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Default Bringing back the Fun - 100e in prizes

That GW is dead is not a mistery anymore. Well, it has never been. But, since we are all so awesomely bored with such a big amount of money-ectos-shards-etc in our inventories, keeping them God knows why, I'm holding a contest where I'll be giving away 100e, to whoever wants to participate. The title says it all, it's the quest to have fun again, and don't get me wrong: I'm not against SC's or anything similar, it's just that people is becoming far too square headed for PvE playing. Oh yes, the contest is about PvE. I know that for many, PvP is funnier, but well, I've always enjoyed PvE more (maybe because it hasn't got implemented a dishonorable hex :? :P). Well anyway, there will be two ways of competing, both for the same prices,

-> a whole group of 8 people - must be from the same guild/alliance. You may complain about the difficulty of getting a whole group of 8 at the same time, but that's why I've add the possibility to get someone from the alliance.
-> 2 players + heros. I know lots of people think heros killed the game and blablabla, but I personally think it has done more good than bad. Two friends can now play together and have a good time, something quite difficult before. Anyway, it's my contest so I'll do what i want ^^.

Please note you can go with a guildmate if you take the second choice, but keep in mind its obligatory to be 2 players/6 heros or 8 guildmates-alliancemates.
__________________________________________________ ______________

What's the contest about?

Well, in few words, completing thinks without the need of SF, OF, 600/Smite, etc. There will be some skills forbidden (SF is one). If you find this unfair for some professions, it's up to you.

I'll be posting every 2-3 days different quests, that will be varying in difficulty (this does not necessarily mean they'll be in increasing difficulty). I could ask you to complete FoW or UW, vanquish a specific area or completing a mission. I can't tell you how many stages will be, but I hope I can make it a little bit long.
__________________________________________________ ______________


Sadly, if it wasn't because of this, the contest would have no participants (I don't even know if it'll have with them lol). The prize table is pretty simple: 1 winner per category, 10e per player. This is, 80e will be given for the first choice and 20 for the second one.

If anyone wishes to donate, it'll be appreciated, but as far as it concers me, I don't think I'll be capable of adding anything else.
__________________________________________________ ______________


If you/your guild wishes to participate, you must provide the following information:
-> Guild/Alliance contest: provide a screenshot with the Alliance tab of the [G] pannel, in a way I can clearly see all the guilds that form the alliance.
For this choice an unlimited number of players can participate, though the prize will be given to just one of them for him to do whatever he wants with it: use it to improve the guild hall, keep it all or distribute it. This is to promove the confiance, so choose wisely who you play with. The formulary should look something like this:

Screenshot w/ Alliance tab
Name of the player that will receive the prize

Any player of the guild or alliance can participate, no one has to be in every mission, but it must always be a group of 8 players.

-> 2 players + heros: just give the games of the 2 players. You will be able to change your character but it must be from the same account. If you have multiple accounts, im sorry, but i'll be only taking one. You can't change your partner. The prize will be given individually. Formulary:

Name of player 1
Name of player 2

__________________________________________________ ______________

Basic guidelines

* Contest will be only held if there is a minimum of 5 participants/choice. If there aren't enough people for the guild challenge, the 2 player + heros one will have its prize increased by 20e/player. If the 2 player + heros challenge can't be held, the guild challenge won't get any extra prize.
* The following skills/builds will not be allowed to use: Shadow Form, Obsidian Flesh, 600/Smite, Mist Form, Trapping, any 55-330-etc hp builds, etc - i think you get the point.
* When doing a mission as a guild, before the start of the mission all the group must write in chat "I agree with XXX taking the prize for the contest", where XXX is the one that will take the prize.
* Specific rules will be applied for each msision, granting bonus or forbidding some skills.
* The winner will be the one that achieves more points.

************************************************** *******
Contest will be held at the same time in three different GW forums - Gwguru and 2 GW spanish fansites. The total points will be displayed in all of them.

Oh, and after all, remember this is for fun. The prizes should be the last thing you're looking for...

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