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Default Mass-Race's back for 2011!


I've already done this competition a while ago, but didn't gave all prizes because some people told me they got banned for money selling just because they traded money to another account or gave money to a friend. But this year, I'm doing it again and I told ArenaNet about it so I shouldn't get banned.

So here it is : It's a Droknar's Forge Run World competition, that means anyone from anywhere can participate, but in case we get a lot of participations, we will have some "Eliminations" to eliminate people that don't even have a little chance to win. For that, you must send me a video of you, running droknar in less than 15 mins 00 seconds or to do that with me in the party.

There's a total of 875K to win, which can be bigger if I can get some donations.
There's 5 Categories : Warriors, Rangers, Assassins, Dervishs and all others class together. In each Categories, the first place win 100k, second win 50k and third win 25k.

Of course, you can come in all categories or only 2 or one, doesn't matter at all. Rules are very simple : No consommable are allowed ( Not even alchool ), no shadow steps on others persons of the group (including Heart of Shadow), and you need to wait for countdown before to start a race, also, no one is allowed to use any skills before "Go!".

Races are gonna be one on one, first who get to portal get a point, and when we get to droknar, the guy who got the more points win the race. Because there's 4 zones in Droknar run, if the race ends up with 2 points each, we would do Lornar's Pass again to tell the winner.

Zones we are going to race in : Lornar's Pass, Dreadnought's Drift, Snakes Dance and Talus Chute.

When is it? It's going to be in the last week of June. So people who have school shouldn't have problems to come.

For inscriptions, you have to send me a email with your In Game Name of each profession you wan't to come with and need to tell in that email which are those professions.

[email protected]
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