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Default What are the best views in the Guild Wars?

I'm looking for the best places in Guild Wars that have great views like looking over the snow covered valley at Camp Rankor. These places don't have to be in towns or outposts, but I am looking more at locations in Tyria. Thank you to anyone who can help.

My IGN is Grieve Logdan if you want to discuss it in-game.
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here is a link to a thread in the screenshot forums
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There are a few spots in Majesty's Rest, one at the top of the mountain in the northern shiverpeaks(outside ice tooth cave...dont know the name of the area offhand)...

The Arid Sea from the top of the mountain by the fallen statue of the female warrior.(Standing between her breasts is a pretty decent view too, but I digress.)
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There are lots of great places...

Vabbi has a whole lot of fantastic areas.
Crystal Desert has nice ruins and weird statues.

The Falls and Kessex Peak are nice too.

That's all I could come up with off the top of my head.
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You mean the best views in Tyria My answer is The Falls. This is one of my favourte areas in Tyria.

Actually taking my list from the other thread:

The Falls - My favourte area in Tyria. The waterfall to the west of it is a great view.
The Statue in the Arid Sea - From a distance this statue looks awesome.
The Wizards Tower of Kessex Peak - The view from Stingray Strand is great.
The Second Entrance to the Underworld in Lornars Pass - Out of the way and very mysterious. The snow layers on the sides are cool.
The Forge Heart - Simply because it lives up to its name as the heart of Sorrows Furnace.

Oh and this isnt really lore. Its also pretty much like the 7 Wonders of Tyria thread.

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................what he said
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