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Old Apr 13, 2008, 06:35 PM // 18:35   #121
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Too bad I missed this in the end. Seems it was a huge succes! Hope we're gonna see a next part of this

And gz to agro, great time there
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 06:44 PM // 18:44   #122
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gj all.
Thx DVDF for this nice event))
Thx [agro] for cool time)))

Stop Stealing [agro]
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 06:48 PM // 18:48   #123
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Was a great event, thank you very much, Shan and DVDF for organizing it. Was an excellent challenge and looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Congratulations to agro for the time, very impressive!
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 07:01 PM // 19:01   #124
Frost Gate Guardian
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Guild: Stop Stealing [agro]
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GJ to all the teams that participated and thanks for the event DVDF.
We had a lot of fun preparing for this and plan on beating our own time

grats to all the prize winners too!
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 08:08 PM // 20:08   #125
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Good job to agro for that time, tis pretty crazy. Thought we were in trouble there if all the teams were following that up.
We got off to a pretty rocky start, but we were pretty happy we managed to finish, so totally not expecting that one. We did have a great time though, lots of laughs and "uhoh" moments, so many thanks for DVDF for organizing, and for our ref for his patience and not laughing (atleast not on team chat) at us too hard
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 08:47 PM // 20:47   #126
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ahahha thanks for the heroric title.
i am with the lsl team.
we had much fun doing it to bad we dint compleet all quest!
i am wondering when the next event wil come? our guild is even willingly to pay a entry fee. maby that is a good idee?
wel i hope to see somting soon aggain MUCH FUN:P
Herares Monk ( Doggie )
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 08:57 PM // 20:57   #127
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Guild: Trinity of the ascended [SMS]+[Koss]+[TAM]=[ToA]

GG everyone!
Did anyone do a Fraps for these?
I would love to see them..
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 09:02 PM // 21:02   #128
Frost Gate Guardian
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Guild: Violent Desire [RAGE]
Profession: Mo/

Here's the build we used:


We did the quests in the following order (doubt it matters):
clear the chamber, restoring the monuments, four horsemen, servants of grenth, unwanted guests, terrorweb queen, escort of souls, wrathful spirits, imprisoned spirits, demon assasin.

The build:
As Mitsu said, the build basically revolves around the warriors' damage dealing.
The Rts are a major source of damage by using splinter weapon and ancestors rage on the warriors and supporting the monks with straight up heals. In addition they chain rigor mortis against blocking foes (rangers, terrorweb queen, aatxe etc) and are the main ressers.
The necro is a SS hybrid with barbs to increase the damage by the warriors, rigor mortis against block and foul feast to remove blind quickly.
The monks are both prot hybrids, with one a little more healing oriented (glimmer elite) for when the group is together, but both still viable on their own for the splits. Basically prot spirit, spirit bond and vigorous spirit on the warriors to keep them up, and the others at need. SoA for the traps. We ended up pretty much ignoring the hexes (with one hex removal for those nasty ones on the warriors) and using only the 1/4 casts at the mesmer area.

Pretty straightforward. The team stayed together most of the time, opting for efficient killing. We split for the four horsemen where two teams took one side each until just the bosses were left and then we killed them together. For unwanted guess we used two teams to rush and kill two keepers at a time while the necro stayed back and teleported. And for terrorweb queen one warrior and rt stayed back to kill the dryders around the reaper while the rest took out the queen.

The run:
We messed up pretty quickly on our first run, when we forgot the patrolling aatxe in the labyrinth and had to go get them (and died miserably). The second run was going well until we rushed the servants of grenth a bit too fast and forgot the last group of dryders who proceeded to kill the reaper while we were on the next quest.
Third run went ok, though we messed up a bit along the way, losing a fair bit of time on the horsemen (we were arguing over which one to kill first lol), the spawning pools (aggro problems and I messed up the consumables *whistles*) and the bone pit (dumb spirit refused to walk up the hill and went running all over the place). We ought to be able to cut down 10mins or so on the run, but that's probably about the limit; we'd be nowhere near agro's time.

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Old Apr 13, 2008, 10:13 PM // 22:13   #129
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Grats LOD on our 2nd (technically 3rd, but w/e) place win! I would have hopped onto Vent to hear what was going on, but I was at prom....:P

And thanks to DVDF for running the competition! Next stop: Urgoz!!
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 10:25 PM // 22:25   #130
Ascalonian Squire
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nice gg to all ....

you have my respect
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 10:28 PM // 22:28   #131
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Guild: Now Plays World of Warcraft on Whisperwind

I would like to thank team Ar Vin. This wonderful group had the most interesting build I've ever seen in the UW (even though they did not win the most innovative, I strongly supported them for it). I am convinced they could have finished had the vengeful Ataaxe died as it was supposed to and not killed the Reaper. I enjoyed listening to their conversations (although they spoke dutch and I did not) in game. E V I O was by far the best Ele solo tank I've seen in a long time and he did not miss a beat. SO kudo's to E V I O.
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 11:20 PM // 23:20   #132
Academy Page
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Profession: Me/

To the best of my knowledge, this is the team set-up The Goon Squad played with:

[build=Y CAN'T I BRING URSAN??? (pub warrior);OQMjUNUcETkPTNLO/VcF8VGWCAA]

Like I told our referee, we kind of built the team around what we had and nearly went in with only two warriors. I played the Obsidian Flesh mesmer and found it to be very resilient, though boring for much of the time. It was useful to be able to solo monsters, but I can see how running a 4/4 split with more damage would be more efficient.

Illusion of Weakness helped on the 1-2 times we were overwhelmed and the rest of the team could get away while I bought an extra 5-6 seconds of survival.

The pub warrior was unexpected, and I would've liked to see him bring Rebirth...but I can't really complain. He knew what he was doing and did a great job with making suggestions.

Two of our warriors, the hex paragon, and myself had never done Underworld before so this was a hell of an experience. We died in a really dumb fashion - not realizing that we had to keep the Ice King alive during the Servants of Grenth quest. We didn't really have any problems up until that favorite part was tanking the Aataxes while the rest of my group would sneak past to kill the Keepers.

I wouldn't mind seeing the builds that the rest of the teams played with, especially [agro]'s. Thanks again for the great event.
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 11:33 PM // 23:33   #133
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Guild: Stop Stealing [agro]
Arrow Huge thanks to the DVDF alliance for the contest

First of all thanks for the contest Shanaeri, it woke our interest in UW. Was really a lot of fun in the end.
Originally Posted by Shanaeri Rynale

Out of respect to the teams I won’t post individual builds as they may regard them as confidential but I’d ask that teams that did take part, do a small write up of their attempt and if possible include builds and tactics.
Regarding that, our build - scoring a time of 40:39, or not - is still in testing. We cought wind of the contest 2 days before it actually took place ( from a dvdf friend ) and are still working on it and better times. As we now have 8 players, new possibilities are open [still no pve skills]. We'll create a variation for hm once we have set a nice record in nm.

Originally Posted by Shanaeri Rynale
This team executed the splits, tanking and skills required to near perfection. They also did huge amounts of preparation in order to do well and have earned the bragging rights for the fastest team to clear UW in this contest.
We improved the tactic as well, made it a bit riskier in the process xD

Originally Posted by Shanaeri Rynale
After the run, they and I realised they had had some small assistance in build preparation(though not on the actual run) from a DVDF member, who was not a referee but was still a member of the alliance. So that the result is above question and in the interest of fair play they have decided to give their prize to the second place team.
Shame about that being a problem, the rules do not prohibit it at any point, but to be fair we decided to pass the first prize onto the 2nd scoring guild.

Originally Posted by Shanaeri Rynale
My thanks go to Agro for all the hard work they put in, as well as the execution of their plan created an exemplary time which will be very hard to beat.
... FoW Contest in a month or so..?
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Old Apr 13, 2008, 11:52 PM // 23:52   #134
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Originally Posted by Wahoo
To the best of my knowledge, this is the team set-up The Goon Squad played with:
I know the purification para had infuse health, Swaped dwayna's touch on the derv for imbue health. I really forget, we threw most of that together at the last minute.

Let me elaborate on the pub we picked up. We had someone drop and someone refuse to get online so we were short one person. I'm sure our judge got a laugh when we invited a level 9 ele then tried to go in (apparantly everyone has to be level 20 to get in now, who knew?). We ended up picking up a warrior who hadn't heard of the contest and was confused as to why no pve skill and our one monk (the judge) died right at the beginning.

Also I've done UW before(one of the warriors), just not since late 2005.
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Old Apr 14, 2008, 12:25 AM // 00:25   #135
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Default The Mirror of Reason [SNOW] story

First of all, congrats to [agro] for winning and the other teams for getting the prices

Out of respect to the teams I won’t post individual builds as they may regard them as confidential but I’d ask that teams that did take part, do a small write up of their attempt and if possible include builds and tactics.
For the SNOW team, I don't know all the builds.
We had a few short practice runs in the hours before we started and not with the entire team we used.
We ran a team build for split with 2 terra's for Pits, Pool and Planes and later to help on Wastes and Labyrinth.
The rest of the team was two monks (healer + bonder), 2 echo SS and a earth tank. And Cosmic who was down on the floor in UW.
Our initial attempt went ok till one of our terra's got lag on his quest and got the reaper in Pool (I think) killed on 46 mins. Our team was completing Vale at that time. Still not even near [ agro ] time.
That run could have been quicker than our second attempt.
Those things happen.

Second attempt went better and I must say I'm surpriced we got 1.33 since I thought it was 1.44
You might want to check on that.
We had to replace our other monk who only had time for one attempt and Endless was kind enough to replace him.

On our second run we had some problems.
At a certain point we had to ress our two terra's who had no problem completing Planes the first time.
Then we had a near wipe on Twin, which we also did not have on our first run. And I doubt we could only blame the monks. Perhaps we should have taken a break and not getting back in action so fast.
Also, Krann was our leader in Twin and all of a sudden that area looks like a maze when you know the environment but not the entire route.

After our successful second run I think there was some room for improvement in the team build.
I was playing bonder since we did not have enough defense our test runs but with a W/E tank I could probably have taken a hybrid build.
We decided to take a bonder because the terra's could not tank aatxes.
And on our official runs we had access to our W/E tank eliminating the weakness of the terra's.
With an experienced and very coordinated team I think one healer could even be enough.
Also, a terra can take down the queen but it takes a long time.
In the end our terra's were both working on the queen.
When everyone knows the way it might be usefull to send a nuker over to help them.

Today I did two other UW runs (UB, HM) to get to know the environment better and experience makes a lot of difference there.
At least now I know the paths to the reaper in Twin
Not taking quests was something I already knew but I did not know all spawning points which I do know now.

I think we did ok for a team with mixed experience.
Our terra's Niky and Blazing are experienced and helped us out and Krann is also experienced.
I had played Wastes (not only smite run but entire quest) and Vale before, I'm not sure about the experience of others.
Either they were on about the same experience level or just shy to take the lead.
To make it clear, I'm talking about experience in the environment and not playing the profession.
We all know the professions we played in this event.

If it was not about time and just about fun I'd say our team build would fit the somewhat experienced guild/alliance team.
Replace bonder with hybrid monk and add nuker (non AoE, we had lots of aggro problems with SH eles) instead of Cosmic.
If you decide to play with a full team and not split (our terra's got most ecto's) you'd either need two terra's at the Four Horsemen or a monk with spellbreaker if you want to tank them (maybe the W/E can do it with consumables, not sure).
Most important is that you have someone who has some experience on the quests. Also having tanks who know where and how to tank makes life a lot easier. And, as I experienced again today: DON'T take a quest unless told to do! (no, it was not me).

Full UW was a new experience for me and fun to play.
I do understand why UW is less populair to play than other elite areas.
The quests are a lot less forgiving than those in other areas.
Start one at the wrong time and you are send back straight to the outpost.
In FoW we have the griffons but if someone accesses that one too soon it's possible to hold them back. Accessing the quest in the burning forrest too soon will make things harder but not impossible.
Starting a quest in UW could easily mean failure.

That's it for now, maybe others from my team have more to tell or maybe I remember more after I've gotten some sleep (2.30AM atm).

Thanks for the event and the experience to both DVDF and my team members.

Finishing players: Ivan (tank), Niky (terra), Blazing (terra), Ardnax (SS), Torori (SS), Endless (Healer), Yazou (Bonder) and Cosmic (DVDF leech)
Playing on first attempt: Krann (Healer)
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Old Apr 14, 2008, 04:04 AM // 04:04   #136
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Did any guilds not split? I'm guessing [TDF] didn't. Also did any guilds not use a terra tank?

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Old Apr 14, 2008, 07:33 AM // 07:33   #137
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we barely split at all, and didnt use Terra Tanks. since our damage was based exclusively on our warriors (with spilinter weapon) we used builds on them which maximised that damage. the only tanking skills used were Dolyak Signet and that was just for The Four Horsemen. our only splits we did were at the Horsemen where one team took each side, at The Terrorweb Queen, where one warrior and one rit stayed behind to finish off the dryders by the reaper, and during Unwanted Guests, where the two teams ran to seperate locations before being teleported out by the necro.

once again, grats to all the teams that took part, and thanks to the organisers! was an amazing experience.
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Old Apr 14, 2008, 08:24 AM // 08:24   #138
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Originally Posted by knoll
Did any guilds not split? I'm guessing [TDF] didn't. Also did any guilds not use a terra tank?
We did a split, but we didn't use terra tank.

Out team concept was running in 2 sepperate teams 90% of the time.

team1: 600hp monk tank, smiter, SS necro and Rt with WoQ as elite
team2: 600hp monk tank, smiter and SS necro

team 1 went straight to labyrinth, finnished all quests there(except vegneful aatxes one). Team2 cleared their way to Smiters area and cleared Dryders to get The Ice King quest. Then I(600tank) went to the place where groups of Dryders spawn and killed them(makes it wa<y fatser with SS necro). When we finnished we met up in labyrinth, did vegneful aatxes quest and went to Chaos planes. We splitted there again, team2 went to clear area Chaos Planes while Team1 cleared rangers area(makes it 1000 times easier&faster if you go 8man and add ele nuker to team1). Then we met up for 4horsemen quest, tanks killed those bosses(WoQ is mainly needed for this, to hace SB up 100% of the time). Then team 2 went and cleared Dry<ders area while team1 cleared Necro area. If all went perfectly we could finnish in under 1h. If we would have ele, it would take 50~ mins.

Ok, that was the idea we wanted to run, didn't work too well in the end(2 team members didn't show up, so we had to pick 2 "random" guildies in last moments). Also we didn't have any practice with running wwithout ele and Rt instead. So yeh, we weren't too well prepared Still 6th place is a good place

Would be great if other team will post builds too

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Old Apr 14, 2008, 10:54 AM // 10:54   #139
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edited my thread above with a bit more details.
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Old Apr 14, 2008, 11:13 AM // 11:13   #140
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Originally Posted by knoll
Did any guilds not split? I'm guessing [TDF] didn't. Also did any guilds not use a terra tank?
Since this event was about speed in a large multi-quest environment a split is a very obvious choice.
Just the walk to the various quests takes a lot of time and you can't win back that amount of time by killing faster with a full group.
If you can do two quests in 15 mins with a split and one of them in 7.5 with full team you still gained the time it takes to travel from quest to quest.

The E/Me terra can be replaced but requires a different kind of split.
The advantage is that they can solo most areas except where there are aatxes.
Disadvantage is that they are not as fast as for example a tank/nuker combination.

In the end you have players with probably a limited number of professions they can play well.
For example, I play mainly mesmer and monk second. While I have several other professions I can play I'm not that experienced on them and can't run every build.
Now I decided to play monk and even there I'm limited.
I can tank as 600 in UW but that requires a dedicated smiter.
I have very limited 55 experience which in my opinion would be a superior choice in UW when combined with a SS.

If you have every profession available and all players are experienced on those professions it's easy to make a very different team.
For example three 55/SS teams with a terra or other solo build so you can work on 4 quests at the same time.
Take two 55/SS teams to four horsemen, complete it and split after that.
The rest can go to the other areas.
Not sure about the speed but working on as many quests as possible is a huge advantage when it's about fast times.
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