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There's always a problem in RPGs:

No computer (much less a pen and paper setting) can do justice to a normally populated world. No computer can really simulate a battle with a thousand troops on each side (even the simplified model used by Supreme commander (which is complex compared to everything else) chokes the best computers.

Take the dwarves, for instance. The transformation ritual in EotN is one of the most crowded scenes in GW, and yet, I doubt we even see a hundred of them. Now compare that to the sheer number of towns and outposts, and we can see that there must have been at least tens of thousands of dwarves in existence.

All GW we see is simply symbolic when it comes to numbers. That's why we seem so overpowering.

Heck, add two groups of torment demons in the final NF mission, and we'd probably never make it with just 8 players...
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Originally Posted by Iuris
There's always a problem in RPGs:

No computer (much less a pen and paper setting) can do justice to a normally populated world. No computer can really simulate a battle with a thousand troops on each side
we'll have to wait until Guild Wars Total War comes out :P , anyway, it has been mentioned before, the diference betwen gameplay and lore, one of the only places that remotely looks like a battle is the siege of Gandara, and in part its due to the scenery and effect rather than sheer numbers, like Istani ships closing on the docks, being under fire and stuff like that, but you cant have thousands of sunspears attacking a city, the closer you can get is having a mob of sunspears fallowing kormir. maybe we'll see bigger battles in terms of the humber of units we can see in gw2.

As for our heroes not being around to save Ascalon, I know a lot of people was still hoping Asclaon could be saved, but our heroes along with many other ascalonians fleed the place because it was a lost cause, and I think they didnt plan to come back and fight the charr. I mean our heroes only come back to Ascalon to hunt down the titans, which weakened the charr, you know we kinda killed their Gods, after that our heroes go on to save other places, like cantha and elona, when we finnally get back to Tyria until the GW:EN events. what Im trying to say its that ascalon was and is a lost cause, we delayed the charr when we killed the titans, but as soon as they reorganized they went on and finished what they started in Ascalon.

So where's my hero when all this happened?, in Kryta of course, had a family by then, a life in Lions Arch, why would my hero go back to Ascalon to fight off another charr invasion? a cause that seemed more lost than before? I guess my hero and others wanting to save as many ascalonians as they could, convinced the Asuras to build a gate in ebonhawk to evacuate the rest of the population, of course Adelbern refused to go and Ascalon city fell, then with the gate opened those who wanted to go away from ascalon could do it, and those wanting to drive off the charr and rebuilt ascalon could do it.

So in short what were our heros doing when Ascalon city fell? they where providing a escape route for ascalonians to Kryta ( just like Rurik would have wanted). I mean by then our heroes, would be old and couldnt lead a resistance, but they would be influential and respected enough to have the Asuras and the Krytan monarchy do what we wanted to save the refugees.

well at least that's what I think the heroes would be doing at the time.
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