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if you think about it, it says that primordus' power rivals the gods so if the grewat destroyer is not as good as primordus, abbadon would have ruined all the mortals lives, but probably killed the destroyers too and he would be an extra god against the dragons, so he'll probably do something, like step on them, cos hes so big
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Originally Posted by Fishmonger
If nightfall actually occurred I would foresee the prices of demonslaying mods rising to 100k+xxxxecto 0.o

but seriously, by the time Abaddon had enough strength to engulf all of Tyria in torment, either the dragons would rebel, the 5 gods would find another way, or something. Abaddon was weak as hell when we found him. For the time it would take him to get enough power to do that to even ONE part of tyria (think of how long it took him to weaken the bonds), the GD and dragons would overcome. Or we would. Or something. Point is, it wouldn't happen

(sry if it sounds kinda repetitive, bout to go to bed ^_^)
Or it might have been more exponential than that. Yes, the process was going relatively slowly during the game, but Abaddon was probably close to breaking loose - and once he did, it's a reasonable expectation that he would then really have the power of a god rather than being something a party of eight heroes blessed by the gods can defeat (people ALWAYS assume the blessing was empty words! It may not have been!) with relative ease. Thus reempowered, the nightfalling of Elona may have proceeded at an even greater rate (just how much time does a given campaign take, in character? Weeks? A few months at most...) - and I'm willing to bet that there's some mechanic, possibly multiple ones, by which the pace of further Nightfalling increases as the amount of territory already Nightfallen increases.

As an additional hindering force during and before the game, Abaddon was being hindered by the Forgotten within the Realm of Torment itself - a resistance that appeared on the verge of breaking when the PCs arrived, which would have allowed Abaddon's works to accelerate even more.

Couple this in with there being a three-year gap between EOTN and NF, and I think it's quite possible that Abaddon could have been in a position to just squish it by the time the Great Destroyer woke up. Direct action by the Five may have stopped him, but there may be a reason why they weren't intervening directly.
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