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Originally Posted by seut
map from the E3 for everyone 2004 event manual

A: Ascalon Wilds (solo quest area)
B: Town of Kyhlo (later renamed Ascalon City)
C: Arena (4vs4 team arena)
D: The Perilous North (mission, evolved into Great Northern Wall)
E: The Tombs of Drascir (place of the 8vs8 tournament, now at Hero's Ascent)
F: Jungle Preview
G: Mountain Preview
H: Siege of Fort Koga (random 8vs8 siege map, probably evolved into GvG)
Apparently, the map that was available during the actual event was a bit better than what you've posted. An interactive version of it is available here.

If you click on the red "arena" icon in the top left corner, you can see the "travel blurb" for "The Tombs of Drascir." The image featured in that window shows what appears identical to the entrance of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. It would seem logical that what we today know as "The Tournament" (Heroes' Ascent/Hall of Heroes) was simply moved from Ascalon into the Desert, in order to prevent people from rushing there.

If you click on the "outpost" icon to the right of "The Tombs of Drascir," you'll find "Drascir Mortuary." The landscape depicted in that outpost's image looks like post-Searing Ascalon, and I personally think it resembles something from the Ruins of Surmia mission.

I could be wrong, of course, as I did not play in the E3 event.
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Wow...that map is so different. The picture they have for Tombs of Drascir is clearly Tombs of the Primival Kings.
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