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Default My Storyline for GWEN

the storyline of GWEN is too short and too straight forward, no turns, no highs. Its always find this guy at this place so that we can do that shat to save the blah blah blah, I dont like it so I come up with something I thought could spicy up things a little and make the storyline longer, more missions and quests

Same beginning as the existing one:

the Asura line:
Gadd is always the smartest of all Asura and think crazy all the time. He started the research of making nuclear bombs long time ago. His made his first bomb ,it was premature but already more powerful than any other bombs, unfortunately it got stolen by a charr Even it was only Gadd’s first bomb , it was enough for charr to destroy Ascalon with . That’s how charr shamans bombed the ascalon city. Gadd got upset cuz his work got stolen so he stopped his unfinished nuclear bomb studies. Gadd took a student Livia and Livia met Vekk. Livia doesn’t feel good about her body so Vekk gave her a boob job. In exchange, Livia sleep with Vekk. Gadd doesn’t like the fact that his son sleep with a bookah so they start arguing about everything and argue a lot, eventually Gadd move out to somewhere hard to find. Here comes A-net storyline and Gadd died in an explosion the only thing he left for his people is an important formula from his bomb making business: E = mc2. Vekk put this formula on Gadd’s tombstone. A couple of hundred years later, Albert Einstein found it and published it.

The Norn line:
Begin with A-net storyline Jora killed her brother. She feels vulnerable and alone. Ogden Stonehealer sensed the opportunity and made the move on Jora. Ogden likes her very much, always watching out for her and protecting her in battles, which fit their professions, healer and warrior. But Jora never feel the same way about Ogden, she just not sure about being with a dwarf. Maybe the dwarf is not the right guy or maybe just Jora is too big, Ogden is too short, sizes do matter.

The charr line:
Begin with A-net storyline. OK, the charr joined in. Bang, Jora and Pyre love on the first sight. Of course, they are animals. Ogden is pissed off cuz the Dwarves are very conservative and not liking the idea of multi-specie love. Plus Ogden loves Jora but he forgets that Jora is half bear. Love so blinds a dwarf. Animal, human, half human/bear love triangle is never good. They have a big fight .Everybody got involved in this fight, Gwen hates charr all along. So there is side taking and we have to side with human. Jora and the charr have to leave. Then humans in a mission to fight some charrs, the party got in deep shat and been captured . all of sudden, Jora and Pyre snuck in charr’s camp and save the party. Ok, forgive and forget. The party defeat the charr army. Gwen and Vekk killed the shaman who stole the bomb Gadd made and blew the ascalon city. Everybody is happy except the sad dwarf.

The dwarf line:
Ogden failed to get Jora’s love and feel like crap. One day, a dwarf messenger came to ask Ogden go back to dwarf’s land cuz king is in danger. So the party went with Ogden back to dwarf land. The king is ok but acting weird. So the party search the palace for clue, Ogden found out that the real king has been captured in a dungeon by his evil twin brother. And the guy fooled all the Generals and armies etc. Ogden confronts the fake king and got himself in prison. So the party has to rescue Ogden and the real king. The king told the party that his brother back to the kingdom to awake the great dwarf to do some shat and we have to stop him. OK, the party fight the fake king’s army and capture the fake king by the time he awakening the great dwarf. The evil brother told the king that he knows in order to get great dwarf to help dwarves, he demands royal blood. The evil brother doesn’t want the king sacrificing his life so he would do it for his brother. But he knew the king won’t let him do that so he had to do it hard way. Geez, the evil brother is not so evil after all. Meantime, the great dwarf is awake and wants some royal blood, the evil brother sacrificed himself. The king hold the sorrow and give the great dwarf order to kill destroyer whatever. In the battle of fighting destroyer, king fight hard and hurt badly, dead on victory. been through all these great fights, Ogden regain his confident and wanted to continue journey with our hero. he helped king’s son become a king and left with us.

We won but with huge prices, Gadd dead, King’s dead, King’s brother dead, Jora’s brother dead. So ending with some sad moment pictures.

The End

What about Gwen:

OK, after Gwen killed that shaman in Asura line. She no longer being the angry btich that she was. She is a young woman, she need to be loved. She make moves on our hero if our hero is a guy character and it depends on you to accept her love or not. If our hero is a female character, you know what, Gwen is Bi.

OK, my story has turns, highs and a very touching end. It reveal the true finding of e=mc2 for geeks. A single side love story for puberty teens. And a super hot animal love for adults. A dwarf brother love for gays. Gwen could be Gy for lesbians. And a sad ending to make to the Oscar.

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Most of this just seems that you want the game to be a love story.

I try to be quite open minded about things, but no.

Just... No.

For example:
"Livia doesn’t feel good about her body so Vekk gave her a boob job. In exchange, Livia sleep with Vekk."
What the hell?
So rather than the badass woman who is willing to sacrifise herself, and you, to bring kryta to peace, you want a young teenager who is afraid that boys dont like her cause her breasts are too small?
Yeah, cause she fits the necromancer line VERY well.
'I guess you dont have to die, just look at my new boobs!'

If this ever goes into the game (Or for that matter, any game) I will know, the human race has failed.
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Old Sep 02, 2007, 04:22 PM // 16:22   #3
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Hey, its not my fault, a-net made her boobs so big, I have to find an explanation for them.

I almost made Gadd show her where Tyria locates on a globe.
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This isn't Lore, it's fan fiction, and medicore a best.
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