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Default Halloween Happy Hour

Halloween is one of the best holidays on the gaming calendar and this year Split Infinity’s DJs are pushing the boat out with special editions of some of its shows. “The Guild Meeting” is being dressed up on Sunday 31st October as Halloween Happy Hour where we’ll be forgoing the usual news and games to give away ~1500K’s worth of prizes and gifts within 2 hours! Of course you need to work a little for them so we’re putting on a quiz and costume competition for the intellects and creative souls amongst you.

The main event though is the arrival of the Mad King accompanied by his bad jokes and “Mad King says”. Even if you’re not aiming for any of the big prizes of the night, come join in the fun - you may just get an extra surprise to take away with you. For the entire event, Tasha will be on air on Split Infinity Radio playing a combination of themed music and your requests as well as talking to the other hosts of the event - DJ Villan from Split Infinity and Relics Of Orr community members Zxizaraxii and Mad Falcon.

The party starts at 6pm UTC (6pm GMT, 2pm EST Click here for more) on Sunday 31st October in Lions Arch International District 4 and runs for 2 hours. We hope to see you there!

Schedule of events

6:00pm: Event starts! Tasha takes to the airwaves & request lines open. Drinks are distributed.
6:15pm: General Knowledge Quiz! Prizes per question & a top prize of an unded Mini Mad King Thorn
6:45pm: Costume Competition - Singles Edition! Prize: Armbrace
7:00pm: Mad King arrives! Enjoy the bad jokes - you may be lucky enough to go home with something a little extra!
7:30pm Costume Competition - Couples Edition! Prize: 2 sets of Rubies and Sapphires (Request lines close)
8:00pm Event Ends

General Knowledge Quiz

There will be 10 questions on a number of topics, including math, geography, history, science and Guild Wars lore. Questions will be asked on trade chat, and players should answer on local chat. Spelling is not important as long as it is understandable.

A prize and point is awarded to the player who answers quickest with the correct answer. The player with the most points at the end of the 10 questions will be awarded the top prize of an undedicated Miniature Mad King Thorn. If more than 1 player has the most points, there will be a tiebreaker question.

Costume Competitions

We’re looking for the best fancy dress costumes in all of Tyria so go nuts with your armor choices and come up with your own unique combination. No costumes or festival headpieces please - we want to make this available to everyone no matter how long they’ve been playing! There’s a prize for the best costumed individual (Armbrace) and for the best costumed couple ( 2 lots of 16 Rubies and 16 Sapphires), as well as a number of smaller prizes for victors in other undisclosed categories.
Edit: No tonics either!

Judges: Zxizaraxii, Mad Falcon, Villan

Want to get involved?

Fantastic! You can get involved one of two ways. We’re looking for people to either donate their excess items (alcohol, sugar, fireworks and unded minis are ideal but we’ll take almost anything), or their time to the event. We’ll need a few extra hands to make sure the party keeps rocking on the night.

If you’d like to give your time, or aren’t sure if we’ll accept your items, you can contact us by email at tasha<at> . You can also send me a pm here on Guru. Contact Tasha Darke in game to give donations directly.

About Split Infinity

Founded in 2005, Split Infinity Radio is an online radio station broadcasting 24/7 aimed at gamers and geeks alike. Our Guild Wars orientated show “The Guild Meeting” airs every Wednesday at 6pm UTC. From community events to news bulletins, prize giveaways to developer interviews – there will always be a reason to Get Loud and Get Mental with us!

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Sooooooo may Halloween events @_@ I will be there!
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See you there.....
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Yay! Gonna try to be there.
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Tasha - im not sure if the utc and gmt times will match - so far utc is -1 gmt and sunday morning uk clocks go back 1hr and ive no idea if utc changes ( im not familair with utc before and only in last 6 or so months have seen it widely used ( specially by anet and their fail attempts at using gmt ).
even just checked a website on utc and almost lol`d - it states time in utc/gmt was 10:20pm and by my clock and every other thing giving time in my uk home states its 11:20pm - even more confusing.
Diff website clears things up - summer time gmt is 1 hr ahead of utc and winter times match as uk loses 1hr - maybe anet shud read this and take note and for once have the correct times for gmt ( soz pet hate when anet states the incorrect uk times for all events )

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Yeah timezones are trixy things. Its compounded by the GMT/UK timezone and the GMT/Zulu timezone and people's incorrect assumption that the UK is on GMT all year round - we aren't, we're on BST or British Summer Time which is GMT+1 or UTC+1 for the summer months. The difference is that countries on GMT/UK time move onto a +1 summer version, whereas countries on GMT/Zulu do not observe summer time at all.

UTC (Constant Universal Time) is similar* to GMT but as it has different letters it makes people look it up. They are essentially the same timezone though. I started using it when organising Alliance events and discovered that different people think GMT means different things.

At any rate, the clocks change in the UK early Sunday morning, so we'll be back on GMT for the event (6pm UK time start). USA hasn't changed back from Summer time so the East coast will be 4 hours behind Blighty rather than the usual 5 (2pm EDT).

Hope this helps! If you're not sure, and you have twitter, follow @SI_DJTasha - this is my DJing account and I'll count down till the event on Saturday/Sunday.

*read "similar" as "the same" unless you're a physicist. UTC is based on the atomic clock but GMT isn't, so is less accurate.

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