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Default Jadzia's Hallowed Corruption


Absinthe Ooze-not the most creative name in the world. To most people, it just sounds like an alcoholic ooze, but it's more than it appears and seems.

It corrupts the body and mind of a victim, slowly taking control of their vital organs, once the heart becomes corrupted, the victim becomes terminally corrupted, and become a whole new entity.

But the corruption takes it's time, and whilst this may be a glimmer of hope for all victims, it quickly fades away when they realise there is no known cure to corruption.

But now, another victim joins their ranks:

Jadzia Emerald*-possibly the most legendary slayer known to Tyria, Cantha and Elona, has become infected with Absinthe Ooze, but unlike all others, she has found the only cure to corruption-a ritual, which must be performed on halloween if it is to work, thus giving the infection the nickname ''Hallowed Corruption''

Now it's almost time, Jadzia wishes to host a festival on that cursed day so she may also bring a glimmer of hope back to other's hearts. Do YOU dare join her?

*So you guys know, Jadzia Emerald is just the real name for my character in this event-Angel Of Slyness

Days, Times & Locations!

The event will run for 3 days, missing out 1 day in between due to my involvement with Mad King Freebie's event-haven't seen it?

Wednesday 28th October=7pm GMT-9pm GMT-Kamadan ID1

Thursday 29th October=7pm GMT-9pm GMT-Kamadan ID1

Friday is Mad King Freebie's event, where you will see me judging the costumes! Because of this honourable role there will be no Hallowed Corruption event on Friday 30th October

Saturday 31st October=6:50pm GMT-9:15pm GMT-Lion's Arch ID1

There are different activities each day of the event, so you won't miss out!


Hallow Thorn Ritual*: The only cure for corruption. What will happen in the ritual itself is a mystery, even to Jadzia!

Echoes Of Thorn*: 2 mysterious quests creating the big build up to the ritual! Can you complete them and get rewarded?

Night Of Frights*: A whole pattern of ghosts shall be released into the night! Can you withstand the ghost conga?

Celestial Costumes: 3 costume comps await you! Can you look the most corrupted or the scariest in town?

Traditional Events: These include Rock-Paper-Scissors, Angel Says, and so on.

*These events will only be on the 31st, and Echoes Of Thorn are only on the other 2 days


Interested In A Open Position? PM me saying why and you could get a job helping me out!

Event Host:
-Angel Of Slyness

District Managers:
-Angel Of Slyness

Gamble Table People:

Costume Comp Judges:
-Angel Of Slyness
-Mad King Freebies

Thorn Ritual Sages:

Echoes Quest Helpers:

Event Filmers:
-Angel Of Slyness
-The GWVM Group

PLEASE bear in mind I have still to ask some of my friends about this, I will treat their apps like any ordinary person so don't think I'll favor them over you if you both apply for a job, but be wary that you guys aren't the only ones who know of this event

Useful Links & Contacting Me:

Final Word:

This thread will most certainly be edited saying new things as time goes on, so be wary of that. And I'm sorry for the long thread post lol

This is my first official event, and definitely not my last. I've been planning this event since last Halloween and working tooth and nail to get alsorts for it-consumables, party items, sugar rush items, tomes, golds/greens-you name them! All I ask in return for my effort making this event official is that you come along and have fun!

To add to this, me and Mad King Freebies are working together this Halloween, and whilst we're not going to join our events up, what we are going to do is help each other with our events, Mad King Freebies happens to have his event straight after my LA finale event, so you get more for less! lol

I will also start a donators list should anyone decide to donate stuff.

I hope you're looking forward to this! <3 Ky

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Please take your concerns to private.

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Have a great Halloween everyone. Hope this doesn't end up being very confusing for the community, but I wish everyone all the best.
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Mad King Freebies has became the 2nd costume comp judge for my event! As we are both working together to make Halloween an even more enjoyable time for you all this year, he is also hosting his event straight after my own, meaning more halloween fun for you all!
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Thanks, ill be glad to help!
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