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Old Jan 10, 2008, 09:29 PM // 21:29   #21
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Just wait until GW2 comes out, there will be more stuff and the old ones will get improved.

Might look more like a PvP oriented WoW...
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Old Jan 27, 2008, 01:12 AM // 01:12   #22
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Interesting idea, many things here I do agree with, to many which ones lol, not really wanting to type big long stuff atm. But the things that are wrong in GW now, and that cannot be fixed due to it being around so long now, I really do help anet fixes in gw2, even if it turns out I won't be buying it.
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Old Jan 28, 2008, 08:11 PM // 20:11   #23
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I have nothing against newbies who are willing to learn, but the noobs (yes, both words have different meanings) who act immature and try to get babysat through the entire game need to go drop out of school, get a job at MickeyD's, and buy WoW right away.

Don't rant about GW. This is not the place for it, anyway. ANet has worked incredibly hard on this wonderful game - count your blessings! Nothing is perfect, and for every game there will be people whining about builds and such. GW has rock-paper-scissors style gameplay, in that the aim of the game is to find builds that can conquer the builds of other enemies in the area. Whilst this is the aim, people should be free to do whatever build they want. Also, you are wrong in saying that most later areas require certain builds. I'm a guy who's henched Hell's Precipice with my ranger (no special build), my wammo (no special build), and my mesmer (no special build). That's right. Three times. What do you say to that?

Originally Posted by mrmango
Get out of my lore forums.
Heh. What happened to Symeon? :P
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