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Default sci fi channel searches for the naga

if this is the wrong place to post, feel free to move it.

sci fi has a new show called destination truth. last week, they were in papua new guinea looking for the iguanadon and the ri (mermaid). this wednesday, they head to thailand to investigate local witnesses and evidence of the naga.
now that i think of it, gw is full of "mythological" creatures, isn't it?
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Yup, Onis, Dragons, Mantis, Nagas, Beetles. Not all of them are mythological creatures but most of them are representations of pagan gods. We even have minotaurs, centaurs... hmmm what else?
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Old Jun 09, 2007, 08:18 PM // 20:18   #3
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Oni, Naga, Kappa and Tengu are IIRC (not sure about naga) creatures from japanese mythology. Minotaur and Centaur are creatures of Greek Mythology.
Griffins(Gryphons? what the ig spelling?) are from Greek/Egyptian Mythology.
Kirin is the japanese name for the Qilin from Chinese Myth.
That's it from the top of my head... dwarves and dragons and undead(esp. banshee) are from european/western mythology.

edit: and ofcourse the Phoenix, although it's in game depection looks more like the Fenghuang from chinese myth.(peacock like,IIRC in game it's greenish instead of gold/red)

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tahts [pretty coool man understand my poor tping ... >_<
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cool, to bad i dont have the channel, i love to read about myths and stuff like that
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Cool stuff, I like it
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Old Jun 10, 2007, 12:59 PM // 12:59   #7
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nice stuff...
i always know those naga are are evil, but getting from gw to RL...
run for your life!! ^ ^
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Old Jun 13, 2007, 03:15 PM // 15:15   #8
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Yetis are the equivalent of bigfoot and the abomidable snowman.
Hydras were multi-headed serpentine beasts from Greek Mythology.
The Kraken was a mythical beast from Greek Mythology, Poseidon's pet Sea Monster. Also a name for the Giant Squid.
Dragons- Guild Wars incorporates the 2 common types of Dragons, the winged Serpentine Dragon(Kuunavang) of Eastern mythology and the Quadripedal Dragon(Glint) of Western Myhtology.
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