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Originally Posted by arcanemacabre
Now, I'm pretty sure the buildings that are known to be Forgotten architecture are the tower-like structures that can be seen at Watchtower Coast and Lion's Arch. I'm thinking this because Watchtower Coast borders Giant's Basin, and Lion's Arch borders the Sea of Sorrows, two of the locations said to have been inhabited by the Forgotten before humans rolled in, and also that they appear to be together similar, yet different from Krytan structures.
The Watchtower Coast structures and those near Lion's Arch are the same design. One assumption that it is urban Krytan architecture. The ones we get to walk around in to being rural Kryta. I assume that the majority of Lion's Arch residents live in those tower sprawls, we just inhabit part of the city.

Of course, nothing stops them being more ancient and just occupied by the latest residents.

Another thing, is that there is a very tall tower on one side of Rata Sum, and some tall towers in that Alcazia (sp?) zone. They may be the ones mentioned in the mursaat descriptions.
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I believe that Asuran have always had surface colobies, wich they left long ago (Rata Sum) when they went to dwell in the Depths.

The Mursaat might have taken advantage of their departure to appropriate whatever leftovers the Asura left behind -technology, Cities-...
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i want to know why outside the asura outpost there is loads i mean loadsaaaaaaa moas. if we are able to get mounts then moas are so obviously gunna be the first mounts. little asura on a moa i can picture it
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