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Default DH Alliance & Blade Radio "Here Be Dragons" CNY 2012

The Descendants of Honor Alliance cordially invites you to celebrate the arrival of the new year in Cantha with us.

Come one come all to the "Here Be Dragons" festival! For amazing prizes and giveaways join us in American district 60 of Shing Jea Monastery. You're almost bound to get amazing prizes! Can't make it to district 60? Never fear! Blade Radio will also be giving away major prizes on air! So come on down, party with us and above all, watch out for those dragons!

Blade Radio will be joining us during feasts 5, 6, and 7 to provide media coverage and on-air fun! We will let people know closer to the event where the overflow will be going if we need it!

For more information, visit us at

We are prepared to share a glorious feast with the Celestial Dragon for all its appearances in our district this year. We are also prepared to share a bounty with those that join us with prizes and entertainment planned throughout the entire 24 hour finale.

We have a lot to offer and many of prizes to be won by people in our district, so we wish to allow as many people the opportunity to participate as possible. As our last district was so popular, we would appreciate it if the people that joined us were present at the event, not intending just to AFK in the rings and denying another player a chance to join us.

Each appearance of the Celestial Dragon heralds a change in theme for us. Each round we will base our events on well known dragons. Our events will start after the Celestial Dragon has left after each feast and conclude approximately 30 minutes before the next feast begins. As well as the major events listed there will be mini-games and trivia throughout the day and night.

We apologize in advance if we keep people up all night again.

A few requests and rules:
  • Please be courteous and listen to your hosts. Spamming, complaining or trolling may at our discretion disqualify you from our prizes
  • Google and the Guild Wars wikis are allowed, but we appreciate the effort people put in to answer things themselves.
  • Patience is appreciated!
  • Bring some inventory space - we cannot give you prizes if your have no room for them.
  • For more details on each round please listen in to your in-game hosts. While we are endeavoring to keep to our scheduled rounds, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a host or player holding the prizes disconnecting, we may change the advertised order or substitute another event. We will keep our attendees informed in game if this happens.
  • We reserve the right to maintain our collectively small ignore lists. If you give a correct answer but we do not see it due to an ignore list the prize will go to the first winner we can identify.

Major Prizes - We will be handing out hundreds of participation prizes in the form of ZKeys, Green Items, r9 Golds, Platinum, Minipets, and more for those who don't win big.

For more information as to when certain prizes, or what will be going on during each feast visit us at

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Old Feb 02, 2012, 09:19 PM // 21:19   #2
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This is going to rock! I will be kicking and screaming for the Obby Armor!!
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Old Feb 03, 2012, 01:21 AM // 01:21   #3
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WOW never been a part of something like this before. I only played through Prophecies back when I use to play. I came back a week ago for HoM stuff, but this sounds like a lot more fun haha! Look forward to it.
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Old Feb 06, 2012, 08:46 PM // 20:46   #4
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Thanks to all our guru-ers who attended our event! It was a blast!

If you would like to see our gallery of screenshots (and upload your own!) please look here!
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