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Question General Community Contests Forum Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING!

Hello everyone.

Just putting together some temporary guidelines for the meantime before we put together something more solid.

Let me welcome everyone to our brand new Community Contests forum.

We now have a centralised place for forum users to post contests for other users to take place in! Whether they are about screenshots, art, stories or something your guild has put together.

But please a key thing we like to point out is keep it clean, keep it safe and keep it simple. Remember its all about having fun


Starting a Contest?

If you thinking about starting a contest then take the following account:
  1. What will your contest be about? Theme? Subject? Idea?
  2. Is there already an existing contests posted? Please no clone or duplicate contests!
  3. What prize will you offer? Make sure its something people will like, and make sure its REALLY something you offer.
  4. Have you planned out all the stages, events and sections of contest before posting it?
This can mean do you have Judges sorted? Do you know what contest special events you will be running? Its very important to plan ahead, and remember running a contest can sometimes be a massive commitment, so do ask for advise from others running contests or forum mods


Who should I ask for advise?

Remember you can always PM other users who are running contests to ask for tips and advise, this is after all a Community forum! Don't be shy

Otherwise PM one of the following mods to ask for advise on running contests:
  • Screenshot Contests - Unlucky Slayer, Sierraa
  • Story Contests - Unlucky Slayer, Sierraa
  • Art Contests - Unlucky Slayer, Sierraa

Other Forum Rules

The GWG forum rules on spamming are very clear:

5. No Spamming
Post count - no matter how impressive a high number might look - is irrelevant here. Therefore, please do not spam these forums, or such posts will be deleted. To determine whether or not your post can be considered as spam, ask, "does this add to or advance the thread in a constructive way." If you answer, "yes," then chances are, you're good to go. Examples of spam posts include: “Yeah me too," "lol”, “that’s what I wanted to say…,” “what the guy above said…”, etc.
  • Please keep all replies tasteful. Swearing, flaming, crude comments, pointless comments will not be tolerated!
  • +1 post count spam is not encouraged!

The following clearly explains the differences between a comment/chat and a spam/+1 post:

Posts that are impolite, crude, offensive, or otherwise failing to reflect on the thread or forum in a positive manner will be deleted as spam.

Furthermore posts that fail to contribute to discussion in a meaningful way or are intended to draw attention away from the original subject will also be deleted as spam!
  • Don't post just for the sake of adding +1 to your post count. Post counts aren't important on this forum.
  • KEEP ON TOPIC! If its an art contest, don't stories for example.
  • We don't encourage people to pointlessly go about posting meaningless psycho babble for sake of just increasing their post count. Your spam will be deleted and noted, so don't do it!
We reserve the right to edit posts for format, content, or clarity, without notice. However, we will not intentionally change the substance of what anyone says, and will inform you if we make any substantial changes. Posting meaningless deranged psycho babble with no substantial merit or posts that do not contribute to the thread discussion will more than likely be deleted without notice.

Any post which violates civilized standards of decency or good conduct will be deleted immediately and without any further notice. Repeat offenders will be temporarily or permanently banned.

Reporting Spam and other Rule Breaking:

If you see a rule-breaker, don't hesitate to use the report feature located at the bottom left of each post.


Otherwise Enjoy

Guru Event Guide Editor
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