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Old Apr 17, 2011, 11:52 PM // 23:52   #41
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Does anyone have a screenie from when we formed the letters 'MS' in ID1 at the events conclusion?
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Old Apr 18, 2011, 10:09 AM // 10:09   #42
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I believe they still have to draw the winners for the "real" (as in "physical", non virtual) prizes for people who donated, during this week. And they also took screenshots of the costume contest finalists.

I think that means there'll probably be some kind of "wrap up" update around next week, with a summary of the winners, screenshots, etc.
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Old Apr 18, 2011, 05:50 PM // 17:50   #43
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That is absolutely Correct! I am still gathering Screenshots and what not. If anyone has some really awesome screenies from Districts 2-5..that would be great! I want to compile them all together and create a montage of what happened for everyone to see that were unable to attend the event...or either relive it!

Like I posted of the Donation Prizes will be posted on April 24th on here and on our website! All Winners will be contacted via email as well ( So don't forget to check your email sometime that day

~ Rhonda
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Old Apr 18, 2011, 09:07 PM // 21:07   #44
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i will email some of the screens that we took in D4
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Old Apr 24, 2011, 06:46 PM // 18:46   #45
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To decide the winners we started from the top of the prize list as posted on the website and went from the top of the number list as given to us from Arenanet. The number closest to the number chosen....was decided to be the winner. After going through the numbers 1 round ...we then went back and went over which numbers were closest once again. This was seen as the most fair way to choose if people did not choose the EXACT number. Thank you to everyone who donated and participated.

26 – Kayla Bendle (26)– Gamers Giving Back T-Shirt
30 – Dru Raven(Paul B) (18) – Gamers Giving Back T-Shirt
58 – Maria Johnson(45) – Gamers Giving Back T-Shirt
79 - John Longpine (69) – Gamers Giving Back T-Shirt
82 – Nick Harris (99) – Gamer’s Giving Back T-Shirt
85 - Jeanette Orlando (63) – Edge of Destiny book
150 – Jennifer Bison (149) Edge of Destiny Book
168- Josh Pankow (169) Edge of Destiny Book
250 – Marco Perez (255) Edge of Destiny Book
273 – Jody Law (275) Edge of Destiny Book
342 – Samuel Rackley (324) – IPOD Nano
386 – Thomas Johnson (369) Nox Headset
411 – Lydia Milame (425) Nox Headset
489 – Rhonda Laslo (445) Smoking Joe Frazier Shorts
500 – Rod Nenson (505) Fatality Autograph and Dogtags
561- Myrna Head (550) Robocop Autographs and Prop Money
600 – Steve Williams (602) Prop Money from Bound
639 – Vanja Banic (653) Blair Witch Evidence Marker
690 – Arghore (678) Piece of Wall from Blair Witch
701- Melvin Tooker (721) Piece of Door Frame from Blair Witch
780 – Denis Prefontaine (777) Red Apple Smokes from Pulp Fiction
821 – Billy Pukalo (806) – Scarface Autograph ( Al Pacino)
849 – Thomas Lonberg (756) – Spiderman Comics
899 – Emily Dy (732) Mighty Thor Comics
900 - Scott Emde (662) – Hawkeye Comics
912 - Kristina Nishioka (917) –New Teen Titan Comics
923 – Xiao Lu (602) Wolverine Comics
940 – Wayne Kingswell ( 553) – AT AT Commander Toy
950 – Daniel Gray (519) – General Madine Toy
951 – Alex Lloyd (426) – Logray Ewok Toy
974 – John Hart (264) - Leia Organa Toy
980 - Ray Emde–(237) -Luke Skywalker Toy
987 - Jay Qi (130) –Hans Solo Toy
990 – Don Jean (130) - Yoda Toy
999 - Matthew Gray(999) – Gamer’s Giving Back T-Shirt

All Winners posted here will be contacted via e-mail to forward their address so we can mail out the prizes. Please allow 6-8 weeks for arrival. Thank you once again for participating and congratulations to the winners!

See you guys in October for Pink Day in La! We are looking at October 15th as the date for this mark your calendars its gonna be epic!

~ Rhonda
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