are these rebels?
5706Topicabout NCsoft support....
5707TopicHeroes and Dhuum fight
5708TopicLittle help starting over.
5709TopicWhat should i do next?
5710Topicplease tell me where the rebels are
5711Topicif you change your name?
5712TopicNew Character Question
5713TopicFrenzy and Damage Caps
5714TopicMask of the Mo Zing Question.
5715TopicCopper Zaishen Coins - Creme Brule a good deal?
5716TopicUnidentified Gold
5717TopicStaff Damage
5718Topicsome help with duo h/h stygian veil
5719TopicProblem with Nightfall
5720Topic3 questions
5721TopicKurzick Skills
5722TopicHelp choosing profession
5723TopicShield of the Condemned
5724TopicTexmod gfx qstn
5725TopicLinking existing GW account to PlayNC
5726TopicIs there anyone left who's just playing for their first time?
Pages: 1, 2
5727TopicMore foes after complete vanquish?
5728TopicHero skill gift of health
5729TopicMini's sounds.
5730TopicGWO/IncGamers reported as attack site?
5731Topictournament points
5732TopicPlease help Mhenlo isnt with me for Vizunah
5733TopicWhite Dye
5734TopicSmiting monk
5735TopicBlessed or Radiant for t1
5736Topicworth it to work on my monk
5737TopicWhy are Prophecies Zaishen-missions rewards so low?
5738TopicHow to make Pink Dye?
5739TopicGood looking warrior shield
5740TopicThanksgiving event (Unannounced)
5742TopicMy New Experiment
5743TopicDefinition of "Good stuff."
5744TopicLow Req Shields
5745TopicWarrior/Monk - Sword build please
5746TopicHaving problem installing Guild Wars
5747TopicQuestion about holiday promotion
5748TopicMoar Random Questions 'n stuff (With a point... hopefully)! ^^'
5749TopicDwayna's little helpers?
5750TopicInherent Qualms from an ex-WoW player
Pages: 1, 2
5752TopicA really stupid question...please be kind!
5753TopicEotN Pre-Release Items
5754TopicGWAMM will broadcast or not?
5755Topic[Search] GW Prophecies Collectors Edition
5756TopicQuestion about Holiday Promotion
5757TopicWhats the fastest way to level heroes in your opinion?
5758TopicMiniature Gwen Doll - music?
5759TopicQuickest way to unlock Exotic Armor at the NPC?
5760Topicwhich titles/where to start for GWAMM
Pages: 1, 2
5761Topicbest class for missions running,vq etc.
5762TopicRunning Two GW Accounts?
5763Topicwhat classes are gonna be in GW2??
5764TopicDhuum Explanation
5765Topicfocused anger breakpoints
5766TopicA combination...
5767TopicQP's needed for this mat.
5768TopicWhat do I do with Tournament Tokens??
5769TopicDragon Gauntlets Question
5770TopicTexmod & Account Security
5771TopicMax armor and damage range
5773TopicDeleting a title-bearing character...
5774TopicPits quest ; Ridiculous for balanced?
5775Topichow do i get my aion wings
5776TopicDamn Dhuum...
5778TopicUnderworld with Heroes?
5779Topiccamera issues with gw
5780TopicThe Waiting Game
5781TopicDoes Conjure increase Hundred Blades damage?
Pages: 1, 2
5782TopicWater Staves (Tyrian Dead Staff Skin)
5783TopicHow do you Weapon Swap?
5784Topicmonk weapon
5785TopicQuick question
5786TopicThis years hat same as last years hat?
Pages: 1, 2
5787TopicSymbols in chat/guild tag
5788TopicWhat Hero Skills
5789Topicwho host?who creator?
5790TopicHow do i cartograph this part of cantha
5791TopicNot getting enough faction?
5792TopicAssassin obby dye chart
5793Topicfoot path
5794TopicSalvaging for materials
5795Topicaccount hacked
5796TopicThe Deep?
5797TopicCapturing an elite skill with 2nd profession
5798Topicport city/store line
5799TopicEle Headpiece
5800TopicThe Waiting Game
Pages: 1, 2
5801TopicHow do you complete these quests in UW with a balanced team?
5802TopicDef Boost
5803TopicNew to GW, population questions
Pages: 1, 2
5804TopicAm Fah
5805TopicPvE Help
5806TopicAccount Unlocking?
5807TopicLogin screen
5808TopicPlatinum Edition from start, which profession?
5809TopicGood Greens to Farm this Weekend?
Pages: 1, 2
5810TopicNeed help with last .3% of Cartographer
5811TopicAre the Dhuum Skeletons here to stay?
5812TopicTrilogy box question
5813TopicNO elite Derv skills from Priest of Balthazar?
5814TopicIs there a faction/nightfall trial?
5815TopicTexmod qstn
5816TopicOdd support(?) e-mails
5817TopicFarming Pain and Skill eater
5818TopicThe next update?
Pages: 1, 2
5819TopicStill fastest way to get lvl 20?
Pages: 1, 2
5820Topicwhere to get pvp access kit?
5821TopicCharacter Slots
5822TopicFirst time making it to...
5823Topicgw authorization error
5824TopicBest Campaign for Skill Capture
5825TopicPass objects between two accounts
Pages: 1, 2
5826TopicHow much does the sweets, drunkard, and party title cost?
5827TopicGame manuals/pamphlets/manuscripts/thingies
5828Topicsmiters receive damage, how?
5829TopicDoes Guild Wars have a suggestion site?
5830TopicMore Bots in game it seems?
Pages: 1, 2
5831TopicPvP Trial Key.
5832Topic/Aion Emote Codes Region Locked?
5833TopicSword of fortitude or shelter for fowsc
5834TopicWhat to do with PvP char skill points?
5835TopicOld player. I have a few questions.
5836TopicAny comsumables like a BDAY cake?
5837TopicFarming Questions
5838TopicOld Player, New Questions
5839TopicList of the special characters allowed ingame
5840TopicGuildwars 2 Account
5841TopicPre Searing Insignia
5842TopicNew to GW
5843TopicmAT Qualifier Points
5844TopicDyeing dervish primeval armor: help?
5845TopicHOM Armor Issue
5846TopicGood Farming
5847TopicZaishen Menagerie
5848TopicThe Xunlai Tournament House
5849TopicCodex Title Faction Cap Boost
5850TopicIdentify and Unlocking Items
5851Topicerror code=045?
5852TopicUsing the online wiki and understanding progression tables
5853TopicProblem logging in
5854TopicHow do you get CCs?
5855TopicWill the Soldiers of Dhuum go away?
5856TopicNooby questions need some answeres just picked it up today
5858TopicAnymore Xunlai or character slots Sales coming up?
5859TopicDhuum skills
5860TopicRetaining Lockpicks for Lucky Title
5861Topicquestion about majesty's rest vanquish
5862TopicI was Scammed. got a question.
5864TopicWhy too low Weapon set (1-4) ?
Pages: 1, 2
5865TopicUnlocking heroes - what's the use?
5866TopicPvP Vs. PvE
5867TopicAfraid to salvage fiery brute sword of enchanting
5868TopicCan't log into my account
5869Topicarmor and damage
5870TopicHow can I find the CD Keys associated with my account?
5871TopicAccount Suspended
5872TopicUnlocking Zaishen heroes no longer useful?
5873TopicChanging login email address
5874Topicwhat did the new build do?
Pages: 1, 2
5875TopicIs wiki down?
5876TopicBeginner question
5877TopicAccount Suspended
5878TopicNew minipet??
5879TopicIn need of Inventory Icons
Pages: 1, 2
5880TopicHow do I delete my GW Guru account?
5882TopicFestival hat
5883TopicI have a problem
5884TopicJust lost my Survivor
Pages: 1, 2
5885TopicWhats going on in ToPK?
5886TopicCharacter name in use by another player?
5887Topicerror code 045
5888TopicNCsoft survey - what do u think? should I click the link?
5889TopicMoney, Money, Money!
5890TopicEotN prerelease bonus pack
5891TopicVery noobish question
5892TopicWhat happens when u die too many times?
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5893TopicSearching for update files online
5894TopicUnlocking L.A. during Holliday?
5895TopicRA "Sync" Bug CLEARLY Not Fixed
5896TopicStemming the skeletal tides
5897TopicUnlocked Skills and Deleted Accounts
5898TopicZaishen Tonics
5899TopicCompleting the Underworld with 2 player characters?
5900TopicWhen does ANet account for the time change?
5901TopicDoes MAX req7 weapon drop in UW or FoW?
5902TopicHow come holiday masks
5903Topichalloween quest
5904TopicHow to Link Account to NCSOFT?
5905TopicPets Available in Pre-Sear
5906TopicGuild Wars Trilogy Question
5907TopicTitle Characters
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5908TopicCollectables ... what for.
5909Topicangel feathers
5911TopicRasing Kurzick Faction in A luxon Guild?
5912TopicHow do you really feel about Codex?
5913TopicHow to switch servers.
5914TopicDifferent types of bows
5915TopicHelp what should i buy
5916TopicRobbed? My Xunlai Chest is empty
Pages: 1, 2, 3
5917Topicecto prices go up?
5918TopicGaining XP question
5919TopicI Can Not Decide.
5920TopicHalloween Quests
5921TopicGuild Wars and Windows 7
5922Topicpolar bear
5923TopicArmbarces vs Ectos
Pages: 1, 2
5924TopicWhy don't I see any people??
5925TopicEbon Vanguard Quests. Gone forever?
5926TopicFurious Prefix
5927TopicNew Reaper Quest Help
5928TopicBuying Factions & Nightfall Options
5929TopicEotn speedbooking question
5930TopicNewb advice?
5932TopicSkill Builder
5933TopicQuestion about purchasing offhands from collectors.
5934TopicQuestion about Necromancer Malaise christmas collector
5935TopicRa 0.0
5936TopicAT Times
5937TopicHalloween Quests: available the whole week?
5938TopicCan BMP item be destroyed when salvaging weapon modifications off?
5939Topicguild wars no disc
5940TopicWill I get flagged for giving away gold?
5941Topicwarrior hammer build help
5942TopicNeed Help with Loot
5943TopicEpic Monk Skills?
5944TopicCostume Brawl equipment modifiers
5945TopicShield modifiers...
5946Topichelp with gw clientel
5947TopicWhat happened to Red resign?
5948TopicHaloween on GMT
5949TopicPossible to stretch hero menus
5950TopicContact points for support?
5952TopicHow many people still play GW?
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5953TopicCan you use a tonic that isn't yours?
5954TopicJust started
5955TopicWhy does Mhenlo perform...
5956TopicUnderworld nerf, still possible to clear with Balanced team?
5957TopicCan you get to LA from Factions for Costume brawl?
5958TopicAbout the weapons from tolkano
5959TopicCan EoE work with Ural's?
5960TopicHelp me pick weapon skins for a slaying collection?
5961TopicHey guys im new need help with profession
5962TopicWhen does the searing happen
5963TopicRA Question
5964TopicRune question
5965TopicUnderstanding Faction and Tomes
5966TopicStuck in Nightfall
5967TopicWhere to place Frozen soil in VSF farm?
5968TopicStacks Splittable now?
5969TopicHow long to rush through GWEN?
5970TopicSome Qns Regarding Guilds
5971TopicPossible to raise balthazar faction cap?
5972TopicNOD32 doesn't accept GW
5973TopicEarth +3 runes
5974TopicCan you capture the textures of Halloween with TexMod?
5975TopicA little question with weapon switching.
5976TopicDid they take out some collectors for halloween?
5977TopicHaloween drops?
5978Topiczkeys and ecto...wondering
5979TopicWhat will happen with RA?
5980TopicEasiest title to obtain?
5981TopicOutcast Staffs and Shields!!
5982TopicOld Player Returning with some questions.
5983TopicHB Removal Aftermath
5984Topicgw dat file
5985TopicToT towards title?
5986TopicOf Items Attribute mods on 0 req items
5987TopicHalloween question
5988TopicWhat to make next?
5989TopicGW2 Release date 11/02/2010??
5990TopicBeen wondering
5991TopicPlatinum Staves?
5992Topicrainbow phoenix problems
5993TopicAccount Hacked
5994TopicSS or MM what is most effective?
5995TopicQuestion on names
5996TopicMonk skill - Divine Favor help
5997TopicFinal Touches on a build
5998TopicQuestion about Tormented Sword
5999TopicChanging account type (country)?
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6000Topicdid the zealous scythe snathe drop rate change?
6001TopicPossible to increase chat font size?
6002TopicHall of Monuments
6003TopicWhen does the e-transmogrifier tonic drop?
6004TopicWhat does "1" mean?
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6005TopicHow to you take a build code and get it into ur builds?
6006TopicHalloween weekend?
6007TopicQuick couple of Qs
6008TopicMonuments stay in HoM after deleting the char?
6009TopicUnlocking Skills Question
6010TopicGold coins
6011TopicHow Did I Lose Survivor?
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6012TopicHow long does support usually take?!
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6013TopicSeparating one game account from the NC Soft master account?
6014TopicMaking money for armour?
6015TopicPlayers changing forms
6016TopicDecayed Orr Emblems
6017TopicDownloading Guild Wars using -image
6018Topic.dat files and accounts
6020TopicTo zen daijun glitch?
6021Topicguild wars economy?
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6022TopicCustom Icons
6023Topicwhat has changed?
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6024TopicBuying skill unlock pack question
6025TopicPunished By Anet Or Just unlucky?
6026Topicprofessional advice on what to make?
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6027TopicMaking money before 20
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6028TopicCartog question
6029Topicwhat happened to hfff?
6030TopicEye of the North question
6031TopicMonthly Update
6032Topic330 hour ban for 1 racial slur?
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6033TopicSpectral Agony
6034TopicCan you eventually LOSE access to quests? =(
6035TopicBest way to get money
6036TopicMonsters using Weapon MODs?
6037TopicBypass duplicate spirits?
6038TopicSkill point max?
6039TopicCE ontop of Regular?
6040TopicWhen is HB getting removed?
6041TopicPoster Question
6042TopicDo DirectSong Tracks Still Work In-game?
6043TopicSome Class Advice
6045TopicOrozar Highstone?
6046TopicQuestions about the game
6047TopicWhy this ridiculously low amount of rep for Oola's Lab?
6048TopicGetting Hacked (Not a QQ thread)
6049Topicremoving party list
6050TopicIts been awhile...
6051TopicQuestion regarding the halloween event
6052TopicHow to Discord with Assassin?
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6053TopicGood solo (with henchmen) professions combos?
6054TopicUpgrading My Health Bar
6055Topiccaster items
6056TopicHard Mode Newbie
6057TopicThaumaturgic Robes + ??? = Fashion Question
6058TopicAre Dervs. really that bad in PVP?
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6059TopicLegitimacy of CD Key Site
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6060TopicPolymock Help
6061TopicFont colours?
6062TopicNew E/Me - countering healing signet?
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6063Topici was cheated, what can i do?
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6064TopicCan I Convert Earth Damage to Fire Damage?
6065TopicSerial not showing at NCSoft master account?
6066TopicNoob Question
6067Topicdungeon runners that require perma (to run there)
6068TopicLoot Scaling?
6069Topicquestion about getting drunk
6070TopicI wonder about.....
6071Topicadventure together?
6072TopicNoob Cross Game Skills Question
6073Topicbig weapons?
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6074TopicGrouping in Factions vs Nightfall
6076TopicPvP Skins and Dyes
6077TopicDo HCT mods stack with Fast Casting?
6079Topiczaishen menagerie
6080TopicWhat is new?
6081TopicNot guild only wars
6082Topic"A new build of Guild Wars is available"
6083TopicGW2 Release Date?
6084TopicGhostly Appearence?
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6085TopicArmor vs. Health
Pages: 1, 2
6086TopicStupid noob question about weapons
6087TopicTexmod not working after the latest update?
6088TopicFlesh Golem Skill
6089Topicguild wars platinum edition
6090TopicPvX wiki help
6091TopicRanger,Sin,or Rit
6092TopicPvp - rp
6093Topiclittle mistake
6094Topicare holy/chaos/dark/shadow weapons armor-ignoring?
6095TopicFinding out which dungeons I have completed...
6096TopicQuestion about HOM account wide
6097TopicMultiple Accounts
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6098TopicGuild Wars difficulty
6099TopicMax armor krytan/collector armor
6100TopicWhoa ping is mad in Guild Wars.
6101TopicWiki images down?
6102TopicThe dimensions of the Art Book
6103TopicThe removal of Hero battles
6104TopicWhat's the differences in the Guild Wars?
6105TopicIs running 2 GW clients at the same time bannable?
6106TopicEOTN "Missions"
6107TopicNew PvP Suggestions
6108TopicBest way to run 2 clients at once?
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6109TopicFarming> than having a life?
6110TopicQuestion Solo Vale
6111TopicToPK Green Drops...
6112TopicTrial Ending... Which Game to Buy??
6113TopicAccount question
6114TopicQuick question about the makeover pack
6115TopicMesmer Starting Secondary Profession?
6116TopicWhat to expect.
6117Topicgame domain name
6118TopicCompletely stuck.
6119TopicHow often do low level pets gets targeted in HM?
6120TopicSome Questions Regarding Alliances
6121TopicOlder player coming back in.
6122Topicgeneral gameplay question (newb)
6123TopicThe VQ Weekend - Double Rep?
6124TopicEotN Speedbook question?
6125TopicFew questions Hero build's/necromancer/ranger stuff
6126TopicHey! My friend and I are new and we were wondering...
6127TopicReturning Player with some questions
6128TopicHello - A few Questions Good People XD
6129TopicWay to always show ally and enemy names?
6130Topicerror 045 help
6131TopicQuickest way to farm norn rep w/Ranger?
6132TopicSpeedBooking Nornbear HM Troubles
6133TopicGetting a 20/20 Smiting Staff?
6134TopicMod to mark world map?
6135TopicQ's regarding the next GW update
6136TopicIs a PC on Aion GW emote a banable offence
6137TopicPurple Max Inscribable Items
6138TopicCoF 600 tank optionals question.
6139Topichow many unded onis do you think are still in game?
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6140TopicSpending Gold
6141TopicSealed Deck Skill Unlocks
6142TopicHow do people buy and sell guilds?
6143TopicQ8 items
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6144TopicOMG Battle Isles crashed QQ
6145Topicreally bad server issues :S
6146Topicstats in gold vs. white
6147TopicHelp with builds
6148TopicDamage tester
6149Topicrare weapons and the prices they cost
6150TopicGuru Forum Titles?
6151TopicQuick Question about Guild wars Trilogy
6152TopicJust no Drake Flesh
6153TopicComander Title
6154TopicGlitch or luck?
6155TopicEotn Prestige armor auto customized?
6156TopicVerata's Aura
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6157TopicNo More...?
6158TopicGuild Wars could really use a customizable interface
6159TopicHow big is the Guild Wars trial?
6160Topicneed help please =/
6161TopicA new member new to Guild Wars needing help
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6162TopicQuestion on Survivor Titles
6163TopicRecreating Characters
6164TopicTips for a new guild leader?
6165TopicXunlai House coming back?
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6166TopicNecessity of Farming/Money
Pages: 1, 2
6167TopicI'm new switching from wow.
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6168TopicI heard GW has nice pvp system but not easy to understand!!
6169TopicHeroes - secondary professions
6170Topicnew player have some questions
6171TopicCannot Redeem Skill Points
6172TopicFort Ranik chest run Q
6173TopicNeed help installing
6174TopicWhy is there a limit to friends list
6175Topicquick question on texmod
6176TopicCruel mod + "Finish Him!"
6177TopicCharr question
6178TopicCaster shield?
6179TopicIs it me?
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6180TopicProblem getting barrage
6181TopicTexmod Problem.
6182TopicWhat do people mean by this?
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6183Topic20/20 Wintergreen staff
6184TopicAxe question
6186TopicAny ideas what's happening in Bergen's?
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6188TopicDo these items exist?
6189TopicLoot Question
6191TopicRich Player wanting to start powertradeing
6192TopicHow does unlocking skills work... and what are your unlocking stategies?
6193TopicRitualist in factions
6194TopicDestroyer Weapons
6195TopicQuestion about Mo Zing beard clipping.
6196TopicHenchmen Contest
6197Topicin-game custom fonts?
6198TopicStarting Power Trading with 100K, any tips?
6199TopicScrub mesmer.
6200TopicStaves Pre Nerf
6201Topicheros not doing thier job
6202TopicAdvice: Unlock Pack to purchse + TA comp
6203Topicaccount hacked.
6204TopicPvP Manipulation
6205TopicAion wings
6207TopicWHY are Greens worth nothing?
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6208TopicNightfall Hero Question
6209TopicFree Trial?
6210TopicCan Guild Wars run from a USB pendrive?
6211Topichelp for a newbie with a problem
6212TopicStrength of honor question
6213TopicGame Music?
6214TopicHi everyone - New GW player here with a few questions
6215TopicCant Buy Kurzick Armor
6216TopicChanging Profession
6217Topicquick destroyer weapon modding question
6218TopicLuxon Allegiance
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6219TopicQuestion About Duncan HM
6220TopicMassive armor?
6221Topicteam build creator
6222Topicdamage calculations
6223TopicPet question
6224Topictrading, is it easier than this?
6225TopicHM Farmer LF Leechers - is this real?
6226TopicCan Your Turn Off The "xxx has been updated for PvP"