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Default Mysterious Party! This Saturday 2nd of June 1pm est


Apparently on June the 2nd, a giant pile of mystery will be left on the doorstep of Lion's Arch (Traditional Chinese 1+) and will only be opened at 1PM est.

So what is this all about? I could tell you but then I'd have to ki...beg you not to tell anyone else! My knee has only just recovered from having an arrow "to it". Doctors orders superficially stated I should not do any begging, grovelling or line dancing. Not really sure what he had against line dancing but we are getting of topic...

The good news is there are some hints and clues on the way. So if you have a fancy detective hat now is the time to wear it!

There will be a "Mysterious Costume Contest" which I'm told does not involve putting on a onesies, covering yourself in question marks and screaming "Riddle me this, riddle me that" (sadly). It also doesn't involve any type of masquerade mask.

At the start of the event you will all be told exactly what you should be trying to dress up as! Just have all of your armour and costume pieces near by.
That's about all I know so keep an eye out for more information anywhere and everywhere!

This text below is from a fellow friend

If you are reading this message then I have been sucessful in establishing a connection to the outside world. I don't know how long I will be able to communicate with you, but there is something you must know. I'm sure some of you have heard about a Mysterious Party. I have information but unable to communicate freely or even escape. I can't escape unless I get the passcode for the door. I need your help and in exchange I will allow you a preview of what the true nature of the mysterious party is about. I'm being watched carefully so the best I can do is leave clues at various guild wars websites and hope people can solve it. The passcode is also the passcode to the grand prize for the party. Solve it and I can escape and can get you the goods.
The person who solves it fastest has my gratitude and my reward. Those who come in second and third also get something good. I've managed to secure a hotmail account at [email protected]. I'm uncertain how often I'll be able to distract them long enough to post information but I'm counting on you agents. I've included the first two pieces of information you need to solve the puzzle.

These 2 Links are the first 2 pieces of the puzzle

Counting on you
'A friend'

New letter from "The Friend"

"To my friends the pawns,

It's getting increasingly difficult to post information where you can find it and I won't be caught. Security is always buzzing around me, and the guards always seem to be one step ahead. It took me three days to find an open port where everyone could find the information. I don't know how long I can keep it up. The best I can do is try to sniff out openings and report. The only clue I was able to get was that the code starts with the blue puzzle piece. Please hurry, things are getting more hectic and I don't know when they'll trap me.

Best wishes,
A Friend"

Here is another puzzle piece:

Make sure to check this thread for updates and new puzzles!

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New update on the page!!!

A new letter from "The Friend!"
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