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Default Design A Skill Contest!

Hey Everyone! I am posting this on behalf of some listeners of that are hosting a contest for the GW Community! More details can be found under the Contest Section of the forums

Good luck and have fun! ( I can't wait to see the results from this!)

~ Rhonda


Are you tired of using the same old skills? Well this is the opportunity for you; yes you, the one reading this with the fancy hat! Ok maybe you don't have a fancy hat but don't worry you can still enter!!

It's simple, design a skill with a matching skill icon inspired by a member of the GW-EN team. Be creative, keep it light-hearted and don't get too personal. Otherwise we will unleash an army of war pigs on you!

Once you have your new shiny skill and icon, write a little summary about why it is relevant to the person you have chosen. We don't want to miss out on any insider jokes! Still not sure how to do it? Well here is an example of how to do it and how not to do it:

Although the second example is to show you how NOT to do it, the ms paint skill icon is more then acceptable! We won't judge you on your lack of a graphics program. You might even get extra points for humour!

1st Prize: 50k, 10e, Oppressor Weapon (oyc), Destroyer Weapon (oyc), 5 hero armours, an assortment of party points and 2 kegs!

2nd Prize: 25k, 5e, Destroyer Weapon(oyc), 3 hero armours, an assortment of party points and 1 keg!

3rd Prize: 3rd Prize: 25k, Oppressor Weapon(oyc), 2 Hero armours, an assortment of party points and 1 keg!
*oyc = of your choice

The judges will be Lacie, Conrad, and myself (Kookie). We will judge based on creativity, humour and relevance to the chosen GW-EN member. There will also be a community vote. That's all there is too it but just to make sure we are all on the same page here is a rundown of the requirements and rules:

*Make a GW-EN inspired guild wars skill
*Create a picture to go with your new awesome skill, no bigger than 256 by 256
*You can only submit ONE skill per person.
*Blessings (with additional skills) will not be counted as ONE skill!
*All submission should be posted under The Contests Section of the Forums on the "Design A Skill Contest" Thread ONLY
*Submission must be about the listed eligible members ONLY (see list below). Any skills about other people will not be accepted.
*Anything we deem unsuitable won't be counted and will be removed.
*The deadline for all submissions is the 27th of February at 5:00 pm (EST) any posted after the deadline will not be counted.
*No members of the GW-EN staff are permitted to enter this contest, please see the alternative GW-EN Staff contest thread.
*No mention of bacon in any skill is permitted. No other skills can compete with the power of bacon so it would be unfair

List of eligible GW-EN members:

Arkin Dmitr
M A L I B U Barbie
Enji Sanzen
Dj Flowers
Judge Ra
Kurzick Krozz
Lady Gallo of Devi
Ptm - Monk From North
Thy Reloaded
Salmon Avenger
Serine Tempest
Sharn Vendeta
Sister Creepy
Vladi Da Bat

The community will have a week to vote for their favourites and the winners will be announced on air on the 7th of March and posted on the forum at ( Must be a member of the website to vote and view).
Good luck, get creative and most importantly have fun!

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