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Default TK's Guild Wars Mini Series Anniversary Party!

In celebration of the first anniversary of TK’s Guild Wars Mini Series, you’re invited to join us on Sunday February 1st, 2009 at 12noon CST / 1pm EST in the Great Temple of Balthazar.

Here are some of the things to look forward to during the party:

Naked Dance Party
- Enough said

TK and Baumer say hi - A special thank you, video style.

Fan mail - This is the time where fans and everyone alike have the chance to ask the creators and actors questions about the mini series. Be warned though, we may not be able to answer questions as the answers may be top secret!

Caleb Says Stripper Style - Similar to the game "Simon Says" but with Caleb's clothes stripping twist!

Cai's Conga Line - Cai is 'it.' Can you catch him?

Bryanna's Rock Paper Scissors War - A chance to best Bryanna in a fight without the pain of death. A prize for the last person standing.

Lothar's Costume Contest
- If TK's Miniseries happened in an alternate universe, what would the characters be like? This is the chance for you to pick alternate professions for your favorite characters!

For example, if Cai was a necromancer, what would he look like? You are allowed to use one emote to illustrate this alternate personality.

There are prizes for the top three winners! (Each winner gets a lockpick as well as a cash prize. 1st = 20K, 2nd = 10K, 3rd = 5K)

In between the fun and games, you'll also be tested with Mini Series trivia. Make sure you're up to date on your Mini Series lore as prizes for correctly answered questions include rare gemstones, consumables, a gold undedicated Water Djinn mini pet and much more! Be sure to watch episodes again and get your trivia knowledge buffed up!

Aside from Episode 7 coming out that day, you’ll also get your first chance to see the teaser for Act II! Stay tuned!

To see the videos of TK's Guild Wars Mini Series, check out

Hope to see you there!
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I love your series Maya and look forward to attending! It will be great to see Count Baumer and all your fellow actors ^.^ Best wishes for huge success and many new fans!
<3 your big fan Kitiara

*posts pic with the talented editor Maya Earthwalker*
autograph please????

Looking forward to getting a pic with you too Count ahhaha
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Ahh, thats what was going on here. I managed to catch 10-20 mins of it, and it looked good. Hope everything worked out well.
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