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Old Mar 16, 2012, 07:13 AM // 07:13   #1
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Default Platypusapalooza II

This is the second year of Platypusapalooza, hosted by the ESP Alliance ( and we are pulling out all the stops to make sure that we top last year's event.

What The Heck Is This?

The Platypusapalooza event first came into being in 2011 when members of the ESP Alliance were trying to come up with an appropriate 'arrival of Spring' type event to fill the gap between Canthan New Year and the ESP Anniversary Party. Given the fact that we hold so much respect for the noble Platypus (don't judge us!) this event evolved into Platypusapalooza! and now occurs every year on the Saturday before Easter in Embark Beach International D1.

This year Platypusapalooza falls on April 7th and shall begin at 4pm central (5pm eastern/2pm pacific/9pm gmt) and shall last until all of the planned events have been completed.

Ok, So You Caught My Interest. What Happens Here?

I am glad that you asked! Similar to last year, we are hosting a wide variety of events that cater to all interests. Be prepared to strut your stuff in our 'Best Beach Body' Contest, test your wile in our scavenger hunt, flex your brain in our trivia contest, and take out your aggression in our pvp tournament. Specific details for all activities shall be released the week before the event.

Doesn't Sound Too Bad, But What is in it For Me?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that this is worth while for everyone who attends. Prizes include, but are not limited to:
  • Q9 Obsidan Blade (plus other rare/desirable weapons)
  • Rare/Unique Undedicated Minipets
  • Multiple HoM Weapons
  • An Aion Wing Code
  • A Free Character Art Commission
  • Many, Many zkeys, zcoins, elite tomes, and Other HoM Enhacing Goodies
  • The Chance to be Queen/King Platypus for a Day
  • A Plushie Platypus of Your Very Own
  • And much more, further details will be provided in the week prior to the event

Coolness, Where Can I Find Out More Info?

I will update this post with further details as they unfold. You may also check our guild forums at and/or contact me directly if you have any questions about this community event.

Thank you all, and we look forward to seeing you there!

~Karuna Vajra

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Old Mar 19, 2012, 09:25 PM // 21:25   #2
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This is HILARIOUS! You know I will be there barring flood, famine, or kidnapping by ponies!
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Old Mar 20, 2012, 01:06 AM // 01:06   #3
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Platypus, Platypus, Platypus! :P
At least it doesn;t sound as bad as on my mother language!
Good luck with the event!
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Old Mar 20, 2012, 04:07 AM // 04:07   #4
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HA! I love the plushie! (I secretly kinda want it...not gonna lie) I can't wait until this unique event! WOOT!
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Old Mar 21, 2012, 01:14 AM // 01:14   #5
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Originally Posted by Lily Karuna View Post
This is HILARIOUS! You know I will be there barring flood, famine, or kidnapping by ponies!
Don't worry Lily, I won't let the ponies get to you.

A few additional details--

This is a beach party, so come prepared with the proper attire. We will be holding a 'Best Beach Body Contest' to judge who is looking hot and sporting the best beach-wear (note: while we appreciate nudity we will not award any points for creativity to people who just show up naked.)

The Scavenger Hunt will involve travel to multiple locations across Tyria (Prophecies Campaign) so come prepared with a character who has access to these areas.

We will be hosting a 2vs2 PvP Tournament. If you have a friend that you would like to team up with feel free to bring them along. Anyone who wants to play but is lacking a partner will be randomly paired with other available players. Make sure to come up with a fancy team name for yourselves so we all know who to watch out for.

Next week we will open up a free raffle that everyone is welcome to take part in. even if you are unable to make it to the event, so be sure to watch for further instructions on that.
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Old Mar 21, 2012, 05:54 PM // 17:54   #6
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this sounds like fun, I like a chance to do something besides plow forward slowly but relentlessly.
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Old Mar 23, 2012, 07:57 AM // 07:57   #7
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Hey old Ally. I'll definitely show up. See you there.
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Old Mar 29, 2012, 09:54 PM // 21:54   #8
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Everlasting Sacred Path -- 2vs2 PvP Tournament

What this is --

We are hosting a 2vs2 Tournament as part of our Platypusapalooza/Spring event. Registration is open now and we will begin hosting matches throughout the week of April 2nd - 6th, with the finals taking place on April 7th. All matches will be held at the ESP Guild Hall (Uncharted Isle). This is a double-elimination tournament.

What is the twist? You may only use Professions that exist in Guild Wars 2 (Mesmer, Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, and Necromancer.) This rule applies to both your primary and secondary profession. However, the Res Signet skill is always allowed.

The rules of combat --

The rules are simple -- win the match! Victory can occur by killing the opposing guild lord, bringing both of your opponents down to 60 death penalty, or being awarded victory as the timer runs out. How you go about it is up to you so long as you follow the rules regarding what professions/skills are allowed.

How to participate --

Find yourself a teammate and sign up right now. ESP Alliance members may use the post on our forums to sign up for the event. Non-alliance members may sign up by using this form --

Note that your information is kept strictly confidential and will only be used to assist us in assigning tournament matches.

If you do not currently have a partner but would still like to sign up for this event, you are welcome to still register and we will randomly pair up those people who are searching for a team. Once you have a partner, you will create a name for your team (can be whatever you want) which we will use to identify you when keeping track of the brackets.

Once you have been assigned a match you may conduct it at any time that you and your opponents are available to play. Alliance members can use our guild hall and create a scrimmage for your match at any time and then report the results to us. Players who are not in our alliance will need to contact an ESP Officer in order to issue guest invites and report results from the match.

Play nice and be fair. If there ends up being some form of dispute about the result of a match or the actions of the players that you are opposing, report the issue to us and take screenshots where appropriate. Any team that is confirmed as not following the rules will be instantly disqualified and their opponents will advance to the next round.

The rewards --

These prizes are per-team (rather than per-player.) These prizes may change a bit (increase in value) before the day of the event.

First place -- 10 Gold zcoins, 100 Silver zcoins, and 100k

Second place -- 6 Gold zcoins, 60 Silver zcoins, and 60k

Third place -- 4 Gold zcoins, 40 Silver zcoins, and 40k

Let me know if you all have any questions and lets get ready to rock this event

Contact names -- Karuna Vajra, Fia Nightingale, Jonney Bearmeat, Natanya Thanatos, River Willow, Anraya Spirit, Ryssandra Luella, Burjis The Fallen, Araiia Artifice

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Updated the prizes for the PvP and just a reminder that this is open to any and everyone who wants to take part. You have two more days to register your teams.

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Default Final List of Platypusapalooza Events

We are coming down to the final days before Platypusapalooza. I hope that everyone is stoked and ready for this. Here is the final list of events so that you all will know what to expect.

--- April 7th, 4pm cdt We will gather at Embark Beach International 1 ---

--- Introduction and Raffle Winners ----

The Raffle is open to all and you have until midnight cdt on Friday April 6th to enter. It is free to enter: all you have to do is select two numbers between 1 - 1000 and as part of your entry, make up a short phrase of at least three words in length that includes the word 'platypus', 'platypi', or 'Platypusapalooza'.

To enter, you will need to find me or another member of the ESP Leadership to submit your numbers and your platypus phrase. Again, your points of contact are -- Karuna Vajra, Burjis The Fallen, Anraya Spirit, River Willow, Fia Nightingale, Jonney Bearmeat, Araiia Artifice, Natanya Thanatos, and Ryssandra Luella.

At the start of Platypusapalooza we will begin drawing for winners. We will draw random numbers until every prize has been awarded. The current list of prizes includes (but is not limited to) ---

Prize #1 --- An Oppressor Weapon of your Choice and 15 Red Rock Candies

Prize #2 --- A Stack of Lunar Fortunes (Year of the Dragon)

Prize #3 --- The Chance to be King/Queen Platypus for a day (The members of the ESP Leadership are your slaves for a day)

Prize #4 --- An Aion Wing Code

** Prize #5 --- A Plushie Platypus of your very own (crafted by our master plushie-maker Cinnamon)

** note, whoever wins the plushie platypus will need to trust us and supply a physical mailing address so that we can ship it to you. We promise to only send you a platypus and not abuse the postal system by shipping you other oddities.

--- Best Beach Scene Screenshot Contest Winner ---

This contest is also open to all. The winner will be awarded the q9 Obsidian Edge listed above in the original post. The rules are simple: take a screenshot in Guild Wars of your favorite beach scene and submit it on our forums at **edit** due to numerous attacks on our site from another guild that is too insignificant to even be worth naming I have been forced to disable all guest posting on our site. Instead, you are welcome to email your entries to [email protected] or else contact me here or in game and I promise to work with you in whatever way that I can to ensure that your entry gets submitted. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please make sure to include your in game contact info along with your screenshot so that we are able to get a hold of you in case you are the winner. Your beach scene can include almost anything, so long as it depicts something taking place on the beach. This contest also closes at midnight cdt on Friday, April 6th and the winner will be announced at the event on Saturday.

--- The Quest for the Everlasting Sacred Platypus ---

After we have gone over all of the preliminaries the Sacred Platypus will appear and provide us with a scavenger hunt. As a reminder, this contest will take place upon the continent of Tyria so be ready for the possibility of needing to map to various outposts in Prophecies. Everyone will be competing as an individual. More specific details of the hunt will be given at the start of the event.


First Place --- A Set of Vabbian Armor and an Armbrace of Truth

Second Place --- Mini Gwen and an Oppressor Weapon of Choice

Third Place --- Primeval Armor Remnant and Destroyer Weapon of Choice

--- Trivia Time ---

We have devised a number of trivia questions where people can win zkeys, zcoins, elite tomes and other goodies, all hosted by everyone's favorite game show host -- Jonney Bearmeat.

--- The Best Beach Body Contest ---

Get ready to strut your stuff with us on the beach. The whole goal is to make your best attempt and making your character appear as though you are dressed for the beach without resorting to going naked. We will gather together down by the grotto (near the flexing Norn) and select a winner out of all the participants.

First Place --- Your Own Customized Character Portrait (in beach wear of course) drawn by our own Araiia and 50k

Other prizes will be announced at the time of the contest

--- The Conclusion of the PvP Tournament ---

The preliminary matches of the 2vs2 PvP tournament will be held throughout the week and the finals will occur at the end of Platypusapalooza. The deadline to sign up has be extended until Tuesday, April 3rd. All you need is a partner and a name for your team. You can sign up by submitting this form --- If anyone has any issues or questions then you may contact me directly and I will take care of your registration for you.

First Place --- 10 Gold Zcoins, 100 Silver Zcoins, 100k

Second Place --- 6 Gold Zcoins, 60 Silver Zcoins, and 60k

Third Place --- 4 Gold Zcoins, 40 Silver Zcoins, and 40k

Thanks to all, and we are looking forward to seeing you at the big event!

**edit** the first round of PvP has started, if you want to get in, let me know soon before the first round is complete

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we have 12 teams now but could use a few more in order to make it an even ladder if 16 teams. Come one and come all, this is likely to be one of the last great PvP events before GW2. We don't care about experience we just care about the fact that you want to take part
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Old Apr 06, 2012, 08:51 AM // 08:51   #12
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We have 16 teams for the PvP tournament and have now closed registration.

I and a few of the [ESP] Officers will be in Embark Int 1 Friday night from 9 - 10pm cdt to take last-minute raffle numbers and answer any questions about the event.
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Im gonna be there to honor the platypus and celebrate the arrival of springseason!

Im gonna bring my sunglasses and my picnic outfit.

And ofc my camera if the platypus should show itself =)

Hehe going totally platypus-parazzi!! on the red carpet. *FLASH* FLASH*
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