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Old May 30, 2011, 05:08 AM // 05:08   #181
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I'm doin' mah best! :P
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Old May 30, 2011, 07:14 AM // 07:14   #182
not so much fell as.....
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well I am off to Rome for a few days, so if Soudaa comes on maybe he can post or pm which weap he will like. I will try and catch you when I get back operative - what times do you tend to be around?
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Old May 30, 2011, 05:49 PM // 17:49   #183
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I'm currently in PST, I'm sort of forced to be on mostly at night, around 10:00pm-12:30pm or so. However over the past week or so I'm just been running GW in windowed mode (when I can remember) throughout the day so I can try to catch more rafflers.
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Old Jun 05, 2011, 12:44 PM // 12:44   #184
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got my smexy new Oppressor axe yesterday thanks Aeronwen.)
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Old Jun 13, 2011, 12:55 AM // 00:55   #185
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Sigh... my internet is finally installed and up and running in my new place.

Apologies for missing the Ball. I had a pretty horrible week leading up to it, and it was just a big mess with a lot of negative emotion bundled with it; was a very sad week for my family, especially me. Again though, my apologies, but I'm glad everything went ok and everyone seemed to have a great time.

I'm looking forward to creating a continuing event in GW2 for this great community. Hopefully, I'll be working side by side with Daniel and Operative to create said event, but it's in super pre stage planning right now on my end.
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Old Oct 13, 2011, 06:46 AM // 06:46   #186
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Remember this event?

I've not been able to contact, or been contacted by more than half the winners of the raffle. There are some great prizes still left to collect; more than 18 ectos to distribute, lots of tonics and other fun prizes. I know I said I would hang on to these prizes forever, but it's been months and I'm kind of feeling like I might be holding onto some great items that are waiting for people who have no use for them, who have left the game. I would hate to see these items waste away in my storage while people are scrambling to host fun events in need of prizes and support, of which I have only been able to donate a little because I myself was saving up for events.

That being the case I would like to amend (after a great deal of consideration) my earlier statement and place a deadline of 11:59pm December 1st to collect your raffle prizes. At that point there should be some great community events coming up to celebrate what could very well be our last Wintersday, and I think it would be best to donate these items to a good cause that would get some use out of them if their rightful winners can't claim them by then.

If you see your name on the list below, please send me a private message, or email me operative14[at] whether you want your prize or not (a few people generously told me to hang onto them for donations in their stead). If you've been trying to contact me over the past few months I apologize for being so spotty, dealing with my senior year at the university and a new job really takes up a lot of time!

1. SuperCowMan24 - won 2e
3. Lisa Night Dk (ign)
4. Monk Youngg (ign) - won 5 zkeys
9. Sheila Whiteclaw(ign)
10. Darkstar Ritual (ign)
11. MrKGado
12. Wilderness Witch (ign)
13. shadow999991 - won 3e
15. Apache215
17. Leliana Amber (ign)
19. ErrantVenture
20. Tuf Men Wear Skirts(ign)
21. mikael andersson (ign)
22. jackinthe - 50 Mysterious tonics
23. Healertron Prime (ign) - won 3e
24. Eminent Shogun (ign)
25. Kaden Astrid - won 2e
27. Kiri no shiji (ign) - won 5e
28. Ranglon Hoth (ign)
29. Kohana Kita Hoth (ign) - won 2e
30. Wisdom Master(ign)
31. Lily Karuna (ign)
32. Kaida Godfray (ign) - won 2e
33. One of Legends (ign)
35. Gabber Reaper - won 3e
36. The Shadow Mezmer
38. Tal L
39. Tianna Darkstorm (ign) - won 2e
41. Jai Uchiha - won 2e
44. Tijs Verwest (ign) - won 20 mysterious tonics
45. Alkor Knox (ign)
47. Sparky Sharkinu (ign)
49. Joraala Gable
50. Taevion0
52. Findan the Magical (ign)
53. born unique (ign)
54. Tico Yuki (ign) won 30 Mysterious tonics
55. My New Name (ign) - won 5e
56. Lord Kipni (ign) - won 5 white dye
59. Elemental Buffel (ign)
60. Jon of the Plauge (ign)
61. Artemis Alexandrae
62. Guy Incognito (ign)
63. Marty Silverblade - won und. Mini Koss
67. Sir Dran Zero (ign) (Thank you for your donation!)
68. Priestess Tess (ign)
69. vapor fighter (ign) - won 2e
72. End

If you see your name above, claim your prize!

Again, thank you all for a spectacular event and the great memories, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Pink Day in LA this weekend and the incredible Halloween events coming up this month!
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