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Default GW2 Lore: OpenSource

Since reading the GW2 lore on PCG, I've read a ton of complaints (some are valid and some are not). It also appears that GW2 lore is full of plot holes. Because of this, I'd like to propose that we "tweak" the published lore a bit. Hopefully ANet will take notice and edit their existing canon with what we have here.

Pardon my english, it's my 2nd language.


Contact with Eye of the North: 1075 Mouvelian
1325 AE: Date once GW2 goes live
AD: After Death of the Great Destroyer, it takes place 5 years after contact.

Difference of 250 between the two dates.


1075 AE: Emperor Kisu secretly convened his most loyal subjects and declared a mandate to unite Cantha under one rule. Around 1076, he dispatches assassins to track and assassinate the remaining heroes (henchmen) in Cantha. The assassination took place the following year (1077), Danika barely escaped her assassins but was mortally wounded.

1077 AE: Reaching the safety of the Kurzick capital, Danika died in the arms of her father. Her father immediately assumed that the plot was Luxon in origin. He then declared an all out war with the Luxon after burying Danika. Any parley attempted by the Luxon was rebuked, its emissaries put to the stake outside the capital.

1078 AE: 2 Luxon outposts/cities have already fallen when the Canthan emperor dispatched emissaries to Cavalon. His proposal was simple, Cantha and Luxon join forces to stop the Kurzick. A secret treaty was signed where Cantha would support the Luxon clandestinely, in exchange for choice Kurzick territories after the war.

1079 AE: Cantha begins to regulate port entry and a partial blockade around the islands. Half of Shing Jea island came under the control of the Canthan military, particularly Canthan Navy. Tengu uprising begins.

0 AD/1080 AE: Great Destroyer was defeated

09 AD/1089 AE: Emperor Kisu is assassinated by a Tengu. Emperor Usoka succeeds to the throne. As a retaliation, hundreds of Tengu were massacred in Shing Jea.

10 AD/1090 AE: 15 years of constant war decimates Luxon and Kurzick population. Due to the Tengu uprising in Shing Jea and the assassination of Kisu, the
emperor declared the removal of all non-humans from its territories. In addition, Cantha orders a total blockade around the islands.The Flight of the Tengu begins.

11 AD/1091 AE: Canthan Navy denies passage to Canthan heroes coming home from the war with the Great Destroyer. Resistance were met with all out force.

13 AD/1092 AE: Hordes of Non-humanoids flee to Kurzick domains and allies with them. Cantha declares open war against the Kurzick the following year because of this.

14 AD/1093 AE: The Order of Whispers manage to land in Cantha secretly. Its members begin to observe and write the events that are unfolding.

20 AD/1099 AE: Kurzick capital fell to the Canthans after a 3 year siege. Kurzick leadership fled to Lutgargis and established it as their new capital.

24 AD/1103 AE: Luxon now owns 1/3 of Kurzick territories but paid a heavy price. Half of its army have been decimated by the Kurzick-Tengu alliance. Cantha owns the other third.

31 AD/1110 AE: Other sentient races deep within the Urgoz forest finally forges an alliance with the Kurzick.

36 AD/1115 AE: A large Canthan army weaves its way through the Jade sea, splitting into 5 divisions and reinforcing Luxon lines.

40 AD/1119 AE: Emperor requests a ceasefire and sent invitations to the Kurzick and Luxon leadership to discuss a permanent cessation of hostilities. Kurzick and Luxon agreed to meet at Raisu's Palace that year. Both groups were massacred inside Raisu Palace. That same year, the Canthan army located within the Luxon territories began beseiging Luxon cities.

42 AD/1121 AE: Cavalon fall to the Canthans.

43 AD/1122 AE: Luxon kingdom fell to the Canthans.

48 AD/1127 AE: Kurzick kingdom fell to the Canthans. All non-humans that were found in its territories were killed. Jade Sea shows its first signs that its melting.

Thats my take for Cantha, hope you like it.

Vladimir Drakken
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Well it was fun to read but i would rather think it was more simple than that. I guess that after plauge ended, Canthan emperor saw opportunity to easily control people that have nothing else to lose so he builds a massive army that easily defeats war ravaged and economy shattered Luxon and Kurzick nations.
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Old Oct 26, 2007, 10:27 PM // 22:27   #3
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I also don't think KISU would be the emperor to start this.
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Old Oct 27, 2007, 03:28 AM // 03:28   #4
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Heres What I think after beating the Great Destryor and Abaddon Luxon/Kurzick relation started to grow stronger.

Jade Sea starts melting and The forest starts to grow again and unstone.

Kisu get married and at this wedding luxon and kurzick sign a peace treaty with Cathina and all sential races

Time of Peace Kisu wife gives birth to his son Usoka

At a yearly meeting with all sential races in the palace a lone assassin tried to kill all the leaders and Kisu. his plan failed but the assassin did kill kisu and his wife.

Usoka becomes Emperor and has many agents investgates assassin attack no one can find proof of who send the assassin but the assassin did use a anicent magic to blow himself up and had lizard like features.

Usoka starts cracking down on all import having ships search by the Navy and taxing all races and alliances that sign the Cathina peace treaty pay taxes to export and import goods.

Relations with Cathina start to run thin with all of Usoka crap to sum it up.

The leaders of Cathina Alliances hire a assassin to killl Usoka but failed. Usoka starts building up his amy.

We know the rest what you think

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I think it sounds like a parody.

Touchy-feely stuff... peace treaty, "time of peace"... lone assassin (Shiro!) ... yep, parody.
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Old Oct 29, 2007, 05:00 AM // 05:00   #6
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It's probably supposed to imply something draconic was responsible, to tie in with the GW2 Great Dragons...

Still, the idea of a Great Peace is pretty silly - even on the Divine Path, Aurora and Danika are the only ones in the Luxon or Kurzick leadership that really seem to see peace as an option.
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Anyways I hope the luxons and kurzicks will go together in the depths of cantha and rebuild there nations so we can join them and slay the emperor.

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I wonder what/where the dragon is that corrupts Cantha. In Sunjiang district, there are 4 stone Dragonheads sticking out of the ground. Also, just outside Keineng in the sea to the west theres a big dragon figure on a rock.
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I think I read the Kurzicks and Luxons did continue to fight after the events in Factions.

As for the stone dragons and the lighthouse dragon (there's another one off the coast of Shing Jea), I believe they're simply stylized depictions of dragons built by the Canthans. I think the dragon motif present in Canthan architecture came from Kuunavang. Kuunavang is generally benevolent, which makes one think that the Canthans likely based their dragon motif on this dragon rather than an Ancient Dragon. Since the Ancient Dragons possess "no familiarity with the sentient races of the world," I think chances are good the dragons did not awaken within the time that humans have been present on Tyria. The nearest Ancient Dragon to Cantha seems- from the article anyway- to be either the deep sea dragon or the Orrian dragon, neither of which are particularly close to Cantha and were hidden from view.

That's not to say that an Ancient Dragon isn't present on Cantha, but I feel the simplest explanation is best. Since Kuunavang exists on Cantha and is known to the Canthans, it would make sense that she was the inspiration.
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