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Default Tyrian Ghost Walk Short Story Contest

The Tyrian Ghost Walk

The Tyrian ghost walk is based around the idea of a real life ghost walk. In real life, ghost walks usually take place in historic sites or representations of historic sites, and groups of people are guided to different locations where stories about the ghosts at those locations are told. Usually the stories are told with period character acting ( in some cases with actors actually portraying the ghosts) and the stories themselves tell of how the ghost died, how the ghost manifests itself – makes its presence known – and other interesting facts about the ghost.

More information about this event will be posted in the future. For now this is just a post for the short story contest!

Tyrian Ghost Walk Story Contest

As part of the festivities we're seeking the creative support of the community for short story submissions. Requirements are as follows:

At most a 500 word story based on a real or fake Tyrian ghost story. The story must be written with an in-game setting with appropriate flourish, and describe the circumstances of the ghost's death and creation, and how the ghost makes its presence known. These stories must also be tied to a location that a group can be taken to in the game world, so the atmosphere of the in-game setting should be appropriate (i.e. not happy sunny places for a dark and creepy ghost story).

Remember that these are supposed to be stories about ‘real’ people encountering ‘real’ ghosts, these are not just ghost stories, they are ‘factual’ accounts from an in-game perspective. Think about the accounts you hear of ghosts at your local hotels or old hospitals, accounts in the real world of real hauntings, instead of just fictional ghost stories.
Here’s a short example story:

(This story is based on the location right below the tower in Ascalon city, slightly South West of the bonfire and Symon the Scribe).

Over 100 years ago, before the first guild wars erupted, Ascalon was much as it was just before the Searing. This city stood abreast the great wall and the security of the nation was safeguarded by the king and his sons. His youngest son, however, was what we might call… motivated. With no hope of ascending to the throne past his elder brothers, he decided to take matters into his own hands on the night of the king's death. As the moon rose high above the ramparts of the city, and the heavens wept, and the roll of thunder filled the night, he stole himself into the royal apartments where the eldest son, the newly crowned king, was resting after the coronation ceremony. The new king awoke screaming to find a dagger rooted in his heart, alerting the guards to the horrifying sight.

Some say that the youngest son wept after realizing what he had done and cast himself to his fate, others say that in a mad dash to escape the guards he lost his footing. On this very spot, the young prince fell to his death from the royal apartments above.

But his story does not end there. He makes his presence known with cold winds through still passage ways and apparitions that disappear upon a double take. Some of the nobles, when gazing out at the commanding view from the ramparts of the tower, report a gentle nudge at their back as if to send them over the edge. One of the most frightening stories was from a young noble spending the night in the murdered king's chambers with his new wife. He awoke to the frightening spectre of the villainous prince hovering over him, and the handle of a bloody knife protruding from his chest. Since then no one has been brave enough to spend a night in the chambers.
Technical Details

The organizers of the Tyrian Ghost walk will review all submissions and pick the best works for the inclusion in the Tyrian Ghost Walk. Submissions must be received by the closing date of this contest, October 1st. Participants may enter as often as they want to. The organizers of this event reserve the right to edit stories as needed for grammar, to fit the mechanics of the event, and also to suit the atmosphere of the event.
Prizes for an accepted story will include a prominent feature in the actual event itself, as guides lavish these ghostly tales upon the tour groups. Audio books as well as the text of these stories will be made available after the event and we are organizing a custom soundtrack to go along with each story. In game prizes are also provided!


  • Email your stories to "operative14(at)"
  • Send a private message to "Konig Des Todes" on these forums
For either method, please include "[TGW Submission]" in the subject line, and include your story in the body of the message along with any other details you wish to share.

We look forward to your submissions!

For More Information

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Looking forward to reading the spookiest stuff! *just posted to make it easier to send me a PM for those not wanting to email O14).
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so. entering.
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This is fantastic guys! I can't wait to read all the spooky entries!
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