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Default The thing about Lore

I spend a lot of time reading the lore at Guild Wars Insider, and here too. I really enjoy it, but to me it seems like we've got nothing to find out, nothing to conclude.

This isn't WoW, this isn't LOTR. That game/book are both incredibly researched, incredibly detailed worlds. They had novels of lore written about them before the finished work was started and they are full of pre-written mysteries that are slowly hinted at all the way through until they are revealed, or not.

But GW is a smaller scale game, Anet is on a tighter budget. They simply don't have the money, time or manpower to write books of lore and that's why I feel we're always stabbing in the dark, and there's nothing out there to stab.

The clues in GW don't add up, we have multiple symbols of different factions on different sides. For instace, on GWI someone suggests that the Enchanted armor the forgotten animate was the original armor of the Mursatt, because they both have the Eye of Janthir on. However, if step back from this we can all see plainly that this wasn't the "big plan". No one thought "oh maybe the Forgotton could have found the armor of the Mursatt and animated it" they just thought "these snake people need some melee. What about some animated armor? Where have we used that? Oh yeah, presearing. Quick, choose some arcane runes and load 'em up"

Another Mursatt example. Someone else suggested that because the Mursatt had nipples they were obviously mammals, and they gave birth like humans. They then made a whole history of the Mursatt and ascension to what they are now, based on the fact that they're mammals. Is it just me? Or does this seem a little far fetched to people? I doubt anyone thinks about the biological consequences on drawing nipples on Mursatt, they just did. Because it's the natural thing to do when drawing humanoid forms.

Note the way the lore doesn't make sense between Campaigns. Kormir said she'd need us after she became a god, Glint hasn't said anything since we saved the world from titans. Things are just patched on, like the dragons. I doubt there was a plan for these ancient dragons from the beginning. Most of them are in GWEN or were just scenery beforehand, as you can tell by their smaller size and the fact that their models are reused in other places.

Does it feel to you that all we do when we 'lorise' is make up stuff? There's no solid evidence to base anything on because it's always likely to be a reuse of model or skin or just something that was overlooked.

Am I just missing the point? Is lore not about tracking down the truth but having fun making it up?


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I think it's just people misunderstanding what they read. And reading too much into model reuse.

-just because two different creatures have the same combat animations does not imply the existence of a great combat academy that trained them both - consider that the animations cost money and time to create, and reusing them makes sense.

-just because two different creatures use similar armor does not mean they go to the same armorsmith - consider that maybe the artist just likes a particular style.

As for the specific examples of lore not making sense: Kormir did need us - Mallyx was a serious threat, a competitor for Abaddon's legacy, and needed taking out, which is where we stepped in. Although some of us (like me...) kind of failed at it.

Of course, it's all party a consequence of us being given less data than we'd like...
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Originally Posted by mazey vorstagg
Am I just missing the point? Is lore not about tracking down the truth but having fun making it up?


no you are not missing the point.

I love the way some people act like its written in stone and totally lock out certain possibilities when nothing has been written.

Its like the Concept sub-forum which has been taken over by 4 or 5 fanatics, you cant say a WORD there if it does not fit in with their pre-conceived views of what the GW world "should" be.

Using ones imagination is supposed to be be fun and without boundaries. Just enjoy yourself is my advice.
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