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Default Lair of the Forgotten: Spirit

Saw this today. Im sure some already know about this and it is "old news" blah blah blah.... I think it would be great to fill in back story if there was a decendant of one of the primevel or Dynastic kings. It would be sweet if it was a little hint for Guild Wars 2 since we will all be decendants.

Curious what you all think?

In case you cant read it. It says,

"The Dynasties still live in my dreams.
There is another true-blooded heir..."

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Old Apr 20, 2007, 12:02 AM // 00:02   #2
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Hmm, kinda sounds like Oblivion. Maybe Rurik=not King's true son? In that case the spirit may be a monk, what it looks to be, defending the wall and died?
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Old Apr 21, 2007, 12:59 PM // 12:59   #3
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Maybe Adelbern was banging someone after the Charr invaded or something, LoL.

But Adelbern isn't a true king, I thought everyone united under him because he was a great leader or something. So he wasn't actually royalty or nobility like Duke Barradin and such.

I'm assuming the ghost is referring to Ascalon, of course.

Also, do you think Salma in ToA becomes the queen?
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Old Apr 30, 2007, 04:27 AM // 04:27   #4
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Well considering that area, I assume there are simply referring to the great pilgrimage to the crystal desert. And upon finding Ossa dead along with them, they are talking about Varesh leading the rest of their people on.
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