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asuras dont want to destroy.............they want to inslave everything.....they think they are the chosen that everything taller than them has a small brain and they where sent here to work for them.
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Nobody ever said anything about the Asura wanting to destroy...pretty sure we all keep stating that one word "enslave" alot in this thread.

Isnt that information from the PC Gamer article? pretty sure i read it from the races box.
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yea i read that 2

Asura: omg we have to protect our armor from the prophecy

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Default Abbadon vs. The Great Destroyer

Here is something that came to mind when giving the Seer’s a cold hard look over as well as the Mursaat. This is my theory. What if there was a slight connection between Abbadon and the Mursaat, in the way they used to be Margonites but somehow found redemption. For this they were driven far into Tyria (the Maguuma Jungle to be exact). After when Abbadon's fall came for the first time (struck down by the gods), these special Margonites started to loose their corruption and power, in which they were turning somewhat humanoid again. They panicked and looked for a new means of gaining back their special abilities. That is when they came in contact with the Asura, who at the time still had ideas of grandeur. These special Margonites asked the Asuras for help, and in return they would help them gain control over Tyria. The Asuras even as intelligent as they were fell for the ploy of “more land to be conquered,” and gave these Margonites a special and yet powerful magic’s.

These Margonites accepted their new roll in the world, and became known as the Mursaat. They heard whispers in the air of the return of their old master, and quickly dispatched a means to stop it; they knew that one of the portals was located in the Ring of Fire. The Asuras became impatient with their supposed underlings, and told them they would take back their gift. However the Mursaat became more powerful, and basically drove the Asuras into hiding, telling them “they were the masters now.” However there was another player in all of this, which came from the North; one of their old masters menacing enemies, The Great Destroyer. The Great Destroyer fed off destruction tearing through the land with no remorse, while even Abbadon only wanted dominance in the sake of vengeance over the elder gods. So of course, they had conflicting interests.

The Mursaat felt a war coming to them from both sides and they were trapped in the middle. For the allies of The Great Destroyer were in fact those mysterious Seer’s. The Great Destroyer wanted the Titans for his own submission or they would be destroyed if proven indifferent. A war broke out between the two races and eventually the Mursaat were victorious, because the Seer’s god met an untimely demise by the hands of the Great Dwarf. The Seer’s become powerless and were driven to the northern lands of Tyria. However this is when the prophecy was told of the Mursaats fall (via the “Flameseeker Prophecies”). The Seer’s also heard about this as well, through a certain chain of events.

The Mursaat were very upset at the idea of all they worked for to be destroyed by these humans; so they decided they would play “fire with fire.” That is when Saul D'Alessio came into the picture and they manipulated him. Saul started a secret order of the White Mantle to rid of potential threats or pre-warn them about one, to his masters the Mursaat (unseen ones). They would no longer tolerate being manipulated themselves by any god(s), so they became their own version of gods to the Mantles eyes.

EDIT: I know it also seems odd for me to bring this up, but what about the true identities of both the Great Dwarf and the Great Destroyer. I have this odd feeling that Balthazar is somewhat either related to the Great Dwarf or is him. Of course Balthazar is also some sort of craftsman as well, since he forged those chains around Abaddon. However I kind of doubt the great Destroyer is Menzies even though he has a title as being the “Lord of Destruction.” If it is true it would kind of prove my theory to be inapt, since Menzies helped Abaddon try to break free of his bonds. However if you notice the dialogue between both of their underlings you noticed they really had a broken relationship.

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The Jade armor where the same mask as Abaddon.

IMO, I think the Great Dwarf is Droknar or related to him.

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Another Teory:

Mursaats and seers are in fact outsiders (from another plane) and are the first civilization of the universe (even before that the current gods). Only it is necessary to see his advanced magic “technology” is superior to any race (included margonites and forgotten). In my opinion, mursaats are something similar to illithid, an ultra-advanced civilization from another plane and even from another time, which neither adore or serve any god and even detest them. Only it is necessary to see her actions in kryta: They imposed a new pantheon and prohibited the former religion.

I've heard rumors of a spirit ship sighted just off this coast. Yes, an authentic, bona fide, ghost ship. Why don't you swim out and visit it? Too bad. In any case, there are dimensions out there other than the one we currently inhabit. This ship is clearly an echo of one of those dimensions. - Bahltek
It is possible that the legacy of the mursaats as an interplanar empire is so extensive and ancient that his influence spreads on the Forgotten and other races and even Abaddon himself. Abaddon maybe was mursaat long ago or of a civilization that had contact with them when it was a simple mortal. Perhaps the civilization to which Abaddon belonged was strongly influenced by the culture of the mursaats from one form or other (this could explain why his mask is so similar). In the end Abaddon is the least human of the current gods except Grenth.

Also the mursaat and the seer know the existence of the titans for EONS and not 1000 or 3000 years. So it cannot be that mursaats were long ago margonites. Therefore they are at least as ancient as the forgotten race.

"I wish to see this to its end. Over the eons, much has changed in Tyria. But not these Titans." - Ancient Seer
I think that mursaats came to this plane looking for the origin of the titans/destroyers, probably his plane was invaded by the titans/destroyers in some moment in the distant past. On having come, they discovered the Bloodstones and put all his pledge in discovering her secrets. But something was wrong and the volcano enters in eruption dividing the bloodstones and turning the magic to the world debilitating the barrier in the process. In desperation looked for a solution to restore the barrier and find the solution in Saul D'Alessio.

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