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Default First Annual LDoA Ceremony

Legendary Defender of Ascalon, otherwise known as LDoA. Despised by some. Coveted by others. Respected by All. The title that can only be acquired in the realm of Pre-Searing has been tried by many, some ending in failure, others through dedication to the repetitive stages of death leveling, and the will and pride to continue with their quest to own the most sought-after title in everyones pre-searing lives.

TYTN would like to extend out an invitation to all, in joining us for a day that will go down in Pre-Searing history.

For years LDoA has been respected as an achievement earned by the greats of pre-searing. However, never has there been a day when these people are recognized for their achievements to the public of Ascalon. On January 28, 2009 at 9PM Eastern Standard Time,(We understand that some may not be able to attend because of it being on the weekday, however after polling, we have found many more wouldnt be able to attend if it was done on a weekend due to working. So the date has not changed.) Ascalon's First Annual Official LDoA Ceremony will be held in Ascalon City, International District.

Who's invited?
Anyone who holds the Title of LDoA, we would like to see there. We want to honor your achievement, and show you the respect we believe that you deserve for your commitment to the goal. We ask that you show up, wearing your title proud, and join us on the ledge over looking the War going on below. We also ask that you let us know you will be there in advance, so we can get you added to the program, footage, and picture schedule.

We also invite all those that are close enough to the title, to receive it on the 28th. There will be at least 5 members of TYTN that will be accepting the title on the night of the ceremony. We would love to see many more accept it as well. To be a part of this part of the ceremony, we ask that you get your character ready to accept a final experience reward, or ready to kill off the last charr needed for your level at exactly 9PM EST. All TYTN members will be accepting their title at the exact same time. At 9PM EST, watch your screen for the multiple LDoA titles being awarded. At that time, accept your reward, or kill off your last charr, so that your achievement to will be displayed to the public. Our goal is to have 10 people accept the title at once, and get the ceremony started. But we cant do it alone, and would love to see many people take advantage of this once in a lifetime phenomenon. Following the acceptance, we will all gather at the location mentioned above, to begin the ceremony.Again, we ask that you lets us know you will be attending, and give us your current guild Tags, so we can honor the guild that helped you get to where you are.

And last but not least, we invite anyone who wants to attend, to join us in celebrating the accomplishments of everyone who has, or is getting the coveted Title. Come to show your respect for fellow guild members who have achieved the title, or come to show your support for fellow guildies that are aquireing the title on this memorable night.

One thing we do ask, out of respect for the people being recognized on this night, is to stay on the lower platforms of Ascalon city during the ceremony.

We will have people in place, taking pictures of the events, and a videographer on hand, capturing it all so the ceremony can be remembered by everyone.

We will soon post a link to a video showing the "program plan" for the night. This way everyone knows what to expect, and will know where they should stand during the ceremony. Please use this as a guide to help keep things in order, and allow it to run as smooth as possible.

Given the typical atmosphere of MMORPG games, im sure we will have a few people "Crash" the party, and try to disrespect all who are attending. If this happens, we simply ask those who are attending to place the problem maker on ignore, and leave it at that. Getting into a confrontation tends to only fuel the fire, and give them exactly the reaction they want.

If you would like further details on the night to come, or to simply let us know you will be attending, please don't hesitate to get ahold of a TYTN officer, or visit the TYTN forums at

We hope to see support from the community in honoring all that have worked so hard in getting the auspicious title, and wish to see you all there!
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