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Default Guild Wars Dice Contest

Well im making a contest because i have some extra gold so here it is.

Guild Wars Dice Contest
In this contest you can win gold!
1. You must be able to access the great temple of Balthazar
2. You must have at LEAST 100 gold to buy a ticket
3. You may only buy up to 3 tickets NO more than 3.
4. You need a character
5. and... a guild wars guru account.

The Contest
In the dice contest you will buy at least 1 ticket and the ticket # you pick will be that ticket's # which will be shown on a # chart below. There will be 30 ticket slots MAX it will show the ticket # then the username of the person who holds that ticket, THEN on August 15th 5:00 PM you can meet at the great temple of balthazar in the battle isles (you dont have to unless you want to see results) i will roll the dice using /roll 30 whatever # it lands on comes in 1st place, the 2nd # comes in 2nd place then ill do it 1 last time and that will be 3rd place!

HOW to buy your ticket:
To buy a ticket you need to contact me in-game (Tidus Sword Bearer) or email me @ [email protected]
if you choose to email me provide the following:
1. Guild Wars character name
2. How many tickets you would like to buy (1-3)
3. Guild Wars Guru username (to use below)
4. Pick the #'s of your tickets (look a the chart below to see if the # you want isnt already taken)
then when i recieve it i will contact you in-game whenever i can to collect your gold then place your username in the chart below for the #'s you choose
(up to 3) URGENT:tickets cost 100 gold EACH (you can only buy up to 3 tickets that is the limit per person)
If you choose to contact me in-game whisper me:
1. give me Guild Wars Guru username
2. How many tickets you want (1-3)
3. The #'s of your tickets (ill check to see if there taken)
we'll make the transaction right then!

1st- 1 Platinum + 500 Gold
2nd- 1 Platinum
3rd- 800 Gold

Ticket # Chart

* after name= hasnt paid yet (only for people who email me)
if someone else gives money for slot before the person pays they get the slot.

You can Buy tickets from: August 9, 5 AM ---> August 15, 8 AM
You can email me even before August 9 you will just have to wait to make transaction in-game for ticket

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Old Aug 13, 2008, 05:42 PM // 17:42   #2
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It's a fun idea, but it seems like an big production just to get rid of 300g.

Your prizes add up to 3.3k, but the amount you'd be bringing in from the tickets is 3k. Now, you could hope that only a couple people buy and that the number rolled isn't theirs so you get to keep the money. In the event that you have empty slots, and the first roll doesn't have a winner, do you then give the next person the 2nd prize amount anyway?

And why 1.5k? This would be a fun game for people in presearing, but you're having it at can't be it...

Also I'm not sure about the rules on gambling in-game, I've heard different things from different people. Some say you can't, some have similar games to this at parties. Could be why nobody is posting to your list.

Anyway, there are other sorts of games you can host if you're just wanting to do something fun with the community. Scavenger hunts are a favorite in my alliance.
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Old Aug 13, 2008, 11:05 PM // 23:05   #3
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Can you say a cheap way to get 1.5k. Make the prizes bigger. And make it so you can't win. Gz with trying to get phr33 l00tz. (if you wern't disregard taht. And make the prizes bigger.)
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Old Aug 14, 2008, 06:28 AM // 06:28   #4
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he loses 300g if all 30 are sold actually
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