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Default Looking for active players for GuildMag interviews!

Hey all you snazzy Gurus.
Izari from GuildMag here.

It's been a while since I last put out a call for interviewees for game-play articles and I'm excited to say I've gotta stock back up on players to participate.

I'm also expanding beyond titles this time around (getting brave, eh?) so there are a few areas I'd like to cover:

Titles: Looking for players who have completed these titles.
Legendary Survivor
• Pre-Irontoe
• Via-Irontoe
Legendary Vanquisher
Defender of Ascalon

PvP: Looking for players with considerable experience and currently active in these areas.
Hall of Heroes

Guild and/or Alliance Leaders : Currently active that runs content together, be it PvE or PvP.
Preferred not to be FFF this time around.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the Title / Topic as your subject line and the following information in the body:

Character Name:
Contact Info:
TimeZone / hours for contact:

(For Title Hunters)
Approx. month/year of earned title:

(For Guild Leader)
Name of your Guild
Name of your Alliance (if you lead it).
Approx Number of Members
Primary content (pve, pvp, social).

(For PvP)
List any titles, ranks, or awards from you adventures:

My preferred method of contact is instant messaging: it allows the best interaction and I get to easily copy-pasta interviews. I have an ID for every service so no worries in that area.
Second would be e-mail and last would be in-game.

I'm GMT -5, and my best times are 7-10 pm EST on weekdays and sporadically on weekends, although I'm much more flexible via e-mail.

I've been having a blast covering the player's experience in our past issues, so I'm pretty excited to write on these expanded topics. I'm really looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!

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