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I want to point out at this point that as im one of the 95% of players who cannot be arsed to read 10.000.000 lines, the only thing i know about these characters is their name...

My suggestion: MAKE CUTSCENES!!1
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I bet Elder Rhea was a voracious lover in her youth. *Pelvic thrusts*

And I gotta love the Fortune Teller's impression of Ren Hoek: "He's going to KEEEL you!" ... (Anyone who doesn't remember Ren & Stimpy fails at life).

Warmarshall Varesh's vestigial margonite-eyes are hawt too. *Pelvic thrusts*

But in all truth.... the hawtest girls in the game:

#1. Nika (my favourite box-art Kurzick Assassin who plays practically NO part in the story)
#2. Saidra (Shining Blade martyr... who, despite my best efforts, I could not prevent from dying at the hands of TWO Mursaat and a Jade Bow)
#3. Margrid the Sly (the hawtest Corsair... no question about it)

I'd get jiggy with any of 'em.
Bonus points for Cynn, Devona and Seaguard Gita.
If you include the totally inhuman, bonus points for Kuunavang and the spirit of Zen Daijun too.
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