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Default's Survivor 2: Prophecies!

So, got your GRRRRRR face on and think you can outwit, outplay, and outlast
the rest of the competition with your superior screenshot eye, writing, and negotiation skills
for part of over two million in Guild Wars gold and in-game prizes?

Great! Applications are now open!

Tribal spots are limited, so preference will be given to quality applications in the order received! I'm setting an end date of three weeks from this Monday, 26-Sep-2011, so get yours in now!

To be clear, participation in this screenshot and writing contest patterened after the Survivor television series does require an account on The link above will take you to the site and the thread. The first post is general information and FAQ's which should answer all your questions, then there's a repeat of this information on how to apply.

After you turn in your application, check there frequently for updates and information. After the applications close there will be a few days for the judges to review, decide, and make the tribes before finalists will be announced. When the finalists are announced you will be required to post a reply on the thread to confirm your place in the contest!

Application requirements
Please read and fulfill all the requirements, and send applications via e-mail to [email protected] or via a private message (pm) to me on the forums.

Three (3) screenshots of the character with whom your applying per the requirements below, cropped and attached to your email or linked to your pm application. Screenshots which can obviously be tied to your answers below are even better! You're encouraged to check out the links above for the screenshot guide and previous competitions to submit quality screenshots! For example, we don't want to see equipment windows, text, weapon buttons, etc., and we want to see creative poses, angles, backgrounds, emotes, etc.
1. Full body shot, head to toe, at the log in screen.
2. A screenshot in your favorite Prophecies outpost.
3. A screenshot in your favorite Prophecies explorable area.

* Please answer all of the following questions in your e-mail or pm. Number your answers, or start writing your story now! *
1. What is your character's name?
2. What is your character's profession?
3. What is your username on the forums?
4. Have you been a contestant in the PNTM or Survivor cycles here? If yes, then please include the name of the character and the account.
5. Have you ever been a contestant in other screenshot based contests on other official Guild Wars fansites? If yes, then please include the name of the character, a link to the contest, and the name of the account on the fansite.
6. Did you keep up with or read through any of the PNTM or Survivor threads linked above?
7. Why should we choose you to be a contestant in Survivor 2?
8. Why did you decide to apply for Survivor 2?
9. If you're selected as a competitor, do you think you can win it, and why?
* Think MMORPG role-play for a moment, and answer the following questions from your character's point of view. *
10. Where is your character from?
11. What makes your character unique?
12. What does your character do on a day to day basis?
13. In the screenshots above, why are those your favorite outpost and explorable area?

Rule addendums
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed on the site, and multiple entries are not allowed in the competition, so choose your character wisely!
  • Your character will need access to Prophecies, but can be born in any of the lands of Guild Wars. You may attempt to work completely within the milieu of presearing, but this is not recommended as there will be at least one collaborative challenge where you'll work with another tribe member on a screenshot. If you start in presearing, consider planning to sear at some point, and the more of Prophecies you can access, the greater your choices for supporting backgrounds.
  • Any armor or costume is allowed for the application, but your face must be visible, so this will preclude certain masks and costume headpieces.
  • Your character must remain the same physical model through the competition. Any changes to your primary profession, gender, face, hair, skin, height, name, etc. will result in disqualification. Armor, weapons, etc. may be changed to fit the challenge and screenshot.
  • The answers to the questions above should be in the text of the e-mail if that option for submission is used, and the required screenshots linked or attached as BMP or JPG files. Submissions attached as Microsoft Word documents or other files will be requested to be submitted in the text of the e-mail or as a pm here.
*** Expect a reply confirming receipt of your application within 48 hours of your submission. If you don't receive a confirmation after 48 hours, please re-send your application. ***
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