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Old Apr 14, 2008, 01:41 PM // 13:41   #141
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yea it was great fun although i didnt realise it was 3 chances but nvm.

thanks Emunaltor Monk for being our ref and understading our lack of luck :P you were great thanks DVDF for putting ur time and commitment into this uv been fab!

Look forward to doing something like this in the future
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Old Apr 14, 2008, 02:36 PM // 14:36   #142
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so who won? i'm 2 lazy to look through all 8 pages xD
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Old Apr 14, 2008, 02:43 PM // 14:43   #143
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Agro got the fastest time
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Old Apr 14, 2008, 04:46 PM // 16:46   #144
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Awesome job everyone!. Grats on Agro. And thanks to those teams who posted their team builds and still looking forward to the rest of team builds. Really cool!
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Old Apr 15, 2008, 03:11 PM // 15:11   #145
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A big thank you from [AM ] for setting this up. We had a load of fun.
We found this 'tournament' only a few days before it started and didn't have a lot of time to set everything up, but we found enough people willing to try and go for a fast time that we decided to give it a go. We had a couple of practises to see which build would be nice.

At first we were thinking hard on various splits. Maybe bring 2 terra tanks, a 600/smite combo or regular 55/ss. What did work pretty well (and we thought we would run it like that) was one tank (be it a 55 or a 600) and a couple of splinter barragers. We tore pretty quickly trough the monsters with that. We tried the difference between 55 and 600 and decided that 600 would be better.
Various other proposals were made, like grabbing 7 paragons, to see what combinations we could make. It appeared that the only ''all'' build we could run was an all-necro build. Which was amusing because at that time we had dropped the SS necro out of the party
So, looking for an all necro build we came across the infamous golem spike from HA. It looked pretty promising, had a couple of recastable tanks, enough heal to get trough the winter and was more then fun to play!

1. [build=OAhjUwGYoOAt0QWYyJNHmZMBAA]
2. [build=OAhjUwGYoOAt0QWQ4lxGmjzLGA]
4. [build=OANDUshvOAt0QWANUPeJTfZC]
5. [build=OAhjQwGIoO3hZYmYea9echTBAA]
6. terra tank

7. HB heal monk

As you see we made a few little changes and switched out 2 necro's for a monk and a tank. The tank was mainly decided on because of the Four Horsemen. Once we had our tank (N I V O) he appeared very capable and able to run splits without our help. The best part here was that before this he hadn't cleared uw!
Amusing moment (while practising):
''Nivo how far are you in the bonepits? Watch out for the dryders at the end!''
''Uh yeah, I'm done.''

Our run:
Well, we wanted to give it a go and see how quick and far we could get. We knew that we weren't aiming for a sub-hour time, but at least we'd have a laugh while doing it.

Try #1:
Clear chamber, run the ghosts and do a couple of quests that way, run back, clear the way trough the smites and run back while the tank would finish up the ice king. Wrong. While running back both the tank and the monk dropped out, one of us had to run back to res the monk (with DPS, which caused another death.. doh ) but in the mean time the ice king got killed. Aww for connection drop.

Try #2:
Same set up, this time ice king went very smoothly while the rest of us were clearing out the path. We saved the four horsemen for last but decided to do all quests and spawn all reipers already so we could teleport freely between them. We noticed that while doing the ghosts etc at the start we hadn't done the vengefull aatxes. We were 8/10 by then, so those first and then the horsemen. The Aatxes didn't spawn well, but with our tank in the middle of them we could take out the keeper and walk back. The main problem was that the Aatxes were in agro range of the reiper so we had some hussle before getting them out of range but then teleported.
3. 2. 1. Reiper died, out of underworld.
Aparently the Aatxes hadn't died as they should've done (dead keeper), but decided to turn on the reiper even though they were out of agro range. Too bad for that. I'm very sure we could've finished the quest get 9/10 and go for the horsemen where we would just need a little bit of luck (no back up for the tank) but I'm quite positive we could've done it.
Our time wouldn't have been great, we did that 8/10 in 1:30, so we would probably end up in about 1:45-1:50.

Try #3:
Didn't bother.

Anyway, we had a load of fun. Congratulations to Agro. Sorry Glory that you had to wait so long on the floor. Yeah, we spoke dutch, I think we opened up with 2 sentences of english and then reverted back to making fun amongst ourselfs, but you were a very good cheerleader


ps. It was amusing to hear half the team complain during practices that tanking in normal mode was harder then in hard mode hehe...

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