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Default Order of the Phoenix Alliance: Boardwalk Bar-B-Que

I just thought I'd post this here. It's a small event I was planning on hosting for my alliance, but it's gotten bigger and bigger as we've invited friends to join us. I just thought I'd share with the Guru community - Feel free to stop by!

*please note this is a small alliance event so the prizes might not be all THAT great, but hey, you never know. *

A south wind blows unto the lands of Tyria, reminding us all that our lands are touched by the lethargic days of summer. The Boardwalk of Kaineng Center is alight with festive glory as denizens of Tyria along with members of the OOP Alliance descend upon it with a cheery glow. Join together with your friends and all others you wish to invite to celebrate the great community we all share!

- Time & Place -

Saturday, June 20th 2009 – Kaineng Center Boardwalk Japanese District 1
Festivities starting at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time(EST)

- Schedule of Events: EST (GMT) –

Please note this is just a rough guide, it will not be adhered to adamantly if need be! See below for explanations.

6:00pm(EST) (10:00pm (GMT)) : Start of event, guests arrive or party
6:30pm (10:30pm) – 7:00pm (11:00): Costume judging contests
7:05pm (11:05pm) – 7:45pm(11:45pm): Scavenger hunt
7:50pm(11:50pm) – 8:30pm(12:30pm): Kaineng Center Circuit!
8:45pm(12:45pm) - ??? (???): 100k Where’s Oppy!
???(???)-???(???): After party - hang out as long as you want!

-Activities & Special Events –

  • Costume Competition!

    Please note, these might all be the same person! :P

    Best Dressed! - Be the Belle of the Bar-B-Que and win a prize!
    Worst Dressed! - Win a prize for the most hideous costume around!
    Most Creatively Dressed! - Not necessarily beautiful, not necessarily hideous, but good lord it makes an impression!

  • Scavenger Hunt!
    Be the fastest to return with the items. The items will be listed in game, and you'll have to retrieve them!

  • The Kaineng Center Circuit!
    Race around the streets of Kaineng Center!
    Here's the course:

    And a video showing the course!

    Contestants will be given chocolate bunnies and sugary blue drinks to keep it even!

  • Where's Oppy??
    This 100k raffle contest will be a multi-campaign spanning search for the elusive host of the event. Keep a sharp eye out, for he'll hide in any district, any town in the game! Please note that there is a 1k Entry fee for this event. Clues will be given out pointing to the location. Winner will be decided by the first to open trade with the host at the hiding place. Work as a team, work by yourself, it doesn't matter (but don't just blurt out the location like a ninny)! Prizes include:

    1st: 50k
    2nd: 25k
    3rd: 15k
    4th: 10k
-Donations are greatly appreciated in the form of -
  • Booze (BYOB is suggested, but we’ll have some on hand as well!)
  • Sweets and Party Points
  • DISCO BALLS so we can light up the night
  • Minipets, Tonics, general fun stuff
  • Odds and Ends, like weapons mods
  • Gold, Platinum, and Ectos (to buy booze and the more of the above mentioned stuff!)
All left over items will be given away at the end of the event. Left over gold will be given away or put towards the next event. All donations will be recorded so they can be returned if need be, and also so that you can be credited!

Free Ferrying Services will be offered, and runner volunteers are appreciated!

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Sounds fun I hope I can make it.
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I will certainly blow in
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The Queen is always in for a Bar-B-Que. I hope you have plenty of elementalists ready to flip burgers because I have one hell of an appetite.
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Sounds fun, I'll join if I can muster the will to keep awake. Due to my current sleeping habits, who knows when I'm awake and asleep anymore. :x