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Default [Event] 5 v 5 Guild Challenge Weekly/1 monthly.

What's this I see? A 5 v 5 guild challenge? What does this entail?:

The event being hosted is a guild vs guild format match that breaks away from traditional pvp by having a different maximum number of players and to challenge players mentally by allowing them to participate in a tournament that involves strategy, competitive design, and keeping the fun of the game a number one priority. Further below I will break it down, so it is clear how the weekly match, monthly are supposed to be worked out, and how other teams can get involved.

This event rather than using the full 8 players you would normally see allows for teams to utilize 5 of their players in a match all while keeping traditional rules to guild vs guild. Teams may run flags, split, cause 5 v 5 fights, and turtle. Each and every team is allowed to use any play style they find suitable to their teams strengths. Whether it be seeking morale by holding down the flag stand, splitting to get an advantage to cause npc kills, get the enemy behind in flags, or to just cause power plays it matters not as your team has all of these strategies available to them. Consider them a part of the teams tool set and each of these tactical calls can help further or weaken your team depending on certain competitive advantages.

The winning conditions for each of the matches is as follows:

1) Opposing team does not show.
2) Opposing team is disqualified.
3) The Guild Lord Dies
4) Team has reached full death penalty.
5) Team Resign
6) Guild Lord Damage
7) In The event nobody has dealt guild lord damage instead of drawing team morale determines the winner. If teams have tied morale than npc count will determine the winner. (archers, knights, bodyguard) If further these are tied both teams are disqualified.


1) No more than 2 elementalists primary per game.
2) No more than 1 dedicated healers per game.
3) No unsportsmanlike conduct (bully, trash talking, toxic behavior)
4) 1 ref will be on each team to observe the match to preserve the game.
5) the ref will die out and leave an exploitable corpse at the start of the game, at 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00. Teams may use this corpse for any spells which require a corpse.
6) weekly matches must be agreed on time, day between teams and the ref must be notified. (Message bottlew on guru)
7) Weekly / Monthly attendance is 100% mandatory no exceptions.
8) minimum 2 players of the team must be in the same guild, rest can be other people.
9) Word of Healing and Healing Burst are not available to be used. Find other methods of healing; however, if a player is deemed not to be a dedicated healer he or she may bring word of healing or healing burst. Example: Player has word of healing + healing breeze + damage skills. that particular player would not be considered a dedicated healer. Though note: There can not be multiple copies of word of healing or burst. Aside from that other skills may be replicated and used amongst your team.

What counts as a dedicated healer?

A character that exceeds 2 heals will also be considered as a dedicated healer. These heals are considered as: regeneration, heals, prots. EX> Healing breeze, aura of restoration, prot spirit, weapon of warding. Only life steal from xinrae's / weapon of remedy / vengeful weapon are considered heals. Skills like shadow refuge where there are 2 methods of healing are considered 1.


Brackets will be determined by the number of teams participating and will be updated here with that information. Each and every match will be single elimination style. Further I will set up a rotation for guild halls depending on how many guilds are present.

What are weekly matches?

Weekly matches are supposed to encourage teams to get together and play a minimum of one game every week prior to the monthly 5 v 5 event. Participation is mandatory. Each team will be compensated whether they win or lose for this weekly match to give incentive for players to participate and set aside a small amount of time in order for people to set up a match. There will be a minimum of 3 games played within a 3 week period and each match must occur within a 7 day time period. For instance in April you would expect to see a match played on the following week:

Week 1: April 1-April 7.
Week 2: April 8 - April 17.
Week 3: April 18- April 24.
Monthly: April 30.

(example dates subject to change when teams are found)

Elaborate please?:

Think about this -> There will be a minimum of 1 match played in week 1. Let's pretend for instance there are 4 teams in this event. While April 1 might work for team 1 and team 3. it might not be so good for team 2 and team 4. So, team 2 and team 4 may opt to play during the week on a separate date up to no later than April 7.

What about the Monthly?:

Since the monthly relies on every team being there attendance for that date is mandatory and a time will be selected when enough input is given.

Weekly matches is winning important and compensation?

Winning weekly matches has little importance. These function as a way for teams to get in the habit of playing 5 v 5 oriented matches while also giving teams a feel for what the others are capable of with their strategies. These could be for instance tactical calls made when given different situations in a game or comfort picks with skills or even just their all over play style. Each party member to every team will be given compensation for participating in weekly matches. Whether the team wins or loses they will each receive 50 ecto for every party member. So, a team is technically splitting 1 stack of ectoplasm amongst each other. Whether your team plays one or two matches only once per week a team will be compensated for participating.

Monthly compensation?

Winning the monthly match has importance since the prize is greatly increased. Each member of the winning team will receive 500 ectoplasm in the finals. Teams that lose in the finals will receive 100 ectoplasm per member where as teams who did not see the finals at all will still walk away with 50 ectoplasm per member for participating.

How does this event balance competitive / fun?

This event in particular attempts to keep the game competitive while also promoting fun by compensating players for their time contribution. Whether you win or lose any of the matches throughout the month you will walk away with something. The event also is very - very - very rough on unsportsmanlike players. There is absolutely zero tolerance for bullying, name calling, trash talking, and other methods of abuse. To ensure this does not happen there will be refs on each team throughout the entire match and they will be online throughout every weekly match and monthly. Refs have the final say on whether or not unsportsmanlike conduct was present and if so they will do whatever necessary to preserve the fun and competitive nature of the game whilst removing any toxicity from the event. As per explained above.

Post here if there is any team that would like to play. There is no entrance fee.

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