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Default Summer Bullrush 2008

Summer Bullrush 2008 is a free PvP group challenge sport weekend taking place in August 2008.

Catered and Hosted by: Summer Bullrush 2008 will be coordinated by Bunny in association with The Guilds of [KISS] and Guild Wars Auctions.

Where & When: The event will take place over the weekend of the 16th and 17th of August 2008 within the Luxon [KISS] Alliance.

Cost: Entry is completely free of charge, however the event will take place in a guild hall, so donations toward Guest Invitations are welcome if you are from outside the [KISS] alliance.

Requirements: Players may enter the competition as many times as they like, using PvE or PvP based characters. You do not need to be a member of the [KISS] Alliances to take part, we have restructured ourselves to make room for as many Guild Guests as possible over the course of the weekend. Please see the schedule below for specific times and the names of coordinators you should contact.


Grand Total of 380 platinum in prizes - Prizes for this event total 380 platinum in gold.
Each of the 5 winners will receive 40 platinum in gold.

An additional fund of 180 platinum will be contributed towards discretional prizes awarded for good sportsmanship throughout the course of the event.

Players should keep in mind that by competing in a sporting and friendly manner, they have as much chance of taking away a substantial prize as the winning team.

---What Is Bullrush?---

The game Bullrush is a real life game often played in schools, similar to the game called British Bulldogs.

In short, Bullrush is a game whereby a group of individuals attempt to rush from one side of a playing field to another without being tackled to the ground by participants who have previously been tackled. The game has been banned from many schools around the world due to it's high level of violence and physicality (in the Irish version they actually pick people up and throw them!). But don't worry! The only thing you can hurt in Guild Wars is your pride

---How does this event work?---

*Players will be escorted in teams of five into a scrimmage battle in the Frozen Isle.
*Each team will be escorted by a judge, who will remain inside the base for the duration of the game.
*The object of the game is to be the first team to successfully bring their team Flag to the entraNce of the Guild Lord's room.
*Players can either focus on destroying the enemy team, slowing down or killing the enemy flag carrier, or simply out running the enemy.
*The winning team at the end of the weekend will be determined by the team who won their battle within the fastest time overall during the entire weekend.
*Prizes will also be awarded for teamplay, tactics, and general good sportsmanship.

---How do players enter?---
*Entry into the Summer Bullrush 2008 event is free of charge.
*Players outside the Luxon [KISS] Alliance can gain entry to the event by contacting one of the organisers listed below at the required time.
*Members of the Luxon [KISS] Alliance will have automatic access to the battle guild hall chosen for the event. Simply be online at the required time and you can take part.
*Entrants will be put into random teams of 5 by the organisers at the time, however if you would prefer to choose your own team mates and form a strategy, you are welcome to do so.
*Once a team is formed, players will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to prepare builds and form a strategy before the scrimmage will commence.
*Players can play Bullrush as many times as they want, in as many different teams as they want.
*Players can change character or profession as many times as they like throughout the event.

For additional info,rules,tips,event timetable,contacts and timezone conversions please see

See you all there!

(ps,posted on behalf of Bunny herself and subject to editing if i get yelled at hehe)
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Miniture bull - check

Guest invite - check

I will definatly be there


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