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Default WARNING:

Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in but I just wanted to give a heads up to guild/alliance leaders tempted to post their guild on this new upstart forum.

They have tried to set themselves up as a de-facto place to go if you want to know about guilds intentions to move to a particular home world.

However, they seem to be run by a guild that has a personal interest in sabotaging guilds that may prove a threat to them.

We have posted our guild information with our intention of going to Gunnar's Hold, which surprisingly happens to be the same home world chosen by the guild that runs the forums.

For some reason the admin of that site does not want to answer, they keep editing our post and removing the number of users from it, presumably because we dwarf their attempted alliance of non related guilds for GW2.

Any veterans of GW knows our guild and that we have been around as a very large community for a very long time. As such we have a massive registered community on our forums, as I'm sure other big alliances such as LaZy have. It's called history

We have screenshots of the before and after edited guild announcement we posted on their site and an email from someone claiming to be one of their alliance leaders bleating about our size and asking if we would mind moving to another server because they are trying to build an alliance there.

Strangely, it is after we rebuffed their request we move that the post editing started.

Unfortunately not all forums act impartially. The site certainly does not. It's more like a dictatorship acting in it's own interests.

So I urge all guild/alliances to check their posts on that site regularly and if you have not already posted on there, think very carefully before you do.

Again, apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this in.


Fair is fair, so ....

After I had enough and sent a flame email to the site, a moderator finally got back to me relaying what is a reasonable excuse/reason for them editing the posts.

So while the information is not accurate according to the original guild leaders post, it should be okay(ish).

Pity they chose not to inform posters when they edit the posts or publish their intent to do so globally for all posts :S

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Old Aug 24, 2012, 12:56 PM // 12:56   #2
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I doubt it very unlikely that the purpose of this site is to sabotage other guilds.

First of all, the site creator has a very clear link to his guild at the bottom of the main page. So it is very open and transparant to everyone who is running it.

Secondly, hosting a site with this amount of traffic isn't free and cost a lot of money. So I doubt it highly unlikely they are using it with the purpose of sabotaging things.

Thirdly, your claiming that they are representing them as the number one resource. I think that claim is wrong as well. for example on the Guildwars 2 guru website, they just advertised their site in the appropiate forum and the mods there decided to link it in a more prominent place.

furthermore I would like to stress out that this site should only be used as an indication but I doubt the impact will be as big as some people claim it to be. A lot of guilds didn't publish there whereabouts there or not their member count. For example. Gunnar's hold is currently showing as the numer 3 eu server. However. One of the guilds there is [KISS] and although I don't feel a lot of love for [KISS] I think everyone agrees that they are huge. They didn't publish info there bout their membercount. But knowing a thing or two bout it, it means that Gunnar's would beat the others in member count after that (and that is just one example).

The information is far from complete and is therefor only a good indication of what is really going to happen.

Last of all I wonder why you are posting this here. This is the guildwars 1 community. We got nothing to do with guildwars 2. I symphatise with your quarrel with the makers of that website. But making a post like this on a semi-related website that is also fan based is in my opinion out of line and tells more bout you then bout this website.
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Old Aug 24, 2012, 04:30 PM // 16:30   #3
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Originally Posted by Pep View Post
Any veterans of GW knows our guild and that we have been around as a very large community for a very long time...
Which guild are we talking about here?

Also, (like akelarumi stated above me) this is material for GW2Guru, not this one....
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Old Aug 24, 2012, 07:26 PM // 19:26   #4
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Let me tell you something from my own experience (even here on gw guru). As long as you are not admin/moderator on a forum you can expect them to edit your posts (even to make fun of you) or even to delete them for no reason at all. In some cases if you ask for the reason why they did that you will be banned. So you should expect such things. I don't say it happens always and everywhere but it happens so why not be prepared? the reason why those things happens it's simple cause they can do it.
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