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Default Skill lore technicality

Hello, first time ever in this section and I have a question that's been on my mind for the last few weeks.

Say for instance, we will compare your average White Mantle Knight, Prince Rurik and Koss.

Now, lets say they all "learned" Galrath Slash. Would they all perform it the exact same way? Hmm...that's not a good example, here's a better one.

You have Headmaster Lee, obviously a powerful Assassin. And then you have lets say "Ryu", an assassin in training.

If they both use Death's Charge, will they shadow step exactly the same? Would Lee shadow step faster, because she's an expert? Would maybe Ryu shadow step to an unintended location because he's inexperienced?

Also, say an Ascalonian used Meteor Shower. Would that same Meteor Shower be different from a Kournan using Meteor Shower?

Basically, is there any difference between the skills people use because they're all unique? You and I both write with a pencil, but it obviously looks different.

Also, I have 1 other query. What exactly are signets? Are they tangible? Intangible? Savannah Heat for example is an EVENT describing that an enemy will take damage whenever standing in this EVENT. Eviscerate is describing an action, where the Player will eviscerate his enemy. So what are signets? If I were a young boy in Ascalon, could I carry a healing signet in my pocket in case a Bandit Fire-starter attacked me?
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Technically everyone would use skills differently were GW real life. However, for balance reasons, everyone does it the same way. How unfair would it be if someone could use a skill faster, or if you used a skill incorrectly based only on the fact that you "weren't good" at it?

And Signets are rings, if Prophecies Manuscript memory serves.
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I agree with Trakata. For role-play purposes and/or individuality as well as a possible competitive edge you can often use runes or equipment to improve on skills.

For instance, my Necro uses these Bloodstained Boots.
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Well they may perform the same action but the effects will be different depending on there lvl and stats, stats are earned from lvling which is a result of experience.

So for your example The Teacher Assassin may teleport exactly the same way as the junior one but (Eg. Deaths charge) will be healed for more than the junior one.

In Gw learning a skill is instant and for all time (presumably due to a magical passing of memories of how to perform such a feet) however the effect of using that skill varies according to ur experience ie. Stats
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