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Originally Posted by Sirius-NZ
Yeah, I know these are near pointless to bring up >.> Still...

First thing I noticed that doesn't make sense. Gull Hookbeak, when you see him in the main Factions campaign... well, yeah, there is something odd about a high-rank having to prove himself, but the most bizarre thing is that the model appears to have been changed. I can't imagine ArenaNet borrowing a character from elsewhere in the plot and not noticing this, so I wonder what gives?

The Rite of Valor can be explained in numerous ways... perhaps he was somehow dishonored... so that's not an issue.

Now the second odd point. From what I recall, Talon was supposed to have been beaten by Headmaster Zhan and thus served with him ever since. Uhm... how exactly does this work with the BMP? If that happened after the BMP mission took place, one would question what he was doing fighting in the first place, when that event was supposed to lead directly into peace accords. If it happened before, one would then wonder why he was threatening Togo if he was supposed to serve one of Togo's subordinates.

Is there a reasonable answer, or do I have to write it off as an oversight/continuity error on ArenaNet's part?
Firstly, I agree that Gull Hookbeak having to take a right of passage is a bit awkward, seeing as he is such a high ranking Tengu. Additionally, he does not bare any ressemblance to the Gull Hookbeak in "The Rite of Valor". Thus a plausible theory might be that Gull Hookbeak in "The Right of Valor" is a family member of the Gull Hookbeak in the Tengu Accords sharing the same name.

Secondly, I doubt the Tengu Accords lead to an immediate peace agreement between the Angchu and Humans. Most likely, all it did was make the Angchu perceive them in a different way. Consequently, when Zhan met Talon on the battlefield (most likely shortly after the Tengu Accords), Talon probably saw the same honor within Zhan as he did with Togo. Zhan most likely spared Talon's life and had a conversation with him, dicovering that not all Tengu were savage, and that they were willing to give peace a try.
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Old Dec 05, 2007, 10:01 AM // 10:01   #22
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Yeah, that's at least technically possible/believable, even if a bit of a stretch.
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I would like to point out that the level of someone has NO bearing whatsoever on the story. Go to the Command Post and see what level Koss is. It's done purely for gameplay reasons
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Originally Posted by sykoone
There's a big different between progressing upwards and progressing downwards. His going up in level from island to mainland shows he gained experience fighting the afflicted on Shing Jea. But what would cause Talon to lose four levels in the span of twenty or so years?
maybe he got fat and lazy and thus lost some of his strength and what not. Damn you dwarven ale!
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Originally Posted by Sha Noran
To be honest, I found it really stupid that Togo's entire power seems to come from rage, and that his three special spirits are Anger, Suffering and Hate. Togo seemed like an Obi-Wan Kenobi type of person in the Factions campaign, and it just really doesn't make sense to me how he could've gotten from rolling noobs with Dragon Empire Rage to being a philosopher who spams Recuperation.
To take your comparison further Togo is a lot like Obi-Wan, even in the BMP. The Togo we play as in the BMP is a lot like Obi-Wan in episodes II & III, involved in a war and at their prime of combat ability. And the Togo in Factions, years later, is quite similar to Obi-Wan from the original trilogy, a wise and aged mentor figure. Heck they both even ended up sacrificing themselves to the main boss to save other characters.
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Yep, definatly Obi Wan
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