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Default Guild Wars Third Year Help!

Hi, all!

My name is Also Rans.

Im just a 15 year old kid trying to help the community. Please Read on for more info.

With the third year of Guild Wars now passed. Arena Net have decided to add to the fairly desolate end game mission. The one which they had originally planned to be the "Be all, and End all" of the elite players in Guild Wars. Many have ventured the lands. Hours of painstaking duels have been fought to get to this elite mission. In which, you find twists and turns many players would never have expected.

Now with the release of the Deldrimor Talisman. There is finally a physical reward for the completion of the mission. Also Brought along for the exclusive weekend is the nifty Birthday Cupcake.

This is where the sad music plays:

However, not all Guild Wars players are lucky enough, or fortunate enough to have completed Hell's Precipice and some may never get the chance.

But you can help.

My plan is to gather as many generous, fun loving, able and willing players to help those less fortunate than themselves. I am looking to set-up 3 groups of players for the Community This may mean little or no reward in game. Please, if you do not feel willing for this, do not apply.

I am looking to get Birthday Cupcake Farmers. Deldrimor Talisman sellers. And Hell's Precipice Guides. To help give something to the community which im sure has helped you.

Birthday Cupcake Farmers: This will involve a normal farming route, in which you will find birthday cupcake drops. The idea is to sell them, for a fair price. I will not be accepting people who want in on this scheme to make money for themselves. This is for the community. Your goal is to try and find the lowest fair price for the buyer and yourselves. Not necessarily making a profit may be the case here. However, it should not stop the drops from your normal route where you should be making money anyhow.

Application Form- Please Copy and paste this form and use it in your thread to apply to be a Cupcake Farmer

In Game Name:
Proffesions Used To Farm:
Time Taken To Complete Route:
Hours Played Per Day:
Previous Community Work:
One Reason For Me To Accept You:

Deldrimor Talisman Seller: The idea here is, along with the cupcake farming. To sell your Deldrimor Talismans to the players of Guild Wars. This again, includes making a fair price for the buyer and for the seller. Also, if a player has a request for a Deldrimor item, it will be your job to go and pick that item up for the same price a Talisman would cost and sell it to the player. This does not require non-stop farming and can be done in groups. Bare that in mind when applying

Application Form- Please Copy and paste this form and use it in your thread to apply to be a Deldrimor talisman seller

In game name:
Hours played per day:
Would you be willing to recruit more people?:
One reason for me to accept you:

Hell's Precipice Mission Guides: This task requires people to be brave enough to venture into the paths of Hell's Precipice. Helping those out who cannot find a party, or simply do not have the help. You will be helping people complete the mission. Bonus is not a must. However, would always be nicer to help with the bonus. The talisman you get from the run can be sold at your own price. Once again, would be nicer to sell for a fair price.

Application Form- Please Copy and paste this form and use it in your thread to apply to be a Mission Guide.

In game name:
Hours played per day:
Would you be willing to recruit more people?:
One reason for me to accept you:

Please bare in mind that i am 15. I have made this thread at 22:00 GMT. I have school tomorrow but will look at the thread before i go. My In Game Name is Also Rans. Please whisper me when i am online for more info.

I will get back to you As Soon As Possible.

Dearest thankyous.

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