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I was thinking about how the Maps where going to be affected by EotN. If Anet added explorable areas onto the Tryia map it would mess up the cartographer title. Also people who hadnt got Prophecies but have Nf or Factions would have a near blank map. So either EotN is going to have its own map which overlays Tryia (since EotN seems to revolve around tryia) and expands more to the north to fit in the Far Shiverpeaks Or Anet would do the reverse to normal.

They make an underground explorable map ( a map like the normal continent ones but based underground) and areas where u go above ground can either be small adentant maps like RoT or areas above ground could be areas that are only viewable with the U map in the same way underground areas currently are (like the Hidden City etc.) (in essence the map is reversed from the normal Viewable land and unviewable underland to viewable underland and unviewable land.)
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In Flame temple Corridor (Tyria), there's a corner with several portals set into the walls. You can't reach them, but they are clearly there.....and surrounded by Charr.

I'm pretty sure that when I first started playing GW just over a year ago, the rock in Sardelac Sanitarium covered the entrance to the catacombs. Last week I visited there again as part of the HM update, and I could see behind the rock, seeing stairs and stuff like that which I don't think were there before (in post.....obviously they are there in pre). Was this changed recently?
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Old May 05, 2007, 03:47 PM // 15:47   #23
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That has been there for ever.
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