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Ascalonian Squire
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Default UWSC Event with Speed Contest

Hey Guys,
one year ago german uwsc players started a big event, where everybody was able to join. This year it’s time to invite the English speaking guys, too.
The whole purpose is to play together and have fun by doing uwsc.

So here are some facts from last year:
There were about 150 players registered on the team speak server (without the Clan-Ally who organized the event). All in all there were about 230 people who joined the event.
Guilds like [LN],[sKe],[faNN],[Zraw],[zOmg],[Oral] supported the event.

This year the event starts at the 6th of January at 4 pm (GMT+1). On the 7th of January we play until the night ends

There will be some pcons and conset trader so that everybody can buy stuff without travelling to kamadan^^

The teamspeak will be sponsored again (without a password). You’ll find some channels on the ts which are called

UwSc (2000+)
UwSc ( 250+ )
UwSc (200+)
Uwsc (100+)
UwSc (50+)
Uwsc (Practice)

The requirements will be written in the channel descriptions. There will be no need to show stones, it’s just a hint on what tactics will be played in these groups.
For example: 50+ = no dual pull, no speedpull, no solo q like pits or 4h
Other decisions will be made by the group leader (like what build the spiker uses)

We’ll meet in toa polish dis.

__________________________________________________ ____________
Special feature this year: UWSCRUNNER Contest
We do a speed contest this year. Whoever thinks he’s a really fast uwsc player should build up a team with his best players on his friendlist and join the contest.
To join the contest u have to register yourself at the following times (all times are GMT+1):
6th January: 3 pm – 3.15 pm
5 pm – 5.15 pm
7 pm – 7.15 pm
Once u’re registered you will get a special server group on the teamspeak which allows you to enter channel password so nobody disturbs you while doing speedruns.

To make this contest more interesting there will be a price for the winner team. But we don’t have a sponsor, so you have to pay 4 ectos if you wanna join this contest. You have to pay it after your registration.
[color=#FF0000]The only 2 guys who are collecting the 4 ectos from you and registrate you for the contest are:
Ich Mag Keine Assa
Sira The Flame
We say this to avoid that anybody tries to scam you. So pls trade only these to guys to make sure that you join the contest![/color]
So if 100 people join the contest (=400 ectos) everybody from the winner team wins 50 ectos.
If there are 2 teams who have the same age they have to share the winner prize.

Now the rules:
- Maximum 4 players from the same guild are allowed in one team
- Everbody has to register himself
- For the registration we need your ingame name and your guild tag
- Only teams with 8 players are allowed
- [color=#FF0000]no player in 2 different screens[/color]

Rules for the screenshots:
- The age must be visible (type /age after "the nightmare cometh" is updated und ur password)
- Every competitor gets a password, the group leader has to type it in the teamchat before u take the screenshot (so we know that the run was made during the event)
- U have to send the screen via email at [email protected] until [color=#FF0000]6th of january at 10 pm (GMT+1)[/color]

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

Everybody is welcome!!!

+Ally (Zraw)

and Friends

Guilds who are coming:

German-Force-Wing [GFW] ----> With Ally

[DOOC] ----> With Ally

[atti] ----> With Ally

[YUM] ----> With Ally (DL,NAME)

[DS] ----> With Ally (Zraw)

[GDT] ----> With Ally

[sKe] ----> With Ally

[BC] ----> With Ally

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Ascalonian Squire
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Germany
Guild: Dhuum Stucker [DS]

I updated the first post, pls read it again.
Just 2 hours left, then we'll start
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