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Old May 06, 2010, 10:50 AM // 10:50   #1
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Default For a GW2 in Spanish

*Please Mods, if this thread is in a wrong forum please, move it. Thanks in advance.*

The Spanish/Hispanic community is very worried with the GW2, since Anet said goodbye to our community manager (we miss you Peter -_-), the Official Spanish webside of GW1 isn't updated frequently, for example the last game update was on 04/29/10...
And now, with all the news about GW2, nothing is in Spanish, the official website is only in French, German and ofc English, and the fansites have to do all the work translating the information... and the fansites or the players are not here for do the dirty work and to make them free promotion.
That the price we put on our faithfulness, is that we care as a community, with a coordinator to collect our own concerns and an official website with all the information properly translated.

We haven't a community mannager, nobody looks after our interests and concerns, and we discussed this on the official facebook groups of GW and GW2, the they removed our comments...

From the Spanish community, we are looking for some answers and we try get the information in spanish, we are a lot of hispanic speakers in the world (is the 3rd or the 4th most spoken language in the world). Actually we have a Elite Fansite ( Honored Fansite ( and a Spanish Wiki ( - - and we can't understand why we haven't news of GW2 in our lenguage.

We call upon all the information posted on the website of Guild Wars 2 is translated into Spanish as well as to have a coordinator to ensure our interests as clients.

We have started a new "pressure group" in facebook, if you are agree, please join with us!!/group.php...16187455078561

Thanks for read.

* Por favor, Mods, si este hilo está en un foro equivocado por favor, moverlo. Gracias por adelantado .*

La comunidad española está muy preocupado con el GW2, ya que Anet dijo adiós a nuestro gestor de la comunidad (Te hechamos de menos Peter -_-), la página de internet oficial española de GW1 no se actualiza con frecuencia, por ejemplo la última actualización del juego fue el 29/04/10...
Y ahora, con todas las noticias sobre GW2, no hay nada en español, la web oficial está únicamente en francés, Alemán y por supuesto Ingles.., y los sitios de fans han de hacer todo el trabajo de traducir la información ... y los fans o los jugadores no están aquí para hacer el trabajo sucio y hacerles publicidad gratuita.
Que el precio que ponemos a nuestra fidelidad, es que se nos cuide como comunidad, con un coordinador propio que recoja nuestras inquietudes y una página web oficial con toda la información debidamente traducida.

No tenemos un Coordinador, nadie cuida de nuestros intereses y preocupaciones, y comentamos esto en los grupos oficiales de facebook de GW y GW2, y borraron nuestros comentarios ...

Desde la comunidad española, estamos buscando algunas respuestas y tratamos de obtener la información en español, somos una gran cantidad de hispano-hablantes en el mundo (es la tercera o cuarta lengua más hablada en el mundo). Actualmente contamos con un sitio de fans de élite ( un Fansite Honorifico ( ) y una wiki en español ( ) - - y no podemos entender por qué no tenemos noticias de GW2 en nuestra lengua.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que toda la información publicada en la página web de Guild Wars 2 sea traducida al español, así como contar con un coordinador para garantizar nuestros intereses como clientes.

Hemos comenzado un nuevo "grupo de presión" en facebook, si estás de acuerdo con esta iniciativa, por favor, unete!



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Old May 06, 2010, 02:43 PM // 14:43   #2
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Let's hope A-Net don't ignore/censure this post as they use to do.

I'm traslating the GW2 news for, and collaborating with I'm doing the job that A-net should be doing, as simple as that.

Un saludo.

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Old May 06, 2010, 03:34 PM // 15:34   #3
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As Samael, I am another volunteer who is responsible for translating into Spanish at Are there enough resources now to translate all the official game information in Spanish or we have to wait when Guild Wars 2 is more advanced to read anything in Spanish?

Then, we expect a formal response as soon as possible.

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Old May 06, 2010, 06:55 PM // 18:55   #4
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I see no issue with a Spanish language version sold in traditionally Spanish speaking nations.
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Old May 07, 2010, 06:35 AM // 06:35   #5
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I think the chance for a Spanish version is much more likely to happen than Polish... And even then you shouldn't really worry, don't most of you know already know English?
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Old May 08, 2010, 05:15 AM // 05:15   #6
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Pienso que no hay sufficiente personas hispanicos quien lo juegan este juego mas para Anet hacer muchas cosas en espanol, por lo minimo en GW1.

Pero yo entiendo y ojala que Anet tuviera un coordinador para los que hablan espanol para GW2, y en my opinion, habria sido mejor si Anet hubiera mantenido peter.. Pero que podemos hacer?
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Old May 09, 2010, 10:16 AM // 10:16   #7
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I hope we can enjoy GW2 in many differents languages, not only english, german and french, but at least in the same languages as GW1.
And also I hope for a coordinator for our great hispanic community.
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Old May 11, 2010, 04:55 AM // 04:55   #8
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Only we want is GW2 in Spanish! Or doesn't like our money?
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Old Jun 30, 2010, 11:58 PM // 23:58   #9
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Originally Posted by Abedeus View Post
I think the chance for a Spanish version is much more likely to happen than Polish... And even then you shouldn't really worry, don't most of you know already know English?
That's not the point, there is indeed a lot people that speak english here but there are also a lot of potencial players that don't.
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Old Jul 15, 2010, 10:32 PM // 22:32   #10
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wtf no mexican flag? pz
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Old Jul 16, 2010, 03:14 AM // 03:14   #11
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Why do you care so much about the game if Anet isn't going to do the same for its' spanish players?

Save yourself some headaches and stop expecting Anet to do anything. Move on and find a much more involved game developer.
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