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Default ASura Gates

we have been told that these gates underground are magical and can take us to certain places such as ascalon. Where do you think they will be? i think they will let us go to places we've already been.
like you can go from GW:EN to ascalon and vise versa providing you've visited both places. Similar to the forgotten teleporter in the Crystal desert.

There has been some pretty unique areas in this game which could we could acess from.
The Rotwing area would be good in my opinion
The THK teleporter which you use in the cutscene, who says it has to lead you to ring of fire.
The Djinn door in the highland forums with the chest outside saying do not touch.
I recall a undergound thing in the mountains on shing jea. you can see a small village and a like tomb entrance.

what do you think? will they let us acess old areas in the game or will they be totally new areas
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I dont think they will allow us travel to everywere on Tyria. Most likely from one gate to another. For instance instead of spending months walking from the underground areas of Cantha we could just walk into a gate and come out hundreds of miles away at the other side. So it makes sense that an entrance gate must probably have an exit gate in order to work.

We have yet to see an Asurian Gate on the surface of Tyria in the areas available to us. So i doubt we can walk into a gate and appear in Droknars Forge or the Temple of Ages.

We need to see Asurain technology and magic before we can make too many assumptions. Its possible the Asuras are the ones responsible for teleports we have seen already.
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as Free Runner said i think it will be chaining the instances in the dungeons together. So u get: a chamber: a chamber: a outpost: a chamber: boss room.
Thats my idea of how it works.
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Old Jul 05, 2007, 05:14 AM // 05:14   #4
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Almost all the various times we get to teleport, the mechanism and graphics are different. It is hard to pin them down to have one originator.

Just in Prophesies, there are quite a few. I might have missed some.

The multiple golden doors in Surmia that takes you to Nolani Academy.

The crystal/Druid activated teleporters in Maguuma Jungle.

The different coloured swirly portals in Dragon's Lair.

And as mentioned, the portal that took us from Thunderhead Keep to Ember Light Camp. It has a structural gate made of stone?

Also, swirly portals in Lion's Gate related to the Nightfall quests.
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