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Old Jun 17, 2008, 05:22 AM // 05:22   #1
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Default Kobra Tong Presents KUMITE

Kobra Tong Presents - Kumite:

An illegal and underground, freestyle, single-elimination and occasionally deadly, full-contact 1v1 fighting tournament to which the world's best warriors are clandestinely invited.

Tournament will be held on Sunday June 29/ 2008 and matches will start at 1pm est. Tournament will run until conclusion.

Entry Fee is 5k (due upon sign in) - House will take 10% juice, winner will take the rest.

All fights will be in TONG guild hall.

All entrants must specify their primary and secondary class upon entering, you will be able to switch skills in between fights but primary and secondary can not be changed.

Single Elimination Tournament.

All fights will be monitored to ensure fair play.

Tournament Brackets will be randomly determined, based on number of entrants.

Sign up here, state ign and primary class of paricipating char...secondary class is not necessary until date of tourny.

Tournament Entrants:

-Gambits Trump (mes)
-Komma Kommander (nec)
-Veronika Zu Heltzer (nec)
-Hatred Of Hell (undecided atm)
-Lady Baz (sin)

estimated prize pool to date 22.5k

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Old Jun 17, 2008, 01:57 PM // 13:57   #2
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looks thought however - people are going to have to change their classes for this as I can't see a monk winning it etc... unless running as smiter and 'sins etc...will have a major advantage IMO

very nice idea...any idea on the total winnings? roughly?

anywho: gambit's Trump - me/? probably 'sin or nec!

<<<preliminary entry...have to get back to you nearer the time with comformation - just keep a place open for me ^^
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Old Jun 17, 2008, 02:50 PM // 14:50   #3
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-Prize pool will be based on number of people, but a 20 man tourney will yield a 90k pool which is pretty decent.
-Classes will not be changeable, this helps prevent people from making counters on the fly once they find out whom thier opponent is. You are partly correct however, seeing as it could be a disadvantage to some classes.

I have been talking w people and the general census is that people want certain skills to be banned from combat such as shadow form, obsidian flesh, and spell breaker, to make the battles themselves more engaging...some more input on this would be great.

close thread plz event over.............

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